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September 09 Parents # 34

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#1 Sandra

Posted 08 October 2010 - 01:42 PM

New thread time ladies


#2 beck73

Posted 08 October 2010 - 03:00 PM

Looks like I killed the last thread, so I'm going to claim GOLD here and copy my post across!

Gem - I find it absolutely astonishing that you can't get an appointment for Ellie to see a private paed before the end of November, let alone having to wait until June next year to get in to the clinic at Westmead!!! I'll keep everything crossed for you that you can find something earlier, your poor little girl sad.gif

Katie - I'm with you on being keen for Eloise to start walking so I don't have to carry her everywhere! On a purely superficial level, it will also be fun when she does start walking because I have soooo many cute dresses and skirts that I can't put on her yet wink.gif

Minich - hurry up with a belly pic already! Those of us who have finished our babymaking still want to cluck over yours!LOL!

Jo - damn, you've just reminded me that I need to have Eloise's 12 month needles done sad.gif. We had to have an 'emergency' chicken pox immunisation when DS3 caught them so had to put the rest of her needles back by a month...

Caz - awww, I can just picture how cute it must be when Sophia falls down and claps herself!LOL!

Emma - congratulations!!! I love the pic of little Cassie, she looks like she is having a wonderful time wub.gif

Mel - I love the image of Cooper as a cake monster original.gif

SYDNEY GIRLS - are we going to try again for a meet up after the big kids go back to school? I can't believe all our babies are one already!

AFM - we had a bit of a scare here, with AF a week late oomg.gif, but thankfully it was a false alarm! My GP did a blood test because I've had my tubes tied so have to be extra careful (higher risk of ectopic if one of the little swimmers does get through somehow) so now I have the HUGEST bruise on my arm, but I suspect it was just my hormones going a bit out of whack because it was my first cycle since stopping BF. We've had lots of fun with photography around here lately with a happy snap of my DH and DS3 making the Top 100 in the Centro Smile photography comp, and now my little Eloise has been selected as a finalist in the 'face of beautiful soles' comp wub.gif!!! I don't know how well she will do because the winner is selected by the number of people who 'like' her photo, and I don't have all that many FB friends laughing2.gif, but it was just lovely to have someone else agree with me that she is a little cutie wub.gif rolleyes.gif !

Must be off now, it's the final day of just my big boys and I for these school holidays so I'm keen to get out and do something fun! No idea what yet as the weather isn't being particularly helpful, but it's certainly not going to happen while I'm gasbagging in here wink.gif

Take care,

Beck x

#3 ktgrouch

Posted 08 October 2010 - 03:22 PM


THat is all!

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#4 cazbabslong

Posted 08 October 2010 - 05:30 PM


#5 ZombieFerretOfDoom

Posted 09 October 2010 - 04:04 PM

Boobies  biggrin.gif

Ellie now has an appointment on 19 October - my brother is a senior pathologist here in Sydney and knows a lot of the private doctors - turns out the first ENT I was referred to (who couldn't see me until January) did grommets on my nephew 16 years ago and my brother knows him well, so he called his office and got me the appointment  ddance.gif

Man my big brother comes in handy sometimes  grin.gif

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#6 minich

Posted 09 October 2010 - 11:11 PM

Gem - Yes, aren't big brothers the greatest. Mine came over this morning and fixed my internet. Whoo, I feel human again. Sorry I am one of those hanging for Amelia to walk but I think having a newborn to carry soon is a good reason why. Otherwise I wouldn't care less, there is plenty of time for walking.
Ok so here's my latest belly pic taken on the 3rd @ 32W3D.

Ekk, just nxooticed my strech marks look awful. I can hardley see them IRL. Oh well.
Chat soon

#7 dixilee83

Posted 10 October 2010 - 02:33 PM

Lovely belly pic. Do you know what you are having?

Clay is nearly walking but still prefers to crawl sad.gif

Ive just started the Tony Ferguson diet this week. Im waiting to loose 30kg before i even start to try for another bub. Want to be healthy this time. Maybe waiting longer will give me a chance of having a girl original.gif but we will see.

Hope everyone is well.

#8 mlto

Posted 12 October 2010 - 08:56 PM

HI everyone!

