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February 2009 Parents # 61

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#26 LEGs-R-US

Posted 22 October 2010 - 08:19 PM

hi ladies... been a busy week but in good news I THINK we have a house (woohoo). Not saying anything on facebook just yet but things are looking great! Just waiting to see how much we have to put in and negotiate the move date but it looks like Dec 3rd (or maybe the week earlier).

Means me and the kids will probably move on December 9th or 10th and settle in on the weekend and then maybe come back and stay with my sister so Ethan can graduate (how sad am I getting excited about graduating preschool and childcare). Or we will wait until Christmas and then move down around new years. It is amazing to think that this is all like four or three weeks away.

very excited!!!!!!!!!!
Oh and before you ask... --> here is your link

Home alone this weekend... not sure if I'm looking forward to it.

#27 pink

Posted 22 October 2010 - 09:06 PM

Jen that house is gorgeous! the time will fly by until you move. I think its nice that you want to be there for graduation original.gif

got our new car today and I love it! very tired after a couple of busy days and my little princess has just gone down after a very grumpy clingy day so I am off to bed. Its amazing how she can grump and need to be help almost all day but as soon as she has had her 9.30pm bottle she falls fast asleep  happy.gif  the last 2 nights she has slept all night so I hope she is making a habit of it Tounge1.gif

#28 summerbub

Posted 23 October 2010 - 08:05 PM


Jen, that house is gorgeous! Did I read that right - $1300/week??? Far out I won't be moving to Melbourne anytime soon!!

Jo, well done on Hannah's sleeping and weight gain. And congrats on the new car too. That'll make things easier for you. Just watched Jack's video on fb too funny.

Suzanne, hahaha yes it is getting a bit quiet in here. I have gone off EB a bit for no reason in particular. I think I might just be getting so far behind that I don't know where to start!
I can't believe that it has been 12 months since Brett's passing - it is just so sad.

Sue, go with hamilton island! Yes it will be hot, but it is the perfect place to be hot... there are sea breezes, pools, and cocktails galore!! mmmmm cocktails!

Sandra, you are so good going for walks twice a day!

Ok that's all I can see from the last 10 posts.

AFUs, well the trip to Bowen was great, very relaxing, and the christenings went off without a hitch! Noah stole the show as usual... he wanted to put the water on his own head so the minister let him do so. laughing2.gif Eden was a little princess and slept the whole time thank goodness! We were joined by 60 friends and were spoilt rotten the whole time we were there.

We did have one hiccup - Eden's losec suspension didn't travel well at all, so by day 4 she started refluxing, then on the plane on the way home she was gagging and choking which was quite scary. The minute we landed I scooted over to the compounding pharmacy to get them to make up a new batch for me, so things have improved since then (it does take about 2 days to have an effect though).

Anyway, Eden had her needles on Thursday and from about midnight last night and all day she has been in pain or something... just not right. She hasn't been able to sleep - even if we are holding her and she is like scratching / clenching her fists in pain. I feel so sorry for her and am hoping that it is from the Oral Rotavirus thingy. She has never been like this even for half an hour at a time or anything!! sad.gif sad.gif

I've just given her a nice warm deep bath, a massage, her first dose of panadol, and a massive feed and she has gone down in her cot now original.gif so I hope that she stays there for a while!! She had been going so well  - Thursday night she slept from 7pm-6.45am without waking up! Little champ.

Noah is doing really well with his talking now. He is putting a few words together and chats away all day. He is now telling me when  he needs to go to the toilet ( but for either wee or poo he is saying "poo poo"). Only problem is that I'm not ready to tt him at the moment... but I think I'm going to have to before he gives up.

I'm doing well with everything - just freaking out about all our trips away and Christmas.... it'll all be done and dusted before we know it, and then it'll be our babies' second birthdays!!

Better go pay some attention to DH.


#29 leita

Posted 24 October 2010 - 02:24 PM

Hiya All!!

