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IVF Multiple Cycles & the Long Haul Buddy Group #2

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#51 stillinhope

Posted 17 June 2010 - 09:11 PM

Hi Girls,

Spock Welcome to our group! Its very warm and fuzzy here!!! Sorry to hear about your m/c - scares the *$#@ out of me..im glad you have found the strength to keep going. Are you on any extra meds? i had heaps if ur interested..

Just a me quickie tonight as im meant to be packing to go for the Tassie trip tomorrow morning and havent started and Dh is....well...not doing much either!

Scan went really well. I was soooo nervous, but they found the sac very quickly and there was a little heart beat pulsing away...the sonographer said everything looked good, SO thats good enough for me! Dh and i were a little in shock as we still havent really accepted this yet - i guess in fear of it not continuing....but so far so good.

Have a great weekend ladies and take care...


#52 meggie2

Posted 18 June 2010 - 09:51 AM

That's great about your scan Still.  Like Kimbar and Spring said, we like hearing your news.  

Hope the embies are doing their thing CCat.

Have a good weekend everyone, especially Still and Spock on holidays.  Bit jealous TBH.


#53 spring08

Posted 18 June 2010 - 10:46 AM

morning all,

what a gorgeous day out there (Syd at least!) - and yay for Friday

Spock - hi, I've also migrated here from RSGG. My concerns, fears and expectations now are very different. I'm glad you have found us over here, and hope you're doing ok.  Your holiday sounds fantastic - hope you have a wonderful break.

Cat, hope you've got some great embies growing away. Is tfr Monday??

Still, that's wonderful news on your scan - enjoy Tassie. I'm sure you'll find some time to sip a hot choc in front of a fire somewhere gorgeous!

hi Meggie, Carita, Kimbar and BB - hope all is good, and you have a brilliant weekend also. I think I'll be spending 1 day painting so I can have some fun the other.

#54 cheshire_cat

Posted 21 June 2010 - 12:55 PM

Hi all,

Spock, good to see you here. I guess you're in Japan now? WOW, that must be amazing, I've always wanted to go. Hope you have a fabulous time!

stillinhope- that must have been incredible, hearing the heartbeat. Your embie has turned into a real baby!! I hope he/she sticks around and you have a great pregnancy!

carita, I guess you're just playing the waiting game right now, which can be frustrating. I hope your upcoming cycle starts off smoothly, good luck.

, hope your painting is finished, it's so tiring isn't it? What are your extra BTs for? Are they still testing for implantation issues? Good to know at least they're being thorough.

meggie, sounds like your session with FS went well, great that you can put back all your embryos next time. I really hope that it won't be too much of a drama finding a new donor. Your philosophical approach is very inspiring.

bb, Kimbar, any news? Hope you are going along well.

So just an update from me- just back from transfer, we managed to put back one good blast and one early blast (so not quite there but still ok-looking). They will call me tomorrow to tell me if any of them made it to the freezer, she said hopefully we'll get at least one or two, which I'm very happy about. DH was a bit freaked that out of 19 eggs (15 fertilised) we'd end up with 4 blasts, but the embryologist & I explained to him that it's actually a good result and their aim is to try for quality rather than quantity. Since joining EB I've learnt that even ONE blastocyst is quite a blessing.
After transfer I went straight to acupuncture and am now at home.

Hope you're all well,


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#55 jobstar

Posted 21 June 2010 - 02:26 PM

Hi Cheshire_cat... I have been  ph34r.gif to see how you are going and pleased to read that you have two blasts on boards. I will have all my fingers and toes crossed for you.

#56 cheshire_cat

Posted 21 June 2010 - 02:47 PM

Thanks so much jobstar, lovely to hear from you & hope all's going well with you original.gif

#57 meggie2

Posted 21 June 2010 - 03:02 PM

Hi everyone

CC that's awesome.  You must be so relieved to have got to that stage, it's a really positive step I think.   Did you get to see them on the screen?  Did you find the acupuncture relaxing?  

