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#26 Chelbean

Posted 29 October 2010 - 07:09 PM

Just come in to share the news I got a  BFP.gif this afternoon! TOTALLY surprised. We were trying but i had what i thought was my period last week. I tested on Friday afternoon and it was negative.

I went out, joined a gym to lose weight, bought a BBT thermometer to track my temps, even went out and got ovulation tests off ebay to track ovulation.

So i got the tests today and thought id take a pregnancy test (got ten with it) no idea why. and it came up positive!! I almost fainted! Turns out my light period, that made me freak out and think I wasn't ovulating was infact implantation bleeding!!!

Can't believe it - still in shock. No idea when im due am going to have to do a dating scan. Going by last period its June sometime - but i think it will be a couple of weeks later then that.

Please don't mention on facebook as its still early days yet!

hope everyone is well! original.gif

#27 hawkchick

Posted 29 October 2010 - 07:15 PM

Oh wow! Congratulations Rachael. That's such wonderful news! I'm really happy for you, Matt and Alice.


#28 Stacymoo

Posted 29 October 2010 - 09:30 PM

Congratulations Rach - that is such great news! Let us know the details as they come.  biggrin.gif

Well girls I got back from Fiji late Tuesday night & had an absolute ball. The Fijian people are so nice & love kids so much. Their "Fijian island time" service got to me a little in end as they are just so relaxed & casual about everything which is sometimes hard with a near 4yo wanting some dinner. rolleyes.gif But other than that I really enjoyed the trip. The weather was brilliant & both J & I have come back with a lovely safe tans as I put cream on us everyday & didn't get sunburnt not once, which I was really proud of. We did a shopping trip in Nadi as we ended up staying a few extra days & a island cruise hop & the couples wedding was beautifu in the first week on the Coral Coast. Jaiden loved the kids club & made lot's of new friends. The time difference of 2 hours ahead has taken it's toll returning home, plus both of us got chest infections in the last few days which we are on AB's for, but we are feeling better & trying to get back into routine. I will post some pics in the next few days. biggrin.gif

Brooke - I will give you a buzz next week.

Blish - congrats on the new job role. You will have to fill me in when I see you. Will get in contact with you to organsie another catch up before Elora's birthday. biggrin.gif

Rubes - so good to hear from you, but shame sorry to hear of your troubles. sad.gif

Tam - wow your SIL will have her hands full with twins! ohmy.gif Hope the christening all went well.

OK need to run for now. Hi to anyone else popping in. Will post some pics soon. waves.gif

#29 Hypnic Jerk

Posted 01 November 2010 - 12:09 PM

Congratualtions Rach.  Wonderful news

I found rotting carpet - DH is off looking at timber flooring.
Blish - good news about the job.  It's was great for me having work to do.  Back being a SAHM now and getting itchy feet for it.

#30 boo boos mumma

Posted 02 November 2010 - 01:23 AM

OMG Rach, congrats, can't wait to hear your EDD, hw exciting!!

#31 Hypnic Jerk

Posted 03 November 2010 - 08:24 PM

Came in for a vent but deleted it.  It's not going to make me feel better.

#32 Chelbean

Posted 03 November 2010 - 11:12 PM

Experiencing bad bleeding so looks like this bub isn't sticky sad.gif feeling very crappy but if I am losing it, I'm glad its early on.

#33 Hypnic Jerk

Posted 04 November 2010 - 10:01 PM

hugs Rach.

#34 Chelbean

Posted 07 November 2010 - 07:12 PM

Thanks Brooke. Hope everything is okay with you? Vent away any time!

Tam - how are the kids going? Must be a handful with three, saw on facebook you didn't get any sleep the other night, hope you are coping okay.

Blish - Hope you are enjoying your new job.

Stacy - Saw your pics on facebook - looks like such a great time!! Glad you had a lovely holiday!

Well girls - I had my bloods done on Thursday and Saturday and all looks good so far, my hcg hormone is rising nicely was 3900 on Thurs and 6600 on Sat. The only thing that im concerned with that there was nothing with on the ultra sound, they only did an abdominal ultrasound not an internal one - but the midwife still thinks they should of seen something. I think I'd be 5 weeks, thinking of ovulation signs, and i feel thats too early to see anything on an abdominal scan. Should of had the internal, but the guy was not very nice and i wasn't 100% comfortable with him and he didn't think it was even worth it - he seemed to doubt i was even pregnant.