Just a quick hello, its a beautiful day outside, and perfect painting weather so going to get stuck into it and not spend too much time on the internet.... nno2.gif  he he he, it's so easy to get distracted.

All going really well here- except for a week of cranky day sleeping, cos i'm seperating the feed and the sleep in the hopes of weaning, so it's been a bit of a circus, but she is going down to sleep eventually so that's something- there is hope I will get my boobies back by Christmas.... just in time to start the next one hey?

Christmas?! Where did that come from. We went shopping yesterday to get lots of tiny canvases and blank paper mache tree ornaments- yep everyone is getting hand-painted (by Amalia) presents this year!! He he he, saves us a lot of money- but takes a lot more time and effort, which I reckon makes for a better gift for grandparents and such anyway. Hope they turn out cute.

Oh, and I had an idea for wrapping paper- using plain brown paper, and christmas cookie cutters dipped in gold paint to make prints.... yep, Amalia loves painting, so if we can make something useful........

Have a super week everyone!

#30 tinkster23

Posted 24 October 2010 - 08:09 PM

Can't believe how quiet it gets in here some days!

Things here are good, we've been really busy, but not really doing much

We have done all our colour selections for the house and am waiting to hear on when prestart will be, but titles have been delayed again, but hoping for the next few weeks

Jack was a bit out of sorts last week, hard to pinpoint the problem, but just not happy, not sleeping, but it seems to have passed so hopefully nothing too bad.

Painted our room last weekend (well, nearly, ran out of paint and missed one wall and the walk in robe, but should get that done this week), the first on the "before we sell" list.  

Jack's still not talking, I have a workshop this week run by a speechie in an attempt to make sure we are doing all we can for him

So thats it for me, and to get the conversation going in here

1. How long does your toddler nap?
2. Favourite toy?
3. When was the last time you saw a movie, and what was it??

1. about an hour and a half most days, not quite long enough
2. anything Hannah has  rolleyes.gif
3. I saw sex and the city 2 at the movies when it came out, so LONG time ago, need to get out more

#31 fallen~from~grace

Posted 25 October 2010 - 11:24 AM

Hi ladies,
Hope everyone is well.  We've just come out of a weekend of gastro- high temps and vomitting- what a great way to spend a wedding anniversary.

I've come out of lurking to answer the questions original.gif

1. How long does your toddler nap? Anywhere from 2.5 to 3.5 hours in the middle of the day. I pretty much have to wake him at 2:45 so we can do the school run.

2. Favourite toy?He doesn't have one in particular, he loves anything that bounces, opens and closes or moves on wheels.  Oh he also loves balloons.

3. When was the last time you saw a movie, and what was it??
A couple of months ago my friend took me to see the latest in the twilight saga ( whats the third one? New moon? or eclipse? My sleep deprived brain does not remember)

and a question from me:4) How often do you get out sans children to do something just for yourself?
Me? not very often, maybe every 4-6 months if that sad.gif


#32 White-Lily

Posted 25 October 2010 - 12:25 PM

How long does your toddler nap? 1.5hrs at daycare and usually somewhere between 2-3.5hrs if we are at home

Favourite toy? no real fav toy but she is quite fond of a stuffed frog with wings. She is however obsessed with the dustpan and broom and 'cleaning' up

When was the last time you saw a movie, and what was it?? i saw the last twilight movie too. I really want to go to the movies soon tho as there are a few things i wouldnt mind seeing, its doubltful tho

How often do you get out sans children to do something just for yourself? Out?? By myself?? i dont understand...  laugh.gif i am taking the day off work on thursday to go shopping with mum and leaving Shae in daycare - does that count? i am never alone, i have a cling-on mummies girl  tongue.gif

Question from me What word do you wish would get a rest at home - what do they say TOO MUCH?? Shae says mummy WAY too much. I love it but have you see the episode of Family guy where Stewie just goes on and on, mum, mummy, mother, mum, etc - Shae is just like this. I really want her to say daddy sometimes  

Leita you will have to put some pics up of your creations when they are done. Shae and i have some paper mache reindeers to paint and decorate and im going to get her to help make biscuits too

Robyn great to hear the christenings went so well

Jo yay for a new car!

