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IVF Multiple Cycles & the Long Haul Buddy Group #2

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#126 stillinhope

Posted 13 July 2010 - 09:20 AM

Hi Girls,

Just a short one as i wait for a rep to arrive...

Kimbar - lots of fertile wishes for you tomorrow, hope all goes well and you get some nice little embys..week off sounds great. Chocolate, dvds, mum cleaning...yay! Have a nice rest..does that mean tf sunday?

Everything crossed for Rose and Spock..i'll be praying your little ones are snugly burrowing away! Rose im excited that ur doing the same drugs as i did - hopefully its the magic u need grin.gif

Meggie - its great that your FS has a plan, they havent given up so please dont give up...i know that feeling of utter dispair is hard to see through right now...hang in there lovely hhugs.gif

Hi CC, Carita and Spring - hope you are all ok...

AFM not much to report...feeling nauseas on a small scale pretty much all the time..and mega sore boobies..so all going well i guess..next scan isnt til 5 weeks away...aaahhh too long...

hang in there treasures, hope ur weeks are flying by..


#127 spring08

Posted 13 July 2010 - 10:25 AM

hi all,

wow a lot has been happening here the last few days.

Meggie, I'm so sorry that your BFN was confirmed and you need to go back to another full stim. I understand how you feel about reaching a point where it all catches up to you. Hope that you are taking care of yourself and indulging in some wine, coffee and chocolate - it's good that your dr has some more tests and suggestions.

Rose and Spock, congrats on your tfrs - sending lots of prayers and sticky vibes your way. Rose, sorry that they had to thaw a number to get there for you, but hoping this is the one.  Spock, have they got you on anything for follow up?

Kimbar, good luck with epu for tomorrow. Very jealous of your week off. Did you have to do another open house on the weekend?

Cat, how are you tracking? When does your tfr look like being?

Still, glad that you are tracking well. Does the m/s etc make it all feel a bit more real?

hi carita, bb and anyone else I've missed - hope you're all going well.

AFM, have decided to do another FET, and have just called the clinic. Tfr won't be until last week of July. Work has been really busy over the last few weeks, which did distract me a fair bit from another BFN. Had yesterday off and spent the morning paddling and surfing - the water is so clear and lovely at the moment!

have a great day all

#128 Guest_shiba_*

Posted 13 July 2010 - 05:53 PM

Hi ladies, if it's okay with you I would love to join this group.  

I'm currently in my 2WW, with 2 days to go 'til day 14.  Not feeling confident at all...

#129 meggie2

Posted 13 July 2010 - 07:44 PM

Hi Shiba and welcome.  

I hope you will be the second member of Still's "pregnant after long haul IVF and still fairly disbelieving and paranoid BG", shortly to be joined by the rest of us....

But anyway welcome.  Tell us more....

M (drinking red wine and feeling a little better)

#130 Guest_shiba_*

Posted 13 July 2010 - 08:56 PM

Thanks Meggie!  Red wine sounds really good right about now.  

Had a good cry today after seeing my neighbours taking a stroll with their newborn.  Haven't had tears for a long time, but I guess I'm at that stage where I've done enough transfers to start questioning its effectiveness...

I've still got 2 blasts waiting, so hopefully I will be joining the 'pregnant after long haul" BG soon.  

Thanks for welcoming me happy.gif

#131 stillinhope

Posted 14 July 2010 - 10:58 AM

Quicky as im eating breaky and getting jam all over my keyboard!

Im not leaving here without all you girls!

Welcome Shiba! You're in the right place....lots of love and tears here bbighug.gif sorry for your hard time. Its a biatch isnt it....

Spring - the ms is weird, i went to mums and said im feeling a little bit sick and mum says "hmm whats making u feel sick?"...yes i wonder!!! only a tiny bit more real now..still in denial i think...

loves to meggie, kim, carita, rose, spock - (cant help thinking of dr spock!!)

hope the opu and tf's are all going well today...new possibilities are good!


#132 carita

Posted 14 July 2010 - 11:17 AM

Hi ladies, hope you're all well!

Welcome shiba. Here's hoping for some good news at the end of your 2WW!

meggie-Sorry to hear the official news. Glad to hear you're stuck into the wine though...I've gone off the reds lately and back onto some lovely NZ whites.

Kimbar-Hope all went well with the pick up. Enjoy the time off!

Rose-Glad to hear your transfer went ahead, but understand what you mean about the feeling of wasted frosties. Having four left is still a good number! How was the ballet?

Spock (aka Switzerland)-Congrats on your transfer! Did you go for accupuncure before and after?

Cat-How are you going?

Hi to BB, Still and anyone else I've missed

I'm just waiting for Day 1 to start up my next icsi cycle. Come on AF!!

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#133 meggie2

Posted 14 July 2010 - 12:00 PM

Hi everyone.

Spock and Rose and Shiba - hope you are travelling OK and not going too crazy.

Kim, can't wait to hear how your EPU went.

