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IVF Multiple Cycles and the Long Haul BG #4

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#51 carita

Posted 05 September 2010 - 08:51 AM

Hi all, hope you're well and having a lovely weekend.

Toquenne-Oh no, so sorry to hear!! Thinking of you...

Spock-I so know what you mean about the inlaws. Did you end up having a transfer on Saturday?

still-Glad to hear things are progressing well with you. Funny how we have all this stress and worry when doing ivf and then when it works you still have the stress and worry, just about other things. Take care.

Shiba-Yep, we got a dog last year after a failed cycle. I have to say she's brought us lots of love and we really enjoy having her as part of our family now. Did you go ahead with the transfer on Wednesday??

cc-Thinking of you. How did things go with your FS?

Kimbar-I love to cook too, especially sweet things like you. Best wishes with the weight management. It's always easier said than done for me.

Rose-Interesting to hear about the psychic reading!! I had not idea you could get those on ebay! How does that work? Do they send you information or do you call them?

senecio-Hi there, glad to hear you've going some buddy groups. It's always good to have a group that actually understand what you're going through.

Meggie, spring and everyone else, hi there. Hope you're going ok.

My EPU is scheduled for tomorrow. Fingers and toes crossed. My last scan was on Wednesday and there were only 15 follicles, so I'm not expecting too many eggs again this time. Hopefully it will be more than last time-3 tiny little things! I asked if we could wait a bit longer but the FS thinks Monday is the best time. They only doing EPU on Mon, Thur and Fri at my clinic and I guess waiting until Thursday could be too long.

#52 cheshire_cat

Posted 05 September 2010 - 04:16 PM

Hi all,

carita, good luck for EPU! Will be thinking of you tomorrow.

Toquenne,  sad.gif sorry it didn't work this time. Hope the champers helped a tiny bit.

Spock, glad you've been doing some nice things to get your mind off IVF. I am so gloomy too, most of the time. How was the Pirates of Penzance? I remember learning a song from it in about year 4: 'Come friends who plough the sea...something something....let's vary pi-ra-cy with a little bur-gla-ry'. original.gif

Still- so glad you've made it to 17 weeks! Hope you're feeling great!

shiba- congrats on your new dog- would love to see a photo! My cat is absolutely my little baby, it does help me having her around and cuddling her.

meggie I know things must still be on hold for you, hope you're doing ok?

Kimbar how are things with you?

Sorry ladies if I've forgotten anyone.

Well I've started an antagonist cycle, been injecting for three days. How wonderful not to have to be sniffing! I'll be taking Clexane post-transfer, and am also on a course of antibiotics (another one of those 'completely-unproven-but-worth-a-try' treatments.) So, just trucking along slowly, not with a lot of hope but at least glad to be doing something a bit different this time (even though it's completely irrational because tests are inconclusive etc).

#53 Spock

Posted 06 September 2010 - 10:36 AM

hi ladies,

Toquenne, I'm so sorry...hope the champ.s helped dull the hurt sad.gif .

cc, I hope the change in protocol gets you some real results. One good thing about doing an antag. cycle is it is fast, before you know it you're in the 2ww. The Pirates of Penzance was very fun. I definately recognise your lines from a song...I am the Pirate King!

carita, goodluck with your epu today!

meggie, shiba, kimbar, rose, still, hope you're all doing okay.

afm, had my transfer Saturday. I was panicing a bit on Friday as usually I hear from the scientist before noon but this time I didn't hear from them till 3pm. I was also a little nervous as my fs (who has done all my transfers) doesn't work weekends so I had another fs that I didn't know. He was very gentle so I hope he knew what he was doing. The blast was hatching which I think is a good sign?? Anyway, I have been very nervy thinking every twinge is a cramp (even though I know it is too early for af). I hope my acupuncture session worked some magic. I have another session booked for Thursday. af is due Sunday and we're going to a wedding that day. Think I'll have to see how I'm feeling on Sunday as I might not be able to handle a wedding and reception.

I did feel happier last week after seeing the Pirates but I'm finding it difficult to be upbeat about this now to be honest. I'm actually a bit scared about both success and failure. mellow.gif

#54 meggie2

Posted 06 September 2010 - 02:53 PM

Hi everyone

Best of luck for EPU today Carita.  Hope most of follies are good'uns.  Look forward to the update.  

Yay Spock.  Yes I think a hatching blast is very good.  Have everything crossed for you.  Try not to think about the twinges - I have got them every time so I don't think they mean anything either way.

And yay for you too CC.  It's so hard to keep getting back up again after the endless knockouts.  But the FS wouldn't be treating you if they didn't think there was a good chance so hold onto that thought.  

