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February 2009 Parents # 61

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#1 Sandra

Posted 08 October 2010 - 01:43 PM

New thread time ladies


#2 pink

Posted 08 October 2010 - 01:48 PM

well thank goodness it saves your post when you try and reply to a locked thread!! wasnt locked when I started lol

Suzanne - wow Shae has grown!! and look at all her beautiful hair  wub.gif  So great that she has been discharged from physio. She really has come a long way hasnt she

Jen - I hope house hunting is going ok, must be hard from so far away but at least you have DH to have a look at them.

Teresa - Sounds like Oliver might have just needed some sunshine to brighten him up original.gif it must be so great to see him so happy and lively after all your worries, I hope he keeps it up! I did see the pics of the egg on his head!! sad.gif poor little man, that was a ripper!

Sue - how is Spencer going now? Hopefully the sun dries up all the colds still going around!

Ineke - I hope you are feeling a little better, I am really struggling too and am thinking it might just be from having 2 pregnancies and babies so close together. Altho for me I think it might be just that I am too old for this LOL

Well I have been struggling too after a great start with Miss Hannah. I think I just overdid it with the holiday to my family. It was so lovely but it tired me out a bit too much and it has also made me very homesick. Hannah has a witching hour that goes from 5pm till midnight  wacko.gif  she will sleep but only in my arms, its very stressful when I am home on my own with the kids for that whole time 5 nights a week. The big kids are a great help but they must be feeling the pressure too cos they have started to give me grief at bedtime. They are going to a friends for a sleepover tonight to give me a break but hopefully they will have fun and get a nice break from me too Tounge1.gif

Jack is doing so well still altho the terrible twos are very close lol. He is a determined little man when he wants something and gives the most amazing 'evil looks' when things arent going his way! He was waiting to get in the shower the other day and wee'd on the bathmat and was totally shocked lol, he has never wee'd on the floor before so we got the potty out the next day and sat him on it while the bath ran. He look in it and straight up at me with his concentrating face on and did a wee straight away  laughing2.gif  he was so proud of himself. He did another one yesterday so I am going to start toilet training him soon too, just slowly but at least see if he has the idea.

Oh and DP decided to try him in Camerons bed today for his nap and he chatted to himself for a minute and then fell asleep!!  cclap.gif  I put a toddler bed on layby at Target last week (half price!! yay!) in readiness for when Hannah outgrows the bassinet. I was so worried but it might be ok, altho not sure how he would go at night with the big kids going to bed at the same time. Hmmm might have to change the bedtimes a bit??

I better go and get something done, slept most of yesterday which was lovely but now I feel like I'm behind on the housework. Never ending huh?!

#3 PrincessCupcake

Posted 08 October 2010 - 07:34 PM


PMSL!! I haven't got a place in probably a good year.

No update from me, I am feeling sorry for myself. Just took a really bad fall and cried like a baby. I am sure I will be fine, just lots of bruises everywhere and my wrist is killing me. sad.gif

#4 summerbub

Posted 08 October 2010 - 07:41 PM

Bronze!!! BB tomorrow or Sunday for a proper post!!


#5 crazy*cat*lady

Posted 08 October 2010 - 08:00 PM

I'll claim the bobby prize.

I read all the time but struggle to know what to say :/

Hoping for lucky 3rd cycle TTC.

sorry ladies, here comes a rant...

I'm trying to come to terms with the fact that my Dad was rushed to hospital with a suspected heart attack on Wednesday night, and the first any of his children (me) knew of it was at 1pm on Thursday.

All tests came back negative for heart attack and an angiogram today showed no blockages.  He's at home tonight which I know because he sent his own notification texts.  I'm so angry at my step mother at the moment I could happily never talk to her again.  I usually try to be reasonable and the peacemaker, but I'm over it.  If she has so little respect for us she can go to hell as far as I'm concerned.

pink and Ineke, I am thinking of you both.  I hope things get better soon.

#6 summerbub

Posted 09 October 2010 - 07:54 PM

Renee, I'm so sorry to hear about your Dad. sad.gif and the evil step-mum. Not good.
Best of luck with your TTC journey, I hope you get your BFP.gif very soon!

