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#51 asignatureofthings

Posted 02 November 2010 - 09:03 AM

Yes, congrats Jo, Michael, Aden & Lucy on little Sadie wub.gif How wonderful!!

I got a text yesterday from Jo announcing Sadie's arrival, and I had no idea who it was from, roll2.gif Wasn't till I thought I'd check her FB page and realised who it was ddoh.gif

Oh and test drive went well. So long as the bank will give us a bit of money the car will be ours eexcite.gif Just waiting to hear back wwhistle.gif

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#52 Maggie1975

Posted 02 November 2010 - 10:11 AM

Dont you hate the waiting Tess!!!   We skipped the bank and my dad paid for ours and we're paying him back!  Beats paying all that interest!
As you know we were looking for weeks for a new car, one morning he called and asked me to check on carpoint on the net for the price of a certain car.. I asked him if he was getting rid of his current car and upgrading he told me no so i asked him if he was getting a 3rd car.. again no.. so just jokingly i said "ohhh you're going to buy us one" and to my shock he goes "well yeah saves you having to wait for the bank if you find a car, you'll be able to say yep we'll take it and i can just pop the money in your bank"
I was stocked!  So we're just paying him back the same amount we would if it was through the bank but minus the interest!  So we kept looking and came across a couple, i text him the details of them and pics and he'd say nah its not worth it or yep take it for a test drive etc.. finally came across the one we got and it was great, so i text him and put a deposit on it, he put the rest in my bank when he got home from work and then i paid for it over the net directly into the car yards bank all in the one day.  We picked it up the next afternoon after hubby finished work!

If only it was that easy with the banks lol even thou our last car loan was with the same bank and we paid it off in half the time we still would have had to go through all the crap of applying for a new loan!!!  Which as you know takes time!

Anyway... so its Melb cup day... hubby has the day off, we're not doing anything but relaxing at home!!  Xander has gone back to sleep already... hes been painful with his sleeps ;ately... wakes up about 7am, goes back to sleep between 10am and 11am and has an hour or so then is awake til bedtime but hes wanting to go back down around 4pm... i wont let him cos its too close to bedtime so for the next two or three hours hes "Feral Cheryl" lol

#53 asignatureofthings

Posted 02 November 2010 - 11:09 AM

That's great Carmen! I'd love to do that, but my parenst aren't in that position to help us. But I don't mind going through a bank. I've applied through IMB and their interest rate is 9.90% which isn't too bad. I applied onoine last Thurs, and still haven't heard back, will have to ring them in a tick.

Hope Xander starts sleeping better for you, cheeky boy!

Took first step today in getting Marley into a big bed  ohmy.gif  Took the side off his cot, so far so good, he is down for his nap and no probs, real test will be tonight... Next step will be in a few weeks and will put him in a toddler bed for a few weeks, then move him into Neve's room. Wasn't going to start all this till next month, but the earlier the better as he has more time to get used to it and not think he is getting kicked out due to the baby.

Oops, he's awake.. 40mins of sleep. Rather impressed at how well he did  biggrin.gif

#54 mumma ♥

Posted 02 November 2010 - 12:50 PM

Joanne - huge congrats on beautiful little Sadie!!

Oh how exciting Tess about Marleys transition! I will be watching closely original.gif Ryan loves his cot at the moment. Since I put the pillow and a stuffed dog in there he wants to go to 'bed' all the time! We tried him on a toddler bed at the shops and he loves that too. Don't think we'll take the sides off until he can get out/is upset about not getting out.

Carmen, good stuff on the car original.gif Your dad is lovely. Hope Xanders day sleep improves.

Is this a growth spurt age? Ry loves his sleep lately, mega day sleeps of nearly 3 hours  huh.gif He usually has 1½ hours but lately.... kid just wants to sleep!

Been so busy lately. Finally made myself some lunch after about a week of not having time to eat. Avocado on toast - delicious!!! Better get back to it...

#55 asignatureofthings

Posted 02 November 2010 - 02:54 PM

No idea on the growth spurt age, sorry Jules.  Awesome that he is sleeping so well though, does he still sleep well at night even though he has huge naps? I've only started this bed transistion due to needing the cot for baby in a few months, otherwise I probably would keep him in there till he was 2.

