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October 09 Parents # 44

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#26 honeyfly

Posted 17 September 2010 - 04:47 PM

Ok I am now excited, I stumbled upon this:

  One Year in a Flash

and it is now the party "theme" for Hannah's birthday!  I really want to do the time capsule too for her to open on her 18th or 21st.  Such good ideas, I will probably steal a lot of them haha.  It's perfect as I literally have thousands of photos of Hannah and can use my faves throughout the theme.  Now I am excited I can't wait to start the planning!  I don't think the garden theme was good for her 1st bday, better for an older bday.

Yay!  Just wanted to share hehe.  biggrin.gif

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#27 **Foxy82**

Posted 18 September 2010 - 07:09 AM

Good morning girls waves.gif

I can't believe how early the sun was up today  yyes.gif It's great! I think it's going to be a gorgeous day!!

Jess-how is your new mattress going? We bought a new one around 18 months ago,it has a latex top on it and it is soooo comfy!! Though we are going away for 2 weeks and DH and I are dreading not having our mattress,our poor backs  oomg2.gif Have a great time at Emily's party  ddance.gif

Kylie-So cute that E says Taa!! H has started saying 'Gawd' and it sounds so much like he is saying God! Problem is he tends to yell it out in the shopping centre which can attract a few stares  laughing2.gif
I would say it's just a stage that E is going through with your DH. Just makes sure DH keeps trying with him so it doesn't become the norm for you to do everything for him which will be hard once bubby 2 comes along!
How are you going with names?

-That's great you are doing PT sessions,I so wish I could do something like that but with the hours that DH works it just gets to hard with the kids.Might have to pull my Wii Fit back out  grin.gif Hope Mr T is feeling better,getting molars is horrible.

Jaynie-Glad Phoebe's party went well! The pics looked great!! Hope your owies are feeling better! I face planted on the kitchen tiles the other day,thankfully no one saw  blush.gif  but my gosh did it hurt  sad.gif

Kristy-I have only ever been hoseriding once but it was sooo much fun! Oh dear bad timing for DH to go away! You need to write yourself a big long list of everything you need to do,then when DH gets home he needs to treat you to a day off for all of your hard work  tthumbs.gif

Brooke-Love your theme for Hannah's party!I love the time capsule idea!That's great you got everything organised for Hannah for when you go back to work and now you can relax and enjoy your last 2 weeks off!

Chantal-That's great settlement went through  tthumbs.gif Enjoy your Saturday night to yourself and enjoy going shopping for something for yourself on Monday morning!

AFM My goodness H is obsessed with the keyboard which makes it very hard to type! He is back to sleeping all night  eexcite.gif He goes down at 7pm and it up between 5-5.30am.Which is a tad early but I'm not about to complain! I'm actually starting to enjoy being up that early.It gives me a chance to get H and I organised before M wakes up!
I realised yesterday there is only 2 weeks until H's bday  oomg.gif Better be getting organised I think!!

I got M into the specialist next Thursday for her ears so I'm lloking forward to hearing what he has to say about them!

DH and I are going out for dinner tonight for a friends birthday.Sooo excited! A grown up night!! My parents are having the kids so sleep in tomorrow  cclap.gif
Better go,both kids are up now and wanting breaky!!
Have a great weekend girls  waves.gif

#28 koiles

Posted 18 September 2010 - 08:21 PM

Kat way to go with the personal training. Yuck to the molars! E has one of his that's just moving not even cutting and the last few nights have been horrible. The tutus are so cute!

Jayne love love love the cake smash photos, can't wait to see more when you get them. Ouch, hope you're ok now.

Chantal yeah DH is getting pretty heartbroken about the whole thing and also because he likes helping me out when he can see I'm stressed and now he can't do that because E just refuses him...well not just refuses, goes absolutely mental, then as soon as I hold him he calms straight down. Don't know what to do, I keep telling DH it's just a stage but he thinks E hates him sad.gif. But during the day, E loves him, babbles dada and wants kisses and cuddles, etc. it's just as soon as he gets uset he wants me. Congratulations on settlement! Ooo ooo did you do the cake yesterday?? How did it go?

Kristy thanks. Dad lost 2kg in the first week and he goes back to the specialist on Tuesday, so hopefully we'll find out when he'll have the surgery then. Still haven't gotten around to taking a pic of the owls...will hopefully get DH to take pics of the things I want to put in the shop tomorrow. Oh dear, I hope this week goes really quick and smoothly and the kids are total angels for you original.gif.

