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December 09 Parents # 18

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#26 mummy2Ali*Lachie

Posted 06 October 2010 - 09:20 PM

hello ladies...ok sent home from week stay sleep school due to lachie presenting with a cough this morning so we got 2 days and one night in!! lets hope I can continue with what we were doing without the extra support!!! He had a cough last week and so I took him to the dr was told he had an upper and lower respiratory tract infection and was put on antibiotics and was on the mend just the very occasional cough and then this morning while the nurse watched him so I could shower he was coughing a but so she called the paed. The paed was due to come at 2pm and by then the same nurse said oh he hasn't coughed since maybe it was just snot from last night and getting a bit upset about not having a bottle. Well the paed came and he coughed a few times so she said...home you go

Lumpy food...I agree with merc... I was told while I was a sleep school  to distract them when they are gagging. This ten means they will then not become frightened and either swallow the lump or bring it up both are very normal. Lachie has a super strong gag reflex (noted by the doctor) and after one day at sleep school was having much chunkier food and heaps more to eat so lets hope that helps with the sleeping a night. Tonight he had a Vegemite sandwich, grated cheese and cut up pear as finger food, rissoni pasta and veggies for tea and then blueberry, banana and apple with custard for desert!!! Sleep school said all meals should be three courses...finger foods, mains and desert!!! Give banjo a try and see if you can distract him.

Best go Bloody Lachie has rolled over after not doing it all night last night or yesterday or today....now that freaks me out cos he is so well wrapped he has no way to get himself up to breathe!!!!

#27 Mercurial

Posted 11 October 2010 - 07:22 PM

Ladies it has been FIVE days since anyone posted in here!!!  

mummy2ali&lachie - no good about being sent home from sleep school.  Though I see on Facebook that things are improving there so that is all good.  Wow Lachie's dinner sounds like a 10 course banquet!  I usually have lunch as more finger foods meal.  But I'll admit she scoffs dinner in no time and so finger foods would stretch it out a bit.  

suziej - how's the regular hours working out for you?  Around of course the irregular hours of being a mum.  Appendicits - blurk.  But wait for something really big like christmas day before you need them out (DH I'm talking about you!).  How's the daycare situtation travelling?

katiebelle - Sounds like things are going well.  I'm sure you probably have posted it but I've prob missed it, have you got a website or facebook page for your business?  Would love to have a look.  

Hope everyone who had/has sick kids are all recovering well.  

AFUS - Caitlin is 10 months today.  I can't believe in 9 weeks she'll be a year old.  This year has just whizzed by at an alarming rate.  She insists on standing constantly and has started letting go now.  She can usually stand for about 5 seconds before she gets terribly excited with herself, smiles, flaps her arms and then plonks to the ground.  Repeat.  Then repeat again. Then repeat again.  Makes bath time interesting becuase she wants to stand in there too.  Still eats everything and anything, managed a garlic clove the other day.  She is so unbelievably smiley and happy.  The only grizzles we get are if we're eating and we don't share food.  That gets a shrieking scream that entices you to hand over food as quickly as possible.  We've had two nights with no overnight feed - hip, hip, hooray.  She's slept from 6.15 to 5.45.  Wouldn't mind that start time moving back half an hour or so but hey.  

DS is plodding along.  I can hear a massive tantrum as DH tries to put him to bed.  Doctors today and a referral to the paed for his chronic constipation.  GP says we're doing everything right and she can't help so paed it is.  Will ring tomorrow and see how many years we have to wait for an appointment.  3 days of horrendous rain means he's stir crazy with pent up energy.  We got a good bounce on the trampoline in this arvo before it rained.  Caitlin and I raced inside but DS decided bouncing on the tramp in the rain was fun.  30 mins later a blue and dripping wet little boy was ushered into the shower.  

Had a baby shower yesterday for one of my closest friends.  Had heaps of fun making a preggie belly cake and she loved it.  Was nice to have a few hours of the house child free.  

Work has been very busy, and it probably will be up until Christmas then January, February is a bit quieter.  The money is nice with christmas coming up.

