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September 09 Parents # 34

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#26 Guest_ttgc_*

Posted 21 October 2010 - 06:29 AM

Jen - I hear you with the biting DS has just started, it starts as a kiss then turns to a little bit ....  I just say no and pull him away.  I do remember DD doing this but she was walking so think she must have been a bit older, and it was only the once she bit me good and hard and I gave her a firm tap on the hand and she never did it again.  

Sherri - Glad things are looking up.   I loved when my braces came off it was the best feeling ever original.gif  
I too am like you the night time is so very hard when it comes to food, could have something to do with the fact that I am so busy during the day but at night I watch tv.... altho some nights I have been getting on the treadmill which seems to stop the eatting lol.  But one little thing should not hurt just not every night wink.gif

Caroline - So many names to pick from.  I like different names not that you would know with DD lol hers was a last min one that DH liked and it just fit well with her original.gif  But if I was going to have another bub which I will never original.gif and it was a girl I would call her Addison love love that name.  I am another one that is a shocker for buy something for xmas but can't wait to give it to them lol.  But now with DD getting older I have had to wait or she ends up with way to much as I think there needs to be gifts every were lol.  I can thank my mum and dad for that we use to get so much stuff for xmas it was unreal.

AFM - DD is still sick poor little thing it is giving her a rough time that for sure... I think I like it when she was chubby as she had a bit of extra weight so it didn't matter if she didn't eat for a few days, but now she didn't really have any extra to drop and she is quite thin, hoping when she starts eatting again she should be fine.  
I am missing DH like mad don't know why just am lol 3 weeks to go

#27 ~gemma~

Posted 21 October 2010 - 12:53 PM

Jen ~ Yep, Kaitlyn is a big pincher, faces, legs, anything, i just tell her "no" and she cries, but then does it again  huh.gif she bites occasionally too.

Tylie ~ Any idea why she is still sick??

Well had my u/s to check placenta today and all is perfect, bubs is only little, est around 1.4kgs so looks like another normal size, it is under the average weight but still within normal range. 8 weeks and 4 days to go biggrin.gif

#28 Guest_ttgc_*

Posted 21 October 2010 - 06:29 PM

Gemma - not sure she has picked up this afternoon which is great and even had half a sandwhich and some dinner  ddance.gif  ddance.gif  ddance.gif When we took her to the hospital they said she had a tocuh of Tonsillitis along with a viruses so thinking maybe the it was only the start of Tonsilitis but she is much better this afternoon original.gif  

I saw the pic on F/B so very very cute I am glad that bub is all good.  I bet you can't wait to meet him or her original.gif

#29 specialtreat

Posted 22 October 2010 - 09:02 AM

Gemma~ glad bub is not getting big for you  original.gif love the scan pics on FB very cute..

Tylie~ happy to hear your DD is feeling better xox

ddance.gif I have lost 2kgs in a week  biggrin.gif  ( wink.gif with no exercise) bring on the next week! I feel like doing some exercise  biggrin.gif . Just wanted to tell someone lol!
Hope you all have a great weekend xox

#30 emmaburrows

Posted 22 October 2010 - 07:51 PM

Just a quick post as I'm at work.

Thanks for all the welcomes - I promise I'll get to know you all soon.

Congrats to the pregnant mumma's!

Minich - I was in the group for September 09 due babies, when I was pregnant but lost contact. I thought your username seemed familiar  rolleyes.gif

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

#31 cazbabslong

Posted 23 October 2010 - 09:17 AM

Hi Emma,

Did you have Noah at Figtree Private?? If so, we would have been there at the same time!!! Soph born on 17th. I dont get in here often, but try to read when I can to keep up!!!

Soph vomitting yest & today, so very quiet weekend here,


#32 emmaburrows

Posted 23 October 2010 - 02:33 PM

Hi Caz,

Yep, I had Noah at Figtree Private! You may have heard him a few times, he was the unsettled one who cried all of the time  rolleyes.gif

Hope your LO is feeling better and not vomitting anymore!

So you live in Wollongong?

#33 emma-g

Posted 24 October 2010 - 06:33 AM

Thanks for all the well wishes, Im due 25th May. So far i havent had morning sickness and headaches as bad as when i was preg with Cassie so thats a bonus.