I'm just tracking along for my FET, have to go back Wednesday for another BT and scan.

I also changed my mind and told them to do the Clexane this cycle, even though the FS doesn't see any reason for it.  

Yeah Spring the ultrasound guided transfer is to make sure the embies are in exactly the right spot - I found a paper in support of that.  Interestingly the FS said she always used to do it that way, and they also did it that way at McGill Uni in Canada where she did an RE fellowship, but the head of the clinic doesn't see the need so she stopped.  But she was happy to do it once I had asked.  

I feel a bit like a soldier going over the top in WWI - throwing so much at this FET cycle.  I'm trying my best to stick to one day at a time, like I said, but not easy.

Any idea of your transfer date Spring?  I'm betting on 30 June or 1 July for me, round abouts there.  

Thinking about Still drinking soda water in Tassie ddance.gif .

Fuzzies, M

#58 spring08

Posted 22 June 2010 - 01:13 PM

hi all,

Cat, great news that you've got 2 blasts tfr'd - hopefully you'll have some more good news today if you get another for the freezer. Fingers crossed very firmly for you and sticky vibes heading your way!

Meggie, I reckon you may as well throw whatever you can at these embies - you'll be tfr'g a few days after me.

jealous of Spock and Still on hols

Kimbar, Carita, BB - hope you're all going well. BB, is your surgery next week?

AFM, after my almost daily b/ts (Cat, they were just to track O) finally got the green light - tfr with a day 6 blast scheduled for next mon. I'll be doing acu before an after, and think I'll try to work from home that day to chill a bit.

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend - I did fun stuff in the mornings, then yet more painting both afternoons - seriously what are skirting boards for (except taking a million years to paint!)

ciao and have a good day

#59 stillinhope

Posted 23 June 2010 - 05:07 PM

Hi Ladies,

hope your week is treating you well...and there are some fun things for the weekend hozizon...

I feel like i have missed so much...

Spring -
YAY transfer soon. I think working from home is a great idea. Nice comfy trackies and slippers for the embies..i know they say resting doesnt make a difference but it cant hurt to be extra nice to yourself for the first couple of days..i did...u never know! Hope the painting is finished too...

Meggie - hang in there, it wont be long til u can trf again. I had an ultrasound guided trf and it makes perfect sense to me. They select the exact particular area where the embryo will go. Apparently it makes a difference how high or low they put it so they can see exactly how far in they have gone. Its also special cos u get to see it going in! I know its so hard but it is great you have so many blasts to go on with, thats good news in itself..
OOh clexane yay - i know i talk about it all the time but im still having this, i am also having progynova which is eostrogen that my fs said is to help the womb be nice and lovely for the embryo. This is the one different med i had for this last cycle..Are u having crinone too? i have just switched to pessaries...

CC- Thats great news about ur TF. Wishing super glue vibes for you. I got 4 blasts too from 9 eggs so its really hard to know what the odds are, but the embryologist said to me that 4 is their lucky number! So thats great! How did u go with the frozens? Are u on any supports?

Hi Spock - hope ur having fun in Japan - i always think it looks amazing there...

Kimbar, Jobstar & Carita - how u going? and to everyone else i may have missed...

AFM - Tassie was fantastic. Absolutely freezing but lovely. Pretty much just ate, read, did a couple of bush walks, ate, napped, ate!!
We had a wine and cheese tasing one night and ofcourse i couldnt drink and had to order mineral water, then when i saw the cheese - ohhhh i nearly cried, the best double brie ever..Dh got to eat the whole lot! There was one i could eat and the nice girl went to get me some other hard cheese from the restaurant. I had to tell her, she probably wondered why i was there considering i couldnt drink or eat cheese! Anyway - NOT complaining!!