Jen wow that house looks amazing! hope you get it!

Tinks hope you get some good advice and info from the workshop

AFU had a lovely weekend. DH is building Shae a play set - She has a wooden ball pit already so DH is extending onto it. They were so cute together. Shae was helping DH put the bolts in and trying to tighten them  wub.gif

#33 pink

Posted 25 October 2010 - 12:32 PM

oooh questions! lets see if my sleep deprived brain can manage to answer them Tounge1.gif

1. How long does your toddler nap? usually 2 hours in the middle of the day although he has been staying awake till about 2pm which is really no good with the school run at 3pm so I am trying to get him back down by 1pm

2. Favourite toy? Jack loves bats and balls (as you can probably tell from facebook videos haha. He has such good hand eye co-ordination (doesnt get that from me!  wink.gif)

3. When was the last time you saw a movie, and what was it?? that would have been Inception which I only saw the start and end of cos Jack had to be taken out in the middle! Dont think he will be going to the movies again any time soon lol

4) How often do you get out sans children to do something just for yourself? not often at all but I am not really in to anything like pampering so I suppose its mostly cos I dont do anything by myself haha. DP would love for me to get out and do things for myself much more

Taking Hannah to the Dr tomorrow as she is really unsettled again, probably worse than when she was on the boob but at least I am less run down and able to physically cope better when I am not trying to feed her myself. I think she has silent reflux sad.gif you can hear her gulping on vomit that makes it to her throat or mouth and trying to swallow it down again, she also coughs on it quite a bit. Add to this the constant screaming when she is awake, which is all day! the poor thing just hates to lay down so at the moment is being held all day. It was one hell of a weekend with DP and the kids helping me, we all had to take turns of holding her.

oh no, she is not settling after her feed. Will go and see if I can help DP

#34 tinkster23

Posted 25 October 2010 - 01:22 PM

How often do you get out sans children to do something just for yourself?
No really, never.
I've had a few trips to do grocery shopping or what not but no time just for me, which is becoming a huge grind, its been nearly 2 years and I'm over it cry1.gif
(don't mind me, I'm hormonal)
What word do you wish would get a rest at home - what do they say TOO MUCH??
See, I wish Jack said more, cos all he does is whine rolleyes.gif

#35 pink

Posted 25 October 2010 - 01:33 PM

What word do you wish would get a rest at home - what do they say TOO MUCH?? at the moment its cordial  mellow.gif  its goes something like this...

Jack - cordial?
Mummy - no, water
Jack - sad.gif cordial
Mummy - water
Jack  cry1.gif  cordial!!!!
Mummy - no, water
Jack -  cry1.gif  CORDIAL!!  cry1.gif

lol this is where the large age gap between kids doent work. He wants it cos the big kids have it!!

now that Hannah has settled (first in my arms then on DP) I can do personals

Tinkster -  was it hard to choose colours and stuff for the new house? I think it would be like when you go shopping and have money to spend and cant find anything to buy!! lol too many choices.

leita - Christmas is coming around way too fast! I think your handpainted pressies sound just perfect, especially for Grandparents

Robyn - love the photos of Noah in his tie at the Christening!! Tounge1.gif he is too spunky oh and Eden looked normal sized to me until I saw her next to the baby the same age!  ohmy.gif  hehe she is still tiny

Ali - hope the dreaded bugs leave you and the kiddies alone for a while.