Congratulations Emma!!!! Thats fantastic news !!!!!!

Caroline LOVE your belly shot!

Dixilee good luck on TF original.gif I need to do something. No motivation.

I bought Cooper a pair of shoes today sad.gif Where has my baby gone sad.gif He had his first haircut last week and he instantly looked older and now people comment he looks like Dylan. He is walking all the time now, no crawling unless he falls and cant get up but he has mastered getting himself back up again. Had a scare yesterday, I was sitting at the bath and he was in it with Dylan, Cooper hates sharing baths and was trying to get his toys and slipped, he fell under and I just could not move my legs felt like they had lead in them. I pulled him out and he looked horrible. I got him out to the kitchen and he started to cough and breathe. I fell in a heap, my legs turned to jelly, I couldnt breathe, had chest pains. I called a friend I was crying and talking to her calmed me down, then Coop was up running around! He kissed me and rubbed my shoulder as if to say im ok mum! I have never been so scared in my life. I will be buying a non slip mat and have said no more baths with Dylan just now. Im glad Kevin came home sick from work. He wasn't feeling well which was good for me as I just felt off after all this.

Anyways better go. Stupid me took 4 kids shopping tonight. So fun... NOT! Need a bourbon or 2 lol. Ill settle for a coffee tho.

#9 ~raindrops~on~roses~

Posted 13 October 2010 - 01:31 PM

Beck - Great to 'see' a bit more of you! How's the couch - 5k thing going? Sydney meet is definately a great idea, I'm good for any day but Tuesday... Yay on the photo comps original.gif Glad

Ness - Hope things are looking up for you now hun hhugs.gif

Caroline - LOVE the belly shot!! Lila is still BF'ing at leat 4 times a day/night... no idea how much she's getting though. Sorry I can't help with the milk question. I guess if she's thirsty she'll drink? I offer Lila water after food too.

Katie - Heart palpitations! Sounds scary... what's SVT?

Mel - You poor thing, how scary! Glad Coop's ok! How clever is he, almost running too!? Lila is so nowhere near this! She loves cake too !! laughing2.gif

Emma - huge congrats on the BFP!! How exciting!! ddance.gif Love the pic of Cassie eating cake too (love the highchair too!)

Caz - Yay on Soph walking! So cute when they clap themselves laughing2.gif

Gem - I care when Lila starts walking for selfish reasons... her pants won't get so dirty! We're quite into camping and now it's warming up there will be many more camping trips. Crawling in dirt is not cool! Lila has been crawling since 8 months or something so I hope she' had enough time to develop whatever it is... biggrin.gif My nephew had to get his grommets done privately coz of the huge public waiting list sad.gif So glad you got an earlier appt, yay for big brothers!

AFM - We had a pretty good time in QLD... pity the kids had gastro though sad.gif Did the theme parks and had a ball though hated the crowds... Wet n wild was awesome and it was fun to do a few rides with Riley. Lila did nothing, not even swam coz she had the runs that day.... didn't want to risk a big mess!
Lila had her needles today (1 month late...) She didn't cry at all for the first two and only cried for a few seconds for the last one. Brave girl! She hasn't been sleeping well lately but I put it down to the holiday/being sick etc and hope she comes good again soon! Was weighed today and is 9.25kg... seems a bit small (I think around 30th %) but she seems happy and healthy and has a good appetite. Lila's favourite thing to say is "uh oh" and it's super cute. She does it at the appropriate moment too. She's just so lovely and has an adorable laugh and giggle. Loves being chased and tickled. Also still very much a boobie girl which I'm happy with. No reason to stop except I could go back on the pill to clear up my skin and use as contraception... no hurry I suppose!
Enough banter from me, this post has taken me hours!

#10 ZombieFerretOfDoom

Posted 13 October 2010 - 07:10 PM

Can't remember if I responded to the meet thing or not - I'm back at work now so can only do Tuesdays or THursdays.

Poor Mel - that must have been so scary. I always find moments like that I suddenly realise that I'm not sure I could keep living if I lost my children...

Sounds like you had a great time on your holiday Jen - bummer about getting sick though!

Love your belly Caroline - don't worry about the stretch marks, they'll fade!