Not much to report with me, no real symptoms, sore boobs a bit but not heaps. I got worried that i'm not sick yet but not everyone gets sick, so i'm trying to think that its all OK...
I am wishing the weeks away now..its the longest 10 weeks of my life. Trying to be positive and non assumptive about the outcome. I have booked into the hospital and with an OB. Apparently - my friend told me - u have to book in as soon as u know as they only take a certain no patients per month for your due month..it made me feel like a fraud and i felt really stupid filling in hospital forms already...i feel like i dont really belong in the club yet..

Well off to make some schnitzles for dinner..

take care..

#60 Louise74

Posted 24 June 2010 - 04:04 PM

Hi all,
Holy dooley, lots going on in here! I've not been on for a while and heaps is happening. I'll try to catch up!

Still - I can imagine how wierd the whole thing must be! I've often thought if I was so lucky to get a BFP I wouldn't tell until 30 weeks!!!!! I just wouldn't be sure of myself. So far so good... so nice to see a graduate of sorts! Glad that Tassie was nice. I hope to get there sooner rather than later.

CC good to see that you have tx and 2 blasts at that! Did you say any got to the freezer? I agree, that 4 is a good number of blasts and hopefully the one you need is in that batch.

Spring & Meggie - When are your tx? I hope that all is good for both of you. I'd love to experience the ultrasound guided tx but my clinic don't offer that facility so not likely. I'd love to have a pic of the emby or see them under the microscope as well but again that isn't something my clinic do. Spring - I the idea of working from home is such a good one but my DH does that and I think we'd drive each other up the wall. If you can - why not? Good luck both of you.

Spock - Welcome!!!!

Hope everyone else is going well....

AFM - I had my colonoscopy on Monday and it was awful. Well not the procedure the PREP. It is almost archaic how they do things and the gunk you have to ingest is just foul. My results showed mild inflammation which is healing so no further treatment. Am glad I had it so I know things are  ok before proceeding with IVF. Bit of a laugh but gross as well was my experience in the pre-op waiting room.

It was really full so there were limited seats so I sat on one side of the room with a man of about 50 opposite me. When you are gowned up you have nothing at all on underneath the gown so I am always conscious of my modesty. Mr 50 not so. I happened to look up from my magazine and he was sitting there obliviously with his nether regions on display for all to see. Unfortunately it was only me that could see and it was  not good. I immediately buried my head in my mag and then got another. When I had finished that one he had adjusted himself and they were kind of dangling! The longer this went on the more I couldn't do anything about it and they were just in front of me and I just decided to close my eyes and not look!!!! Thankfully the nurse then came to take me to theatre. Least we don't have that in IVF pre-op!!!!!!!

Anyway I cancelled my tx for next month and am going to see FS to see if he can sort out the mess my reproductive system is in and see if there is a reason everything has gone haywire recently before we go ahead with the FET

It's never dull!!

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#61 meggie2

Posted 24 June 2010 - 04:16 PM

Hi everyone

biggrin.gif at Still living it up on mineral water and cheddar cheese while Mr Still tucks into the good stuff. Well done on booking in with the OB and the hospital, I imagine that would have weirded you out a bit.

C-Cat hope you are travelling OK, you are getting to the business end of the 2WW now. Any good distractions?

Hi Spring. Hope you have finished the painting and can chill this weekend leading up to your transfer on Monday, as well as after.

Funnily enough my pregnancy which got the furthest was from a cycle where I went on a week sailing holiday 2 days after transfer. Lots of physical activity, swimming, walking etc. But I was super relaxed as well. Then I worried that the activity caused the problem, but the 2 transfers after that I just rested and not even a skerrick of implantation. So I don't know what's best.

Oh BB just saw your post.  You poor thing.  That old feller with his old feller out sounds gross.  My mum has had that procedure every 2 years from age 40 and says the same about the gunk.  She can never finish it.  I'm glad you don't need any treatment at this stage.  And I'm sorry you have put off your transfer but it's more important to get everything right.  Plus it was an awful lot on your plate at once.  When are you seeing the FS?

