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July 2009 Parents #28

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#1 Sandra

Posted 08 October 2010 - 01:42 PM

New thread time ladies


#2 hubbymeand3

Posted 08 October 2010 - 03:13 PM

Lets make this a rocking thread everyone!  Hope you are having a great Friday!

#3 hubbymeand3

Posted 09 October 2010 - 03:35 PM

Ok, not a particularly auspicious (spelling??!) beginning to a busy thread.....

It's a beautiful sunny day here, I went out for dinner with some friends last night and we're about to head to good friends for a family BBQ dinner...  all in all a good day!

#4 Leghorn

Posted 10 October 2010 - 11:54 AM

Hi everyone!

Hm3 good to see you working hard there building the atmosphere original.gif The business sounds like it's off to a great start, well done!

6no, wow it's all happening soon for you! I hope the prep time goes really well for you.

Teeth - Jonas still only has about 7. How many is the full set that some bubs have? He's having killer toxic poos at the moment poor little guy... I think it's teething but I wish I knew for sure whether any foods were aggravating it!

Hi to everyone else!

We just got back from hols interstate visiting DH's fam. It was great, though it's nice to be home original.gif I've got uni tomorrow so I have to find my brain straight away!


#5 ccct

Posted 11 October 2010 - 06:28 PM

HI everyone!

So sorry I've been away lately, just so busy with so much happening...school hols just finished etc, plus, I wrote a long post a while back, and the computer blitzed it away into the ether, and then I didn't have the energy to start again...

Anyway, great to hear about everyone.
Valerie: so excited for you, sounds like you're so organised! I must have missed something earlier on..why do you have to leave town soon?

HM&3: thanks for always asking after me! I'm sorry you're a bit conflicted about 'just one more'. If it helps any, I had Tom when I was 40 (IVF), so it's not impossible. But I tell you, I have no such problems worrying about another one - at 41, I'm so tired, I know for sure I couldn't do it again!

AFM: my Dad's last scan shows a rapid progression of the cancer, so next week, he's starting chemo again - not sure what the effect will be this time, we'll just have to see.
Work's OK - has it's ups and downs like any other job, I guess.
Not too happy with Tom's child care at the moment - they have lost a few permanent staff, and have alot of casuals and new people at the moment, so I'm never confident when I tell them something that they'll actually follow through...but hopefully that's just temporary, and they get their act together soon.

Tom's poos went white for a while, and they were really toxic. He wasn't unwell with it, but I decided to look into trying soy milk instead of cow's milk (as it all started as soon as we went to cow's milk), and the soy has cleared it all up. I think it may be cow's milk protein intolerance rather than lactose intolerance, as he got lactose in his formula all along.

Toms' walking like a trooper now, and has learnt to climb backwards down the 2 stairs we have into our living room. He always likes to be carrying things too, and he has a special cupboard in the kitchen with all the plastic stuff that he loves to raid.

Anyway, enough from me now.

Hope everyone is well.


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#6 6'n'out

Posted 12 October 2010 - 12:01 PM

Nice to see a few more posters in here original.gif

Connie, I live in a small rural town which refuses to deliver babies.  So I need to leave town @ 38wks.  It makes the end of pregnancy drag and drag and drag.  I could go on forever about how annoying and wrong this is.....

I hope the chemo does the trick this time, what a horrible experience for you family  hhugs.gif

Sarah, I think Ryan has 16 teeth; four at the top centre, four at the bottom centre, the 4 at the back and the 4 pointy ones.  He's alseep so I can't check now original.gif

AFM-gotten so tired lately, just cannot make it through the day without my daily nap (I don't think I had a nap the whole pregnancy last time).

#7 hubbymeand3

Posted 14 October 2010 - 08:01 PM

Hey everyone!  Hope you are all well.

We are good.  Lucas is climbing.... everything!  Couch, table, toys..... ah the joys!  He's as proud as punch too... kind of funny to watch!  He's interacting more with the other kids too, which is lots of fun.  They are finding him more responsive and he's starting to really play for the crowd.  I have another attention seeker (heaven help me when they're teenagers... 6nO are yours a mix of introverts and extroverts?  I don't think I could cope with 6 extroverts!).