#56 mumma ♥

Posted 03 November 2010 - 06:11 AM

Yeah, he sleeps well at night. Begs to go to bed early though - some days he doesn't want to wait past 6:40pm which is a bit early, but when he is standing in the hallway waving and saying 'bed' there's not much I can do! He usually wakes up around 6:30-7am. I am sure the mega day sleeps will go back to normal soon so I have been enjoying it while they last!

You will have to let us know how Marley did last night original.gif I am so curious and need advice when I do it too original.gif

#57 asignatureofthings

Posted 03 November 2010 - 06:46 AM

Awww what a clever boy!

Marley went great last night! Put him to bed as usual (7pm) and he went down without a fight. Didn't hear from him till 6:50 this morning. I found him sitting on his bedroom floor, so he must of climbed down happy.gif he still sleeps in a grobag so that probably stops him from going too far wink.gif We'll most likely go bedding shopping in a few weeks, thinking a toy story set will be good biggrin.gif

When I took the side off his cot yesterday i had him in there with me sonhe knew what was going on.

I didn't expect too much trouble though as it's the same bed etc, it's just the side drop down bit that's gone.

Edited by Tess, 03 November 2010 - 06:47 AM.

#58 mumma ♥

Posted 03 November 2010 - 11:44 AM

Tess, that is awesome!!! That is fantastic news (and gives me hope for us too!), you must be so relieved.

Ryans cot doesn't convert to a toddler bed (not properly anyway) but the side can still come off. Is there any way to make this suitable for a toddler bed? Can you take the side off anyway? A friend said to add another plank of wood on the legs to add support and it will act as a rail too. See I didn't even think this far ahead when I bought it. Silly n00b mumma I am!

Looks like the day naps are back to normal - just 1½ hrs today which I think is better than 3. He usually sleeps much better when no teeth are bothering him and he still has 2 more to cut (top fangs) before he has all his teeth until more molars after 2 years. Can't wait to have no teething problems soon - what a drama!

#59 asignatureofthings

Posted 03 November 2010 - 08:58 PM

Yeah our cot doesn't convert to a toddler bed either, I just take the side off and it works the same. I don't add any extra for support as the drop down side rail doesn't support the cot anyway. I'll grab a pic of it for you if you like?

He went down great again for his day nap and again tonight, so I'm very confident it's gonna work biggrin.gif

ETA, I don't put a side rail thingy on to stop him from falling either. I just put a cot size mattress on the floor in case he falls out, not much of a drop if he does fall anyway original.gif

Edited by Tess, 03 November 2010 - 09:01 PM.

#60 Maggie1975

Posted 04 November 2010 - 05:59 AM

Thats great Tess!  Such a relief when they swap over with little to no fuss!!

Xander i think he FINALLY dropped his night feed!  I still have a bottle ready for him in the firdge incase but so far for a week im guessing he hasnt woken for one.  The only reason he's woken through the night was because he couldnt find his "pluggy" (dummy) and one night he had kicked blankets off and was cold!

26 days until hubbys nan from England arrives  eexcite.gif ddance.gif  
50 days until dad and step mum arrive down here for Xmas... which means there is 51 days til Xmas  ffear.gif
andddd its been 20wks since Ks father has contacted her!!!!  We're currently in the process of filling out the papers to see if he'll agree to letting her change her surname.  I'm guessing he wont which it will then be left up to the judge to decide whats in her best interest.  Given that he hasnt been there for her since she was 3, shes had three phone calls from him in the last 12mths and the last time he saw her was oct 2008 i'd say shes got a good chance of the judge allowing it even if her father doesnt.

