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October 09 Parents # 44

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#51 Freyja

Posted 01 October 2010 - 11:14 AM

OKay, I have 2 more updates:

This one from 10.30am yesterday:

We are waiting for them to do a lumbar puncture onmiss muffet. They are going to check for a few infections. She is still under sedation and then they will take her out of sedation and the tubes out

And this one from 9am today:

Hannah is off the breathing tubes, she still has the drip in but needs it for antibiotics. She is off all drugs and is smiling, waving hello, saying mum, mum and uh, uh and having breast feed. She is slowly getting back to her normal self. She should be moving to a ward later today. Yay

Jo - That all sounds really positive! I assume from the antibiotics it was an infection? Fingers crossed all will be well enough for you to enjoy that time away original.gif

#52 Guest_chntlrose_*

Posted 01 October 2010 - 02:42 PM

How scary for you Jo.  bbighug.gif So glad to hear Hannah is on the mend now. Thanks for the updates Kristy.

Hope everyone else is well.

#53 K~and~A~plus~7

Posted 02 October 2010 - 07:49 AM

Oh My!!!  ohmy.gif

huge hugs Jo!!!  bbighug.gif Glad to hear she is on the mend!

Sorry for not being around, thing have gone crazy with the sewing stuff and now with school holidays and a mobile toddler having 10 minutes to myself is impossible!

I wanted to say happy birthday to everyone i have missed. I know that there has been a few and i know i have missed a few FB ones too. Far too many dramatic people on FB, so i tend to take a few days off and of course i miss the birthdays!  Does anyone have the list of birthday still?

#54 MrsGiggle

Posted 04 October 2010 - 10:16 PM

Hi Girls,

It is soooo quiet in here these days.

Did everyone enjoy their long weekend?

We had a great time. Got a few things done around the house.

Mr T is having a pretty rough time with his molars but we are slowly getting there and Missighty Belle's 1st tooth has just broken the skin. It's one of her top one's lol.

Anyway off to bed.
Nighty night hope u are all well


#55 jemsoli

Posted 05 October 2010 - 07:35 AM

aaaarrrrrgggghhhh. been so busy this last week. i really hate the end of sept/start of oct. we have birthdays overload into 2.5 weeks. emilys on 22nd, my dads on 3rd, mine on the 4th, BIL on 5th, my brother on 8th, and my nans on 8th as well.

i got my mixer on saturday. sooooo in love with it. i guess in retrospect i probably would have been happy with any mixer, but im really glad i got the one i did.

my birthday wasnt all that great. i got to have a sleep in on the day, but emily had decided to sleep in 1.5 hours later than usual so it was 8:45 by the time she got up and i was too awake to get back to sleep. i just relaxed in bed, and played gameboy for an hour before getting up.

and not suprisingly, DF didnt bother to get me a present from emily, and i was really hurt. i understand that the mixer was expensive, but how hard is it to spend $5 on a box of choccies for emily to give me. so i yelled at him a bit, and then went and sat at the nearby boat ramp for an hour or so. when i came back i had a block of choccy and a card that emily and DF made. i just really hope that he understands that it is important now. i got him presents from emily for fathers day and his birthday, yet i got nothing for mothers day and almost got nothing for my birthday.

emily has been really trying the last couple of weeks, and i dont know what the deal is. at the moment she is standing, holding onto my leg and snuggling into me while she sucks her fingers. she has only been up for an hour! i dont get why she is so sooky.

anyway, have to go get the girl some brekky.

jo i really hope everything is ok with hannah now.

#56 **Foxy82**

Posted 06 October 2010 - 09:33 AM

Hi Girls!!