Hi everyone else.  Hope you are looking after yourself Toquenne.  

AFM I had my two-week checkup on Thursday, and am healing up nicely.  The fibroid was 10cms x 7cms x 6cms so very happy to have it out!   I'm starting a freeze-all antagonist cycle in about 4 weeks, so happy to be making some forward progress.  

BTW I'm seeing the Pirates on Friday night.  We may even have a government by then.

Have a good week, XX Meggie

#55 carita

Posted 06 September 2010 - 04:31 PM

Hi there, thanks for the messages. Just popping in to say we managed to get 8 eggs today, which is better than expected.

Hope you're all well!

#56 Spock

Posted 06 September 2010 - 05:16 PM

Carita, that is great news! I hope they keep growing nicely.

Meggie, enjoy the Pirates...I am the Pirate King..can't get that song out of my head after reading cc's post.

#57 cheshire_cat

Posted 06 September 2010 - 05:37 PM

Wow carita that's fantastic! Hope they all fertilize nicely for you.  

meggie so glad you're healing up well.

Spock, I find it pretty impossible to be optimistic after transfers too, after so many failures. But a hatching blast IS a great sign! Really hoping for you.

So on the current musical theatre topic- I'll be seeing West Side Story in a couple of weeks so hopefully that will be good. I've seen quite a bit of theatre this year- a few Shakespeare plays and 'Waiting for Godot' which was amazing. Anything we can do to make us feel like we have a life outside of all this.

Edited by cheshire_cat, 06 September 2010 - 05:37 PM.

#58 meggie2

Posted 06 September 2010 - 06:04 PM

Yay Carita.  Eight is awesome.  

#59 Rangeman

Posted 07 September 2010 - 04:06 PM

Toquenne - sh*t, sh*t, sh*t.  Hope you're holding up OK.

Carita - 8!!! Well done that's a pretty good haul.

Spock - hatching blast is pretty good now you've just got the hard slog of waiting.....

Shiba - where's the pic of your puppy??????

Meggie - glad to hear you're healing up nicely and at least you get to do a cycle even if you have to wait to tfr.

CC - I just went and saw Swan Lake on Ice, not a musical but similar I guess - there was music playing ha ha ha......

Big Hi to Still & Spring and everyone else I forgot.

Nothing to report on my end boring, boring, boring.  I'm starving hungry - frickin' diet, I get to sit & watch DH scoff choc with his arvo coffee while I just drool like a dog, i might just start sniffing & licking the ground around his feet for crumbs soon  I LOVE FOOD!!!!! I HATE EXERCISE!!!!!

#60 carita

Posted 08 September 2010 - 06:02 PM

Hi everyone, thanks for the messages! We ended up transferring two embies today. There are four left but we're waiting to see how stable they are before freezing. The doc said she'd like to wait until they're blasts to freeze. Officially in the 2ww now...hmmm....haha

just have to add, Kimber, I'm right there with ya...ugh exercise!!  biggrin.gif

#61 Rangeman

Posted 09 September 2010 - 01:46 PM

*****Whinge Ahead*******

Having a bad day.........you ever had one of those days where you're just really, really sick of hearing your work mates talk about their kids?  I'm experiencing one of those at the moment, I've got a lady here who comes in every morning and tells me what her 1 & 6 yo grandaughters did last night, she knows I'm doing IVF and I do realise she isn't doing it to be mean but sometimes I just want to tell her to shut the f up, that I just don't care about them.  The worst was when I'd just failed cycle # 705 which she knew about but put the baby on speaker phone so I could her her gargle.........WTF!! There's a lady going off on maternity leave this week and I'm struggling to be nice to her........Yeap, having on of those days.......

But enough about poor pitiful me.......Yay to Carita with 2 on board - sticky vibes coming your way.

#62 Posh_Girl

Posted 09 September 2010 - 02:42 PM

HI Girls

I just wanted to come in and update.

It seems I was a little hasty with the champage non-celebration. I had an horrific headache for three days last week, and I couldn't bear it any longer so went to the doctor to get a script for some panadeine fortes.

I did a test to make sure it was ok to take them, and it came up blank, so I chucked it in the bin and took the pills. That was the champagne evening. Then I did another HPT a few days later which again was negative. Then on Friday, I was planning on a big night, so did one final one - my period still hadn't shown up - and as I was waiting for it to develop I looked in the bin for the ones I had done previously. Both positive. The one I had just done was also very positive. They were just taking ages to develop becuase they were ancient internet cheapies from last year.

So next day, went to the clinic - hcg was 319, P4 194, two days later, hcg more than 1700 p4 270. So I guess my non-buddy group thing worked to my advantage.

