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December 08 Parents # 38

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#26 MayaTheGrinch

Posted 03 July 2010 - 11:01 AM

bbl just wrote a huge post and tristan hit the computer and killed it all.

#27 MayaTheGrinch

Posted 03 July 2010 - 03:13 PM

ok i will try again  wink.gif

floss - congrats tthumbs.gif. as they say a line is a line. mine was pretty faint as well (then it turned out i tested at 8dpo not 15/16 like i thought). here's a picture if it helps rest your mind at all. you can jsut see it if you squint

nic - congrats your wedding anniversery. sounds like there might be some interesting subjects next semester. i am sure you went great with your results too. thanks for the wishes

fraggles - thanks for your thought about last week too wink.gif i am glad to hear your work situation is going much betterc hhugs.gif

sam - maybe it is the age or somethign as i swear tristan woke up one morning and had grown horns. atm he is either the most adorable cutie pie or the devil child. it is driving me crazy lol

well had a scare last week, was getting contractions (as per facebook status). turned out to be doing nothing but ended up in another hospital 250kms away with a tranfer with rfds at 3am in the morning and 3 nights in hospital. am still getting random conractions but am ignoring them, though i am completely over being pregnant and would like it to ahppen anytime now wink.gif probably won't until august knowing my luck though. oh the baby is measuring 2-3 weeks ahead via fundal height and the 2 u/s i have had, so being having a minor freakout about that rolleyes.gif another reason i would prefer it to come sooner then later. oh and my DIG (16-31 july) has had about 8-9 babies yet and we are only just into july oomg.gif

tristan as said earlier is being very cute or the terror child. he is really testing the boundries of what he is allowed to do, oh and the lovely headbanging tantrums have come back esp after i disappeared for 3 days. all he wants now is dad, mum is just not good enough if dad is there or around so if he is outside doing stuff that tristan shouldn't be around well i get to deal with the screaming and head banging on the glass door/floor etc etc. am very over it but no dh won't let me just ignore it like i did last time we got these, despite me telling him over ad over again that if we jsut give it attention he will just keep doing it. also does anyone have any tips on stopping them throwing things? it's getting bad and he is getting to be a better aim. food wise he is getting to the point where he will be back to being spoon fed again, as i am constantly cleaning up stuff off the floor (he always managed to get throw it away from whatever i have put down to contain the mess). on the other hand he has a huge amount of curiousity. he had jsut figured out how to take the cord out of the vacum and has being pulling it around "vacuming" the floor making brm brm noises, and he is obsessed with the washing machine laughing2.gif i ended up packing up most of his toys as they didn't get any notice, so i will re-introduce them again later, maybe after b2 has arrived. oh and vocab wise he still doesn't ahve a lot of words but is starting to string 3 word sentances together? the one i get most is "i like that" and he told daddy "i wuv oo" (of course not mummy rolleyes.gif i don't know why they say boys are mummy's boys he is such a daddy's boy). oh and he has names for the dogs, "bye" and has jsut added "car" to the list.
well better go before he destroys something else

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#28 samshine

Posted 03 July 2010 - 10:50 PM

Maya - What a scare for you, hope everything has settled  a bit and your little one stays put for a week or two yet.  Getting close now, no matter what happens!  Fundal height - measured 4 weeks ahead with F, from 30 weeks, (according to u/s it was a combination of increased amniotic fluid and big baby and he was 9lb 9oz), I know how easy it is to get worried about it, but dont freak yourself out too much.  At least if s/he does come early they'll maybe have a bit of extra padding.  BTW, my moneys on a blue one!!

Nic - Glad you are having a quiet spell, you deserve it.  What subjects do you have this semester.  Happy wedding anniversary!!  2004 was the year great couples married  wink.gif  I have a daughter here with painted on ears.  I can't tell you how many times in the past weeks I've yelled/asked (whilst trying desperately to speak calmly) 'Charlotte but why don't you LISTEN to me?'  And I thought you didn't pull out that line until the teen years *sigh*

Floss - Have you tested again yet?

Us - We had a week of horrid Fintan, and then a complete turn around.  He had  a massive developmental surge this week.  Talking and talking and talking, so many new words.  At uni, we have had a bit of learning on the concept of wonder weeks, basically sh*te weeks that are followed by developmental progress that happen at certain points - I think we were having one!

Ok, bed for me need to be up in 7 hours & at work in 8, but the lure of a wine was too much.  

