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IVF Multiple Cycles and the Long Haul BG #4

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#1 GeraniumQueen

Posted 11 August 2010 - 12:23 PM

New thread time

link to last thread

#2 spring08

Posted 11 August 2010 - 12:36 PM

[/size]My first Gold post!!!

hi all,

Shiba, glad the tfr went well - they should have a think about equipment names though - the "TomCat"??  Hope that your feelings are wrong. I know a lot of people say they have no signs at this point, so don't give up hope. The time from now until BT is the worst - there should be an option to be sedated the entire time and wake up with a result!!  Sending you and Rose sticky vibes - there has to be another success story from this group soon!!

Spock, good luck with the inlaws. How long are they staying?? Bring on AF so you can start the next FET. are you doing anything different with this one?

Cat, have you had your appt yet to discuss clexane/pred etc?? what did your FS suggest?

Kimbar, wow, appreciate the realism, but agree with spock that it's a bit early for new FS to be saying that - before he's even looked at your file or met with you!

Still, how are you doing?

Hi to Meggie, Carita, Mwoi and everyone else. Carita, enjoy your last few days before starting sniffing!

AFM, had my appt with FS yesterday, and no great suggestions. He is still giving us a good chance - now saying 25% per tfr or so (down from 30-35%), because we still get embies to blast, and appear to have no problems. He thinks it's coming down to embryo quality - we've only had 1 cycle with anything to freeze, and some of my tfrs have been very early blasts. Suggested doing a SCSA to have a closer look at sperm - the basic SA shows good results - but sounds like if they find something all they do is recommend vitamins and antioxidents. Talked about:
- assisted hatching - apparently you already get this with ICSI as they break the shell when they inject the sperm
- dhea - mainly used for very low responders - I get around 10 eggs, so he didn't think it would help
- clexane/pred - none of my tests suggest it would help - he would add if I really wanted to try
- 3 day vs blast tfrs - going to make a call on this during the next cycle. He said the latest results from their clinic were that from 1 stim cycle, the pg rate from 3 day and blasts were the same, although there are more tfrs involved with 3 dayers. But he said for some people they seem to work better.
So, at this stage, I plan to try another cycle like last time and hopefully get a few embies to blast. Thinnk that we'll move onto tfr'g 2 at a time also, but will make this decision when we see numbers and progress. Won't use clexane with a fresh tfr - might move onto this next.

Bloody unexplained IF - I do feel let down by my body, which is really annoying since I actually treat it pretty well.  I also need to get a bit more balance - feels like we've been doing AC pretty much constantly since last April. So, have just got holidays approved (yay!!), and won't start another cycle until October.

Have a great day all

#3 stillinhope

Posted 11 August 2010 - 01:54 PM

hmm i posted this in the last thread...but this new one was already here!

hi girls,

Shiba - so glad to hear your tf went well, hang in  there. i know its soooo hard but try to remember that you cant listen to  your symptoms at all at this stage (other than af i guess). hang in  there..

spock - hope ur tf goes well and you can get away with it without the fam knowing...

kim - i hope the new clinic is a breath of fresh air..i felt like mine was when i changed..a renewed hope..

hello everyone else, how are you all?

recently  i sent someone some info about my journey and experience with clexane  and all the other drugs i had. would anyone like me to post it in here?  if its helpful?

#4 Spock

Posted 11 August 2010 - 02:12 PM

hi ladies,

I'm back at work today so thought I'd post while I have the chance.

Spring, that's interesting about assisted hatching. We're also doing ICSI but I didn't realise it involved assisted hatching techniques. Yes, 'bloody unexplained IF', so frustrating....but yay to your holidays! This I totally recommend. Going anywhere interesting?

I have 2 frozen 5 day blasts. We decided not to do anything different with these last 2 as, like you, nothing has turned up in any tests to show I would benefit from any of the meds. etc. If I have to do another stim. cyle then we might try clexane because my 2nd m/c was at 10.5 weeks - the furthest along we've made it. My fs thinks the m/c was due to the emie. We think it was due to a subchorionic haematoma which the sonographer detected in the morning on the day the m/c happened. These are rare to start with but increase the risk of m/c as your body tries to get rid of them through contractions. This haematoma was the only bad thing that showed up on the scan. It was above the baby so in a dangerous position. Clexane thins the blood so helps reduce clots like these haematomas. Maybe I'm grasping at straws but I have to try something.

Still, yes...it is going to be odd with my inlaws around as they haven't seen us at all during an actual cycle so have no idea what we're like. I know they have good intentions so I'll have to try and keep things in perspective. I might get dh to have a 'chat' with them when I'm not around so they won't ask any probing questions. I would like to see your post about your experiences Still, thanks for offering.

hi to everyone else.

