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February 2009 Parents # 60

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#26 tashi2

Posted 15 September 2010 - 01:16 PM

congratulations ineke on the arrival of your big boy

white-lily - so glad the house settled. I hope shae is feeling better

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#27 JoRiCo

Posted 15 September 2010 - 02:59 PM

Congratulations Ineke and family on the arrival of Kurt!
Wow he was a good size original.gif

waves.gif everyone!!!

#28 summerbub

Posted 15 September 2010 - 08:12 PM

Oh wow I missed that one!! Congratulations Ineke, Gavin, and Sijb on the birth of Kurt!!
Wow did your OB say anything about his size? He is already bigger than Eden laughing2.gif She's just hit 7lb 7oz!

Oh my gawd I'm so bloody confused. I took Eden to the GP today for her review of how the Losec is going for her Silent Reflux....
Dr visit was all good, we decided to up the dose by 50% as Eden has shown great improvement, but still has issues with laying on her back.
Anyhow, DR and I are talking about doses and calculations etc, and she asked me to check the label of my bottle of Losec that the compounding pharmacy made up for Eden to see if it was 1mg/1ml ratio... if so we were giving the correct dosage.
I get home and check the bottle... and it is 5mg/1ml - so it seems like we are giving her 5 times the amount intended! Dr says to DECREASE dose back to 0.5ml, and I told her I was going to call the pharmacy to check that it wasn't just a labelling error.
So I call the pharmacy, they said that the GP had made an error, a regular dose is between 1-2ml twice daily so it seems okay....
I ring back doc, she gets cranky about pharmacy changing her prescription (unauthorised etc) and tells me that the dosage she prescribed was correct...
This goes round and round and now pharmacy is trying to get a hold of doc who isn't returning their calls (cause she is p'd off with them I guess!)

So now I have no idea what dose I should be giving Eden. Tonight I decreased the dose to 0.5ml, and will wait for a call from the GP and/or Pharmacy in the morning. ARGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Betta go...................

ETA - Dannii, your new sig is GORGEOUS!

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#29 Skyjay

Posted 15 September 2010 - 10:23 PM

Congratulations Ineke, Gavin & Sijb on the safe arrival of Kurt.

Oh Robyn, no wonder your confused. It's a wonder the pharmacist didn't contact your doctor initially. I think I would be cutting back until you get the right answers too.

Suzanne -  happy to hear settlement went thru.

Tina - hope Jarvis is eating better for you.

Sue - hope Spencer is feeling better

AFU - Indi is sick again. I am just so over winter & germs in general. She just got over her last cold when down she comes with a shocking cough & runny nose. Thankfully she is still sleeping & is generally happy etc, but now I have the cough & it's driving me insane. I don't remember SJ picking up this many germs.

Poor Indi ended up with a blood nose last night. She slipped over & headbutted the tv unit. Almost dejevu (sp) for me as I did something similar when I was 2.5 and I broke my nose. Of course I blame it all on DH as I was out and he was looking after the kids. Anyway she is ok, thankfully cause DH would have been in big trouble!!!!!

Better get off to bed, although each night I say Im going to get an early night, midnight always is just around the corner!!!!

#30 LittleDCJ

Posted 15 September 2010 - 11:37 PM

Robyn - DH is a pharmacist and he has just checked his handbook and this is what they recommend:

If the child is less than 10kg the maximum dosage is 5mg per day.  If your bottle is labelled as 5mg/ml then giving her a 1ml is giving her 5mg which is the maximum she can have per day.  If it's only 1mg/ml and you are giving her 1ml so is only getting 1mg which is okay but we don't know if it's enough to relieve her symptoms.  So you really need clarification on the actual concentration you have been given.

#31 summerbub

Posted 16 September 2010 - 09:42 AM

Thanks Tina original.gif . This would mean that she has been having 10mg per day - 2 x 1ml (5mg/1ml) doses. oomg.gif

#32 PrincessCupcake

Posted 16 September 2010 - 02:26 PM

Congratulations Ineke on the arrival of your baby boy!  

Congratulations to Jo on the arrival of little Hannah too!

Danni - I find it so hard to fit study in too. I wonder sometimes if I will ever finish this course.

Jen - I love your sig pic, it is so colourful, and the kids are gorgeous too

Robyn - How awfully confusing for you with the Losec. I am glad it is working well for Eden. My eldest son had silent reflux and he suffered terribly with it. Mylanta worked for instant relief but was so temporary. William had reflux and he spat up until 3 weeks after his first birthday. Losec did nothing for him, but he did settle easier once I cut dairy from my diet. Any way, reflux is a buggar of a thing so I am glad you found a solution, hopefully you can get the dose worked out though.