So who is buying who for the little one's first birthday??   Caitlin has (so far) a Fisher Price stroller/walker thingy, a 12 month subscription to AbbeyJ (they do beautiful hairclips and the subscription gets you a new clip each month).  I'm also researching pettiskirts.  I also have two VTech toys in the cupboard from the Huggies promotion so will get them out for birthday or Christmas too.

#28 Dirtsa

Posted 11 October 2010 - 09:16 PM

Hi all, Adam sprouted a new tooth (his second) last week. Sleep is still baaad. I feel so tired. today I was yawning and lucas said "don't got to sleep. you have to stay awake and do everything".... talk about summing up my life lol. I can't believe that our babies are going to be one soon either! Present-wise, we're planning on getting Adam one of those baby trikes like this.

And I was thinking of one of those activity cubes like this  

anyway i'm tired and so will go for now. Hope you're all well  original.gif

#29 katiebelle

Posted 11 October 2010 - 10:47 PM

Hi all,

Alyssa's sleep has turned terrible - I was up until 4am when I caved and bought her to my bed so need to work on a proper routine,

Mercurial - well done to Caitlin on the standing, she certainly looks like a very happy girl in your sig. My facebook page is Milky Baby

Christmas - I am a bit of s crazy organiser and so I have done 90% of my shopping already, Alyssa is getting the huggies vtech toys a couple of books, pettiskirt and a jigsaw of her name

Birthday is a cozy coupe car (10 months old this Thursday - can't believe where the year has gone

M2a&l - glad to hear you got some tips from sleep school even though you were sent home early

Suzie - hope that work is going well and you have found some care for Josette

Did we ever get an update on whether MrsJT was expecting twins?

Sorry that is all I can remember and  I'm on my phone so I can't see the other posts

Hope everyone gets a good nights sleep

#30 ~Mo+Moosh~

Posted 12 October 2010 - 06:52 AM

I haven't posted in such a long time! Some days there simply aren't enough hours.

My work asked if I would come back an extra day a week, which I wasn't thrilled about, especially if I had to put both kids into care an extra day a week (the loss of CCB would mean it financially just wasn't worth it to me). But after discussing it with DP he decided he doesn't get enough time with the boys (he owns his own business and often works 6 days a week) and that he would like to take Friday's off to be home with the boys so we have decided to do that until Christmas. We are two weeks in and DP and the boys are loving the extra time together.

Hamish continues to be a gem. He started crawling properly on Friday (while I was at work   sad.gif ) He is trying so hard to pull up on things and is sometimes successful. He adores his big brother. He has started to join in at Jack's music lessons (does the clapping sticks and maraccas), which is very cute! His big brother had his first try at playing the violin before the holidays and he seemed to actually really enjoy that, although he assures us he is going to be a drummer when he grows up.

Birthday presents - I think we are getting him a bike with a handle, we had an older model one of the trike in 45TR1D post for Jack but the handle kept coming off, so Hamish will get a new one. 45TR1D Jack also has the Imaginarim cube in your post and still plays with it now at nearly 4. I also will probably get him some FP Little People. It's pretty hard to know what to get him when Jack has soooo many toys!

Well I best scoot off to work for the day.

#31 Mercurial

Posted 12 October 2010 - 07:04 AM

Nice to see a little flurry of people posting!  

DS has a similar type trike so I don't think we'll get a new one of those.  DS is riding a bike now so would be okay (I hope) with Caitlin using his trike.  I'll have to drag down the box that has all the ' extra bits' to toys like that.  

Those activity cubes look great - where do you buy them from.  If we bought a crazy coupe we'd never get DS out of it.  

Thanks for the link Katiebelle.  

Caitlin had TWO feeds overnight last night.  One at around 10 after 30 mins of crying (we were trying to re-settle her in this time) and then another at 3.  So much for the start of good things with sleeping through.

#32 Dirtsa

Posted 12 October 2010 - 08:10 AM

If we bought a crazy coupe we'd never get DS out of it.

same here!!!

the activity cube are in the toysRus catalogue at the moment.

Had a pretty good night sleep wise last night. Adam i think only woke 2 or 3 times. I actually got enough sleep to dream for awhile.