#29 MayaTheGrinch

Posted 04 July 2010 - 08:46 AM

sam - we think tristan is going through something similar at the moment, though i think it will be a growth spurt as he has chubbed out  blink.gif  . hopefully something soon. aren't too freaked out about b2's size as i figure tristan was pretty long really so this one might jsut be the same.

anyone got any tips for getting kids to sleep past 6 am?? the sun isn't even up then but tristan is. am tired of getting up at dawn for him even an extra 1/2 hour would help. oh and have been getting mild contractions all night so hopefully something is happening and it isn't just this new child deciding to deprive me of sleep before it is born. grin.gif

#30 floss22

Posted 04 July 2010 - 02:14 PM

Hi Girls

Maya- Yay on the contractions, hope it continues for you. I go with the just ignorning the tantrums and trying to distract her with something else. Mia loves throwing food as well especially to the dogs. I just take the food away. I have found that she is nearly had enough of the high chair but likes to sit at her little table and chairs. Only problem is that she can get up whenever she wants. It is a struggle but I figure if she is really hungry she will sit and eat. I will not chase here around trying to get her to eat. laughing2.gif

Samshine- Wow that explains a lot- I had heard of wonder weeks but totally forgot. Mia is talking so much now. I think she would have about 200 words and when in the mood with just copy anything you say. She is putting a few words together and can associate things as well. Hope work was OK.  grin.gif

Nic- Congrats on the wedding anniversary! ddance.gif

Hi everyone else (where has the waving icon gone)

AFM- Well my curiosity got the better of me and I have tested 3 more times over the last few days, two of them first thing in the morning and all  BFN.gif  so not sure what happened. I am not due for a few more days yet so will see whet happens but not holding my breath. Hope everyone is haveing a nice Sunday- it is soo cold! ddown.gif


#31 ~Perplexity~

Posted 06 July 2010 - 09:25 PM


Floss - Strange about the BFN's are your first test with a faint line.  Let us know how you go when you test again.

Maya - What a scare, glad you are home and baby is staying put a little bit longer.

Hi everyone else, i am mega tired so can't think straight enough to type anymore.  Will be back later for a proper post soon.  DH has been getting some shifts on both days of the weekend so at the moment i have no time to myself.

#32 MayaTheGrinch

Posted 09 July 2010 - 09:10 AM

floss - oh no. maybe it was an evap line? i hope you ahve much better luck soon

waves.gif fraggles hope you are getting some rest

well 37 weeks today. would like the baby to come now, though after having 1.5 days of contractions it all disappeared and feels like am going to be pregnant forever. at least now i am finally sleeping a bit better.
tristan has tunred into a monkey. apparently at daycare he will poke and push and sit ont eh other kids until he gets a reaction (normally screaming on their part) then run away laughing. the little bully. i have noticed he does things at home for the reaction too lately. but we finally seem to be getting somewhere. probably has something to do with if he does somethign wrong i make him clean up the mess or whatever he has done to make it right or he gets ignored. he got made to put all his clothes back in the drawers yesterday after having a hissy fit and throwing them everywhere.
gtg he's screaming about something

#33 More than a Mother

Posted 12 July 2010 - 02:31 PM

Hi there waves.gif

Long time no post – have been lurking occasionally, but nothing much to report really.

Things are good with us. Oliver is gorgeous. Has teeth and everything!  He has over 30 words, and last week started repeating the last word in every sentence I said to him. I always thought he could say more than he actually did. I just think he was teasing us. He will string a couple of words together – ‘more please’, ‘more banana’ – generally anything that involves more food!

He points to the chair or floor or anywhere he wants me to be and says ‘mummy’. So I have to get my backside over there.  

He loves drawing and playing with Play-Doh. Not sure where he gets it from, but he’ll say ‘finished’ when he’s done, put the lids back on the pens and put them back in the box, all facing the same way up. And he puts his Play-Doh back in it’s pot, puts the lid on and the cutters and rolling pin away.  I’m sure that won’t last. He knows a few colours now too.

And around 4-5 times after we walked somewhere new to feed the ducks, we were driving down the same road and he started saying “Quack quack’.

I know those of you with other children will have already been through this, but he constantly amazes and astounds me with his development.  

On the down side, he still doesn’t do too well with food. Anything that requires chewing, he will keep in his mouth for long periods, sucking the goodness out of it. We have a referral to a clinic to hopefully look at the issue. But – he’s tall for his age, and isn’t underweight, so we’re not amazingly worried. TBH, I wouldn’t have taken it further had the CHN not suggested it at his 18mth check up.

Sleep is still an issue, but we have good periods too.

Work is pretty dull. Never enough to do, so I just want to be home. Hubby starts a new job in the intelligence section with the police, so we’ll hopefully get to spend more time together. Sharing care has been great for Oliver, but it’s something I’ve started to struggle with recently.

But – we did have a night out last week. I keep daydreaming that we could have another this week, but it isn’t gonna happen any time soon.

We go back to the UK in September (thanks for the travel advice, Sam), which I’m looking forward to. We’re having Oliver baptised when we’re over there, so it’ll be a lovely time to get the family together and celebrate the ‘new’ addition to the family.

