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April 09 Parents # 41

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#26 be-e

Posted 11 October 2010 - 06:32 PM


Congratulations Jo - such exciting news. Lovely to hear today, I also found out one of my good friends is pregnant.

Amanda - I hope tomorrow is a better day, how lovely for your DS1 to give you a flower and kiss.

Leanne - Funny about your shoe size problems because I had the opposite problem with Linc - Mr big foot who didnt walk- I couldnt find many size 5 soft soled shoes for him. Happy now he is walking and I have just put him into hard soled shoes.

Rach -
QUOTE (RB27 @ 11/10/2010, 04:33 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
I think about how much I appreciate my sister and think Alana should have a sister.
  - Aww thats me  cool.gif Shall we arrange to have babies close again???

Jess - Hope the weather improves, enjoy your child free morning

AFU - I had my SIL to be's hens weekend over the weekend, 2 nights away from my boys and I definatly missed Linc (and DH lol). He was fine as he loves hanging around with his Daddy. DH went to golf on sunday arvo so L and I had a lovely lazy Sunday. Was great to get out and have a few drinks though as I haven't had many for over 2 years with being pregnant and breastfeeding. Makes me realise though that being with my boys is way more enjoyable.

Anyway must get ready for tomorrow.


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#27 ronnyandcharlize

Posted 12 October 2010 - 12:22 PM

CONGRATULATIONS JO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! very exciting that we are so close, don't worry im feeling mega crap to!

Rachel- do it do it do it  wink.gif 3 is it for us, i keep thinking in 3 years how easy the kids will be then and then i will never have to go back to nappies and bad sleep, glad to have this one closer in age to Cohen and hoping in the next 6 months Cohen gets a bit better with walking in the street etc and listening in stores instead of running around like a maniac and trying to touch everything.

As i just said im really working on teaching Cohen to walk holding hands etc, he alwasy says walk walk becasue he doesnt want to be in his pram and i say if you dont hold hands or listen your going back in the pram. He is pretty good but still so young and the disadvantage is he is so tall so yesterday when im waiting in the darn post office for 20 minutes with no pram Cohens doing laps round and round and trying to grab at everything and everyone else must have thought he was a very disobedient 2 year old when the poor things just a baby and still learning.

Cohen is going to be way to tall for a toddler seat and im not sure a skateboard will cut it if he escapes to much so im not sure what to do pram wise? any ideas? i was thinking a Phil and Teds before i had Cohen but Charlize was just to tall so i didnt then.

I see my ob this Thursday ive been so nervous all along but feeling so sick and very sore boobs etc and a definite bump so im thinking all is well, im looking forward to having a glimpse anyway and then the next week ile be set for my 12 week scan so i can do it all over again yay!

Well sorry for the me post, hope everyones well
Ronny biggrin.gif

#28 rachelle2

Posted 12 October 2010 - 02:36 PM

Hi everyone!!! Have been really busy so not popping in here all that much. Nice to come in and see some happy news biggrin.gif congratulations to Ronny and Jo!! I saw a couple of your posts Ronny so was wondering when you were going to come out with your news!

I have bern busy but not if that makes sense at all wacko.gif just the usual life with a toddler stuff. I have made the decision to increase my hours at work to 3 days a week and put Xavier into childcare one day a week  unsure.gif hoping I have made the right decision for all of us - time will tell.... We are still TTC and DH is getting a bit fed up so we are off to the GP next month for some tests and referral back to our FS - so pray for a miracle for me this month as I am dreading getting back on that rollercoaster again.

Xavier is doing really well! He is a very busy active little boy who keeps me on my toes. Off to have his 18mo needles on Monday so dreading that sad.gif . His speech is coming along nicely - today's new word is "doodle" so clearly Daddy's anatomy words are taking precedence over Mummy's  rolleyes.gif Looking forward to seeing how tall X is again as he seems to really have shot up of late!

Ronny:- sounds as though your pg is progressing nicely. I used to so look forward to seeing my OB and getting a glimpse inside of my growing baby. Pregnancy is such a special time!! No suggestions re pram - we have a bugaboo and are hoping to use a skateboard when next bub comes along.

Be-e:- weekends away are always lovely and a great way to make you appreciate home life. Hope Linc is doing well and life is good for you!!

Ninjamummy:- that was so sweet of your DS! Hope today has been a better day!!

Bron:- hope you are all doing well and your hearts are healing.