Probably have to go for a scan this Thursday. I am still spotting, brown blood. I did bleed a lot with Alice though and that turned out okay. Im having no pain or anything. After the scan if everythings okay im going to not worry so much about bleeding - it seems that its par for the course for me in my first trimester of pregnancy.

If everything goes okay with this pregnancy this will be our last - thank gosh i forgot how much i hate the first trimester!!!!

Hope everyone else is well.

#35 boo boos mumma

Posted 09 November 2010 - 01:08 AM

Rach THANK GOD all seems ok. Yes 5weeks is far too early. Remember I went for an early scan with Natalia when I thought i was 7weeks but there was no hb just a sac??  well i went back 2weeks later & all was fine just O'd later than i realised.... My SIL had bleeding with her DS, she was so sure she m/c but yeah the scan revealed all ok. The fact u now have brown blood sounds promising darl. Good luck, stay in there sticky bubs  original.gif  original.gif

Im doing fine thanks darl. I was sick with the flu last week & it really knocked me for six, then Aiden developed a cough & for 3nights he has wanted to wake after midnight & won't go back down till after 5am, doing my head in lol. Im more than fine though, just had some sleep today so feel better.

Its my own fault for taking on so much. WIth Aidens speech therapy & early intervention there isnt much time for me iykwim?? & I crave the time at home with the kids when Reanna isnt at daycare or preschool. Now cause its so busy with our toy sales & im back at the markets on sundays till xmas its full on. I dont know why i put so much pressure on myself but i keep doing it...

Brooke are u ok??

#36 Hypnic Jerk

Posted 09 November 2010 - 03:23 PM

All's fine, had a miscommunication with DH and I thought he'd said something he didn't which made me think he was a ....

Now just trying to coordinate life - rather like you Tam.

Not done anything about Christmas yet.  Better pull my finger out I guess.  The good thing is we are not travelling.  DH's new job doesn't allow it as he has to work between Christmas and NY.

Glad the bub is still with you Rach - how has the TTing goine with Allie?

#37 boo boos mumma

Posted 10 November 2010 - 11:59 AM

Hey all,

Brooke Ive just saved your number in my phone, would love to call you right now but Aiden has speech therapy at 1:30pm, then I have a meeting at early intervention at 7pm with a lady who's son has been diagnosed with ASD already, we are watching dvds about how best to help our children.

We went & saw a Paed yesterday. he is certain Aiden is autistic but of course untill he is completely assessed it can't be labelled yet. And he needs to have his brain checked over to see if he has epilepsy.
I was hoping he would be ok as the speech therapist believed that after his grommets Aiden was giving so much eye contact to her & interacting especially the chasing game & he started some vowel sounds.

THe Paed said he doesnt care what the speech therapist saids, he thinks autism & I can tell the assessors things about Aiden that might make them rethink autism but he is sure its autism. He said that Aiden not pointing at things is a huge indicator of autism..& if its not autism, its something.....

So I cried most of the way home. I was devastated & still am.

We were so sure that he could say daddy but last night it was clear that he did say 'daddy'....  So we are not accepting it yet, not till they actually label it iykwim??

SO to be ohnest i feel almost defeated (well untill he said daddy last night & then I said to DH, im not just giving in & accepting it, we will work with him so they can see how much more improved he is since his grommets).

But with being so sick last week im still exhuasted. Im struggling with everything. Reanna has been playing up & told me yesterday that I dont love her. I dont know what to do, Nat needs me 24/7, Aiden needs all this therapy & i try to give Reanna attention & love but i admit her amount of attention has dropped & I can see why she has been so upset cause Reanna always got so much attention before Aiden was in therapy 3 days a week....

So im gonna take her out somewhere special just her & I. I did that over a week ago went shopping & she was silly, was always so good when we were out but was so silly that day.

I just felt so drained & like i just can't do it. How can i be a good mum?? Im tired, i dont know if i could have done more for Aiden, did i not teach him to talk enough, i was so sick with my preg then towards the end before Nat was born i spent weeks doing my catalogue from scratch so Aiden was left to watch his music tv alot when Reanna was in daycare, but he prob couldnt do much untill his grommets anyhows as it was then that he showed alot more spunk.

