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June 08 Parents # 63

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#1 Sandra

Posted 14 September 2010 - 09:47 PM

New thread time ladies


#2 Summerlover

Posted 15 September 2010 - 02:27 PM

ddance.gif Whooooohoooooo GOLD  ddance.gif

Haven't got one of those in a long while.

Anyway will have to come back later - Yasmin has decided today is NO SLEEP day  rant.gif - I can't believe she hasn't slept, so so unlike her


#3 MrsHayley

Posted 16 September 2010 - 09:01 AM


Morning Girls,

Another big day for painting - WOO HOO - NOT! I am so over it sad.gif But of course, the end result is looking fantastic wink.gif

Bec - Just a suggestion, we had a baby gate on Harry's room. It was perfect. As soon as we walked in there to put him down, we would close it behind us and then it stayed closed while he slept. Amelia never woke him biggrin.gif

Anyway, will pop in tomorrow to do a proper post. Need to get as much painting done today, as possible!


#4 sun_kissed

Posted 16 September 2010 - 07:23 PM

Hey all,

Hel: Oh the no sleeping in the day is driving me crazy. Eli went from 2 hour sleeps to nothing!!!!! He hasn't slept during the day in weeks. He just tells me "no sleep in day mummy" "my sleep at night time".
I hope yas is not following suit.
Still jealous of your lovely cairns weather.

Hayls: Painting is a terrible job laugh.gif Glad its you guys and not me!

AFM: We have a big weekend of birthdays including dads. Then Dad finds out if we are going in for radiation again ddown.gif He is bed ridden with pain again.

#5 shell~

Posted 17 September 2010 - 02:07 PM

J:  bbighug.gif Thinking of you always. Hope the birthday's put a smile of everyone's face hheart.gif

Hales: We painted our house when we moved in 15 years ago. There is a very good reason it hasn't been done since!! laughing2.gif

Hel: Miss you lady hhugs.gif Wish I could be there to give your beautiful cherubs a big snuggle.  How are you doing?

Us: Our typical cycle of illness is just about at the end eexcite.gif I'm hoping it stays that way for a very, very long time!  Sus's temper tantrums are wayyy out of hand but we're working with her every day. She's got the hang of the potty very well, but is exercising her right not to use it.  Me exercising my right to persist has not paid off. All I seem to do it extra washing and carpet cleaning. Am going to give it a break  ddown.gif  Very disappointing when her brother was completely toilet trained, night and day by 18 months.

DS is doing very well. I can't believe my baby is starting school next year.  I was so very proud of him last night when he started spelling his responses to me. Simple words, but words I certainly could't spell or recognise at his age. He read his first book to me last week. It was so very sweet. He's adding, subtracting, trying to count in multiples and counting over 100. He's just so interested in everything.  I love this phase. The days of watching him sit, crawl, walk, run, clap are gone. Now I'm seeing something very special again.

I haven't read through the old thread so I'm just going to say waves.gif to everyone else for now. I'll try and BBL to see what I've missed.

Shell xo (time to update my sig I think!)

#6 SA Mum

Posted 19 September 2010 - 10:36 PM

Hi Im new on this forum, but in a due date one with no 2. I haven't previous posts as there is 63 but will catch up! I have a son who is so lovely, outgoing and smart for his age, as per me and child care wink.gif so we will soon see what others his age in here are up to..

He has allergies though which was a headache to determine, and hard on the weight gain. But now he's stable and growing steady on his birth weight (think he's on the 5% still). but sick all the time.

Saw on this page about toliet training, well that isn't going so well, we have had 3 good goes only.. being an active little man it has made it harder.

#7 sun_kissed

Posted 20 September 2010 - 09:04 AM

Hi all,

Shell: Yep the birthday breakfast did put a smile on everyones faces which was good. Poor Dad Eli was dragging him around the house saying "come on Granddad lets go outside". But Dad said it was a good distraction from the pain.
I agree with the painting it was 4 years ago here, I am tossing up whether to paint the nursery or not? I think not I think I will just add pink accessories to the neutral tones.

Hayls: Hope your cold is getting better mine is worse today!

Hel: How is the dummy battle going???