#33 Sancti-claws

Posted 12 October 2010 - 08:58 AM

Hey all - new work is great - trying to juggle 2 jobs & 1 active client is not so easy, as the transition between them takes time that ISN'T paid...  I am thinking of paying all the bills off for Christmas.  Yep, bah humbug a little!!!  I would like to ask Santa for a few more months!  Everyone's birthday (except mine) is in the November-January zone, so really thinking half-birthdays might get a look in next year instead!

Probably a lot of the reason I am not posting much - busy and paddling like heck to keep afloat.

Hope everyone is well and enjoying spring and babies!

#34 Mercurial

Posted 12 October 2010 - 10:00 AM

45TRID - thanks for that, I'd found an online store and they were $70 plus postage.  The Toys R Us are much cheaper!

Suziej - we're waiting on DH's bonus (was supposed to be paid THREE MONTHS AGO) to see us smiling into Christmas.  Though he wants a new tv, golf clubs etc so not sure how much I'll get to see of it.  Though I've had a running deal the whole time we've been together, whatever he spends on a new set of golfclubs I get to spend on something I want.  hehe.

#35 Mercurial

Posted 12 October 2010 - 01:49 PM

Just got one of those imaginarium cubes - my MIL went and picked it up for me.  The people there said it was good she did because there was only two left and there'd been really popular.

#36 mummy2Ali*Lachie

Posted 12 October 2010 - 08:21 PM

Hey Ladies...well even though it's fairly quiet in here I am having trouble keeping up so here goes...!!!

Lachie stats

10 months 3 weeks ish...11 months on the 18th

weight 8.6kg
length 70.1cms
head 46cms

trying to walk, stands alone for up to fifteen seconds, crawling everywhere super fast, walks around furniture, if your legs are still long enough they are used to stand up on, flips; rolls; crawls away during nappy changes, says mum, dada (gaga), bubba, hi and now gat (cat), waves (sometimes), claps hands, gives hi fives and can pull his cheeky face when asked to.

Lachie's favourite toy atm is Ali's old lunch box filled with lids, measuring cups, medicine cups, and neurophen syringes and a few little people or small rattles and he can spend ages just pulling everything out, putting things inside the cups, testing if things fit inside each other it's so cute watching him work it all out.

Lachie has separation anxiety, if I walk out the room he gets all upset and I get called fro all the time!!!

Sleeps...woo woo hoo...we have now had six nights of no bottles through the night! The first night at sleep school was a few hours of crying, patting, rocking and cuddles. The second night was about 30 mins of the same but still not bottle. Third night slept through!!! Fourth night 2.5 hours of the same as night one. Fifth night slept through and last night one cry at 4 am and then back to sleep before I got to his room. So one night of sleep school was not great in terms of support but I managed it on my own and both hubby and I are very impressed with our little man.

Christmas arghhh!!! Don't get me started!!!

Lachie has the imaginarium cube and it's brilliant..it is four years old a hand me down from my nephew and it's almost like new!!!

I so want to get Lachie the bike/trike for his birthday pressie..looking at a smart trike.

Work well school is back in sa this week so I am back at work...enjoyed my hols but good to go back especially when you know it's only eight weeks. I am starting to teach Zumba in November so will be doing that most nights which will be pretty full on but great for my figure and health!!!

well best go uni assignment to do and programs to write for school!!

#37 checkingboxes

Posted 14 October 2010 - 09:02 AM

woops, been a while since I checked in! Just wanted to say, 45tr1D that we have one of the Imaginarium cubes also and Sebastian loooooooves it. His favourite side is the magnets. He also likes standing up on it and carefully pulling the cubes over the maze wire things. I bought it for him after I saw it at the PCYC and all the babies were crawling over it! I was lucky to get it at a half price sale also from Toys R Us.

#38 Sancti-claws

Posted 16 October 2010 - 02:32 PM

Lordy lordy lordy we are a very busy mob here, aren't we?

And my baby just woke up, saving me from posting.