Brooke thanks for asking lovely...pregnancy is a million times better this time round biggrin.gif. Blood pressure is worse, but there's no mucking around this time, been on meds for it since 20wks and it's all under control. Being induced at 38wks, so they're being really pro-active about everything this time. No morning sickness, it's just been a dream! The old aches and pains have just started, but overall I'm in much better shape than I was at the same stage with E...I figured not having long to recover I'd be worse this time but woo-hoo! I only have 14 weeks to go!!! Omg back to work in 2 weeks?? Better have another one grin.gif. I haven't bought anything for E's party either, but I do know what I want.

Jo laughing2.gif gawd, how funny I'd love to hear that! Would you believe we're actually down to 2 names and we both like both of them oomg.gif. We went back to our original lists from E and didn't really like too much on them, so went through the baby name book and most of them on our lists were the same...sooo weird, we were total opposites when naming E. Now we just need to decide which one we like more, but not sure whether we'll leave that til he's born. Yay go H with the sleeping through. And enjoy your sleep in tomorrow biggrin.gif.

Jess hope Emily's party went wonderfully today, can't wait to hear an update!!

AFM have been so busy lately, but good busy. Went out with a friend on Thursday who was mentioning this book she's been reading about having more structure in your day...anyway I haven't been able to stop obsessing over the idea so sat down last night and tried to do a plan of my week incorporating chores, socialising, etc. Sounds so blatantly obvious, but if I do one or 2 things around the house each day I'll keep the house clean and I won't feel like I'm spending a whole day a week cleaning...yes this is actually news to me, lazy sloth reporting for duty. I'm sure some of the reason I feel like sh*t is because my house looks like sh*t most of the time and I feel like I'm not in control.

E has a top molar moving and has been horrid the last few nights. FFS it's not even near cutting, it's just moving and he's this horrible...I hope it never cuts! He's also got a blocked nose so couldn't use his dummy to go to sleep tonight...an hour it took me to settle him when normally it's about 3mins...such a scary thought for me, but I'm thinking about not giving him the dummy tomorrow night either and just perservering through it til he doesn't need it anymore. He only has it for sleeping though and I don't have to get up to give it to him again through the night, so I really don't know...not causing any problems now, do I mess with it?

DH is at the footy tonight so I've got the house to myself...off to do some sewing, hoping to have my little online shop open end of next week...lots to do!

#29 koiles

Posted 19 September 2010 - 09:50 AM

Just wanted to share a proud mummy moment...E is now waving and saying bye-bye wub.gif. But he waves backwards, like he's waving at himself lol...really he's just copying what he sees!

Am eating weetbix with E and waiting for DH to wake up, then we're off to Borders to have a relax in Gloria Jeans with a coffee and do some reading...ahhh!

Hope everyone has a great Sunday.

#30 jemsoli

Posted 19 September 2010 - 11:52 AM

OM*G. i just had a huge post and it all got lost cos my stupid laptop overheated and shut down. i feel like crying. i was working on it for an hour and a half (with a little distraction) so will try again...

kylie i really hope it is just a phase that evan is going through. it must be really hard on both of you.

emily is the same with ta. she says it when she is given something and when she gives something to someone else.

i also heard that doing one or two jobs a day can make things easier. i tried to implement it when we moved in here, but im just too lazy to make it work (for the most part) i was going to do the bathrooms one day, dusting another etc. the only thing i have found is i am making a big effort to make sure the kitchen is clean every night, so rather than having to spend an hour cleaning it every 3 - 4 days (when we run out of plates LOL) i am just spending 10 minutes in the night cleaning it, and a few mins in the morning unpacking the dishwasher. but it is so nice waking up to a clean kitchen.

kat hope you had an awesome weekend away.

jayne i am SOOO glad emilys party is over now. i just didnt realise how much effort would go into it.

hope your dr appt went ok the other day, and hope they were able to offer you counselling or some other option.

chantal glad to hear the settlement went through all ok on your investment property. and why cant you get the new car and your DH have your old one  tongue.gif

hehe. did you buy anything on ebay last night?

kristy haha. dont know where the energy came from, but its gone now.

what sucky timing of the camp. hope the kids are little angels for you so you can get everything you need to done, and let me know if you need some help.

brooke weather was amazinly perfect yesterday, i was so happy.

great that you have the daycare issue sorted, at least now thats one big worry off your mind.

jo glad to hear your mattress is still going good. our old mattress had a latex pillowtop and it completely indented after about 1 year, so i think we just got a dodgy one.

great news that harrisson is sleeping through again. and hope you had an awesome night out last night!

leish HI!!! glad to hear all your wedding plans are going smoothly. and seriously, who cares if your dress is too nice for the registry, why shouldnt you look AMAZING on your special day.

