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November 06 Parents # 139

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#51 Hypnic Jerk

Posted 19 November 2010 - 06:14 AM

Blish - we decided on the Mandalay estate at Beveridge.  Golf course.  Need I say more  rolleyes.gif
But seriously - good access to the Hume freeway, so it's only 2hrs back home.  25mins or thereabouts to the school and darren's work.  close to stace.  Haa!

Stace - thanks for the suggestions.  hadn't looked at those two and will do so. Sent you a PM.  about to do the same for you too Blish.

be in touch

#52 Chelbean

Posted 19 November 2010 - 09:18 PM

Hey all,

Good to see some more of us back in here!

I joined a due in group for this little bub - forgot how BUSY they are at first!

Brooke - Im having a c-section so it will probably be before my due date. How did you find having a bub in July compared with having one in November? Im looking forward to the change, with Alice it was SO hot and she lived in singlets and nothing else for the first four months.

Blish - Love the pictures, gorgeous girl you have there. My cousin has his wisdom teeth out the other week, so horrible to have them all done at the same time. Hope Josh is recovering well. I have mine through but apparently there is nothing wrong with them (yet!). Hope Elora had a lovely birthday!

Stacy - Sorry to hear you've all been sick!! We have had the same type of thing here, Matt got the worst of it - though not nearly as bad as your DH! Sorry to hear no more IVF this year...I think adopting would be lovely...I wish you the best of luck with whatever you decide to do. Sounds like a good idea not worrying about it till next year, give yourself a break.

Tam - Hope all is well on your end...always here if you need a chat.

We are pretty good here. Im now almost 7 weeks...could this first trimester go any slower?

Ended up at the docs yesterday to get maxalon. I have been useless for the last two weeks and I couldn't do anything. The maxalon has really worked to take the edge off my nausea. Still can't cook anything but its helping me at least get the daily stuff done. Matt has been a god send coming home from working and cooking and cleaning the kitchen. I can't wait till i feel better though - you all know how i love to clean, i just feel destroyed if i can't do it!

Alice is going well. We went to her kindy open evening the other night and then went for a play there this week. She loves it. She had the biggest tantrum leaving, I couldn't get her to calm down, I was flustered and feeling as sick as anything so i was almost in tears. I have to call the teacher and apologise because i ended up just making her come home without saying goodbye to anyone. Was HORRIBLE!

Her teacher seems lovely though and is really excited about having her next year, un toilet trained and all. I  do plan to do that - but feeling so sick and being pregnant i just can't wrap my head around it right now!!!! Her talking advances with every day - but i still cant get her to wee on the toilet on command and when in undies she usually does her stuff right after i take her to the toilet.

Added to this shes developed major anxiety and shyness....no idea where its come from but we have to be very soft with her. When she has an accident she thinks shes in trouble and gets embarrassed and hides. No matter how much praise we give her.

I think she knows somethings up - like a big change is coming, shes been so clingy lately. Every five minutes i hear "mummy mummy" and she has nothing to tell me she just wants me to look at her lol. She used to be SO good playing with herself and now she wants me to be in the room with her watching her play. Her imaginative play is so fantastic though it is a pleasure to watch - i just can't watch her all day!!

Anyway matts gone to get me some cold rock ice cream - i was so craving that tonight! He'll be home soon so i better go.

Hope everyone is well.


#53 hawkchick

Posted 21 November 2010 - 05:49 PM

Thanks Rach... and hang in there, the sickness will go soon (hopefully!!!)

#54 Hypnic Jerk

Posted 24 November 2010 - 09:23 PM

Stace - thanks for having us the other day.  I am now a firm believer that Ringwood sucks.  Going to stay at a friend's house in Carlton from now on.  Wouldn't you love to live in Carlton?

I had a good and crap wweekend in Melb last w/end.  Some parts were fabulous (zoo, visiting my sister) other bits were awful (3 nights on a bed settee, Maeve being a fair little ..... and the drive home from Ringwood via Warrendyte (spelling??) which was a really bad idea.  