DD has tonsilitis.... temp today hit 40.5 so we were off to the Drs to find out why.  Hopefully she feels better soon as she's been so quiet and sad today.... very out of character.

DS1 is so much fun at the moment.  He is loving kinder and looking forward to starting school next year.   He is counting down the days until his birthday (2 weeks)... I can't believe he will be 5 soon!

This weekend my brother is getting married.. so we are off to Torquay again.  The weather forecast is terrible (max 14 on Saturday huh.gif ) lucky they weren't planning an outdoors spring thing!  It should be nice.  Then in two more weeks my cousin is getting married so we get to get all dressed up again.

The business is going ok, it looks like we might be ready to register fairly soon!

6no... hope you are feeling ok.  I can remember having to sleep every day at the end of my last pregnancy... I really struggled with the tiredness... so you have my sympathy!  I can't wait to hear about your newest addition...

Connie:  Sorry about your Dad, hope the next round helps more.  Glad work is well, sorry that things haven't been easier for Tom, glad the dairy thing is ok, hope childcare improves....  Thanks for the words on kids... my problem is as much the idea of four to look after in my forties as anything... which I'd been smarter and not delayed so long.  I don't think I'd have the energy for another.  Anyway, we can wait a little til we decide.  I think I might be enjoying having "bigger" kids by christmas and not want to go to the start again... we'll see!  I have a good friend due around when 6no is.. so holding a newborn might help one way or the other too!

Sarah:  Hope you had a great trip away, how are you feeling?  Less MS I hope... hope the study is going well!

Sunshine/AlexMack/Gaby/Deb:  Hope you are all well and your kids are better!

Enjoy your weekends all...I'll have a wine for you! cool.gif

#8 6'n'out

Posted 15 October 2010 - 10:00 AM

HM&3-yeah they're all so different.  Kaitlyn is an introvert.  She's sensitive, shy, sensible, quiet.  Lauren is an extrovert.  She's tom-boy, adventerous, show-off, fearless.  Jared is shy, but a massive show-off with no fear (and apparantly no pain threshold).  Zac is just a happy kid, destined to be the "class clown".  I think Ryan is going to be a lot like Zac.

Climbing-yep!  Although Ryan isn't walking and doesn't look like he ever will, he does climb everything.  Drives me up the wall.  

OH NO to tonsilitis.  I had it a few months ago and wanted to cut my own tonsils out.  It was so horrible.  I hope your DD recovers soon.

Jared is starting school next year also.  I'm dreading it, I don't think he'll like it.  He's a subborn little mumma's boy.  He does like kindy though, so fingers crossed he'll like prep too.

Have fun at the wedding original.gif

#9 Sunshine~Kisses

Posted 15 October 2010 - 06:14 PM

Sarah - Nice to hear you had a great holiday. I would love to go on a holiday....hmm don't think it will ever happen at the moment! Hows your pregnancy going?
Connie -  hhugs.gif I am so sorry to hear about your dad. I really hope his next round of treatment goes well.
6nO - You would have to be super woman if you could get through the day without a power nap!! I still have them every now and then and I am not even pregnant laughing2.gif
HM&3 - Have a great time at the wedding! LOL at the climbing. Ruby is a master at climbing, I swear she would climb a wall if she could! She is now pretty much running and soooo independant it's not funny! Shopping trips are turning into a nightmare. We used to love going to 'shop-shops' together....she still loves it and I dread it grin.gif

Take care everyone hheart.gif

#10 hubbymeand3

Posted 17 October 2010 - 07:40 PM

Hi everyone, quick one cause I'm off to bed..

Wedding was lovely, but my Grandma passed away (peacefully after a stroke 6 weeks ago) yesterday morning. she was 95, so a good innings, but it made the day a bit sad.  My sister also had a massive fight with her DP and DH and I spent an hour at the end of the night trying to help both of them...

Bride looked gorgeous.. very '50s glam style and my brother was so happy....

#11 Leghorn

Posted 22 October 2010 - 06:57 AM

Hi everyone!

hm3, glad to hear the wedding went well (other than the fight!). Sorry to hear about your grandma. Has your DD recovered?

Wendy, have you got a holiday on the cards any time soon?