I've just finally organised to get a mirena inserted in a few weeks... up til now we've been "getting off at Redfern" which is not the most effective method! Luckily no accidents though! Will be nice not to have to worry about an unplanned pg, although I think DH will see it as free rein and want to jump me every 5 mins which I could live without!

#11 specialtreat

Posted 13 October 2010 - 11:13 PM

Gee I haven't been in for a long time  blush.gif
Bek Eloise is such a cutie, I voted for her and so did my 2 older kids original.gif  (I control their FB page lol!)
The other bub Sylas is very cute and has a lot of votes from another forum sad.gif. fingers crossed for Eloise though...is there a 2nd place prize?

Mel~ I voted for Cooper too. Such a gorgeous boy  original.gif

Emma a big congratulations on your  BFP.gif

Caroline~ beautiful baby belly you have there...I really miss mine  sad.gif  and is hard to accept  will never have another one  sad.gif
But on a positive I am going to start tomorrow to try and loose this extra 20kgs oomg.gif that I have put on...I can't do TF cause I am still feeding little Miss (who by the way is not dropping  any feeds at all  rolleyes.gif ) I am normally finished feeding my babies by now  wink.gif
We are going on holidays next September and I want to be able to fit into a nice pair of swimmers and feel comfortable in them, so I will see how I go  original.gif

Dixilee good luck on TF, my sister lost a huge amount of weight doing that, sadly she has put it ALL back on now and a bit extra  sad.gif

Ness I missed your post but I think I get what happened. Hope you are alright now hhugs.gif I have a few friends on 1 Body Beautiful tablets and while they have lost a heap of weight, the side effects are just horrible  nno.gif one particular friend wanted me to go on them but because I am still feeding and asthmatic I stayed well away from them.

Gemma saw your belly shot on FB, not long to go now, I can't believe how fast it "seems" to have
gone and lucky you get to hold your bub on the 20th so you will be home in time for Christmas, what a wonderful present for your family, I bet your kids are going to spoil this little one. original.gif

Gem~ great news that you are able to get Ellie in earlier. My oldest had grommets, it's amazing the difference they make afterwards.

Jo how did the walk go? I gave a donation and my oldest DD  donated her last $5 of pocket money...LOL! she is soooo not a saver, but very much a spender  laugh.gif  
Oh and I will be picking the nappies up tomorrow from Renee so will post off to you asap.

Katie how are you feeling now? Pretty scary for you.. laughing2.gif at your comment on your DH's super sperm!!!

Paula did you enjoy your QLD holiday? with all the rain wink.gif

AFM lots has been happening in my life, and not all good either sad.gif  today we got news that a very good friend of the family has got Breast cancer that has spread to glads under her arm and into her limpf nodes (sp?) has yet to have test to see if it has gone into the bones, if it has then she doesn't have much hope of beating it  cry1.gif  another really good family friend had a stroke last week, a week after he retired sad.gif  has lost his speech and with LOTS of physio will be able to walk again.
My friend who's DH had the affair, well she went and got herself some boobs last week  huh.gif
DH and I still haven't talked things out  nno2.gif but it sort of feels okay, like we have a mutual understanding of what needs to happen to make things work  shrug.gif he has been coming home from work and is offering to help a lot more and being a lot more considerate.
We are planning on taking the kids away for a break next Sept holidays so that is something to look forward too (even if it is 11 months away)
Well i best be off to bed. Mr 3 has been waking during the early hours of the morning screaming and screaming, I think it might be night terrors...has anyone else been through them?
Oh and Chloe has cut 2 of her main back teeth on the top, one on each side, has anyone else's bubs cut back teeth yet?
ok off to bed now

#12 owenwh

Posted 15 October 2010 - 04:55 AM

Hi Girls!

been very slack posting in here, but i seem to catch up with so many of you on FB anyway... i hope i remember everything that i've read in my big catch up just now wink.gif

congrats EMMA!!!

: so glad you could get Ellie in sooner.

Carolyn (& Gemma from FB pic original.gif ) your bumps are beautiful!! my best friend just told me she's pg again and i have to admit i'm very jealous :/  either of you know what you're having yet?  babygirl.gif ? babyboy.gif  ?

mel: how scary about the tub! Emma still sits nicely in her bath chair... i'm in no hurry to take her out of it because i'm so nervous about slipping even WITH a mat!