Carita, Spring, CC, BB and everyone waves.gif  

Oh I'm having a bad day. cry1.gif  cry1.gif  

** Loss mentioned **

I went to the ultrasound place, to have a look at my fibroid to see if it might be causing the m/c's and implantation failure.   So I said straight up to the sonographer "I've been doing IVF for a while, and had a few losses, it's been a very bumpy road", because I didn't want her asking any bad questions.   So then she starts doing the scan (internal).

We can see the fibroid, and it's about twice as big, and she thinks its messing around with the endometrium, and I think "great, OK maybe that's the reason" and then she says "there's a gestational sac, lets see if we can see the heartbeat" and I say "no not possible, 'cos just had unsuccessful IVF and no DH" and she says "yes yes" and then pokes around for literally 15 minutes trying to find a heartbeat (which brought back all the emotion of the last time when I actually was pg and they couldn't find the heartbeat).   And I'm just lying there with no pants crying and arguing with her.   Anyway after a while she gets the boss and she makes me do a HPT and then decide its just some fluid or something.   Then I had to give them $290.

So not the best day ever.  Hopefully they'll have a staff meeting or something and resolve not to do that to anyone else.

M (needing hugs)

#134 stillinhope

Posted 14 July 2010 - 01:01 PM

Meggie thats absolutley awful. You should write a letter to complain when you feel up to it. You should definatley tell your clinic and FS. I cant believe it, i feel so sad for you..those sonographers just get caught up in their job and dont realise what they are dealing with...oh im so sorry... hhugs.gif

#135 Rosabella

Posted 14 July 2010 - 01:12 PM

That is horrible Meggie. How thoughtless. Big  hhugs.gif for you. I agree that you should make a complaint if an when you feel up to it. No one should ever be put through that. I feel so angry for you right now. Take care.

#136 carita

Posted 14 July 2010 - 01:58 PM

Awww meggie, that's just crap. Sending hugs your way  bbighug.gif Take care

#137 Guest_shiba_*

Posted 14 July 2010 - 02:17 PM

That's absolutely awful meggie, I'm so sorry she made you feel that way.  I think you should at least tell your FS and perhaps he/she is willing to contact them on your behalf.   bbighug.gif

#138 spring08

Posted 14 July 2010 - 02:27 PM

meggie that is horrible, and it's so unfair that you had to go through that on top of everything else. Can't believe that the sonographer wouldn't listen to you. I agree that you should at least complain to your FS about the way they handled it if you think that will make you feel better.  hhugs.gif and  hope you have a better afternoon. Hope that your FS will get something out of the scan that will help you - any hint of a reason would be good.

welcome shiba - sorry that you're here, but glad you have found us. you get great support off these girls.  Fingers crossed that your feeling is wrong - will you test early or wait for your BT?

Kimbar, hope that you're recovering well after EPU.

carita - don't you hate waiting to start once you've made your mind up. Bring on AF (for the last time!!)

Still - happy MS, hope you're feeling well aside from that!

Spock and Rose, hope that your embies are settling in and that you're both taking it easy.  my fingers remain firmly crossed for you

hi BB, cat and anyone else I've missed

********** children mentioned *************
AFM, went for my B/T this morning,  there were quite a few of us waiting, and lady with a baby came in - and the reception staff made a huge fuss about the child. Fair enough, you have to bring the baby - that I can understand, but you'd think staff would be trained not to act like that and be a bit sensitive to the other people in the room. Guess I shouldn't be so sensitive, and it's nothing compared to what Meggie went through this morning.

#139 cheshire_cat

Posted 14 July 2010 - 03:16 PM

Oh meggie that's beyond horrible! And you'd even warned them in advance of your sensitive state. Grrrrr . I would think about a letter of complaint too. Hope you're feeling a bit better now. bbighug.gif

spring---- aarrgh that exact scenario happened recently at my clinic too. The woman was flashing the baby around and talking loudly about all his cute little habits, while the staff made a huge fuss. What planet are these people from? A little sensitivity is in order, surely!!??

shiba, welcome! mmmm I can imagine the pain of seeing your neighbours out with their bub. There's something about newborns. Hope your cycle goes well!

Carita-- hurry up AF! Is there a chance you could take Primolut to bring it on?

Rosa, Kimbar, still-- hope you're all well!

AFM, for those who asked I am going straight into a frozen cycle, so will be having my transfer next Monday. Not feeling optimistic, just going through the motions I guess. But I've had enough breaks so I didn't want to wait around any more. If 2 embies thaw successfully we'll put them both back, hoping we can use them both.


#140 Spock

Posted 14 July 2010 - 03:52 PM

hi ladies,

rose, how are you going in the 2ww?

shiba, welcome! I'm sorry you've had a tough journey and I hope you get a great result waiting for you at the end of your 2ww. This is a lovely bunch of supportive ladies here who all know about the 'long haul'. Sadly enough, I've also spotted a neighbour with a newborn and she keeps wheeling it by on walks. I can't even look as it makes me too sad. I'm sure she thinks I'm odd as I've been hiding from her since I realised she was pregnant.

still, hope the ms stays at manageable levels. I knew one female who couldn't keep anything down and was like this the whole 9 months! I do hope everything continues to progress well with you as it gives me hope biggrin.gif . Yes, my name is actually derived from my mum's pet dog who has ears like Dr Spock. This little dog is the family baby.