Tina - it is so sad when relationships break up on everyone concerned. I hope you work something out with a gp.

Well last time I posted I mentioned my shocker of a day with William. But to date there have been no more allergic reactions for him. Which in one way is good but on the other hand is really annoying because we have no idea what caused it.

Oliver had his paediatricians check up again yesterday and was weighed and measured. Looks like he is going to be a tall boy. 12.5kgs and 88 cms. He looks good too I must say, not skinny but not a chubba either even the paediatrician commented on how good he looks. He has a lovely skin tone too which I am very jealous of considering I have lily white pommy skin. Oliver is already tanned even though he has spent no time in the sun.

The doctor is happy with his breathing, and although he still snores it isn't as bad as it used to be and is quite light snoring now. He rarely purrs like he used to and no more wheezing or stridor, but then he has been very healthy this winter too.

On the down side he is way behind with his development, and reading through all these posts and seeing how everyone's toddler is going is a little, I don't know, bittersweet maybe. Glad to see everyone doing so well, but sad too because Olive, isn't doing any of that. He really does appear like a regular little toddler. He walks and plays but he has a few little querky behaviours, he is uptight, he is only affectionate on his terms, violent temper tantrums, and he is obsessed with flaps or doors on toys and it is nothing for him to sit there for an hour concentrating on opening and closing a flap/door. The dr has said either the little querks will dissappear over the next year or so or become more obvious. He mentioned again that if they don't settle down he will have him assessed for autism in about 6-8 months. He still isn't talking either. So Robyn the fact that Noah can't count to 20 I am sure is nothing to worry about. sounds like he is doing well. Oliver only says. Ummm sometimes Mum but I think that is by accident now and he isn't really meaning me, he says owww but not for any reason it is just noise and he says arrr. but these are just all babble.

anyway, I had better sign off. I have got to get ready for work. I am so over it at the moment. working 3-7pm today and I hate these sorts of hours, usually today is my day off so I am feeling a little resentful that I have to go in. I will be fine when I get there I am sure, but if I don't get a bonus this year for all the muck about with my hours I will not be happy. Feeling a little used and abused at the moment.

LOL... ok I had my whinge, shall put a smile on my face, some lippy and my uniform and skip of to work now.

#33 tinkster23

Posted 16 September 2010 - 03:42 PM

Teresa- really quickly cos Jack has just woken up....he doesn't talk either, he says mum and deee (my mum) and thats it.

Please try not to stress too much, give it 6 months and then assess the situation  bbighug.gif

#34 White-Lily

Posted 17 September 2010 - 09:51 AM

Teresa bbighug.gif hope work wasn't too awful the other night! I don't blame you for being a bit resentful, they are rubbish hours and you surely deserve a bonus for putting up with them!
So glad that William hasn't had any more allergic reactions but i know what you mean about it being annoying that you can't find out what caused it. It took a while to work out that Shae is allergic to suncream, or at least something in it. Hopefully it will be something he will grow out of? We think Shae's reaction is more of a sensitive skin thing than an actual allergic reaction! How do you keep a fair child from burning when you cant put suncream on her!!
I also hope Oliver grows out of his quirky habits and it is nothing more than that. But at least his Dr is being pro-active and not just sweeping your concerns under the rug. Great news that his breathing is much better! He sounds a lot like Shae with his stats too, She is about 12.5-13kg and 88cm tall at her last check up, tho she has just had (another) growth spurt and may be more like 90cm maybe now, all i know if she is almost too tall to walk under the kitchen bench now when a month ago she had heaps of room

Robyn i hope you get Eden's dosage worked out. How did Eden go with the decreased dosage?

Skyjay hope Indi is feeling better soon and you too! I am also one who is over winter and all it brings with it, i cant wait for some warmer weather. Glad she is ok after her fall

AFU we co-slept the night before last night from about 3.30am and i have a black eye to show for it thanks to my lovely daughter freaking out when DH came in to wake us up for work/daycare. Someone needs to remind me when she wakes up in the middle of the night NOT to lay down with her. I either get hit in the face or spewed on, neither are nice ways to wake up. Oh well, we did get some sleep which is the main thing right? I will just tell everyone i 'walked into a door' LOL

#35 pink

Posted 17 September 2010 - 10:08 AM

Teresa -  bbighug.gif  you poor thing. I hope you can find some way of not stressing too much about Oliver for the next 6 months, I'm sure thats as impossible as it sounds but he really is still young and things may change. If not then you should be able to see a clearer picture of what is going on for him by then anyway.

