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September 09 Parents # 33

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#1 Sandra

Posted 08 September 2010 - 10:42 PM

New thread time ladies


#2 the4rugrats

Posted 09 September 2010 - 02:16 AM


Wow first again.....must be making up for all those times I missed!
(Hope I am still first, can you believe my plug-in modem thingy just stopped working nno2.gif  now I have to steal someones wifi that gets picked up in the lounge!)

Was going to put up pics of Trudis birthday, but I'm on the lappy so will do it tomorrow today.


#3 the4rugrats

Posted 09 September 2010 - 02:18 AM

aannoyed.gif aannoyed.gif aannoyed.gif    
freaking stupid modem and stolen wifi  smile1.gif

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#4 ZombieFerretOfDoom

Posted 09 September 2010 - 08:16 AM

Guess I get SILVER

#5 minich

Posted 09 September 2010 - 04:44 PM

I'll take BRONZE!!

A nice surprise as I haven't been on for days. Everthing has been so full on. We started up work this week and I have been every day. I don't know where my new found energy has come from but I did wake up this morning feeling a bit under the weather so will have tomorrow as a day of rest.
Anyway I hope to be back soon.
C xo

#6 RosieTea

Posted 10 September 2010 - 01:23 PM

I'll take BOOBIES ok maybe chocolate

Happy birthday for yesterday Chase, hope your feeling better.

Just a quick one need to go back and read the last thread..

Mitchell is taking more and more steps now and confidence is building, we turned him yesterday as I think he is over 9 kg and our chair is only rated for that.

BBL with personals

#7 Guest_ttgc_*

Posted 10 September 2010 - 09:54 PM

Thanks everyone for the birthday msg.  Chase has an ear infection and Taylor has one two sad.gif and not voice.  The doc has given them some med so should be all fixed soon I hope.

We had a nice little hoilday but were so glad to get home. I don't think we have ever been away for longer then 5 nights lol

Dh is back at work sad.gif DS cried his eyes out when he got out of the car sad.gif he is becoming a really daddy's boy if daddy is there he is right by his side, if I am holding him and DH walks past he puts his arms out for him.... Nice but I miss my boy lol

Paula - you did well to make it to that long..  O how I wish DS was only 9kg lol mind you we checked his weight when we were away and he is 12.56kg so he has slowed right down since getting to 12kg

Walking - not really happening but he is standing more and starting to let go of things

Thats about all, everyone is very quite??  Hope everyone is well

#8 ZombieFerretOfDoom

Posted 10 September 2010 - 10:42 PM

Had Ellie's one year health check today - she's 74cm tall, 45cm head circumference and 8.4kg weight.
She's bang on the 50th percentile for height and head but only on the 10th for weight.
So she's tall and skinny - looks like she'll be a supermodel LOL.
No concerns re the weight, she's been like this ever since she was born and is gaining weight steadily so looks like she's just a lean baby. Cameron's the same. Wish I knew where they got that from - certainly wasn't from me!

#9 Guest_ttgc_*

Posted 11 September 2010 - 09:16 AM

Gem - I had to check Chase's height for somthing last night and he is just off 90cm  ohmy.gif  ohmy.gif  ohmy.gif I am yet to pull his book out and see were this puts him lol  so glad he is going to be tall but this would be why we are growing out of pants so quick...

#10 ktgrouch

Posted 11 September 2010 - 09:36 AM

Tylie - holy moly! 90cm!!!! He is REALLY tall. Thats awesome! I always love having big kids because if they ever got sick and lost weight... it didn't matter! lol. Hope Chase and Taylor get better quickly.

Gem - Awwww she is so petite. original.gif I only have one kid that was ever anywhere near the 50th for weight at 12 months. Levi was sitting on the 50th for weight for a little while, but since he started solids he has started packing it on! Ebony was always my little one. But even she is on the 75th now! At least you know she is pretty consistent with her weight gain. Gorgeous little girl she is!

I am going to go and jump on DH to wake him up! I have been up since 5.30, did a bit on the rowing machine, had a shower and washed my hair..... and he is still asleep! Cheeky bugger.

#11 LittleMuffin

Posted 11 September 2010 - 09:50 AM

Morning! All this talk about height, thought Id measure Sophie! Very hard when she's running away from me hehe but I got 72cm and she's 9.2kg.