cc and spring, I know you are both thinking a transfer is 'going through the motions' BUT it is a new emie (emie x 2 for cc) so hopefully these will stick.

spring - for your clinic scenario all I can advise is avert the eyes. Definately annoying that such a big fuss is made right in front of people waiting.

carita, yeah to starting a new cycle! hoping this is your last af for some time. Switzerland (me) is hiding out from the family till my 2ww is over. Yes, I did acupuncture the day before and just after. Hoping it helps.

kimbar, hope you're relaxing on your break after epu and that you got some nice numbers.

meggie, that's a horrible experience. I think you should mention this to your fs who can hopefully pass on some much needed feedback. Unfortunately I don't think I've ever met a sonographer (where I'm the patient) who has been tactful and considerate. What you described brought back terrible memories of my first m/c.

afm, went for acupuncture this morning so I was a bit slow and relaxed when I arrived at work. I'm not planning on exerting myself too much today at work. I'm hoping my relaxed frame of mind is good for the emie, assuming it is still there. My bt is next Thursday so I've kept next weekend free as have no idea how I'll be feeling.

#141 Rangeman

Posted 15 July 2010 - 04:00 PM

Meggie - and the hits just keep on coming..........what an insensitive so and so.

Spock - hope you're staying just a littel bit sane during the 2ww.

CC - good on you for making the decision and all the best for Monday.

Spring - I hate seeing babies and kids in the waiting room.  There was a little toddler at my clinic the other day and it walked up to me, to be perfectly honest I just wanted to tell it to get away from me.  Not nice I know and it's not that poor little things fault but sometimes you just don't have it in you to go all ga ga.  But of course I just smiled and said hello......

Rose - hope you're holding up OK in your 2ww.

Carita - is AF just around the corner or do you have a wait?

Shiba - a big welcome, we've got a lovely bunch of girls here, we've even got our own good lick charm in Stillinhope.

OK who've I missed???????? Hello to you too...

AFM - Only got 6 eggs at EPU so quite disappointed, of the 6, 4 were mature and 3 fertilised so tomorrow I'm off to TFR 2 x 2dayers....hopefully anyway, you never know what might happen over night.  Feeling a bit down 'cause I was hoping with all the stupid drugs I'm on I might have had a frostie or two but not to be - I'll get over as we all seem to do.  Sorry I'm a bit depressing, having one of those days......although I did have a nice time at the hospital for EPU as I was walking to the theatre al the nurses were cheering me, I've become quite a regular and they told my FS to work her magic - so that was pretty funny I felt a bit like a famous person for 2 minutes!
I actually feel a bit cheerier already, it helps a bit to get it out doesn't it - thanks girls.  


#142 Guest_shiba_*

Posted 15 July 2010 - 04:58 PM

Kimbar - Sorry to hear that you had less eggs than you hoped for.  I wish you best of luck for a smooth transfer!
Spock and Rose - hang in there
Meggie - hope you're feeling better
waves.gif to everyone else

AFM I'm 14DPO with no sign of AF yet.  Somehow I feel that this is just a cruel joke and that it will turn up tomorrow.  I tested two days ago (-ve of course) to save me from going insane...so I'm not getting my hopes up at all.

#143 meggie2

Posted 15 July 2010 - 05:14 PM

Well done Kim, fingers crossed they all behave themselves overnight and best of luck with your transfer tomorrow. Sorry you are feeling down. But Friday is a good day for transfer, you can just chill over the weekend without needing any stupid alibis.

Hello 2WWers. Hang in there. You're awesome and deserve all good things, don't forget it.  

ETA - Just saw your post Shiba.  I still think no AF is a good sign, and your HPT might be early, but I never want to get my hopes up at that point either, so I know where you are coming from.  When is your BT?  Do you have a next step planned, if you need it?
Hi everyone else, thanks for the hugs.

Much better today - just hanging out to see the FS on Monday to see what is to be done next. I'm betting she says take out the fibroid (that's what Dr Google says) which I guess will mean some time off before I can cycle again. Well I guess I can use the time to get back to running and lose a few IVF kilos.... sad.gif .


Edited by meggie2, 15 July 2010 - 05:19 PM.

#144 Spock

Posted 16 July 2010 - 01:53 PM

Hi ladies,

Kimbar, hoping you had 2 good ones to transfer today and that the transfer itself went well. I know what you mean about having high hopes for the numbers, so hard to know what worked and what didn't. You still did well though so take it easy after the transfer and enjoy a relaxing weekend.

rose, hope you're holding out okay as the 2ww gets past halfway time.

meggie, glad you're feeling a bit better. Don't you sometimes think we could all be specialists after all the medical googling we do with ac...Hope your fs appointment goes well. The surgery sounds unfortunate but reasonable. Hoping there isn't a long recovery time involved so you can get back into things quickly.

waves.gif to everyone else on this gorgeous Friday (although a tad nippy).

afm, not sleeping very well. I think in my efforts to stay calm my subconcious is playing up. I've now been late every day for work this week as taking so long to fall asleep I just can't wake up early.

did any of you read the adoption blog on eb today?

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