Suzanne - have you tried Banana boat sunscreen on Shae? I have a niece who always reacted badly to sunscreen and still does to a lot of things but Banana boat sunscreen was always the best for her. She was the same, more like sensitive skin rather than allergic reaction but still bad! Your poor eye!!! I hope it doesnt last too long.

Robyn - I hope you managed to get Edens meds sorted. Sounds really silly of the pharmacy to have made up a different strength from the prescription.

I am loving being a mum of 4 original.gif I must say Hannah has totally just fitted in to our family and is a very cruisy baby. She feeds 2-3 hourly during the day and goes from 10pm to 5am then 8am overnight so I am feeling pretty good. Jack still adores her  wub.gif  and gets in for a kiss and cuddle whenever her can. The older kids are just starting to pick her up a little and love to have a cuddle too

Will be off next weekend for a visit with my family. I am taking the kids on my own as DP goes back to work tomorrow night. Just in time for school holidays!! lol at least I wont have to get dressed in the mornings if I dont want to Tounge1.gif

need to go grocery shopping today before I have all the kids home for the week. Better get lots of food!!! lol we took them all shopping last night which was interesting. Felt like the Brady bunch!! lol even had to take 2 cars cos we cant all fit in 1 anymore! hopefully only another couple of months and we can buy a bigger one original.gif

better go get organised, still havent got used to how long it takes to get 2 small people ready!

#36 LEGs-R-US

Posted 19 September 2010 - 08:41 PM

Ineke - congrats on the birth of beautiful Kurt.  I love the name.  On of my first boyfriends (in grade two) was called Kurt  biggrin.gif .  I actually liked it for Liam BUT then I thought of the sound of music link and thought better not with a Gretel already.  Bummer about retaining the placenta again... do they know if you were to go for a third if you would have the same problem.  So glad the Kurt is a happy baby now that you've got the supply going with the formula.  

Suzanne - Gretel and Mark have hideous skin!!!!  They have eczema really bad and anything from the water temperature to chemicals in the water cause their skin to react. If you go to a skin specialist you can actually get prescribed sunsreen.  Be warned though... we pay like $30 for a small tube.  But I'd prefer it to not cause her skin to go red.

PINK - sounds like adding another one to the tribe has been a wonderful experience.. so cute that Jack wants to spend every moment with her.  Must say I wouldn't be loving the thought of having all the kids and bubs first time without DH  - sounds like school holidays weren' the best timed.  Am sure your parents will love the visit.

Teresa - it is utterly ridiculous.... nurses are in such huge demand that you should be getting what ever shift/pay and hours you ask for.

Summerbub - hope you get teh dosage sorted... when i started reading it was sounding like someone was negligent but from now after reading it three times I'm still not exactly sure who is wrong.  

Had a lovely weekend.  DH gave me Saturday off so my sister and I went to the target manchester sale and then to Floriade again.  It was a lovely day... so nice to see the sun shining in Canberra. Now that I've had this Saturday off I'm waiting for the 'can I have next Saturday off' spiel because that is when the AFL final is.  I don't mind but he hasn't said a thing and I am just waiting for it.  

Went to the Raiders on Friday which was good.  Of course Canberra lost but the atmosphere was lovely.  

Off to search Melbourne rental property... hope something comes up soon that I like! I know we aren't going to move until January (Mark will move earlier if we can find something we love) but I'd love to book something in.  Problem is everything seems to be available now and when you are an organiser/planenr that is rather annoying.

#37 PrincessCupcake

Posted 21 September 2010 - 10:54 AM

Theresa - yes the plan is to give Oliver another 6-8 months to see if he grows out of his little querky behaviours or not. But likely we will start speech pathology in January. I have been all through it once before with my eldest. 5 years of speech pathology, once a fortnight. But with him he was at least saying a few words by this age, at two and a half he just didn't string anything together. Even at 4 he couldn't form a proper sentence. Does Jack follow instruction ok? Oliver is a bit hit and miss, he understands bathtime, and lets go and probably a few other little things. But if I ask him to get his shoes or his dummy he will just look at me like I am talking gibberish or something.

Suzanne -LOL at you telling everyone you walked into a door rather than your daughter beating you. I am shocked to read Shae is allergic to sunscreen. Is she very fair?

