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IVF Multiple Cycles & the Long Haul Buddy Group #2

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#26 Rangeman

Posted 07 June 2010 - 01:40 PM

Hi Girls,

Still - Glad you're still feeling good, have you managed to relax a little and enjoy it yet?

Meggie - Congrats for your TFR just kick back and relax a little.  The needle in your head was the funniest thing, I had a good little chuckle imagining you roaming around with needles coming out of your head, I guess you're lucky no one reported seeing a martian......

How you doing Cheshire??

Well, let me tell you girls exercise is NOT good for you.  I went to the gym in my lunch break today and pulled a freaking calf muscle (the only muscle I've got mind you) and all I was doing was skipping with a rope - I mean SERIOUSLY how fit am I????? I'm trying to loose weight before I cycle again, which will be early July - do you think the scones with jam & cream that i just scoffed are helping with that????

It was 6 degrees at my place this morning.......chilly.

#27 spring08

Posted 08 June 2010 - 12:25 PM

hi all,

Meggie, congrats on the tfr - that's fantastic that they both survived the thaw really well. Fingers crossed for you for the next 1.5 weeks or so!, and sending you heaps of sticky vibes! that's hilarious that you were walking around with a needle in your forehead! Proves that they don't hurt

Still, hope you found some stretchy pants! How much longer are you going to be jabbing away for? Hope that the news has sunk in properly now - when's your first scan?

Kimbar - how hard is skipping when you're an adult! Don't know how we did it for ages when we were kids. warm scones with jam - yum, I'm hungry now!  

hi Cat, hope the jabbing is going well.

AFM, AF arrived Sat, so my FET cycle has officially started - though nothing much will happen til the end of the month. Excited to be trying again, even though I have lost a fair bit of faith in the process.

#28 Louise74

Posted 08 June 2010 - 07:03 PM

Hi all
Just a quick one!
Meggie - Tx sounds good! I had a fear of the acc person leaving needles in when I did it. I used to pat myself down before I left just to be sure. Now I know of someone this has hapened to, if I ever do it again I'll be really freaked out!!!!!!

Still - hope you gd some good comfy trousers with plenty of room for expansion...

Kimbar - I HATE exercise but do it every day. For some reason I have felt the need to try  running a bit lately (my body is NOT made for running) and I feel like a train wreck the day after. I don't know why I do it to myself

CC hope things are going well for you.

Spring AF came full force for me yesterday so we may no be too far apart. I have to fly to another town for TX so with a bit of luck mine will be on the 9.7.10. Got to go on the pill for a couple of weeks starting tomorrow and then start on HRT for the FET. I have to have the colonoscopy on the 21.6.10 so real fun & games here!! I kind of feel the same as you - kind of excited that we are in the game but really not expecting anything. I doubt I will even get to tx for this particular cycle as I just don't have faith in what my body can do anymore. On the plus side AF did come as they said it would after all of the progesterone they made me take so I guess that is good.

Anyway got to go and get dinner organised and have a shower before my tv watching begins for the night. I sound like such a nanna!!!!

#29 stillinhope

Posted 09 June 2010 - 06:47 PM

Hi Girls,

How cold is it? Well it is in Melb and we even had a nice little hail storm which my poor little cat got caught in - so funny tho - he didnt know which way to run!!


- (thats barrenbird!)
I hope you can enjoy the time off before starting soon, it is exciting again. Hope the colonoscopy isnt too bad..
I know its sooo hard having faith after so much disapointment but try to remember its not impossible...what cycle are you doing this time? any extra drugs?

Spring- glad AF has arrived..hopefully for the last time too. I am excited you are starting a new cycle also. What cycle are you doing? and any extra drugs for you too?

big hugs and prayers for you both...

Kimbar -
i much prefer the sound of the scones and jam rather than the gym! I have postponed my membership for a while, i just cant take it when im cycling too sore in the tummy and bloated..forgive me but where are you up to again?

Meggie -
hope you're resting up and the little precious embys are snoozing away in your belly now...take care

CC- how you going? dont worry i didnt think you were stalking me!! Where r u at again too?