Hi Spock, Carita, and Kimbar. waves.gif  Hope you are all "dangerously well", as our mailman says if you ask how he is.

My transfer (3 x 5dt) will be on 1 July. I am very pleased to not be in June 2WW again. That was a terribly unlucky thread - 1 BFP from I think 11 girls so far. Actually made me feel better in a way, mean old witch that I am. Insane.

Oh BTW, happy Ranga Day to any gingers out there. How does it feel to have one as PM?


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#62 stillinhope

Posted 24 June 2010 - 05:24 PM

Meggie - you crack me up..'dangerously well' he he he.... laugh.gif ps you're not a mean old witch...

#63 stillinhope

Posted 24 June 2010 - 05:30 PM

BB - glad ur colon is over. My mum has them too and gags on the salty drink...you'd think with modern technology they could work something else out...
Postponing your cycle might a good idea, give yourself some time to think and feel a bit normal for a while..i know its hard tho you just want to start..
I feel for your poor eyes seeing the goolies in the the waiting room, as if you're not feeling yuk enough as it is! I had an incident that i have blocked from visual memory but i know it happened of my FIL , all i can say is that it was summer, he was hot and wearing a sarrong. No where in my marriage vowels did i consent to this kind of family bonding thank you, i was this ffear.gif then this sick.gif !!!

#64 carita

Posted 24 June 2010 - 09:34 PM

Hi all, hope you're well!

CC-Great news! Fingers and toes crossed...I'm excited for you and DH and will be thinking of you during the dreaded 2WW.

meggie-Woohoo, glad to hear the transfer's been booked! I totally agree about the June 2WW group! Plus you're not a witch...truth be told, I'm sure we've all thought a few of those things during our ivf time.

spring-Yah for the green light! Best wishes for your transfer Monday. Have you done the accupuncture before and after transfer before? I did it for one cycle along with those nasty herbs, but didn't do it for last cycle. The cost was getting way out of hand for us! I did enjoy it and thought it was helpful to calm me down a bit.

still-You are a strong woman for resisting that double brie!!! I love Tassie. We went last year for a week and it just wasn't long enough. I'd love to go back. What part did you visit?

BB-Glad to hear the colonoscopy is done for you too! That was cracking me up about the fella showing off his bits!!

Hi Kimbar and Spock, hope you're both well.

Not much from me except I"m so frustrated...after our epic fail, no bub in the sac at the scan, my hcg has still not gone back to zero!! It's been three weeks already, give me a break! It was up to 15,000 something when we had the scan and I stopped all support then, so one would think it would pretty much be level in a few days, a week at most. It's finally down to 5.7 but that makes me so frustrated. When you want those levels up, they're down. Now when I want them down, they're taking their own sweet time to get there!!!

Also, thank the lord we only have one more week of school...can't wait until the holidays!! My class is driving me bananas!

Take care all, have a great weekend! We're hoping to take in some of the end of financial year sales!!!

#65 Rangeman

Posted 25 June 2010 - 09:05 AM

Bazza - what a classic how did you not point and laugh!!!!! I'm glad it turned out well for you and hopefully your system will spark up and do what it's supposed to do.

Meggie - I'm a ranga - happy ranga day to me!  Good luck for your TFR and yes, thank god it's not in June what a crappy month, I must admit I feel the way you do too sometimes about the 2w waiters - not nice but nobody's perfect hey...

Spring - Be thinking of you on Monday - very exciting.  On the way home from one of our tfr's DH said to me that we should put all the windows down in the car and I should hang my legs out either side, no knickers on of course, and let the wind push the little emby into place so it sticks, so now when ever I'm on the home from TFR I think of this and have a giggle - imagine all the other poor drivers going past and seeing the black hole.......

Still - Booked in at the hospital wow that's just great.  How far are you now? And can I ask what drugs and how much you were on for this cycle (if you remember)? Glad you had a great time in Tassie, I'm still jealous.