Leanne:- I have the opposite problem too with the shoes. Xavier has such little thumper feet! Hope FT work is going ok for you and you are getting plenty of Tara love on your days off!

RB27:- all the best for making a decision re number 3. To me 3 seems too many but 2 not enough. A tough decision to make! How awesome to be pg with your sis again though Tounge1.gif Have you still been running?? After being impossibly lazy I have started the c25k over again - powering (slight exaggeration haha) through week 3 at the moment.

Ok better get going. Hi to all I missed and sorry about any spelling mistakes as I am on my phone.

#29 bron23

Posted 12 October 2010 - 05:44 PM

Just a quickie for Ronnie....We have a P&T. Although Hannah was only a bit above average height, we had to take the hood off the top because it kept hitting her head. It was fine once Imogen could sit up in the back but not that easy when she was still new. Hannah was 20 months when Immy was born and tbh she walked a lot because it was a fight getting her in once her sister was there. She just wanted to hold her hand all the time. 6 months is a long time in kid speak so he may have mastered the walking. Does your pram have a tether strap? I get Hannah to hold either that or the mummy hook that I have on the handle and she is fine.

Imogen had her 18 month needle today. Sooooo glad its only one! She wasnt too bad. Apparently the childrens hospital here has been running studies and if they give them a little bit of sugar before they get the needle they handle it better. They gave Imogen  a jelly bean and then the needle and my usual squawker had a little sob and that was it.

We are seeing a speech therapist to get her assessed in a couple of weeks. We were referred when she was only 6 months so it only took a year to get an appointment. Really looking forward to getting some ideas for her.

Hannah is getting geared up about starting school next year. We go walking past her school every night and she waves to it so hopefully she might be OK when the time comes. Shes been asking a lot about grandma this week. She doesnt ask DH though so thats a blessing.

We got MILs death certificate this week. Dont really understand what they have listed as the cause of death and dr google isnt very helpful. FIL is seeing the family dr on Friday so we are hoping her has a copy of the autopsy report and will explain it to him. Her school are holding a memorial service on Friday which is nice of them.

gtg my mum has pulled up. Hope everyone is well.

#30 ronnyandcharlize

Posted 12 October 2010 - 09:12 PM

I am a duffa!!! Cohen is walking absolutely beautifully i mean that he wants to run away and not hold hands all the time, he wants to go exploring! He knows i say hold hands at the road etc but still fights it each time. Im just hoping he will be more trustworthy by then and not a little escape artist. As theres no way now i could trust he will stay by the pram so im alwasy making sure im right next to him unless its a wide open space. Charlize was really good from memory i was straight onto the danger danger of cars etc and she was scared so alwasy listened and held hands.

#31 lou-t

Posted 13 October 2010 - 01:15 PM

Hi girls,

It's nice having lots of happy news.  biggrin.gif  I hope everyone is feeling well! Rachelle, how did you find motivation to start the c25k again?!?! I'm struggling with laziness and not being able to get up and moving again!

Callum had his needles today too. He didn't cry at all, but gave the poor doctor the look of death before he promptly grabbed my hand and stomped out. Quite cute!

Oops, my post is being cut short. Callum's up. I thought it was too good to be true - I've had 2 hours with both boys asleep. Bliss.

BBL.. I hope..

Oh, we're starting Callum's swimming classes this weekend. I'm really looking forward to having both boys in the pool! Should be fun (more likely to be traumatic!)..

#32 NatandImmi20

Posted 14 October 2010 - 05:52 AM

Congrats Jo!!!!!! I am so pleased for you and how exciting to be in the same DIG as Ronny again!

Rachel - good luck with whatever you decide to do - it's a tough decision!

Rachelle - good luck with TTC - hope it happens soon for you

GTG - Typing one handed as Mia asleep in my arms and Imogen has just woken so better go get her up. Her behaviour has improved lots too thank god! Chat to you later


#33 bron23

Posted 14 October 2010 - 12:46 PM

Does anyone else have a velcro baby atm?

She has to be on top of me constantly. Its not enough to be in the same are she literally has to be on me or being picked up. She has a fit when someone tries to take her off me. Its VERY draining.

On the upside she looks so darn cute today. I finally put her in pigtails and she looks so much like her sister at the same age its ridiculous!

Hope everyone is well.

