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December 09 Parents # 17

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#51 Mercurial

Posted 31 August 2010 - 09:10 AM

mummy2ali&lachie - hopefully things will improve with the ADs soon.  Very, very exciting about the block of land!  No good about the daycare, but definitely sounds like the lady isn't coping.  Three under one would be a bit hard to manage I think.  

katiebelle - so cute about the cauliflower story, Caitlin eats everything she can get her hands on too.  Yes first words are funny what they come out, DS also said Ella first, for us it's the name of our dog.  She's a yappy dog so I always constantly yelling Ella stop barking.  

jax - I have chives and basil growing but that's it for a vegie garden for us.  I do sunburn easily but still - it was a gorgeous day.  I love Qld winters.  

Hello to everyone.

AFUS - I will get Caitlin weighed properly in a few weeks when she's 9 months but I think she's just on about 8kgs.  She rolls constantly, sits up very well, can move between sitting, lying down, crawling with ease.  Furtherest I've seen her crawl is about 5 metres but she's starting to get a bit more adventerous.  Loves pulling herself up on things and prefers to be standing as much as possible.  Mummy is a climbing frame to be explored at all opportunities.  

She eats everything.  Loves cheesespread or avacado on bread for lunch with stewed fruit.  Dinners she's eating beef, chicken, fish, pasta and loads of vegies.  She loves her food and screams if I run out of food before she's full.  

Still fully BF.  Averaging 4-5 feeds, four during daylight hours and then usually one overnight.  Overnight feeds are spread out a bit more now and the last few nights I've gotten blocks of up to eight hours.  She's sleeping really well during the day too.  

I'm loving this age, she's so happy and finds DS hilarious, she's always laughing at him.  She copies lots of things we do, loves musical instruments and is always making noise.  She can say mama, dada and baba and does so - lots.  

We've had some shockers with DS and poo issues (think 10+ undie changes in a day) but thankfully we seem to be on top of that now.  Last two days poos have been in the toilet and not in the pants.  We've actually had a nice day yesterday.  He's at daycare tomorrow and on Thursday MIL is having Caitlin for a few hours and I'm going to take DS into the museum and Southbank for some time with me.  

Take care all.

#52 Sancti-claws

Posted 31 August 2010 - 02:57 PM

Hey there

Isn't it funny how they are all developing so differently.  Josette will commando crawl all over the house, including over or around any obstacles but remains firmly on the horizontal and won't even contemplate pulling herself up and still "falls" from sitting to flat before rolling over to crawl.

Mercurial - I hope your DS has a wonderful time with his Mum tomorrow - sounds like a great plan.

mummy2ali&lachie - how many days a week is Lachie going to FDC and how long have you been going there?  It is horrible that you are getting such a grim report.  Josette has been a screaming ball of not-fun for the FDC lady here either - we are trying a few variations and I truly hope things will get better for her (and the FDC lady) because the only options we have are try other FDC or the childcare centre...  One thing that has seemed to work a bit with J is going 2 days a week rather than just 1 - and the days she isn't teething are far better than those that she is!  It is great that your work is willing to work around the issues.  I slept a lot, from memory, when I first took Zoloft.  It took a while to get any obvious "effect".  Drink lots of water - I remember dry mouth.  Beware of the side-effects on the internet - as I mentioned in my PM, it is linked with suicidal ideation in adolescents.  

katiebelle - good luck at the markets!!  How is it all going?  Your poor little one with 7 moving in her mouth!!

jax - tuna pasta bake - must revive that one here!  We are going to remove the grass from our vege patches!!  We have a huge hawl of tomatoes at the moment (all self-seeded) and have in the garden basil (self-seeded), sunflowers (self-seeded), pumpkins (self-seeded), capsicum (self-seeded) and chllies (self-seeded) - and we have actually planted silverbeet, radish, parsley, coriander and flowers - see what happens there.  Our gardening hours are before 10 or after 3, as otherwise it is far too burny in the sun.

audrey_baby - I love Not Always Right - this one is a classic http://notalwaysright.com/santa-baby/4850

Where is everyone getting their babies weighed?  Our doctor is next door to hopeless on it, and I have found 1 Priceline that does it - otherwise??