afm party went great! i was really impressed with how well everything went, and that it was not boring. everyone seemed to have a good time, and liked the food so i think i did a great job.

i did have an argument with DF yesterday morning though. i got up super early (and turns out emily decided she would too, so it didnt make much difference) cos i had to cut and decorate the cake (which turned out great) but it took way longer than i thought it would (it took 2.5 hours) and DF had to go to the shops to get bread rolls and ice and i asked him to take emily so she wouldnt be under my feet, but he said it would be too hard. FFS what does he think i have to do all the time? still mad thinking about it.

heaps of family turned up early, which normally would have annoyed me, but because i was so behind i had my friend and her mum and my mum doing the decorating, my grandma helping me with food prep in the kitchen, so it all was ready at 12:50pm.

i did kinda stick my feet in my mouth though (under the influence of a few wines) cos i was whinging to my friend that i didnt want today to turn into pass the baby, and MIL continually wants to hold emily, when all she wants to do is play. i understand why MIL does it, cos she loves her granddaughter, and wants cuddles, but emily is getting too old to be constantly cuddled now, and whilst whinging to my friend i am pretty sure MIL heard.

the aftermath isnt too bad. i cleaned the kitchen last night, so for the most part you cant tell what a mess it was yesterday, but we have SO MUCH leftover food. i had a steak roll for brekky (and DF had a sausage roll). and our bin is completely full too, i was lucky cos my mum took 2 bags of rubbish home to put in their bin, but we still have heaps of stuff to chuck out.

and we gave emily a small piece of birthday cake (chocolate cake with buttercream icing) and she had a bit of rockmelon in her other hand, but she was going for the fruit rather than the cake, and even pushed the cake away  ohmy.gif

so non party related news...

emily has been doing the cutest thing. she has learnt to say "uh oh" my mum and i were at the shops on thursday and my mum had bought her a toy and she was holding emily (cos she refused to go in the pram) and emily dropped the toy and mum said uh oh and emily copied her, and is now saying uh oh all the time.

solar panels are going to be ordered on monday. DF and i have have finally decided what provider to use, so we are going to call on monday and pay our deposit. cant wait for cheap electricity bills!

and in case you didnt see on FB we got our new mattress on friday. i was impressed cos we were told it would take 2 weeks to order it, but we got a call saying it was ready only 4 days later.

emily is also doing this gross thing where she eats all the crumbs i have dropped off the floor. cos i have to admit, i havent had the cleanest floor this week, so when i dropped biscuit crumbs on the floor i kinda just pushed them into a corner to sweep up later. well, emily found them before i could sweep them up and sat there picking up all the crumbs. and she was going around this morning "cleaning" the floor before i could be bothered sweeping it. so im actually going to have to be careful about keeping the floor clean now LOL.

so thats all, sorry for the mammoth post, thats what happens when you dissappear for 4 days.

hope everyone is having an awesome weekend.

#31 jemsoli

Posted 19 September 2010 - 11:54 AM

hahaha. cant believe EB edited out the F in OMG.

#32 jemsoli

Posted 21 September 2010 - 09:50 AM

leish CONGRATS on your part! you must be so excited! it will be awesome experience on your profile too!

chantal good work on the speed shopping! i cant wait for it to be warmer so i can wear dresses again and this year i will actually fit into them!

afm had a bad night with emily on sunday night. we put her to bed as usual, and all was going good until 1am. she woke up and would not go back to sleep, so after hours of trying to get her to sleep she dropped off and i attempted to put her back in her cot around 2:45am where she woke up again! this time she only cried for a couple of minutes and went back off. but then the next morning she decided to wake at 7:20am! DF took a sickie, so i did the morning shift (really fair huh?) then after i put her down for her nap i went and got another 2.5 hours of sleep.

we also used emilys early wake up yesterday to bring back her bedtime, so she went to bed an hour earlier last night (8:20pm) and will keep at that time for a few days before we bring it back a bit more. i have to say, my body DOES NOT LIKE getting up at 6:45am. hahaha. i have been spoilt with my 8-8:30am sleep ins. i dont mind, its just getting used to it again!

we took emily on her trike on sunday (its the same one you have kylie) and she LOVES it. we were a bit irresponsible, and were running fast with it - emily LOVED it and was laughing when we did it, until DF decided to run pulling it (so it was going backwards) and on the second go it tipped. all was ok, and emily didnt even cry, but i was filming it and it looks terrible, so no more running with it now.

it is a gorgeous day here today so i am thinking i am going to go for a walk up to the park, take emily on her trike and hopefully they have one of those baby/toddler swings so she can have a go on that too.

oh and i am SO excited cos i have convinced DF that i need to have a kitchenaid mixer for my birthday (and mothers day present that i didnt get  glare.gif ) and i am just getting money off parents and grandparents for my birthday so it can go toward my new mixer. my old mixer (just one of those handheld stick ones) died the day before emilys party. it still turns, but the motor has lost so much power it barely turns when you try to whip cream or whatever, so i justified it that way to DF.