Carita - We can't win can we our levels, AF and all that rot always do the opposite to what we want at the time.  Have you made any plans for future cycles or do you have some frosties?

Hi Spock!

Hi to anyone I've missed.  We're getting quite a group going here, it's great.

And AFM - AF is due at the end of the month and I'm getting very nervous & scared, silly I know since I've done this a couple of times already......I even think sometimes I might put it off till next month but I'm trying to stay strong because I think if I put it off I'll keep putting it off IYKWIM and i'll never do it again.  

We've got out house on the market and we're having an open day tomorrow arrghhhhhh all the cleaning and crap you have to do and all the hiding of washing baskets etc, hope nobody opens any closets because they're bound to get buried under our dirty laundry - I can just see someone walking out of the house with a pair of DH jocks on their head......must remember to clean the toilet.........

Hope everyone had a lovely weekend.


#66 spring08

Posted 25 June 2010 - 12:27 PM

Cat, how is everthing going for your 2ww? My fingers are crossed very tightly for you and hopefully the sticky vibes we're all sending your way will help.  When's your BT, or will you be doing a POAS?

BB, hope that image isn't causing you nightmares - just the thought of hairy dangly old man bits peeking out makes me feel unwell!!  Glad that your colonoscopy was all clear, and good idea to try to get everything right before starting on a FET - do you mean your cycles are all messed up? Hopefully your FS can work some magic.

Still, sounds like you had a fantastic break, even if you had to make do with cheddar!  Must have been so strange booking in with an OB and for hospital. Hope things continue to go well for you.

Kimbar, good luck with your open house - so much work to get everything looking good. Your DH has some very strange ideas, but have to laugh at the thought of you driving home using this special implantation technique!  Know what you mean about feeling scared about starting again. I was having feelings of dread the few days before my last couple of stim cycles.

Meggie, we'll be 2ww buddies this time since you're trf'g a couple of days after me. Hope July will be luckier for us both. And you're far from a witch - I don't think I'll be heading to the 2ww BG this time as I don't want to hear about lots of first timers getting lucky (though I know it's still been a rough trip for them all, doesn't stop me being jealous).

Carita, it's horrible the way our bodies keep letting us down throughout all this. Is there meds to help or is it just a waiting game? Glad you have some hols to look forward to - jealous!!  Does this mean you get some time to yourself or is your DH also having hols?

Spock - hope you're having an awesome holiday in Japan if you're checking in.

AFM, work has been really busy the last week, and will be like that during the 2ww too I think. Hoping that my little blast thaws well - we have 2, so surely one will be ok. What happens with a FET? - do they only call to confirm time after it's thawed ok, or do you get a time, and then find out on the day if they thawed? Should do a bit more painting this weekend, but not sure, might have a last weekend of riding my bike and paddling.

have a lovely weekend all

#67 meggie2

Posted 25 June 2010 - 01:17 PM

Hi everyone

wub.gif our group. Thanks for saying I'm not a witch. I must say I felt extremely witchy last night at the gym. There was this tiny blond woman doing weights opposite me, she looked very slim and glam, and she turned sideways and suddenly I saw she had this perfect movie star bump going on. So I had to give myself the "well you don't know, she probably had to have 23 cycles of IVF to get that way" talk.

Kimbar I'm not sure I needed that image. laughing2.gif I usually get the bus home, think the driver would notice?

Re the feelings of reluctance to start the next cycle, I was talking about that with someone, and she said not to beat myself up about it - its perfectly natural not to want to do something difficult that has given you pain in the past - in fact it would be crazy not to feel that way. It does take a lot of strength and bravery to try again, and we should all be proud of ourselves for it.

Carita I'm sorry about your levels. That is very hard to go through I know. Hopefully you are near the end, and can make a new start soon.

Spring hello my 2WW buddy. With my FETs they call a few days before to make a time, and then the embryologist calls in the morning to confirm what she will be thawing, and then she calls again to say how they are progressing. I have thawed 6 blasts and they all survived 100% according to the embryologist, so I think you have a really good chance.