Suzanne - awww how cute of Shae to help daddy  wub.gif . lol its funny how we think its so cute when they say Mummy and then they say it ALL the time!! haha Jack even puts a lovely whinge tone on it like the big kids do now!  rolleyes.gif

ok better go get ready for the school run, Jack is still sleeping so hopefully he wakes up happy. Have to take all 4 kids to the supermarket so that will be an adventure!

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#36 leita

Posted 25 October 2010 - 02:10 PM


How long does your toddler nap?  Usually two hours after lunch. Can't let her sleep past 2.30/3 though, or she won't go down at night.
Favourite toy? Teddy. We can be outside swinging on the swings, and she'll say "Teddy like swing too? Mamma wake up Teddy??" And I'll have to go in and find Teddy so he can have a swing. Teddy needs his nappy changed, and needs his own bowl at meal times.  wub.gif
When was the last time you saw a movie, and what was it?? We saw Inception while we were in Holland (and Oma and Opa were able to babysit). It was the only movie we've been out to see in the last 18 months, but it was a good one.
How often do you get out sans children to do something just for yourself? I think of my Zumba teaching as "me time" so usually 2 or 3 times per week. But that is also work, so don't know if that really counts. DH is an angel though, and if I need it, I leave Mali with him and go shopping- or he takes Mali swimming to give me some at home alone time- maybe once a fortnight. But both of us together out without bubby- I think it's been 4 times this year. It used to really grate, but I'm so out of the loop with my old friends and colleagues, that I don't really miss it any more.

Question from me What word do you wish would get a rest at home - what do they say TOO MUCH??
Mali has this very cute dismissive way of saying "no no Mama", whenever I ask her to do something. I'm so careful not to say "no" to her (ha ha ha, using positive guidance not just letting her do what she wants!) but still this is the word of choice  laughing2.gif

He he he painting beckons.

#37 LittleDCJ

Posted 25 October 2010 - 03:30 PM

How long does your toddler nap? 2-2.5h each afternoon.  I always have to wake him to do school/kindy pickup
Favourite toy? He has 2 Kaloo Dou Dou toys that he sleeps with and he loves them to bits.  We're not very original with names and they are both called Dou Dou.
When was the last time you saw a movie, and what was it?? Shrek 4 at the drivein with Deakin and Carter in July
How often do you get out sans children to do something just for yourself?  I'm lucky as I get to go out quite a bit without any kids.  3x a week I take Carter and Jarvis to the gym and they play in the kids club.  Monday nights I go to pilates and Wed mornings I go to running group while DH is home with them.  Thursday mornings I have NO kids for 2.5h and I LOVE IT!!!  DH and I try to go out once every 6 weeks for dinner without kids while ILs look after them.  I definitely need time away from them.
What word do you wish would get a rest at home - what do they say TOO MUCH??  I don't think Jarvis has anything he repeats that gets on my nerves.  Probably banging on the back door to play outside would be his most annoying behaviour.

I did a trail run yesterday and boy am I hurting today.  I didn't go to the gym this morning as my butt aches and I think I might even struggle with pilates tonight.  There were some big hills to climb and I nearly stepped on a lizard.  Shouldn't complain though as I love it.

#38 White-Lily

Posted 25 October 2010 - 05:23 PM

Jo we have the same conversation but instead of cordial its juice. She gets so upset with us that she flops on the floor and bangs her head on the tiles which only makes her cry more

We have a bottle of 'juice' in the fridge now which is Shae's juice - it isseverly watered to down, more like orange water  laugh.gif
She used to freak out so much worse if she saw us water it down

#39 summerbub

Posted 25 October 2010 - 07:51 PM

Well Theresa you are the question-asking queen! Love it.