: so sorry about all the bad news you've been getting... we just found out yesterday that my uncle's lungs have been taken over with cancer. he was never a smoker, which means that the cancer has just spread to the lungs from somewhere else. his days are certainly numbered sad.gif thats the worst thing about getting older i think... seeing your FAMILY get older! cry1.gif

: not sure whats going on specifically... but  bbighug.gif hhugs.gif bbighug.gif hhugs.gif    

jo: how did the walk go??

walking: Emma's been walking for about a month now, its lots of fun and she's pretty pleased with herself.

: Emma has milk from a straw cup at breakfast, lunch and dinner, and then a bottle of milk before bed (all cow's), i think about 180mls? then she sips on water all day too...  

sleeps: Emma wakes at 615am-ish, then back in bed at 930 and up at 1030 (regardless of how long napped.) then back in bed at 130 and once asleep (sometimes takes 30mins to drop off) she gets to sleep as long as she wants. sometimes its 3, sometimes its 4. then bedtime is 630-7 depending on how long her naps were during the day. i'm happy with this routine, though i get a lot of "looks" when people hear she's napping 2x a day still.   shrug.gif

have started working 3 half days a week, which means Emma is in day care for a couple half days a week now. she seems to like it, though not the part where i leave in the mornings! ex-h is still being on and off an a*s. i have asked him to sign papers that let me add my maiden name onto Emma's... for practicality purposes it would be so much easier if Emma had the same last name as me. i don't expect him to agree to let me take his name OFF of emma's... but to add mine on would be nice. no response yet, so no doubt that means he's discussing it with his parents and his new gf  rant.gif  nothing much else new... am trying to get outside as much as possible before winter sets in over here... still nice fall weather so am either running about 6kms a day with dog and pram or taking the Emma in the ergo to a big off-leash dog park for a hike. going nuts living with my mum though, and thinking i'm NEVER going to have any privacy for any "fun" IYKWIM wink.gif (once i'm even ready for that LOL!!)

Well, best be off to do some laundry while Emma is asleep....

#13 Guest_ttgc_*

Posted 15 October 2010 - 05:58 AM

Hi all sorry its been so long have had heaps on...

Got to go to Perth last thursday night came home monday it was so nice to spend some one on one time with DH we have not had more then one night on our own since we got married. So it was great and a much need break. Thankgoodness for my mum and dad having the kids it was all very last min as DH work was moving him to a new site and he was in perth for test and all that stuff so I went to him for a change original.gif

DS started swimming yesterday he was not a fan at all hated it cried for the full 30mins sad.gif then when we got home I fell up the stairs with him in my arms and he smashed his head how it didn't crack I don't know the noise made me want to vomit.. And split all me knees but I was more worried about DS..  DD went well at her swimming tho

weight - I have lost 5.3kg ddance.gif  ddance.gif  ddance.gif hard work is starting to pay off another 15 to go if not 20 will see how I go

Walking - what's that lol DS is happy crawling....  I wish he would walk tho he is just to heavy

Emma - Well done on the BFP.gif

Gem - Got to love big brothers thats great he got you in sooner

Mel - you poor thing, we are back to bathing on there own... The babies seem to pick up how your feeling no matter what..  The other day I just wanted a hug and DS just sat for 15mins hugging me

Sherri - hope things start to look up soon

Nes - Hope things start to pick up for you soon  hhugs.gif

#14 ~gemma~

Posted 15 October 2010 - 10:14 AM

28 weeks

Am 29 weeks now but pic wont resize.

Bub will be arriving on the 20th of December, if he/she doesnt have any other plans, or he/she isnt huge. Just been diagnosed with GD so have to keep an eye on size ect. There is a pretty big difference between this pic and the 29 weeks pic!!

Will try pop back later with a better post, have to go tidy up now, DP was on his way to S.A but missed his flight so is on his way home and leaving again tomorrow!