Bec: We have baby gates too biggrin.gif Love them!

feezals: Welcome its been a while since we have had a new member. We were all due in juners in 08 and are now a parents group. So have been on here for 3 years now original.gif You will notice we move a little slower than the due in groups (hands are full with life and toddlers) but we are very friendly.

Toilet training: Eli has no interest at the moment. But as soon as the weather warms up I am breaking out the undies and a mop! rolleyes.gif

ME: Having a veg day. I have a cold, Eli is in day care as I am normally at work. Have a list of things to do not sure when I will tackle them LOL
Got a new pram off ebay (2nd hand) phil and teds double which is going to be awesome for a toddler and a baby YAY

#8 Summerlover

Posted 21 September 2010 - 09:14 AM

Hello girls

How are we all doing??

J - still no dummy, she won't take one so I'm just letting her grizzle before she succumbs to sleep otherwise she would be sucking the life out of me LOL - probably for the best too as Im sure if Yas sees her with a dummy she would want hers back again.
Hope you are feeling better today and yay to the pram purchase!!  Yas doesn't use a pram much anymore and I don't plan on taking them both out to shops etc too often so I didn't bother but Eli still will sleep in a pram won't he? Yas has never gone to sleep in a pram except when she was under 6mths. I believe the Phil & Teds are quite good.

Feezals - welcome in here, feel free to join us.  As J said we move slow these days but we all still chat regularly.

Shell - oh miss you too hunny  original.gif  - glad to hear that finally sickness is leaving your place - perhaps it will be a nice relaxing summer for you hun.

Hayles - took your advice on the baby gate.  Isla has now been put in her own room as she was 'too accessible' to Yasmin before and Yas was getting jealous of her being in our room.  So the kiddy gate as stopped her getting to Isla when she is sleeping which is ALL THE TIME LOL - you forget how much a newborn sleeps.  Hows life at home? aside from the painting arguments of course which is quite normal!!

Urs - how are you luv???  hows all that studying going?  Are you still enjoying your job?

Bec - how are things with you my friend??  Hows it all going? Is DH doing ok now? - hows life with 3? Mac must be a great help because even at 2 Yas runs around grabbing things for me!!!

Oh ps J - Yas did finally sleep that day for 2 hours but she didn't fall asleep until nearly the time she would have been due to wake - things get a bit topsy turvy when a new bub comes into the mix and Yas's little 'perfect' sleep schedule is forever changing but she still does sleep - its just not so strict anymore.  She is still doing at least 2hours during the day and going to bed somwhere between 7-8pm and waking still at 7am but because Im dealing with another bub - Yas just has to go to bed when I have my hands free to get her to bed LOL - DH goes back to work tomorrow so fun and games on my own when he is on arvo/night shift a couple of nights a week.

Ok my friends - I should be resting, Isla is on 3hrly feeds as she still has a bit of jaundice and I need to fatten her up a little.

Take care
Luv Helen xxx

#9 TrickyRicky

Posted 21 September 2010 - 07:46 PM

Hi Girls, Waring me post need to chat!!

Welcome feezals!!!

Us- Well casey had an accident on friday and split his chin open, he has his first set of stitches sad.gif Ricky is sick with an ear infection, bad cough & gasto so is on a whole heap of drugs! and to top it all off we found out on Friday that my FIL has cancer sad.gif it spread from a melanoma that was taken out of his scalp 3yrs ago and now is in his neck. He is being operated on Monday to take as much out then has to go in for radiation therapy. DH is holding is together slightly, its still raw from his mum passing of cancer 6yrs ago.

I'm suffering a massive migraine and have lots to study for, I'm really cutting it fine, I'm on to my last unit Australian Business Law huh.gif which I have to sit an exaqm for on 22/11 but before then I have 2 exams to sit in late october and also complete 2 assessments for law which include a whole heap of essays ohmy.gif I have never ever written one and have no idea where to start so I think I'll be getting my BF to help me wink.gif .

My BF had her twin girls yesterday, Scarlett 8pd 1 and Lacey 7p 5 all my Csection!

Ok well I must be off, sorry for the me post but I really needed to just chat.

I'll be back on thursday or friday for a good read!

take care
Urs xx

#10 SA Mum

Posted 22 September 2010 - 11:44 PM

Thanks for letting me join,  It would have been good to be here from the start as I had no real support. I have read back from just before babies turned 2.