#34 floss22

Posted 13 July 2010 - 01:56 PM

Hi Girls,

Well I have officially joing a new DIG as I am pregnant and due in March! So weird as I have one   BFP.gif  followed by two  BFN.gif  then a few days later another two  BFP.gif  Anyway I am definitely pregnant as I have all of the symptoms and just know  tongue.gif

Maya- Hope it happens for you soon! When did you start showing with this one? I feel like I look about 3 months already and I am not even 5 weeks yet!

Ssorrento- Glad to hear everything is well with Oliver. I can related to the sleeping issues as we have some really good weeks followed by some really bad weeks! How exciting fro your rip!

Hi to everyone else  biggrin.gif

#35 More than a Mother

Posted 13 July 2010 - 04:40 PM

congratulations Floss!

#36 MayaTheGrinch

Posted 13 July 2010 - 10:07 PM

will come back tomorrow for a better post but need to lie down. urg back pain

floss - i had a deinfate bump by 12 weeks. congratulations!!!!

ssorrento - oh o sounds so cute and great to hear from you. sounds like your trip is going to be great fun

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#37 ~Perplexity~

Posted 15 July 2010 - 06:24 PM

Congratulations Floss


E is 4 tomorrow  ffear.gif she is so excited

#38 Nic&Al

Posted 17 July 2010 - 09:52 AM

Congrats Floss, I hope you have a nice smooth 8 months or so!

Happy birthday to Ellie, 4 is a lovely age Fraggles original.gif

Nothing to report here - screeching tantrums are frequent, sleep is mostly good except for last night, and uni is so full on I have no time to scratch myself.  Don't think I'll be getting a repeat of the marks I got last semester this time around!  Good news in that I got my prac placement at a hospital in Hobart, was worried because we can get placed anywhere around the state and that would have been vey difficult with the little people.

Anyway, must get ready to take Em to mini golf with her cousin - going to be painful, she is not coordinated at all!!

Maya - hope something happens for you soon original.gif

#39 MayaTheGrinch

Posted 17 July 2010 - 03:18 PM

happy birthday ellie. hope you and your mummy and eeryone are having a lovely day

urg am over being pregnant and over bouts of contractions going nowhere. also tristan though mostly great has turned into teh screaming tantrum chucker from hell whenever ryan is around. probably because ryan jsut gives in to him all the time rolleyes.gif
gtg he jsut woke up from his sleep - can i jsut say too i hate the 1 sleep a day. 2 was sooooo much better

#40 samshine

Posted 21 July 2010 - 12:03 AM

Maya -  Hope something happens soon for you.  Just think, those contractions are hopefully getting some of the work underway and it will be nice and quick when it happens.  Good luck with it all.

Fraggles - Hope E had a lovely birthday.

- O sounds delightful.  Nice to have your trip home to look forward to - we did C's baptism when we went over for our trip back too.  Its so nice for the family thats not always around to feel involved.  I laughed at your description of Oliver and his 'more' when it comes to food.  F is exactly the same.  I think he says more one thousand times a day.  We went away on the weekend and in the restaurant we went to for tea, F polished off my bread roll, his own huge childrens meal of chicken and chips, some of my salad bar (all followed by bellows for more) and then when he finished a bowl of free ice cream and said 'more peez' the lady at the next table, who had been finding his eating habits fascinating judging by her stares said out loud to us 'surely not?!'  roll2.gif

-  THats great that sleep is good these days for you, you've waited long enough.  I still have your woombie, am so sorry didn't give it to you the last few times I've seen you, do you want me to post it?  Delighted you're coming to HPH for prac, fantastic news.  Hope you're with us!

- huge CONGRATS!  Thats great news.  lol on the baby bump comment.  I think its the not-so-A1 tummy muscles.  We told people around the 10-11wk mark with no 2, and at work I got a few 'weeeelll, we had wondered' comments with eyes looking at my pot belly.  Mind you I had already had to open the skirt buttons by about 9 weeks!

As for us - Things are pretty good.  I hated this age with Charlotte but am finding it more enjoyable this time round.  F is determined, knows his mind and is liking squawking to express that but doesn't have the grand mal tantrums his sister did at this age, which is a massive relief.  He's very much a mummys boy and I am enjoying getting smothered by kisses cuddles and affection.  The talking is hilarious.  

Oh, and just when we thought about investing in a crane,  we have a walker.  He's not going to make any olympic records, but at least he now knows his legs aren't decorative.  It's very different (actually in a nice way) to having an early walker.  When DD started walking it was full on from day 1 with no sense of danger or sense of purpose.  'Cause F is that bit older, understands consequence a bit more, aware of danger and knows a bit more of what he wants to do he is cautious and a little hesitant about it all, and really thinks about where he's going and what he's stepping on.  Its all been very civilised really.