#5 Rangeman

Posted 11 August 2010 - 03:31 PM

Still - yes please post your info I would really love to see it, maybe even take it to my FS & say lets give this a go - it worked for a friend.......

Hope everyone is well.

#6 stillinhope

Posted 11 August 2010 - 10:21 PM

Hi Girls,
this is a mail i sent to a friend about my experience with Clexane, Progynova, Prednisolone...i also had Pregnyl & Crinone..

My Drugs :

I was diagnosed with a fairly rare but not too bad immune disorder - igg4 deficiency.
I  was seeing an immunologist because i have always gotten sick very  easily and frequently. I went to him to 1. find out what was wrong with  me and 2. if its was causing or contributing to my 'unexplained  infertility'. i suspected that my body was fighting the embryos as we  had no other reason for implantation failure. He thought i should have  been preg by then already - esp being on ivf.
He found the deficiency and said that i  should be on prednisolone to supress my immune system so that i would  not attack the embryo and low dose asprin as a blood thinner to promote  good blood flow in the uterus. He referred me to a new FS that was a bit  more gutsy with the meds and told her i needed these. She put me on  clexane the day before transfer and i had the prednisolone the whole  time until about 8 pgweeks or so..

Ist Cycle with new drugs :

Down reg with pred, asprin until 3 days before epu, clex, crinone, pregnyl

2nd cycle with new meds :

Antag  with clomid (for better egg quality and no syneral as it was surpressing me too much) pred, progynova (which is estrogen  for good womb conditions) clex, progesterone (crinone then pessaries  which were much better!)

This  was my best cycle with 9 eggs and 4 blasts...and the one i got a + test with.

I  think it must have made a difference, my first fs said there was  nothing else i could try and that i had to just keep doing ivf. i didnt  want to keep going blindly.

We still dont officially know why it did or didnt work...frustrating.  

I  found the extra drugs gave me new hope and didnt mind taking them  although clexane is hard as its injections which i had to 12 weeks, but a  good reason to keep going. The prednisolone made me really hungry and i  was really bloated.
over all i think it was definatly worth it and would recommend trying it if ur fs will let you, anythings worth a go hey?! Most of my drugs were precautionary as they couldnt say for sure if these were actual problems but i wanted to ry anythign and my FS knew that i didnt want to muck around. I had gone to all the trouble of changing fs' i wasnt going to live through another traumatic set of 'learning cycles'.

i hope this helps a bit....


#7 Spock

Posted 12 August 2010 - 10:47 PM

Thanks for sharing Still. I will keep this in mind if I get no luck with my next 2 transfers and have to do another medicated cycle.

#8 Guest_shiba_*

Posted 13 August 2010 - 11:21 AM

Still, thanks for sharing.  I'll definitely be asking about auto immune issues and Clexane next time I see my FS.

#9 Rosabella

Posted 14 August 2010 - 06:36 PM

Hey everyone, I have been so pressed for time lately I haven't had time to post. Don't have much time now either so forgive me for the quick post.

Still - Thanks for posting that info. I will be asking about clexane when I see my FS next.

Shiba - How is your 2WW going? This one has been so much easier for me. I have no expectation that it has worked so I'm not really thinking about it.

Spring - Unexplained infertility sucks!!! And I know how you feel when you say you feel like your body is letting you down. I say that to DH all the time. I feel like a failure. I can't remember if you said you have had an endometrial biopsy? I didn't have a blood test to determine my NK Cells, just the biopsy. I thought I remembered being told it is more accurate????

Spock - all the best with your tfr.

Hi everyone else

AFM - transfer was last saturday and was horrible. DH was interstate so I had to go alone. When I got there I was told that they had to thaw all 4 of our remaining embies and only got one. The FS didn't seem too impressed with the one they transferred  either. I was too shocked to ask questions. We have been told all along that our embies looked fantastic and yet out of the 7 we had frozen we lost all but 2. I don't really have any hope that this cycle has work now. DH went interstate the day of O so not even sure if we could have achieved anything naturally sad.gif

Anyway enough of the pity party, hope everyone is well and enjoying their weekends
Take Care

#10 cheshire_cat

Posted 14 August 2010 - 10:41 PM

Rosa hhugs.gif I'm so sorry, it's so sad and disappointing to lose embryos. What a shock  sad.gif
Hope your 2ww goes by quickly, thinking of you.

#11 Rosabella

Posted 16 August 2010 - 01:27 PM

Hey everyone, just a quick one to say it looks like I'm out. I'm so frustrated and angry with my body right now. Last cycle was 31 days, this time I'm only up to day 21 and I'm starting to get AF. My BT isn't till Friday as AF isn't due till Saturday but not really sure there is any point going. I don't know what's going on and I am just about ready to give up. The new drugs were suppose to help and all they have done is stuff up my cycle. No more trying for me till November now sad.gif

#12 stillinhope

Posted 16 August 2010 - 02:59 PM

Rose im so sorry...take care xo

#13 Rangeman

Posted 16 August 2010 - 04:20 PM

Oh, Rose, I'm so so sorry.  There are no words.