Corey can count to 20, misses a few though, sings songs, knows his alphabet and talkes like a 3 year old. but not good with colours for some reason, but can group them.

Not toilet trained and an on going battle and a major thumb sucker - another big issue. But he doesn't have many tanties and well behaved and I can reason with him. but i do feel for those who are having issues.

but also lots of allergies. think i might of mentioned some of this sorry.

#11 MrsHayley

Posted 23 September 2010 - 01:01 PM

Hi Girls biggrin.gif

- Welcome to our little group. As everyone as already said - a bit slow moving but great women. We are all very very supportive of each other and I consider these girls as some of my greatest friends (even though I have only met a couple in real life) laughing2.gif I am Hayley, and am 30yrs old. I have been married for 5 years and we have Amelia - 27mths - and Harrison - 13.5mths. There are a couple of us in here that understand allergies sad.gif I, personally, have a number of allergies and I also have an anaphylactic allergy. My daughter, Amelia, also has an anaphylactic allergy and a couple of smaller ones.

Helen - So glad that things are going smoothly with Isla. Although Harrison was a far more difficult baby than Amelia, I found that I settled into it easier, because I knew what I was doing - so I didn't feel as stressed, IYKWIM? I tell you, the baby gate was an absolute godsend for us...and a playpen. Until Harrison was about 3mths old, we put him a playpen around him so that Amelia wouldn't smother him - it was great.

Urs - Sorry you are feeling so overwhelmed with everything. Keep venting biggrin.gif How are the boys today? Hopefully they are a little better. Not good news about your FIL sad.gif Are they confident that they can beat it? Your poor DH hhugs.gif On a sweeter note....I LOVE LOVE LOVE the names of your friends twins wub.gif

J - Well done on the pram purchase cclap.gif How are you feeling? How is your little princess going? And Eli?? Actually....a question about Eli's hair (laughing2.gif) - do you put product or anything in his hair to tame his curls? Harrison's curls are getting a little crazy!

Shell - Thrilled to hear that the kids are getting better eexcite.gif How is Sus' asthma going? Amelia's temper has it's moments and she is so unreasonable....I have no idea where she might get that from........wink.gif

Us - Amelia going great guns biggrin.gif Talking massive sentences, and is FINALLY starting to get her colours cclap.gif Getting pretty good with the toilet again, so I am pleased with that. As soon as the weather is slightly warmer, we are going straight into knickers! I want her toilet trained (at least day time) by christmas. Harrison going pretty well too. Still not walking, but getting a little steadier. I am fairly confident he will be walking by christmas (he would be 16mths). We had a check up with the paed yesterday for Harrison, and he is really happy with everything. So much so, that we can take him off his asthma medication and just use it if he needs it, as opposed to every day - YAY! We are going to "try" taking him off the Melatonin (which is for the night terrors) and see how he goes. If he still has them, then we will just put him back on and keep trying every now and again. Things with DH are OK. We both really want to stay together, but we are both just so god damn lazy at fixing our sh*t to make things better! So I said to him the other day, "that's it - I am 30yrs old, we need to grow up!"

Anyway.....it has taken me ALL morning to write this laughing2.gif

waves.gif love you all wub.gif

#12 sun_kissed

Posted 23 September 2010 - 01:25 PM

OMG my toddler is having a sleep today YAY! its so exciting laughing2.gif

Hayls: roll2.gif Nope no product. We just wet it in the morning to tame it down. I also make sure I am on top of hair cuts other wise he gets some little dreadies happening. As he gets older they seem to be dropping out too.

Urs: Poor Casey getting stitches ddown.gif

My Dad is back in hospital having his pain relieved up until the next round of radiation. He is also having another MRI ddown.gif

#13 TrickyRicky

Posted 24 September 2010 - 02:53 PM

J - I know how you are feeling, Casey usually has between 2.5-4hrs sleep everyday and for the past week on and off he is not sleeping and still staying up till 9.30pm!!! He has been going to sleep on the lounge latley.  hands.gif for your dad

Hayls - Caseys been doing wee's on the potty most nights now, after his shower he just runs around nudy and hops on when he feels like it, I am not stressing about it because the more you do the harder it is, well I find anyway wink.gif I'm also hoping by christmas that he is at least using the toilet for wee's, poos is another story rolleyes.gif Casey knows blue and red, sometimes biggrin.gif but is great with sentences words, oh and he even helps me wash up every night and wipes the benches down, so cute.

feezals - sorry I have no idea about allergies  wink.gif can help you there but I know the girls do, have you taken him to the dr for an allergies test?