BBL - have a good weekend all

#39 Mercurial

Posted 17 October 2010 - 08:00 PM

suziej - we've one birthday in Dec and then three in Feb so makes that end of the year exciting with lots of parties but then anad bit tight on the purse strings.  I get the least amount of work then too.  

mummy2ali&lachie - sounds like you're certainly keeping yourself busy.  So cute about pulling his cheeky face.  fantastic about the no bottles during the night.  

AFUS - Plodding along nicely.  Had a quieter week with only 22 hours work.  Still lots but it felt a lot less than I have been doing.  Caught up on some much needed housework (though looking around my study I've still got oodles to do in here apparently).  

Cursing summer and the sun rising earlier - my kids like getting up with the sun which is about an hour earlier than I would like them up, and only going to get worse.  C'mon Queensland - bring in daylight savings!  

Couple of lapses this week has meant Caitlin is sampling things i'd rather she didn't - half a black crayon (that was unpleasant coming back up), dog food (disturbed she enjoyed it so much that she kept eating after the first taste) and a few of the little balls out of the bean bag.  The girl will eat anything and everything she can get her hands on.  

She seems to be learning and growing each day.  Whenever we call her good girl she claps hands at herself, can do high fives now, can get herself to standing without holding on to anything, can stand for about 15 - 20 seconds unsupported and can cruise along any piece of furniture or object.  Has started to try to stack blocks now after knocking them over.  I didn't realise what she was doing at first as she kept missing but then realised she was trying to build them again - so cute.  

DS has been a challenge, coinciding again with severe constipation.  Massive doses of various things to try and get him to go.  Something is going to give soon and it prob won't be pleasant.  Meanwhile I'm dealing with leakage every hour or so.  

#40 Sundayj

Posted 18 October 2010 - 12:31 PM

Hi all,
Just a quick one. Banjo is now 10 months old and his cheeks weigh about as much as the rest of his body. He is still having trouble sleeping and wants to be in with us where its warm and milk is on tap. So Doug and I are sleep deprived. I did sleep school or boot camp with Benny many moons ago and it was successful, but the control comforting thing never really sat well with me. I'll see if all just rights itself sleep wise. Can't believe that we are having to think about first birthdays yet! Amazing.
I have decided to take next year off work. We have not got a child care spot and I'm really hesitant to put him in anyway. Banjo will probably be our last bub (notice how I say 'probably') and I just want to spend time with him whilst he is a baby without having my headspace taken up with work. So we are foregoing money for time. We will really have to be frugal but that's fine, we have done it before and I'd rather have time with Banj right now.
Hope you all well.

Edited by Sundayj, 18 October 2010 - 12:34 PM.

#41 becaboo

Posted 18 October 2010 - 01:45 PM

Hi all  waves.gif

I'm Bec, been stalking this thread for the last week, but havent had time to post unitl now.
I'm mum to 10mth old Trinity.
Trinis stats are as follows :

weight : 8.3 kg
head 44.8cm
length :72cm.

All going along nicely from what we can tell.
Feeding well, loves anything i give her so far..so fingers crossed it all continues.
Shes crawling and walks around furniture and will take steps ok if you guide her with your hands.. so cute.
She loves our 9 yr old cat and says bzzz for his name - its bud..
shes saying mum, (muuum) dad (da) and gi and ow and points ..lol to when she wants her nappy changed. The latest is waving her hands and saying hi..
Still hasnt clapped but getting there..

As for sleep : well we are going through sleep dep at the moment too, will start control crying on wednesday - cant handle cranky baby anymore.. we have one good night whhere she sleeps right thrugh and then others where she wont for hours on end.
Then cranky all day long as well if not enough sleep but so are we lol.

I am having next year off too from work as my next child is due late feb. I am wanting to have this nice time off as i have worked since i was 15 too and df and i have scrimped on everything this last year so we can do it. But Trini will still go to c/care one day a week so i can get some one on one with the new bubba without worrying about her.

Looking forward to planning her first birthday just keeping it simple with family and friends and save big ones  till later..
gosh the time has flown by...but i am enjoying every little second with this cruisy little girl..

Hope to get to know you all ..


#42 mummy2Ali*Lachie

Posted 18 October 2010 - 08:30 PM

Sundayj heheheh all his weight in his cheeks...Lachie has good cheeks too!! Love them!!