Anyhows gotta go, i know what ive written above isnt making much sense, its my brain all jumbled & im trying to unjumble it. The Paed mocked me for worrying that my labour had something to do with Aidens situation, he said all us mums are the same blaming ourselves.

#38 Hypnic Jerk

Posted 10 November 2010 - 04:11 PM

Oh Tam.

Give me a call please.  Maybe after you get the kids to bed.  Don't worry about how late it is, I'm up late anyhow.  It's a realy sucky time for you I know.  I've looked at the birth dates and your kids are very close to the ages mine were when we got hit with it.

My kids prob won't go to bed till 8.30 or 9 (they are both asleep right now) but we're pretty easy here so just call whenever it suits you.  If my kids are up I'll just give them icecream - they'll love it.

#39 Hypnic Jerk

Posted 10 November 2010 - 04:16 PM

And my Paed said the same.  He didn't mock me, but he pushed on me that it wasn't my fault, please don't go down the "what caused this?" path.  It's an awful place to go and you won't get anywhere with it.  It's a dead end.

There is an article I want you to read at some point about the very 1st person ever in the world to get this diagnosis.  He is in his 70's or 80's and he is doing really well.  He has a strong community about him people (not just his family) love him, he drives, worked inthe family business and now lives by himself.

#40 Chelbean

Posted 10 November 2010 - 05:29 PM

Don't know how long ive got. We are capped and Alice is NOT happy because her you tube cartoons aren't loading on the iphone  rolleyes.gif what have i created?

Tam - Please call brooke - shes fantastic  yyes.gif you can call me if you want as well - although im feeling so nauseated at the moment im not being on talking...and brooke will be much more help.

Don't go down that "what could i have done" road. The fact is, nothing you did or didn't do caused this. I thought that with Alice as well, did i let her watch too much tv, did i not talk to her enough, was i not stimulating enough...the fact is kids usually develop language at a typical rate - whether they are sat in front of the tv 24/7 or not. Kids that don't have language issues just "get" it. Actually TV helped Alice to talk - she would only talk at the start when something REALLY interested her - her first decent words were related to the wiggles.

You are only human and dealing with three children under the age of five, one of who sadly has special needs. I find it so hard some weeks, fitting in the therapy and i only have Alice - so i have no idea how you are doing it. You are amazing...you are an amazing mummy ALWAYS remember that.

Just curious does Aiden go to daycare one day a week? I know it might seem full on, daycare therapy etc. Alice has a full week, two days daycare, two days at her early intervention kindy and she has blossomed because of it. I fully believe special needs children, whatever their diagnosis need constant stimulation, they need more active learning environments....added to this it might give YOU a rest.

Also if funds are tight, have you looked into carers allowance? Once he gets a diganosis, if its autism you will get this pretty much automatically (is this right brooke its a tick a box one?) We applied for Alice and listed everything that she needs help doing and were accepted for it. Its made a LOT of difference in helping with her speech therapy bills and even just experiences of life that we feel help her learn. We got a bonus and took her to the gold coast for a holiday that was all about her and she loved it, made us feel good just to focus on her as well.

In regards to Reanna, it does sound hard. I am a very organised person (its the only way i can deal with crap and clutter) So i would possibly write up a weekly schedule. Allowing all kids to have special one on one time with you. Put in the days Aiden attends therapy, even time to work on therapy with him at home, put in maybe every saturday morning Reanna gets to go out with Mummy and Daddy to a park by herself. Perhaps if Reanna and Aiden are in daycare one day on the same day you and Natalia could go to a swimming class or just for a walk in the park.

Not sure if any of this helps at all, im not sure what your weekly schedule is like...but if i was you id sit down, take a deep breath and write down time and commitments you have and how you can deal with them. Its the only way id be able to handle it all.

Just remember you are a great mum....but you are also a person so try and allow some time for you as well!!! Even just to have a bubble bath for half an hour. You can't help the kids if you aren't happy...so remember to take care of yourself.

Brooke - don't even mention christmas, still have to deal with Allies 4th birthday yet. And as for TTing, because ive been pregnant, bleeding and now sick and tired beyond belief I haven't even looked at doing it yet. I am SO slack...but in my defense I've been feeling rather rat sh*t lol. Same advice i gave tam i suppose....im only human!