AFM - i had my second BT today. My hcg levels have gone from 99 to 821. I know that sounds heaps but i am stressing out. Hence my post in the pg topics. Although still in the normal range, i was told it was on the lower end of the range so now i am freaking out and have been sad all day about it. I know its still ok and not really cause for worry yet but then what isnt stressful and cause for worry for us in this process? I have got some pains tonight but i am hoping its just bowels playing up...no spotting or anything like that - phew..
I have to go have another BT next tues and then scan on thursday...so nervous..


#30 carita

Posted 09 June 2010 - 07:27 PM

Hi all, hope you don't mind if I join the BG. I'm thinking I might fit here...
DH & I have been trying for #1 since late 2006. We started IVF in Dec of 2007. We've just finished our 4th ICSI cycle and found out at the 7w scan it was a blighted ovum. We've done 3 other FETs in between, as well...all btn. I never thought I'd be almost 40 and be in this position!

Sounds like eveyone is on the move in this group. Thanks for the laugh about the needle, meggie.

#31 meggie2

Posted 09 June 2010 - 09:13 PM

Hi Carita, welcome to our group.  So sorry for your loss.  It's unfair to have your happiness snatched away like that, I know.

Do you have a plan for your next step?  Apart from the new leave-in acupuncture protocol a la Meggie, obviously.

Still I posted in your thread over in pregnancy, but I'll repeat it here.  Those nurses should STFU.  Worrying you like that, when there is nothing you can do except wish and pray and wait for the scan which you were doing anyway!  I agree with the girls in the other thread, the numbers sound OK.  Someone has to be on the lower end of the normal range, that's why it's called a range.  Grr.

Poor kitty.  They hate it when you laugh at them.  I had to take my boy to the vet last night, he had a sore ear.  The vet held it open and it was all gunky, and said "tsk tsk how long has it been like this?"  I felt so guilty.

Hi BB, wow it's all happening. Make sure you make space for some birdie-time in there somewhere.

Yay for your new cycle Spring.  I read a good article the other day about us IVF long haulers and it said that even after mutiple unsuccessful cycles we still have reasonable chances of success.  It's just not that common in countries such as the USA and UK to do more than two or so cycles, due to funding issues, so there's not as much data.

Where are our scones and cream Kimbar?  It's nice to share don't you know?

Hi Ccat.  How you travelling?

AFM, good news is I got to go to Byron Bay for a work trip, which is sweet.   800kms or whatever from my only pregnancy test stick yay.   Bad news is I am lying in my big king size hotel bed with EB and progesterone, rather than down in the bar drinking margaritas.   But I'm going to get up early and have a long beach walk and a big beach brekkie before my meeting so it's not a total waste.  

I'm sort of feeling down about this cycle, and also very old and cynical reading a few of the posts in the June 2WW thread.  Only 6 sleeps to go. ohmy.gif

Fuzzies to everyone, M

Edited by meggie2, 09 June 2010 - 09:15 PM.

#32 spring08

Posted 10 June 2010 - 04:26 PM

afternoon all,

still, I agree with you on the cold front - and I'm in syd. Man is it chilly! but, looking at the upside, there are hot chocs to enjoy and winter food is great!

carita, welcome, and while I'm glad you've found your way here, sorry that it's come to this and that you've had such a rough trip. Where are you at now?

kimbar, how's your pulled muscle going?

bb (or bazza), you have a very big couple of weeks ahead of you. Hope the colonoscopy goes ok - that might distract you from ivf. Sounds like the drugs really drag out your cycle - is that right? I was thinking my tfr would be somewhere around end of June.

cat, how are things going with you? Have you had your first scan yet? Hope you're feeling ok with the process this time, and have lots of great follies developing

Meggie, still sending you sticky vibes and hands.gif Work trip to Byron Bay - sounds very tough! Hope you had a lovely walk along the beach.  Good news that we still have a shot also - I do keep asking my FS what has this really done to our odds, and what are the chances we'll now never get there. He hedges a bit on the first, and kind of refuses to answer the second half of that question.