#15 minich

Posted 15 October 2010 - 04:52 PM

Hi all, just a quick one. I'm going to try & watch the 2nd half of my movie while Amelia is having her nap.
To those who asked, I am having another girl.
Jen - Rats the kids got sick on holidays, that would have sucked.
Sherri - What a horrible 2010 you've had so far. Lets hope things are better next year.
Whitney - Amelia still has 2 days sleeps as well. Sometimes both are up to 2 hours. She is sleeping better now than she ever has.
Tylie - waves.gif
Gemma - Nice bump!
AFM - All is good pregnancy wise, still not sure if I can attempt VBAC or having another CS. Am not fussed either way. Just picked up new bubs cot, car seat etc. Can't wait to set up her room. Oh yeah someone else was saying about bubs having back teeth. Amelia has 1 molar too.
C xo

#16 ~gemma~

Posted 15 October 2010 - 09:12 PM

28 weeks left and 29 weeks right

#17 specialtreat

Posted 15 October 2010 - 09:15 PM

Wow Gemma your bellly really has popped out in a week  wub.gif

#18 ZombieFerretOfDoom

Posted 19 October 2010 - 06:31 PM

Had our initial appointment with an ENT today to check Ellie's ears - apparently they were some of the worst he's seen - both eardrums infected and bulging right out from all the liquid behind them. So we are going in TOMORROW to get grommets inserted!
I knew we would probably end up going down that pat but I'm a little stunned at how quickly it's happened!

#19 emmaburrows

Posted 19 October 2010 - 07:34 PM

Hi Ladies,

Just wondering if I can join this group? I have a DS who was born on the 16th of September 2009, and am looking to meet some new people as I don't have a good support network (friends/family). I live with DH in Wollongong.

Looking forward to getting to know you all!!


#20 ZombieFerretOfDoom

Posted 19 October 2010 - 09:16 PM

Of course! Welcome Emma - lovely to have you join us!

#21 ktgrouch

Posted 19 October 2010 - 09:45 PM

Emma - Hello waves.gif and welcome! Love your sons name, its one of my favourites!

Gem - wow, that was fast! Good luck for Ellie tomorrow. Hope she comes out feeling much better. Poor little mite.

Sherri - How you going with the whole weight loss thing? Shame we live so far away, we could have worked on it together if we were closer! I have been soooooo good for the past 2 days so Im hoping if I keep it up the scales might be kind to me. Fingers crossed anyway! So sorry to hear about all the bad news you have been getting.  bbighug.gif

Tylie - Congrats on the weightloss! Thats fantastic!

Ness - How did Ava's party go? I really wanted to eat that cake! lol.

Gemma - LOVE the bump. Gorgeous. Can't believe how fast this year has gone and that you are not too far away from having another baby!!!

Whitney - How is work going? Loving the videos and pics of Emma on facebook. Shes gorgeous.

Minich - Have you thought about names for your little girl yet? I always loved looking at girls names. There are so many nice ones to choose from!

Mel - That would have scared the life out of me too. I hate choking and 'drowning' incidents. My kids have all done that to me at one point. So cute that he patted you though as if to comfort you. Cheeky little monkey!

AFM, Still haven't taken Levi for his needles. I haven't gotten round to sussing out when the clinic is being run. He was about a month late for all of his other ones though, so it doesn't matter!
Levi is walking everywhere but he still hasn't worked out how to stand up from sitting. He needs something to pull himself up on. He just quickly crawls to the nearest thing, stands up and then takes off! Very cute!
Don't really have anything exciting to report. DH is going to have his vasectomy tomorrow arvo. Fingers crossed it goes well.
Better go and make tomorrows lunches so I can sit on my butt and do nothing for a while before going to bed!

Edited by ktgrouch, 19 October 2010 - 09:45 PM.

#22 Guest_ttgc_*

Posted 19 October 2010 - 09:52 PM

Katie - Hope the scales are kind to you original.gif  And your DH has a good op.  That sounds so cute.  I wish DS would walk he is killing me having to pick him up...

Gem - Thats great that they are not missing around.  I have to get DD seen by one to for her tonsils hoping it won't be to long await.