Hello and Welcome Bec!!! Trini sounds just gorgeous!! Good luck with bubs number two!! I think you are very keen to have two so close...I don't think I  would cope heheh!! I have to say though the wings flapp here regular;y especially with girlfriends pumping out little ones all over the shop!! Well best go Uni assignment due tonight and ummm only about half way through...so a long night ahead!!!

#43 sezzym

Posted 20 October 2010 - 12:39 PM

hi girls...quick one, is this the cube you are talking about? is ok for under 1's?  (just says 3+)



#44 ~Mo+Moosh~

Posted 20 October 2010 - 01:03 PM

Sezzym - Yep that's the one! Perfectly fine for the littlies I think. DS1 got his for Xmas before he turned one and has regularly played with it since then (he is now almost 4). Hamish has just started to play with it and loves it also.

#45 sezzym

Posted 20 October 2010 - 09:36 PM

awesome - thanks!

#46 Sancti-claws

Posted 22 October 2010 - 10:46 AM

Hey again!!

J was 10 months old yesterday - we celebrated by me being at work all day, DH and BigSister giving each other the irrits and a roast for dinner.  Ah life, so beautiful under the microscope!

Just doing topics folks:

Money is obviously fairly tight up here - deleting lengthy rant that you don't really want to read, suffice to say I got it out of my system!

Sleeping overnight is back to a fantasy we once lived - normally I do sleep fairly well through the night, with DH grabbing J when she stirs at about 2 and she sleeps with us with occasional boob raids until about 5.30.  She goes down at 8.30, and generally gets 2 naps of 40 minutes (with me) - 1.5 hours (with DH) during the day.  We have done our best to stamp out the catnap at 5.30pm she would pull, because it always resulted in later bedtimes.

I am impressed with the standing independently babies!  J has finally clicked with "grown up crawling", but if she requires speed will go back to commando.  She will pull herself up on furniture but has NFI on getting back down, chosing either screaming at the nearest big person to help or falling (and then screaming at us).  Of course, the upside is that all indications are she will climb as soon as she nuts it out, so counting the blessings.

Child care is still a "when we find the right place" scenario - I found a wonderful one but dithered for too long on when we would start and they don't have any available spots now, so back to the drawing board.  Luckily DH is a fantastic househusband and loves being the primary carer for the 4 days I am at work.  I am trying to keep 1 day free so he can either work or study on a regular basis, but the ideal would be 2 days care for Josie, 1 day work for him - we dream.

Welcome to becaboo - at the beginning of each of these "digests" I try to put up the list, so if you could pm me yours and Trinity's vital statistics that would be grand!  Actually - strike that - I see from your ticker I have most of the info, just where you are (if you wish to divulge)  My 10 month old girl has one clear word - which is our cat's name also!!

Anyway, according to the scales J is somewhere between 9 and 11 kg, she seems long and is healthy.  eats everything (except sweet potato - she HATES sweet potato), races us for open doorways and knows the term "gentle" when she goes for the cat.  I am "umma" and boob is "ba".

Hope everyone is going well - and only weeks until the first of the group have birthdays!!  eek.  Where did the year go?

#47 Mercurial

Posted 23 October 2010 - 09:10 PM

suziej - rant away about money.  I just wrote a big response then realise it sound facetious so have deleted.  Boils down to DH and I have different ideas of what to spend money on.  Bugger about dithering with childcare.  Will actually have to consider putting DD down on the list for next year if I want to send her too on the day DS goes.

mummy2ali&lachie - enjoying having that assignment done?  I don't think I could get my brain into gear to study.  

welcome becaboo - wow to another one on the way.  Sounds like a lovely baby you've got.  

sundayj - enjoy your extra time off.  Make the most of it.