How long does your toddler nap? Anywhere between 1.5 and  3 hours... the norm is about 2 hrs though.
Favourite toy? Balls (not his...yet laughing2.gif ) and anything outdoors which really isn't a toy!
When was the last time you saw a movie, and what was it?? Well this is that "Night and Day" movie that I meant to watch with Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz... but we went and saw the one with Ashton Kutcher and Katherine Heigel instead laughing2.gif Twas crap... but I appreciated the time away original.gif
How often do you get out sans children to do something just for yourself? Well I have been making a big effort to get out from time to time... had that girls night last Monday, and the other birthday party Toga night a few weeks before that. It is so hard to get away when breastfeeding though! Like Tina a really need my own time, as much as I am in love with my family.
What word do you wish would get a rest at home - what do they say TOO MUCH?? Well nothing really.... he says "water" and "pleeeease" and "marta" (tomato sauce) a lot but it doesn't bother me. I think it's cute...

Jo, best of luck at the doc tomorrow, please let us know how you go. I know what you are going through, it is just awful.
Holy cow 4 kids at the supermarket???? are you crazy!??? I don't go with 2!

Theresa, you should book a day away at a day spa or something! You deserve it!

Suzanne, so cute that Shae is helping your DH. Noah spent the weekend in the backyard helping out DH too. I love it!

Ali, happy anniversary. So sorry you guys were sick for it though. Would be nice to catch up with you guys again sometime!

Leita, what a cute idea creating your own Chrissy presents. I might do that for the inlaws... better than searching for that 'perfect' present each year then getting some stinkin' lame-o thoughtless present in return. rolleyes.gif

Ok that's the last 10 posts. So glad that there is a bit more action in here. Well done!


#40 JoRiCo

Posted 25 October 2010 - 08:50 PM

Oh questions original.gif
How long does your toddler nap? Usually he goes down at 1pm for at least 2hrs but the last week I have had to pick up Josh from school so it's been cut short which makes for a cranky Cohen sad.gif

Favourite toy? Anything Riley has. I have started selling all the toddler toys as Cohen is more interested in the older boys toys.

When was the last time you saw a movie, and what was it?? We took Josh and Riley to see Toy Story 3.

How often do you get out sans children to do something just for yourself? I try and go to the gym a few times a week.

What word do you wish would get a rest at home - what do they say TOO MUCH?? Definitely "Mum mum mum muuuuuummmm" It drives me insane and if you do not answer him fast enough he squeals.

We also have an issue with drinks sad.gif I wish it was cordial or juice but no Cohen always yells out "Coke" and can see a coke can a mile away. Oh the tantrums we have when mummy says no lol!

Jo-  I hope little Hannah settles for you soon. Josh had reflux and colic as a baby and I remember the endless hours walking up and down the hallway sad.gif

Robyn- Noah looks very cute in his little tie.

waves.gif to everyone original.gif

AFM- Cohen's appointment with the physio (re:bow legs) went well, I have been told that they should correct themselves by the time he is 3.
Josh had an accident last weekend sad.gif He came off his scooter and tore ligaments in his knee as well has a pulled hamstring. The poor bugger is still on crutches and we go back tomorrow to the fracture clinic so they can check him out again.
Big week ahead for us, my SIL gets married on Saturday and I;m Maid of Honour (hate they saying, I feel so old lol) so I'm running around like a headless chicken lol. Feeling nervous about Friday night as its my 1st away from Cohen as I'm heading up to the Hunter Valley to spend the night. Poor Cohen is not good if anyone else gets him out of bed in the mornings, think daddy might have an interesting morning.

Hope everyone is well
Take Care

#41 pink

Posted 25 October 2010 - 10:35 PM

Robyn - the supermarket with 4 kids is easier than with 2! lol Cameron is the best helper with Jack so at least I only have to worry about Hannah

Suzanne - yeah Jack just gets the tiniest bit of cordial in his water but at the moment that satisfies him so hopefully he doesnt get the taste for it too much!

just had to share this pic of my poor baby girl who has been in so much pain today sad.gif this is how we have had to hold her for 2 days. She wont sleep any other way. Last night was a long one, tonight might be again I think, she is still slumped over my arm now

#42 July Baby

Posted 26 October 2010 - 01:12 PM

Hi ladies....
Well I'mmmmm Baccccckkkkk! I had my exam today and am very glad to have my life back for a couple of months. The downside is of course I have a terrible feeling about how I went on the exam nno2.gif . Will wait and see when the results are released which isn't until December and I will have forgotten about it by then. wwhistle.gif
So... Let's see

How long does your toddler nap? 2hrs at daycare and usually somewhere between 2-3.5hrs if we are at home

Favourite toy? no real favourite toy but he love the books, and the wiggles books are his absolute favourites.

