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February 2009 Parents # 61

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#51 ingrid74

Posted 28 October 2010 - 03:01 PM

Long time lurker.

Suzanne, my little boy Alexander (3rd Feb 2009) has had 7 hospital admissions (all on oxygen or stronger) for asmtha/bronchialitis.  First in Nov 2009, then Feb 2010 (infact was in ICU for his 1st Birthday party on CPAP) and then 5 more admissions in March and April 2010.
He is now on a strong preventer (Seretide) as they tried the lower doses and it didnt help. We also have ventolin for when he gets worse and redipred (the steriod) for each time he has a turn.
Since early May he has had 4 more bad chest infections/episodes but fortunately as he has gotten older and stronger he has been able to fight them more on his own and we have managed to (just) avoid hospital admissions.
They have already diagnosed him as asmthatic although I still think its too early. I think alot has to do with that he is susespitble to viruses (and ear infections...he had grommets in July to avoid the 4 ear drum ruptures he had suffered but has still had about 5 ear infections since). These viruses cause his breathing issues more so than 'asthma'.
Just Monday he woke up having his first febrile convulsion too (scary but at least we knew what we were watching since his older sister had a few). He had a bad upper respiratory infection, severe ear infection and bad tonsilitis.
Long story short, I would look at having a prescription for redipred and at the first sign of issues with her breathing would give it for 2 nights in a row. I would also ask about the possibility of getting a preventer for her and having your own ventolin at home to give her.

#52 leita

Posted 28 October 2010 - 08:57 PM

WhiteLily- where do you live atm- I know a great GP in Mt Lawley...... message me if you're interested. Hope Shae recovers quickly.

Ingrid- no wonder you are a lurker- it sounds like your little man keeps you seriously busy. I hope his health keeps improving as he gets bigger.

I've just picked up a few hours of work for my old boss again this week- data entry that I can do from home, which is great timing, I don't want to go back to work, but I do miss being useful and using the old grey matter just a little bit! She reckons there'll be plenty more casual work coming up for me, which is good news.

Had an afternoon of shopping without child- but was a bit shattered that I couldn't find any nice summer dresses, just for home. Everything is either the wrong shape for my "Mummy" figure, or a hideous fabric, or only sizes 6 of 14 left. Ho hum. I used to looove shopping!! Oh well, probably better for the budget. Did find a couple of nice tops and a skirt, so it wasn't an entirely wasted afternoon. Oh, and being able to go into a dozen shops and try on all the dresses I wanted to is a luxury in itself. I love my DH!!

OK, sounds like bathtime is wrapping up, better go and find PJs for the rugrat.


#53 ingrid74

Posted 29 October 2010 - 12:12 PM

Leita, its not quite as bad as it sounds! Although both kids being at childcare seem to bring home more than their fair share of germs! At least for the most part he is happy and healthy. Just a minor set back in the scheme of things. Our daughter also spent a bit of time in hospital as she had Hip displaysia (dislocated hip) but not diagnosed until 7 months so spent 6 weeks in a full body cast in the splits and then another 5 months in the splits in a  brace. One thing you realise when you visit the hospitals a few times is that really in the scheme of things you are lucky to have relatively healthy kids. So many in much much much worse positions!

#54 White-Lily

Posted 29 October 2010 - 05:10 PM

Thanks Ladies!

I hope she outgrows it  hands.gif  this really sucks! we do have a great GP but he is so hard to get into at short notice which is why she has seen so many other Drs so i think im going to book her in to visit our regular GP and fill him in and get her checked over again and i might make an appoint for her to go back to see her Paed when she is 2 to get her checked over again.. Leita we are in rockingham now
Ingrid thank you so much for your advice. We have Redipred at home and another script (or two) for it as they keep  giving it to us! And she has ventolin (which im sure i have repeat scripts for) which we are allowed to give her whenever she needs. I find its the weather that throws her about, one cold morning and she starts wheezing like a long term smoker  sad.gif and i thought it would get better with some nicer weather but not yet.