Thinking of you CC (stick, stick, stick.....)


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#68 stillinhope

Posted 25 June 2010 - 02:06 PM

QUOTE (Kimbar @ 25/06/2010, 09:05 AM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
How far are you now? And can I ask what drugs and how much you were on for this cycle (if you remember)?

Just a quickie...

Hi Kimbar, , im 7 weeks! only 5 to go til i can relax!

This time i did a down reg but with no pill and no syneral (i think...hmmm)

-450 puregon
-Prednisolone 20mg (4 tablets, steriods to help with implantation - i think so my immune system doesnt attack emby)
-Progynova (eostrogen for implantation and creating a nice womb environment),
-Clexane day prior to TF and then til 12 weeks (blood thinner to improve blood flow to uterus) previous cycle i was having this and asprin

Now im still on Pred, Prog, Clex and Progesterone pessaries..weening off pred now tho which i great...

I think all this stuff must have made a difference, i would push for it too. I had no real reason to onto all this stuff except my immunologist suggested the clex and pred after finding i had a mild immune difficency. My FS added the clomid to this cycle to boost the egg numbers and i got 22 follies, 9 eggs. I did believe her when she said 'we'll get there' cos she was willing to try all sorts of things...if your fs not willing to ry then maybe try to find someone who is..i did, i was with a different clinic my first 2 cycles...

hope this helps a tiny bit.. smile1.gif

#69 cheshire_cat

Posted 26 June 2010 - 09:56 AM

Hi ladies, am back after finally finishing all my uni work for this semester!

stillinhope- so glad things are still going well for you. Can I ask, was this the first cycle you tried the protocol you described (prednisolone, clexane etc)?. If this cycle doesn't work for me I'd like to try it, although my FS is reeeaally reluctant and just goes on about how there's no evidence. I'll see how I go, hopefully won't need it!

meggie- I pretty much always give the evil eye to those women with cute movie-star bumps blush.gif I know, very mean of me. So the countdown is on for you to the 1st July- hope all your embryos defrost & implant  perfectly and you won't have to worry about a new donor hands.gif Well, maybe twins would be slightly more manageable than triplets....

hey spring- I'll probably do my usual POAS on the morning of the BT, as I'm one of those people who needs to know in advance, I really HATE the phone calls from the nurses so I like to be armed with the info in order to make the call as short as possible ("I know, it's negative, thanks, bye!"). Your question about the FET- with my clinic, they confirm a transfer time first, then you find out how many have thawed just before transfer. If none have survived or the numbers were lower than expected they will call in advance (eg early in the morning). I'm sure if you're anxious they'd be happy to call you in advance to let you know.

Kimbar, OMG it must be so stressful having your house on the market! Trying to keep it clean for open days, I would seriously struggle. Have you got your eye on a new place? Hope it's not all too stressful for you! I love your DH's legs out the window, knicker-less implantation strategy, why not add a little theatricality & fun to the whole process? And hey if it helps with implantation, I'm in!

carita- damn that hcg! Hope it does down quickly so you can get started again. Yes, keep your eye on those holidays coming up and those lovely sales. Have you still been feeling a bit down? Sometimes nothing can make it better, but I hope the holidays & a bit of retail therapy helps a little bit.

bazza--- What a relief the colonoscopy is over for you, the story of the dangling man was gross but also kind of hilarious! The whole process sounds horrible, hope you don't have to have another one any time soon! Taking a month off sounds lime a good idea, hope you get some answers that might help with your next cycle.

I think that's everyone???

So AFM, well we got two frozen embies which I'm happy with. And I guess I'm almost half way through my 2ww, which hasn't been too painful so far as I've been so focused on uni stuff and taking care of a sooky DH who has 'man-flu'. And next week (Mon) I'm going down to visit my mum who lives in the country about an hour & a half from Melbourne, so I'll be away from Google (yay!) and EB (noooo!) for 5 days. And then BT is on the 5th July.