Casey - I think he has caught Rickys cold, he has had nothing but gastric all day, thats how Rickys started.

Me - Well today I've started on Australian Business Law, I've had the boys outside all morning to try and tire them out but Casey is still up and I can not concentrate on reading, so I gave up and have come on the post. I worked out that I need to do at least 1.25hrs of reading 5days a wk to make the exam on 22nd November I still need to complete the 2 assessments during that time so fingers crossed I can do it!

Helen - Hows your little bundle of joy going?

Ok off to try and read why the boys are making a train track.

Luv to you all!
Urs xx

#14 sun_kissed

Posted 27 September 2010 - 08:23 AM

Urs: Good luck with all of that reading I dont know how you do it! We are the same with Eli and toilet training whenever he is nude he wee's in the potty. I am going to tackle it much harder when I am off work 7 weeks till I finish YAY! biggrin.gif

Having a day off and getting my hair done looking forward to it cool.gif

#15 TrickyRicky

Posted 27 September 2010 - 12:38 PM

Hey Girls,

Where is everyone this week???? waves.gif  I've done like 3 post in 3days that a record biggrin.gif  I'm going to ask everyone How is .......

J - How did your dad go last week? is he still in hospital?

Hayls - Hows the weight loss going?

Helen - How is Isla going? and of course Yas?

Bec - How is your little man going?? and what about the flooding.

Belle - Where are you girl??

Us - Well FIL goes in for surgery today hands.gif DH has had to take another day off work as his DB said he could not take him, DH has 3 brothers and they are all hopeless!!! luckily for us we live around the corner and Dh's work is really good, he is so busy at work and does not have time for this but his dad comes first right now. He had a brain scan on tuesday which confirmed that it has not spread there but is spreading fast down to his chest so fingers crossed for today that he comes out well. hands.gif

Casey - I'm also home from work today as Casey has had gastro for the last couple of days and can not attend school and with mum away and DH at the hospital I have no one to look after him, my boss was ok with it I know she will be very busy but not much I can do about it. So already I have cleaned windows, mirrors, disenfected the house, washed the flannalette sheets, washed up, put clothes away, so now I just have to get casey down for a sleep and I can finish off my assessment.

Ok gals I hope you all have a good week!!!!

Urs xx

#16 sun_kissed

Posted 28 September 2010 - 10:45 AM

Urs can you come around my house and clean it for me?
I just cant be bothered!

Dad is at home for a little bit just waiting on MRI results.

Well I went to the hairdressers and they have stuffed my hair! It looks terrible so I am going back today to hopefully get it fixed. It is the first time I have ever complained I was all teary afterwards (in the car thank god not in the salon).  sad.gif

#17 Summerlover

Posted 28 September 2010 - 02:17 PM

Sorry I am around but Im having problems with the whole feed, play, settling thing within an hour and missy is getting overtired a lot and trying to feed constantly to settle herself for the whole 3 hrs and im just getting exhausted.  Its purely because Im having to deal with the 2 of them and with Yasmin behaviour lately I've found it hard to get Isla down and settled before she gets over tired and then the whole things spirals out of control with both of them!!!!   rolleyes.gif

So sorry for not posting but I am able to read a bit but don't always have the time or hands free to reply.

Take care

#18 mumtomakandissy

Posted 28 September 2010 - 04:36 PM

Hi Ladies

Long time between posts!

Urs: Sorry to hear about all the bad things happening for you at the moment- hope your FIL is okay and that Ricky is fine too. Hope the studying is going well.

J: Hope your Dad is doing okay too., Had to laugh at the zebra/ pineapple reference! Issy is the opposite to Eli. I could never get her to sleep now she has a massive 3 hour sleep each afternoon.

Helen: Hope its all going well. DH is feeling better thanks for asking. We have worked through a bit of stuff and as a couple we are fine, turns out DH was bullied quite badly when he was growing up and when BEn was born he had a semi breakdown I think just stressing about the same thing happening to his son. He is normally such a gentle, quiet and shy man so I can see why he would have been given a hard time as a kid. Often teaching you see the quiet kids get picked on. And DH doesn't have a bad bone in his body so of course he never retaliated and it just all came back when we had Ben.