Alright well back to my spag bol and glass of wine! Eden's next feed should be around 4am so I might have 2 glasses tonight ninja.gif . Oh how my life has changed in 2 short years! roll2.gif

P.S. all going super dooper well here. Noah is just fabulous. love him to bits. The only thing i'm not liking is when he is in the bath and farts then laughs his head off. OMG TOTAL BOY.
Eden is a champ still a champ. Love her to bits as well. Can't believe how lucky I am. original.gif Also have adjusted well to having a girl, even though I freaked out at the idea to start with! laughing2.gif


#7 LittleDCJ

Posted 12 October 2010 - 08:56 AM

Hi girls

Back from a fab 9 days on Hamilton Island.  We went with 3 other families and we all had a great time.  The kids had a ball and loved all the activities to do.  We had 2 nights where we hired babysitters and went to the yacht club for dinner and the other night went on a dinner cruise.  On the last day we chartered a boat and went cruising for 6 hours which was the best, total luxury!!  Jarvis had a great time and was so easy going.  He loved it in the pool, playing on the beach and chasing the possums each night.  Deakin went on a helicopter ride with DH which he loved.  Lots of G&T's and cocktails consumed, so nice just to relax and spend time with family and friends.  Now we just have to pay off our huge visa bill and start saving for our next holiday!!

Mirena - I had mine put in 8 weeks after having Jarvis.  I LOVE mine.  I haven't had any spotting/AF at all since I had it done, no weight gain at all and no complaints.  I will definitely get another one after this 5 years and will probably continue using it until menopause.  No AF is the best.  I know that others have problems with continual spotting and I remember my Ob saying to give it at least 6-9 months to decide whether you want it out or not.

Off to the gym now with the kids.

#8 NurseGladys

Posted 13 October 2010 - 02:08 PM

Hi girls, still here just mad busy with study, family etc...................

Glad to hear that everyone is well and that our new babies are travelling nicely, if not smoothly.

Zack is finally walking, officially just before he was 20 months - no rush huh!!!!  We are in the final stages of getting our house ready for sale and I think I may have found the house I want to buy - just have to convince DH!!!!

Ok, back to the assignment......................bugger!!!

#9 Skyjay

Posted 13 October 2010 - 03:00 PM

NG -  cclap.gif to Zach walking. Hope all goes well with the sale/purchase of your house.

Tina - glad you had a great holiday.

Robyn-  roll2.gif re Noah & bath

Renee - Good luck on TTC, hope everything goes as planned for you. Your stepmother sounds like a piece of work, hope your father is all better.

Jo - Hope all is well. Well done Jack on doing wee's on the potty.

Suzanne - cute pics of Shae

AFU - Indi is being a devil to got to sleep at night, stands up in her cot and screams but as soon as you go in she starts chatting & pointing. This could go on for an hour or more. grrr. Other than that she is great. Her fav thing at the moment is the slide. She spends ages climbing up & sliding down over & over again, giggling. Problem is her sisters big slide/fort. I took away the ladder but she has learnt to climb the slide part with no shoes on. Cheeky girl.

We are off to Perth in a couple of weeks, cant wait. Thanks Theresa for the info, places look fantastic. Im hoping to have a semi itinerary before we go as we always end up doing nothing, so I'd like to see a bit of Perth for a change. Plus I need to keep Indi on the move, stand still for 1 minute and she's climbing on something or someone!!!!!

Best go wake my sleeping girl, I hate to wake her but we've been to playgroup so she didn't get a sleep til after 3.

#10 White-Lily

Posted 13 October 2010 - 05:35 PM

Megan woo hoo Zack!! Good luck with the sale of the house and convincing you DH on  getting the new one you like

Skyjay Shae loves the slide too! They have one at daycare and she is always on it when i go to pick her up.
Enjoy your trip to Perth

Tina sounds like you had a great time away.

RobynNoah is so funny!! Shae pats herself on the chest when she burps, as one deos, but when she farts she pats herself on the nappy at the front and laughs  laugh.gif

Renee good luck TTC, third times the charm original.gif What a wicked stepmother you have! How could she not tell you! I would be livid with her. Hope you Dad is ok

AFU we just booked to go back to Bali in June next year. Mum said Air Asia was having a promotion (started midnight last night and runs until sunday, or sold out, if anyone is keen to travel) so we made a random decision to go away. Anyway all booked and paid for  biggrin.gif Im so excited!!