#33 stillinhope

Posted 11 June 2010 - 10:59 AM


Welcome Carita, you are definitely in the right place. What a hard time you've had - im sorry. Feel free to vent here - we all do!!

meggie - Byron, mmmm i was trying to convince DH to go there for a holiday this winter but i fear it wont be warm enough (so we're going to tasmania??!!!) Good that you're away from ur poas - no point in doing that i find, only makes things harder for you..well for me it is cos i am sooo drugged up and the pregnyl makes false positives sad.gif
I know how easy it is to feel down after your fet, i think its a protective mechanism - but you have a chance, you got this far which is great...and they wouldnt let you do the treatment if they thought there was no point...hang in there sweet...sticky beams on their way from melb to syd now! Whats your test date?

Spring, BB, CC, Kimb how are you all feeling?

AFM i am just ticking along. Had a debacle with my nurse v fs re:crinone this week which i wasnt impressed about but its all sorted now. Basically i was told to go off the crinone or not continue which i thought was weird as i thought you had to have to 12 weeks, nurse said she had no instructions from fs, i questioned fs' receptionist and she checked with fs and fs said yes i do need to be on it. By now i was already off for 3 days - freak out. So at 10 to 5pm they call and say yes you need it and i have to drive an hour into the city to get the script...ggrrrrr i was just scared that this would effect the situation..but i dont think so, so far...not such a short story!
Moral of story always question things if they dont seem right to you, i have done this heaps of times and what i have been told was wrong...

Long weekend YAY!

#34 cheshire_cat

Posted 14 June 2010 - 04:27 PM

Hi all original.gif

stillinhope, that would have been a bit stressful about the crinone- a bit disorganised of them wasn't it? I think it should be fine now though, three days isn't too long. Hope all is going along well with you.

spring, any news? Have you had any acupunture yet after deciding not to go with the naturopath?

meggie, mmmmm Byron Bay, sounds wonderful as I sit here in my big dressing gown in freezing cold Melbourne. I know what you mean about the 2ww thread, actually I stopped joining it because I began to get sad when soooo many people seemed to be getting BFPs and I was just there joining up month after month and always feeling left behind. I know it's irrational of me as many of these people have probably been ttc for ages so it's unfair to feel envious, but I couldn't help it! blush.gif

carita, lovely to see you here, but sad for you that you have to be here as well sad.gif Have you still been feeling pretty down? Completely understandable, the feeling doesn't go away overnight. Can't remember if you'd been having counselling? Hope things are going ok with you anyway bbighug.gif .

bb- woah you are really getting it from all sides! (sorry no pun intended blush.gif ) A colonoscopy is obviously the last thing you want to be doing right now sad.gif Also flying in and out for procedures must be very draining as well. I hope you do get a response better than you expected and are able to make it to transfer!

Kimbar- ouch, hope your calf muscle is ok. I agree, exercise is bad! (Although I really should be doing some at least- right now I'm doing a lot of lounging around in pyjamas). I'd really like to lose weight before my cycle too but it's hard isn't it, especially now that winter has kicked in?

As for me, well I have my trigger tonight and EPU at 8am on Wednesday, admission 6:30. It's come around pretty fast after all that waiting. Not sure how many eggs to expect, I don't like having a fixed number in my head because reality will often let you down, as we all know. But I am hoping.

Edited by cheshire_cat, 14 June 2010 - 04:30 PM.

#35 spring08

Posted 15 June 2010 - 10:44 AM

hi all,

hope everyone had a great long weekend.

Cat, wow, time has flown - all the best for EPU tomorrow. Hope you have a few nice eggies and that all goes well. Fingers crossed for you. You're going for blasts this time aren't you?

Meggie, how are you doing? Is your BT today or tomorrow? Praying that AF has stayed away for you and that our sticky vibes have worked.

Still, hope things are going better now after the crinone mix-up. You expect some smooth sailing at some stage with this - hopefully there will be no more stress for you now.

Kimbar, BB, Carita - hope you are all doing well.