#34 rachelle2

Posted 14 October 2010 - 08:44 PM

Hi everyone!!!

bron23:- Xavier seems to be very clingy at the moment but it seems to be whoever is closest to him at the time ie he cries when daddy goes, he cries when mummy goes.  It is exhausting.  Today he has spent the whole day climbing on me ALL day.

nat:- Glad to hear that Imogen has settled down.  I am sure that it has been a big adjustment for her so I guess it was inevitable for their to be some regression in her behaviour.  Enjoy those newborn snuggles I used to love holding Xavier while he was sleeping  wub.gif .

lou-t:- I HAD to find the motivation.  I am sick and tired of being sick and tired - I have about 10kgs to lose that I gained while pregnant and BF.  I hate it, I feel uncomfortable and I am sick of whining about it.  I was also not feeling physically fit.  Knowing that we will be doing AC in the new year I wanted to get myself in peak condition.  C25K was my solution - it is so satisfying once you have gone out and done it, you just have to get that first step in and then put one foot in front of the other.  Good luck finding your motivation sometimes it is so hard and I know for me it has been a journey to get here!!

Ronny:- I am practicing holding hands with X too. Sounds as though like you it is hit and miss.  If he tries to run away I pick him up and hold him and explain he can only walk if he holds hands.  Some days are good others not so much.  I am sure this will improve as he gets older.

AFU:- Xavier is getting his needles on monday  sad.gif I am so dreading it, necessary evil though.  We are going to the Dorothy the Dinosaur show on saturday.  I can't wait to see his little face light up when it starts!  He is playing really rough at the moment - I guess it is a phase, I sure hope he grows out of it quick though.  A big hello to everyone I missed.

#35 Lovingmybabies

Posted 17 October 2010 - 01:05 PM

Leannefirsttimemum - Thanks so much for the welcome, yes they do keep me busy!

Rachelle2 - Aww thanks haha im lucky they are such easygoing boys so I have actually found it pretty easy! They do have their days though!

Debs79 - Hehe yeah I have my hands full, sometimes they can be pretty full on but most days they are great!!!

Ninjamummy - Thanks for the welcome! You have a nice small gap too, I think its great I love having them close!

Ronnyandcharlize - Thanks! Yes sometimes it does feel like I have twins!! I love having them close though, hopefully they will be the best of friends! Congrats on your pregnancy!

Bluebird - Thanks so much for the welcome!

Me-Mum - Thanks! Yep im a pretty busy Mummy!!

Lou-T - Thanks for the welcome hun, im looking forward to getting to know you all!

Be-e - Thanks for the welcome!

Happymonkey - Thanks for the welcome, seems there are a few Bec's on here!

Hi to everyone else!

Sorry for not replying sooner girls, my email notifications were not working so I forgot about the thread DOH! So will keep up from now on!

AFM - Today we went to Sizzlers for breakie with Paull's parents as they shouted us! Then did some groceries and went to the kids expo down the road from us and the kids watched the Shrek live show, Seb (my eldest 18 months) loved it was dancing everywhere was so cute but then at the end he cracked it because Shrek came up to him, Seb looked up at Shrek bolted across the room and started crying so think he was a bit scared!! The boys are asleep now then we are off to Mums for afternoon tea.

We went to the zoo yesterday with a friend and her bub who is the same age as Seb 18 months and they had a blast! Uploaded heaps of piccies on FB!

Hmmm what else, Seb is talking so much now....he fav word at the moment is Truck (Cuck...at least he doesn say f#ck lol) he probably says about 30+ words now loves talking.

Hope everyone has had a great weekend original.gif

#36 NatandImmi20

Posted 21 October 2010 - 02:33 PM

Hi everyone just wanted to pop in and test out the new sig! About time i got an updated one i thought! Hope everyone is well. We just got our computer back after getting repaired - viruses - yuk! Luckily though we didn't lost everything and still have all our photos - thank god! Was anyone else's LO's really unsettled with eye teeth. Imogen has been teething for weeks but still no sign of them coming but waking every night screaming in pain and pushing on her gums poor thing. I wish they would hurry up - did hear they were the worst to come.

Better go - been on comp catching up Facebook etc for ages so i really should go and start on tea while both babes are asleep!

Talk soon,

#37 debs79

Posted 21 October 2010 - 02:53 PM

Nat Love the sig!!! I hear you on the eye teeth. Lizzie has also been up screaming of a night which is so unlike her. I took Monday off work just to get some sleep as I was up with her all night. I think one side has popped through the gums, now just waiting to do all this with the other side.