Help! I need some suggestions Cassie has been waking upa t 5.50am every morning for the past month.6.10am if im lucky.
I dont go and get her till 6.45 then she has breaky straight away.
She cries until i come and get her. Every couple of days ill just grab her and put her in bed with me, she doesnt go back to sleep but at least she is quiet. ahhh so tiring!! She is going to bed at 7.20pm but doesnt fall asleep until about 7.45pm. shes awake roughly for 3hrs then down for a nap x2 45mins- 1hr. If she has is really tired and i know she wont survive til bedtime she might have a small nap at 4 or so.
My husband getting up to her is out of the question with his injury, he just cant fuction in the mornings...

#34 Guest_ttgc_*

Posted 24 October 2010 - 03:18 PM

Emma - what if you put her to bed early??? Chase is down at 6-6.30 he sleep so much better but if we are late like 7-7.30 he is up at 6 were as every other day its 7.30-7.45.  That way you can cut the last nap.  And when she wakes up early just get her up and start your day then try and nap with her during the day but don't give her breakfeast till 7.30  just let her have a play first.

AFM - I was trying on some of my old cloths and they fit and some are even to big  biggrin.gif I put on a pair of shorts I got after I had Chase which had been a bit tight and now they look silly cause they are so big. So I think I have lost one size if not nearly 2 original.gif  7.4kg down so far...  2.6 to go till I get to the 10kg then another 10 and I will be done.

DD is better and DS is going well.

#35 ~raindrops~on~roses~

Posted 24 October 2010 - 04:35 PM

Welcome Emma B - I remember you from our DIG too biggrin.gif


Edited by ~raindrops~on~roses~, 24 October 2010 - 04:36 PM.

#36 cazbabslong

Posted 24 October 2010 - 07:56 PM

Hi ,

Emma I live in Albion Park.

Soph just has the runs now. STill very happy which is good!!! I feel a bit quesy now tho.

Offspring back on!

#37 ~raindrops~on~roses~

Posted 25 October 2010 - 10:32 AM

Glad I'm not the only one with a biter and pincher! She doesn't seem to be doing it to be nasty which is why I don't want to discipline her... sad.gif

Gemma - Glad the u/s went well! I'll have to check out the pics on FB, I don't go on there much...

Tylie & Sherry - Great news with your weight loss!! Well done girls!!!

Emma g - I'm more the style of bringing bubs into bed with me of a morning so I don't have any advice except that! Do you sleep while she's crying in her cot? I think you'd get more of a chance to doze a bit more if you brought her into your bed. I think you're fairly lucky actually 6ish isn't too bad! Lila comes to bed with me about 5am if not before!

Gem - How's Ellie?

AFM - Lila is showing real walking progress!!! She's taking steps now (since Thursday) max has been about 8 I think but mostly she'll do 3 or 4. I'm very excited! And it's so cute, she looks so pleased biggrin.gif TT'ing DS is the biggest challenge of my parenting career yet though sad.gif I envy those who's kids just do it nice and easy!


#38 emma-g

Posted 25 October 2010 - 02:49 PM

Tylie;thanks for the suggestion.last night i put cassie to bed at 7.she was asleep 7.20. woke up at 6.10am she was just chatting away until i got up original.gif.
Jen: nope, i cant go back to sleep with her crying,i just lay there wishing she'd go back to sleep.coming into our bed is a great game for her, trying to wake up DH and pull my hair/stick fingers up my nose/play with the blanket haha.

#39 Wild Strawberry

Posted 25 October 2010 - 03:04 PM

Jen - I have a biter also. He was really bad a few months ago and would even bite my shoulder/arm when holding him (never did it to anyone else though?). I am still BFing and he even drew blood once but we got past it he only does it sometimes now. He does grab and hit while feeding while is annoying esp when he has long nails LOL Hope the TTing improves! It can be a very trying excperience.

Emma g - Isaac has been waking early but i have been taking him to bed with me and thankfully he will sleep a bit longer. However i had the same gap between pregnancies as you with 1 & 2 and around the same time DS1 was waking at 5am and never went back to sleep!!! Used to drive me crazy as i was exhausted from pregnancy. I would keep him in bed til i had enough of him climbing on me then make sure the loungeroom was baby safe and we had a gate on the room also then put the wiggles on, get him a drink and half snooze on the lounge. It stopped when WA introduced daylight savings so no advice sad.gif hope she sleeps in for you soon.

emmaburrows- Welcome original.gif

Tylie & Sherry - Yay on the weightoss. very inspiring. I want to buy some running shoes & sports bra and start running with a friend.

