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September 09 Parents # 33

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#26 mlto

Posted 15 September 2010 - 10:52 PM

Sherri you poor thing, it must be so hard for you. I hope you can sort it all out, men dont seem to see things the way we do hey.
As for your MIL  rant.gif How is your puppy???

Coop has his appointment to check his head on Friday. Im hoping it is all ok! I can feel a line in his skull near where the soft spot was which was the indication he had a skull fracture. The soft spot is gone now, but this line I can feel has me a little worried.

But on a good note he is taking steps! He took 5 on Monday night and tonight he walked from my room to the bathroom (about 3 steps)!!! He LOVES his baths, I tell him it is bath time and he goes to his room, if I have his washing on the floor he picks up a random piece of clothing and crawls off to the bathroom and waits for me lol

Anyways better go cos it has been a bad night already and he will probably wake as soon as I am asleep!

#27 Wild Strawberry

Posted 16 September 2010 - 01:11 AM

Sherri  bbighug.gif No advice but am thinking of you. Hope your puppy is ok, good on your for standing up to your MIL & hope you can get your DH to talk.

#28 ktgrouch

Posted 16 September 2010 - 05:50 PM

Oh Sherri. I am so sorry you are going through so much crap at the moment. I am terrible at giving advice so I won't try. But please feel free to come and vent as much as you want. Thats what we are here for. To support each other when we can't turn to anyone else. I hope your puppy is ok. And I am so glad Chloe and your other beautiful kids are lighting up your life!!!   hhugs.gif  Fingers crossed your DH sorts himself out and you can start working things out.

Tylie - How is Chase now? Are you still at the hospital getting him checked out?

Mel - Go Cooper! He will be walking in no time.  cclap.gif  Hope the appointment to check his head goes well.

Ness - I love this age too. Where they can interact with you but can't talk back! hee hee.

Thought I had a while to do this post but apparently Levi has other ideas! Better go and sort him out.

#29 cazbabslong

Posted 16 September 2010 - 09:30 PM

Sherri Sorry this has all happened! We all go through crap times. DH and I were at this stage just before I got preg with Soph. Men just dont open up and talk. I have no advice sorry!! Is the puppy ok?

Soph's birthday tomorrow!!! Cant believe she is !. The boys gave her their pressies tonight bc we have Nathans party tomorrow (2 weeks late bc I didnt book in time!) and I am working tomorrow, so feel even crappier. Like others mentioned, this is a great age. She is def the light of my life!!! Until she can argue back anyway!! We are having a family party for her next weekend as my parents are away this weekend.

Last week of my 12 week challenge and I feel pretty good, altho got a box of chocs from a teacher at DS school bc I gave her Sophies steriliser, so we all been pigging out!!

Birthday hugs to all I have missed!!


#30 specialtreat

Posted 17 September 2010 - 12:45 AM

Caz yes Puppy *Teddy* is just fine, luckily his 2 front legs weren't broken (how they didn't break is a miracle)but they still had to put him under to take xrays and they desexed him at the same time, then they splinted and bandaged his 2 front legs and sent home a wire Dog crate for him to spend 10 days in ohmy.gif he is not meant to put and pressure on his front legs at all which is sooooo hard  sad.gif but he is making a speedy recovery original.gif

Ness Thanks for your honesty, makes me feel a little better that I'm not the only one who's husband talks about thee *door*!
It is a horrible feeling when your DH is prepared to watch you ewalk out the door and not be begging for you to stay and work things out sad.gif

Caroline I am hooked on Farmer wants a wife too  original.gif

Paula my DH lost his position at work when the ecconomical down turn hit Australia and his wage dropped by over half  sad.gif and I think this is when he might have started to feel really depressed but he won't admit it and sadly, very sadly I think I have buckly's chance of getting him to go and seek help  nno.gif