Hi to everyone else  - hope you are well. Scan tomorrow - really nervous. However my big swollen and very sore boobs that are like watermelons and are keeping me up at night because they are SO sore and the waves of nausea that i am having everytime my feet touch the ground, and extreme tiredness is making me think this baby is all nestled up inside me sniggering at me for being so scared! Hope so anyway!



#41 Hypnic Jerk

Posted 10 November 2010 - 09:15 PM

Tam, Rach is right about Carer's allowance.  It is not means tested which means you coulod be loaded and still get it.  It's about $100/fn which goes a good distance for some therapies.

And she's also spot on about the TV and stimulation.  Cooincidently I did a crap load of that sort of stuff with Jord.   It was certainly a good thing to do, and I do draw on much of the activities now, but in no way does it go towards remediating a problem like this.  Specific and individualised, addressing the features/symptoms you face.  If anyone says "oh, autism, you should do PECS/signing/sensory/weighted blanket" without knowing your son and without saying why - slap them.  Or smile sweetly and suggest that while weighted blankets are calming so too are cigarettes.  He He He.  Sorry, had a Baileys on ice before - makes me bold.

Best go clean my house.

Rach - bummer about the boobs.  Still, enjoy them while you have them (or should that be Mat?)

#42 boo boos mumma

Posted 11 November 2010 - 01:28 AM

Rach & Brooke I really appreciate your support. Thanks so much. Im sure I will be ok, just have a bit to sort out, to juggle iykwim??

Rach has Alice been diagnosed with anything?? or is it speech delay??

Brooke, from when Jordan was diagnosed, where was he dev wise/ autistic traited wise...& how is he now?? I recall when you were so excited when he spoke some words, i was so excited for you but i really understand totally now why the excitement (we were when Aiden said daddy, so was his speech therapist today).

Well Aiden didnt like therapy today, he ended up crying & escaping out of the room & then quitely sat on the floor in the foyer of the early intervention place playing with a leaf before removing dirt from their pot plants  ohmy.gif .

When I got home I was supposed to go to the gym but i had a shocking headache in my temple & ive still got some blurred vision that hit when i got the flu last week. So i had a huge nap.

I then went to the class at 7pm to watch the dvd with other mums who has autistic children...it was interesting....its a new type of thing for parents/caregivers to watch, the first one is about you learning about yourself with feelings ect ect.....then it will focus on your child to show you how to understand the autism.....

I spoke to other mums & I explained Aiden's situation. I mentioned how in just a month after grommets Aiden has said a word so Im not going to get him assessed yet cause i need to give him time to learn new skills such as socially interacting, pointing, talking ect ect.....speech therapist agrees with my thoughts.....

So tonight after i got home I pulled out these new instruments & we had a fun session together..they are in a special box, then tomorrow ill pull out something else, like a puzzle, then another time a simple book, then visuals ect.... Im going to have the special 'Aiden' box....so when I am having therapy sessions i can collect one thing to concentrate on & have it in that special spot...also with a list of repetive songs/games suitable for him.  I mean business, if he is eventually labelled as autistic i promise I can feel happy enough i did everything to help him develop & learn & if he does have autism then i will accept it but not without a fight, the gloves are off lol.

I will contact centrelink about carers allowance, the bills have already been piling up thats for sure. makes me wonder if i really should be getting private health care...

Though so far apart from dietician, paed, ear/throat specialist (& trip to syd in March), its all been free all his therapy im very lucky....Rach I was surprised when u said u pay for your speech therapy??  

I will ring u Brooke, not sure when my schedule is pretty full on & its like 2:30am i wont call u now lol.

#43 Chelbean

Posted 11 November 2010 - 08:09 AM

Brooke - Poor matt can't enjoy the boobs, they are so sore  laughing2.gif hes not allowed to touch them and hes very grumpy about that.

Tam - Alice was diagnosed earlier this year with moderate - severe speech language impairment. We saw TWO developmental paeds, I wasn't happy with the first one, though he did make some good points about her auditory processing skills as well, he believes later she will be diagnosed with auditory processing disorder and I tend to agree with him. The paed came to that diagnosis because she doesn't believe alice shows delays in any area but speech. Which I agree with. It was a very thorough assessment as well. She did say alice does have some autistic tendencies, but her social skills and imaginative play and symbolic play was right where she should be for her age. I thought we'd get a pdd-nos diagnosis, but that was months ago. Alices language has become VERY good...so good that we are thinking we might not have told hold her back a year at school....we'll see though.