H's party is over with so I'm starting to get back into my normal routine!! How can one party take up so much time  grin.gif

It's on my list of jobs today to come and do a proper post so I will BBL to catch up properly  yyes.gif

BBL  waves.gif

#57 **Foxy82**

Posted 07 October 2010 - 06:35 PM

No one has been in since my last post  roll2.gif

i didn't get back in last night,my kids were feral  aannoyed.gif
What a week I'm exhausted  yyawn.gif I've had so many Dr's appointments.H hip check up was all good  tthumbs.gif and he doesn't have to go back until he is 4!! M had her ear appt today and it has shown that the immature valve she has in causing the probs so the Dr wants to let her go until Jan(so she can still swim without covering her ears) and if there is no change in the valve she will be having grommets put in.She also has to have a hearing test done as it is affecting her hearing a bit.Tomorrow is H's pediatrician appt for his head but I'm not worried about this one I know it will be fine! Phew so that's my week!

H's party was great despite the rain.We all had a wonderful time and he got awesome presents!

I've had a bit of a teary day though today.My cradle sold on eBay this morning  cry1.gif It's not that I don't want anymore kids I just know physically and mentally it's the best decision not to have anymore.I know my body doesn't cope with pregnancy and after having the 3 m/c and ending up with PND I'm just so grateful for what I have. DH told me though it's not a definite we won't ever have anymore just because we sell the cradle and if we do decide to have another bub he will buy me a fancy new one  wub.gif  laughing2.gif

Jess-Hopefully now your DF understands that is important for you to have a special present from Emily!H is being really hard at the moment too.He is a climber  wacko.gif and it does my head in!!

Ok that's all from me,talk to you all soon  waves.gif

#58 jemsoli

Posted 08 October 2010 - 07:40 AM

kat i cant believe annabelle has only just got her 1st tooth. hope it didnt cause too muc trouble on its way through.

jo glad to hear all Hs appoinments went well, and hope Ms ears fix themselves by jan so she doesnt need grommets.

afm have been busy this week catching up with friends, and dealing with all the birthdays but they are all over now YAY YAY YAY YAY YAY. now its christmas i am going to dread...

emily is getting closer to walking. she has been taking steps - never more than 3 though LOL. and if she sees something on the other side of the room she will take a few steps towards it rather than just dropping to the floor and crawling over.

Edited by jess869, 09 October 2010 - 07:34 AM.

#59 koiles

Posted 09 October 2010 - 04:34 PM

I think I'm almost back to being a fully functional human being...well as fully functional as you can be when pregnant anyway lol.

Have had such a sh*tty few weeks, my body got used to the dose of ADs I was on and stopped doing anything and far out, I was a mess. Total meltdowns over absolutely nothing, went back to crying all day long, I was having trouble even tolerating E's good days. Anyhoo went back to GP a week and a bit ago and he upped my dose and this week I've been feeling more and more myself again, thank goodness. At least if it happens again I'll know not to leave it as long before going back to see him and hoping it just fixes itself rolleyes.gif.

I've started my own little business on Madeit and FB which is doing quite well. It's been sooooo good to have something to focus on and little projects to do, especially with me feeling so crappy having the sewing to take my mind off things was just brilliant. I'm really enjoying doing it.

E is having a sleepover at the ILs tonight, we dropped him off at lunchtime and am FINALLY doing the big massive spring clean I've been so desperately needing for a couple of months now. DH did the kitchen from top to bottom and I did the boys' room...it's now officially ready for 2 of them. Feels so good. We're about to head off to dinner together then get an earlyish night and tomorrow morning we'll get stuck into our bedroom, the study area and the backyard - we've got hard rubbish collection starting Monday so I'm purging the house of EVERYTHING we don't need...oh so therapeutic hheart.gif.

Sorry for the me post - will get back into my pre-woeful mood routine and post more regularly from now on. At least I've managed to keep up with FB, proud of that laughing2.gif.

Much love xx

#60 Here we go again

Posted 09 October 2010 - 08:11 PM

WOW just came in and read about Hannah. I really hope she is ok?? Obviously there has been no updates but Jo must be beside herself. Poor things. xxx

#61 honeyfly

Posted 10 October 2010 - 08:40 PM

Good evening lovelies,

I hope you're all well and had a wonderful weekend!  It's been raining, raining, raining here, and now we have another backyard swimming pool, craziness!

Jo - how is Hannah doing?  I read on FB you took her home the other day, what did it turn out to be?