Jo - glad to hear Hannah has joined the family so effortlessley. Being a mum of 4 is alot of work, but it is great too having such a big family. Have you been out on your own with the 4 of them yet? My 4 are generally all ok when we are out, it is just the comments from people when I am out with them. In and out of every shop someone always asks "Are they all yours?" "You have your hands full" But then I have all boys so I guess it is a bit more of a spectacle for some.  blink.gif

Ineke - Well done on delivering naturally, sorry to hear about the blood transfusion. How are your iron levels? I lost 2 litres with Jacob but my iron levels were really good after my transfusion so I probably didn't get knocked about too badly. But I can imagine if they are fairly low after the transfusion and having to look after two little kids could be a bit draining.

Jen - LOL at the thought of  you naming your kids after the Von Trapp children. You could of had a real theme going there,  you just need to have a few more children.

As for me, well I have taken a carers leave day today and yesterday. I was supposed to deliver a training session yesterday and again today but luckily one of my colleagues is more than happy to cover me so I am very lucky. Alex has been really sick since Saturday with a throat infection and bronchitus. Sat, Sun and yesterday his temperature was between 38-39 degrees and yesterday he was delirous and complaining that the tv kept moving. He is doing much better today with his temp down to 37.5 and back to his normal chatterbox self. Oliver and William normally go to FDC on Monday and Tuesdays so I took them off there since I have to pay for it regardless and it means Alex gets to rest a bit better without being bugged by his little brothers. But for me it means for the first time in god knows how long I have had 2 days at home without a baby/toddler. You have no idea how rare this is for me! I am back in at work tomorrow, my mum will watch Alex if need be but then I am on holiday until 5 October. Yay!! The downside is I have to work fulltime throughout October with 2 inductions back to back. They are good fun, but really draining.

well, hope everyone is well. bye for now

#38 summerbub

Posted 21 September 2010 - 08:08 PM


How is everyone going? We're doing well! I keep reading and thinking that  ihave posted... then I come back in and realise that I haven't ddoh.gif  

I'm freaking out at the moment - Noah had a couple of spots on his hand, legs, and bottom before bed so I hope he isn't getting Hand Foot and Mouth Disease again sad.gif It looks like it, but I hope it is just a series of bites. I guess we'll see in the morning. It's my worst nightmare if he does - he has his two daycare days coming up tomorrow and Thurs and I really need a break! He doesn't have a temp though so I guess there is still hope...

Funny times this evening - DH put Noah up on the kitchen bench while he heated up his cup of milk before story time, and he turned back around to see Noah doing this (Pic below) . Noah has only seen me express once (this morning) and the pump was in the dish drainer... so he swiped it up and copied what I was doing this morning! roll2.gif

AFEden.... she is doing so well biggrin.gif she doesn't sleep through - I'm up generally once during the night, sometimes twice which I'm okay with of course! We have sorted out her dosage and she is so content. (Big thanks to Tina as well for getting your DH to have a look) She still hasn't really cried at all. She just feeds, has a look around, tummy time, then goes back to sleep until the next feed! Woo hoo. At night time she feeds for about 7-8 mins then goes straight back to bed. biggrin.gif I had a super dooper big smile out of her today which was lovely.

Teresa - how is Alex going? I hope he is heaps better today. I'm not sure if I responded re: Oliver's development but I'm thinking of you and I hope that things come along really swiftly for Oliver over the coming months.

LEGS - Yeah I'm not sure who was wrong now either... I think the Dr was. The Paed agreed with the Pharmacy's dosage... but a the same time the pharmacy shouldn't have just altered the GP's script! oomg2.gif Confused??? So am I !!! Glad to hear that you had a nice day off on Saturday - did you get some of the 1000 TC sheets? I'm so addicted to those, I feel like a princess every time I hop into bed.

Ineke - holy cow how the heck did you have no tearing or stitches???!!! Well done! And such a quick labour too, great work. I can't believe Kurt is a kilo heavier than Eden already laughing2.gif

Pink - I'm so jealous of your big sleeps from Hannah! Maybe when Eden is a bit bigger she will sleep through hands.gif  That is so lovely that you are enjoying your family so much! I too love the new addition, even though I'm not your typical "children lover" ...

Whitelily - OUCH! and laughing2.gif re: your black eye!

Skyjay - oh no poor Indi having a bust up! Good to hear that she is ok though!

Alright I'm off to feed my little princess. I hope that I can come on here tomorrow and say that the HFMD was a false alarm for Noah!!