Bloody IVF. It just doesn't let you enjoy it. I expect to see red every time I go to the loo. But I'm going to try and be cautiously happy. I have a dating scan in two weeks, so fingers crossed. Thanks everyone and I hope this happens to all of you soon. I never thought it would be me. In fact I still can't imagine a baby could be at the end of this.

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#63 Rangeman

Posted 09 September 2010 - 03:11 PM


About time we had soem more good news in here!!!!!!!! smile1.gif

#64 stillinhope

Posted 09 September 2010 - 04:53 PM

Toquenne! Thats fantastic news!! YAY im sooooo happy for you.
Thats why i always say HPT are evil...some will only show pos after 2 weeks!
Congratulations...i guess i betta start the next BG real soon! eexcite.gif

#65 stillinhope

Posted 09 September 2010 - 04:57 PM

Kimbar - Sorry you're having a poo day. i know its hard to keep thinking that people arent trying to mean but sometimes they are just plain bloody stupid.
I have had my fair share of horrid comments...maybe you should just tell her nicely that its hard for you to hear about her grand children at the moment. You can always try, might make things a lot easier for you, esp if she already knows about the ivf....maybe send her an email if you cant face it in person...
hope you cheer up a bit soon bbighug.gif

#66 meggie2

Posted 09 September 2010 - 05:00 PM

Hahaha Toquenne

I wondered why you weren't posting.   Those are awesome numbers by the way, you should feel pretty hopeful.  

hugs to Kimbar.  Know just how you feel.


#67 stillinhope

Posted 09 September 2010 - 05:27 PM

IVF and the Long Haul Buddy Group Member List

Name :
Age : 38
Location: SYD Nth
IVF: Previopus Cycles IVF x1,ICSI x 2, 2 Chem pregs, FET x 3 early m/c, Cycle #3 ICSI (OCt / Nov 2010) following myomectomy 20th aug
Alternative: Accupuncture

Name : Spring
  Age : 36
  Location: SYD Sth
  Diagnosis:Unexplained Infertility
  IVF: 6 trhs, 5 stims, antagonist ICSI cycles

Name :
  Age : 38
  IVF: 1 x ICSI BFN 2 x blast on ice, FET - neither blast survived thaw, 2 x ICSI Nothing to TFR,
3 - 6 x ICSI BFN no frosties, 7 x ICSI Aug09 M/C 6 weeks no frosties, 8 - 10 ICSI BFN no frosties

Name : Cheshire cat
Age : 32
Location: Melb
Diagnosis: Unexplained Infertility
IVF: Starting cycle 5.
Meds: Antagonist cycle with Clexane & course of antibiotics.

  Name :
      Age :
      Diagnosis:  Unexplained infertility - NK Cells found - now on new treatment
      IVF: IVF   #1 BFN, IVF #2 BFN, FET #1 BFN, IVF #3 BFN, FET #2 Chem Pregnancy, FET   #3 BFN, FET #4 - June 2010 BFN, FET #5 - Transfer 07.08.10 2 x blasts

Name :
        Age : 31
        Location: Melb
        Diagnosis: Unexplained infertility - mild immumne deficiency
        IVF: Fertility treatment - clomid 4 cycles, IVF 4 Stim cycles, last with ICSI, 6 TRF BFP on final tf
Prednisolone, Clexane, Asprin, Clomid, Progynova, Crinone
  Alternative: Accupuncture cycle 2&3

Name: Shiba
Age: 33
Location : Brisbane
Diagnosis: Unexplained Infertility
IVF : Currently FET#4 (cycle 6)  - IVF#1 BFN, FET#1 BFN, IVF/ICSI#2 BFN, FET#2&3 BFN, one chem preg prior to IVF treatment
Alternative: Accupuncture cycle 2
Age: 33
Location: Canberra
Diagnosis: PCOS, DH-Testicular cancer
IVF: Just finishing 5th ICSI cycles, 3 FETs
Meds: Currently on 2 x pessaries, 1x crinone, 2x heparin per day
Alternative: accupuncture / Chinese herbs ICSI #3, FET #2

Name: Spock
  Age: 34
Location: SYD inner West
Diagnosis: unexplained infertility
IVF: TTC since 2007
3 x IUI in 2009, all BFN. 1st ICSI anatagonist IVF   cycle in 2009 - 1st transfer BFN, 2nd transfer (FET) BFP but m/c at 6   weeks. 2nd ICSI anatgonist IVF cycle in 2010 - 1st transfer BFP but m/c   at 10.5 weeks, 2nd transfer (FET) BFP but m/c yet again. all bts and   other tests normal. now in the 2ww of the 3rd transfer (FET)....
next IVF cycle will be medicated probably with aspirin.