I think ive done something stupid..... i was in a generous mood and told the inlaws i would paint the bedrooms and hallway in their house before UK Nan arrives  laugh.gif blink.gif ddoh.gif   what was i ever thinking LOL ah well, i love painting... its highly possible i wont be able to move after doing it thou LOL
Off to google tips on DIY painting  blink.gif unsure.gif

#61 asignatureofthings

Posted 04 November 2010 - 06:13 AM

Lol, good luck with the painting! That's great Xander isn't waking for his night feed anymore, good boy! I went and changed my surname when I was about 18. I needed to get an ID card and as everything was in my dad's surname (step-dad), and birth certificate was the only thing with my bio fathers name on it I had to go and legally change it to the one I'd been using since I was 4. Mum always enrolled me under dads name, and I always used it, I never once used what was on my birth cert. Never needed permission, but then I was 18. So maybe this is an option if her father wont give her permission? That's sad that he isn't contacting her much, it'll be his loss though, and will  be regretting it later on in life.

Awesome at how close Xmas is hey! I'm super excited about it, but maybe that's cause a little over a month after Xmas I get to meet this little one wub.gif ETA... 85 days to go Tounge1.gif

Edited by Tess, 04 November 2010 - 06:14 AM.

#62 Maggie1975

Posted 04 November 2010 - 11:18 AM

lol you make me think of my mum when you speak of you new bub and xmas.  She was preg with me and my brothers the month after xmas so im guessing she too would have said the same as you...

I asked the school about K going under hubbys surname and apparently shes not allowed.  She has to go by whats on her birth cert sad.gif
It really upsets her.. she sees the medicare card and its got all our names the same then hers.  On tickets when we book holidays away.. its got all our names... then hers.  Kids at school ask her why her surname is different to Ls.  Prior to him starting they knew no different, now they've met him and seen hes L... C and shes K.... S... they have asked questions.  She gets upset about it.
I wish it was more simple sad.gif I wish i didnt need his permission sad.gif  And i just wish he would agree to it.  Infact i might give the family courts another call since they sent out the wrong papers/forms....

#63 mumma ♥

Posted 04 November 2010 - 11:44 AM

Oh Tess that would be rad if you could take a pic of your cot! I'm relieved that yours isn't a cot-to-toddler bed and it still works fine. One less thing to worry about! We don't have any spare mattresses though, and I am sure he will roll off as he moves around a lot when he is sleeping. Those bed rails that you can buy, would they fit on a cot too?

Carmen, well done on finally losing that feed! What a greedy guts he is biggrin.gif

Rainy here today and I have caught up on my work so I am chilling out  cool.gif

#64 Maggie1975

Posted 04 November 2010 - 11:49 AM

Jules, the safety rails you can buy will fit a cot!  Usually they arent the full length of a single bed so will def fit a cot! if you dont have a spare mattress just grab a single airbed and put that beside his cot/bed after he goes to sleep... wouldnt put it there when hes awake cos apprently they are fun to jump on  rolleyes.gif

#65 mumma ♥

Posted 04 November 2010 - 12:22 PM

Cool, thank you! One less thing to worry about original.gif Oh the drama of moving to a 'bed'. He can reach the door handle already so I might have to put a set of rails across the door. All our babies are growing up so quickly aren't they sad.gif

#66 asignatureofthings

Posted 04 November 2010 - 12:24 PM

Yeah a safety rail will go on it no probs, I reckon.

Here's a pic:

The mattress that is next to his bed is just a foam thing. When I bought the toddler bed (I'm yet to use), it came with a mattress, so I use it just for a floor purpose  happy.gif

It really is going well, I'm just amazed, lol! No idea why I expected any less, hehe! Though I think my biggest challenge will be once I put Marley in with Neve  mellow.gif

That sucks Carmen sad.gif

Hanging for my lunch. DH just got home from work with some fresh bread, and I got him to get me some more eggs and curry powder. Have a massive craving for curried egg sandwiches, YUM!

#67 Maggie1975

Posted 04 November 2010 - 12:24 PM

yes! I got told today to have another one!  If only it was that simple hey!!

Did you see the latest two vids of X on my fb Jules?  One of him saying "bubble" his new fav word and the other hooning around on his bike....

#68 Maggie1975

Posted 04 November 2010 - 12:26 PM

heres the bike one...