Jen mentioned TTing which reminded me i have been putting Isa on the potty when the bath (at night) is running and he has done a wee everytime. The last few mornings i have put him on there just to see what he does and he has done a wee without the bath running original.gif He seems to know what to do and claps when he is finished. Very cute!! I have no intention of him TTing right now but i did the same thing with DS2 just to make him aware of his body functions. DS2 used to tell me at 16 months that he had to wee and then TTed at 21 months...he was great for a month then we moved house and he regressed for 8 months sad.gif Would be great if Isa TTed early but i won't stress over it if he doesn't.

Better go as promised DS1 we will bake with DS2 is at kindy and DS3 is sleeping.


ETA - Not sure if i mentioned it but i am finally an Aunty!!! It is very exciting and my big boys are so very excited to have a cousin original.gif BIL & SIL had a little girl about 10 days ago and she is super cute....i'd say the 4th cutest baby i have ever seen original.gif

Edited by 3BlueStars, 25 October 2010 - 03:06 PM.

#40 ~*Ness~*

Posted 25 October 2010 - 03:15 PM

Hi everyone,

Long time since I was in here sorry.  blush.gif

I am sneaking in a quick post while at work. Just spent ages reading back to this thread to try and catch up.

Welcome EmmaB.  original.gif

Tylie ~ Great news on the weight loss, its a great feeling getting into old clothes isnt it! I am not loosing anymore the past few weeks so stepping up the diet and exercise this week.

Mel ~ How scary for you poor Cooper, I always worry about Zara slipping in the bath but thankfully it hasnt happened yet.

Love the belly pics. Gemma I cant believe you have 8 weeks to go!

AFM I am doing ok. No more panic attacks thank goodness my GP did a full blood workup to make sure everything is ok and it was. She said if I get another one I need to have a CT scan just in case but she was pretty sure it was just the diet pills. Am feeling ok in general, not terribly happy but not sad either so thats something.

Zara isnt walking yet, cruising along furniture and loves standing up on her own but isnt confident enough to take a step by herself, although I expect it wont be much longer now. She has developed quite a bit of attitude lately which I am worried about, little Miss will give me (or whoever!) a smack and a real dirty look when she isnt happy with you, and wow she puts on the waterworks and screams when she isnt happy! She went up to Ava the other night and tried to grab a toy, Ava told her very firmly "NO ZARA, this is MINE", Zara just gave her a filthy look, smacked her on the arm and preceded to take the toy anyway! If this is an indication of her when she gets bigger I am scared, I already have 1 fiesty girl I was hoping Zara would be my calm one!

#41 Guest_ttgc_*

Posted 26 October 2010 - 08:02 PM

Ness - OMG DS is the same very very much the same I have no idea what I should be doing to stop it but am just trying to deal with it... I have started putting my back to him when he is crying cause he is not getting his own way seems to stop the crying but not him doing it in the first place.

Jo - What a clever little boy. I have not even thought about it yet..

Jen - That is so great I wish DS would take some steps.... He is just to dam heavy to carry... with ther TT I was a lucky one with DD... However I did stay home for 3 days and let her run around in big girl undies to feel when wet after day 2 she got it..  But she did hate the loo would not sit on it, would come tell me she wanted to go then sit then get off and wet I think it was more the feeling of going so after holding her on long enough to go it clicked that it was ok

Emma - Glad that it help fingers crossed that she will just start sleeping later and later original.gif  

AFM:  Wanted to get a new stroller/pram I love the strider but it was a pain to get it out for a quick duck in and out of the shops and so on and the stroller I had for DD, DS just wasn't able to sit in it nice he was all bent over and just was not looking right.  After getting the p&T smart bugger (so nice to push) and it was ment to go to 20kg, got it home and the book said it only went to 15kg... And the so called "recline" on it was a joke it did nothing.  So took it back and and changed to a Peg one for get the name but the one under the P3 shop had that it went to 17kg but the book 15kg.. took it back and now got the combi which I am pretty happy with I love the other 2 but with my pork chop need something that could hold more weight and its only 5kg.  So that has been a pain running around trying to get the right one.

#42 mlto

Posted 28 October 2010 - 06:41 PM

Hi everyone!

Sorry I have been MIA, I have EB on my iphone but it is logged in with an old username!!! As soon as I realised I thought I better not post here as not to confuse everyone lol

ttgc I am finding thet strider is a pain in the butt, if Cooper is sitting up and the hood is not down his head brushes against the hood. I LOVE it tho but it isnt practical for older babies !

Biting: Coop tries every now and again. It hurts like hell !!! Thankfully he doesnt do it often!