Tylie: Sorry that they're both sizk sad.gif Both my girls are daddy's girls!

Happy birthday to gorgeous little Kaitlyn xo

Gem: Aww Ellie must be such a cute little package!

Got lots to do today, lots of shopping, yay biggrin.gif

#12 RosieTea

Posted 11 September 2010 - 10:12 AM

Happy first birthday to


Have a great first day

#13 the4rugrats

Posted 11 September 2010 - 07:37 PM


#14 Guest_ttgc_*

Posted 12 September 2010 - 09:00 AM

Ok so I just check DS height as it seemed very tall lol its 86.2 so thats a bit better still tall tho...  I guess thats what I get for doing it in the dark while he was asleep lol

#15 the4rugrats

Posted 12 September 2010 - 12:51 PM

Heres our stats:

Weight: 6.1kg
Length: 66cm
Teeth: 6  and she bites  rant.gif
Milk: breastfeeds all the time, wont take a bottle yet, trying out different teats for something that works.
Solids: Breakfast, lunch, dinner
Sleeping: not many naps, mostly naps only while Im holding her. Night sleeps: 9ish-8ish, lately she's been waking 3amish and not going back to sleep...it takes 2 hrs of her grumping and fighting, makes me frustrated and tired myself.
Words: bub-bub, mum-mum. Doesnt now what it means yet though....we are working on her saying the word and recognising what it means. We started signing words too, she may learn to do that before talking.

#16 ktgrouch

Posted 12 September 2010 - 03:00 PM

Did a quick weigh and measure of Levi yesterday just to put my 2 cents worth in! lol.

Length - 76cm
Weight - 11kg
Crawling - 7 months
Standing - 8 months
Cruising - 9 months
Walking - couple of steps here and there but he is too lazy! ha ha.
Solids - 3 times a day, having trouble finding things he likes though. Never had a fussy eater before!!

Tylie - hee hee, that is still tall though! That is almost exactly what my DD1 was at 2!

Happy birthday to Kaitlyn, Lila, Cadence and Daniel! Sorry I am late and Sorry if I missed anyone!

Better get organised. I am exhausted but I promised DS1 I would take him on a 'date' this afternoon to timezone.... really can't be bothered but he is so excited! Im sure we will have fun original.gif

#17 Guest_ttgc_*

Posted 13 September 2010 - 07:23 AM

Kt - That is so cute going on a little date with your DS1,  DH and DD try to do it when he is home but most of the time its a trip to bunnings lol.  Yep he is tall when he is next to a 2yr old boy there is not much in the heght lol

Jo - Checky little monkey bitting....

HAPPY FIRST BIRTHDAY Kaitlyn, Lila, Cadence and Daniel.  And to the next few coming up original.gif

Yesterday we were down stairs and DD was bowling bubbles, DS was so into them he was just standing there and tried to take a step and the thought this is wrong and started crying lol... Then today he has started standing and letting go and standing on his own so I am hopping walking is not too far off as we start swimming lessons on the 14th and DD is first then its DS and I really wish I didn't have to get in with him but o well.... Sure he is just going to cry tho..  He loves the bath but when we went away and put him in the pool (heated) he just cried and cried...

Other then that DD is not much better yet DS seems better but still of his veg....  He had really good sleeps yesterday was back in bed at 8.30am then didn't wake till 1pm then back in bed at 2.30 and didn't wake till 5.50.... then was back in bed by 6.30...  and has been up since 6.30 so not too bad really.  I got so much done yesterday lol

Just waiting for DD to wake up and see how she is feeling not sure if I will send her to school see if the coughing keeps going, but she has been quite for a while so fingers crossed

#18 ~raindrops~on~roses~

Posted 13 September 2010 - 03:13 PM

Hi girls,

Been pretty hectic around here! Lila's party was on saturday (thanks for bday wishes!) and it went really well. Photo's on FB original.gif Despite her having (another!) cold, she really enjoyed it biggrin.gif

I'll have to check out her stats and come back with them...

Sorry to hear there are a few sick bubbas out there, we're all a bit fluey here sad.gif

Ness - WTG on the weight loss!! ddance.gif I haven't weighed myself in so long but I've been exercising more lately and feeling better for it so I guess that's something original.gif

Mel - Good luck with party season!!