The meds have helped so much this time and her temp is gone and she isnt crying all day and night and is sleeping much better, tho waking to cough every now and then still. The change in her is so amazing! I just wish she could be like this all the time.
How can i get her to take the medicine easily? we are using a syringe atm and it takes one to hold, one to medicate. Needless to say it doesnt go well! But she wont take it from a spoon/medicaine cup nor will she drink it if i mix it with milk or something...

One thing you realise when you visit the hospitals a few times is that really in the scheme of things you are lucky to have relatively healthy kids. So many in much much much worse positions!
I totally agree, tho it is really hard going when you have illness after illness but at least we have out LO's home with us and healthy(ish) for the most part
Shae has/had Hip Displaysia too. How are your DD's hips now?

Leita i went for a bit of a walk round the shops yesterday and found nothing as well! Its terrible! Everything is the same and such boring grey colours. Maybe i am just too picky? Glad you found something.
Great news on getting some work you can do at home. I wish i could work from home, oh well this is only the short term plan

Nothing planned this weekend, just relax at home with the sicko monster and hope she keeps improving the way she has been

Have a good one

#55 ingrid74

Posted 29 October 2010 - 05:22 PM

Can't give  you a good suggestion as to how to get her to take her medicine. Both of mine open wide for theirs!
As for DD's hips. All is good now. She got her brace off at 14 months and was walking before 16 months. Pretty impressive we thought. She has an x-ray once a year and there is still a few degrees difference in her hip angles but its gradually improving. Because of the late diagnosis and surgery its expected it might take up til shes 10 for it to be the same!

#56 White-Lily

Posted 29 October 2010 - 09:43 PM

Mum tried the 'open wide' with Shae this morning and it worked! I never thought to ask her to open up  rolleyes.gif  laugh.gif did it again at lunch and then dinner and all is good! I really under estimate Shae sometimes

Ingrid thats great that your DD's hips are good now. Shae is on 6 mthly checks but hopefully after her next check up she will go to 12 mthly check ups. She also still has a few degree difference in her angles too. Not sure when they expect Shae's to be about the same, never asked before. Thats great that she walked so soon. They are amazing little things arent they with how resiliant they are. Shae was out of her harness at 9 months and didnt walk until 17mths

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#57 White-Lily

Posted 01 November 2010 - 11:46 AM


Lovely weekend for us and Shae did some more wee's (x2) on the potty! as well as many dribbles around it! But she is getting used to the idea. Still not TT, more just letting her chose and it seems to be working. Cant wait for warmer days so we can just play outside and she can walk around in training pants
Her chest is so much better, still wheezy but not as bad and she is getting good at taking her medicine so that makes things easier original.gif

Hope everyone is well

#58 White-Lily

Posted 02 November 2010 - 03:42 PM

feels like im talking to myself in here...

#59 tinkster23

Posted 02 November 2010 - 08:18 PM

well, you kinda are...but I'm here listening if that helps??

Jacks no where NEAR toilet training, and thats ok with me, Hannah didn't do it til she was nearly 3 and did it almost overnight so I'm ok with that, its a much better often than months and months of cleaning wee off the floor!

Can't help with the meds thing, my kids take meds like a nurses kid  wink.gif  (hannah quite often asks what she's having, and how many mls that is!) The staff at ED were impressed with jack the other night, even amongst all the drama he took his meds no issue.

For those that don't have me on facebook- Jack had me do my first middle of the night rush to hospital last week, woke up with a horrible sounding croupy cough, just couldn't catch his breath. Was awful, I scared my hubby cos I got changed and out the door so fast and I'm not usually worried like that. After a much quicker than normal trip into work we were rushed right through to resus, no waiting and they gave him an adrenaline neb which helped his stridor and cough. He had some dexamethasone and then they transferred us up to my ward for observation overnight. By the time we got there he was feeling MUCH better (and a little hyped up by the steroids) and was smiling and laughing and charming everyone, which is all well and good, cept its 2am and you need to sleep young man!!

We were home by around 8:30 the next day and he was fine the next night but it was pretty damn scary, bloody child!