OMG. i am SUCH a bad mother. i have been on here writing this out, and emily was playing in the loungeroom, and i thought she went to the kitchen to go play with the curtains from the back sliding door, so didnt worry about it. i look up after 5 mins and cant see her in the kitchen si i get up and quickly run around the whole bottom floor twice and then see her shoe (that she was playing with) on the bottom stair! so i race up the stairs and there she is, playing with the washing on the floor in our room! she got ALL the way upstairs without me noticing or hearing. so the safety gates will be going up this afternoon! i still feel sick  cry1.gif

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#33 jemsoli

Posted 21 September 2010 - 10:34 AM

i just had another bad mummy moment  sad.gif

i had a friend text me and say she i going to pop over this morning, and im like crap, i was going to have a shower when emily went down for her nap at 10:30 (cos i have manky hair and skin) so had to bring emily upstairs with me, lock her in our room with some toys and leave the ensuite door open. she was exploring in the bathroom anyway, and stuck her fingers under the shower screen to touch the water, and then she started crying so i thought they were stuck and stupid mummy whips the door open to help her, crushing her fingers even worse in the process (and gets her fingers unstuck anyway)

i really hope that its not coming in threes cos i feel terrible today...

#34 Here we go again

Posted 21 September 2010 - 11:39 AM

Hiya girls,

Chantel yay to no more dirty clothes. I am putting Levi in bonds onsies whenever i can get away with it as Im sick of the filthy clothes LOL

Leish Congrats on the part how exciting.

Jess Hope your day improves!!

Kylie Cute on the waving, Levi has just started this week too original.gif Walking out of preschool dropping Kobes off and he is yelling at her waving Hehe

Not much news from me, been busy with my business and Im on some committees so thats keeping me busy at the moment, plus the 3 kids under 5 LOL

Is anyone interested in a Book Club with is kinda like a chain letter. You need to buy a book for the person on top of the list and then send out the letter to 6 people?? You should get 36 books back. The book is the easy part you need to have 6 friends that will play along. Let me know if you are interested and forward me your address original.gif I LOVE books.

#35 koiles

Posted 21 September 2010 - 09:14 PM

Need some advice - is there such thing as giving a child our bubs age too much attention? E can't do anything on his own, he wants me to play with him all day long - and I've always done it because singing songs and acting like a d***head all day is easier to deal with than his whinging and tantrums. But do you think I should be encouraging him to try and play on his own and just let him complain for a little while? Lately the state of my house has really been getting to me (must be nesting because normally I'm happy to live like a pig as long as E's areas are clean), so this morning I was just 'in the zone' and tuned out his whinging and tore through the bathroom and his bedroom...he followed me around the entire house whining constantly but I just ignored it...and of course felt guilty afterwards. Sigh, so many 'am I doing the right thing' questions with being a parent. I don't want him to become a self indulgent kid who thinks he's the centre of the universe, but I also want him to be secure in my love for him iykwim?

Leish I know what you mean about floors, we have floorboards throughout our house and I sweep every day and mop on Wednesday's when E's not home...he'll be home less than 5mins and he's picking something miniscule up with a pincer grip, gives me the sh*tS! He must have bloody good eyesight though! huge congrats on the part, how exciting!!

Jess I'm lazy too that's my problem! I'm finishing off my 'schedule' tonight then pinning it to the fridge and I'm going to try really hard to stick to it. Aww so cute, you'll have to post a pic on FB of Emily on her trike. E gets so excited when we wheel his out and he sits on it like he's king of the world rolleyes.gif hehe. We all have bad mummy moments, try not to let it get to you...I try and see them as reminders of what not to do next time lol. I hope your day improved hhugs.gif.

Chantal nice purchases! I'm STILL bugging DH to hurry up and do E's invites, I just want to get them out there. The cuddles are so nice aren't they, E is really cuddly and loves kisses...although they're still the big open mouthed slobbery ones. He was cuddling me today and I told him he has to still cuddle his mummy even when he's a big stinky teenager laughing2.gif. Way to go Kydin crawling properly! Omg I'm so over commando crawling, E is constantly FILTHY from neck to toes, the whole front and forearms of his outfits are revolting. Can't see him crawling normally though, he still favours his good arm so for now I think I need to take out shares in Napisan.