Kylie - glad you are feeling more like your-fine-self  biggrin.gif  How is that belly of yours? I saw that you have some names picked out, that's exciting!!

Foxy Jo - looks like you're going to have to make a trip to medicare! hehe lots of Drs visits.  That would be sad selling your baby stuff, it's like the end of an era!

Sorry I have to go, I am on my sisters laptop and it only types every 2nd letter or so I press, it's driving me INSANE!!!

Oh my first week at work last week went well, it wasn't too bad actually, nice to see people again, and I got over $4k pay rise for doing nothing all year, gotta be happy with that!

Love yas,


#62 **Foxy82**

Posted 12 October 2010 - 06:57 PM

Helloooooo  wwhistle.gif
Where is everyone? All these 1st Birthdays must be keeping everyone busy  biggrin.gif

Brooke-So glad your first week back went well...congrats on the payrise  tthumbs.gif

Kylie-Hope you are feeling better hun  hhugs.gif I had to get the dose of my AD's put up and it made the hugest difference!

Not much happening with me,we are going away next week so I'm just getting organised for that.Soooo looking forward to having a break from everyday life and having DH home for 3 weeks  eexcite.gif
The lady came and picked up my cradle and I cried  cry1.gif (not infront of her  laughing2.gif) She was a really nice lady though so I'm glad it went to a good home!

Big hello to everyone  yyes.gif Hope you are all well,miss chatting with you all  bbighug.gif

Edited by **Foxy82**, 12 October 2010 - 07:01 PM.

#63 jemsoli

Posted 13 October 2010 - 07:28 AM

kylie glad to hear that things are going better now that the dr tweaked your medication.

good work on the cleaning. did you do a big clean up before evan was born? i know in the whole 1 week i had off work before emily was born i went nuts and probably filled half the big skip bin for rubbish. and there is nothing like moving for tossing crap you dont need, hahaha.

brooke glad to hear your first week back at work went well. and woo hoo for the pay rise! how awesome!

jo oooh, holidays! where are you going? i am so jealous, i think we are destined never to have holidays. DF would rather put the momey on the mortgage, which i guess is sensible, but sad for us as well. maybe i can convince him to take us on a holiday when emily is a bit older and would actually enjoy it a bit more.

afm im sure you probably saw, but emily is walking. ok, so she can only walk 2-3m before falling down again, but DF and i think thats good enough to classify as walking!

and after weeks of emily sleeping badly she has slept through without waking 3 nights in a row now. we are stoked! we have had to bring her into our bed quite a few times, so i hope that it doesnt regress her good sleeping at all.

thats about it really, not much else is happening. things are pretty boring for me here, with no prospects of going back to work anytime soon. i do miss working, but i dont think i could leave emily now, she is at such a fun age. i love all the cute things she does, and how her personality is starting to shine through.

#64 koiles

Posted 13 October 2010 - 10:24 AM

Brooke ooohh I feel so bad, I had it in my head to remember to msg you to wish you well for going back to work then I totally forgot to check in with you sad.gif sorry hun. Glad to hear it went well though, how is Hannah liking daycare? Belly is going good lol. The lovely groin pain has just started which is not much fun but that's really my only complaint so I'll just shut up about that I think hehe.

Jo I can't believe what a difference the new dose has made, I feel fantastic eexcite.gif. Long may it last! Lol I went to the baby & kids market a few months back and bought this gorgeous little set and the lady started tearing up selling it to me, I felt so bad. She kept saying no no have it I didn't think it would hit me this hard not having any more kids...I don't even want any more! hehe the poor thing. Where are you going for holidays? 3 weeks with DH home...lovely!

Jess nope I only did the real basic clean before E came along and I had to force myself to do that, nesting instinct never kicked in at all! That's why it's so weird this time around to want to compulsively clean, so unlike me! Felt very good getting rid of so much crap though. Woohoo to Emily walking, clever girl! A bit jealous, wish I had time to be bored hahaha.