Also we have decided to TTC#2 around about the time we go away as i dont want to be suffering m/s etc while away so im also pretty excited i have a 'month' now. I was starting to worry DH didnt want another one   blush.gif i have way too much time to think about things... work is a bit quiet

Oh and Shae has her nasty chest cough again. if it gets any worse she will be back on ventolin  sad.gif i thought winter was over... i was wrong

#11 White-Lily

Posted 14 October 2010 - 11:48 AM

rant.gif  our solo family holiday is no longer solo... sister and BIL are coming  rant.gif i dont even know where they got the money as they are in a rubbish financial position - think almost lost the house type thing.


Im sure im being silly but this was our alone holdiay, just as a family of three and now we have company

ETA we didnt even tell them we were going, we left out flight details on the bench for mum to have a look at and sister came over when mum wasnt home and had a snoop

Edited by White-Lily, 14 October 2010 - 11:52 AM.

#12 summerbub

Posted 14 October 2010 - 12:54 PM

ohmy.gif Suzanne OH NO!!!!!!!! Far out I'd be livid too!

NG - yay for Zack walking. :claps:

Tina - I'm glad you enjoyed Hamilton Island. It's official, we have now booked and paid for Christmas there. It's going to be stinking hot, but lucky we have a spa on the balcony!
How was the price of alcohol this time? Was it worth taking it with you or was the bottle shop still reasonable?

Skyjay - I love the slide too! So does Noah laughing2.gif

Alright about to hop on the plane... I keep telling myself that the trip will only be 1.5 hours long - I fear that Noah will get bored!!

#13 leita

Posted 14 October 2010 - 04:01 PM

Summerbub- ha ha ha, I have NO sympathy for a 1.5hour flight, after our trip to Europe!  wink.gif  I bet Noah surprises you and is an angel.

White-Lily- that sucks!! Hope you can plan some short family only trips during your holiday.

NG- Yay for Zack walking, Go ZACK!! He'll be jumping off the bed in no time!

SKyjay- what a cheeky monkey you have on your hands there! Hope she gets back into a going to sleep day today. Hope you love your time in Perth- we certainly love living here!!

LittleDJC, Gosh, sounds like a perfect holiday! Hope the holiday glow lasts for a long time for you!

My sister came over today with her new bub (she's about a month old now), and she makes me sooo clucky!! he he he. We were thinking it would be time for TTCing when Mali is 2, but I haven't really felt clucky before now, so I'm glad I'm starting to get my head in the right place for another.

Amalia is just such a delight, I totally love this age.  biggrin.gif  Now if only i could wean the cheeky monkey!! IS anyone else still BFing?? Whitelily I know you weaned recently, any tips?! Obviously she doesn't need it, but when she says "Mama milk, rock rock chair?" before bed I really just don't want to refuse! Guess I just need to bite the bullet and do it if I'm going to!!

Big weekend of shifting rubble and demolishing the next phase of the yard. I'll be so pleased when we finish these reno's. Ah, who am I kidding, we'll never finish, cos we like it so much!!

#14 White-Lily

Posted 14 October 2010 - 04:49 PM

leita we just removed me from the situation. I did it over a weekend so DH was home to help. The AM feed was the last to go but the PM was the hardest to stop. DH got Shae up and fixed her breaky and stuff so the milk wasnt available to her. It really only took a few days for her to stop trying to help herself and she very rarely pulls at my shirt now. I know how hard it is to refuse, the PM feed was the worst as she cried for it for a few nights but not the first night she missed it as she was at mum and dads while DH and I went out. So i wasnt there and she didnt care. But the few days after that she knew it was available so she wanted it.
AM feed she just didnt get it one morning and didnt really care too much. We kept her busy and distracted and by lunch she wasnt fussed she had missed the milk in the morning.

We dropped the night feed about 6 weeks before the morning feed/fully weaning. I expressed in the shower every second day or so for about 3 weeks for my comfort.
Just remember you dont have to wean if you dont want to. I found the PM feed the worst to drop because i felt pushed into it by DH. The morning feed was much better because i was in a better frame of mind and DH was supportive and not pushy

ETA it took a few weeks for her to get used to the cows milk. We watered it down for her for a bit and milk is only at the table now because after BFing for so long i couldnt stand to see her dragging around a cup of milk

Edited by White-Lily, 14 October 2010 - 04:52 PM.

#15 JoRiCo

Posted 14 October 2010 - 06:26 PM

Hi Girls waves.gif,

We are still alive original.gif
Will have a read later and do some personals.