Naomi 3 kids under 5, surely that doesn't keep you that busy? roll2.gif I loooovvveeee books, but alas I have read a total of 2 chapters of a book since E was born and I don't see me getting any time to anytime soon either sad.gif sounds like a great idea though. How cute is the waving wub.gif he waves at DH every morning as he's leaving for work and DH reckons it just makes his day.

AFM well after my cleaning this morning and getting E's room clean, this afternoon I decided to sort his wardrobe out to make space for the new baby's stuff. Pulled out all of E's 0000 stuff and sorted out what I wanted to keep for bub and put it all away in the wardrobe, will take it out to wash closer to the time but just put it away for now. Then I packed all of E's 00's back into the storage box. Feel so organised, I love it. E is a destruct-o-bot and loves pulling things out of baskets and drawers, so to keep him entertained while I was doing it I let him pull everything out of the boxes and pass them to me for sorting...he made me say 'taa' every time lol but he had a ball, was a good idea to get him to 'help'!

#36 honeyfly

Posted 22 September 2010 - 04:03 PM

Just popping in briefly, I have offered to host Mother's Group in the morning because the Mum hosting is sick, so now I need to run around and do a tidy up!!

But just wanted to say Kylie - don't feel bad, gosh I do that ALL the time!!  Hannah has become quite independent now as early on I would put her on her mat to entertain herself.  Sometimes though I will be trying to get things done and she will follow whinging, but not too often.  I ignore her in those cases mostly and once I'm back where I told her "I'll be back", maybe then I will pick her up or play with her for a bit.  You know my "Bible" that Dream Baby guide  biggrin.gif , she talks about how important independent play is as they become more confident with their own company, as well as not teaching them "if I cry/whinge I get picked up", so I am a bit more aware of what I do now.

Jess - hope your day has been better lovely, I have to put Hannah in the high chair near the bathroom if I have a shower otherwise who knows what mischief/injuries she would encounter!

oh yay, Hannah got some daycare days can't remember if I said so or not, but she had orientation yesterday where I left her for an hour and a halfish, she was brilliant!  Only the slightest upset noise when I returned, but was happy to play with the other kids.  So that's a relief!

Anyway, gotta run, be back later!

Luv Brooke

#37 **Foxy82**

Posted 22 September 2010 - 05:58 PM

Just quickly wanted to say hi  waves.gif

I am sooooo sick at the moment.I have bronchiatis (sp?) and the sorest throat plus I have completely lost my voice,i can't even squeak  oomg2.gif Thankfully Mum has taken the kids and DH is at work so I am getting some much needed rest  ssleep.gif This time the Dr has put me on really strong AB's so  hands.gif this gets rid of it once and for all! I can't stand being sick all the time!! I've had to put M's specialist appointment back because there is no way i can explain to the Dr whats been going on!!

Kylie-You are doing the right thing hun.I've only noticed today how much I sing to the kids because I can't talk and M told me she misses my songs  laughing2.gif There's nothing wrong with leaving him on his own,even letting him have a bit if a whinge so he learns to amuse himself! I used to find with M that she was the same and always wanted me to be with her but with H it's so much easier because M loves to play with him so they amuse each other!!Hopefully E will do the same when bub 2 gets a bit bigger  laughing2.gif On the days when M is at preschool,H misses her so much and gets a bit clingy so I usually dump a huge pile of toys out for him and put Waybuloo on and that keeps him happy for a while!! Whatever works I say  tongue.gif

Jess-Don't feel bad hun,it happens to all of us.H stood up in the bath the other day and came down on the edge and now has a huuuge bruise on the side of his face  sad.gif That kid is always hitting his head on something!! Loved the photo's of Emily's party! Hope she has had a wonderful birthday today and you have all had a great day celebrating  tthumbs.gif

Naomi- My 2 keep me flat out so I can only imagine how busy you would be with 3 under 5  laughing2.gif

Brooke-That's great Hannah had a good time playing with all the kids,definitely would be a relief  yyes.gif

Chantal-Yay for Kydin crawling  tthumbs.gif I will be happy when H walks he is rubbing the knees out of all his pants at the moment!
I agree I love this age too,so much fun!! Their personalities really start to come out  wub.gif

AFM-H is still just taking the 2 steps but he says mum,dad,nan,pa & gawd! He can clap and waves but like the other bubs he waves backwards...so cute! My sister has also taught him to high 5!!
They are just sponges and take in everything around them!