Chloe hasn't had her 12 month needles yet sad.gif  I am so slack. I will have to remember to make an appointment for her to get them.
School holidays start tomorrow yippee...not!
My friend I mentioned a few weeks ago, well the DH of the *other* woman has been sending threats to her and her DH (they have decided to try and work things out) anyway the other DH rang my friend's DH with a message to "kiss K.....(the wife) goodbye...Kiss DS 1 goodbye, Kiss DS 2 goodbye, Kiss DD 1 goodbye,Kiss DD 2 goodbye and kiss DD3 Goodbye... and know that they and I are going to have some fun in heaven...I'm coming to F@#$*n get them!" ffear.gif oomg.gif
Luckily My friends DH had enough sense to put him on speaker and tape the message. So they piled the kids in to the car and we got them to safty and rang the police who amazingly turned up rather fast, but he never showed up...sad thing is all of the kids involved are all friends that go to the same schools and kids from the other family know what is going on but my friends kids do not know the truth of what is happening. So my friend has pulled her 5 out of school a week early and sent them away to her parents for school holidays... I am so scared for her ...this other guy is crazy enough to turn up and just blow everyone to pieces...very scary...

Oh and here are the photo's of Chloe's room finally finished (almost) but she is in it Yeay  ddance.gif  The day after she turned 1  original.gif  just have to wait for the floor tileing to be done which will be Christmas school holidays as we only have the one guy her who does cork tiling and he is flat out. but Chloe is in her very own room biggrin.gif

#31 specialtreat

Posted 17 September 2010 - 12:48 AM

oops won't let me post the last photo sad.gif
Right best be off to bed now Nearly 1 am I really should be trying to get some sleep..

#32 minich

Posted 17 September 2010 - 10:58 PM

Sherri - Chloes room looks great. I'd bet your glad it's nearly finished. Is that her big girl bed in the corner or is she sharing. What a scarey situation for your friend and very sad for the kids. I hope the psycho guy is just all talk, still very frightening though.
Caz - Happy birthday Sophie.
and happy birthday to my Amelia. 9pm and I am so exhausted but at least the house is clean & I just need to pack ready for our trip to Perth to do it all over again tomorrow with DH family. Will stop back in next week if I have time & post a few pics.
C xo

#33 specialtreat

Posted 18 September 2010 - 02:45 PM

Happy Birthday Amelia
No Chloe isn't sharing, the bed is in there for me, for when I had to get up and feed during the night,which I never got to do considering MIL was in there and Chloe has only just gone in there. I just didn't feel like pulling the bed down and storing it elsewhere  laugh.gif
hope everyone is having a good weekend  original.gif

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#34 the4rugrats

Posted 18 September 2010 - 08:28 PM

HAPPY 1st BIRTHDAY SOPHIE both for yesterday

Sherri: Sorry that you are having such a hard time at the moment.  hhugs.gif Have you thought about writing your DH a letter, letting him know how you're feeling, how you see the marriage going and what you would like him to do etc, etc.  Maybe give it to him before he leaves next work cycle so he has plenty of time to read and reflect IYKWIM, maybe go to a Counsellor for yourself too, you need someone impartial to talk to. As for not helping with the pup and therefore missing out on the physio I would be furious, that was about his child, no wonder you couldnt take anymore! Good on you for standing up to you MIL, did your mum defend you as well?  hhugs.gif
I have a DH who wont discuss certain things either, if I bring up anything (recently about Trudi lol) that he doesnt want to hear, he walks out saying I dont want to know about it. But I want to discuss it, I need someone to talk to about it, things worry me and I need to know that we are on the same page, if the worst happens I would want to be united.  He also has his sulking moods...silent treatment, lays in bed all day... they normally are related to DTD and how he doesnt get it when he wants! LOL  That really annoys the heck outta me.
On a brighter note, love the room you did a great job  original.gif  Love the mauve colour.