#14 Spock

Posted 16 August 2010 - 05:15 PM

Rose, I'm so sorry cry1.gif . You sound very frustrated and I can totally understand why. When you are up to it I think you need to have a good chat with your fs about everything, particularly about your embies. You've been hit hard poor thing.

shiba, how are you holding up?

hi cc, kimbar, meggie, still, spring, moi

afm, sorry I haven't posted much lately but I've just been waiting for AF which finally arrived today. Kind of glad Af stayed away while my SIL was staying with us as this is when I start to get anxious. Going for bt and scan next week so till then, won't know anything. My poor old body has been through the wringer this year so not sure what will happen.

I know this may sound silly, but even though I lost my last last embie very early on - so a chemical pregnancy, I believe acupuncture helped it implant. I've been going for weekly acupuncture sessions so I really hope all this money I'm spending leads to a good ending.

My inlaws arrive Thursday for 1 week so luckily they will be gone by the time of any possible transfer.

#15 carita

Posted 16 August 2010 - 08:51 PM

Rose-So sorry to hear your news...it's just so frustrating. Thinking of you...

Hope the rest of you are doing ok. Sorry I haven't been posting...just spinning my wheels waiting to really get started. Today was my first sniffing day..woohoo. I'm sure you can tell how utterly excited I am about that..hehe..

#16 Posh_Girl

Posted 16 August 2010 - 08:52 PM

HI Girls

Do you mind if I join in??

I kind of have a bit of a thing with buddy groups - I don't like joining because everyone gets pregnant, but I figure if I can spread it around a bit, you ladies deserve it.

I already know who a lot of you are (hi CC biggrin.gif ) from around the traps of course, but I have been reading this group with mucho interest and figure it would be nice to have people to vent with.

So re me. On third IVF - antag after 2 x down reg ivf icsi and six transfers. TTC since 2006. MFI and Auto immune. EPU on Friday (probably) and I had around 20-30 follicles according to this morning's scan, but don't get too excited for me. Last time I had 40+ and only ended up with one to transfer which excitedly ended in a chem preg, but I have had four since then with bugger all.

So HI!  original.gif

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#17 Guest_shiba_*

Posted 17 August 2010 - 09:05 AM

Hey everyone,

Firstly welcome Tokenista! From one newbie to another, this buddy group is fantastic and I sure hope you bring that something "special" and rub it off on all of us original.gif  Good luck for your EPU on Friday!

Spock & Rose - looks like yesterday was the day for the three of us.  AF arrived for me too, precisely on 14DPO.  

Rose - Sorry to hear about your embies, it must be so frustrating   hhugs.gif  I hope your FS can give you some insight and examine the problem in depth.  Just a question if you don't mind...if you transferred a blast on the same day as I did, isn't it normal for AF to arrive yesterday?  My blood test, like yours, is also on this Friday...which is usually 19DPO.  So I'm a bit confused as to why you would expect your AF to arrive after the BT?

Carita - Great to hear that you've started a new cycle.  Excited for you!

Hi to everyone else!

AFM, like I said AF arrived.  I'm really quite ok about it, considering I attended a birthday party yesterday and my bro's friends brought along their newborn.  Luckily he was asleep in the room for most of the time!  

I'm really anxious to see my FS now because I've have to ask him about auto-immune testing.  I've only got one frostie left and I really want to sort things out before I use up the last one.  After 2 years of trying naturally, then 2 IUIs, 2 fresh and 3 frozen transfers, with only 1 chem preg EVER, I figured my body must be rejecting something.  My embies have always been great quality and hatching the last 3 times.  Now that my FS have resolved the transfer issue, I think I've pinpointed my problem to the crucial last step of implantation.  I am kinda hoping that he can make a diagnosis from the testing....at least we will have something to work on!!

#18 Rosabella

Posted 17 August 2010 - 09:30 AM

Hey everyone, just a quick reply from my iPhone as I'm at work. Thanks everyone for your support. This ivf stuff sucks but you guys make it easier to deal with original.gif

QUOTE (shiba @ 17/08/2010, 10:05 AM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
Rose - Sorry to hear about your embies, it must be so frustrating   hhugs.gif  I hope your FS can give you some insight and examine the problem in depth.  Just a question if you don't mind...if you transferred a blast on the same day as I did, isn't it normal for AF to arrive yesterday?  My blood test, like yours, is also on this Friday...which is usually 19DPO.  So I'm a bit confused as to why you would expect your AF to arrive after the BT?