Ok well that's me done,I'm heading back to bed. ph34r.gif
Talk soon  waves.gif

#38 jemsoli

Posted 23 September 2010 - 06:45 PM

kylie i dont think it is possible to give bubs too much attention, but like chantal said every bub is different. i can see the logic in getting your bub to play independantly, but for some babies its just not possible, or not possible all that often if that makes sense? emily is good at playing independantly most of the time, but i have friends whose bubbas just cant do it. getting evan to "help" you put the washing away is a great idea too. i sometimes fold clothes / nappies on the floor in the loungeroom and emily loves taking off with bits and pieces (especially socks!)

brooke great to hear that hannah liked daycare.

jo woo hoo to harrisson walking!

chantal WOW! 500g in one month! thats awesome!

afm had a pretty uneventful day yesterday, we didnt even end up giving emily her presents. she got so many pressies on saturday it just seemed kinda pointless giving her more just yet. i will either save them for christmas or give them to her in a month or two when she gets sick of her new toys.

she has been sleeping really badly too, and i havent had a decent sleep since before her birthday party, so have been pretty down, and just feeling crap in general. i plan on going to bed early tonight though, so hopefully that makes it all better.

i am also frustrated as well, you prob saw on FB but i have had several comments about how now emily is 1 i should wean her. but the worst part is the main offender was my mum. i honestly thought she of all people would be supportive of me while attempting to continue BF emily. but she kept going on about it today and how i should just wean her cos winter is almost over so it should be fine to ean her now. i am also expecting the same from my MIL. all the comments have come from people in the same generation as our parents where i think the norm in their day was to stop at 6 months. at the moment i am ready to rip the next person who says anythings head off.

#39 barx_twins+1

Posted 23 September 2010 - 08:20 PM

Hi Girls,

We are back from our little holiday & finally came in here yesterday had just about finished a mammoth post, that took ages and just as I was about finished, Piper found the off switch on the computer and turned it off.   rant.gif , but at the same time laugh.gif

Seems I have missed quite a bit, so will do a small attempt at personals.

Jess - Sounds like emily had a great day on Saturday and the photos on FB looked awesome, especially the cake.  Dont' give yourself too much of a hard time with the bad mummy moments, we all have them. I totally get where you are coming from regarding presents, we aren't giving the girls much, just a ride on car each. They already have heaps of toys, plus what they will get from everyone else and then we have xmas in a few months, so they will get plenty then.  Need to keep up with Loch on that front. Regarding BF, with all this talk at the moment about formula being prescription only, etc.  I think when it is all said and done it should be a mothers choice and everyone should support the choice SHE makes.  Hope you get to BF for as long as you want.  biggrin.gif

Chantal - Well done on your mammoth shopping in just 45mins.  That is awesome, hope you enjoyed spoiling you.  I am planning on doing the same on Sunday arvo whilst DH has the 3 kiddies.  original.gif  Sounds like you got some great stuff off ebay for Kydins party. Saw the video on FB of kydin pushing his walker so cute wub.gif.  AS I said to Jess I think we should support whatever decision a mother makes regarding forumla or BF their child.  500gm gain in a month is awesome, go Kydin.

Jo -   bbighug.gif 's to you, you have certainly had your share of illness this year.  Hope you feel better real soon & enjoyed your rest whilst your mum had the kids.  Also hope you don't have to wait too long for M's appt with the specialist.  Go H on his walking, he will be taking many more steps before you know it.

Brooke - Glad Hannah went well at her first time at daycare, I am sure it is a huge relief. Hope mothers group at your house went well.

Naomi - That idea for a chain letter for books sounds great, but just don't get the time I want to read anymore.  Just finished my first book since the girls were born.  

Kylie - I agree with the others I don't think you can give any baby/child too much love & attention.  But I think independant play is good if you can get it to work. All 3 of mine have been/are good at playing quietly by themselves for a short time. In saying that the girls do have each other.  It might be good if you could get Evan to do it a little bit especially with V2.0 coming along.  Maybe you could put some toys (maybe a new one in the mix) down in front of him and you sit on the lounge a little away from him and just ignore the whinging for say 5 minutes and then finish the time with a big cuddle. But at the end of the day it all comes down to you and Evan & what works for you. Sounds like you are getting really organised for the V2.0, how exciting.

AFM - We had a great time away, the 3 kids all went swimming.  THe girls loved it.  Hopefully will get to put pics up on FB in the next few days.  We also saw Whales & dolphins - just awesome.

The girls are going great.  Piper is now crawling on all fours and standing all the time.  Today she pulled her self up on my jeans when I was preparing something in the kitchen.  Scarlett is still commando crawling, so dirty dirty clothes all the time and is now also starting to try and pull herself up.   llove.gif them both so very much and love watching them, they have developed so much in the last few weeks.  Agree with everyone else this stage is such a great one and should be cherished, won't be babies for too much longer. cry1.gif

School holidays for us after tomorrow and then from next Thursday the 3 kids and me will be moving in with mum and dad for about 2 weeks, whilst the bathroom gets renovated. cclap.gif.

