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May 2009 Parents # 11

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#26 GreenCabbage

Posted 26 October 2010 - 02:52 PM

Sound like he is going great JBM2B.

Im also thinking bout going back to study next year. Waht will u be studying? Where about are u located?

Our big news for the past week is the potty. We got 6 wees in 2.5 days and that was her pointing at the potty and saying 'wee' or sitting on the potty clothed  so I took the nappy off and she went. oomg2.gif Think it is more weeing on demand rather than her knowing she needs to go if you know what I mean.

Hope everyone is going well and staying healthy.

#27 Chicken Pie

Posted 26 October 2010 - 03:14 PM

Robyn07 - thanks for the welcome....my daughter only weighs about 10kg - she is a small petite girl with a tummy LOL its cute

oh she too is houdini so no sleeping bags it gets her irritated and she does gymnastics in her sleep i think - some suggested a bed, but she is of the personality she will play and get out instead

JBM2B - good luck with varsity etc....its tough making friends hey sad.gif

Duesoon - well done re potty training - i dread starting - how do u know when and how??

#28 GreenCabbage

Posted 28 October 2010 - 08:12 PM

QUOTE (Chandi @ 26/10/2010, 04:14 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
Duesoon - well done re potty training - i dread starting - how do u know when and how??

To be honest I dont know if she is ready or if she is just weeing on demand iykwim. I think she is using the potty because she spends lots of time with her cousins and the 4yo just trained and the 2.5yo wants to as well. She sure their praise so wanted some of it. She does know when she wees though and when she is on te potty she will sometimes point to her nappy (on the ground) and say wee cos she has already done it in there. Will see how she goes and I will follow her lead. Usually ask when I change her nappy if she wants to use the potty.

#29 schrodinger's cat

Posted 28 October 2010 - 08:22 PM

still around

#30 Chicken Pie

Posted 29 October 2010 - 09:24 AM

QUOTE (ccwa @ 28/10/2010, 08:52 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
still around

#31 lexington

Posted 04 November 2010 - 08:46 PM

This thread is stressing me.. toilet training already. OMG.

#32 BelnBen

Posted 04 November 2010 - 09:18 PM

Hi there,
Remember me? Long time since I've been in here - sorry.

Anyway, DD Grace also eats like she is starved most of the time - loves her food and will eat anything - but only just 9kgs! (From one who was over 4 at birth!).
She has 14 teeth - I think!

Apart from that, that is the only good news I can report.
No chance of a bed or potty soon for us - possibly never.
A week ago, Paed informed us that she has an extremely rare chromosomal abnormality. sad.gif
Missing a bit on the end of one and has an extra bit at the bottom of the same one.
She had grommets put in on Tuesday and they took more blood for more detailed testing.
Hoping for a 'balanced translocation' - meaning the bit at the bottom is the missing top bit in the wrong place - then possibly no effect on her.
Dh and I have had blood taken to see if we carry this.
If it is not balanced, we could be facing anything on the spectrum from mild to severe issues - most notably mental retardation. sad.gif
I am still reeling from this diagnosis. But we really just have to wait to see what these latest tests show - if anything. Knowing what genes are mucked up can help. We are waiting to see the Genetic Counsellor.
I am really at a bit of a loss.
She was slow to sit - about 10 mths - after physio.
She is still not crawling, waving, clapping and has no words yet.
Hopefully the ear situation will remedy some of this - at least a bit.
3 weeks ago she held her sippy cup for the first time by herself - big moment!

So treasure all the special advances they make - no matter how small.
I am going through several of the grief stages - most notably anger, and have cried most days since.
I am so sad about all the things I feel she will miss out on in life - all the things I wished for her future.
I am trying to be positive, but I am afraid that my mother's intuition will be right - again - and that she will have 'issues'.

Anyway, just wanted to touch base - think I am going to be needing lots of support in the future, so best I get back on here more often I feel.


#33 robyn07

Posted 05 November 2010 - 02:42 PM

welcome back BelnBen.

My problems seem all that meaningless now that I have read your post.  Not sure what support I can give as I cannot even imagine what your going through but hopefully the Genetic Counseller will be able to offer you some more insight into your daughters condition.  Please feel free to come on and vent as much as you like...it's a good way to get stuff off your chest!  The ladies must be sick of my venting because I seem to do it alot...sorry everyone!