As for us, Coop is running, loves to kick soccer balls, it is so funny to watch! He is very clingy and whingy, he hates strangers, he hates it when strangers talk to him, today I tried to get a pedicure and eyebrows done and he whinged both times, I had to hold him and didnt enjoy my pedi sad.gif
My Nanna passed away on Monday, we have the funeral tomorrow. I didn't know if I should take Maddison and Dylan but have decided to take them to the church and not the burial. The church service will be enough (catholic) and the burial takes just as long and it is too confronting for them I think. Coop will come tho and hopefully not whinge too much. Samantha went to camp today, I didn't want her to miss it and she doesnt know yet, I didn't tell her so she would have fun and not worry about us.

So anyways I better go and get everything ready for tomorrow.

I will try and remember to pop in more often original.gif

Mel xx

#43 minich

Posted 28 October 2010 - 07:24 PM

Biting - Not here.
Walking - Amelia loves to stand and a few times a days takes 5 or so steps but won't commit to walking yet. I suspect very soon though.
Mel - Sorry for the loss of your Nanna my grandfather just passed away last week after being very sick for about a year. We had the funeral on Monday. Have your kids been to a funeral before. My bro & SIL took their kids (1st funeral) and my 5yr old niece sobbed the whole time. I think she was just really scared. It was quite upsetting for others to see the kids so upset and SIL wishes she didn't bring them. We had Amelia there though & she was fine.
AFM - I had Amelia weighed and measured this week. 10.5kg & 80cm long  oomg2.gif So in the top 95% for height. So funny as I would have always been in the bottom 10%. On more exciting news some of the girls on my Nov DIG have already started having their babies. Ekk, I'm so not ready, way too busy.
Amelia is just so cute, she loves pulling up my shirt and saying baby & then giving my tummy a kiss. She also thinks there is a baby in her tummy.  wub.gif
C xo

#44 the4rugrats

Posted 29 October 2010 - 02:34 AM

Hello, been MIA for a bit, been reading every now and then...just not posting.

Welcome Emma b and a big Congrats to you Emma g.
gemma/minich: your baby bumps are sweet.  biggrin.gif
Gem: Hope Ellie is doing okay
Tylie/Sherri: Great going on the weight loss. I am not motivated, I want to be and tell myself I will start but dont!
biting: I also have a biter  sad.gif  Just when I thought it was getting better... she has just stopped the constant clenched teeth while feeding off the left side, and has now started the 'look around while feeding, and keep the boob in the mouth by clamping onto it' thing. If she happens to let go to look around, she'll open her mouth to re-attach then give the nipple a little nip instead...as if she's punishing it for coming out her mouth. ohmy.gif  Considering she looks at every noise and movement, Im getting bitten/nipped several times per feed. I dont know what to do to stop it.
No crawling here yet, I am finding it a little hard to think of Trudi as a 1yr old ATM. Its a double-edged sword for me. I love that she is still little and still my huggy bubby, but I see/hear of everyones elses bubs developing...walking, standing, feeding themselves, understanding things etc and feel a little sad that shes not even close to that stage.
teeth: I think it was sherri that asked about molars, Trudi has 2 at the top... so all up she has 6 (2 front top, 2 top molar, 2 front bottom ) and no signs of any more coming in the near future.
Buddy walk: Went really well, the rain held off, and wasnt too windy or cold, perfect day for it. Now that we know what its like, we'll be better prepared next year. Thank you to all who donated, its very appreciated...I'm a bit disappointed that none of DHs family even bothered to donate though.

ASM: We have a bit going on for the next few weeks...DS1 has an appointment, finally, at CAMHS in a fortnight and it cant come quick enough. I am dreading both boys being at the same school next year, esp when DS1 says hes going to do such and such to DS2 so I want to get to the root of the problem now, before DS1 has a chance to carry out his threats. Trudi has an audiology test next week, plus has all her PT/OT/ST fortnightly, tomorrow we are working on picking up food to put into her mouth, DS2 is going away on a school camp for a week on Monday, DS1 has a river cruise with the school sometime in Nov. that he needs clothes for and I still need to get Trudis 1 yr needles done.

I had decided that I was going to make the ILs (MIL/SIL x2) some clutches/handbags for christmas, then I kept thinking that maybe its not appropriate/liked. WDYT...would this be something you would like to receive or give to your mum?  Hmmm didnt think about my family.... what about an 18yr old? After my visit to see family in 08 I got the impression my sister didnt like me much, maybe she'll think its a rubbish present if I give her one...curse my mum for never speaking to her about me, and curse me for my indecisions and 2nd guessing myself! wacko.gif  LOL  I don't know if I should bother now... any other suggestions?

and before I leave...AF finally returned, last month a day after reading that Jens had  laugh.gif ...is it bad of me to not have said anything to DH and still DTD unprotected?