Very clingy day yesterday - seem to be back to normal today, but shan't be doing the "go away for the weekend to extended family" trick again too soon - my poor right arm!

#53 mummy2Ali*Lachie

Posted 02 September 2010 - 08:36 PM

ok so zoloft obviously didn't work for me...landed in hospital today on a drip after a three day migraine from it!!! I had a head ache and icky tummy from day one but it just got worse so now I am off it and hopefully can sleep off what's left of a yucky feeling from being so dehydrated!!!

#54 Dirtsa

Posted 02 September 2010 - 10:37 PM

mummy2Ali*Lachie - yikes - sorry to hear about the hospitalisatin! Hope you're feeling better soon

Just popped in to say Hi and that tonight I discovered Adam's first tooth!! Bottom right (for him ...left when i look in his mouth). I feel happy and sad that he's reached this milestone. Sad only because it's another sign that my little scrumptious gummy baby is growing up

#55 Mercurial

Posted 03 September 2010 - 06:36 AM

45TRID - yay for the first tooth.  And even bigger yay for it coming through without any dramas!  

mummy2ali&lachie - eek to the migraine and hospital stay.  That is no good at all.  Hopefully you're feeling better now and you can find something to help with your depression that doesn't have the nasty sideeffects.  

suziej - sounds like you've got an impressive vegie garden.  No good about Josette not enjoying family day care - makes it really hard.  Hopefully things get easier for everyone soon.  

AFUS - After the ridiculous 34 hours I did last week, work has been much slower this week thankfully.  Spent lots of time with the kids and gotten a few chores down (like preparing documents for tax). Yesterday dropped Caitlin at MILs and then caught the train with DS into Southbank.  We went to the museum first.  He wasn't super keen on a lot of thing but showed some interest in the old planes and cars, especially a quad bicycle and trailer the fire brigade used to use.  Showed some interest with the displays of bugs and animals etc too.  We then went to water acitivty area in Southbank and had he had a ball there.  Beautiful warm day and lots of kids playing.  I think in summer it would be too crowded to enjoy.  We then had lunch and a play on the playground.  He'd had enough by then so train back to MILs.  We hung around for another 1.5 hours waiting for Caitlin to wake up.  MIL so she was absolutely wonderful and didn't cry once.

DS was obviously over tired and threw some massive tantrums on the way home, when we got home, dinner time, bed time.  Luckily DH handled the last two because I was so frustrated.  

Caitlin is most definitely on the move.  She worked out if she wants me now she can just crawl to come and find me.  She can get 15+ metres now quite easily.  This weekend we'll be child proofing the house with locks on cupboards etc.  

I love this age with Caitlin.  She's so happy and smiley.  Just very enjoyable.  I'd be quite happy to have her stay this age for a while.

#56 Sancti-claws

Posted 03 September 2010 - 09:11 PM

Wendy - oh no. that is awful about being in hospital!  I spoke too soon about your FDC issues - Josette has now officially been kicked out of her first placement and I am hoping that it isn't a pattern she is going to repeat through life...

Astrid - awww to Adam's new chomper - it is a moment to grieve, I agree.  We now have 5 - I mourn every one.

Rebecca - I think I got your work hours this week - I have 3 jobs on the go currently, and they all want urgent things done over the weekend - will see how I magic that.

AFUS - well, as I said above, I got a call on Wednesday saying that it wasn't working and Josette just wasn't that into daycare.  I am glad we didn't have someone glossing over things, but it means greater organisation on the home front if dh is to get any study done - good thing is he is very handy with the domestics when in charge, because I haven't had much time to scratch let alone laundry or dishes.

