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February 2009 Parents # 60

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#51 LEGs-R-US

Posted 26 September 2010 - 08:31 PM

Greetings my lovely ladies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

WHITE-LILY - I love it that Soccer season is finishing up too and we don't even play in our family.  Just the local ovals near us are always so crowded and every time I suggest to a good mate we catch up as two families they are always like they have soccer.  Just smile and nod with MIL... that is what I do with SIL.  

SUE - oh dear... it does get easier.  Gretel and Ethan are like White-Lily's Shae and often ask me to come back later when I go to pick them up... maybe that means that life is boring at home :-).  Things will get better.... I"m sure Spencer will be will be fine... fingers crossed things get easier for you - drop offs can be hard.  

ROBYN - hugs to my beautiful Noah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  How long is it going to last... when can you return back to a normal life.  Does your sister live far away?  I vote Shawn the Prawn stays home and takes care of him whilst you hide out at your sisters with Eden.  Sending mending vibes!

TINA - had to have a giggle about your alcohol question... I know a girl that has his priorities right.

INEKE - sounds like things are settling in nicely.  Give it a couple more weeks and I think that Sib will be fine around the crying Kurt.  Funny about the fireworks... so typical for a Canberra long weekend.

SPRING has finally sprung in Canberra this weekend.  The weather has been beautiful and Mark and I top-dressed the lawn.  Can't wait for another couple of weeks to be standing on beautiful, thick, lushes, grass!  Mark's parents arrive tomorrow and his sister has been here for a couple of days already.  Mark's sister is a complete Mary Poppins.  She is a preschool teacher and loves the kids to death.  Because she doesn't see them very often she wants to spend every moment with them... no complaining from me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We have a public holiday in Canberra this weekend - not really sure what we are doing which is such a nice feeling.  Mark and I normally have so much planned that I'm loving the whole impromptu feel!  I think coffee and breakfast some where nice will be the first point of call.


PS: We also have one of those backpacks too.  Gretel wants to wear it all the time. Liam on the other hand runs away crying!

#52 PrincessCupcake

Posted 27 September 2010 - 11:59 PM

oh we have a teddy bear backpack too! I bought it a few years ago for Jacob, now William uses it. Oliver still just gets carried or goes in the pram. Mainly because he tends to sit down when we really need to be walking  rolleyes.gif

Robyn - How is Noah going? I hope he is over it ok. These things can be a bit weird. When Alex was little he had the chicken pox vaccine and then about a month later he got the chicken pox and then a few years later the shingles. Should never of happened of course. I rang Dept of Health to discuss it and they said it was really really rare and they have only a handful of cases. But I guess these things happen. Hopefully now he has had a strong enough dose not to get it again.

Jen - I think I would make the most of Mary Poppins if she were to visit. Enjoy!!

Janbaby - I know what you mean about trying not to worry, I guess we really shouldn't worry/stress too much. What will be will be and sometimes kids just need a little extra time. With Alex he started speech pathology a couple of years before he started school and I was promised that with regular visits he would be fine by the time he was 5. Well he wasn't and it wasn't until he was 4 that he asked his first curious question. "What do snails eat?" (I think I cried that day I was so happy) I sent him to a Montessori School and that was fantastic for him. At 6 he had Educational Psycology Test done which the school organised so they could work out the best way to help him. Anyway that determined his problem was with his working memory. Information went in and was stored but he didn't know where to go to dig it out again. With prompts he did really well. Also he was a visual learner which we had gathered anyway. In fact once he learnt to read his speech came along in leaps and bounds. Sometimes he couldn't say a word correctly when I would repeat it for him, so we would write it down and then he could say it. Again no hearing problem. He is 10 now, and speaks as well as the average 10 year old, and is about average with his school work too.

Well school holidays have started here and once again John is away with the army. So it is just me with the kids. I am on holidays from work at the moment but go back Tuesday next week and I have to work fulltime for 4 weeks. I am dreading it and god knows how I am going to get through that first week with John still away.  cry1.gif

Today Oliver and William went to FDC so I took Alex and Jacob to see Despicable Me. We all loved it, very funny movie. Tomorrow we are going bowling! Wednesday the boys are going to a Magic Trick show at Glenelg. Looking forward to the weather warming up this weekend. This winter feels like it has just dragged on and on.

ok. 11.30pm, better be heading off to bed. I hope everyone is well. original.gif

#53 White-Lily

Posted 28 September 2010 - 06:20 PM

Just quickly popping in before i go and get Shae from daycare...