Tylie - Where are you going for swimming lessons? My kids go to Oasis on a Tuesday. Lila starts next term, should be cute! Glad you had a nice holiday.

Jo - We have the biting issue a bit too. Bad when she wants to feed heaps but she's slowly doing it less. Great news about your son, hope the waiting list moves fast!

Caroline - AJ is so clever with all the words she says!

Tara - Must be nice having a girl who walks, no more dirty knees! I hope Lila isn't far off...

Gemma - Where are you? You haven't been in here much lately!

Who's done the 1yo needles? I'm usually very prompt and timely with needles but Lila isn't well so she can't have hers this week. And I'm doing a two week block of casual work starting next Monday so she'll just have to wait! I'm pretty nervous about the working thing... not the actual work, it's an old job of mine but can't figure out how I'll ever get out of the house on time and get home to make dinner and get the kids in bed before we all go insane! I'm going to make a few meals this week to freeze and use the slow cooker a bit I think. Anyway, the money will be handy for some reno's we want to do original.gif

Little miss just woke so I better go...


#19 ~*Ness~*

Posted 13 September 2010 - 10:34 PM

Jen frozen meals are the go, or things you can prepare the day before then just pop in the oven. I did a lasagna yesterday then just got dh to pop it in so dinner was ready when I got home. I also have things like Latina pastas in the freezer, u can cook it from frozen just add an extra min or so. The slow cookers good too if u can pop it on before you go. I haven't had time yet but it's in the plan!

Happy birthday to all the bubbas. Loving all the party pics on fb.

I have had a busy week. Miss almost 4 is driving me mad! Zara's at such a cute age I love this time. Her personality is really coming out now. I love that she understands so many things but can't speak yet it's gorgeous! I ask her questions like "where's your water" and she looks around till she sees it then points, nodds her head and grabs it. She answers heaps now the cutest is at nap time, I say "is it time for a sleep" and she nods her head! Then I pick her up and she waves good bye to Ava! When I'm getting her ready I say "are you going to have a big sleep for mummy" and the cheeky thing shakes her head! Haven't got stats for a while will update tomoz.

#20 Wild Strawberry

Posted 14 September 2010 - 11:26 AM

Hey girls original.gif

Happy Birthday to all the 1 yr olds!! I love first birthdays but they are so bittersweet....it really doesn't feel like a yr ago that i was waiting for my little man to arrive and was wondering if i would end up having him at home or not original.gif

Ness - I do love this age also. I have always said my fave age is 12-18months as they still have that cute babyness about them without too much of the toddler attitude (yet).

Jen - OMG you just reminded me that Isa han't even had his 4 month needles yet. Whoops. Will get them once he is over this cold. Good luck with work original.gif+

I was so sick all of last week and could barely move off the lounge. Was horrible esp looking after 3 kids sad.gif Today DS1 has couaght a bug, DS2 has been coughing for days as has DS3. Joy!

Isa and I are off to Sydney in a few days. Going to introduce my little man to his family. So excited but going to miss my big boys sooo much (and DH too). Have never been away from my big boys except i was away from DS2 for 2 days when DS2 was born but that's been it. Going to such a busy visit so sure it will go quickly and then i am flying back with my Mum who is coming over for Isa's 1st birthday biggrin.gif

Length - ??? will check today
Weight - 11kg
Crawling - 6.5 months
Standing - 7 months
Cruising - 8.5 months
Walking - Yes since 11 months
Solids - 3 times a day and morning/afternoon tea.