What are everyone's plans for Father's Day?  My older daughter is quite keen to give DH the materials to build a coop, but I think giving him a task on top of everything else might be undiplomatic.  Mind you, first Mother's Day he knew me, I got a lawnmower - maybe if I mow as well as give him a job...

Have a great weekend.

#57 Audrey_baby

Posted 04 September 2010 - 04:46 PM

Hey girls! Good to see everyone's kids are getting teeth and seem to be moving!

Abby has no teeth yet but we can see them in her gums so they must be close.  I've also noticed in the last few days she's been a bit more drooly as well.

Went on our first real holiday for ages and first day, I get the flu (sigh) and I just know Abby will get it too no matter how hard I try.  Sure enough few days later she breaks out in a fever, and we're both panicing cause here were are on an island with no real access to a doctor if we need it so a sleepless night later we seemed to have it under control with wet cloths and panadol.  She's still not 100% It's mucked up her sleeping patterns and she's become fussy with her food.  Then today we noticed her arms and legs were covered in little spots.  Doc said it was just the virus so nothing to worry about - apparently?  I dunno just spots were a little concerning.

Anyway, she rolled again last night from tummy to back, she almost has back to tummy too.  Swivels a lot in the same spot but no real effort to crawl yet.  

Today she decided to scream, A LOT.  And when she screams it's really loud.  No real reason for it just when she's playing she'll suddenly scream and I swear our neighbours must think we're hurting her cause it's so loud!!!

Food is becoming an issue, she's into finger feeding but because she has no teeth there are still some things we spoon feed her with and she just won't have it.  Any one got any good websites with finger food ideas for an 8month old?

#58 okcomputer

Posted 04 September 2010 - 08:40 PM

Hey Audrey.

Yuck to the flu!! I hope you and Abby feel better soon.

On foods - Mia has become very fussy on me feeding her, she does like her yoghurt and fruit so that's an easy one. She has two bottom teeth and one at the top. She likes to eat vegemite sandwiches (no crusts) grated cheese, grated apple, soft ripe pears, bananas, avocado, roast chicken, steamed soft vegies and some meals that we have like tuna pasta bake or cottage pie. In the morning after her bottle she has a weetbix and fruit and munches/sucks on some vegemite toast. (She is also partial to the odd teddy bear or scotch finger biscuit)

Anyway, she rolled again last night from tummy to back, she almost has back to tummy too. Swivels a lot in the same spot but no real effort to crawl yet

Sounds like Mia, lol.

suzie - DH is watching Collingwood and the Doggies at the G, I'm thinking with the rain here he and my BIL and nephew are possibly going to find getting home tonight a bit of a challenge as rivers are peaking and blocking roads. We may have to do Fathers Day on Monday, lol. Chicken coop, I need one of those...

Hi to everyone and hope all Dads have a great day!

#59 Mercurial

Posted 05 September 2010 - 10:07 AM

Happy father's day - especially to those fathers who are experiencing their first father's day as a father!

jax - hope the boys managed to get home okay.  Or if not they found a dry pub to keep their spirits up until they were reunited with loved ones.  Sounds like Mia's having a great range of foods.  

audreybaby - no good about being sick on holidays.  That's exactly how I was at Moreton, sick baby and no doctors on the island, grrr.  Dad mentioned if we do that again to get a script for antibiotics from the doctor before we go and fill it so that we have antibiotics if needed.  I will do that next time, I know I'm a sensible mum and wouldn't give her them unnecessarily.  Fussy with food could mean those teeth are coming through - same with the screaming.  Give the old Bonjela a go and see if that helps.  Fingers foods - toast or bread fingers, stewed fruits like pear, peaches (left in pieces rather than mushed) etc, well cooked vegies.  You'll find even without teeth she'll manage pretty well, their gums are quite hard.  DS didn't get teeth until 10 months and was eating heaps of things still.  

suziej - kicked out of FDC!!!  She certainly is starting young.  I hope you can find some alternative arrangements that suit well.  If he likes building then give him the coop to build.  Good luck with your magic spells to get your work done.  