P.S. I thought you could only get HFMD once???? Noah had it at Christmas last year!


#39 tinkster23

Posted 21 September 2010 - 08:21 PM

He shouldn't get it a second time, to my knowledge anyway...(but I'm often wrong, is hard to remember every single childhood disease and its idiosyncracies!)
Love the pic robyn, tho he's going to hate it at his 21st!!
Am very jealous of these little babies, but at the same time, perfectly ok with waiting a little longer for my last baby

Teresa-Jack does follow instructions (as much as any toddler) and seems to getting frustrated with not talking, but for the most part he gets his message across just fine!

ineke- you get a medal my love, for pushing out that baby! People pale when I tell them how big jack was and his method of exit is always the next question, they all look relieved when I say he was a c/s

Sorry, jacks done in the bath, must go and put him to bed, hope everyone is well

#40 tashi2

Posted 21 September 2010 - 08:42 PM

robyn - just love that photo. Hope he isn't sick

#41 White-Lily

Posted 22 September 2010 - 11:57 AM

Robyn hope Noah is ok and it was just a few bites and nothing more. Love the picture, tho Noah probably wont when he is older! LOL
Glad that Eden's dosage is sorted out and she is content and happy.

Teresa Shae is (dirty) blonde and blue eyed so pretty fair.
Hope Alex is feeling much better today.

Ineke fantastic work on delivering Kurt naturally! What a big boy! Glad you have got the formula/feeding sorted out and he is doing so well.

Pink i will have to try the Banana Boat suncream. Shae has less of a reaction with the Cancer Council Sensitive Skin one so i dont know what it is that actually causes the reaction. The Baby suncream sent us to ED for an adrenalin shot  ohmy.gif
So glad that Hannah is fitting in perfectly with the family and sleeping so well.
Hope the visit with the family goes well

AFU DH got a work phone call at 5.45am this morning after i had been up with Shae for an hour at 3.30am. I was such a b!tch to him this morning about it (he gets phone calls after hours all the time and especially on weekends and early mornings and gets no allowance for it). Im just so over being woken so early because people call too early and having our weeekends interupted all the time. If he was getting paid it would be different.

On the upside, he stayed home until 7.30am and cooked me bacon and eggs for breaky to try and smooth things over with a very cranky wife  wub.gif

Edited by White-Lily, 22 September 2010 - 11:58 AM.

#42 LittleDCJ

Posted 22 September 2010 - 07:31 PM

Hi girls

Been slack posting in here.  We're all doing well.  Jarvis at the Drs all went well, his poo sample showed no infection/problems and after about 6 weeks things are finally improving.  He's starting to eat a bit more and hopefully will start putting on some weight.

I did the City-bay fun run on Sunday.  It's 12km and I did it 10 minutes faster than last year which I am happy with.  I also came in under my goal time.

DH is at a meeting so I'll be back after I get the kids in bed.

Robyn - What's the best way for us to order/buy alcohol while we are on Hamilton Island?  We go next week.  Coles online and a lot of other places don't deliver alcohol to land based accomodation.   Is it really expensive on the island or are there places on the mainland that will deliver?  We're there for 8 nights with 8 adults so I can imagine we'll get through a bit (lot).  Thanks.

#43 3'sacrowd

Posted 23 September 2010 - 09:25 AM

Hello blue sky...finally.So over the rain.

Ineke- Hope your recovery well?  Glad to hear that the boys are going well.

Tina- Well done on the City -Bay fun run.Great that you beat your time from last year. Very impressive.
Glad the results came back all clear for Jarvis and that he is improving.
Have an awesome time at Hamilton Island.Hope the weather is nice and sunny while you are there.

White- lily-I too would be annoyed if someone called Ryder that early in the morning.I'm a cranky crazy lady on little sleep,so I would have been annoyed also.
Nice that he made you brekky though biggrin.gif
My friends toddler as a reaction to sunscreen,but not the Banana Boat one though.
The Baby suncream sent us to ED for an adrenalin shot
how very scary.Hope she is ok?

Am very jealous of these little babies, but at the same time, perfectly ok with waiting a little longer for my last baby

Oh me too.
I think I would struggle if I had a baby now. Cohen gets into everything.I think it was a little easier when I had Aston cause Cohen wasn't walking and getting into everything and he was having at least 2 sleep a day.

Robyn- Love the pic laughing2.gif  When I first looked at it. I was thinking why is he playing with a condom roll2.gif
Hope it isn't HFMD,doesn't sound nice. I must live in a cave cause I have no idea what it is. I will google it. and have a look.