When was the last time you saw a movie, and what was it?? It would have to have been Sex and the City when I was pregnant with Wil. Yep don't get out much!!! DH doesn't really like the movies so that's more the reason! cool.gif

How often do you get out sans children to do something just for yourself? I go to work! Does that count. Not very often but that is more that I prefer it that way. Working FT doesn't allow alot of play time with Wil and that is higher on my "fun things" list than being alone!

What word do you wish would get a rest at home - what do they say TOO MUCH?? From the moment Wil wakes up he says Giggles (can't say wiggles)... If I'm on the computer he comes in and demands to sit on my knee and watch the Giggles (thanks Jen - you got my onto Youtube watching of the wiggles roll2.gif ). When I catch him dancing to the wiggles he stops and points to the TV and says Giggles, like he's totally innocent!!  laughing2.gif laughing2.gif  He says bye bye giggles when it's time to turn them off too.... Ok so he's obsessed, but I don't mind because he's not naughty about it - just yet! He also will not eat his dinner without his Bilber (bob the builder) spoon. He does say Mummy lots but I still love it  wub.gif

Jo - Love the new wheels.... You must appreciate the ease of getting around as a family now
Poor Hannah, she's not having much fun, or you for having the worry about settling her. I hope you get some answers from the doc today.

Robyn - Excellent photos of the christening and I also love Noah's tie...

Tina - Yay for you and your big run. How is the bum feeling today. Pilates would have been great to stretch you out if you managed to get there. When are you opening Tina's personal training studio. You are killing it with the exercise. tthumbs.gif  

Dannii - I hope you enjoy the Hunter. It's on my list of things to do.. All the best for the wedding. Maid of Honour is so much nicer than Bride b**ches which my friend used!!!  oomg.gif

Jen - Nice place, in a very fancy location. did you get it? Robyn the price is at the top end of the scale in terms of rent for Melb and is within spitting distance of the beach... I might be a little (ok lots) green with envy!

Umm... Not sure what else I've missed. but hi to everyone  waves.gif

Look forward to chatting soon

Catch ya

#43 LittleDCJ

Posted 26 October 2010 - 02:01 PM

Another question:  Is your toddler still in a cot or moved into a toddler bed or big bed?
Jarvis is still in his cot and he's the latest of my kids to be moved, Deakin was 18mo and Carter was 20mo. I have bought a bed and ordered a mattress for Jarvis, it should be delivered next week.  I've got a quilt cover and tomorrow will buy his sheets and quilt.  I've bought him a king single bed so he's going to look so tiny in it.  His cot does convert into a toddler bed but I would rather set him up with a big bed and sell my cot.  I'm just not loking forward to him getting out of bed in the night and banging on the door screaming 'daddy'.

I bought tickets to see Walking with Dinosaurs this morning. The show isn't here until the end of April but my boys are already very excited.  We got premium tickets and in the front row, not sure if that's a wise move or not.  A friend from high school is in the show and has been touring the world with it for the last 3 years.

Wilsmum - My legs are feeling much better today.  I did go to pilates and it was nice to stretch out my sort bits.  Back to running group in the morning, yes, I'm crazy!!

Jo - Your poor baby girl, hopefully the new meds help ease her pain.

Dannii - Have a great time at the wedding.  Your boys will be fine without you, enjoy your kid free night.