AFUS - Caitlin is completely mobile and can make her away around the whole house.  Also pulling herself up on everything - much to my despair as she then lets go and falls.  So far we have a bruised right cheek, she put her tooth through her lip this morning and my fault, she fell off the bed and taken all the skin off her nose.

We went out to breakfast this morning for father's day.  Good time had by all, especially Caitlin who demolished a whole piece of toast, a hashbrown and a fair serving of baked beans.  Not surprisingly she didn't have much of feed when I just put her down.  Hand made father's day cards and a little note telling DH to buy the golf shoes he's been dreaming over for a while.  

Last night MIL looked after Caitlin and she dropped us in to Brisbane to watch Riverfire.  Three passes of the F111 - fantastic to see.  Shame they're being decommissioned, they're such a hit.  Fireworks were great too.  

ILs are coming over for dinner tonight so I've made a lemon meringue pie this morning for dessert.  All my work is done thankfully, even my quiet week I've ended up doing 20 hours.  Good for the bank balance I suppose.

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#60 Mercurial

Posted 06 September 2010 - 09:08 AM

Woohoo - 6pm to 5am, feed and then back to sleep til 6.45.  11 hours without a feed!!! Happy mummy.

#61 Audrey_baby

Posted 07 September 2010 - 04:42 PM

QUOTE (Mercurial @ 06/09/2010, 09:08 AM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
Woohoo - 6pm to 5am, feed and then back to sleep til 6.45.  11 hours without a feed!!! Happy mummy.

Well done!!

#62 Mercurial

Posted 09 September 2010 - 08:09 AM

Hello is there anybody out there???

Well the full night's sleep was a one off.  She's so random with her waking.  Night before last she was unsettled early on and fed at 9pm then 5.50.  Last night it was 2am and 5.40.  I just never know what she's going to do.  

Have had barely any work this week and it's been wonderful.  Feels lovely not to have the pressure of trying to juggle normal mum duties and work too.  No doubt I'll get heaps soon but am enjoying the downtime at present.  

Caitlin is crawling everywhere now and keeps popping up around the house.  She loves watching DS play - unfortunately he's not so keen on her playing too because she keeps pinching whatever he's playing with.  He's been really good and offers her something else but she always wants whatever he's got.  She thinks DS is the funniest thing around and she's always laughing at him.

#63 Sancti-claws

Posted 09 September 2010 - 10:38 AM

Still around - but flat out like the proverbial Lizard - everything is urgent at all my works at the moment, Josette wants me more than ever and my dh is complaining he can't get anything done studywise.

I need a day off from my life.

If anyone has a spare moment, please relax for me - I need it.

#64 Mercurial

Posted 09 September 2010 - 12:14 PM

no good suziej.  It's hard when it's like that.  Hopefully urgent will slow down a bit to just as soon as you can before too long.  

Caitlin's stats at 2 days before 9 months old:

Height: 71cm
Weight: 8.2kg

She has 6 teeth, eating a huge range of foods, no place in the house is safe as she can crawl everywhere.  Pulls herself to standing very easily and regularly forgets she needs to hang on.  Can say mama, dada and buba.

#65 ~Mo+Moosh~

Posted 09 September 2010 - 02:06 PM

I read but don't often post, often think I don't really have anything to add.

Hamish is going great guns. He has three teeth (fourth on its way I think), weighs somewhere between 10.5 and 11kg (haven't taken him to the clinic to be weighed for a long long time), rolls, bum scoots and is trying to figure out the crawling thing (not in a hurry for this to happen at all). He can wave, do hurray, plays peek-a-boo by himself (I love love love this), and is saying Ack a lot, which we are assuming is Jack. Not really that surprising given it would be the word he hears the most lol. He is still just a very content happy baby, who rarely cries. He sleeps through most nights but on the occassional time he does wake its usually just a 10 minute feed and back to sleep. He has settled in brilliantly at family day care, his note home always says such a happy soul. He eats anything and everything but his favourite meal is my chicken, pea and mushroom risotto. I love every age/stage but I am definitely really enjoying it right now and the interaction that happens between Hamish and Jack.