Hope you are travelling well with the two! As for the feed, play , sleep I have been trying for two months for that with Ben but reflux makes it difficult. He is a great sleeper when his tum is settled but if its not he often wakes after 45 min/ an hour tops needing to vomit or burp. I am just doing what I can to comfort him and hoping he will grow out of it as he gets bigger and starts to move around more.

He is starving too! I am still breasfeeding him but started giving him a bottle of soy formula ( worked out he also has a dairy intolerance causing his eczema) at night otherwise its two hour feeds! I will wait til 6 mth to introduce solids though as feel with the reflux his little digestive system is a bit immature still.

Baby gates: Yep I have them everywhere! On Mak's room, one on Issy's room and one on Ben's room. I find though that Miss Issy is watching us intently and then trying ( successfully sometimes) to open them!  ohmy.gif

Development: Issy knows her colours and counting to 10 although often mixes the numbers up which is normal at this age. Of course she loves songs and knows some alphabet but I'm not pushing it at this stage. They are still little bubs themselves I feel.

Anyway best go and get some things done whilst my little man is asleep!

#19 TrickyRicky

Posted 30 September 2010 - 08:52 AM

Morning Girls,

Helen - Its ok, just take one day at a time, you dont always have to go by the rule book, especially with your 2nd! as for yas maybe you need to get her sorted with some toys, play dough etc to keep her distracted, it sounds like she is a little jealous to me so maybe try and fit some one on one time with her, maybe get DH to have Isla for an hour or two and take her Yas out for a baby cino!. I'm only a phone call away if you need a chat or vent bbighug.gif

Bec - Its nice to hear that DH is getting better, you sound really happy cool.gif I have no gates in my house I just close the doors to the bedrooms, toilets etc and in the kitchen I just put the locks on all the doors and drawers, my house is also not huge so there are not many openings.

J - So glad you got your hair sorted, I would be too embarrassed to say anything, is this your normal hairdresser or someone new?

Casey - Well he is on the mend which is great! counts a little and is into colours atm, blue, green & red, he is more into washing up, helping me cook dinner, gardening, picking up dog poo  rolleyes.gif all the domestic stuff he is hilarious!

Me - Getting there with the study, I just realised that my exam isnt until 15th Oct so I have another 2wks so I will give myself the weekend of studying more law then I will get onto revising for the exam.

Ok well with school hols I have my BF's little boy over so I'm going to take them to Bunnings for a play and coffee and maybe get some more vegies for the patch.

Luv to you all

#20 MrsHayley

Posted 30 September 2010 - 11:53 AM

Hi Girls biggrin.gif

Urs - Good luck with all the studying. I really admire you girls that have been studying, I can barely find the time to do a 1hr yoga class, let alone study something! Good to hear that Casey is on the mend, also. So cute that he is into the domestic stuff wub.gif Millie loves all the domestic stuff too - but she's a real tomboy too. How is your FIL? and your DH?

J - You poor thing, with your hair. Good on you though, for saying that you weren't happy. Not many people ever say something. How on earth did they get it so wrong? How is your Dad going?

- bbighug.gif I really feel for you, and I totally agree with Urs about the jealousy thing. It's really hard trying to find the way to juggle 2 kids at the beginning, but you will get it sorted quicker than you probably think. Just remember to try not to get overwhelmed or stressed, because Isla will feel it and Yas will play on it sad.gif

Bec - I am so glad to hear that your DH is feeling better biggrin.gif Depression is such a sh*t thing, and I think even more so for men. I agree with your "still baby themselves" statement. I often find myself treating Amelia a little older than she is, because I have Harrison. I forget that I still have two "babies" - as opposed to teenagers laughing2.gif

Shell - How are you and your family going? I hope everyone is over their sickness hands.gif

- Feeling a bit down cry1.gif We paid off our car last month, and were feeling fantastic with some extra cash to start saving towards christmas and things, and then last night our car died! I am so p*ssed off! I have all these things that need to be paid for, PLUS keep paying off the christmas presents and then this happens. I am going to end up having to borrow money from my parents - again - just to get it fixed sad.gif What's worse, is that I had the mechanic come and look at it this morning to tell me what it is, and he doesn't even know what it is! So I have to try and get it down to him tomorrow and he will hoist it up and try and find what's going on.