See you all soon.

#16 JoRiCo

Posted 14 October 2010 - 08:09 PM

Woo Hoo I made it back ddance.gif

White-Lily- That sucks about your holiday sad.gif Holidays are a sore point in my house atm, DH just spent a long weekend away playing golf and is going away again in March to Melbourne for 5 day for another golf holiday. So our family holiday this year is a big fat zero  rant.gif .

Leita- Well done on still BFing original.gif And good luck with weaning. My supply stopped at 12 months and Cohen was really good going straight to a sippy cup.

Robyn- Hope the flight went well!  laughing2.gif about Noah farting in the bath my boys are the same, maybe the bubble tickle them.

NG- ddance.gif Yay to Zack on walking! Goodluck on convincing hubby.

SkyJay- I have another slide lover here, Cohen is happy to go up and down it all day and he also loves the trampoline.

Tina- Awww your holiday sounds lovely!
That's great about the Mirena, I was going to get one after we had Riley but never got around to it then Cohen came along. I'm trying to convince hubby to go for the snip, not looking good so far lol.

Renee- Sorry to hear about your dad, hope he is ok!

Jo- Your a legend dealing with all the kids, and you are not old lol.

Ineke- Sorry to hear you are having a tough time, hope things settle down for you soon

AFM- All good here! Cohen has his good days and bad, with 2 older brothers there are plenty of fights and arguments but also lots of cuddles. He is talking very well and has started putting 3/4 words together and they are very clear. I sometimes get confused as to who is yelling out "mum".
We have been on the waiting list for an appointment with a Peadiatric Physio as Cohen still has bow legs and one foot is turning in, well the appointment has finally been made after 3 months and we head there next Thursday. I took him to my GP and he seems to think it will fix itself but I want another opinion.
I won't post any photos, god knows everyone on FB is probably sick of seeing my kids  rolleyes.gif . For those not on FB the photo in my signature was taken yesterday.

Hope everyone is well.

#17 Skyjay

Posted 15 October 2010 - 08:49 AM

Suzanne, what a bummer. If they are staying in the same hotel as you, request one way away from them, even when checking in at the airport whisper to the check in staff to sit you apart dev (6).gif Can you afford to change the flight for a couple of weeks later & forget to tell your sister!!!!

Danni - was thinking of you the other day. Your sons name might be offensive for EB standards but apparently my eldest daughter has been given a strippers name!!! Oh well each to their own. I new it wasn't everyones cup of tea! Your photos are great, would never be sick of seeing them. Good luck next Thursday, hope it all goes well, 2nd opinions never hurt.

Leita - well done on BFing so long. I stopped Indi at 14 months, she was happy to just have a sippy cup. If you want to stop I would just give it a go & see what happens.

Robyn - hope the flight went well. We have a 4 hr flight I'm not looking forward to, going over it's a 10pm flight so hopefully both kids sleep. Coming home they changed our evening flight for a morning flight. Indi will be ready & rearing to be non stop cruising the isle!!!!

Well it's back to raining down here today, so a fun filled day inside yay!!!! Already it has started, SJ has the remote while Indi has her step ladder. One turns the tv on then the other turns the tv off, repeat!!!!

#18 pink

Posted 16 October 2010 - 03:56 PM

wow finally I have the time to post! only because 2 of the kids arent home lol. The big kids are playing at my sisters

I am feeling a lot better this week, with the help of some vitamins for pms!! and DP taking Hannah and giving her a bottle for her early am feed so I have had 2 full nights sleep. its amazing what that does for you!

my kids are all doing well. Hannah has had a little hiccup tho, went to the health centre and she had only put on 89g in 4 weeks sad.gif and my milk almost dried up but I took some fenugreek and it has come back in excess  huh.gif  lol will stop taking them again now before I drown in my sleep  laughing2.gif now just need to get her weighed on wednesday and see how she goes.

Megan -   ddance.gif  go Zack!!! oooh good luck convincing DH to buy the house, how exciting.