Party planning is starting to ramp up, 3 weeks to go this saturday.  Got plates and serviettes from Woolies yesterday.  I wanted coloured ones and the whole deeko range had 2 pkts for $6, which is great, much cheaper than the party shops or spotlight. Have now decided need to get more pkts so heading back again tomorrow.   So for those of you who need them the special is on until Sunday.   Just need to get to the party shop and organise some balloons, etc.  Cakes all organised so going well really.

Anyway, will be off.  
Talk soon. waves.gif

Edited by barx_twins+1, 23 September 2010 - 08:24 PM.

#40 koiles

Posted 26 September 2010 - 08:39 PM

Thanks for the advice everyone. I think I'll keep trying to encourage him to play on his own for short periods and see how he goes...tbh I think he's just always going to be one of those kids who needs a lot of attention.

I was going to do a big post but as bad as it sounds, I can't be bothered. I've had such a crappy few days, have been super emotional and irrational and I'm just feeling down that I can't control it. Everything just seems to be getting on top of me lately, I have a massive nesting urge at the moment to gut the house from top to bottom in preparation for the new baby, but just don't seem to have time to scratch my butt let alone do a massive clean up, so that's making me feel really anxious...even though there's still 12.5weeks to go all that's running through my head is 'there is no way I want to bring a new baby home to this mess'.

Sorry for the whinge, will try and get back tomorrow for a proper post. xx

#41 honeyfly

Posted 26 September 2010 - 09:44 PM

I'm a bit of a downer too Kylie, I keep thinking "this is my last Sunday that I don't have to go to work tomorrow"  

Stupid work, one week left of mat leave and spending every day with my baby girl  cry1.gif

#42 MrsGiggle

Posted 27 September 2010 - 10:29 PM

Hi LAdies,

Kylie and Brooke - Sorry your both feeling down.
Kylie - How are you owl branches coming along? I would love to see a pic.
Brooke - Is Hannah having some trial days this week in childcare?

Mel - Sounds like you had a nice little break away with the family. Check out the reject shop for cuttlery and plates etc. I just got them from there for Annabelle's party and they have the coloured stuff quite cheap.

Jess - What did Emily end up getting off everyone for her birthday? Did the solar get booked in?

Chantel - Way to go little man on that weight gain....what did DH say when u told him to results? Annabelle has rejected her boobie feed at bedtime the last 3 nights :-( She only sucks for 2 seconds and pulls off but skulls her bottle so i think our feeding days are over.

Jo - How r u feeling?

AFM - Well all systems go here getting ready for Annabelle's party not this coming Saturday but next. Just a few more crafty things to make and thats about it...apart from all the food shopping etc. Mr Thomas has now decided that he would like to be left alone to go to the toilet..WTF? Seriosuly i thought I had a 2.5yr old not a teenager...He is also wanting to do a lot of things solo atm.  This coming Thursday is my Mum's birthday....so sad I miss her so much and just wish she was still here with us. I know she is watching and can see the kids grow up etc but just not the same. I'm doing a little charity auction on my FB Cherrybubblepage in her memory.

#43 **Foxy82**

Posted 28 September 2010 - 03:30 PM

Hi Girls!
Just wizzing through wwhistle.gif I am so busy this week getting organised for H's party on Saturday.Being so sick I got waaayyyy behind so I'm playing catch up!
I'm just starting to feel better though still coughing something fierce at night  aannoyed.gif
I'm so excited about H's party though  ddance.gif

Hope you are all well and I will come and have a proper read and do some personals as soon as I have a minute  bbighug.gif

Edited by **Foxy82**, 28 September 2010 - 03:33 PM.

#44 Here we go again

Posted 28 September 2010 - 10:54 PM

Hi everyone,

Seems everyone is in full swing for their birthday parties. I am pretty organised too although need to do an invite but deciding when to have the party first!

The book thing was for kids books not for adults, I obviously didnt explain myself properly. Im way too particulart about my books to let anyone else choose LOL

Kylie 12 weeks but being so close to Christmas it will go by even quicker. Good luck nesting!!

Jess Yeah everyone always has opinions. I feed mine way over 12mths as well. I havent had AF back yet either so no hurry for that coming back original.gif My biggest thing both my mum and dad always comment on is facing the kids forward in their carseats. I keep mine rearward until 12mths and Levi will probably be even longer because he is so little original.gif

Chantel Great news about the weight gain!