Teresa sounds like you have a fun few days planned, too bad John has to miss out! Hopefully the week will fly by and he will be home before you know it! I used to hate it when DH went away with the navy, it was so boring, i dont know how i would have managed if we had kids then.

Jen im so glad soccer is over too! and i dont think DH is going to play next season *fingers crossed* it just takes up so much of his spare time and our opportunity to do anything together and/or with Shae

I am another one who is loving this spring weather! Its is beautiful in WA. just needs to be a tiny bit warmer and we can get some use out of the swimming pool at home original.gif

We had a fantastic weekend. Shae has just been so wonderful. She slept in every morning until 8-9am (i dont mean to brag...) and was so well behaved when we went for a BBQ at a friends and kept her up 2.5hrs past bedtime. And she has been eating so much and having 4hr day sleeps (only at home, never daycare) so i think a growth spurt is happening!!

And i got new bras!!! I am so excited, my boobs are my own again and they are just like i remember them pre-pg now they are in a good bra and not a maternity one!

And my sister got engaged!! Yay!!

ETA one more bit of good news - MIL wasnt there on the weekend!! So we didnt have to put up with her original.gif mind you DH finally told her i am back working full time (she asked him if she could visit me and Shae on my day off) which wasnt well received, but never mind

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#54 White-Lily

Posted 30 September 2010 - 10:36 AM

Shae did a wee in the potty last night!!! Was more of a fluke as DH saw her dribbling on the carpet and rushed her to the potty but she did finish on the potty and was pretty impressed with the praise she got from us as she walked around clapping herself  biggrin.gif  so cute

#55 3'sacrowd

Posted 30 September 2010 - 11:00 AM

Well done Shae.

#56 summerbub

Posted 30 September 2010 - 05:17 PM

Yay! Well done Shae biggrin.gif

Hi everyone! waves.gif

Well Noah is all better and we managed to keep Eden away from the germs thank goodness! She didn't end up with the HFMD and only one of Noah's friends (his girlfriend wink.gif ) ended up catching it. He was pretty good, just a bit "off" at times but no fevers etc.... just poxy spots!

Eden is doing well still. I had her 7 week checkup yesterday and she is now 3.9kg without clothes! So she has gained 1.2kg in 7wks. Noice. She is such a placid little thing. I think she is going to be lean and tall while Noah is going to be plump and average height ddoh.gif Poor Noey!

I have so much stuff on my "gotta do" list that I keep putting off, I really hate it hanging over my head so I have been trying to do one or two of those stupid mundane jobs each day. Things like the BAS and calling Medicare, getting copies of our Wills etc... argh!

We have totally packed a zillion things into the last couple of months of the year. On the 14th we are heading to Bowen for 5 days to have the kids Christened and catch up with all of mum's old friends. The weekend after we have an engagement party in Chinchilla - I don't even know where this place is... but I know it isn't going to be fun driving there!!
Then we are headed to Perth - well just Eden and I with my sister and Emma. We'll go there on a Friday, attend an engagement party, then drive down to Mt Barker / Albany for a couple of days, then drive back to Perth and stay a couple of nights.
Then we have a few weekends of parties and visitors, and then it'll be Christmas when we are going to Hamilton Island ddance.gif

Whitelily - yay for your boobs laughing2.gif
Teresa - sounds like you have a fun week on! OMG I don't know how you are going to get through that week with your DH away either - I can't hack it with just 2 babies!!
LEGs - yay for spring in Canberra! Are you getting excited about the move?
Tashi - awww hugs to you! I think it is nicer that they cry.... Noah just wanders in and sits down to draw or whatever... apparently he doesn't miss us at all glare.gif
Sandra - I had to laughing2.gif about the backpack holding the tail thing. too cute.

Alright The Prawn and The Spunkrat are due home in 3 minutes.. better look busy and hide the David Jones bags ninja.gif

#57 Skyjay

Posted 01 October 2010 - 10:55 AM

Hi Everyone  waves.gif

Robyn – Glad to hear Noah is better. You do have a busy end to the year. When are you off to Perth, we go at the end of the month. Cant wait, so looking forward to the warmer weather!!!