We pay for speech therapy because we go private....i looked at the public system and the waiting list was so long, she probably would have only just got on it! So we found a speechie of our own accord and its $90 a session. We did have private health, but the limits get used up so quickly we began to wonder if it was worth it.

Sorry gotta run - back later. Take care of yourself Tam xo

#44 boo boos mumma

Posted 11 November 2010 - 04:52 PM

OH thanks for that Rach, time will tell about Aiden.

He did sooo well at his session in play today, the ST was so in impressed & described the difference between Aiden & a boy a year older she has in another group who is already diagnosed with autism.....she still stands by her word that she doesnt believe Aiden is autistic, she said today he has even done better than 2weeks ago in so many areas.....so Im not giving up on him yet...

Its gonna be busy busy for a while but thats all fine, im seeing benefits now so its worth it!!  Not sure which end we will come out of but in 12months time I can be proud that Ive done what i could...

Brooke I will be calling u real soon hun, hopefully this evening....depends on Reanna she is a shocka when she knows im on the phone....

DH & I witnessed two Indian children get badly hit by their mother at the pool....ive even called the pool to express my concern & the staff actually witnessed it themselves....if she continued I ohnestly dont know what i would have done.....i wanted to smack her one.

Her son must have wondered outside not much older than 3.5-4yrs, & she panicked, her DD who was younger was with him i think but didnt go as far....i understand she must have panicked BUT she used all her force to smack her son in the face, she struck him so hard to the face that it lifted his whole body and he banged up hard against the glass wall, he was screaming then she turned to the other children wouldnt even be 3yrs old & she smacked her very hard to head, not just lightly with a fright, it was hard & violent. I am still in shock, ppl walking in asked DH & I about it & we told them what the lady did.

If she had smacked them hard on the fingers I would have kept walking as i would have done the same, but smacking a child to the face & violently to the head, those kids were in more danger of their mother than any car.....

So Ive complained & told the pool that if they dont call the police they should keep the footage just in case it happens again, if i see it again I will be calling the police myself, i damn should have but im giving her the benefit of the doubt that the lady panicked iykwim??

#45 Hypnic Jerk

Posted 15 November 2010 - 06:40 AM

Yetch - DH has a builder in mind he likes, I don't like their plans.  So finally I find one that I like with a few changes and I get online this morning to look them up.  Find a review site that absolutely hammers them, and that the building group has threatened legal action over the reviews.  Oh man!  Then I look at reviews of other builders and turns out that they all suck.

tam - glad to hear the positive comments about Aiden.  I went and saw Richard Eisenmajer speak on Friday.  He's a psych that does the rounds.  Very entertaining, but also quite a few things I took away from it too. He was mainly talking about older kids and adults as this is where the bulk of his clientel are.  Full on adults with jobs and families being diagnosed with Autism.  In a way it was very encouraging.  In other ways you felt for them struggling through without support.

We're ticking along fine here.  I'm starting to get a bit lonely and that's affecting my motivation so I think I need to plan some actvities every couple of weeks.  DH has heyfever/asthma so that he's pretty useless and I'm still bored when he's home.

#46 boo boos mumma

Posted 15 November 2010 - 07:05 PM

Hi All,

Just come in to say hi.

Nothing exciting to say really. Busy as usual with my beautiful kiddies. Hope all is doing well. Rach all good with bubs??  have u had that dating scan again??or is it this thurs?? waiting to hear news darl.

#47 Chelbean

Posted 15 November 2010 - 07:44 PM

Just a quick one...all is good!

Had scan last Thursday and was 5 weeks 3 days. Am 6 weeks today.

Am feeling so digusting and sick...its horrible. Can barely eat anything. Morning sickness my bum - all day sickness more like it.

Last week food helped, this week its just constant.

Really struggling! Cannot wait till this first trimester is OVER!

Hope everyone is well. Looks like theres only three of us in here girls lol.

#48 Hypnic Jerk

Posted 15 November 2010 - 09:35 PM

Rach - your little one is due the day before Maeve's birthday.

#49 Stacymoo

Posted 17 November 2010 - 07:58 AM

Hey girls I am still around. biggrin.gif Just had alot on.