AFM forgot to take my BP meds yesterday and ended up having an almost-pass out. Staggered and fell over, aggravating my groin pain massively, then couldn't get myself up off the floor because the pain was so bad. So I lay on the floor for 30mins til DH came home with E crawling off to his toybox and bringing back whatever toy he wanted us to play with, then when he got bored he'd go off again and get something else and bring it back lol.

E is standing and pulling himself up on EVERYTHING now, we are having to do round 2 of babyproofing this weekend because he's now able to get into things we never even thought he'd be able to. The GREAT thing about having a house that is totally destroyed every day is that it tires him out, the last 4 days he's had a 1.5-2hr nap in the afternoon oomg.gif. Hope I haven't just jinxed myself. So now I just have to stop wasting that time and actually make the most of it!

#65 jemsoli

Posted 13 October 2010 - 11:01 AM

kylie hehe. i dont think i would have had any nesting instincts kick in last time either, but i worked til 37 weeks and had done NOTHING to emilys room other than set up the cot. so i just thought if i can get it all done then i can spend the rest of my pregnancy relaxing and doing nothing. then i found out 5 days after my last day at work i was being induced in 3 days and i worked myself into the ground to get things cleared up. i was so devastated i didnt get any me time before emily came along.

2 hour nap is good  biggrin.gif  hopefully it is going to stick around!

just waiting for my grandparents to get here. they called and said they were going to be here in an hour at 11:30. oops. and i almost burnt emilys lunch too, she is having homemade fish fingers.

guess i should go do something productive...

#66 K~and~A~plus~7

Posted 13 October 2010 - 10:25 PM

ugh!! why am i not getting emails when there are new posts!!! I just thought you all were incredibly quiet, figured i would just have a look and lots of posts! 11.30 at night is so not the time for me to sit down and post, i am sure none of it will make sense!

So are we the last to get a tooth? Still nothing here and she is 13months!!! Unbelievable!

#67 koiles

Posted 14 October 2010 - 07:48 PM

Jess omg that would have sucked having no time. I had 4 weeks off before E arrived but was pretty much on bedrest and couldn't do anything anyway unless DH was home in case I passed out. I was naughty the day before my induction and just cleaned what I had to to get the place looking respectable for when visitors arrived, but I had to sit down every 5mins and it took me all day to do not very much lol. YUM homemade fish fingers *drool*. How's the new house coming along do you feel like you're really settled in there now? What's it like having the extra space?

Karen it did that to me a month or 2 ago drove me up the wall. I ended up changing the email address the notifications were sent to and it worked again...weird. Yep we've got enough teeth to last us a while here, your turn now grin.gif.

What is the etiquette with party invites? I've asked everyone to RSVP by tomorrow for his party next Saturday, but there's still quite a few who haven't got back to me...do I follow up with an email/call/text on Monday or do I just assume they're not coming? I just don't want to not have enough food or not have enough goodie bags for any kids that show up that I didn't know where coming - I'll make a few extras but ykwim.

AFM 2hr afternoon sleep continues eexcite.gif. I even slept the last hour today, it was bliss! My mum and dad arrive next Wednesday to stay the week for Evan's bday, can't wait. Have started getting really bad pelvic and groin pain...10 weeks to go though and it'll be over!

#68 babywannab

Posted 15 October 2010 - 04:19 PM

Hi Guys - just popped in to check out what ppl are up to original.gif

Karen - Grace got her first a couple of weeks ago so I think you may officially be the last one!

Kylie - BLISS!! Hopefully he sticks to his new routine original.gif

#69 jemsoli

Posted 16 October 2010 - 08:15 PM

i feel like a bit of a loser posting on EB on a saturday night, cos i have nothing better to do...

karen oh wow! no teethies for riley! emily has had 8 since 7 months (and hopefully no more anytime soon  laugh.gif ) i think bubbas look cuter with no teeth anyway.

kylie i was sitting outside at 7am the other morning and i was thinking OMG i love having a house SOO much. even though we live nearish a main road and you can hear a bit of traffic noise outside, it was just so peaceful and just that nice morning light, it put me in a good mood for the rest of the day. i love my backyard (even though there is still MONTHS of gardening to do) but i really miss the bathroom in our unit. our bathrooms here are terrible and i hate them so much. there is nothing we can do about them though, so i try not to dwell on how much i hate it.

with the RSVPs i honestly didnt expect anyone to RSVP cos most people dont anymore. i made up special personalised lolly bags for all the kids, and the 2 bubbas that didnt come got theirs later. it is frustrating that people just dont seem to care anymore. i guess you probably ended up calling/smsing to find out?