Karen - I had to giggle at the thought of your girls fighting over the tv  laughing2.gif  the step ladder is such a clever idea!! lol

Suzanne - I would be livid too  blink.gif  I hope you manage to get some family time while you are away.

leita - well done BF'ing for so long  cclap.gif  I havent weaned late but imagine it would just take a lot of determination from you so make sure you are ready to give it up, no use upsetting both of you if its still working

Dannii - your boys are gorgeous! Cohen still has the deepest blue eyes, they are stunning. He is a complete mixture of Josh and Riley isnt he? Good luck at physio, cant hurt to get a second opinion.

well I better go and enjoy the last of my peace and quiet before the big kids get home original.gif nice for them to get out on such a shocking Melbourne weekend, too cold to take the littlies anywhere!

#19 LEGs-R-US

Posted 16 October 2010 - 07:30 PM

Suzanne - OMG... I'd be livid about your solo holiday not being solo anymore too..  Who just tagged long to a holiday not even mentioning it to you first.  I really wonder how some people ever past social school!

Robyn - Oh gee Noah better not come and fart and bath here.  i am a total prude when it comes to that sort of stuff.  I have vivid memories of my mum washing my mouth out with soap when I said swear words and spending a week cleaning the toilets in the household because I "passed wind" in the lounge room.  Mark hates it that I'm had on the kids about it (not as hard as my parents... but 'farting' is a pet hate.  You can imagine I struggle on Mark's family camping trip (each August) where they have fart lighting competitions.  LOL

Megan - three cheers for master zack.  proud mummy moment.

Leita - that is fantastic that you have managed to breastfeed so long.  I only made it to about six months with all my children.  It is such a special bond you much has formed at feeding time.  

Danii - a second opinion on the foot is probably a good idea.  Even if it does fix itself it is more the piece of mind that a specialist will get you.  Am sure it will be good news and hopefully not require too much follow up.  Fantastic on the talking too.  Liam has had a bit of a speech burst but more like adding more words.  Def not up to a couple of words together.

Golly... where has this week gone?  I really need to nominate someone as the "Jen Harasser"... anyone want this role?  Basically if I haven't posted by Wednesday someone needs to message me and tell me to get my fat a*se off the couch!  

Not too much happening here.  We've had heaps of rain so spent the day playing board games with the kids.  Took me five minutes to teach gretel how to roll the dice (lol... bad mother that I hadn't done it sooner).  Needless to say I am now all Snakes n Ladders, memory, snap, fish and word-gamed out.  I really should do it more often... I feel like the kids learnt lots today. Tomorrow mark and I are making a start on the "to-do" list before we move.  I think we are cleaning the shed... just hope he can bring himself to dump half the crap.  

Can't remember if I told you ladies that I've started light-n-easy.  With Mark away so much I just found I was eating more and more crap, so I decided to do something I don't have to think about that is going to shrink my waste line (well hopefully).  Am into my second week and am loving it.  Much easier this week then last.  My goal is 10kg by Christmas... I'm also hoping if I can get some weight off my running will get faster... I want to do 10km by Christmas too.. must be something about the number 10.

#20 3'sacrowd

Posted 19 October 2010 - 08:03 AM


Gorgeous sig of Cohen Dannii.Beautiful pic. I would get a second opinion also regardinng Cohen's foot.Well done to the little man for putting some words into a sentence  smile1.gif

Suzanne- I would be upet that your holiday is no longer just the 3 of you. Hopefully, they don't stay at the same hotel as you. I'm sure you will still have a great time just the 3 of you.

- How are the meals with Light and Easy? Do they taste ok.My friends mum works for them in Brisbane. I think I would like it as I wouldn't have to cook and it's already prepared. I hate having to think of ideas of what to cook for dinner every night yyawn.gif
Goodluck on your goal.
Ryder needs to clean out our shed...again or just properly. Everytime he does, I catch him sitting down and reading a car mag from 10 years ago. Then nothing gets done,just more crap is everywhere rant.gif

- Excellent news on Zack walking. I agree that would have been a very proud mummy moment wub.gif

Jo- How are you going supermum? How's Hannah'a weight gain. Has she put anymore on?
Hope your enjoyed "your time" whilst the kids were out.

Leita- Awesome effort for breastfeeding Amalia for so long. Well done. Hope the weaning process isn't too stressful for the both of you.

Hope you are having a great time in Bowen Robyn? How was the Christenings?