And I am officially my mother - bought a pair of body shaper gut suckerinner thingys to wear under dresses - much cheaper and quicker than the gym.

Jord has finally settled so I'd best be off to bed.  I have him booked in at a childcare centre tomorrow morn so I can do some observations on him with kids his own age but he's up late so I think I will cancell - too much stress trying to get both kids there by 9.

#55 hawkchick

Posted 29 November 2010 - 08:35 PM

Oh Brooke, you're so funny...just the way you described those pants things had me laughing out loud.

Stacy - how's DH going now? Is he better? Did you get my email? (a while back)....

Rach - how are you feeling now, any better?

Tam - how are the kids?

Tracey - I know from FB that you're not well - hope you're better soon too!

I've got heaps to say but can't tonight - have new glasses and I'm getting a headache so might log off soon. And nothing I have to say is that exciting  biggrin.gif

#56 Stacymoo

Posted 30 November 2010 - 10:35 PM

Hi girls.

Just a quickie as I am knackered.

Jaiden had a brilliant birthday yesterday. I made 30 mini cupcakes to take to kinder & did kinder duty & took some pics of him playing. It was great.

DH is better but still not 100%. He is off overseas for work again on Thursday for about 2 weeks. Doc has given him clearance to fly but I still think he shouldn't be flying.

Will be back later in the week with pics & more updates.

#57 hawkchick

Posted 03 December 2010 - 07:03 PM

Awwww I missed Jaiden's birthday - sorry!


#58 Hypnic Jerk

Posted 07 December 2010 - 03:36 PM

Rotten stressfull couple of days - taking a deep breath and having another shot tonight

Blish - how's the job going?  

Tam - did I tell you that one of Jord's 1st therapists is from Leeton?  I think she went back there but I'm not sure.  She was great - very switched on.

Jord had his kinder orientation yesterday and I find out that his teacher is leaving after 1st term to have a baby.  I think her replacement is a recent graduate.  Tam, your training was in kinder teaching wasn't it?  Is there much variation in how kinders are structured?  I think our kinder is called preschool in NSW

In vic it is playgroup, 3yo kinder (1 2hr session a week), 4yo kinder (10hrs/week but they are increasing it to 15hrs/week) then prep located in schools then grade 1 - yr 12.

#59 hawkchick

Posted 10 December 2010 - 09:18 PM

Hi Brooke,

Elora's 3 year old kinder is 2 days x 2 hours. She also does Playgroup on top of this (2 hours).

Thanks for asking - the job's going really well, but driving home takes me over an hour - sometimes nearly 2 hours. Thankfully I'm getting paid by the hour including driving time so that takes the sting out somewhat

Having had three children go through the kinder system, I can tell you that a kinder can be fantastic or woeful all depending on the teacher. My first son went to a particular kinder and it was fabulous. His teacher went on maternity leave when James got to be there and he had a different teacher who was the worst teacher I've ever experienced. We had another teacher the following year for 4 year old and she was even worse. You can get some great teachers and some crap ones. The things to look for are - do they create a structured program balanced with free play; do they exhibit a good level of discipline so that the children are respectful of others and can feel safe and secure without fear of being bullied; Are they adept at handling a variety of different personality types and special needs and interests in the children. In my personal experience, the best teachers my children have had have been those with several years experience. But then my kids are kind of wimpy and anxious /shy type kids and the more mature/mothering types seem to work well for them.
It's funny to think that I'm still considered a graduate teacher. I'm registered with the Victorian Teachers Registration board as provisional/inexperienced and I graduated in 1991! I've just never pursued teaching work.

#60 boo boos mumma

Posted 14 December 2010 - 01:17 PM

Hi All,

Gosh Ive been MIA for a while myself.