Suzanne – well done Shae  cclap.gif . I try & put Indi on the potty before her bath every night. As soon as the nappy comes off, nuddy runs (kids only) take over our house. Both SJ & Indi think it’s the funniest thing & I am left to chase them both back to the bathroom.

Teresa – Indi is still not talking much yet. Her favorite & really only clear word is Hello when she picks up the phone, god help me when she is a teenager!!!! Both my Dr & MCHN aren’t overly concerned yet. She does understand everything I say so it’s not a hearing problem. SJ was the same & when she turned 2, more words came, by the time she was 3 you couldn’t shut her up & at 4 you still cant. I was going to take her to speech therapy however she is very shy & wont talk to many people, even for her 4 year check up she wouldn’t speak to the MCHN so I know it would have been a waist taking her to a speech therapist. Her speech could be better but it’s mostly clear & is always improving. I will just keep an eye on Indi’s speech. So, just letting you know your not alone original.gif

Jen- love public holidays, you don’t need to know what they are for just as long as you get a day off!!!

Sue – hope drop offs for Spencer are improving. Im thinking of putting Indi in 1 day of day care next year as I’ve seen how it has helped with SJ, although it took nearly 9 months before SJ would run & play instead of crying when I left. Plus I could see by the time I got to the car, the tears had stopped & she was playing.

I think I might get our backpack out for Indi & try it on here. I bought it for SJ but she never took to it.

Warning  rant.gif I need to have a little vent, hope you all don’t mind but I can’t do it on FB. My SIL came down over the holidays (they live 4 hours away). She took her kids to the snow etc. They left today & I totally understand that they had no time to catch up, I probably don’t, but I can get over that. The problem is tomorrow we are having SJ’s party which they were invited (5 weeks ago they got the invite) but they couldn’t stay one more night to come to her party. Well guess what, next year I am not going out of my way to pack my kids up and drive 4 hours each way just for the weekend to celebrate her kids birthday. I know not the kids fault but I’m just a little peeved at the moment. One day, it was just one day.

Onto a happier note, Indi is going good, apart from a cold here & there. We took the kids to see Dorothy the Dinosaur show on the w/end, front row centre tix, just perfect. Until Indi got into trouble for wandering the area in front of the stage, I thought that’s what kids show were for. On Sunday we took the kids to the Royal Melb Show, they loved it. They had their photo with Elmo & Thomas the Tank Engine (although Indi slept thru the stage show), watched Dirtgirl World stage show. Indi even tried to climb on top of a sheep in the animal petting area!!!! There was so much to do I could have spent 2 days there, oh and the weather was perfect. You wouldn’t believe it we ran into a girl I used to work with as well as my other SIL, small world.

Hope everyone is well, have a great weekend.

#58 tinkster23

Posted 01 October 2010 - 08:38 PM


I'm so tired!

We spent the week in Margaret River which was great. Tho, being a mum on holidays is kinda like still being a mum but with added obstacles (2 storey apartment, pool, trying to get things done around nap time...)

So wanted to say hi and thats about all.

Oh- no I remember, Jacks decided I'm not allowed to feed him from a fork/spoon anymore, but he's only really interested in feeding himself about half of what he normally eats, and then whines all day for food! Plus, he can't scoop onto a fork/spoon, so lots of finger foods here atm


#59 leita

Posted 02 October 2010 - 03:26 PM

Tinks, do I remember reading that we were going to try and have a Perth catch up next week??

All good here. Sorry, still typing standing up, and after my two classes this morning, the old leggies aren't real impressed by that!


#60 leita

Posted 04 October 2010 - 02:04 PM


Beautiful weather and all, I took off Miss Mali's jumper yesterday so she was just wearing a Tshirt. She rubbed her arms in surprise and says to me "Nude arms?!"

#61 White-Lily

Posted 04 October 2010 - 04:25 PM

leita how cute of Miss Mali wub.gif

It was Brett's first Birthday yesterday. It was a nice day mostly happy but still obviously a little sad as he is not here. BFF and her DH invited everyone to the beach and we did a balloon release which was lovely. We did this at his funeral too. Shae kissed the balloon which was sweet. She doesnt understand but one day we will tell her she has a special friend in the sky.