I just wanted to quickly come on and share some happy news (well for us anyways). We just got a call from our mortgage broker and we have been approved to borrow more on the house. So we can finally get some renos done, like a new kitchen (although i was starting to get used to the orange benchtops sick.gif ), a driveway that isnt dirt (i think it is the only one in Sydney), get the guttering replaced and possibly if some left over we may finally have a wedding ssecret.gif .

Off to enjoy some more sunshine

Hope everyone is doing well


#38 Lovingmybabies

Posted 21 October 2010 - 07:24 PM

Nat - love the sig, your kids are adorable! Poor little thing, I hope her teeth come through soon. Seb didn't have any problems but he was a really good teether.

Deb - You guys must be so happy you can do renos on the house, congrats! And a wedding would be awesome biggrin.gif

AFM - Seb is sick atm, he has a cough/cold but seems alot better today so I am hoping it is passing.

#39 bron23

Posted 21 October 2010 - 09:23 PM

Hey girls....a bit quiet in here sad.gif

beckibabeI hope Seb is better soon. We have all had cough/colds here and Im so sick of snot and grumpy kids sad.gif

Deb woohoo on the loan! Fingers crossed it stretches to the wedding! How exciting would that be to have Lizzie part of the celebration

Nat good to hear from you. Love the sig. Our Immy is a horrid teether (Hannah I didnt even know when she was teething) and screams and screams and screams.

Rachelle how did Xavier go with the needles? Did he like Dorothy? We are going to the Wiggles with our mothers group at the end of next month. Hannah is beside herself. This will be the third time she has been and Imogen's second time.

Sorry thats as far back as I can see.

Imogen had her speech therapist appointment and we are booked in for another in 4 weeks. She is behind and we are working on helping her even teaching some baby sign language just so she is able to communicate a bit and maybe be less frustrated. She was picking up on the signing really quickly and they said she will be an extremely bright button as soon as we can get her the tool to communicate better

We finally got an acceptance letter for Hannah for school next year so I enrolled her yesterday and have a parent meeting in a couple of weeks. Its all very exciting. We have bought a bag and a lunchbox so we are slowly getting ready.

Apart from that we are still suffering with lack of sleep here. Imogen is quite often crying between 12 and 2am. DH actually took her driving at 4am the other morning and then went straight to work. Hes doing a lot of hours which I am finding hard (and frustrating as he is at work by 6 and not home until after 9) So over it.

Anyway better go finish packing the food shopping away. Hope everyone is doing well Belly rubs to the pg girls

#40 Lovingmybabies

Posted 22 October 2010 - 06:17 AM

Bron23 - Thanks, they boys actually both seem alot better today thank god.

Im sure Imogen will pick up on the baby sign laguage soon, let us know how she goes!

Wow school, I will be so excited when my boys start, although thats not for awhile yet haha!

Sleepless nights suck, I hope you have some better nights soon.

AFM - The boys seem alot better this morning. Just plottering around the house today. Have a great day all x

#41 lou-t

Posted 22 October 2010 - 07:58 AM

Hi girls!

Debs - great work on the loan!  We're in Sydney too, and are in the middle of a bathroom reno, that seems to be going on forever! I really need to do so much more to prevent the old thing falling on top of us, but it'll all have to wait.. Good luck with it all.

Bron - Good work with Hannah's school... Is it a private school? Hannah's only 3, isn't she? I hope I'm not meant to be organising anything yet - I haven't done a thing!! I'm glad things are going ok with the speech therapist with Imogen. It's amazing how much little bubs can pick up! 18 months and learning sign language!!! Quite incredible really.

Beckibabe - I hope seb is feeling better (& that it hasn't spread through the household!). I saw you went to the zoo last week.. We're going in a few weeks. Were the kids exhausted afterwards? I'm so looking forward to seeing the reaction from my boys. Which city are you in? (sorry if you've already told us - I've fogotten!)...

I'm at work, so I better get going. My work mate has arrived, so I feel guilty typing away on here when I should be doing something a little more productive.

Horay, it's Friday!!!!!!!  I hope you all have a lovely weekend.

#42 Lovingmybabies

Posted 22 October 2010 - 08:40 AM

Lou - Thanks, Harley is a bit off now though the poor thing. The boys loved the zoo and yes were tired afterwards went straight home to bed!!! I live in Shailer Park in Logan, where abouts are you? Hope work goes fast for you today!