Both Jaiden & I come back from Fiji with bronchitus & poor DH caught it but got it much worse. He has bronchial pnemonia & was rushed to hospital by ambulance last Thursday. They got his oxygen levels back up to satisfactory & he come home that night but it was an awful day. The last 3 weeks has been running around to different doctors for opinions (he saw a dud at first that should have prescribed the right meds at the start & maybe it wouldn't have got so bad) & he has been home everyday & I am playing nurse. sad.gif Not fun but necessary. Anyway he finally is getting better each day. He has a follow up appointment today & hopefully after 1 more round of AB's he will be ok. After doing some research on the net, it seems bronchitus can actually lay dormant for months & reoccur worse than before if your immune system is low. My poor mum has it too. This is her 2nd week off work & she is not as bad as DH but still feeling crap.

Sorry I have only skimmed so far:

Rach - glad everything is ok with bub.

Tam - bug hugs for you chickey. hhugs.gif

Brooke - have you checked out Hotonda Homes in Wallan? They have a good rep from what I have heard & built my house. Otherwise GJ Gardner Homes is another one I have heard good reviews about. I still haven't driven down to Mandalay. Will have to check it out to see where you will be living.

Blish - HAPPY BIRTHDAY ELORA! So sorry we can't make the party today Tish. We will definately catch up soon.xx

As for me I have been feeling a little down. No more IVF this year & I feel like a whole year has passed me by with no success. sad.gif We are starting to consider adopting. Decided to not talk about it until the new year. DH job is hanging on a fine line again. He was told he would have another position to go to in December but got told yesterday that it is not going ahead & they have to find another role for him. We just hope he is not going to market again just before Xmas like last year.  sad.gif

Jaiden is good. Eating us out of house & home. laughing2.gif I can't believe he will be 4 in 2 weeks. Time sure does fly. He went to a daycare centre for 4.5hrs yesterday for a trial as I am thinking of putting him into daycare 1 whole day a week next year as well as the 2x 5.5hrs kinder. I called half way through & they said he was fitting in well & having a great time but when we picked him up he said there were a few naughty boys & a girl & he didn't want to go back. Not sure whether to believe that & try again next week. huh.gif Think I might call the teacher today & ask her if anything happened. He is just getting so bored at home so I thought he would love it.

OK better run. Have a million things to do as usual. Be back soon.

#50 hawkchick

Posted 17 November 2010 - 08:55 PM

Hi girls,

Sorry I've been MIA from our EB group.

Update on us:

Have edited my whinge about DH's work....just in case so I'll just leave it at arrgghhhhhhh

I started a new diet - the Cohen's Lifestyle Plan last Saturday. I've already lost close to 3kgs in just 5 days. This will really really help my pre-diabetes issues and hopefully hit them on the head. I'm 40 now so can't stuff around with my health anymore.

Elora turned 4 today (Happy Birthday to Lara and the other EB 4 year olds!!!).
We had a little party today and it was lovely weather in Melbourne, so a lovely day all round.
I am, unfortunately, exhausted! I baked cupcakes on Monday for her kinder class yesterday, then again a batch yesterday for today's party, M&M cookies and chocolate crackles etc. It doesn't sound like much, but in between getting the house ready, getting the kids meals ready, DH's vegetarian meals ready and my special diet menu ready, I've been on my feet for 3 days straight and my dodgy pelvis is paying the price.
Here's some photos taken today:

My son Josh had his wisdom teeth out last week. His recovery from that was so much better than when he had his tonsils out a couple of years ago. He's still swollen and bruised, but doing OK.

Tam - I'm not surprised you're feeling exhausted. You have 3 very young children and one who is requiring additional assessment and assistance. I don't know how, but you're going to have to make some time for you in amongst everything. I'm pleased to see you're going to the gym, I assume that's your time out for you? I hope you get some answers for Aiden soon, honey.

Rach - so relieved to hear that everything's still going ok. I didn't realise you were having any spotting. I hope everything settles soon.

Stacy - sorry to hear that you've all been sick. Hope that DH is on the mend!!! How scary for you all. And sorry we didn't see you today at the party. I think you have every right to feel down about this year. You've kept that upbeat positive energy going for so long, it's inevitable to fall flat at some point. Look forward to chatting to you soon and hearing your MIL updates and your IVF/Adoption plans. You are the nicest, sweetest person and deserve every happiness.

Brooke - what's happening with the house move?

That's it from me for now...

Edited by Blish, 17 November 2010 - 08:57 PM.

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