Not much from me lately..... Trudis hasnt had her 12 month needles yet either, but we've been a couple of weeks late with all of them. She had to get a blood test done the other day. It makes me want to cry as it takes so long for them to find a vein they are so small. She just laid there not crying or anything while they had the needle inserted in her arm wiggling it around for a good 5 minutes. Then they took it out and tried to use the other arm, but couldnt even feel a vein. They had to get in another person, who went back to the original arm and tried again on that side, she eventually found it and got enough blood, without it coagulating. All the while Trudi just laid there trying to bite/lick the tourniquet. They said with DS babies/kids its like they are finding a thread of cotton rather than a piece of string, but its over for 6 months.... then we'll be doing it all again!
I have finally got around to putting up pics of Trudis 1st birthday on facebook... http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=2798...mp;l=1a22b08de6  Hope that link works.
Today we went to the nearby markets, as DS2 and DD1 wanted to see Callum from masterchef. They got his autograph, said hello and had a pic with him.  biggrin.gif  DD1 is taking it to school on Wednesday for her show and tell.

We've still got a week before our school holidays.  biggrin.gif on still having a week  cry1.gif because a week goes so fast.  LOL

#35 ~gemma~

Posted 20 September 2010 - 10:39 AM

Im baaaaacccckkkk LOL

Sherri ~ bbighug.gif i dont know what to say, sorry. I hope you guys can sort it all out though. Chloe's room looks great, i wish we could do the rooms up here but renting puts a big downer on that!1

Jen ~ Have been offline due to moving and could only get onto FB on my phone, wouldnt let me come in here

Ok i know im slack, but i  have tooo much to catch up on so will just leave it and start fresh from here biggrin.gif

Kaitlyn had her party on Saturday, she got NINE summer outfits, plus 3 extra tshirts and toys. Plus i have 4 outfits on layby for her so i think she is covered for summer now.

She is full on walking now, only time she crawls is to get up steps. She is growing up way too fast.

All going well pregnancy wise, 25weeks and 5 days today, 13 weeks and 1 day to go hopefully.

Ok im way out of practice and keep stuffing up the spelling so will BBL biggrin.gif

#36 ~raindrops~on~roses~

Posted 20 September 2010 - 04:21 PM

Sherri - I am so sorry to hear about your DH. It astounds me someone could behave like that and be so unhelpful nno.gif Glad your pup is recovering well. Life just sounds so hard at the moment hhugs.gif Chloe's room looks amazing btw! And well done on all that house cleaning! I bet it feels great, I hope you can enjoy it, even if it went unappreciated by others!

Ness - Sorry to hear things aren't the greatest with your DH either sad.gif I'm shocked he could say such things!

Caroline - Glad the birthday season is going well. I love Farmer wants a wife too! I'm trying to convince my cousin to go on it but he's too young and not desperate enough he says!

Mel - Let us know how Coop's head is! Be nice to know when he's in the clear yyes.gif When are we having this catch up??

Gem - In case I don't get on FB, I'll just let you know here that unfortunately we can't make Ellie's party sad.gif Life is just too hectic at the moment! Hope it's a great day though!

Jo - Speaking of Masterchef, did  you watch junior masterchef? I'm amazed at what those kids can do!!  Poor Trudi with the blood test, sounds horrible but at least she's so relaxed about it! I haven't taken Lila for her needles yet because she's got a cold and now I'm working for two weeks, then away for 1, it'll have to wait...

Gemma - Great to 'see' you! Can't believe how fast your pregnancy is going!

Why are so many babies walking and mines not?? I honestly thought she would be by now! She can walk holding just one hand and can stand a moment on her own but then lowers herself down to the ground laughing2.gif Guess there's no rush... but camping season is starting up and it'd be nice for her to be up out of the dirt!
Missing my kids today as it's my first day of full time work for 2 weeks. The day is going fairly fast though, thankfully! I better get back to it....


#37 mlto

Posted 20 September 2010 - 09:52 PM

Hi everyone!

Sherri your pics look great! Love Chloes room!

Gemma Wow Kaitlyn is set now! Glad everythings going well original.gif You all settled in the new house now?