#70 Rosabella

Posted 27 June 2010 - 05:29 PM

Hi Everyone
I’m new to posting but have used these forums as a valuable source of information through my TTC journey. Until recently DH and I have not discussed our AC journey with anyone and it has really taken its toll. I decided that posting here amongst others that know what it’s like to have one failed attempt after another might help with getting through things.
I have had quite a break from AC and DH and I are jumping back into things this cycle (currently day 4). After a new round of test, I found out on Friday that I have NK Cells (not sure on the full details yet as I have an appointment to discuss things tomorrow) and after a rushed phone call from my FS on Friday I am now taking 100mg of doxycycline (till transfer), 15mg of prednisolone and 100mg of asprin (until further notice). I am also expecting results of PCOS testing tomorrow.
So anyway, I just thought I would introduce myself and hope that I can join in your group here. I will go back over the threads for this BG and see where everyone is at and post a bit more later.
Take care everyone
Rose xoxo

#71 meggie2

Posted 28 June 2010 - 05:46 PM

Hi Rose, and welcome.  

Are you doing a stim cycle or an FET?   How is the prednisolone? I've heard the side effects aren't great.  But it seems to have helped Still.  Do you have a particular plan for transfer, or are you waiting to see....

Hi everyone else.  Spring I hope your transfer went perfectly, it was today right?

OK off to the gym I go.


#72 stillinhope

Posted 29 June 2010 - 07:54 PM

Hi Girls,

Grrr mad with EB. did a whole post and them something weird happened and i lost the whole lot rant.gif

Welcome Rose, great to have you.  Its a great group and good that you have decied to talk to people. Your new regime sounds good, i am on prednisolone (although finally weening off them after 3 months) i was also on asprin and still having clexane. I have an imune deficiency and they thought the steriods would help..and im not sure but maybe they did (im 8 weeks!)  Good lick with starting a new cycle, i always felt excited starting again - its new hope..hang in there...

Meggie - getting ready for FET, this week is it? good luck girl, sticky hopes and prayers for you...

CC - wow mega post! YAY two frosties, thats great...hows your 2ww going? think you might be out of communication at the mo but all the best ever for when you test.

Spring - when is your FET? at my clinic you get your time the day or two before and then if all is fine you wont hear from them unless things change, good luck, sticky for you too..

Kim - how are you going? hang in there, i was always aprehensive but also excited about starting a new cycle, its new hope, what drugs are u on this time? anything new?

Carita - How is the cycle going?  i hope you levels are down (just this once) hope the holidays are full of good plans fo you and you can rest and process..

Baz - how u girl?

AFM -  i am sick. DH had man flu and i knew i wouldnt escape. Hes been breathing all over me at night and coughing etc. So mad. I cant take anything even to protect myself or for the symptoms (although thats for a good reason), also have hurt my back and can hardly walk..added to that my little kitty is very sick and the vet thinks shes bleeding internally..i cried at the vets today, too sick and hormonal i think..so not a good week so far.  Althought Packed to the Rafters is on tonight!
Other than that i am still waiting to see the OB, 2 weeks to go and feeling a bit anxious about it. Sooo long to wait to see if everythings ok..still no ms which is good i guess..2 of my friends said they had no ms...thought just a little spu would be ok just so i know everything is still there and going fine..got some other symptoms i guess but hard to tell..
Well bit sorry for myself today, sorry for the depressive post!

Take care eveyone and stay warm..unless ur in Broome!


#73 spring08

Posted 30 June 2010 - 11:48 AM

Morning all

Cat fingers crossed for you as you get to the business end of the 2ww.  Good news about getting 2 blasties for the freezer also. Even though your offline, hope our sticky vibes find you! Well done on finishing all  
your uni stuff too.

Kimbar how did your open house go?

Meggie hoping all your embies thaw and your tfr goes well tomorrow - maybe it's good time to put frozen embies into our bodies given how cold it is!