We have prestart for the house on friday...which is very exciting, but a little scary all at the same time


I think thats all!

Oh- I know- whats your little one getting for christmas??
Jacks getting a cozy coupe fire engine from santa, and a dump truck with lego blcoks from us but I dunno what else, he doesn't NEED anything, we have SO much crap around here!

#60 tashi2

Posted 03 November 2010 - 01:05 PM

hi guys... still here.. lurking and not posting much

Teresa - how scarey esp seeing as you are a nurse. Glad that all is well now.. was there anything wrong and could it happen again?

Xmas presents... just looking into that now. I am thinking of getting a thomas table with all the trains as he just loves trains and cars and a couple of other big but cheap toys as I am sure he will get alot from relatives and friends.. and his birthday is only really 6 weeks  after xmas

Toilet training.. we are going to start when it gets a bit warmer. I am also going to be extending his cot into a bigger bed then as well as I will need to get him out of his sleeping bag so there will be a lot of changes for my boy soon ;-(

#61 summerbub

Posted 03 November 2010 - 04:43 PM

Hi Guys! waves.gif

Suzanne that was me a few weeks ago - thought I was talking to myself hahaha.

tashi - it's so sad that we have to face these things now, our babies are growing up cry1.gif NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

Theresa - oh no I'm so sorry to hear about your little studmuffin being so sick sad.gif You must have been super worried. I'm glad he is fine now though!

Christmas - Well I'm going to be one of those crazy awful mums and I'm thinking of getting Noah a trampoline. He just loves them and he spends all day outside so it makes sense to me.
I also got one of those balls with ears that you bounce along on... got it from kmart the other day and it is up in the top cupboard.

Suzanne - yay for Shae's progress with TTing! I'm going to start Noah soon-ish I think. I think we are a little way off with the big bed. He is happy in the cot and I"m happy keeping him in there for the time being..

Hi Ingrid nice to hear from you. I hope you guys have a bit of an easier time going forward.

Leita - yay for kid free shopping time!!

afm - quick one from me this arvo... DH & Noah just arrived home. We're doing well still, same old same old! Noah just cracks me up, so freaking funny. Eden is a champ, sleeping through 7-6+ish without a feed. Couldn't ask for more really!
I'm flat out ALL of the time, I have so much on at the moment, christenings, engagement parties, trips everywhere. I really would like to just press pause for two days so that I can get everything organised and spring cleaned, and then resume as normal.

I hosted a wonderful Melbourne Cup party yesterday afternoon. It was really last minute but everyone had such a fabulous time! I had 4 bottles of expressed milk in the freezer so we used two of those yesterday arvo so I could have some champagne! It was nice to relax and have a million laughs with really good friends.

Alright better go, it's that time of day  rolleyes.gif

#62 summerbub

Posted 03 November 2010 - 04:46 PM

Double post ddoh.gif

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#63 Skyjay

Posted 03 November 2010 - 08:48 PM

Just a quicky from me, I've been in Perth for the last week and a half. Today 36 degrees, nearlly killed me, but thanks to shopping centres, we survived. Poor Indi has been on the go each day, I cant wait to get her home to finally have a day sleep in her bed. She is either sleeping in the car or pram at the moment, but we have seen so much and didn't get eaten by any sharks!. She is also waking up at 6 & 7 am, it's so light here in the mornings. Head home on Saturday,not sure if we may have too much luggage though!!!! Off to Hillary's Boat Harbour tomorrow, thank god for the cooler weather.

Will catch up with the reading when we get home.

#64 White-Lily

Posted 04 November 2010 - 03:33 PM

Skyjay hope you are enjoying Perth. At least today is not so hot!

Robyn way to go Eden ! What a great sleeper she is original.gif The silly season seems to have started already

Sue lots of changes but im sure he will breeze thru them

Theresa so glad to hear jack is much better but OMG what a fright he gave you!