AFUS - Little miss has decided she's over crawling and wants to walk except well, she can't.  So she stands up and glares at where she wants to go and then at her feet and expects something to happen.  Having said that I don't think it's going to be long now.  She is so mobile, she spends her days climbing, standing, pushing to standing, putting her head between her legs and waiting for me to push her over so she can roll.  Her favourite place is my lap - she doesn't stay there long but keeps coming back every minute or so.  DS sat in my lap the other day and she literally tried to push him out of the way and then climbed over him and squeezed between him and me - comical.  Has worked out cupboards contain interesting things and scours the house for anything left ajar.  Luckily can't quite open them herself yet but our time is limited.  She did manage to empty all the teatowels out of the draw yesterday and regularly tosses any magnets from the fridge up to her reaching height.  Also the screen door is a new fascination if left open (thanks DS) open, shut, open, shut, open, shut and so on.

DS has been unwell so we've had a fairly quiet week.  Throat infection and antibiotics which I had to stop giving him because he stopped eating (as in totally) and the antibiotics with no food was making him vomit.  He also has a nasty cough that makes him vomit too.  We got to experience that this arvo after DH bought him a blue icecream - not pretty.  He's so out of sorts, hasn't eaten dinner once this week, at some point during the evening he just walks into his room and falls asleep, no goodnight or anything.  Thankfully today he ate breakfast and lunch so he's had some food.  He's lost 1.5kg so far.  Constipation still an issue too so the poor thing is just not well.  Paed appointment still 6 weeks away but will take him to the GP if the next few days doesn't bring a big improvement.  

DH and I attended the first two sessions of a Tripe P parenting course today.  Was interesting, lots of it pretty obvious and basic but was good to see it all set out and a few bits and pieces too.  Another four hours next Sat and probably the bit we're most interested in - dealing with challenging behaviours.  

excuse the novel!

#48 Audrey_baby

Posted 25 October 2010 - 10:05 AM

Hey everyone!  Hope all your kids are good!  I'm having a bit of teething issues atm, all of Abby's top 4 incisors are coming down at once it seems.  We have been using panadol but won't use Bonjella due to the saliciates.  Did some other looking around and a lot of mums recommended the Teething tablets and Brauer's Teething solution.  Had a bit of success with Brauers, well at least I think we did, so hard to tell!

But today a friend sent me this link about the teething tablets and Belladonna http://www.fda.gov/Safety/MedWatch/SafetyI...s/ucm230764.htm

Brauer's has Belladonna in it as well.  I'm not sure if I should be limiting its use then or stopping altogether.  Any advice is appreciated.  I'll chat to her doctor next time we see him as well.

She's not too fond of cold teething rings so apart from that I'm out of other ideas.  Tips welcome!

#49 Sancti-claws

Posted 25 October 2010 - 10:18 AM

We use Brauer's teething relief as well and saw that link - however, as a liquid as long as you shake it you have a shot at good distribution - those tablets were recalled due to the inconsistent amounts found in different tablets so it was a bit like Russian Roulette.

Sorry you are having a hard time teething wise - we are currently in a better period, but man it was hell there for a while!

Baby just woke - going to have quality half hour before heading off to work...

#50 becaboo

Posted 25 October 2010 - 01:51 PM

Hi to everyone again original.gif

Thanks for the warm welcomes Ladies.  original.gif  

Trini sounds just gorgeous!! Good luck with bubs number two!! I think you are very keen to have two so close...I don't think I would cope heheh!! I have to say though the wings flapp here regular;y especially with girlfriends pumping out little ones all over the shop!!

Thanks Mum2ali&lachie, - i wish i could it was a suprise in a way and it was of sorts, but having another one so close didnt bother me too much as i know it would be harder to fall in with all the history i have had over the last 10 years so we thought as older parents just get it over and done with. Apparently it doesnt take us long.. lol.
We honestly thought it would take us longer, but alas first try. All is well and at 22 weeks am feeling well and happy.
We know two will be a handful but as i am taking time off from working, i think i will find it hard at times like every other mum, but also rewarding too. I am really just looking forward to holding my baby more than anything.

Suzie j - i am on mornington peninsula.
I really hope you find somewhere suitable for creche for your little one.. remember to aks lots of questions to make sure you feel comfortable.
she's  sounding very similar to mine..with the sleeping.. i have done control crying.. no luck yet.. still persisiting.

Audrey- feel your pain.. i use panadol and brauers and teething rings too.

Hope everyone is enjoying their days with their rug rats:)

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