Valarie, Jonas is the same with his walking (not in a hurry!) and climbing (everything!) original.gif

Connie, wow the white poos sound scary! That's great to get a clear solution. Jonas' poos are often toxic but we can never pinpoint what the cause is.

Hi everyone else! How are you all?

I'm feeling pretty good these days - the MS finished up about 6 weeks ago which was a massive relief. But I get pretty tired when I'm pregnant, I did last time too. My study is going well too, although it's very slow going as a part-time student, but it doesn't bother me.

Hope you're all doing well!

#12 Guest_WyldIce_*

Posted 25 October 2010 - 05:38 PM

Hi guys  waves.gif I'm Kelly and I'm a newbie. I already have one gorgeous girl named Heather who was born on the 16th last year and am also expecting my second who is due on the 20th June tthumbs.gif
Heather is an absolutely charming little feral. About a month ago she figured out how to unlock my iPhone  blink.gif but she's totally amazing to me I can't wait to see what the next one's going to be like!

Edited by WyldIce, 25 October 2010 - 05:39 PM.

#13 Leghorn

Posted 30 October 2010 - 07:34 AM

Hi Kelly original.gif Welcome! I'm Sarah, my first bub was DS born July last year and we're expecting our second too, in March. There's a few others in here who are pregnant too. You've probably already noticed it's fairly slow moving in here though original.gif

#14 Guest_WyldIce_*

Posted 31 October 2010 - 07:44 PM

Thank you  biggrin.gif And that's all good. I don't get on the net half as often as I'd like to anymore  sad.gif Though hopefully I'll be getting a wireless stick for my laptop so I can surf while I'm in bed  happy.gif

#15 hubbymeand3

Posted 01 November 2010 - 01:34 PM

Hi Kelly, welcome and congrats on your pregnancy!  A feral - he he he.  I have a rowdy few here!

I have Lucas who's 15 months and DS1 who's 5 and DD who is 3.  I think I'm done....

We have just had our third wedding in five weeks.  A lovely daytime affair for my cousin!  I have had such a good time getting dressed up and spending extra time with adults!

Sarah;  Yes, DD got better, thank you!  And thanks for the condolences.  The funeral was a really lovely one and she would have been proud of her sons and family and friends.  Glad you are feeling well.. hope you get plenty of motivation to study up to the end of this semester!

6nO:  You must be starting to think about leaving!  I can't believe it has gone so quickly.  Are you getting any end of pregnancy extra mojo or are you still tired?  Are you getting excited about seeing if this is a boy or girl?  Is Ryan helping out by walking yet?   LOL at your different personalities.. don't know how I got 3 extroverts!

Connie:  Hope your Dad hangs in there and this lot of chemo helps.  My Dad is having a "preventative" treatment of chemo starting this Wednesday.  He is lucky to have little in the way of side effects, but it's still not much fun.  How s work?  Are you planning much time off at Chrissy?

Sunshine;  How's things with DP?  What's happening on the job front for him?  Is miss Ruby still cracking you up?  Lucas has started having right royal tantrums...ALL THE TIME!  even at home with the other kids and we all just give in to keep the peace.. I must be mad cause we'll have repercussions later!

Gaby:  How's Henry?  Has his health improved?  Is he still climbing on everything?

Deb:  What's the latest on the house designs?

AlexMack;  How is business?

Who else/?  Sorry if I've missed anyone!  A big hi!

Will try to post some pics of weddings sooon... I'm so slack!

#16 6'n'out

Posted 01 November 2010 - 08:55 PM

Hi ladies  waves.gif

Hi and welcome Kelly.  I'm one of the other's pregnant, due in 4wks.  I also have 5 older children; Kaitlyn (7), Lauren (6), Jared (4), Zac (2) and Ryan (my July09 baby).  How's your pregnancy gone so far?

HM&3-impressive post.  Wedding sounds beautiful.  My condolenses on your grandmother, it does sound like she didn't suffer though.  How's your sister and her DP?  All sorted?

Sarah, yay to the end of ms.  Hopefully there is an end or atleast a break in the tiredness for you.  Good luck with the studying.  I didn't finish my degree until just before Zac (our 4th) was born, so I know what it's like.

Wendy-that's why this age is my least favourite.  They're old enough to walk and run and get into stuff, too young to understand why they shouldn't.  Give me a 2yo over a 1yo any day!