TTing we will start properly when its a bit warmer too i think, if Shae will wait that long! She all but rips her nappy off as soon as she gets home now  rolleyes.gif 'wet, wet' is all im hearing the whole car ride home. She is getting really upset by being wet so we are thinking when we get serious she will TT easily  hands.gif

Big Bed is a while away for us. She doesnt climb out of the cot so im leaving her in it

Christmas Shae is getting some clothes (becasue she needs them) and a BBQ that talks so she can help daddy and pop  wub.gif

Her Birthday is only 4 weeks later so i think she is getting some books and maybe a sand and water table.

Is anyone else thinking about the 2nd birthday celebrations yet?

#65 leita

Posted 05 November 2010 - 02:01 PM

WhiteLily, I don't want to think about second birthday preparations at all!!!

I think we'll get Miss Mali a trike for Christmas- one with peddles, and a handle on the back so Mummy can push.... or maybe that's a waste of time, we are having a miss independant week this week, and Mummy is not allowed to help do anything. wacko.gif

Skyjay, hope you love the rest of your time in Perth, it's absolutely beautiful today!

Summerbub listen to you you domestic goddess, hosting parties and all! Hope you have a great time at all those parties!

Tinkster how is Jack doing? Still OK I hope.

Sorry, I don't track you guys of facebook, try to avoid it if I can- too many people who annoy me on there (family members). Darling step mother (who is same age as me) on there today gushing about her wedding anniversary (with my Dad of course) which kinda makes me want to  sick.gif . Very immature and unsupportive of me I know, but falls into the category of overshare I think. That and I'm maybe too old for facebook.

Miss Mali didn't have a day sleep yesterday, just wasn't tired, but she's napped out now, so best go get out the paintbrush while I can!


#66 LEGs-R-US

Posted 06 November 2010 - 07:22 PM

Hi Ladies,

Sorry I've been so slack but honestly I have had a lot going on!

Lets see..
--> Found a house and Mark moves Dec 6 so am madly getting this house up to scratch and packing.  Isn't it always the way that you fix your house up nicely just before you leave.
--> My Aunty died... she was old and I honestly think this is a kind thing (82, dementia & was blind since about five).  I was OK about it all but still a bit of a sad moment and am obviously sad for mum who was her carer for over 40 years.
--> I set the kitchen alight cooking popcorn for the school fete.  Thankfully I only had soot everywhere and it whipped off OK.  Mark did burn is hand slightly though.
--> Liam has been sick... to the point where he vomits with every cough...

OH and now mark wants the notebook... typical (lol).

WIll be back when he puts his boring show on and do some updates.  I have been reading heaps... PROMISE!

#67 pink

Posted 07 November 2010 - 08:32 PM

hi Ladies original.gif

Jen - great news that you got a house! good luck with all the packing and moving. How long will you be on your own up there before you make the move with the kids?

leita - wow it must be weird having a step mother the same age as you! My DP is 8 years younger than me and his Mum was born the same year as my sister (who is 12 years older than me) and thats close enough for me! lol

2nd Birthdays - I havent thought too much about it yet but will probably just have a little morning tea party with the local EB mums that I catch up with regularly. Our families are spread far and wide so big parties always make me a bit sad cos its usually my family that cant make it.

Karen - welcome home original.gif how did the girls travel and settle back in?

Robyn - great to hear Eden is sleeping so well. How is she during the day? Hannah is struggling sometimes still and I have no idea whether to take her back to the Dr or not

Me - I am finding myself increasingly busy! Jack is a delight altho he is getting a little more forceful and I can feel the terrible two tantrums coming on! He is so damn spoiled from being so cute that they will be impressive  laughing2.gif

Hannah is up and down. Today is the first day in a very long time (possibly ever) that she has woken for a feed, had a little play and then gone back to sleep in her bassinet. Its all very foreign to me. Thurs, Fri and Sat she was a mess sad.gif she screamed all day and wasnt drinking enough. She has dropped to only 4 bottles and wont increase the amount in each so is still having 120mls per feed. The Gaviscon doesnt seem to help at all any more so I will probably take her to the Dr this week and see what they say. Yesterday I was all ready to and then today she has been perfect so it makes me wonder if she really needs it. Yesterday we BOTH needed something! for the first time ever I was feeling very out of my depth and wondering if I was cut out to have 4 kids at all sad.gif I have always enjoyed being a Mum but now it is so damn hard! maybe I need to sit back and think about all we went thru with Sophie and tell myself that I will get thru this too original.gif