#62 tinkster23

Posted 04 October 2010 - 11:12 PM

ineke, please feel free to lean on us here, to vent, cry, rage, anything

here if you need me biggrin.gif

#63 White-Lily

Posted 05 October 2010 - 11:40 AM

bbighug.gif Ineke. Come in and vent/chat whenever you need to, we are all here for you

Mirena i have one, its ok. Didnt hurt when it got put in, was just like having a pap smear done. I had to get the strings cut short as DH could feel them which may make getting it out a problem. Has done nothing for AF, still the same flow and frequency. Suffer a little bloating which i never used to and still have mood swings like any PMSing woman  blush.gif Its working for me atm and i would possibly get another one after the next bub. Best thing for me is not having to remember a pill etc every day.

#64 tashi2

Posted 05 October 2010 - 06:35 PM

Theresa - I feel your pain..we have just spent 5 days away and I am exhausted. Spencer did not sleep at night...He literally woke at 1am and then was awake until about 5 and only then did he sleep for an hour. I can't believe he could function the next day... I was a wreck. Anyway home today and hoping that he sleeps through tonight now that he is in his own bed. As soon as we got home he got his potty out and did 3 wees on it!! Couldn 't believe it. I think I am going to start the potty training now as he seems keen

Ineke - Hope you are feeling a little better

Gotta go - takeaway is here

#65 LEGs-R-US

Posted 05 October 2010 - 07:47 PM

Ineke - oh hun... hope things improve... glad that you've asked for help.  Let me know if their is anything you need and I can drop by.  Even if it someone to just watch Sib whilst you and Kurt sleep.

Tinkster - I've been meaning to ask about your house... what is the latest?  I'm a building/renovating fanatic and want to live vicariously through you.

ME>.. can someone please write a proper personals post for me original.gif

Not much happening here other than I have the WEEK OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Woohoo. In reality it is just today and Thursday but today was complete and utter bliss! Even managed to find a house I sort of like in Melbourne (another one) so Mark is off to have a look on Thursday.

Mark has just left to Melbourne for the week so I'm have a marathon of taped shows... does anyone else watch that reno show on Seven 2... something about renovating a house in sixty minutes? How big is the hosts boobs.... every time I watch it I think she has to be like an ex-page two girl.

Had a lovely weekend at the coast at my sisters caravan on the weekend. It is just soooo much work going camping for two days... you may as well go for the whole week with the amount of stuff you have to pack.

OK... off to keep watching TV (such is life).

#66 LEGs-R-US

Posted 05 October 2010 - 07:50 PM

OH PS: INEKE... I have a mirena and love it! Had it for two years in April.  I reckon it has aided to my weight gain but that is the only bad side-affect.  I bled for nearly two months (light) when I first got it in and now can't remember when I had my last proper period.  I reckon you've got to give it a good year for a good go.  The nine months or so it was just like having a normal period but then they got fewer apart and alot lighter. Also means I know I'm pretty confident we aren't going to get pregnant but if DH and I change our mind later down the track we can still have kids.

#67 tashi2

Posted 07 October 2010 - 08:18 PM

so tired... my little man has a terrible cough although it is only when he is asleep. Went to the Dr's yesterday and they said nothing was wrong and to give him panadol...hmmm I am not convinced. Might get a second opinion on MOnday. He is totally fine during the day.. very active and eating ALOT

Had the Skids all this week for school hols.. it was OK but am not really looking forward to the next few teenage years..they are back with their mum tomorrow afternoon and DH and I are off to see Eat Pray Love on Saturday which I am really looking forward to as I loved the book.

Hope everyone has a nice weekend.


#68 PrincessCupcake

Posted 07 October 2010 - 08:51 PM

Sue - a second opinion sounds good. I hope he comes good soon.

Ineke - well done in seeking help when you did. So like the others say, use our group to vent/cry whatever you need to do. Don't feel like you are alone because you aren't. xxxx

Jen - why are you moving to Melbourne? Is it with work?