Amelia and Harrison are going good. Amelia, though, fell off the dining room chair on Tuesday (after being repeatedly told to sit down!) and it fell on top of her. She now has a swollen left eye and it is starting to "shine" up. I can't believe it - she is such a rough and tumble kid. Harrison is getting a bit stronger on his legs so hopefully he will start walking soon. He is getting to big to keep holding laughing2.gif He is so long! I think he is going to be 6ft when he is, like, 13yrs old laughing2.gif

Anyway, I have the day to myself today - so I am going to do absolutely nothing and try and get my head around everything  mellow.gif

Love to you all wub.gif

#21 sun_kissed

Posted 30 September 2010 - 08:34 PM

Hi all,

Hair: Same hairdressers I have been going to for years but new hairdresser. She did 1/2 head of foils but coloured every hair didn't leave any between foils. So when it came off it was like a block colour and all patchy yellow it was horrible. I went back in person and explained and they were more than happy to fix it the next day even the girl that fixed it said "we all have bad days as hairdressers but there is no excuse for what she has done".
It was the first time i have ever complained about anything but feel better now its fixed.

Urs: Good luck with the study.

Hayls: Good luck with Toilet training I am hoping to start asap and was wanting to be finished just after chrissy hopefully we will see LOL

Hel & Bec: You are both shedding lots of light into what is going to be going on with me after the next couple of months, wish me luck  biggrin.gif

#22 Summerlover

Posted 01 October 2010 - 03:22 PM

Hi girls

Well my whole house is sleeping but expecting Yas to wake soon.  I think I have my sweet, happy girl back - she has been back to normal for 2 days now and its so nice to have her back.  She is cuddling us again and playing with us etc etc - hope it lasts.

Isla is doing well - still a little unsettled but as you said Urs she is only little and just turned 3wks so just have to go with the flow.  I was a bit confused about the feeding but am now just letting her feed and trying not to supplement too much formula as I want my supply back up to support what she needs so Im just letting her suck and suck until she feels she has enough and then she will sleep.  Plus where I can I will express and after feeds will express to build up my supply as I feel it did dwindle because of mixing formula top ups into the mix and previous to that with her jaundice.  She looks a lot less yellow now and her eyes are nice and white so we will see if she has put on weight again this week and then I may perhaps stress less.  She is also waking herself for food now which is great and last night I just slept with her in the spare bed after she woke at 12am for a feed - it was much easier to stay there and I got more sleep that way.  I remember always falling asleep with Yas at this age but I didn't have a spare bed and it was cold on the Sunshine Coast in June and I used to wake on a 2 seater couch still with her asleep next to me - goodness knows how but now I have a spare Queen bed so may as well relax and go with the flow until she is feeding better and a bit more in a routine as I think for the first 3mths its kind of all over the place isn't it??

Urs - thanks for the offer of phoning, its great to know I have support from you guys who have been there with the second child.  Good luck with all your studies.  How is your friend getting on who lost her husband and left with young children? - was that a close buddy of your hubbys?

J - oh no to the hair, hope it is all fixed now.  Yes good luck with it when your bub arrives but you may find Eli adapts very well, who knows they are their own makers aren't they??

Hayles - thanks for your support too, I still don't know how you did it with the kids so close in age but Millie as you said did grow up quickly hey?  Bugger about the car - don't you hate it when you finally get ahead and then a huge bill comes in or something breaks down, its a PITA isn't it.  I swear Im going to start trying to put some money away each week that hopefully we wont miss just so we may get a holiday next year - so something else had better not come up next year!!!

Bec glad to hear your DH is doing better - depression is bad especially in males.  Glad to hear all going well with the kiddies.. How are all the town folk these days??? Still as bad?

Shell - hope those sicknesses have all kept away.  It sounded promising in your last post.  How are you these days too?  Hope life isn't too hectic for you.

Well its very cool here today and Isla is in a long body suit for the first time!!! and wrapped which is a big change for here.  I have her window open with a lovely breeze coming in so she can get some fresh air as since she has been born its just been as humid as hell.  Its much nicer feeding her in the cooler weather and with her in along body suit rather than her sticking to my body!