Anyway Hannah gets weighed on Thursday morning so hopefully she has put on weight or we will be back to the Dr anyway. Will keep you posted

#68 leita

Posted 08 November 2010 - 04:07 PM

Pink, Gosh, I remember how tough it was with just one little one those first few months, I don't know how you do it with four!! But I know you will, you are supermum.

LEGs OMG, that is an awful lot to be going on! Yay for finding a house, that must be a relief. I hate the packing/cleaning fiasco, but yep, know what you mean, you always have to leave it cleaner than you got it!

India How are you travelling? Havent heard from you for a while? Hope everything is OK

I have nearly finished the first coat of paint on the outside of the house- woo hoo. It will need another coat, but at least it's not yellow anymore! Taking me ages cos I have to do it with a paintbrush  wacko.gif Yes, i realise you can use a spray gun thingy, but I can only paint while Mali is asleep, and don't want to make a big noise- nor have to dismantle and clean the silly thing after an hour each time. Besides, painting with a brush is very zen. Actually I do find it quite relaxing. Nice to have some thinking time, and its such gorgeous weather atm.

Hmmm, can hear my princess waking. Hope everyone is well, and having a great week.


#69 pink

Posted 08 November 2010 - 04:34 PM

Leita - wow what a job painting the outside of a house! I find painting relaxing too but get sick of it after 1 wall LOL

just popping back in to show off a couple of photos (I know most have seen enough on facebook! lol)

Hannah (2 months)

Jacks first haircut (21 months)

Edited by pink, 08 November 2010 - 04:38 PM.

#70 pink

Posted 08 November 2010 - 04:38 PM

double post!

Edited by pink, 08 November 2010 - 04:39 PM.

#71 summerbub

Posted 08 November 2010 - 08:38 PM

awwww! they are so sweet Jo! wub.gif

I really wanted to come in and urge you to go back to the doctor - in Eden's case, they skipped the gaviscon and zantac and went to the Losec. As you have heard she is an absolute dream. Going from me holding her upright 24/7 to sleeping in her own cot and feed-play-sleep... and sleeping day & night like an angel - it won't hurt to go back and see if there is something else to try.

Here were Eden's symptoms with Silent Reflux:
Swallowing / gulping with painful look on face
Milk coming out nose - looks like she has runny nose
Eyes watering when gagging.
No vomiting
Couldn't lay flat
Unsettled sleep
Slept well upright on my chest or face down
Vomity breath
Always had mouth open
Gagging with dummy
Mega mega hard burps that hurt her, cringing afterwards.

Jen a big congratulations to you for your run!

Leita OMG painting the OUTSIDE of your home by brush!!?? That is crazy!! laughing2.gif I love painting too... but inside! haha.

Suzanne ooh the sand and water table sounds good - where do you get them from?

All our other lovely members MIA how are you???

As For me this week... just got back from Chinchilla which was a 4 hour drive away... we went to an engagement party. It was lovely, but the drive was soooooooooooooooo long! My sister offered to look after Noah at the last minute so he had a sleep over there while we were away.
Noah's swimming is coming along nicely - he has had 5 lessons now and is doing lots of tricks and loving it. Today he brought his swimming bag out of his room twice telling me he wanted to go swimming! haha.
Dh goes on a fishing charter this Sunday, then I'm in Perth with Eden the following week (19th-25th). I might have a little bit of time on the Wednesday 24th or early Thursday 25th if anyone is keen for a cuppa. I'll be in Wembley (next to Subiaco) but can try to go anywhere else if any Perth / WA ladies are free. Please let me know if you are, would love to catch up with you original.gif

You might have seen that my iphone was microwaved courtesy of Noah and my sister.... well I got it back today from Optus and they replaced it for no charge! yay!