Emma - Welcome

Gemma - gee you sure did pop in one week original.gif Its a very cute tummy

Carolyn - Hope setting up the room went well. Just go with the flow if they are going to let you try then why not..  On of my gf had a c section first then had her 2nd natural original.gif

weight lost - I have met my first goal of getting into the sixtys original.gif so happy now to just get to the low low sixtys by xmas and then mid fiftys by feb march

AFM - DD is not well sick since sunday sad.gif DS is not happy about it he get so worried seeing his big sister sick.. or if he has been waiting for me for awhile when I have been busy with DD he then cracks it.  Had her at the hospital today though she was all better she had her afternoon sleep and went out for a play then came in her skin was grey and lips blue and she could not stop shaking then a rash came was a bit scared but then when we were at the hospital waiting to see the doc 4 the 2nd time she seem to get much better again..  Lets hope she is all better soon

Edited by ttgc, 19 October 2010 - 10:02 PM.

#23 minich

Posted 19 October 2010 - 10:36 PM

Gemma - Wow, such a noticable difference. I'm very jealous of the no stretch marks.

FW - Poor Ellie, that was all a bit sudden. Hopefully you have a brand new, happy little girl soon.

Emma - Hi & welcome. Were you in this group before or another group that I'm in, your user name is very familiar?

KT - Still no idea on names but am open to suggestions. We think she may have my middle name which is a total cop out but we're totally stumped. Funny how Levi is walking but doesn't stand. Amelia will push herself up & stand for ages but will not move her legs to walk.

Tylie - Good on you for the weight loss you must be very proud and you've worked so hard for it. I can't wait to start losing weight already & I'm still pregnant. Lol

AFM - Went on a major shopping spree with SIL today and it was great but my poor pelvis is so sore now. I got Amelia this trampoline for Christmas http://www.bigw.com.au/toys/outdoor-play-a...mper-mini-tramp which of course DH & I couldn't help ourselves & set it up straight away. I can't wait until she sees it tomorrow. She loves to bounce.
I'm am also so angry that we went to set up our bubbas new cot on the weekend and one of the screws that holds the matress base in doesn't fit & seems to be cross threaded. I have called the store & hope they can sort something out soon but it's still so annoying.
C xo

#24 specialtreat

Posted 20 October 2010 - 12:18 AM

I really need to get to bed and get some sleep, so I'll be quick tonight.

Welcome Emma

KT~ I wish you were closer too, I only started being good on friday so I will weigh myself on fridays or I will become obsessive and disheartened. This is the biggest I have EVER been  sad.gif      I Have been really good with my eating but no good with exercise this week so far, though I did weaken tonight and have a choc mint pattie with my nightly cuppa, night is my hardest hurdle...and AF returned this week so I have been feeling awful!!!

Tylie andPaula~well done with your weight loss, my sister did TF and did really well on it.

Caroline~ There are so many pretty girls names around, I'm afraid I like the more common names  original.gif
Olivia,Grace,Claire,Sophie,Laura,Hannah,Lilly so many of them lol!

Gem~ All the best for Ellie today, you will notice a difference straight away. I know we did when Bek had hers done (she was 4).

I think we need some updated photos  original.gif

Well things are looking a bit better. Our Family friend who had the stroke is doing really well with physiotherapy and speech is slowly coming along and the one with cancer is going to have the breast removed next week but the good news is that the cancer has not spread to her bones, so with kemo (sp?) and radiotherapy she is going to finght it.

My Bek had her braces taken off today and her teeth are so much better  biggrin.gif
Chloe has cut her back molers already and is now cutting her 10 tooth...very dribbly but coping really well with them original.gif
that's it for me tonight...I am off to bed.
night xx

#25 ~raindrops~on~roses~

Posted 20 October 2010 - 06:55 PM

Anyone else got a biter and pincher? Don't know if I've whinged about this before but Lila bites anything and everything she can and loves to pinch skin when she's being breastfed or cuddled cry1.gif Ouchie! Not sure how to snap her out of it... seems harsh to discipline such a little bubba sad.gif

Teeth - Lila still only has the front 8 but I often wonder if there are others on their way...

Walking - Still no walking, just walks holding 1 hand but she's beginning to stand for a few seconds on her own.

Sleeps - Having one day sleep because it's usually a 3 hour one from 11-2... means she's cranky by dinner time but I give her a b/f for a bit of comfort and down time and she's ok then. Asleep by 7pm. Up about 5am and into bed with me til about 7am when Riley wakes us!

Gem - Hope Ellie did well today!1

Gotta go, my babysitter is here... it's bible study time

BB tomorrow...


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