Shiba - sorry to hear AF arrived. I O'd early in my cycle this month so given that I'm usually spot with a 28 day cycle (never noticed it affected by O date) I didn't really except such a short cycle. AF still hasn't really arrived yet, just spotting (sorry TMI) but I know it's going to hit any time now.

#19 spring08

Posted 17 August 2010 - 11:06 AM

hi Rose and Shiba - so sorry that it's another BFN for both of you. Rose, you're completely right - this whole process just sucks. It is completely crap that our bodies continue to let us down. Hope both of you get some tlc and enjoy some wine/coffee over the next few days.

Rose, so sorry that you lost your frosties also - that would have been a horrible day.

Shiba, hopefully your FS can give you some answers - it's so frustrating when they don't find anything.

Welcome Tokenista - here's hoping you have the same affect here as your other BGs - we are well overdue for some good news. Good luck with your epu.

Spock, good news that you have started another cycle, and hope the acu brings you a sticky BFP.

Carita, enjoy your sniffing!

CC, Kimbar, Still, Meggie - how are you all going?

#20 cheshire_cat

Posted 17 August 2010 - 02:14 PM

Hi all,

Yay Token! We have lured you into our little club original.gif I hope those follicles keep doing well and yield some great numbers for you.

Rosa & shiba, I'm so sorry about both your AFs arriving, it just sucks sad.gif

carita- you're finally sniffing! Glad you're finally back into it, but I know even down-reg cycles seem to drag on, a lot of waiting involved...

Spock, interesting thought about the acupuncture, I've been blowing hot and cold with it but may go back for my next try.

spring- can't remember where you're at- are you 2ww-ing? Hope all's well.

Well as for me.... ***meh*** nothing to report really. I plan to start taking Primolut to bring on AF in a few weeks (I have some tabs left) then I guess I'll just get started again. Will request an antag cycle as I can't do any more waiting.

#21 Spock

Posted 18 August 2010 - 10:25 AM

hi ladies,

shiba, i'm sorry af arrived. so upsetting. i echo cc's comments, it just sucks. sad.gif

rose, how are you coping? hope you're getting some tlc.

carita, hope the sniffing going well.

cc, i haven't tried a down reg. cycle, don't think i have the patience. i think the acupuncture is helping with my blood flow. at the very least it is helping with my anxiety.

spring, how have you been?

tokenista, welcome! hope some of your luck rubs of on our group. goodluck with your epu on friday.

hi to meggie, still, kimbar.

#22 Rangeman

Posted 18 August 2010 - 01:38 PM

Hello Ladies,

Not having a lot of luck in here are we - Still you're not sending us enough good vibes get vibing girl!!!

Welcome Token, we've got a great bunch here.

Good luck for those of us starting a new cycle now/soon CC, Spock & Token.

Hi To Meggie, Carita, Spring, Rose - I really need to start writing names down and where we're up to so i don't miss anyone.

Nothing to report on my end just waiting, waiting, waiting until October and that's just to see the new FS.  I'm trying to lose some weight but jeez it's hard, you'd think that with a baby as my goal it would make it easy but nah I just keep on gobbling maybe I could get my mouth sewn shut and just leave enough room to feed myself through a straw.......mmmmm melted chocolate........

#23 Rangeman

Posted 18 August 2010 - 01:41 PM

Oh Shiba, i missed you!!

Sorry about your crappy, crappy news.  At least you're doing ok, well as ok as possible anyway.


#24 meggie2

Posted 18 August 2010 - 02:30 PM

Hi everyone

Spring that sounded like a good meeting with the new FS.  It's good to have a new plan isn't it?

Welcome Tokenista, hope we can all bring each other some luck.   Good luck with EPU on Friday.  

hugs to Rose.  I'm so sorry about what happened this cycle.  Maybe a fresh cycle with the new treatment will be better?  

More hugs to Shiba.  I hope the FS comes up with some good ideas.

Hi Spock, good luck with the in-laws and the transfer.  Maybe coping with one can take your mind off the other!

Hi Carita, CC and Kim.   Waiting sux big time, and sniffing ain't much better.

AFM I have my fibroidectomy on Friday.   Went to the hospital yesterday for pre-admission check and blood tests, which freaked me out a bit.   But some good news is that I was worried that they'd have the gynae surgery patients in with the maternity ladies but no we are on a separate floor - awesome.   I will also be a on an opiate drip machine thingy for the election so that should be fun as well.

Then the plan (and we'll see if I can make it happen) is to do a freeze-all down reg cycle in October, just to be able to have one last try with 38 year old eggies.  I can't actually TTC again until February next year sad.gif .    

Lots of hugs to everyone.  


#25 Rosabella

Posted 20 August 2010 - 07:49 AM

Just a quick post to say all the best today Meggie. Wishing you a speedy recovery original.gif

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