I have settled in to work well, definitely decided three days is my limit though. We have so many activities on the other two days that DS1 (and I) would be heartbroken to give up and I am loving the little routine we have established.

Hope everyone else is well.

#66 Dirtsa

Posted 10 September 2010 - 01:12 PM

hi all, hope everyone is going well.

We're doing fine here. Adam got his first tooth last week. He decided to bite me with it today while i was feeding . I was saying loudly "Owowowow Adam  get of let go stop biting" and he burst into tears (thankfully let go) so we had a little cuddle and I put him on again, and sure enough chomps down again. Me again saying "owowow it hurts stop stop Adam let go" he bursts into tears again. lol I think have a sensitive little soul here. Lucas just smiled at me when he did it and got a big reaction from mummy.

he's definitely a happy eater and enjoys a variety of foods and doesn't mind lumps. Sleep is getting a bit better.He often stirs about an hour or so after he goes to bed, and is easily (usually) back to sleep without a feed. Then he wakes up around mdnight for a feed and comes into bed. He wakes periodically through the night but it seems that in the early hours of the morning he's out for quite awhile.... I don't feel AS much of a zombie as before lol.

Adam said Mamamamam a few times but I can't get hime to do it on cue. We'll get there. Dadada comes out a lot. At least he looks at DH and I when you ask him where's daddy/mummy.

#67 eeyoreangel

Posted 10 September 2010 - 01:40 PM

Hi Everyone

Sorry I have been MIA - back at work, started studying, changed jobs etc etc etc

Sorry for no personals but here is an update on us:

Charlotte - almost 9 months

Teeth - None

Crawling - Nup

Sitting up - yes, does that with skill and aplomb

Rolling - yes, and can get herself into the darndest places!!

She gives the biggest smiles and just loves to talk and talk and talk.  Even says "Mum, Mum, Mum".

Whoever was talking about Zoloft - have been on it for a number of years, took it through both pregnancies.  I haven't had many side-effects.  I remember being very tired at first but that could have been issues with my depression too.

DH still doesn't have a job.  He has two interviews next week though.  As a result we have had to pull DS out of daycare 2 days per week - so now he only goes once per week.  

Anyway, I will be back - I promise.


#68 Sancti-claws

Posted 12 September 2010 - 04:53 PM

Hi there EeyoreAngel - congratulations on the new job - I hope the right job comes through for DH soon.  Women "cope" when their partners are out of work, but it takes more than just "coping" dealing with the ego of one who is underemployed - I have heard (just in case my dh is reading over my shoulder).

45tr1d - oh ha ha to your sensitive little one - Josette has 6, and has gotten over whatever empathy she may have had when the urge to bite coincides with feed time - resulting in a few bottle feeds now and then - its only when she is in extreme pain, so I forgive and she does get the boob back, but man they are sharpies!!

Mo+Moosh - sounds like a lovely routine.  Can you give us the recipe?  I need a good risotto one, as the lashings of white wine in my original favourite are not much admired by my troops here...

Mercurial - sounds like you are at the eyes in the back of your head stage with Caitlyn!

Josette's favoured toy (and first distincitve word - as in we know it is definitely what she means) is Eddie, our cat.  She is "learning" the concept of gentle, although gets so excited and goes for the eye gouge often so we are definitely on tenterhooks.  We have the fixings for gates, we have the ideal locations for the gates - but we are just waiting for divine providence (I think) for the gates to be placed in locations, so a lot of doors are currently shut and adults strategically placed when J is going for a romp - she is still commando crawling, and honestly has a bit of the long distance skiier lope going when she is aiming for a distant goal!