Kat Looking forward to seeing some pictures of As birthday bash!! Sorry about your mum xx

Brooke Wish I could give you some great advice about not worrying but hey I would be a basket case. I dont let me 5yr old out of my sight let alone Levi. Actually there is some positives you wont end up as ANAL as me LOL

Ok have to run,

#45 jemsoli

Posted 29 September 2010 - 08:22 AM

mel hope the bathroom gets renovated quickly, and doesnt hit any delays.

kylie hope you are feeling better.

brooke hope you enjoy your last week at home with your bubba.

kat yep, solar is booked in. now we just have to wait up to 3 months for it to be installed. emily mainly just got toys and clothes for her birthday, but she got her trike with handle that i bought for PIL to give her. i think she loves the trike best out of her presents!

you sound really organised for belles party. at this stage i was still in relax, i still have a whole week mode LOL.

chantal good luck with trying to wean kydin from the night feed.

afm so it turned out my mum was upset at me cos of what i wrote on FB (she isnt on FB but my stepdad is) and has only spoken to me once since then and that was to organise some stuff for my birthday. my stepdad called me on friday, asking if i was alright and it all came out. and apparently SHE is upset at me, even though i was the one she was having digs at.

and i got emilys vaccinations on friday. the nurse prepping the needles stuffed up, and the first needle the sharp bit wasnt clicked in properly, so came off when the doc pushed the plunger down, so poor little chicken had to have 4 needles. she was fine though, it was the first lot of needles she has had with absolutely no side effects (other than the red weals from the bandaids on her legs)

AND she is back to sleeping properly again. i started taking a calcium supplement, cos apparently around AF time your body depletes the calcium and actually reduces your milk supply, so it explains why she is always unsettled at night around AF time - she was thirsty sad.gif

but i am going to go buy my kitchenaid this weekend! cant wait!

#46 Here we go again

Posted 29 September 2010 - 03:38 PM

Jess Kitchenaids ROCK!!!!!!

#47 Freyja

Posted 30 September 2010 - 07:54 AM

Hi girls,

I woke up to this text from Jo this morning and am reporting to you guys as she asked:

Hi ... just wondering if you could let the oct 09 group know that we are at Westmead Children's in the intensive  care ward  with Hannah. She was having seizures and we are not sure why. She has had a scan done and so far that is fine. She will be having a lot more tests today.

Jo - This must be such a difficult, stressful and emotional time  ddown.gif Be strong, try to stay positive for your little girl and pray the seizures are nothing too serious. I hope you get some good answers soon. Give Hannah a kiss for us and tell her she's a brave girl.

#48 honeyfly

Posted 30 September 2010 - 05:58 PM

Oh no, poor Hannah and Jo, hope everything works out and it turns out to be nothing serious.  Thinking of you, hugs and kisses. xoxoxoxo

Will pop in tomorrow for a proper post!

#49 koiles

Posted 30 September 2010 - 07:44 PM

Jo super massive big hugs to you bbighug.gif I hope they work out what is happening with Hannah asap and can get her better again. What a stressful time for you all hhugs.gif. Thanks for letting us know wub.gif and thanks to you too Kristy.

Brooke big hugs to you too lovely bbighug.gif, I can imagine how stressful it's been for you this week. I'm sure Hannah will absolutely love daycare though, she'll have so many new friends to play and learn with and the time you do spend together will be extra special. Let us know how your first day goes xx

Kat I'm very excited about the mobiles, I got my tester done the other week and have made a few tweaks to it and now have two 4 branch sets all cut out ready for stitching tonight. E was a PITA last night so I ended up packing it in earlier than I'd have liked, so fingers crossed tonight he stays in bed and I can finish them both. I've done a pink/purple set and a light/dark blue set. Once these are done and photographed I'm ready to launch my FB page! Oh and I forgot to tell you I tested your owwie pack the other day, I fell over and banged my knee so sat on the couch with it for a while, very good!

Bah was hoping to finish this but E has decided he doesn't want to go to bed. Sorry mister, you WILL go to bed! BBL

#50 MrsGiggle

Posted 30 September 2010 - 08:10 PM

Hey Girls :-)

Jo - So sorry to hear your news :-( I hope Hannah is fine and that the Dr's can give you some answers very soon.....fingers crossed it's just something easily fixed as a high temperature.....still that in it's self is horrible...poor little mite xoxoxoxo BIG hugs

Kylie - Cool can't wait to see your creations :-) I saw all your tops on madeit..they look fantastic!!

Brooke - Good luck!! Hope everything goes well with Hannah starting daycare and u returning to work

Just a quick one from me.



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