AFM, spent 2 of the 3 days painting. I hate skirting boards and trim!!  Have had a couple of BTs so far in preparation for my FET, but only at CD11 so early days yet. I'm sure the 2ww will be just as bad as ever, but this stage is fantastic!
Cat, I'm planning pre and post tfr acu - everything else is pretty regular, so I don't want to mess with it! Just a question on the acu front, should you try to have it immediately before and after tfr, or is it still effective if you have it an hour or two pre and post tfr?? I can do it either at a place right next door to the clinic, (which means DP hanging around for a couple of hours), or this is a fertility acu place at home.

#36 meggie2

Posted 15 June 2010 - 10:47 AM

Hi everyone

Well I'm out this month.  Grr.  You know.

I still have 3 frozen blastocysts, so I am pushing to get them all transferred together in July.  Not sure whether they will let me.  But after 11 embryos with no ongoing pregnancies I think it's an acceptable risk, as do the FNs (which is sad).  I'm seeing the FS tomorrow to talk about that and also what else I can do to shake things up a bit.

Thanks for all the mojo everyone.  It did help a lot.  Sorry for the me me post.  I'll be back later.  

Hope your EPU goes well CC.  That did seem quick!  


#37 spring08

Posted 15 June 2010 - 10:53 AM

I'm so sorry meggie - this is so completely unfair and devastating.

I hope your FS can suggest something to try for next month

be kind to yourself

#38 cheshire_cat

Posted 15 June 2010 - 11:36 AM

Oh meggie I'm really sorry. I hope FS is supportive of what you'd like to do. I too have been advised that it's time to start taking on board a little more risk (in terms of multiples) in order to get some kind of result. Hope your talk with FS is productive hhugs.gif .

hey spring- am no expert with the acupuncture- I've done it on and off, but she did tell me that it's fine to have it the day before transfer, and then after transfer. She didn't say anything to suggest that timing was a crucial factor, so I think and hour or two pre and post transfer should be fine. Not sure what the studies say. I'd probably choose the option that's easiest and least stressful.

So yep I am going for blasts this time and a little nervous about what numbers to expect. I told DH I'd be very happy with two great-looking blasts that we could transfer together hands.gif.

#39 stillinhope

Posted 15 June 2010 - 01:26 PM

Meggie - i am SO sorry Sweet. Damm. You can take all the me space you want here. Did they tell you your levels? You may not want to know but I am taking progynova and had pregnyl injections and crinone to help implantation..maybe fs will entertain this idea for you?
You still have good stocks with is great...take care of yourself...im so sorry again.

CC- Good luck for tomorrow..how many follies did u get? hope theres some nice ripe eggs for the pickn.

Spring - I hate painting too! Maybe you should save some painting for the 2ww! Take your mind off things! Although you dont want to be working too hard - let DP do that! I had acc with my two middle cycles and i had to see her the day before and the day of FET. I didnt do it for this last cycle and now im too nervous to change anything..

Carita, Kimbar, BB how are you all?

Edited by stillinhope, 15 June 2010 - 01:27 PM.

#40 Rangeman

Posted 16 June 2010 - 08:26 AM

Meggie - you poor old thing, it's just really crap.

Still - very, very stressful sometimes the FN's don't pay enough attention.  Do you have any more BT's coming up? How have you been feeling....questions, questions, questions.....

Spring - How you going with your BT's any news on TFR day yet?

CC - How did you go with your EPU today?

Carita - you're very welcome here, do you have plans for another cycle?

and Bazza - How you going?

Hello to anyone I've missed.

Well it's a definate for me I'll be doing my next cycle when AF shows up about 2 or so weeks, not really looking forward to it to be honest, don't know about you other girls but I don't seem to feel the hope with each cycle that I used to.....anyhoo shake off those bad vibes!!!
Spring, it's my turn to do the painting thing we've decided to move closer to DH's work so we've put our house on the market and now we have to do some little touch up's to the house......I HATE painting.....Unfortunately I have fully recovered from my pulled muscle so it's back to the gym for this little fatty - and speaking of fat I had the best hot choc on the weekend it had cinnamon and chilli in it, I'm drooling just thinking about it.

Have a good one ladies.

#41 cheshire_cat

Posted 16 June 2010 - 01:02 PM

Hi all, sorry just a quick 'me' post after my EPU.