#72 pink

Posted 08 November 2010 - 08:55 PM

Thanks Robyn, I have made an appointment to take Hannah to the Dr on Wednesday. She has almost identical symptoms to Eden. The thing that worries me the most is her missing out on things developmentally. She prefers to have her head to her right and I know we need to get her to practice holding it to the other side but its impossible when you cant lay her down! Hopefully in a week or two we will have a content little girl as well original.gif

#73 July Baby

Posted 08 November 2010 - 09:24 PM

Good evening ladies!  biggrin.gif

Jo - My gosh you sound like you are giving yourself a hard time! You are doing a super job looking after 4 children and poor Hannah being unwell must be challenging for you. I hope you are managing to get some good rest... Here's a big bbighug.gif
Wil had a home haircut yesterday - and it looks like one too. He really doesn't like the sound of the clippers. DH assured me what size to use and now his hair looks way too short. No-one will mess with him with the crew cut he's sporting. I'm glad I didn't take him to pay for one as he would have screamed the place down! I'll post some pics on facebook shortly.

Robyn - Yay on the replacement phone. I'm trying to convince DH that I NEED and iphone for my birthday but just can't get it over the line. We are generally a bit slow on the technological stuff, having got the massive TV when the rest of the world were getting their second or third  roll2.gif !! Plus my mobile is bundled with our home phone and and they no longer offer that package so it means we might have to change things which will mean more costs and that is a deal breaker!!  cry1.gif cry1.gif  Any sneaky suggestions? ha ha
It's ace that Noah loves swimming.. Wil enjoys it too and likes to clap at the end of each song. Such an appreciative boy blush.gif

LEGS - huge  cclap.gif cclap.gif  for your run.  tthumbs.gif tthumbs.gif  That's excellent and you must be very pleased? Have you caught the fitness bug now? It's a bit contagious being around so many people who are enjoying exercise isn't it? Great news on the house in Melb. Did you get the one you showed us pics of? Happy packing

Susanne - Shae has coming such a long way when you look at all the hurdles you have faced so far. I hope you get some answers re the Asthma and get rid of the nasty germs.

Karen - How did the kids go on the flights? Are you ready for another trip yet??

We had a productive weekend and spent all of yesterday gardening and mulching. Well in actual fact I spent the majority of the time chasing Wil down the street. These new estates are lovely but with very little front yard and no fence it's hard work keeping him safe. oomg.gif  Once we got out to the back it was fine. It was relaxing and lots of fun to roll around in the grass with Wil and teach him to use the tiny shovel and bucket to take some mulch to daddy for the garden  grin.gif wub.gif wub.gif  

We won't do anything official for Wil's 2nd birthday. Just have a family dinner with my family and then another with DH's family. We are getting him an easel with paper rolls from Ikea. I love them and they aren't expensive. I think we'll have to get some more wiggles clothes too as Wil is mad keen on them.

Ok it's getting late and I'm a bit tired (it is Monday after all) so I'll catch you all later


#74 White-Lily

Posted 09 November 2010 - 02:57 PM

Jo love the pics! Jack looks so cheeky. Hope you get Hannahs reflux under control when you see the Dr on Wednesday. Poor thing.

Leita wow, painting the outside by brush is an achievement! Hope the next coat goes on quickly!

Jen congrats on finding a house and you run!

Robyn yay for getting your phone replaced for free! We got the sand and water table from K-Mart for $38 just have to buy some accessories to go with it

wilsmum can you just buy the phone and unlock it and put your existing sim into it? The easel and roll paper is a great idea, i might borrow it!

Birthday we are just going to have a BBQ at home with the immediate family over. Nothing big but need it planned before xmas so i dont have to post invites  ph34r.gif

Perth Meet i can probably swing a day off work, let me know if anyone else is keen original.gif

AFU Shae is sick again still sick, she improved for a few days but now she is off her meds she is worse again. Back to the Dr this arvo to have her checked out again.

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