Renee- Hope this is youR month for TTC. Fingers crossed for you. biggrin.gif

Aston is going well. Climbing everything which annoys the crap out of me. I have to move the stools from the breakfast bar has he climbs them and stands on the bench blink.gif
He is saying more words at the moment. I think he will talk before Cohen will.
I have been getting up at 4:55am to go for a walk/run with my neighbour.Then I go again when Ryder gets home. Very impressed with my efforts original.gif no where near running 10 ks like Tina though wink.gif

Another day of painting, so better get started. Have a great wk  waves.gif

#21 White-Lily

Posted 19 October 2010 - 02:59 PM

Great news - Sister and BIL are probably not staying at the same hotel! Woo Hoo!! So we just might get some family time original.gif but can still go and hang out with them if we want

Tomorrow is the first anniversary of Bretts passing. Not really sure how to mark the day. BFF is in QLD now so i will call her but other than that might just burn a candle for him. Any other suggestions?

#22 pink

Posted 20 October 2010 - 08:50 PM

Suzanne - I hope you found a lovely way to remember Brett today sad.gif cant believe its been a year already. I'm sure you will be able to manage some family time alone on your holiday if you are at different hotels, hopefully anyway!

Sandra - Sophie was my climber  huh.gif  I am so glad Jack has tiny legs!! haha. I wonder if Aston starts picking up a few more words then Cohen will pick some up too? will be interesting. I am feeling a little more like Supermum this week Tounge1.gif Things are much less daunting anyway lol

Jen - have you been motivated this week?? Tounge1.gif good luck with the weight loss and running! I think you have set really good goals and I hope you achieve them.

I had Hannah weighed today and she has put on 240g in just over a week  grin.gif  she is mostly on formula and from today will be fully on it. I have plenty of milk but it seems that its just not good enough to fatten up my babies! The same thing happened with Jack and I persevered and it just stressed us all out so this time we gave the formula a go right from the first crappy weight and it has worked well. She is so much more settled which I think is whats helping me feel more normal.

Jack has started to become a little bit cheeky! (ok its bordering on naughty but he is so damn cute that its hard to think of him like that lol) He is getting more demanding and starting to get a little destructive  blink.gif  I am not ready for the terrible twos so I hope he gets back to the sweet little man we had before! He is probably just making sure we don't forget he is here lol. He did manage to bite Hannah on the hand the other night sad.gif I have no idea why but now every time he picks up her hand he opens his mouth and says 'bite' like he is asking if he should!! he gets told pretty quickly.

We bought a new car today biggrin.gif well secondhand but new for us. Decided to get a Chrysler Grand Voyager. got it at a really good price and its big enough to fit the big kids in and the big pram. Also definitely need that much space for trips away which we do a few times a year. Cant wait to pick it up on Friday. Then I just have to get used to driving a bus!! hahaha I test drove it and it was ok so shouldn't take me too long to get used to it. My Subaru outback wagon is pretty big anyway so hopefully it wont take much getting used to.

trying to type in the dark here cos Hannah is asleep. Its killing my eyes so I might call it a night early seeing as all 4 kids are asleep! Hopefully Hannah sleeps until DP comes home and he can give her a bottle then, wishful thinking???

ETA - Hannah slept all night! had a bottle at 7pm, went down at 9pm and slept till 6am! boy do I feel good this morning

Edited by pink, 21 October 2010 - 06:41 AM.

#23 tashi2

Posted 21 October 2010 - 11:20 AM

hi ladies.. haven't been around much and trying hard to keep up with the postJ

Jo - congrats on the new car and also congrats on hannah sleeping so well. It is amazing what a good night sleep does.

All going well here...busy busy busy and I can't believe that we are heading towards christmas!

Hubby is taking my step son to climb mount kilamanjaro in january which leaves me, my 11 year old step daughter and spencer . I would like to go away somewhere... anyone have any ideas?? Don't like camping.. was wanting a resort where I could leave spencer for a couple of hours a day in the kids club. Hamilton Island will be too hot  I think and Fiji has terrible weather at that time of the year. Any suggestions would be great

#24 White-Lily

Posted 21 October 2010 - 11:35 AM

Sue no ideas about a resort but we are going to Bali in June and all the kids clubs there are ages 4+. The hotel we are staying at has a room for 3+ as long as parent accompanies so we are going to sneak Shae in there with us. Good luck finding somewhere

Jo way to go Hannah! Hope she keeps up the long sleeps and what a great weight gain. Glad you are feeling like a supermum  biggrin.gif

Sandra maybe the boys will spur each other on with their talking?

#25 White-Lily

Posted 22 October 2010 - 04:22 PM

*** insert tumbleweed***

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