Tam, your training was in kinder teaching wasn't it? Is there much variation in how kinders are structured? I think our kinder is called preschool in NSW

I think Blish was right, an experienced teacher means alot. Ive come along way from when i first started & I am confident to say that I am very experienced & YES discipline is a big thing, my students know that when i say I will send them out of the room I WILL lol. Its also about the director if the teacher isnt the director, the director needs to support them. For eg: When i was working as a teacher i had two boys who ruled the roost, they spoiled every group time, bullied kids, refused to listen, my hands were tied because the director would get cranky if i sent them to her office & when i did she and another staff member would just interact with the boy like he was just visiting & they would giggle, so of course he would play up more to get into her office....she even came out once and said 'dont me out to be the bad guy"....she was the director IT wAS HER JOB TO SUPPORT ME THE TEACHER & TO PROTECT THE OTHER CHILDREN WHO THESE BOYS WERE HURTING/saying rude things to or just preventing them learning because the teacher wasnt able to teach. Then when she left & a colleague took over she called me in to have a chat & said that she had seen what little support i had & from now on when those two boys interrupted the group, hit another child ect I was to give a warning (not for hitting that was autmatic removal), & then the next time they had to go to her office. WIthin 3 days i had two very new boys. Each week the improvement was amazing & they really thrived when i was able to teach, they became my most intelligent students & best behaved all because i was supported through setting boundaries.  Since then i have thrived myself as a teacher.

Also the teachers passion is a big thing. Some just dont care, they will do whatever through the day but have no real goal for what she wants the children to achieve through the teaching - no passion equals very poor teaching.  Also confidence such as exciting group activities, able to interact ect ect...so much is involved Brooke. This new teacher just might be great darl.

#61 Chelbean

Posted 16 December 2010 - 09:11 AM

I'll add my two cents in on the Kinder/teacher discussion as well.

I wouldn't be worried about her being a recent graduate at all. In fact I'd probably be happy. Alice was accepted into two different kindys for next year. I made me decision based on the teachers. One was older, the other younger. You could tell just by talking to her on the phone that she was very structured, disciplined, set in her ways and while her experience was no doubt substantial, I went with the younger teacher, who sounded very excited on the phone, quite young and full of passion - as I think you will find most recent graduates are.

Alice, much like Jord will need a certain amount of flexibility in her care and I just felt that the younger, more caring sounding teacher was probably better able to provide that. I recently completed a unit in my primary degree about students with diverse needs and the key is flexibility. I feel (and this might be because im relatively young myself) that experienced teachers sometimes feel they know everything and that leaves little room for flexibility in teaching. I felt that the older/experienced teacher would have been less likely to take on my suggestions to Alices learning and I strongly believe in parent contribution being key in providing the best learning environment...after all I know Alice better then anyone. I think you will find recent graduate teachers will be more willing to take on your ideas or your ways of doing things.

At the end of the day every teacher will have a different philosophy on learning and creating a pleasant classroom environment. I can strongly say mine (at this stage) is based on getting to know children and parents personally, creating relationships with them and providing activities/experiences in different ways to cater to diverse learning needs. To me, each child is unique. That has a lot to do with what I've experienced with Alice though.

My best advice, just get to know this teacher for who she is and what she believes in. Don't worry about her being a recent graduate, rather embrace it as she will be bringing fresh new ideas into the classroom and will be so passionate about her job because shes just starting out.

Hope it goes well. I so nervous about Alice starting next year, her teacher is lovely and is so excited to have her, I know it will challenge her and hopefully get her ready for prep in 2012....but still nervous.

AFM: We are going well here. I am now 10.5 weeks. Going for a blood test today and my 12 wk ultrasound is on the 31st. Have had no more bleeding thank goodness. Have been feeling REALLY horrible the last 5 weeks, my house has been a mess (and you all know how i hate that!) and ive been feeling really useless, unable to cook and being exhausted after simply trying to make a bed or even get dressed!

I am feeling a bit more decent this morning, so am hoping that my hormones are finally leveling out now. Can't wait to start to feel good and enjoy this pregnancy a bit more. I hate the first 12 weeks. Still nervous about my ultrasound...always expecting the worse, but hopefully this little jellybean is here to stay. I had another scan at 8.5 weeks and it was there, all jellybean looking, heart beating at 174bpm on average.