I have had a crap week really.....DD is winging and clinging to me and having mini meltdowns if I don't pick her up....trying to cook dinner is just about impossible!  She has not been sleeping well and I am exhausted and also feeling a tad depressed.  Had a doctors appointment for her today (Fri) only to turn up and get told "oh no your appointment is at the other clinic 10 min  back down the road"  Why didn't they tell me that on the phone?? Back to the other clinic where there is no parking because it's so busy there hence why I made appointment at the other (quieter) clinic...well so I thought!  Backed into a concrete wall in the new car...DH not happy.....waited 45 min at the docs and still had not seen anyone....DD becoming increasingly frustrated....left in tears because I was so angry with their service and still did not see a doctor.....arrrrggghhhhhhhhh! Just had to get that off my chest.

DD just waking from her nap...off to the docs again hopefully find out whats wrong!

Hope everyone else is fairing a little better than me!

Edited by robyn07, 05 November 2010 - 02:43 PM.

#34 Chicken Pie

Posted 15 November 2010 - 12:29 PM

sorry for everyone's rough time

Bel - has your little one's ears been tested for hearing?
I cant imagine the stress for you guys and wish you strength...it is true what you say....life is precious

please KUP

#35 PinkSocks

Posted 19 November 2010 - 09:52 AM

Lol Lex! There growing up quick hey?!

BelnBen - Sorry to hear about Grace, How is she going? bbighug.gif

Robyn - How is DD sleeping now? Amelia went threw a rough patch about then aswell, Maybe 18 month regression?

JBM2B - I know what you mean about feeling isolated! Ive joined a playgroup with Amelia so we can both see people but thats only once a week, other then that ive been catching up with friends from school who have kids which has been really fun, thank god for Facebook!!! Wow 8 out of 10 couples in your group have split! It also sucks that people usually change when they seperate from their partners and dont see things the same as you anymore. I had a friend change almost overnight after she split from her partner which was sad to watch, most of the time they dont even realise how they have changed!

AFM - Amelia hasnt worn a nappy during the day for 5 days now. I didnt even try to get her to TT she just refuses to do a wee in her nappy! I put one on her before we go out though which she hates and its usually dry by the time we get home then she rushes straight to the potty! I went out yesterday with her to Harvey Norman to get some photos developed and she threw a tanty and didnt want to wear a nappy so I put nickers on her and she stayed dry the whole time. I know were going to get some accidents so ive got plenty of changes of clothes in the bag! Once shes gone on the potty she will take it to the toilet and flush it. Shes using it as a stall tactic before going to bed at night now which is halarious (for now!)

We bought her a bed the other day, it gets delivered next week, cant wait to get her set up in there. Im hoping she likes it. Once thats all set up we can start putting the baby room together for this bubs! Call me crazy but Ive started to think about Amelias 2nd birthday party already, this bubs is due about 2 weeks before her birthday so I want to try and get things done early so I dont have much to do once the time comes, im preparing myself for the huge blurr that happens for the first couple of months after bubs is born!

#36 BelnBen

Posted 21 November 2010 - 08:12 PM

Thanks everyone.

SpiderAngel - Yes, Grace's hearing was re-tested again the week before last, after her grommets op. She passed.

We see the Paed again this Thursday, so we'll see if he has any news.


#37 robyn07

Posted 24 November 2010 - 09:31 PM

Hi everyone,

A couple of posts since I last checked which is great.

Pink Socks...Tahlia's sleeping has improved.  Poor thing has been picking up virus's and ended up getting croup which was a bit scary for us as her breathing was really congested.  She is much better now thank goodness.  Great that Amelia is going well with the TT.  I have tried to get Tahlia on the potty and she will sit on it with clothes on but once she is naked she doesn't seem to like it....a couple of times I have said "do wee wee for mummy in the potty" and she stands next to it and wee's on the floor...oops! he he he.

BelnBen...hope things r going ok and you get some good news from the pead.

AFM...is been a rough few weeks....I was pregnant with bub number 2 but unfortunatley lost it early on.  Off to have a scan tomorrow (Thurs) to make sure everything has come thrugh naturally.  I am sad but I know these things happen for a reason so onwards and upwards to the next cycle.  Hopefully I ovulate straight away and we concieve again soon....don't want too much more of a gap between kids if we can help it.

Hope everyone is is going well
Not long til Santa comes!
Bye for now.

Edited by robyn07, 24 November 2010 - 09:36 PM.

#38 BelnBen

Posted 06 December 2010 - 10:22 PM

Sorry to hear about your loss Robyn. sad.gif  You seem to have a good attiitude though, so best of luck!