#69 Maggie1975

Posted 04 November 2010 - 12:35 PM

And the bubble vid ... i could listen to him saying this ALL day  wub.gif wub.gif wub.gif wub.gif    

#70 asignatureofthings

Posted 04 November 2010 - 12:52 PM

Very cute Carmen wub.gif

#71 mumma ♥

Posted 04 November 2010 - 04:02 PM

Tess, thank you SO much for the photo! Oh gosh I think I'm going to be so nervous taking off the rail! He will fall out of bed for sure LOL. Will definitely have to buy the rail.

Carmen, aww very cute! He's a really sweet boy.

#72 asignatureofthings

Posted 05 November 2010 - 11:55 AM

You're welcome Jules!

Marley hasn't actually fallen out yet, though I'm sure he will eventually. I just make sure he is closer to the wall side so less chance, he doesn't seem like much of a mover in bed though

#73 CandysFamily

Posted 06 November 2010 - 07:08 PM

Congratulations Jo on the arrival of Sadie - how cute is the wee rabbit!!!

Great vid of bubble boy Carmen, how lovely is it when their words start to sound and mean the right thing.  I love hearing Austin using words in the right way now, I think he has about ten words now which is absolutely freaking awesome to me.   happy.gif

I have so much to catch up on, it been quiet in here for ages and then boom!

I can't believe some of you have your bubbas in beds already, I can't imagine moving Austin to a bed for another year yet - he is up at sparrows fart and there is no way I want him wandering around waking everyone up for me. Stuff that.  I am only just now moving Henry to a bed, and only because he is too big for his cot as he is also an a*se who gets up at 3am.   yyawn.gif   We've tried putting Henry in a bed about six months ago, but after three weeks of him taking till midnight to stay put and then still getting up at 3am - we thought SOD THIS! back to the cot for you kid.

Anyhoo, what else is there?
Oh hubby has decided not to quit the force  dry.gif and is now looking at trying to get a job at the academy in Goulburn.  I tell you what I am at the end of my rope with him lately, everything he does sh*ts me.  aannoyed.gif   But then again what's new there wink.gif  Oh and the house still hasn't sold!  shrug.gif

We got iPhone 4's a few days ago, haven't seen hubby put his down yet.  He blew his data limit in the first day OM*G  aannoyed.gif   I have to say I am liking mine, although I still don't like the touch screen keyboard, I make lots of mistakes and the spellchecker thing keeps replacing words with weird stuff.  blink.gif  But the blackberry sharted itself while still in contract! Got out of my vodafone contract by squeaking about on twitter, noice  tthumbs.gif I knew twitter membership would pay off eventually wink.gif

We are having cake tonight as it is Miss Lucy's 10th birthday, I took her and Georgie shopping this morning- did girl things, we never get to together. So I think she liked having just us time, and spending her birthday money too  yyes.gif   Now we are watching toy story and waiting for everyone to go to sleep, very smegging tired.

Night all original.gif

#74 Maggie1975

Posted 07 November 2010 - 08:01 AM

Candy so very true!  I cant get enough of him saying bubble, its too cute!  L was a late talker so I'm not surprised that X is too but he's coming out with a whole list of words lately!  And putting two words together which is good too!  Actually he said "daddy blue car" the other day twice which is awesome!  Hasnt said it again since those two times lol Just like he said the cats name once and refuses to say it again! He tries to say Ks name which comes out like kay-anne lol

Next time I say I'm going to paint... someone slap me!  I am SO sore today!  I knew I would be but its my backside lol  Couldnt work out how the hell i ended up with a sore bum from painting until someone said before that it would have been all the up and down off the ladder.. didnt use a ladder i used a chair but yep that would have done it!
Ah well back into it later on!  The first bedroom is pretty much done... just have to finish the ceiling and touch up the edges!!  Then its onto the hallway and the other two rooms!
You'd think the inlaws would have cleared out the rooms before hand thou to make it easier!!!!!!!!!!!!

#75 NoReflection

Posted 08 November 2010 - 08:33 AM

X is too sweet Carmen original.gif

Bed: E will stay in her cot for as long as possible original.gif I still don't have her in a proper bed time routine and she also plays in the toilet, I am not giving her the tools she needs to be able to do so while I sleep wink.gif

AFM: I think my car is stuffed sad.gif after we just forked out for tyres too, a bit miffed over that! The electrics are gone nearly completely.

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