I'm happy to say I got 19 eggs, the most I've ever had, so obviously am pleased about that original.gif
I'm trying not to get my expectations up too high though, as I know that a large number of eggs does not always translate into a large number of fertilised embies (especially blasts). So for now I'm just distracting myself & chilling out on the couch, eating and watching DVDs.
Hope you're all well!


#42 Rangeman

Posted 16 June 2010 - 01:20 PM

CC - what a haul that's fantasic!!! Were you feeling very bloated before EPU and did you do anything diff in this cycle???

Yeah, just relax & watch the box, have a great afternoon.

#43 cheshire_cat

Posted 16 June 2010 - 02:54 PM

Thanks Kimbar original.gif - yeah I really didn't expect that many! I wasn't feeling terribly bloated, just a little, which is why I was a bit surprised. I didn't do anything different except for a higher dose of Puregon- other than that just a normal down reg cycle.

#44 meggie2

Posted 16 June 2010 - 03:10 PM

Hi everyone, thanks for all your kind words, it really does help.

Wow CC, 19 that is an awesome starting point.    It must have taken them ages to get them all out.   I think you have every reason to be hopeful of getting some nice blasts by day 5.  

Hi Spring, sounds like everything is tracking well for your FET.  Re the acupuncture, the studies I have read were done before and after on the same day, but I don't think the exact timing matters.  I may have said this before, but there is only one study (from SA) which showed no benefit from acupuncture, and that was eventually worked out to be due to the ladies having to do a whole lot of extra driving in peak hour traffic to get to and from the acu clinic.  But in your case there is no extra driving so I don't think it would matter either way.

Still, BB-Baz, Carita.   Hope you are all well.

Kimbar I know what you mean.  How about us being enthusiastic for you?  I am already.  

I guess maybe the problem is that we all (humans I mean) live so much in the past or future, rather than the present.  So when I started IVF I was always thinking/day-dreaming about the potential child, and all the things that would happen, and getting excited, whereas now I just anticipate the disappointment and all the things that can go wrong.  

My goal this next cycle is to try to be more in the moment, and just enjoy being PUPO, and not borrow trouble from the future.

There was this amazing post in the loss section, very sad, so don't read if you are feeling fragile, but the way the mum writes about her little boy (who was only with her for 51 days) just inspired me.  Anyway if you want to have a look, here is the link http://www.essentialbaby.com.au/forums/ind...howtopic=802508

Wow I'm in a philosophical mood today.  I just had a very long meeting with my FS.  She still thinks there is an issue with my donor, or a bad combination of both of us, so I'm going to change donors after my next FET.  I'm going to transfer the last 3 frozen embryos all together.   She is also going to try an ultrasound guided transfer which she doesn't normally do, cos I found a study which supported that.

She still doesn't think I should have any clexane or steroids, but she will add those in if there is no result after the first cycle with the new donor (if I get there).

Bye everyone, I'll be lurking to hear about CC's embies and Spring's transfer date


Edited by meggie2, 16 June 2010 - 03:11 PM.

#45 stillinhope

Posted 16 June 2010 - 04:25 PM

CC- thats fantastic news! 19 good stocks..will you get the call tomorrow? were you doing normal fert or icsi? Congrats, thats the first nerve racking hurdle i think.
EUP day is good, you can eat all you want and laze about and Dp has to do everything cos ur too sore!!

Kimbar - thats great you get to start soon, exciting. Yes shake off the bad vibes! its so hard i know though to stay positive, but as long as you are having a go at it you have i chance i think....have fun painting nno2.gif !!

Meggie - hope you are ok luv...

hows everyone else going?

AFM - Not sure if i should be writing this in here, i dont want to upset anyone..I will continue for now but please let me know if i shouldnt be talking about this stuff as i know its not what our group is about.
I had BT on tueday to check the levels, i was sure something was going to wrong, like they went down or something and i have been freaking out about eptopic (for no good reason). The progesterone is making me constipated - sorry TMI but giving me so much pain. Think its easing now but theres nothing you can have really.
Anyway levels were up 5802! Hooray! I have a scan tomorrow supposably should see the heart beat..weird...have been nervous about scan as o know too much and am imagining some thing being wrong. I need to be more positive and stop stressing i know but its the way things have been for so long its hard to stop worrying..