#45 owenwh

Posted 03 November 2010 - 06:28 AM

wow super quiet in here!! even though i don't post a lot... i always check to see what everyone's up to!

my life just seems so mundane and boring with only one kiddo and no hubby compared to the rest of you! feel like i have nothing to talk about wink.gif

#46 ~gemma~

Posted 03 November 2010 - 09:05 AM

How tall are all our little ones now?

I did a home check of Kaitlyn, she is 11.3kgs and 81cms tall (so is that correct that she is in the 95th%ile for height??)

Edited by ~gemma~, 03 November 2010 - 09:09 AM.

#47 LittleMuffin

Posted 03 November 2010 - 05:09 PM

Just 'broke up' with my best friend, who is also my neighbor. I'm hurt beyond belief and have been crying for hours. Can't vent on facebook because we have mutual friends. Just need to get some stuff off my chest sad.gif Baby is awake so ill have to come back later.

Im very glad I have yoiu girls here I can talk too.


#48 ZombieFerretOfDoom

Posted 03 November 2010 - 06:16 PM

That doesn't sound good Tara - what happened? Big hugs for you  bbighug.gif  bbighug.gif  bbighug.gif

I had a mirena inserted today - under a general because it's apparently waaaaay too painful if you haven't actually had a vaginal birth.  Took the whole bloody day, they asked me to come in at 9.30 and I sat around until about 1pm before anything happened. Got home about 5.00. What a waste of a day... but at least now I have a contraception method slightly more reliable than "getting off at Redfern"  grin.gif

Ellie's going well after getting her grommets - the sleep is still not as good as I'd like but it's gradually improving, and she's definitely a happier baby. Her personality is coming through a lot more and she's being such a happy giggly girl  wub.gif

Bracing ourselves for fun times ahead - when we picked up the kids from daycare we learned they're having a gastro epidemic - 3 kids sent home yesterday and 6 today, with 2 hospitalised for dehydration. Hoping and praying that our guys have dodged the bullet...  hands.gif

Hi to everyone, sorry no time for personals.

#49 LittleMuffin

Posted 03 November 2010 - 06:31 PM

Gotta head up to my dads for a swim, just wanna post this before I leave. I copied all the text messages between me and my 'friend' today, just so I have it as evidence as I know she will be spreading rumors about me, seriously how childish?

It started out as we were talking about our daycare photos tomorrow, she was complaining as she didn't have the money for them. My message is first, then hers, then mine and so on and so on.

I paid $15 and mum paid the rest so that we could get the whole package. I didn’t ask, she did it as a surprise!

Yeah well I don’t have people paying everything for me so I find the money myself

Um ok

Yeah ok that was rude you’re right. But you know i’m sick of people who just have it all given to them. People have to work their arses off to get what they have, but some people just get it given to them

Right, ok. I DONT have it all given to me and I do work hard

Yeah ok i’m not saying anything else

That was really uncalled for hey. Friends don’t say stuff like that. That was really rude.

Yup well maybe we are not as good friends as we seem to be, I don’t feel it was uncalled for really, I was just saying we have to work for what we buy we don’t just ask our parents

I didn’t ask, I never ask them for anything. I think that was a very rude and jealous comment and I’m not very happy about it.

You know jealousy has nothing to do with it actually I would never want my family paying for everything and even if they offered I would say no thanks. I like to pay for my kids upbringing myself and I also like to be proud of the fact that I can. We pay our own way in this life we don’t expect everything for free. I think we should leave it alone honestly I have kept everything in for way too long and you don’t wanna hear what I have to say, We are way too different, maybe we should have just stayed neighbours instead of becoming friends.

I’ve seen your true colours today and they aren’t nice. The things you have written are beyond hurtful. I didn’t think anyone could ever be so cruel. I have never said anything rude to you. I am still in disbelief. I think if you read back over the things you’ve written to me today (which came out of no where) that you’ll be just as shocked as I am.

I have read them back I have also read them aloud to people and they agree with me. You are so petty for deleting me off facebook. Leave me alone. You would not have been so hurt if it was not the truth, think about that.

Petty? You are the one who told me we should have never been friends.

Leave me alone, how pathetic.

Then later she went and wrote on Adam's fb status, cos he wrote he was really angry (he didn't say what about) and she wrote, 'oh no have I upset the princess?'

Seriously, we were best friends for three years and this happens

#50 the4rugrats

Posted 03 November 2010 - 06:40 PM

bbighug.gif  Tara.

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