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#1 Sandra

Posted 14 September 2010 - 09:44 PM

New thread time ladies


#2 brizmum

Posted 15 September 2010 - 06:59 AM


#3 asignatureofthings

Posted 15 September 2010 - 08:15 AM

waves.gif Morning everyone!

Veronica that's great to hear Chase is coming along. How did he go with his needles??

#4 mumma ♥

Posted 16 September 2010 - 12:13 PM

Hi everyone original.gif Needles - urgh...

Oh welcome to our new member original.gif

#5 brizmum

Posted 16 September 2010 - 01:13 PM

Tess - needles were ok.  The nurse was really good, she blew some bubbles and then stabbed him while he was distracted.  As soon as she could, she blew some more which eased his crying.  He was happy a few mins later.  No reactions or anything either so all is good.

Jules - good luck!

afm:  I am still on workcover.... I hate being at home with dh...he is driving me nuts.  Took him out to apply for a job today where the money is good (a friend of mine works there).  Fingers crossed he gets the bloody job already.  Monday I get the mirena removed....scary!

#6 CandysFamily

Posted 16 September 2010 - 07:35 PM

Hey Gals,

What's doing?

I am okay thanks for asking.  I had a bit of a moment last week when Henry was finally diagnosed officially as being autistic.  But I am okay, just p*ssed with the universe really.  glare.gif

Lillybelle - welcome aboard, we do tend to be a bit quiet in here these days but we come back eventually wink.gif

Crap, thanks for the needles reminder have to get Austin sorted he is late now!  blink.gif   He has to have an eye test next week, there is a possibility he may need glasses - that'll be interesting.  wacko.gif

Veronica - wow getting the mirena out! Hope it goes okay.

Tess - names for the new bubs? Tossing any around?

#7 Maggie1975

Posted 22 September 2010 - 12:37 PM

Hi y'all,
It's been ages since I've posted, figured everyone sees whats happening on my fb so no point coming here and doubling up and getting no reply!
Had a huge couple of months.
Starting with K - she is finally on the waiting list to have her tonsils and adnoids out.  She once again got tonsillitis so took her off to the Dr on the Monday, he faxed off the referral to the ENT guy who apparently has a waiting list a mile long.  On the Thursday we got a call from the ENT asking if we'd like to fill a cancellation spot the next day!  Of course!!!  So he looks and says two things jump out at him straight away. 1 being her tonsils are larger than normal so if not causing problems now (which they are obviously) she will end up with problems later in like such as snoring etc. and 2 her tonsils look grainy.  Apparently they are meant to be nice and smoothe.  If they look like golf balls there (the texture not size wink.gif ) then they need to come out!
So we are finally getting the ball rolling there, its an over night stay in hosp, so i'll stay with her and mil will have the boys cos hubby would be useless over night with them laughing2.gif
Onto L - he's been fantastic lately!  he's really settled down a lot.  Still has his moments where I'd love to put him out on the street with a "for sale" sign on him but mostly good.  He's currently stuck at home with conjunctivitis which is going around so hes got drops going in his eyes 4 times a day.  I was expressing breast milk and putting that in (much to his horror laughing2.gif ) and it was working but then he just needed a little more help so got the drops which are working now.  Cant belive he has one term left of preschool then he's off to primary school  sad.gif  biggrin.gif  sad.gif
He was REALLY sick a couple of weeks ago, picked him up from preschool and he burst into tears saying he had a headache.  By 7pm he was burning up so gave him nurofen, didnt help.  So at 9pm gave him a second dose and finally he settled and went to sleep.  Next morning again he was crying saying the headache was back and I too had the same thing.  So hubby dropped X at the inlaws and he took K with him into town and allowed L and myself to sleep.  I self diagnosed myself with swine flu.  mellow.gif  No joke I still swear we had it.  I had every sympton.  My skin was tingling, i had a fever, headache, body aches, shivers, lathargic and so on...I mentioned it to the Dr and he had a giggle at me self diagnosing myself but when i told him the symptoms he stood up and lifted his eye brows and said "well there is 5 people from around here with it at the moment"  huh.gif  anyway, took L a good week to finally get back to normal.  he was drained, no energy, sleeping for hours during the day and then all night.. barely eating but thankfully back to normal now!
And finally X - our sweet baby boy!  Now knows how to hit siblings, now knows how to play on our heart strings lol now knows how to dunk loo paper in the loo and then put it back in the cupboard sopping wet, eats like a trooper... took him out for dinner with us the other night and he ate oysters, clams, mussels, beef, lamb, lavender blancmange and ice cream which i think was butterscotch flavoured.. hes just over 10kgs still wearing size 0 clothes, loves cars, motorbikes, tractors.. anything with wheels really... doesnt say much still pretty much what he was saying 3 months ago but he knows and understands everything.  Knows all his body parts.  Still has a bottle and STILL refuses to hold it himself. So still climbs on my lap, lays in my arms, opens his mouth and waits for me to put the bottle in his mouth!!!! hahaha
So thats us.