Anyway - presently sleeping baby, half-mowed lawn (and the other half will have to wait until fuel arrives), roast in oven and very pleasant Sunday afternoon here.

I hope everyone is going along well and has a great week.

#69 Mercurial

Posted 13 September 2010 - 03:29 PM

suziej - yes eyes definitely in the back of my head.  She now also started to try and climb things - aarrggghhh.  Sounds like a lovely sunday arvo - we had a nice one too.  

eeyore - good luck for your hubby with the interviews.  Sounds like otherwise things are tracking along.  

45TRID - ow to biting.  I said no to Caitlin the first time she didn't and the exact same thing, bottom lips comes out and this big cry.  I felt so mean but gosh it hurts.  Thankfully she doesn't do it anymore.  I need to stop whinging about one wake up call a night!  

mo+moosh - sounds like things are going really week at your house.  Great about the work/life balance.  Always nice when you can manage that.  That is so cute about peek a boo!

AFUS - Caitlin can clap now and thinks she's very clever doing it.  Will wave but pretty random and not usually at the right time.  Sleep are still all over the shop at night.  But we seem to have broken the habit of waking early in the evening and taking hours to settle thankfully.  She loves getting in to whatever DS is doing and mucking around with it.  He's pretty tolerant and will usually give her another toy to try and bribe her away from whatever he's doing.  She loves the trampolines and giggles like crazy when you put her on there.  DS bounces and she squeals in delight when she get's bounced around.  

Yesterday was a rare day at home with no pressures.  Did yard work in the morning and spent the arvo just playing with the kids.  Was lovely.

#70 Racheous

Posted 17 September 2010 - 03:19 AM

It's so lovely to read about mums with bubby's of a similar age to my Cameron. Cam is 8.5 months old, 7.6 kgs (skinny mini), 72 cm, has 7 teeth, is crawling, climbing and pulling himself up to stand.

Is anyone else teaching their little one's baby sign language???

#71 Sancti-claws

Posted 17 September 2010 - 08:48 PM

Hi there and welcome, Racheous!  I will put you onto our list if you want to give me the vitals.  Your blog looks great - nothing like tissue monsters, are there?

I am a gonna mum, so always "gonna" do the sign language thing but haven't yet.  Mind you, she gets her message across quite well, and we do EC where she manages to communicate when she wants to the vitals!

Mercurial - sounds like a lovely day!  Josette is very much waving - at the television when they say bye, at every car in the carpark during grocery shopping, at every lovely old lady who tell me what a "lovely lad" I have (my fault, don't colour code my baby, can't be bothered correcting lovely old ladies who just want a smile from "the gorgeous boy").

It looks like I have a 20 hour a week gig permanent coming up, which will take some of the scamper out of my hampster wheel - hooray!!!

School holidays from tonight - have given older girl instructions to start organising her social life so I can organise my work life.

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.

#72 checkingboxes

Posted 17 September 2010 - 08:54 PM

Racheous, I have been signing with my baby for about three months now (he's 9 months old). I'm using Auslan signs. I figure if I'm gonna do it, I might as well use the 'correct' signs as recognised in the deaf community.   He hasn't done any back yet, but he's very close to signing 'finished'... he raises both arms slightly and points his fingers and rolls his wrists haha, it's very cute. He mustn't have worked out how to isolate his thumbs yet.

I saw how useful signing with a pre-verbal baby can be with my nephew. He could tell you, through signs, what he wanted to eat, as well as a range of other things.  He's nearly three now and has an excellent vocabulary.  

I never purchased any books or dvds etc. I borrowed a few books from the library to start with, and then I realised everything I need is free online. I downloaded the signs I thought we would mostly use and have them on the fridge.

#73 Sancti-claws

Posted 17 September 2010 - 09:06 PM

QUOTE (checkingboxes @ 17/09/2010, 08:54 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
.... I borrowed a few books from the library to start with, and then I realised everything I need is free online. I downloaded the signs I thought we would mostly use and have them on the fridge.