#46 carita

Posted 16 June 2010 - 06:57 PM

stillinhope-Congrats on those levels! Best wishes for the scan!

CC-Fantastic haul there! That's got to be a relief. Enjoy the relaxing now...seeing any good dvds?

meggie-Sorry to hear your news, but it sounds like your FS has a plan. I've never even heard of trying the ultrasound guided transfer.

Kimbar-Yep, we're booked in to start another cycle in mid- July, at least we're doing the paperwork so hopefully the cycle will start soon after that. Best wishes with your upcoming cycle. That hot choc with cinnamon and chili sound fabulous!!!

Spring-Are you finished with that paining yet?? I hate painting...and our house so needs it!

Hi to anyone else I've missed. Take care xoxo

#47 Rangeman

Posted 17 June 2010 - 07:59 AM

Hey Still, great levels you must be feeling a little relieved let us know how your scan goes.  I don't know about the other ladies but I don't mind you being here it gives us all a little hope & it's nice to hear how you're progressing.

#48 spring08

Posted 17 June 2010 - 10:47 AM

Hi all,

Cat, wow awesome eggie haul. Hope that you get a good number of super blasties out of that! Good luck over the next few days with the phone calls - they are nerve-wracking. Hope you aren't feeling too sore today.

Kimbar, I can understand what you mean about not having the same feeling of optimism about starting a cycle again now. But at least it's another shot. That hot choc with spices sounds fantastic. Moving/selling your house is such a pain - all that effort you put in for someone else to enjoy, the constant cleaning for open days... Have you found another house yet? Maybe all of that will keep you distracted and busy for your next cycle.

Carita, glad that you're preparing for another cycle. I think there will be a bit of action here in July. Is your FS trying something different for you this time?  

Meggie, hope you are doing ok - glad that you had a good meeting with your FS. Is the ultrasound guided tfr to help them place the embies in the best pos and to separate them out?? Not sure how you manage to live in the moment with this and not jump to either calculating due dates or thinking it will never work. I also struggle with how you manage for now, not the "what if" time - it's so hard with this.

Still, great news about your levels, and good luck with your scan today. Hopefully after that you might be able to relax and enjoy it a little. I agree with Kimbar - I don't mind your updates and it's a bit of extra hope we can get there too.

hi bb, hope you're doing well

AFM, just more waiting (and more BTs), still quite a long time from my tfr as I won't be doing that until 6DPO. My painting is far from finished unfortunately, so looks like I'll be busy with that again on the weekend.

have a great day all

#49 Spock

Posted 17 June 2010 - 02:15 PM

hi ladies,

I was wondering if you mind me joining your buddy group? I've been posting in RSGG but I don't feel such a newbie anymore. Here's a little of my journey. DH and I have been ttc for a few years and we started AC techniques last year. After lots of tests we've been put in that annoying category 'unknown infertility'. So far we've done:

3 x IUI, all bfn
1st IVF ICSI cycle during 2009, 1st transfer bfn, FET transfer BFP but sadly m/c at 6 weeks in Jan this year.
2nd IVF ICSI this year, 1st transfer BFP but sadly 2nd m/c at 10 weeks.

At the moment i've just finished a whole bunch of extra tests to see if there is any explanation for the repeated m/c's but so far nothing unusual has turned up - i guess that is a good thing. I'm still recovering physically from the m/c and have been very down and sad about the whole journey and m/c.

anyway, enough about me, can't wait to share all your journeys.

chesire cat - i hope your emies are growing nicely.

spring - glad to hear your going well.

stillinhope - hope the scan goes well. i know exactly what you mean but i don't want to worry you anymore here.

meggie - i like what you are thinking. it is so easy to get wrapped in the future or at least the dreamed of future.

waves.gif  to everyone else (haven't had a chance to read all the back posts yet sorry).

i'm of to Japan on Saturday for my first holiday in 2 years and some non-ivf time but i'll check in here to see how you are all going.

#50 meggie2

Posted 17 June 2010 - 04:07 PM

Hi Spock, just a quick hello and welcome.


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