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#8 CluckyDuck05

Posted 22 September 2010 - 01:10 PM

Oh Carmen, that was a great update. Thank you! Glad to hear things are all good with you. Sorry to hear about the swine flu (!) but glad you’re all ok now. Hope K is OK.

Was interested that you said you put breastmilk in L’s eyes (I’ve done that for Skye and Sienna too – Sienna thought she was so special because she got to have ‘mummy’s milk’ too LOL). Do you still have breastmilk…. are you still breastfeeding? Just wondering how long it hangs around for after stopping. Lol.

I find it hard to catch up with people’s news on Facebook because I can only get on it at work and don’t want anyone to catch me on it so I have to be super quick. I usually scroll down the page quite quickly.

Alright – I’ll try a little update from us:

Sienna – Turned 4 in August, is an unbelievably good sister (they are best friends) but has been having some days where her behaviour is quite worrying. I think it’s just a phase tho. I will mention it at her 4 year old check up.

Skye – What a little darling she is. Eats like a trooper, is addicted to giving kisses and cuddles at the moment, doesn’t have lots of words but gets her meaning across really well.

AFM – Uni is going really well – good marks etc. Still working full time. Life is chaotic but we are settled into a good routine so all is good. I have been quite sick for a week and a half now with a cold. Now have to sit up to sleep because I keep coughing. Still breastfeeding so can’t really take anything for it. Grrr. Oh well. That’s it from me.


#9 Maggie1975

Posted 22 September 2010 - 02:03 PM

No not still breastfeeling but still got a little bit there that I could express if i had to lol I mentioned it to the dr and he said breast milk works because of the enzymes in it... so handy to know lol lady at the op shop this morning told me cold tea works too?!
Apparently you can have milk up to 3yrs after stopping...
K is ok, shes a little worried about having to have the op and stay in hosp over night but i've told her a few days of discomfort for a lifetime of no more tonsillitis is a small price to pay!  She also has to have 10 days off school so kinda hoping it'll be done on the school holidays or early next yr!
Shes Cat 2 which means its causing her discomfort, pain etc etc and her letter from the hosp is marked as "ready for care"

Hows everyone going with Xmas preps?  I got Ks fathers tax cheque so off we went and did ALL of our kids xmas shopping.  Except for Ls bike he's requested because we couldnt fit the box in the boot!
Feels great not having to worry about rushing like we do every other yr!

Whats everyone doing this yr for Xmas?  We've got dad coming down from Qld and we've book a holiday house in Rutherglen for 4 nights.  Going on Xmas eve coming home on the 28th.  Really looking forward to it.. going to do a winery tour and go bike riding, the place we've booked has 4bdrms, spa, fully decked out kitchen etc.. all we need to take is clothes and food!!

#10 trying4no2

Posted 23 September 2010 - 07:49 AM

Morning Ladies,

Boy it feels like it has been ages since I have been here. Seems pretty quiet these days.

It's great to hear things are going well for most of you.

I wish I could say the same. Yesterday we had a Physio appointment because Levi isn't walking (she said not too worry, he will get there) Dietician appointment because he isn't eating and Monday we have Pedeatrican appoitment because of his servere consitpation which he has had since he was about 4 months and everyone has just told me it was normal. Well finally after a few nights at the emergency room over the last few weeks someone has realised it isn't normal and there has to be something wrong. So Yay!! Now hopefully we can get to the bottom of it...

To top it all off, DP was told yesterday that after Wednesday next week he will have to find himslef another job because there is no work. This is the 3rd time in 2 years. We are so sick of it. So back to job hunting again. We are just so lucky I have a great fulltime job.

Other than that Levi is such a little Prince. He can say a stack of words - Dadda Mumma Bubba Nanna Grandad, Dog Frog Duck Love you he can pretty much say what we ask him too but takes a bit to get him to say some stuff. He does everything he is told well when he wants too and he absolutely loves Thomas the Tank Engine, Handy Manny and the Wiggles oh how he loves the wiggles. Its all we watch over and over again. It is so cute when we put it on and the smile on his face.

We have done all Levi's Christmas Shopping just have the other 16 presents to buy. We have a really big family. My sister and her family moved up to Mackay a couple of weeks ago and they will be coming down which will be really nice. I miss them already.

We have my Nanna's funeral tomorrow. Mum asked me last night to say a speach and I am kind Freaking out. I don't do well speaking in front of people especially saying a speach. I just have to remember it is for Nanna. I am sure I will be ok.