Thank you for those excellent tips, Checkingboxes!  D'uh - I had allowed that to be the hurdle too insurmountable - you give me new zest.

#74 Mercurial

Posted 18 September 2010 - 03:22 PM

checkingboxes - That's interesting about everything being online for signing.  Not something I've ever really thought about but DS does know a few signs from daycare.  

suziej - hooray for permanent 20 hours a week.  I'd love some structure to my working life.  My only goal at present is try not to do more than 5 hours a day.  Mmm did 7 yesterday so I think I need to talk more strongly with myself.  DH was treated to an unprompted wave as he drove to work yesterday by Caitlin and he was pretty happy with that.  

racheous - hello and welcome.  

AFUS - busy day today doing houseworky things and then an urgent couple of hours of work.  We've visitors over for dinner tonight so the fridge is full of little pots and bowls with pre-cut just about everything so I have less to do later on.  

Had another all night sleep from Caitlin last night which was lovely.  I think we're moving towards that way.  We've been resettling in her room for odd timed wake ups and it's not taking as long to do now so may start trying to settle her at night rather than feeding as the first option.  I've started on fenugreek again and I've oodles of milk so she can have as much as she wants before bed.  

She's crazy though - going to be as full on as her brother.  She's taken to pushing herself right up on fingers and toes and then sticking her head between her legs and trying to role.  Thankfully she doesn't have the strength yet so topples sideways.  Raspberries seem to be popoular again and she blew raspberries for 20 mins straight in the car on thursday.  Soggy child.  

Eating everything in sight and screams very, very loudly if she sees someone eating and they won't share.  Lots of food going in and consequently, lots of dirty nappies too.

#75 Racheous

Posted 18 September 2010 - 05:43 PM

QUOTE (suziej @ 17/09/2010, 08:48 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
Hi there and welcome, Racheous!  I will put you onto our list if you want to give me the vitals.  Your blog looks great - nothing like tissue monsters, are there?

I am a gonna mum, so always "gonna" do the sign language thing but haven't yet.  Mind you, she gets her message across quite well, and we do EC where she manages to communicate when she wants to the vitals!

Thanks hun. I'm Rachel, from Brisbane. My son Cameron Oliver was born on the 31st December 2009 (last day of the decade!) Thank you for checking out my blog. He's clever and so sweet.

I was 'gonna' do the EC thing... well, I still have time I guess! LOL

QUOTE (checkingboxes @ 17/09/2010, 08:54 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
Racheous, I have been signing with my baby for about three months now (he's 9 months old). I'm using Auslan signs. I figure if I'm gonna do it, I might as well use the 'correct' signs as recognised in the deaf community.   He hasn't done any back yet, but he's very close to signing 'finished'... he raises both arms slightly and points his fingers and rolls his wrists haha, it's very cute. He mustn't have worked out how to isolate his thumbs yet.

I saw how useful signing with a pre-verbal baby can be with my nephew. He could tell you, through signs, what he wanted to eat, as well as a range of other things.  He's nearly three now and has an excellent vocabulary.  

I never purchased any books or dvds etc. I borrowed a few books from the library to start with, and then I realised everything I need is free online. I downloaded the signs I thought we would mostly use and have them on the fridge.

We've been signing with Cam since he was 5 months old (3.5 months now) and we use a Auslan aside from Mum and Dad which we use american sign simply because it's easier. Cameron has started doing signs but only consistently uses 'Dad' (his first), 'Mum' and waving. However, he has signed drink, boobah (milk) and we think he might be doing 'finished' but it just looks like he's waving like mad.

I haven't purchased anything either - I mainly used youtube and sign.net.

QUOTE (Mercurial @ 18/09/2010, 03:22 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
racheous - hello and welcome.

Thank you. OMG on your little one trying to roll over!


Cameron has taken to standing all the time lately (pulling self up on things) and has just realised he has a voice! LOL Babbling galore here today!

Hope you're all having a gorgeous weekend!

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