AWESOME that the 2 hour naps are continuing. must be so nice to have that much time to yourself (even if you do waste the whole time on the computer  tongue.gif ) without a whiny baby hanging onto you.

afm my grandparents had come over the other day for computer advice, and i ended up going to the shops with them and helped them pick out what they needed. seriously, lucky i was there cos i had to go feed emily for 15 minutes and i come back and the sales guy has added all this stuff they dont need to their bundle of stuff. so annoying that they take advantage of old people who dont know any better.

so i got it all set up, and they went home and had to test out the internet the next day cos it had 6-24 hours before it would be connected. and my pa calls me the next day and asks me all these questions that i never thought to show him (like how to use the touch pad, where the backspace and enter buttons are) so its all been quiet since thursday so i am guessing it is working.

had a relatively relaxing day today. DF took emily to his brothers house for a few hours so i could have a nap. and then we went to pizza hut all you can eat for dinner (and yes, we had to drive 40 minutes to get there but it was worth it)

got all my washing up to date (except the sheets which is on tomorrows list) and vacuumed the whole house.

little chicken is learning so quickly with her new walking skills. it is amazing how quickly they pick things up once they get started. i know when she started crawling it was a week and she could move SO fast! she can now walk about 5-6m and when she is "cruising" furniture she walks frontways rather than sideways (if that makes sense?) and mainly uses her hand to balance her.

#70 **Foxy82**

Posted 17 October 2010 - 08:03 AM

Hi Girls,
Just popping through,we are going away tomorrow for 2 weeks  eexcite.gif I will still be on FB so I will catch up with you all on there  biggrin.gif

-All you can eat Pizza Hut...YUM tthumbs.gif Where abouts is it?I didn't think they were around anymore!
It's so cute when they start walking.H is still wonky and walks with his arms up in the air  laughing2.gif
I agree ppl try and tale advantage of old ppl.Lucky you were there! I know my Nanna gets ripped off,it's so sad.I could never do that to someone nno.gif

Kylie-I have some slack RSVPers as well and it always seems to be the same ppl.It's quite rude I think.If ppl didn't want to know numbers they wouldn't ask you to RSVP! I usually send out an SMS just after the RSVP date.How exciting your parents are coming next week! How is your Dad going?
Only 10 weeks to go  oomg2.gif ,yay exciting!!!!

Hello to everyone  waves.gif

Ok best get back to the packing!
Have a good weekend everyone  biggrin.gif

#71 *Olraha*

Posted 17 October 2010 - 11:52 AM

Hi Girls

We are back from holidays but I wish I was still away  cry1.gif .

Sorry for not getting in here before we went away to update you all about Hannah, we got home late Staurday afternoon, then I spent most of Sunday and Monday packing to go away. As far as the dr's now at the moment is that she had a couple of seizures but are not sure why. We are waiting for a follow up appointment between now and christmas. But not matter what we have a drug called Medazalim with us so if she has another seizure and it last longer han 5 minutes, we have to drop it into her mouth. I am  hands.gif that she never has another one ever again. The whole time we were away she has been back to her normal self. Being a cheeky monkey, playing with her sisters and is acting exactly the same before she had her seizure. We also have a crawler that likes pulling herself up on things.

Jess - oh yum, all you can eat pizza hut... Where is that? Happy belated birthday. I am sorry DF didn't get you anything from Emily. DH's birthday was before mine when we had Olivia, and I made sure he had a present from her and one from me. So I think I set the precidence with him and he has always got something from the girls. I was going to post last night, so you are not a loser but my brain wouldn't function properly. LOL

Jo - have a great time away. I will come in your suitcase ok?

Brooke - how is work going for you? How is hannah liking daycare?