Well thats us folks.

Oh by the way - have spoken to my dad for the first time in years as I believe his cancer is coming back and I don't think the long term prognosis is too good.  I want him to know his grandchildren and Im a stronger person now and will not tolerate any crap from my mother.  My dad was ecstatic and so thankful for me calling and wants to slowly build bridges.  I just want to be able to Skype them so he can get to know Yas and Isla and Yas is old enough to talk and get to know them.

Gosh Yas is still asleep after 3hrs!!

Better be off girls - talk soon.

Hel xx

#23 MrsHayley

Posted 02 October 2010 - 02:43 PM

Hi Girls biggrin.gif

It is so stunning down here today. The sun is shining, clear blue skies - a perfect spring day wink.gif

- Am so so glad to hear that Yas is back to her normal self wub.gif And good to hear that you are feeling more relaxed with Isla. I was really surprised at how much I forgot what a newborn baby was like, when I had Harrison - I had gotten so used to Amelia and her routine, that I forgot newborns take a little while to get a routine happening. How is DH going with being a father to two little girls? Has he looked after the two of them on his own yet? It's great that you are speaking with your Dad again - even if it is due to crappy circumstances. I think it's really brave of you hhugs.gif

J - cclap.gif for getting your hair fixed. You poor thing. How is Eli going? And your little princess? Have you started buying stuff for her yet? You will be just fine when your little girl comes along. My whole pregnancy with Harrison, I psyched myself up for life being really difficult with the two of them - and to be honest, it hasn't been worse than I thought it would be. You will be really surprised with how Eli handles it too. He will know when it's really important for you to be 100% for his sister and will back away until you are ready again. Amelia instinctively did this right in the beginning and I was stunned - given that she was only 13mths old - but it was like she knew that in that exact moment I needed to be with Harrison. Once I had everything sorted with him, she would come back up to me and have a cuddle wub.gif

Us - Today is Amelia's first "official" toilet training day biggrin.gif From today onwards, she will wear knickers all the time, except for sleeps. She has been doing so well with the toilet for a couple of weeks now. Always going when she is put on the toilet, and fairly regularly telling us if she needs to go - so I thought, now is the time. She has probably spent most of the time just in her tops and nothing else wink.gif I figure, if it's warm inside, I may as well save myself some washing laughing2.gif So far today, she has had 3 accidents and 3 successes - so all within normal, I think. She has also had a major growth spurt and looks really tall, which is making her look so much older. I took the kids for a walk this morning, and the walk home was rather interesting. Harrison was actually trying to pick a fight with Amelia in the pram  ohmy.gif I couldn't believe it - and you could see that he actually knew that he was intentionally annoying her. It is the first time I have seen him do that  - and it's the first time that I have actually needed to really tell him off! In fact, I think that was the first time I really realised that I now have 2 toddlers oomg.gif

Anyway....not much else to say. Am going to make the most of two sleeping TODDLERS  happy.gif

#24 TrickyRicky

Posted 04 October 2010 - 09:34 PM

Hey girls, been 2days since anyone posted.

I just applied for another job, 1-2 days a week, bookkeeping, close to home, see how I go, if they call me I'll ask for more details, it will come down to the money really.

Hayls - Well done on Amelia, that is great! I will start casey on full time come closer to xmas, the weather is still on and off here atm.

Ok where is everyone!!!!!

Luv ya Urs

#25 MrsHayley

Posted 06 October 2010 - 11:52 AM

Hi Girls waves.gif

- Good Luck with the new job hands.gif Will you do that in addition to the current one? Or will you leave the current job? How is your FIL going? and DH?

Us - Well, if you haven't seen my FB status' - Amelia is on day 5 in knickers eexcite.gif She has been doing so well biggrin.gif 1st day was a bit rough going - she had 3 accidents vs 5 successes. Today she hasn't had any accidents.....touch wood cclap.gif I am so proud of her wub.gif Plus, I am thrilled because I can start saving a little bit of money on nappies! So my new goal is to have her completely toilet trained (sleep times) by christmas. Finally got my car fixed. Turns out that my original mechanic lied to me (surprise, surprise) and what he said it definitely was not - it actually was. So $750 later - my car is now running.

Anyway....hope everyone is OK.

Missing everyone hhugs.gif

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