AFM-yep HM&3, I leave in about 2wks.  I have found some extra energy, no longer needing the power nap, but when I go into town (and don't have children to watch and pick up from school) I will probably have a nap just for fun biggrin.gif

DHs cousin passed away this morning, after a long battle with cancer, so he's a bit touchy tonight.  Also, there could be some changes in the future with his job (contracts not being renewed, he may have to go to a different minesite or change rosters).  My sister, (who is due a week after me) had her waters break last night and she's going to be induced tomorrow.  It's a big day today!

#17 hubbymeand3

Posted 02 November 2010 - 07:57 AM

6nO will you have internet when you head off for no6?  I hope we can keep in touch.

Sorry to hear about your DH's cousin... even when you know it's coming, it is still awful.  I hope that you get some positive distraction about your sister... which bub for her?  How exciting!  

Yes, weddings were great.  Grandma didn't really suffer... and for that we can be very happy.  An amazing innings too!  I was lucky to spend the last two weddings in the company of my surviving grandparents, still getting out and about at 91 and 92.  They are very cute together and have been married I think about 67 years!

Better go, put a bet on for the cup!  Have a great day everyone.

#18 ccct

Posted 02 November 2010 - 09:10 AM

HI everyone!

Thanks for your  wishes for my Dad.

Welcome Kelly and congratulations on your pregnancy! Hope you're feeling OK! I have 2 boys - Christopher (5.5 years, and just lost his first tooth!) and Tom (nearly 16 months).

HM&3: so sorry to hear about your grandmother's passing, but glad that you can be happy about it being sudden and painfree. Work is OK - sometimes I feel a little under-appreciated by work, but I guess most work environments have their ups and downs. Thanks for the thoughts on my Dad, I'll be thinking of your Dad too. It's not fun for anyone, is it, when our loved ones have to go through this. Talking about extroverted children, I have 2 of those too - I was really hoping Tommy would be a quiet one (DS1 can be a REAL handful), but lately, we've started with the tantrums and loud squeals, so my hopes are dashed! I love going to weddings, haven't been to one for ages!

6no: so sorry to hear about your Dh's cousin too. How sad. Any further news on Dh's job? How would changing to a different minesite or roster effect you and the kids - would it make things harder? Ooooh, a nap...I'd love one of those, and I'm not even pregnant! My boys seem to be getting up anywhere between 4.30 and 5.30am lately, and it's getting really old.

Sarah: hope you're feeling OK! Good luck with all the study - I was still doing my PhD when DS1 was born, and I know how hard it is to push on with kids in tow. Thankfully, I'd finished it before Tommy came along.

Wendy: I have a climber too - we have to remove any piece of furniture that he could use as a stepping stone to a higher level - he's fearless, little monkey.

Hi to everyone else!
Have a good Melbourne Cup Day!


#19 elifranie

Posted 02 November 2010 - 02:37 PM

HI everyone!!

I'm also a newbie in here.. was with dig july 2009 then got lost somewhere original.gif I have 3 yo and 15 m.o.

I just need an advice from all those mum who has a LEO kid... are they as stubborn as mine???

I am trying to wean my daughther from breastmilk... help anyway?? I try all kind and still doesn't work....  sad.gif

#20 6'n'out

Posted 03 November 2010 - 10:04 PM

Hi again!!  

Elifrani-welcome back, your username sounded familiar.  Can't help with the weaning, I cut Ryan back pretty early due to his biting.

Connie, I would hate a different roster.  It could mean a mon-fri roster (I love that DH can be around to do stuff with the kids during the week), or a roster that includes nightshift (he's so much happier without it, I"d hate to go back to it).  So far nothing is definate, probably won't know anything for sure for months.  

Thanks for the condolences on DHs cousin.  I have never met her, and DH wasn't close to her, but he was upset when she died.  He doesn't want to talk about it, seems to be coping okay.

As for my sister; she was induced on Tues, 34wks pregnant.  It was her first baby, he weighs 1.5kg, and is doing very very well.  I can't wait for photos!

Yes HM&3 I will be on the net when I leave.  DH bought me an internet on a usb thingy (I'm really computer literate), hope it works!  I'll go crazy all by myself with no internet.