Mirena - 2 months ago I would of raved about it, but at the moment I am swearing about it. So I guess for a good year it has worked well. I spotted occassionallly for the first 4 months and then my cycle settled into a good routine and when it arrived was super duper light. Brilliant! But I have now been spotting/bleeding every day now for over a month. I checked it a couple of weeks ago and I can't find the strings so I guess it has slipped. With John away with the army I haven't got anyone to watch the kids when I need them to so I can go to the dr, but I suspect I will have to go into day surgery to have it dug out and a new one put in and I haven't got time to do that till November. So I guess I am in a bit of a pickle and it is really annoying. But really I loved it when it worked well, so if my dr says it is ok I might get another one put back in.

#69 PrincessCupcake

Posted 07 October 2010 - 08:58 PM

oops forgot to give an update on me.

still working fulltime. One week almost down, 3 to go. I have the best group of new employees to train at the moment, so I am really enjoying being at work when I am there. It is just really hard having the alarm going off at 5.30am and to be at work at 8am. bleurgh.

As for Oliver, omg I do not know what has gotten into him lately. He is a bundle of joy. I am wondering if he just loves the warmer weather or something. He is running around with a huge grin on his face and he is chuckling away to himself. He got  himself into such an excited state on Saturday he tripped over Alex's feet and planted his forehead straight into the floor. You might of seen the pic I put on facebook of the biggest egg (lump) I have ever seen. After my recent posts with my worries about his development it is really nice seeing him like this. Word of the week for Oliver though is "yay" He is funny because even as I am changing him into his pj's to put him to bed he is saying "yay yay yay" He has also stopped throwing food off his plate and all over the floor which is really good timing because I forked out $250 to have my carpets cleaned last week. I did also buy him some sandals but he isn't very happy about them, I guess he likes his boots better because he cries when I put the sandals on. sad.gif

ok, well that is our update. I hope you are all doing just as well. xx

#70 White-Lily

Posted 08 October 2010 - 12:33 PM

Teresa RE Mirena, im pretty sure im going to need day surgery to get mine out too. I check the strings about a month ago and it took me ages to find them - TMI - and when i did they are up very high and my cervix is kinda closed around them. So im guessing mine will need to be 'dug out' too. stupid AF gets heavier each month too which is just cr@ppy. Im just going to wait until later this year when were are ready to TTC#2 and deal with it all then.

Fantastic of Oliver to be loving this weather and learning a new word  biggrin.gif Shae is obsessed with her thongs! If she sees them she MUST have them put on and once they are on there is no taking them off laugh.gif
Glad to hear you have a great group of people to be training and work is enjoyable if not tiring

Sue i would get another opinion too. Cant hurt! Hope Spencer is doing ok and on the mend. Shae has a bit of a cough at night too atm and she was really unsettled the other night so maybe it is the change of weather that is messing up their little bodies?
Enjoy your movie!

Jen How great is time off!! Hope you enjoyed it! Did Mark end up looking at the house in Melb? Any luck with it?
I have see that reno show on Seven2 and OMG huge! haha Havent watched it for ages tho. How did the tv show marathon go?  We have a few shows that we need to catch up on to. Finally got to watcha few more episodes of Warehouse 13 last night, only 2 more to go and we have to DL the next season

Well thats all i can see original.gif

AFU Shae has been a bit unsettled the last few days. She actually went and laid down on a cushion at daycare yesterday and had a 2 hour sleep at 10am!! That is totally unheard of for daycare and about 2 hours early for her nap so we know something is up, just not sure what. She was so upset last night and we to bed early but was up early this morning. She seemed fine tho so maybe she is growing again  blink.gif

And she is officially discharged from the physio!! If the Orthopeadic Surgeons have any issues with the way she is walking at her check up (we thought she was pulling her feet in when she walks and still crawls a fair bit) then we can just call up and dont have to go back on the waiting list which is great.

Work has been incredibly busy but i am finishing early today so not too much longer to go and it will be the weekend! Woo Hoo!!

Im having a garage sale tomorrow to get rid of ALL of our stuff. I cant wait to be able to go out and buy nice things that all match for the new house. Im so sick of having mismatched furniture, etc

Thats all the news i have
Jen i did all the personals i could!!

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#71 White-Lily

Posted 08 October 2010 - 12:59 PM

Oh, we are on page 8 so maybe im in for a chance at a medal soon!!

Some Pics of my monster

And at the Royal Show on a ride all by herself, pic taken by my sister. We were not mad enough to take her to the show, but apparently she was brilliant

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