Anyway should run - still need to shower and drop Alice off at daycare!

Hope everyone else is well.


#62 Hypnic Jerk

Posted 20 December 2010 - 08:31 PM

Met her and she will be fine.  We are working on a private arrangement to have his therapist attend kinder and tbh I think she is rather relieved at that rather than threatened.  The therapist will be there not to take care of Jord but to extend his EI into social situations with other children.  

Tam - how's it going with Aiden?

Stace - awwww, thankyou.  Stacey sent me my 1 (and likely only) Christmas card.  One year I will do Christmas cards I promise.  Won't be this one.

If I don't hear from y'all have a wonderfull Chrissy.

#63 hawkchick

Posted 24 December 2010 - 08:47 PM

MERRY CHRISTMAS GIRLS!!!!!  biggrin.gif

#64 Hypnic Jerk

Posted 26 December 2010 - 04:18 PM

right back at ya LUV!!!!

#65 fishingwidow

Posted 27 December 2010 - 10:48 AM

Didn't you get mine? I did send them pretty late. I was cutting it a bit fine, but would have thought it would have gotten to you before Christmas lol Watch out for it at New Year.

Merry Christmas everyone original.gif

#66 Stacymoo

Posted 27 December 2010 - 07:27 PM

Hope you all had a brilliant Xmas. We had a lovely day at my parents house with all my family.

Will be back soon with pics. My stupid computer won't download my pics! sad.gif

#67 boo boos mumma

Posted 28 December 2010 - 01:01 PM

Hi All,

Merry Chrissy (a bit late he he he)....

Rach I was very impressed with your advice to Brooke, i didnt think of a new grad being passionate with newer ideas, you are so right,,,,,, It really boils down the you as the parent meeting the teacher & making a decision on whats best for your child.  I still remember being invited to join a family for lunch at a local bakery when we bumped into each other & the mother told me that when I first started as the toddlers group leader, she & her husband didnt know how to take me because I was so bubbly, friendly, excited & so full of energy they both couldn't believe that it was possible that someone could be so happy to be at work & so happy to see her children.....I had to laugh, I was definitely full on...id just got the job that wasnt easy to get in my town, there was alot of competition & yet I GOT IT so i was thrilled. Then she said as she has gotten to know she realised that I truly did enjoy my job & I did enjoy greeting her children & i had earned her respect....that comment mean't alot. I know i am a full on person, I am so friendly & over the top ha ha ha...but i can't help it Im just such a ppl person lol.....

Will be thinking of you with your u/s. Great that you arent feeling well (means healthy bubs i mean :-)
Dont stress about the house darl.

Stacey, looking forward to pics. I will have to share some new ones soon.

Brooke: Thanks for asking about Aiden. He says Da Da Da quite alot now & ma a couple of times, im sure i heard mum one night.   He starts at a really awesome childcare centre on 14th Jan it took 2yrs to get a spot so im taking it. He starts with an OT in Feb & will continue early intervention & speech therapy. The OT is expensive but nothing like what i was told if one didnt come to the country & we had to go to Syd.

We are seeing another Paed on 18th Jan for a 2nd opinion as the first one was horrible.  Aiden has been not that happy since xmas eve, not sure if he has a sore throat or sore ears or what......very clingy then very distressed xmas eve....yesterday was distressed when we went to the lake, was not like him at all very very weird.  Usually he is such a happy little man & LOVES his trampoline & water table & LOVES drives in the car, its so cute how he observes the sceneries lol.

Not bad. Was very tired over xmas as Nat cried all night after ABs for her ear infection cause stomach cramping, i have a feeling we might have another food intolerant child here, i had to change her from breast milk to soy formula & now its the 2nd time she has had pain from ABs, just like Aiden. Anyhows i stopped it immediately & she is back to my happy little girl (she is so awesome).

Reanna really loved xmas this year, was so cute how much more she was into it makes everything really come into perspective, just how lucky i truly am.