Robyn - Loved the pics of the christening, how spunky was your little Noah?

#44 July Baby

Posted 26 October 2010 - 04:42 PM

Is your toddler still in a cot or moved into a toddler bed or big bed? Wil is still in his cot. Showing no signs of needing to move to a bed - he doesn't even try and get out of the cot. He's a little boy so not going to outgrow the cot any time soon either.

Tina - Glad to hear your legs are feeling better. You are braver than me heading out for a run tomorrow.
My next CPA subject isn't until next year so no more excuses for me not to get back into the exercise.  I have a wedding to attend in Feb and I really want to tone up the bingo arms before then and get into the running.

#45 White-Lily

Posted 26 October 2010 - 04:43 PM

Is your toddler still in a cot or moved into a toddler bed or big bed? Still in a cot and will be for a while longer i think. I really dont have the patience to try a big bed. When she does get moved she will go into a single bed.

Tina havent heard much about the show but i love any stage show. I bet you will all love it!

Jo oh poor Hannah! I hope you get some meds sorted out for her and she starts to settle and be comfortable and everyone can get some rest

wilsmum im sure you did fine on your exam, relax and enjoy now original.gif

Dannii enjoy the wedding and your night away from the boys. Your Dh will be fine and so will the biys, make the most of it!
Great news about Cohens legs.
Im so glad someone else is sick of hearing 'mum'  ph34r.gif

#46 pink

Posted 26 October 2010 - 06:27 PM

Tinkster - you surely get a medal for waking us all back up again with the questions  grin.gif

Dannii - enjoy the wedding. I hope poor Josh is ok on his crutches for it. Hopefully they can find out whats wrong with his knee.

Wilsmum - it must be so nice to have finished studying for a little while. Hopefully you can enjoy a little more time with Wil now too original.gif So cute that he is obsessed with the Wiggles. I had tickets to take Jack to see them in December with a friend but have had to cancel for a family party!! Luckily another friend wanted to go so bought the tickets off me but I am still sad that we wont be seeing them.

Jen - how did you go with the house? another one who is green with envy Tounge1.gif I will have to stick to the Northern Suburbs for now! hahaha

Is your toddler still in a cot or moved into a toddler bed or big bed? Jack is still in the cot but wont be for much longer. As soon as Hannah outgrows the bassinet then he will be kicked out in to a toddler bed which I have on layby. I have 3 kids in one room so cant fit another single bed in there so it has to be a toddler bed for now and Hannah will stay in our room in the cot.

another question I thought of today....

What is the cutest/sweetest thing your toddler says or does? Jack is totally in love with Hannah, like head over heels  laughing2.gif  We call her Hannah Bear as a nic name and he calls her that all the time now. The last few days when she screams he just looks at her all concerned and says "awww poor Hannah Bear" which pronounced Harrnah beer. lol its soooo sweet

Well I am typing with 2 hands tonight Tounge1.gif Hannah is now having Gaviscon after her bottles and it has helped a lot already! After the first dose she managed a little sit in her bouncer and even a smile at Daddy when he was dancing for her hehe and after the second one she fell asleep in her bassinet by herself! She hasnt done that for at least a week. Hopefully it keeps helping cos I'm sure she's as tired as I am

I'm off to put Sophie in the bath, get the boys to get ready for bed (luckily Cameron can help Jack) and make them all pancakes. Hopefully Hannah stays settled or it could all go haywire! uh oh, she is starting to stir!

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#47 3'sacrowd

Posted 27 October 2010 - 09:59 AM

How long does your toddler nap?   About 2- 2.5 hours

Favourite toy? He has this Teddy that he takes EVERYWHERE.He got if as a Christmas present last year from our friends down the road. The tonka truck and the trolley from the laundry basket. I usually find this way down the backyard.

When was the last time you saw a movie, and what was it?? Twilight movie marathon.