Jen We'll have to organise it now I reckon! I am happy to have it here if people want to travel out here original.gif My house is pretty kid friendly original.gif

Well we got to the appointment 3 minutes late (Thank you M4 and accidents!) waited 40 minutes and we didnt even sit down in the doctors office. He felt Coopers head and said yep all good. WTF! I was expecting xrays and I was told that he may need monitoring as his head grows and apparently not according to this guy. I don't feel happy considering there was no xrays done! But the lumps gone and his head is hard again. Maybe I should trust him???
So all of 3 seconds and we were out of there. We got to the car with 3 mins to spare before it cost us more lol.

He has started to walk now, not full on walking but will walk around the lounge room and out to the kitchen! He is quite proud of himself. He is sleeping much better, he gets very cranky if he isnt in the bath by 630 which makes it hard with dinner etc, but generally he is in bed by 8 and wakes at 6. Some nights he has woken and come into my bed and slept through.

Ok I forget what I was going to say (old age lol) so I will leave it there original.gif


#38 ~raindrops~on~roses~

Posted 21 September 2010 - 04:17 PM

Michelle - Glad the dr said Coop's ok, but I'd probably just get a second opinion if you're unsure? I'm happy to come to your place, not far for me! I'm busy til after 10 October that's all...

Happy birthday to all out little bubbas too!!!

Gemma - 1st birthdays are great for getting bub set up for the next year. I feel terrible that the party seems like a gift grab, but it really is handy! Lila got lots of lovely outfits too. I found with Riley that he got lots of clothes for 1st birthday but none for 2nd! I love them getting clothes coz they're always lovely outfits and then I only have to buy the cheap everyday stuff biggrin.gif


#39 minich

Posted 21 September 2010 - 10:16 PM

Gemma - Good to see you back, I was wondering where you got too.
Mel - No harm in getting a 2nd opinion if your concerned. Good to hear you got the all clear though.
Jen - Amelia is the same with her walking. With much coercing she has taken her first steps and done it with ease but she does still not want to walk. She has also gone from crawling to shuffling around on her bum  unsure.gif
We had our 12months needles today and went better than expected. Her face screwed up after the first one, then she let out a huge cry when the second one went into her arm but as soon as it was over she had forgotton all about it.
C xo

#40 ~raindrops~on~roses~

Posted 22 September 2010 - 04:33 PM

Now that I'm sitting at a computer all day and am able to pop in here more, it's become apparent to me that this thread moves slowly!!!

#41 RosieTea

Posted 23 September 2010 - 05:51 PM

Happy belated birthday to Miss Zara

Happy birthday for Levi for today.

I can't believe our little ones are 1 - well Mitty will be in a few days, how quickly the year has gone.

#42 ~raindrops~on~roses~

Posted 24 September 2010 - 04:31 PM

Hey Paula, did I read somewhere that you make your own yoghurt? Can you tell me how it works? I had been thinking about doing it and then saw that Aldi have a 'yoghurt maker' in their catalogue this week. Just wonder if I'll need to continually buy sachets or something?


#43 Wild Strawberry

Posted 25 September 2010 - 09:52 AM

Hey girls original.gif

I am back from Sydney original.gif Spent 4 days there with Isa and was great to see family/friends but it was SO busy. My little man coped really well being away from his dad & brothers & being dragged around to all these strange places. Was great for him to meet his great grandparents. Took him to the Dr the day before we flew out as he had a temp for the previous 3 days and was coughing and he said he had an ear & lung infection sad.gif and not to fly!!!! Took him to another Dr and she said he would be fine with panadol & antibiotics. He was so great on both flights thankfully!!! Was good for DH to watch the boys and house as he has seen it's not as easy as it looks  roll2.gif

Would have been so nice to meet up with the Sydney girls but i didn't get to see all my family & friends as it was sad.gif Will be back in about a year i think so will stay for longer next time.

Can't believe our babies are turning 1!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY to all those that have had their birthdays already. Isa will be 1 on Monday so need to get organised for his party!! I just love this age. He is SO cute and interested in everything around him. Just loving him to bits atm. I have always said my fave age is 12-18 months as they still have that babyness about them without too much toddler attitude (although Isaacs new thing when he is told no is the lay on the ground and cry).