Flat out over xmas with our educational toy business like OMG, lol....DH & I were run off our feet for 3weeks leading to xmas, it was crazy.  We are now in the process of designing our website & so next xmas may be more crazy, BUT i do love doing it i feel so alive as it was my idea & its really working.....

A long way to go of course, but we now use a courier for bigger items so we have more customers because we can offer cheaper delivery prices!! & we combine postage unlike some rip off merchants also we dont charge handling fees or packing fees......so that helps.

Ive just had some time to come in & say hi because ive finnished alot of paper work & price listings/delivery listings ect ect....

My next focus is on pic cards for Aiden & im putting a list of activities onto my wall to do with Aiden.....so best get busy...

BROOKE DO U HAVE A LIST OF ACTIVITY IDEAS ON YOUR WALL FOR JORD?? its the only way i can remember what things i can do, im hopeless.

#68 alybel

Posted 31 December 2010 - 07:57 PM

Hi everyone!

I just saw Rach's post on FB and can't believe that I haven't checked in here for so long that I missed her news.  Congratulations Rach!

A lot of kinder talk going on here. Samantha is booked into a 5 day fortnight kindy (from 9 am to 2:20 pm).  she has really been looking forward to it, especially with her older brother having been going to prep this year and will now be in grade 1 next year (2011), she wants to go to school as well.  

Stacey - I hope your DH isn't left without a job, don't remember seeing any updates on that so hope all is well.

Tam - how is Natalia going?  She must be about just about to sit up and start crawling, exciting stage of development there!

Not much new with us, we had two birthdays in November, Samantha was 4 on 2 November and Adam was 1 on 5 November.  Christmas went by smoothly and now here I am on New years Eve with nothing to do... I might upload a couple new pics of the kids for you to see from our trip to the beach yesterday.

#69 alybel

Posted 31 December 2010 - 10:14 PM

#70 Hypnic Jerk

Posted 12 January 2011 - 09:22 PM

OMG, i"ve been gone for AGES and not a thing in here.  

Well my life in short:

Can't get playdates for Jord - a bit hard to do social skills training without other kids around (sadly miss M is not a suitable candidate).  Too many kids getting bloody sick!!  Don't they realise that my child's communication skills take priority over their kid's spew??

Hunting for house plans.  Still haven't found a builder.  Might help if we were remotely located in the area we are building in.

Christmas low key.

NY lower key.

SIL getting married in Bali - now woulodn't that be nice.  You go girl!

Bring back school term.

Alison - lovely to here from you.  I think it was you I sent a present to when we did either Secret Santa or Birthday Buddies.

Oh, and I joined a gym.  Went to 3 aerobics classes then nothing.  We will see if this lasts.  Getting (gotten) flabby arms.

#71 hawkchick

Posted 16 January 2011 - 06:11 PM

Stacy - are you guys alright? I read about flood warnings in Darraweit Guim.

We spent a lovely day in the city...went to Eureka Tower skydeck and walked along southbank promenade in the sunshine.

I doubt I'll pop in here much more (to this thread) - this happened to my May 03 group too - it just died a natural death and those who wanted to keep in touch privately did so.

We have many stressful things happening, but I'm sure everything will work out.

Brooke - good luck choosing a builder. Not this house that you saw, but our last house we built with Henley and they were really good - super fast and great communication.

#72 boo boos mumma

Posted 18 January 2011 - 10:11 PM

Blish don't give up on us yet  sad.gif  sad.gif I still come in to see how things are even if its not that often.

Whats up Blish?? Everything ok??

Well Aiden is autistic for sure. Im guttered. Spent the arvo crying, blaming myself, wondering WHY, asking myself WHAT will be his future.

But Ive had a small nap and Im grad accepting it. I do need this though: an official diagnosis not a IS IT or ISNT IT uncertaintity.  I can't believe that up untill about 4mnths ago we didnt suspect a thing, how things can turn so quickly. He is getting blood tests done tomorrow, paed said he'd contact us if there was any concerns, so i have no idea what they are exactly testing for??

BROOKE any ideas??  We head to Syd on Sunday for appt for Aiden for an EEG - oh fun NOT.

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