I have this week off work. My boss told me to take some time off. He can see me on a downward spiral which isn't going to end nicely. I have a really great boss. I am so lucky that is cares for us all and will let  me take the time off.

I better get going, the rain has finally stopped and I can do some washing!! Woohoo.

Have a lovely day ladies.
Beck xxoo

#11 3greenhills

Posted 23 September 2010 - 11:48 AM

ph34r.gif   waves.gif

#12 CandysFamily

Posted 25 September 2010 - 09:39 PM

Wow, updates! Been a while since I've really checked in here too and posted a big post.

Beck - sorry to hear about your Nan, I hope the funeral went okay - I'm sure your speech would have gone over well no matter how it comes out it is what you have to say that counts  hheart.gif
Don't fret too much over L's walking just yet, mum tells me I sat on my butt till 18months, and my Georgie sat on her butt till 16 months. Let us know how the constipation investigations go won't you.

Carmen - Austin has started to smack his siblings too!  It is funny and bad all at the same time!  Good to hear there is some action on the K tonsil front.

Lisa - I'd wondered where you'd go to on FB.  Thanks for the update.  Aren't little baby kisses fun, Austin makes a big deal about it. He does this big wind up going: mmmmmmmmmah! and you are expected to kiss the proffered slobber and snot covered lips  ffear.gif

As for me, not too much to report - because yes I rant about it on my blog and facebook  wwhistle.gif
Austin is talking so much now,  which we love because you know what that means - a big fat step towards normal - how sweet would that be  tthumbs.gif   He has morphed into a boy in these last couple of weeks, tis a bubba no more  ssorry.gif

Jo - only 7 weeks to bub comes!  oomg2.gif

BBL xx

#13 katy3690

Posted 28 September 2010 - 03:42 PM

Hey Everyone,

Not much to report here except that I want school holidays to end now.

Leah (7) went off to my mum and dads for a week by herself and came home with the attitude of a 14 yr old. Where did my sweet lovable baby go?? You know the one that would smile at you and giggle just because??? Now all I get is "but mum" or "you don't love me" or "I wish I had a different mum" when I tell she can't have or do something. Ahhhhh. She is driving me insane. I tell her to pack her bags and go (especially to the last one) but then she breaks down and cries or she'll just go off and sulk in her room or she'll pick a fight with Lara (4). I'm at my wits end with that girl!!!!!

Lara just cries when I tell her no and then I send her off to her room for Quiet time!!!

Even when Eliza has a melt down we put her into her room for quiet time and she comes out when she has calm down!!! She is also starting to say 2 and 3 word sentences which is so awesome. She also understands what you say and what she wants!!!

It's goo to see you girls coming back and updating us on everything!!!

Good luck with the last half of your pregnancy Tess!!!
I hope your birth goes well Jo!!!
Good luck Kaylan getting your tonsils out!!!

#14 CandysFamily

Posted 29 September 2010 - 08:34 PM

Yes Katy when will these holidays end!!!!

#15 CluckyDuck05

Posted 08 October 2010 - 09:40 AM

Wow! Long time no see. Hiya ladies!

We have just turned Skye's car seat to forward facing. LOL. She probably could have stayed in reverse but I thought she was starting to look uncomfortable. Now she makes "Woah, woah" noises when we're driving. LOL

How is everyone? Guess I should check FB one of these days, huh?

#16 katy3690

Posted 08 October 2010 - 04:25 PM

Hey Candy!!!

I have just read all of your blog (much to my DH disgust)!!
You are truly an amazing woman!!

And I do believe that Henry (the dark overlord) has recruited Eliza as his second in command. How many more can he recruit????

#17 asignatureofthings

Posted 09 October 2010 - 08:15 PM


Can't believe I've been so slack in coming back in here, almost a month between posts  ph34r.gif  I just keep forgetting since we're all on FB.

Lol, that's too cute Lisa! I still have Marley RF, he'll stay that for at least another year or so biggrin.gif The girls sounds really cute hheart.gif Great to hear Uni is going well!

Katy, Eliza sounds very clever! We're only just getting 2 word sentences happening here. But he says a heap! His latest is "Thankyou" wub.gif

Candy that's awesome Austin is talking alot, hope he keeps this up! Gotta love them snotty kisses!

Beck, sorry to hear about your Nanna sad.gif Hope you're holding up ok. Master Levi sounds like a clever little man now!

Carmen, Xmas sounds great! Xander sounds like a very cheeky little man, but also very clever! Sounds like he loves his food, no matter what it is  tthumbs.gif

Xmas is sorted here - Just need to pick up the laybys and buy myself an iPad biggrin.gif Need to figure out what to get DH too...