I'm heading into town tomorrow for an antenatal.  DH is working so all the kids are coming.  Wish me luck!

#21 elifranie

Posted 04 November 2010 - 02:44 AM

6'n'out- LOL! Maybe that's because I was always in here since 2006 when I was pregnant with DS but after DD was born I was so busy with my work and having 2 kids that I have to give this up... sad.gif

How's the antenatal! You are a gem! I wanted 3 kids but just having 2 is sort of borderline...

Waves to the other- I'm sorry when I can not read all the post before this.. I will just go and start from here and try my best to remember all of you...Good thing that it is a slow thread.... biggrin.gif

#22 hubbymeand3

Posted 04 November 2010 - 09:39 AM

Hi Elifrani!  Welcome... I can't help you on the Leo thing... I have two Cancerians and a Scorpio.... although they are all incredibly stubborn and outgoing (read LOUD!).  Weaning... I am still doing 4 feeds with Lucas... although DD was weaned at this age (I found out I was pregnant)... I think I just slowly dropped feeds.  How many are you doing and when?  I basically just stopped the day ones cold turkey and replaced them with finger food.. and the morning one, replaced it with breakfast.  When I dropped the night one she finally started taking a bottle!

6nO... hope the tribe was good and excited in the antenatal!  Hope no6 is doing well!  How is your sister?  A bit of a shock for her going so early!  Glad it is all well... and you'll be net sorted when you go!

Connie:  I have been amazed at Lucas' capacity for temper tantrums... he excels at them (and is much more "advanced" than the others LOL!)  It is a little bit frustrating, but also funny!  Our DS1 is being a handful at the moment, I think he's just getting tired... end of kinder year... just had a birthday and a very busy weekend.  He is being a bit naughty and very grumpy...not much fun.

Sarah:  Hi!

Hello everyone else....

#23 Sunshine~Kisses

Posted 06 November 2010 - 08:01 PM

Hi everyone waves.gif

HM&3 - I have a cancerian and a scorpian as well!! Oh I hear you on the temper tantrums. Ruby is getting shocking!! OMG what do you do?!?!

Valerie - Not long to go now!! Wishing you all the best, I hope everything runs smoothly, look forward to hearing your new baby news hheart.gif

elifranie & WyldIce - Welcome! Were you in the DIG group? Sorry, cant remember..there were heaps in there but dont know where they all are now!

Connie - Wishing your dad all the best, it must be so hard for your family nno.gif
LOL we move stuff so Ruby cant use it as a stepping stone but then she just moves it back...

Sarah - Hope all is going great for you, are you all prepared for number 2?

AFM - all is good, life is busy. Enjoying being back at work but very exhausted doing the whole solo parent thing plus working while DP is away. Oh well life goes on! Ruby is great (apart from the tanties) DS had his party today for his 9th birthday (this coming monday) I can't believe my baby boy is nearly 9 cry1.gif

#24 hubbymeand3

Posted 09 November 2010 - 03:10 PM

Hi Sunshine! waves.gif  long time no see!  Ha ha on Ruby... and the Cancer/Scorpio...  Hmmm, please tell me that it gets better with the Scorpio... DS1 has been a handful lately!  He had orientation for school today, and yesterday we went to get his uniform... he came home and tried it on, so cute!  DD wanted to know where her uniform was after that!

6nO:  How's it all going?  Hope the antenatal was fun with the crew.. I bet the kids were great!

AFM:  Doing ok, Lucas had a crappy night last night and basically wanted to play from 10 til midnight.. and then was restless.  Can't work out why, he's done it before but oh man... yyawn.gif  am I tired!  

Been working like crazy and trying to get organised, heaven help me when I have one a school next year!

#25 Sunshine~Kisses

Posted 15 November 2010 - 03:37 PM

HM&3 - I find the scorpian (DS) the easy one! It's the cancerian (DD & I) that are the handful laughing2.gif

Just about to go and pick missy moo up from daycare. I have had the day off work looking after DS who is sick sad.gif  Not a bad day actually, so easy looking after a 9 year old compared to a 16 month old LOL. I got heaps of cleaning done while DS watched movies, then we had lunch and a sleep ph34r.gif Oh and I actually got to read HEAPS of a book I bought the other day...didn't think I would get to start it until DP next got home.

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