Edited by stillinhope, 13 September 2010 - 05:42 PM.

#68 stillinhope

Posted 09 September 2010 - 05:30 PM

Hi Ladies,
by popular demand i have finally posted this list...!!
there are some newbies and details changed since i asked for your info, can you pm me with any new info and newbies can u copy and paste the categories into a pm with your info...that is if u want to be on the list wink.gif
The list is just so we can keep track of everyone!!

#69 cheshire_cat

Posted 09 September 2010 - 06:04 PM

Hi all, ah the highs and lows of IVF.

Kimbar--God yes I absolutely have those days! Quite frequently. It takes a lot of energy to get through those moments and I always find they really drain me. Hope you're feeling a bit better now  bbighug.gif

Toquenne- WOW! What a turn-around for you! I know it's still early but things are sounding very very promising! Are you ready for congrats yet? original.gif

stillinhope- thankyou for doing all that work on our stats list, it's great! Unfortunately some of the info in my section seems to have been swapped with someone else's, as I've never done IUI or ICSI. I'll copy down the correct info below with the incorrect info deleted.

Name : Cheshire cat
Age : 32
Location: Melb
Diagnosis: Unexplained Infertility
IVF: Starting cycle 5.
Meds: Antagonist cycle with Clexane & course of antibiotics.

So AFM, had a scan today & the potential of a cancelled cycle was mentioned sad.gif He didn't say he would cancel for sure, but that it was a possibility (looking a bit over-stimmed). If all goes well it looks like trigger on Monday and EPU on Wed. Hope things get to that stage!

Edited by cheshire_cat, 09 September 2010 - 06:05 PM.

#70 Spock

Posted 09 September 2010 - 10:18 PM

hi ladies,

kimbar, yes, I have plenty of those days! You need to develop such a thick skin with ivf. Hope the venting here helped just get those thoughts out of your head.

still, I forgot to PMP you my details so I'll do that now. Hope all is going well with you.

cc, I hope your epu goes ahead as I know you would hate to miss an opportunity after going through all the motions of a cycle. I'll be thinking of you over the weekend.

Toquenne, that is lovely news. I'm very happy for you and I hope everything continues to progress well for you. Hope some of your baby dust rubs of on the rest of us here. I know it is easier said than done, but try not to stress. Just take it day by day.

carita, good to hear your transfer went well. how are you going in your 2ww?

hello to meggie, spring and rose.

afm, I'm getting all sorts of twinges on both sides. It's driving me a bit nuts. I went for an acupuncture session today and have another booked for Saturday which I hope helps. AF is due Saturday/Sunday. I'm trying to be realistic but there is this tiny bit of hope and I know if it doesn't work out I'm going to be crushed. mellow.gif

#71 Guest_shiba_*

Posted 10 September 2010 - 09:14 AM

Wow a lot has been happening here...so hard to keep up.

First of all, congratulations to Toquenne for the great news!  Keeping my fingers crossed for you that it is a good outcome.

Spock & Carita - hang in there for your 2WW, we're all on the same boat.  Every twinge (or lack of) is a nightmare!  Sticky vibes to all  hands.gif

CC - Hope your EPU goes ahead on Wednesday and all goes well.

Hi to meggie, spring, rose, still, kimbar and everyone else!

AFM I had my blast transfer just this past Wednesday. Like Spock I am reading every single twinge and symptom, which is absolutely killing me.  I so desperately want this to be my month as this is the last frostie I have.  Even worse is that my SIL is due to give birth this month, luckily she is in another country!  If this doesn't work, I'll have to skip a month before doing another stim cycle as my FS will be away on holidays... *sigh*

Anyway, I would love to post a photo of my beautiful dog but this forum doesn't allow direct upload of photos from the computer.

#72 Spock

Posted 10 September 2010 - 09:52 AM

goodluck shiba, I know how you're feeling! I haven't been sleeping well at all with the stress. I'm already feeling deflated and sad to be honest.

#73 stillinhope

Posted 10 September 2010 - 10:19 AM

thanks gals for the pms..i will update over the next few days..

CC sorry i had emmese trouble with your one...this is the worst html ever..it kept posting all this junk under your stats and i must have got confused..anyway i'll fix over the weekend..i'll be thinking of you too over the weekend and praying you get to opu next week..take care

have a great weekend everyone!

#74 cheshire_cat

Posted 10 September 2010 - 11:43 AM

No worries still, sorry for the headaches & thanks again for doing our stats! original.gif

#75 meggie2

Posted 10 September 2010 - 02:43 PM

Have a good weekend everyone.  Hang in there, especially CC, Carita, Spocky and Shiba.   See if you can get some early spring sunshine, remember that helps with a cycle.


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