Still, sorry that you're not feeling well, but good news that everything still seems good with the pg. It is a shame that we don't seem to get the same happy/carefree time that some others get, because we know how hard it was to get there. Hopefully you can start to relax soon but!

Carita and BB, how are you doing?

Hi Rose welcome. What are you up to at the moment?

AFM had tfr Monday and all good except I didn't have my usual FS and instead had this really wierd dr. My embie was thawed that morning  and had apparently started to expand by tfr but they weren't able to  grade it. Had acu before and after which was lovely and very relaxing - made sure I checked for needles before leaving after your experience meggie!!  Work is really busy at the moment and can't believe I'm 8DPO already!! These FET cycles are awesome.

#74 Spock

Posted 30 June 2010 - 08:10 PM

hi ladies,

I`m at the airport waiting for my flight back to Australia. Just wanted to drop a quick line that I`m still hear and planning to catch up on what`s been happening with you all over the weekend. I haven`t had a chance to read many posts so I`ll write more personal ones over the weekend.

Spring, fingers crossed for you in the 2ww! I also like FETs, they are so much more relaxed (but still just as nerve racking).

Chesire Cat, hope all is well as you near the end of your 2ww. sending you losts of positive thoughts.

stillinhope, i`m glad everything is going well for you, apart from the flu. There is one flu medicene you can get at the chemist that is totally fine for pregnant women. I forget the name but the chemist should know. yes, very nervous in seeing the ob, totally understand.

Rosabella, welcome! it is really nice having these lovely ladies to share all the ups and downs as nobody else really `gets` what you are going through.

hi to everyone else.

afm, af came last week so I was happy even though on holiday. at least I know my body is getting back to normal. Seeing my fs next week on Tuesday so hoping I can have an FET ASAP. Very scared after the last two times but my holiday has helped lift dh and my spirits. All that Japanese food has been very healthy eating too. There will be some bt results in the mail when I get home so just hoping nothing scary there.

#75 Rosabella

Posted 30 June 2010 - 09:28 PM

Hi everyone,
I'm still getting used to this whole posting thing and posting in a BG is strange so if I hope I don't offend anyone if I miss something and will try to keep up with what everyone is doing.

Meggie - Thanks for the welcome. I have just started a FET. We have 8 frosties from a cycle in 2008. We have had a long break and the plan was to start straight into the FET but ended up having a whole new set of test due to a new FS. Very happy we did though due to the new discovery. I've had an upset tummy on the new meds but all worth it. Your trip the US sounds good. I am going to Bali in Oct so I am in the same boat. It will either be a trip to celebrate or relax before a new cycle. Good luck for your tfr tomorrow (hope I have that right). Mine should be next week some time.

STH - I hope you are feeling better. It is great to finally talk to people especially ones so supporting and that are feeling the same things. Congrats on your BFP. Can I ask how long you were on the prednisolone before you got your BFP? I am feeling so much more positive now that they have found something wrong with me even if that does sound stupid.

Spring - FET cycles are good aren't they. Are you doing a natural cycle? No drugs is the best. Wishing you all the best.

Spock - Sounds like you had a great holiday and are coming back refreshed. I hope you had a good flight home (I trust you are on the plane by now). Good luck with your BT results, not sure what they are for but hope you get the results you are after and can get stuck into a FET asap.

Hi to everyone else, hope to catch up with everyone's journeys soon.

AFM After seeing my FS on Monday morning, DH and I decided to do a single trf this FET. We had booked in for a double but the FS said that because of the discovery of the NK cells and now being treated for it our chances may have improved. We are booked for back to back FETs though and the next one will be a double if this one isn't successful. I also had to rush off for an MRI yesterday to check for endo, which I thought I had been checked for, but that has come back all clear so we are set to go. I will have my first BT on Saturday and expect trf to be anywhere from Saturday the following week.

Well thats it for now. All the best everyone and thanks for making me feel so welcome.
Rose xoxo

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