How lovely that you got a smile out of Eden wub.gif

Teresa- Cohen is 2y 8 months and isn't stringing a sentence together. We have had 2 hearing tests and both times he has passed. Just waiting for the speech therapy lady to call me back. He can say words,not alot though.No one seems too concerned about it, but I'am little. But I'm sure he will get there. He is just taking his time.
Hope Alex is feeling better. We were all sick last wk. I hate being sick when the boys are sick,it's like torture.

Not much happening here.Just getting over a cold. Ryder has been working 7 days straight. He worked sat and sun.He hasn't worked a sunday in 18 years he has been there. Double time though from 6-6 so can't complain. But gee, I could go a break with no children.

Might let the boys out to play in the pig pen since it's not raining  waves.gif

#44 tashi2

Posted 23 September 2010 - 12:44 PM

it is a relief to see that some of our little ones aren't talking much... spencer only says 10 words fairly clear

Ineke - it seems as if you are settling back in well

Tina - glad it was nothing to sinister with Jarvis and well done on the run

AFM - I hurt my knee on Monday and it is so difficult running after a toddler so bought one of those backpacks which also serve as a leash.. thank god spencer loves it and walks around the house with it on holding its tail...so cute

thats all i've got

#45 White-Lily

Posted 23 September 2010 - 02:11 PM

Sue  laugh.gif  we have one of those backpacks too! Love it! Shae is happy to walk next to me when she is wearing it but if not she just runs away, stops to look at things, etc
Hope you knee is on the mend

JBB yeah Shae is fine now, was scary at the time but it was picked up quickly and her neck/throat didnt swell it was just mainly her face, under her eyes, cheeks etc

Tina glad to hear Jarvis is getting better. Well done on the run

Ineke hope the fireworks didnt cause the boys too much distress. So nice to hear Kurt is fitting in so well.

Nothing interesting happening here. Boring boring boring

#46 3'sacrowd

Posted 23 September 2010 - 02:22 PM

one of those backpacks which also serve as a leash.. thank god spencer loves it and walks around the house with it on holding its tail...so cute
Me have one too. Cohen and Aston have fights over who gets to wear it .It's funny if Cohen doesn't have it on he will do a runner,but if he has it on he wants to hold the tail himself and doesn't runaway  blink.gif

Robyn- Sorry to that Noah has HFMD.Hopefully you and Eden don't up with it.

#47 summerbub

Posted 23 September 2010 - 08:19 PM


Well most of you would have seen on fb that Noah does indeed have HFMD argh!!!!!!! So during the day Eden and I are hiding out at my sister's house so that Noah doesn't kiss / touch her etc. Should be ok by Sunday.

Anyway, I don't have time to do personals, but wanted to respond to Tina re: hamo - we took our own alcohol with us, but when we arrived on the island the bottolo wasn't that much more expensive anyway. Now it's been 18mths since I've been there... so it might be more $$ now...? It was about $2 a bottle of wine more expensive, which we were happy to pay.
I think we're going to go to Hamilton Island for Christmas this year! yaya. Just waiting on confirmation from my sister's FIL as it will be his first one without his wife sad.gif

Alright I might hit the hay... it's been a loooooooooong day.

#48 3'sacrowd

Posted 24 September 2010 - 06:51 AM

Hope you and Eden don't end up with it Robyn.

Edited by janbabyboy, 24 September 2010 - 07:34 AM.

#49 tashi2

Posted 24 September 2010 - 01:14 PM

dropped Spencer off at daycare this morning and he just bawled... as I left all I could hear was mummmy, mummmy. It was heartbreaking! I am off to pick him up soon.

Hope everyone is having a good day

#50 White-Lily

Posted 24 September 2010 - 03:50 PM

Sue bbighug.gif its awful when they cry for you but it does get better! Shae didnt want to come home with me the other day when i went to pick her up  ohmy.gif Shae always stopped crying soon after i was gone, i used to listen at the door and as soon as i was out of her sights she stopped and went to play. Hope Spencer enjoyed his day. Was it his first day?

Robyn poor Noah! how is he coping? I hope Eden doesnt catch it. I dont blame you for hiding out

Busy weekend for us. Birthday party tomorrow arvo (which MIL will be at...argh) then BBQ at a friends, last soccer game on sunday (woo hoo) and then no idea for Monday - public holiday!! yay!! might go looking at display homes seeing we havent been able to as yet!

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