Paed had Dh's and my results back,but not Grace's yet (and the wait tlme on her test seems to have blown out!) Ours are clear, so we don't have the balanced translocation, meaning that Grace's situation is something that has just appeared with her birth. Just as long as we get the results by Jan 19th as that's when we see the Genetic counsellor. At least he said she is a very happy, well dipsositioned baby and doesn't appear to have any of the often associated behavioural issues.
So a bonus I suppose.

Anyway, moving Sat, so really should be asleep!!

#39 robyn07

Posted 26 December 2010 - 06:30 AM

Hi Everyone,

I hope you all had a lovely Xmas with your families.  

Not alot happening here so Just thought I would check in and say HI  waves.gif Tahlia had another virus a couple of weeks back and ended up in hospital with asthma so we are off to see the pead and the end of this month...I don't think she suffers with asthma but it may have just been brought on by the virus she had.  We will see what the doc says anyway!  

Did anyone have trouble putting Xmas pressie's together??  We brought Tahlia an action junior jumper which is a little trampoline, and we could not for the life of us get it to go together as the metal poles were not bent the way they should have been....soooooooo frustrating mad.gif Will have to try and get a replacement now and it was hard enough trying to get that one!

Bel...hope the move went well and that you have had some good news about Grace.

Hope you all have a great new year.

Bye for now!

#40 BelnBen

Posted 07 January 2011 - 03:55 PM

Well, found out today that G's results will not be ready until mid- Feb at the least!! Our appt with the genetic counsellor is Jan 19th! So waiting to hear from them as to what we should do.
She is getting more and more responsive all the time and we celebrate tiny improvements - even just a little arms up motion this morning when I said "up"!
(She is driving me nutty whinging at the moment though!)

Move went well, Christmas sort of got in the way of unpacking! So still surrounded by boxes. We still feel a bit as if we are on holidays here!! Loving having the pool!
Ben said yesterday coming home from DC - that girls didn't like boys! (They wouldn't play with him!)
Just searched the RTA website and I have to wait till G is 3 to get a disabled parking permit. Have to fight the selfish users of pram parking with no prams for a bit longer hey!
Finally lodged my tax today!

Anyway,I'm another year older! Won Millionaire Hotseat btw! Hope you all had a great Christmas and that 2011 is good to you!


#41 JBM2B

Posted 25 January 2011 - 05:31 PM

I forgot about this group. I came on in the hope to find a mum I got on well with who seems to no longer be on Facebook. So Kerrie if you are here, can you please PM me?

DS is doing really well now, in day care for 3 hours on a Tuesday and 5 hours on a Friday. It's a great little centre. He transitioned really well and the teachers adore him. Very few tears.
Tonight is our first night in the cot without the side up, he went down really well, so so far so good.
He is almost 20 months, 11.2kgs (clothed with shoes), and about 82-84cm tall. He has all teeth as the last k9 cut through the other day, so we get a break before the terror two molars.
He has just has Rosella Virus (high temp, some spots, but generally no complaints).
And he has discovered the word "no" and gets frustrated easily, though we mange with this.
Can feed himself, and drinks from a cup. No wees on the potty yet, but wont sit long enough, any tips? We are trying the big loo and the potties on the ground, does not wee if in undies, but has a few times. He weaned from me about 2 weeks ago so that has been interesting, it was very gradual so went well.'Chatting really well too.

Me, I am coping with the uni return though the friends thing still has not happened, and given the small class I don't think it will until full semester. Balancing life has become easier.

Anyone else looking to have another child/pregnancy in 2011? I'd like to think about it for a 2012 kid, but still not sure, the birth is still bothering me. Well not "birth" but the section, the induction, the failure. I realise now I did not bond well with him, and think i had depression as well.

#42 GreenCabbage

Posted 03 February 2011 - 11:43 AM

Hey all

Things going well for us. Cant believe Miss M is nearly 21months, I refuse to admit she is nearly 2. She is growing too fast.

She has hit the 'terrible twos' and have had a few tanties at the shops etc, fun and games. She is a little chatterbox and talks heaps. Some of the 'conversations' and games I can play with her surprise me.

She BF, she wont give it up. I am very slowly trying to get her off it a bit but more with the 'Dont offer, dont refuse' kind of weaning. She is now on a cup od cows milk before bed though which make its easier if I want to go out.

At about 17months she decided she wanted to use the potty and we got about 12wees and a poo in that week but then she was over it. The past week we have had a wee and poo though. In no rush, Ive spent too much on cloth nappies to TT her yet.