Not much happening here that you haven't all seen on FB  happy.gif  Marley is doing great, though I think he is going through a bit of separation anxiety at nap time & at night, no idea why. I have to sit by his cot till he falls asleep during the day now and if he wakes at night (has been happening approx 3 nights a week), I have to do the same, sit by his bed till he goes to sleep. Other than that he's going great, speech is good etc. Neve is same ol, same ol  happy.gif

Me, not much with me either. Pregnancy going great, I have a VERY active little bubba, kicks etc all day, especially down low, OUCH! names, have the boys sorted and the girls, well that's bloody hard! But we'll just wait till Alfie is born and see what he/she looks like and let the name come to us wink.gif

Well that's all I can think of for now, I must get myself off to bed soon, never seem to get enough sleep these days ddoh.gif

#18 CluckyDuck05

Posted 11 October 2010 - 08:19 AM

Tess – can you wait a few months to get an ipad? My neighbour (IT specialist and creates ipad apps) said the next generation will be out in about 5 or 8 months (hopefully around March maybe?). It will have the camera to Skype with (like the new generation ipod touch) and more memory. I have decided to get one for the household seeing as the girls can keep themselves amused for hours with my ipod touch already. Lol. Just got to try and wait a little bit longer…. ph34r.gif

#19 asignatureofthings

Posted 11 October 2010 - 11:32 AM

Lisa, nah I don't need a camera on it. I already have on on my iPhone, then I have my DSLR wink.gif I'll be getting the 32GB on I think it is (the middle one), with just wifi.

Neve always has my iPhone too! We were gonna get her an iPod touch for Xmas, but found the Leapster Explorer and that looks perfect for her. Then she can still occasionally play my iPhone or the iPad, or steal DH iPod touch (which was mine till I got my iPhone).

#20 Becca1605

Posted 17 October 2010 - 09:52 AM

Tess do you know the difference between the leapster explorer and the leapster2?  We got a leapster2 but have just seen the explorer.

I've been slack too.....

Hunter and Savannah going well.  Hunter had his 4th birthday and now goes to kindy Monday full day, and wed and thurs mornings.  We are hoping to crack the seperation anxiety!  No tears on Thursday so he got a stamp.  Awesome work by him. Lets hope it continues!

Savannah is doing well, starting to talk more and more.  Weighs 13.4kg dressed, loves her food! She enjoys childcare and kindergym!

#21 asignatureofthings

Posted 17 October 2010 - 04:54 PM

No idea Bec, I just saw it advertised on TV, and then looked it up. Looks awesome tthumbs.gif I got it for a good price too wink.gif happy belated Birthday to Hunter (can't remember if I said it yet or not blush.gif ) Wowzers on Savannahs weight, Marley is only 8½kg roll2.gif (I only say wowzers as Marley is so small, lol)

#22 CandysFamily

Posted 17 October 2010 - 05:35 PM

Hey Chickees,

We are slack about keeping this thread up aren't we.  wacko.gif

Katy - thanks for the comment about my blog.  Henry is always recruiting I fear.  He has an evil side kick in Austin already.  Who he taught to climb on top on the dining table today. Yayness.   blink.gif

Tess - we love our iPad.  It goes everywhere with us, it has so many apps in it for everyone in the whole household now.  And it doubles as a tablet computer (with the right apps).  Tom uses it to tell us what he wants, hubby uses it to waste hours playing angry birds  tongue.gif  And the preschool apps are really good, they have got my kids talking a lot more. Even Austin is having a go at puzzles on it now.   The only thing I can't do on it, but would love to, is be able to stick a memory stick in it.  

Lisa - do I have you on facebook?

#23 asignatureofthings

Posted 17 October 2010 - 05:43 PM

Yeah they seem pretty cool. Had a squizz at my sister's one the other night, so I'm sure I'll be getting one. Apps are great! Neve has so many apps on mine, tons of learning ones too! Marley isn't quite at the stage where he can play it properly yet though, well except for watching curious george on it.

I actually directed someone to your blog, she was in search of apps for the iPad she is getting for her Autistic son, so sent her your way as I remember reading a blog post of yours on apps  cool.gif

#24 CluckyDuck05

Posted 18 October 2010 - 08:50 AM

Candy - yep you have me on FB... well - I have you so I presume it's mutual lol

I changed my profile pic a few days ago to one that has Skye spontaneously lean over and give her cousin (same age) a kiss. Her little hand is on her cousins back... so cute. Skye is such an affectionate child. wub.gif

#25 CandysFamily

Posted 18 October 2010 - 09:36 AM

Yep found you Lisa original.gif

Saw that post Tess, thanks for the link love. original.gif

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