AFM - Well both my boys are sick now, Seb is actually in bed right now which is very unlike him so it is obviously taking it out of him the poor fella. Anyways I might go jump in the shower while both boys are asleep. Have a great day everyone.

#43 rachelle2

Posted 22 October 2010 - 04:01 PM

It HAS been quiet in here!!!

lou-t:- Enjoy your friday afternoon - always the best time of the week!!!

beckibabe:- Sorry to hear your boys are sick!!  Nothing worse when they are ill poor little mites.  Hope they are soon on the mend for you.

bron23:- All the best for the speech therapist for Immy.  She has been on a wait list for a very long time - did she show signs very early on of a speech delay??  Sounds as though you are doing all the right things and I am sure with the baby sign her communication will become much easier.  You are not alone in lacking sleep either - Xavier is still a horrid sleeper.

debs79:- That is awesome about the approval for the home renovations! Now you can start looking into all the lovely things you can do.

natandimmi:- Love the new sig!!  We are in the same boat with Xavier and teething - we are waiting on his 2 yo molars and they have been going up and down for months now.  I can feel some loose skin so hoping this time they come through and restore our nights sleep soon.  Hope Immy's come through for you!!

AFU:- We had Xavier's 18mo needles on monday, it went well he had a little cry but was quickly comforted with a cuddle from mum.  His stats are 89.5cm and off the centile chart, 12.5kg (chubber) and 75%tile ( crazy after all the problems we had with him and gaining weight) can't remember head circ but it was 50%tile.  We went to the Dorothy show last saturday and at first he was a little scared and unsure but really got into it after a little bit.  Was so much fun to take him, sad we don't get the opportunity much for these sorts of things being in a regional area.

He has been a bit of a challenge of late hitting and rough play.  Not sure if it is a developmental thing or a teething related grumpiness thing - but I am struggling with a bit TBH.  It's funny but people keep saying "it gets easier" and I am starting to think this is a myth - it is getting harder as he gets bigger and this toddler stage complete with tantrums isn't much of a delight some days  wacko.gif .

Hi to all I missed - hope everyone has some nice things planned this weekend.  My mum is going to have Xavier for the night saturday night so DH and I can go out to dinner and have a good nights rest - bless her.  I love my mum!!!

#44 Lovingmybabies

Posted 22 October 2010 - 07:25 PM

Evening ladies

Seb was still a bit off today, I had to put him down for a sleep at 8.30 and he slept for an hour then went back to sleep at his usual time of 11.30/12 and slept for 2 hours. Hoping it passes soon.

Paull just got home so glad it's the weekend. Got all of my washing put away today just 3 more loads left to wash now GAH it is neverending when your partner is a mechanic and you have two grubby little boys.

Rachelle - Thanks for that, I think the worst has passed for them now.

Xavier is very tall! Seb had his 18 month needles 2 weeks ago and was 87cm and 13.4kg.

Awww did he dance at the show? I took Seb to a Loony Toons and Shrek show a few weeks ago and he loved them, breaking out with the dancing hehe although he was a bit scared of Shrek!

I think the hitting/rough play is a development thing/stage, Seb always bangs his head on the wall or just hits and bangs things in general???

Hope you have a great night out tomorrow!

#45 me-mum

Posted 26 October 2010 - 12:02 PM

Hi All,

Quiet week in here.

Deb - Congrats on getting approval, how exciting to have the go ahead to get work done. Even more exciting that you might get to have a wedding!

Bron - Hope that the baby sign language is going well. It must be frustrating for Imogen, hopefully it will bring some great changes to you.

Rachelle - Sounds like Xavier has been a little testing! I always thought that girls would be bigger drama queens but Harry chucks a great Tantrum. The tantrums I found settled themselves down heaps once DD was able to communicate as she had no other way of expressing herself, hoping the same for DS.

beckibabe - Hope that both your boys are better now.

Us - I took Harry for his 18 months needles this morning whilst Zoe was at kinder. He was fantastic, let out an initial cry which lasted for all of 5 seconds and then he was fine. I rewarded him with a squeezy youghurt and he later had a ride on a merry go round at the shops which he loves. He has his 18 month check up in a few weeks so can't wait to find out where he sits on the charts as he seems big to me. We were playing with a friends child who is almost a year older and they were the same size.