Kylie - I have people not RSVPing, it is a pet hate of mine, especially kids birthdays. I always make sure I reply to the girls invites the day they get them otherwise I will forget. I normally send an SMS the day after the RSVP date and usually get most replies back.

Karen - still no teeth for Hannah, she is 11 and 1/2 months. So by the looks of it, following in her sisters footseps.

Happy birthday to all the bubba's I missed while we were away. It is really hard to believe that they are all turning one.

Better go, still have some unpacking to do...



#72 honeyfly

Posted 17 October 2010 - 02:13 PM

Hi girls,

Just a quickie, mega busy this weekend!!

Hope you're all fabulous, the weather here is amazing but a bit chilly too!  So nice, I really can't wait until summer.

Jo - I too hope Hannah never has another seizure!  Must have been terrifying for you all.  Work is going well so far, Hannah seems to enjoy Daycare, she does have a bit of a cry when I pick her up though!  I try and make sure she isn't in there longer than about 6 hours, so it's not too bad.

Kylie - I would send a message to them and ask, I know how frustrating it is!  I can't believe only 10 weeks!!!  That has just gone so quickly.

Foxy Jo - have a wonderful trip away!

Karen - oh well Riley will probably have the most perfect teeth safe and sound protected!!  Hannah has nearly 8 and 2 more have just broken through!

Jess - that's so nice of you helping out your Grandparents, I know it's tough going just to teach my mother how to turn a computer on!!  You must have lots of patience.  Go Emily with the walking!

AFM - we're great, Hannah is walking around really well, the most she has done is about 15 steps, so cute and she giggles the whole way and opens her mouth cos she is so proud of herself!  I'm glad so that she can start wearing dresses again, you know, priorities!  biggrin.gif

Work is going well too, no problems so far.  I am looking forward to being pregnant again, a few more months and hopefully will get onto that! (no pun intended  tongue.gif )

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday, I'm off to my parent's place for my brother's birthday dinner!

Love yas,


Edited by honeyfly, 17 October 2010 - 02:17 PM.

#73 koiles

Posted 17 October 2010 - 08:25 PM

Jess OMG *drool* mega flashbacks to when I was a kid and Pizza Hut restaurants were all the rage...mmmmm. The dessert bar!!! Is it still the same as it used to be? 40mins drive...I'm thinking of flying to Sydney just to go roll2.gif. I didn't think there were any still around! Go Emily with her walking! It is amazing how quickly they pick things up once they get started. I'm really liking this age with E, he's a total chatterbox and just seems to be doing something different every day.

Foxy Jo enjoy your holiday! Dad is going good thanks for asking. His surgery is booked for 17th November so in the meantime he's been told to try and lose 10kg...he's already up to 7kg lost so he's flying!

Jo little Hannah had us all so worried! Hopefully they'll find out the cause of the seizures and be able to work out how to prevent them from happening again...or even better still they were just a one off caused by a bug or something! Glad to hear you had such a nice time away. I can't wait for a holiday!

Brooke I know, this pregnancy has just FLOWN. Probably because E keeps me so busy I'm not thinking about it all day long like I did when pregnant with him! Lol one of the mums at the party I was at today was saying the same thing 'hurry up and walk you've got too many pretty dresses sitting in the wardrobe' laughing2.gif. Well done Hannah with the walking. I loooovveee that look they get on their face when they're so pleased with themselves.

AFM had 2 first birthday parties this weekend...I must say I am quite glad E's is the 3rd in the group, I think by the time number 7 or 8 comes around we might all be pretty well over it all! They were both so much fun though, the kids had a ball playing with each other and it's so nice to celebrate the big milestone with them all.

I applied to sell my stuff at a handmade market coming up in November and was a little worried they'd think it was crap and turn me down (they handpick all the stallholders and knock back any that they don't think are up to standard)...I just found out last night that I've been accepted, I was pleased as punch with myself, was a nice confidence booster. Am sharing a stall with one of our other lovely DIG'gers so am really looking forward to it. Now just need to get crackalacking and get some stock behind me to take!

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