Loves ABC2,The Wiggles (Weeles) and In the night garden (Upsey Daisy) at the mo and often asks for me to turn it on *rolls eyes*

Im still a SAHM but looking at maybe doing some work during the year but only when I can leave her with family.

WOuld love to say im planning another bub this year but missing a key ingredient being a single mum. Have started dating an awesome guy though and I think we are heading that way maybe late next year or so original.gif

Hope you and all your kidlets are well original.gif

Edited by pinkpineapple, 03 February 2011 - 11:45 AM.

#43 trebambinibelli

Posted 06 February 2011 - 04:00 PM

Sorry wrong month!

Edited by trixmama, 06 February 2011 - 04:01 PM.

#44 PinkSocks

Posted 19 February 2011 - 09:59 PM

JBM2B  - Im due in April this year for number 2. Cant relate with you about the birth as Amelias pretty much went to plan but this time around im really stressing because hers went to plan, what if this one doesnt? What if I need a c/s (my worst nightmare). Hows DS going with potty training now? Have you read any books on it? Im not sure about boys training I hear they are completely different to girls!

Pinkpineapple - DD loves the Wiggles aswell, although she called them 'Obbles' no idea how she came up with that one lol

BelnBen - You went to the specialist today, how did it go?

Amelia is going so good, we go to Tumble Totts and Playgroup and Swimming lessons during the week, she counts to three which is so adorable! She can pretty much say everything now and this week learnt how to put her thongs on (thongs with straps at the back) Her molar at the back did break threw last week after weeks of causing her pain but has gone back down now and the skin doesnt even look or feel broken! Having a hard time with bed time. We moved house so put her in her cot in the new room, then a few weeks later got her a big bed which she went into without any dramas, then we found out there was a redback spiders nest on her window so got the room sprayed but whilst waiting for it to be sprayed we put her in our room on the floor on the cot matress, she got used to that then it was hard to get her back to her bed but we got her back to her bed but then she started waking during the night for upto 3 hours which I couldnt handle being pregnant and sitting on her floor for 3 hours during the night holding her hand so now shes back in our room on her couch! She is really happy in our room and sleeps threw. Its so hard not knowing what to do, I find myself gonig from following my instincts to following the books! I know she should be in her bed and room for when the baby gets here but shes so happy in our room and I love having her in with me (DF works nights) So yeah, bit of a dilema at the moment! She is toilet trained though, has been for 2 weeks yesterday, no nappies at all during the day just one at night when she goes to bed. She decided it was time to train and just took her nappy off and went on the potty when she was 18months and was on and off with it then 2 weeks ago I decided that she was ready after months of doing it off and on and she has been awesome, She decided after about a week that she would rather go on the toilet then use the potty which is another plus because I have been told that once they are used to the potty its hard to get them to go to the toilet, so far shes been a breeze! Ive been reading her books about new babies and being a big sister, only 9weeks to go, im hoping she copes well with it. Joka any tips? wink.gif

#45 joka

Posted 20 February 2011 - 08:02 PM

Hey Leash ~ Best tip giving her 'jobs' eg. Milly could you get a nappy for bub, etc. The boys are so quick a grabbing spew rags these days lol.
I found that sometimes it was hard getting visitors to talk to the older kids, it was like they became old news this gets to me like you wouldn't believe.
Oh and I found both times that to start it was great then after about 3 weeks the novilty of having a new  bub wears off and the hardest part started (I want to get rid of this attention stealing creature) didn't last too long.

So close now biggrin.gif

#46 PinkSocks

Posted 20 February 2011 - 11:27 PM

Ill be letting everyone know that they need to say hi to milly first before seeing the bub. The last thing I want is for her to feel left out, but I know what you mean, apparently they are only cute when their babies, drives me nuts!! I cant believe how fast this pregnancy has gone, feels like just yesterday I got my BFP and now im almost due! Helps having Amelia around to keep me on my toes lol

#47 robyn07

Posted 13 March 2011 - 02:14 PM

Hi Ladies,

It's been a while since I posted so I thought I had better check in.

BelnBen:  Hope Grace is doing well and you are getting some answers and help from the peads and doctors etc.

JBM2B:  DH and I have been trying for number two for a while....had a miscarriage in Nov and since then no luck but will keep trying!  I am sure second time around it will be a better experience for you.

pinkpineapple:..I think I hear the word "Garden" about 50 times a day  rolleyes.gif But I still only let Tahlia watch it after dinner...she loves it and dances....little iggle piggle finger puppet goes everywhere with her!