My little man is also starting to sleep through again!!! I am in shock. He started just before Sydney and then woke once a night there but the last 2 nights back home he is sleeping through again. REALLY hope he keeps it up.

No time for personals as have a house to tidy (since it wasn't kept that tidy while i was away  laughing2.gif), think about what food to serve at Isa's party and decide what cake to cook. Ekkk!!! Plus i have to work tonight and have a 5th birthday to go to tomorrow.


#44 ~raindrops~on~roses~

Posted 27 September 2010 - 09:41 AM

Jo - Glad you had a good time away and yay on the sleep!! It's very sporadic at my place... we're getting more and more good nights but we often have at least 1 child waking each night...

I cannot believe no-one posted over the weekend! Do you ladies have lives??? It was lovely weather, hope you were all out enjoying it original.gif

DH worked Saturday but I had a nice day with the kids after work all week. Did 5 loads of washing, cleaned the house and did groceries... strangely it felt good to do these normal things after not being able to all week! Spent a nice day in the sunshine with DH and kids yesterday, put up our camper trailer to air out a bit and make the bed, getting ready for camping season (ie - now til May or so....)

Finally having some progress with DS and TT. He was 3 in July so I'm so pleased it's finally happening! Though more slowly than I would have liked.... progress is progress!

Exciting news.... Lila took two steps yesterday! Not really by her choice, I sneakily let go of her and she took the two necessary steps to get to me, but I still count them as steps biggrin.gif


Edited by ~raindrops~on~roses~, 27 September 2010 - 09:43 AM.

#45 RosieTea

Posted 27 September 2010 - 10:03 AM

Happy birthday Issac

Just a quick one from me, have been up at the hospital with Lachlan with a viral infection, was vomiting since 3am yesterday and couldn't keep anything down

#46 the4rugrats

Posted 28 September 2010 - 12:04 PM

WOW its been quiet in here.
Happy Birthday to the bubs I've missed.

Well I've been busy with nappy hunting this month and have found enough for all the prizes, except the extreme first prize and with only a couple of days left, I'm not sure I'll be able to figure the 2 I need.

School holidays have started now, so I'll probably be pulling my hair out really soon! biggrin.gif

As some of you know, we will be doing this years 'Buddy walk', it's a walk that raises awareness for Down syndrome as well as funds for our states DSAssociation.  If you would like to donate here's her page! original.gif  http://www.thankq.net.au/tq_community_dsyn...ef=TT103798%2F0  It only takes credit card, if you would like to donate, and dont have a card we can work out another way, just pm me. original.gif

Sorry gtg.... DH is wanting to go out and I need to get ready, will BBL.

#47 RosieTea

Posted 28 September 2010 - 05:56 PM

Thanks Jo for Mitchell's birthday wishes

I think I am in total denial that he is one... He's had a great day original.gif and so have we..

I'll up load a pic of him later.

I'm going away now for 3 weeks up to Brisbane can't wait to see my family and bestfriends, it's been 17 months since I last saw them and none of them have met Mitty yet.

So if  get a chance to pop in I will otherwise will catch up on facebook


Happy birthday Mitty Moo... We love you

#48 ZombieFerretOfDoom

Posted 28 September 2010 - 10:04 PM

Just a quick one from me - had Ellie's birthday party on the weekend and just wanted to post a couple of photos of my birthday girl... will BBL with more, my parents are staying at the moment and I get accused of being anti-social if I'm on the computer for too long LOL

#49 minich

Posted 28 September 2010 - 11:24 PM

Happy birthday to all those I've missed, Zara, Levi, Mitchell, Isacc & Ellie. My internet's been down for a few days & it seems like ages since I've been on but good to see I haven't missed much. Not much new for us, Amelia has her car seat now forward facing & I love that all I need to do is tilt the rear view mirror to see her. All is going well pregnancy wise and I am happy to report that I have only gained 6kgs so far (but I did start out 6kgs heavier) Anyway I feel heaps healthier this time around and not so bloated and puffy.
C xo

#50 ~*Ness~*

Posted 28 September 2010 - 11:30 PM


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