Has anyone else considered shifting their child to a bed? I have had to take Harry out of his normal cot as he is so tall that he could climb out and sleep him in a porta cot as an interum measure but I don't think that he is ready for a bed just yet as he wouldn't stay in it long enough to go to sleep.

Hope that everyone is having a great week

#46 bron23

Posted 26 October 2010 - 03:12 PM

me-mum we converted Imogens cot to a toddler bed last week. So far she's doing really well. The third night was the worst as it was only then she realised she could get out and kept coming to visit us wink.gif I thought I would be sad not having the cot anymore but strangely enough Im finding it quite liberating

Rachelle Immy is a bit behind with her words but we knew this was going to be a problem. She was born with a tongue tie which we had cut when she was 11 weeks. We aren't overly worried. My cousin is a speechie and he told me not to worry about it but to take the appt as then you are in the system.

Lou Hannah is going to public primary. She will be 3 and a half when she starts school. It seems so little but at the same time she is so excited about going. Over here you practically have to have their names down at conception to get into prIvate schools wink.gif

Immy has pneumonia. Took her to the after hours clinic on Sunday and they said it was only very early but there was definite decreased breath sounds in her right lung sad.gif Poor thing has the most hideous cough. Hopefully the anti-biotics kick in soon.

Edited by bron23, 26 October 2010 - 03:14 PM.

#47 Lovingmybabies

Posted 26 October 2010 - 07:57 PM

Me-Mum - Thanks, Harley is fine now but Seb still has a bit of a cough but seems alot better in himself.

Aw what a brave boy for his needles! He sounds like a big boy, my Sebastian is a big boy too!

Seb went into a bed about 6 weeks ago and took to it really well, he fell out in the first 30 secs lol poor thing but since has never fallen out again and doesn't even climb off the bed! He loves it!

Bron - Oh no sorry to hear Immy has pneumonia sad.gif I hope she gets better soon.

AFM - Well Paull got home at 5.30 today was great, not used to having him home this early especially 2 days in a row biggrin.gif He is going to work some Saturdays soon though so we can get some extra money because im pretty sure our electricity bill is due soon sad.gif Boys are in bed, Paull is cooking dinner, im relaxing....tomorrow im meeting up with a friend and her little boy at the shops so will be good to have some adult conversation! Have a great night all.

#48 lou-t

Posted 30 October 2010 - 10:49 AM

Hi girls, I hope you are all enjoying the weekend! Sorry, no personals today.

I just thought I'd pop in, as I've heard some pretty upsetting news. My brother and SIL are expecting their 2nd bub just before Christmas. They've just learned that bub has a pretty serious heart defect.  ddown.gif My SIL is having to go down to Melb (they live in country NSW), from next week (possibly until birth), and then when bub is born he/she will most likely have to undergo heart surgery. They'll know a bit more next week... I'm so nervous for them. Having had 2 short stays in NICU (with relatively healthy babies), I can only imagine what they're going to have to go through. I pray that it's nothing too serious.

I don't really have much other news to share. Everything's going along well here. No sick kids, no teething - all good! I'm just waiting for my boys to wake up, so we can go to a friends place for a play this arvo. They both went down exceptionally early today, after having a late night out last night.  I should be making the most of the peace and getting some much needed house work done, but I really can't be bothered.

#49 bron23

Posted 30 October 2010 - 04:35 PM

lou just wanted to send you a hug bbighug.gif. My cousins little boy was born with heart problems and had his first surgery when he was 4 days old. Although he still has a lot of problems (will be having his3rd surgery early next year) he is a happy beautiful little 6 year old. Im not sure exactly what his problem was called but I know he has had to have baloons to open arteries up. I hope your new niece or nephew is OK. Its amazing what they can do on tiny babies these days.

#50 happymonkey

Posted 01 November 2010 - 09:30 AM

hello guys

sorry i have been terrible with posting but I have been reading all your news.

lou-t - i hope the little one will be ok and make a quick recovery when he / she has their operation.

bron - hopy immy gets better real soon!

cant remember what else is happening....

Im feeling like sh*t at the moment original.gif  Im getting very bad veins from this pregnancy and it's painful. Doctor said its normal as I have to pick the toddler as well as pressure from the baby. original.gif  she said bed rest and dont pick the toddler up. hahaha I shall try it.

anyhoo, hope everyone else is feeling well and have a lovely week!!

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