How often do you get out sans children to do something just for yourself? Not very often sad.gif  Ryder has been doing lots of overtime,which means no time for myself. But I do go for a walk/run when he gets home or in the morning. I did go to my sisters a couple of wks ago and we went to Ikea and watched dvds till 2am.

What word do you wish would get a rest at home - what do they say TOO MUCH?? Nothing really. Maybe he could drob the decibels in the squealing matches with his brother though.

Is your toddler still in a cot or moved into a toddler bed or big bed? He went into the Toddler bed at 13 months. Cohen has the single bed (cot).

What is the cutest/sweetest thing your toddler says or does?
I love how he gives us kisses.Raises his eyebrows and perks his lips . It's so funny and very cute.

Dannii - Enjoy the wedding on sat. I bet you will look gorgeous. Poor Josh,must be hard for him to get around and uncomfortable.
Excellent news on Cohen's legs too.

Tina- I haven't of that show either. I'm sure you all will have a great time.

Beautiful house Jen. You sound like you are going to be so busy in the next few wks. Hopefully it isn't too stressful.

Jo- Glad that Hannah is better on the Gaviscon. Poor little girl and you. How's the car going? I bet it's nice to fit everyone in it now.

how cute of Noah at the Christening. The kids looks so cute all dressed up. Glad you got spoilt while you were in Bowen.

Wilsmum-I'm sure you did really well on your exam. December will be around very quickly.

Leita- I love your xmas idea. I might use that for this year. Last year Cohen painted paper and we used that for wrapping paper for daddy and Aunty Tanya's presents.

STILL painting here. It's only the doors and skirting boards,but it's a time consuming task. At least it will be a job I can tick off my box once it's done then on to the next one, money permitting of course wink.gif

Have a great wk  waves.gif

#48 White-Lily

Posted 27 October 2010 - 09:41 PM

Shae has another chest infection  sad.gif  Dr said more than likely she will have childhood asthma but (as i have been told 1000 times) he wont diagnose it until she is 2. Anyone have any kids with asthma? Should i get this checked into further? Paed?

She has had 6 chest infections in 12 months, visited hospital 4 times (admitted once and put on oxygen), has had steroids and ventolin ever time. This is her first round of anti-biotics (teamed with the steroids and ventolin)
When she was having regular bloodtests when a newborn they said her lungs werent great anyway and she is pre-disposed to lung conditions (genetics)

I just dont know what to do anymore and no one listens to me when i relay her history.

#49 tinkster23

Posted 28 October 2010 - 12:03 AM

suzanne- i don't know that theres much you can do, as you know, most drs don't like to diagnose ashtma til 2 years. after that point they might look at a preventer inhlaer or even singulair tablets. all you can do is keep doing what you are doing, unfortunately.  some kids do outgrow it, which is why they don't diagnose til 2years, so maybe you'll get lucky.

sorry i don't have anything more helpful

ok, trying to type in the dark on the little laptop is too hard, back in the morning!

#50 pink

Posted 28 October 2010 - 08:42 AM

Suzanne - I am an asthmatic and was chronically sick when I was little until probably 15 and then again around 20. I still have bouts of it but not bad attacks (touch wood!) Cameron was first admitted to hospital with 'asthma' and croup at 10 months old and then once a year until he we 6. He then grew out of it and hasnt had any trouble for a long time. We both always just saw GP.

I think you are doing everything you can. Sounds like they would put Shae on a preventer when she is a bit older and that should help a lot. Cameron had 10 lots of antibiotics in his first year sad.gif and was always sick. As he grew it got less and less and now he is hardly ever sick. Although when he does get sick he still gets whatever it is really bad. Hopefully Shae grows out of it all too.

Do you have a regular GP that you see all the time? might be worth finding a good one who will listen to you properly. Believe me I know what it feels like to try and get info across to Dr's who just wont listen  bbighug.gif  when you find one who trusts you as much as you trust them, then things will get so much easier

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