Pinksocks:...great work with the TT.  Tahlia has done a few wees in the potty now but I am not sure how to proceed wiht the nickers etc.  Any advice would be great!  Good luck with your upcoming birth!

As for us...travelling along well.  Tahlia now has all but two teeth...just waiting for the top two molars.  Still in a cot...want to go to a big bed but holding off a little as she does alot of rocking during the night using the cot bumper to head butt...she uses this technique to self settle which is why I have held off changing her to a bed.  Don't know how she will go rocking in a bed  mellow.gif

Have had a couple of wees in the potty....she seems to be finallly getting the hang of it but not sure if we go for the nickers just yet!

No major tanties at the shops but have had a few major meltdowns at home.....goes around throwing things and sprawling out on the floor if something doesn't go right.  Often head butts things as well during the tantrum...I try to ignore the head butting....not sure what she gets out of head butting things except a sore head  ohmy.gif

Would love to have a second bub but doesn't seem to be happening atm....no harm in practicing alot though..he he!

All the best to everyone.

Hope you are all going well!

Edited by robyn07, 13 March 2011 - 02:30 PM.

#48 BelnBen

Posted 31 July 2011 - 10:33 PM

Hello all - or all who still read here!

Robyn - congrats - saw the sig!!

Pinksocks - hope it is all going well for you with #2. How is Milly coping. We have been working with Sheyne Rowley - the Australian baby whisperer with Grace's sleeping and also getting Ben to bed on his own without us having tosit with him for up to 45 mins! It has all worked brilliantly, so if you are still having issues, I can highly reccommend "The Dream Baby Guide" by Sheyne.

Hope all the other ladies trying for another are having success.

How is it all with you JBM2B?

Hope the great guy is still around PinkPineapple! And all is going well.

Grace started Commando crawling a few weeks ago - a struggle, but if she wants something- off she goes! Usually food! She is also sitting herself a lot now - also usually for food! So we are seeing small advances.

The new genetics test results we got were not good. They found that the duplication was smaller than at first suspected, but also found another huge duplication on the top arm of the chromosome that they missed in the first tests! This has meant a downgrade from 'mild' intellectual impairment likely to moderate - which means special schooling.
We registered her on the Unique site in the UK - a register and support group for rare chromosomal disorders. She is the only one worldwide with the particular combo that she has - so definitely unique!
She is attending early intervention and music therapy classes. She loves food and anything tactile, like paint and glue etc. We moved DC's when we moved house, same company, different location and they have goteen extra assistance there now for her.
She is still a delight and a gorgeous child, so we are very lucky in that respect.
I have entered the world of disability and it is a big learning curve. I still feel like I should be doing much more for her and get to the end of most weeks feeling I have let her down by not giving her enough time - what could we achieve with more??? I need 48 hour days - minimum!!

On another note, I have not been able to try to pick up a few days teaching this year as we hoped, but instead have gone back into acting - my main background.
I signed with an agent earlier this year and have been getting heaps of castings/auditions. I have even had 2 jobs - so look for me on the next round of REAL life insurance ads - I am wearing purple and the ad starts with a guy washing his car I think. Should be about 6 weeks at least I think before it airs. If I have a week with no calls from the agent, I wonder what's happening! It has been much busier than anticipated - but keeps me vibrant!

Anyway, hope all are well.

#49 robyn07

Posted 07 September 2011 - 01:24 PM

Hi Bel,

I have been checking in regularly but we haven't seem to have heard from the other ladies in a while.  So glad to hear Grace is achieving a few milestones....one little step at a time and she will get there.  I am sure you are giving her a much of your time as possible and no doubt doing a great job.

I will keep an eye out for you in those ads as well.

Pretty excited to be expecting bub number two. Last one for us so trying to enjoy it a little.  We have our 20 week scan tomorrow 8th Sept and we are going to find out the sex so looking forward to that.

Working full time shift work as well atm and thats really tiring especially with a 27mth old...only have to hang out until the end of Oct and then I will be on leave.  YAY!

Hope you get some more work on TV soon....pretty exciting career for you!  

If any of the other ladies pop by and big HI to you as well.

Bye for now

#50 BelnBen

Posted 04 October 2011 - 09:43 PM

Thanks Robyn. Hoep the US went well and the sex is whatever you desire!
Grace is now trying to pull herself up to standing a little and sitting with her feet out to the side (as in the possie to go from to crawling) so things are still moving forward.
Speaking of 'moving forward' I got a small part in a low-budget Sci-fi film called AustrAliens. I'm playing the Prime Minister! Filming in January/Feb and then launching at Cannes next year, so very exciting!


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