Anyway, I came in after work to drop  a quick response and have managed to dribble on.  Time for bed! Hope everyone is well.  

#41 Nic&Al

Posted 21 July 2010 - 09:16 PM

Hi everyone waves.gif

Scuse the typing, but I've had a full-on day at uni and am enjoying a few wines and a pizza so I don't have to cook dinner original.gif  On the plus side, I can now take your BP, pulse and respirations, oh and change your bed while you're still in it, so all is not lost  laugh.gif

Sam - ah don't worry about the woombie, it's not like I need it right now!  Don't worry about posting it, we'll just sort it out over a coffee one day - am sure H and F would love to have a play too , specially now your little man has found his feet original.gif  Fridays I have both kids at some so am only out of action between 11:30 and about 2:30 if that suits you at all.  So funny you're commenting on the difference between an early and a late walker - Em (18 months) walked later than Haydie (13 months or so) and certainly took things more cautiously, like Fintan is.  And is still quite physically hesitant to some extent.  She's starting jiu jitsu lessons tomorrow night to see if that helps improve coordination or anything.

Maya - Oh No, I am loving the 1 sleep a day instead of 2 - I can get things done in the morning!  Not great that T is chucking a wobbly whenever R is around - so many people dont give these little guys credit for what they're capable of at this age.  Lilke Sam says, all those contractions have to be doing some good for your - when you get to hospital you';; probably be like me and be 9.5cm dilated (hopefully!).

OK, I need to have an early night!  SO cute, Em's school is having a disco in the next week or two, she's beside herself with excitement!!

Take care girls,

#42 MayaTheGrinch

Posted 23 July 2010 - 11:39 PM

waves.gif everyone
popping in to post that Rowan Colin was born on the 21st july after 26hours. kg, 50cm and hc was 36 just like his brother. will post some pics tomorrow, just got home an hour ago.

#43 Nic&Al

Posted 24 July 2010 - 08:20 AM

Maya - huge Congratulations on your little man's arrival!  Hope everything went beautifully for you, and that little Rowan settles into your family smoothly.  What was his weight, the number didn't show up.  

#44 MayaTheGrinch

Posted 24 July 2010 - 01:45 PM

nic - he was 3.93kg, so almost 4kg which was a bit of a shock to say the least. thank god he came 2 weeks earlier then tristan.
here are a couple of photos while he is sleeping and i ahve time. he looks very like tristan did when little


#45 samshine

Posted 24 July 2010 - 07:45 PM

huge congrats Maya & family - he's gorgeous!!

#46 ~Perplexity~

Posted 24 July 2010 - 08:44 PM

Congratulations Maya he is gorgeous. wub.gif

#47 lafonda

Posted 25 July 2010 - 09:06 AM

Hi all.. thought I would join this group.. My DS was born 10/12/2008..

#48 ~Perplexity~

Posted 26 July 2010 - 11:07 PM

Hi Marmeg86.

My DS is Hamish and was born on 16 December 08

#49 floss22

Posted 28 July 2010 - 09:20 PM

Congratulations Maya, He is gorgeous! Hope you are getting some sleep.  biggrin.gif

I am in a new DIG now but it is so not the same as with you guys! I suppose I have less time to post so all the girls with 1st bubs are on a lot and i am getting quite left out! I have pretty bad MS so not well for most of the day but have to keep on going with Mia!

Hope everyone is well xx

#50 ~Fuzjuz~

Posted 29 July 2010 - 12:48 PM

waves.gif Ladies

Long time no see.

Maya, congratulations on the arrival of Rowan. wub.gif He is gorgeous.

Floss, congrats on #2. Hope m/s leaves you soon.

Hi Sam, Nic, Fraggles & marmeg. original.gif

Has been a sh*tty year for us so far. sad.gif Dh step bro & business partner of 18yrs died suddenly last month  ddown.gif at 40yrs of age so we've had to start our own business. Registering it, getting a ABN, trying to get his licenses (yes he needs 2  aannoyed.gif ), me learning accounting etc etc.  huh.gif  blink.gif Dh gets his final payment from old business on friday so we can move on with our lives. They've treated Dh awfully. cry1.gif Good ridance to them.

Anyways, Kane is a joy. 20months old already.  huh.gif Going way too quick as you all know. wink.gif
He's down to a morning b/f. Bit sad but had to be done. He has a bottle before his lunch nap & before bedtime at night. Have had no troubles transitioning him from boob to bottle & laying with him to just putting him to bed thankfully. cclap.gif wub.gif
Older 3 are great & entertain Kane too. He loves them.

Enough from me, more business stuff to do. Will pop back soon, fingers xed.  tongue.gif

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