#21 minich

Posted 14 September 2010 - 11:49 AM

Hi all, Sorry to those who's birthdays I've missed. I hope your little ones had a great day.
We are all going well. I am getting huge (30wks  oomg.gif ) and have been having a bit of nerve pain in my back. I think it's from picking up Amelia all the time so I think she's better get those little feet moving ASAP. She is enjoying day care a lot more & is sleeping through the night again so all is good.
Our house guest has not been a problem. Him & DH go to work at 4:30am and don't usually get home to late & then he just hangs out in his room until dinner and back in there again so we hardley notice he is there. I'm still unsure as to what's going to happen when number 2 arrives.
C xo

#22 specialtreat

Posted 15 September 2010 - 04:32 PM

Happy belated Birthday to the ones I missed  sad.gif
This is  me post so please feel free to skip, I just need to have a cry  cry1.gif
My Week from last Wed to today has been sh*t!!!
I cleaned and scrubbed the house inside and out,including all the screen door tracks, all the windows cleaned out cupboards, pulled out all the old silicone and grout from both bathrooms and replaced with new grout and silicone, I did the whole lot so DH would have a sparkling clean home to come home to and not have to do anything but relax and enjoy time with his family,because he was away at work for Chloe's Birthday day, his birthday and fathers day...but did he appreciate it?? NO he did not  nno.gif  rant.gif (even though I hurt my arm and wrist doing all this....instead
Dh came home in a foul mood and we all coped the silent treatment, which I am really having trouble coping with sad.gif
Then on Friday I reversed over our puppy dog TEDDY ssorry.gif cry1.gif sad.gif   so that was a BAD morning having to rush him to the vets and my DH rant.gif didn't even offer to help me...he knew I had a sore arm and he could see I was shaken up and I had 2 little ones in the car with me..but he just went inside and left me to deal with it on my own...I was on my way to take Mr 3 to his Physio appointment, so I missed that one sad.gif
So after the vets (I had to leave Teddy there for xray's) I decided to go visit my mum...and there was my MIL sitting there winging about me to MY mother. FFS!!! (She has not been near our house for 4 months and didn't even bother to come to her only granddaughters Birthday party sad.gif ) so I sorted her out...I was not in any mood to have everything blamed on me! I was not nasty, I just told her to grow up and stop sulking like a child and that I was NOT and will NOT ever stop her from seeing her grandchildren and she was welcomed at our home just to ring me first!

Got home and DH decides that he doesn't want to do this anymore   oomg.gif  cry1.gif
I was so upset that I packed everything I could get my hands on, into the car to leave...and he wasn't trying to stop us nno.gif ddown.gif mad.gif   he was prepared to watch his family walk out and not come back sad.gif
I didn't leave....I have already had one failed marriage but that jerk was unfaithful...and I don't want to give up on this one  nno.gif  but how do I get someone to open up and talk when they don't want too? This is not just a recent thing either, it has been about 4 years that we have struggled through but the communication is getting worse...I don't know if I could even get him to go and see a councillor sad.gif  
My life is really turning to sh*t ATM sad.gif
You don't have to reply and I will probably delete anyway...I am not normally the kind of person to speak about my personal failings especially on an open to all forum...I just feel so lost sad.gif
Oh and now we have to go back on the waiting list for the physio because I didn't give them 24hrs notice of not being able to make our appointment... cry1.gif rant.gif  
My life really sucks right now  sad.gif
Lucky I have great kids that keep me smiling...Chloe is just the light of my life she is such an angel and she is walking now, no more crawling for her.
My older 2 are a big help (when they are not fighting with each other) and the 2 middle boys are just typical 5 and 3 yr olds.They know something is going on and keep hugging me and won't leave my side...but aren't playing up too much for me.

#23 ~*Ness~*

Posted 15 September 2010 - 05:45 PM

Aww Sherri big hugs to you. Sounds like a really tough time. I don't have much advice on dealing with DH mines pretty bad at the moment too. Same old thing and he won't do anything, would never get him to counseling, when we are arguing and I'm telling him things need to change he tells me the doors right there, say bye to the kids and off you go.

#24 RosieTea

Posted 15 September 2010 - 09:50 PM

Sherri - big hugs, it must be hard for him to be working away. councelling sounds like the key, do you think he may be depressed?

gotta go and clean, but will be back later

#25 minich

Posted 15 September 2010 - 10:47 PM

Sherri - You've already been through so much I know marriage problems are the last thing you need. I know personally that marriage is hard work and especially when you feel like the only one working at it. It's when the times are hard that your required to give more love (even when what your feeling is more like the opposite) Thanks for coming and sharing with us, I'm sure we've all been through something similar at some stage. You are right about 1 thing, that Chloe is an angel. I hope your DH shapes up soon.
Gotta go, am sort of hooked on Farmer Wants A Wife.
C xo

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