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October 09 Parents # 45

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#1 Sandra

Posted 17 October 2010 - 10:26 PM

New thread time ladies


#2 jemsoli

Posted 18 October 2010 - 06:52 AM

woo hoo! GOLD for me!

pizza hut for those who wanted to know we went to pizza hut at campbelltown but there are also dine-in restaurants at mt druitt, windsor and in the city. if you look up pizza hut on whitepages.com.au it will bring up a list of dine in ones as well. it is pretty much the same as they used to be back when they were everywhere, the food is the same and the choc mousse is still YUMMY! its just the prices that have changed ($15.95 for an adult)

foxy jo hope you have a great holiday!

jo i figured things with hannah must have been ok, otherwise you would have stayed home from your holiday. it must have been SO hard seing your baby girl have a seizure and i hope it NEVER happens again.

brooke glad to hear work is going well. are you doing full 8 hour days? or shorter hours as well?

kylie oooh, congrats at being accepted at the market!

afm well, i had an amazing weekend. as well as DF taking emily out for a few hours on saturday he also let me have a sleep in on sunday! well, i got up at 7am, fed emily then went back to bed til 10am. i am thinking he is trying to butter me up for something  laugh.gif

i am hoping today that my mum friends are free cos we havent caught up for weeks!

#3 Guest_chntlrose_*

Posted 21 October 2010 - 07:36 PM

SILVER - first time ever!! Woohoo!

I'm just popping in to see what's going on. Will cone back tomorrow to do an update post.

Hope you're all well.

#4 koiles

Posted 24 October 2010 - 03:49 PM

Lol no one has replied for 3 days and I still managed to score a BRONZE!! roll2.gif

Was E's birthday yesterday and we had his party in the park. Typical that it's been nice and warm and sunny the last few days and yesterday was cold and overcast! Today it's sunny again grr! Oh well, we still had a wonderful time and E was thoroughly spoilt rotten he had an absolute ball yesterday.

He's got 2 of his bottom molars looking like they're about to come through soon, they've been giving him a bit of pain today and the gum is very swollen and you can see the white of the tooth through the side of the gum. Hopefully they're through quickly, they haven't given him half as much grief as all of his other teeth did coming through, so fingers crossed. I can't get over how many words he's saying now. He's a total chatterbox non stop all day and the words just keep coming.

We're off to the zoo tomorrow with my mum and dad, they go back home on Wednesday it's been great having them here.

Better be off!
Kyles xx

#5 **Foxy82**

Posted 25 October 2010 - 06:24 AM

Hi girls!
Just popping in to say hi waves.gif
We are away for another week so I will do a proper post next week.
We are having a great time and H loves the beach!! It's raining today though so I'm not sure what we will do,maybe go out for lunch!
Hope you are all well!!!

#6 jemsoli

Posted 27 October 2010 - 11:38 AM

kylie glad to hear evan's party was a success, even though the weather was a bit sucky.

hope his new teeth come through quickly too. do you think he is getting better with teething? cos i remember what a nightmare you said it was before.

jo hope you are having a fabulous holiday.

afm not much but a lot has been happening. emily has a huge scrape next to her eye, and we thought it was going to turn into a ginormous black eye, but just scabbed over. i was seriously worried about taking her out like that, with people thinking i had done it LOL. we have this stupid plank of wood inbetween the dining room and the study (toy room) and i was laying on the floor and emily ran and launched herself at me (it is a game we play) but she was so fast she went right over me and hit her face on the wood. it was on sunday so it should be fading soon.

we took her on her first beach trip on the weekend. she hated it. she hated the sand, and then we took her down to the water, where she was interested in the waves coming in. then we put her feet in the waves and she SCREAMED. seriously, i have the biggest wuss baby when it comes to feeling stuff, first grass now sand?

lots of other little things have happened but i cant remember them anymore. LOL.

#7 honeyfly

Posted 27 October 2010 - 08:28 PM

Wow, what happened to our previously very chatty group?!

I haven't had much computer time being back at work now, I'm just so busy.

Jess - I don't generally do 8 hour days, though it turned out to be that today!!  But usually I drop Hannah off 8.30-9 then pick her up around 3 if I can, so about 6 or so hour days.  But yes, 4 days a week.  Ouch poor Emily!  They get so many bumps and bruises though.  Lol about the beach, that's no good!  Hannah loves the sand, but finds the water a bit cold still.  She too is a bit funny with grass initially, they are funny little creatures.  No luck with TTC yet?  Hope it happens for you soon if that's what you're still aiming for.

Jo - hi Jo, have a good time away!

Kylie - damn that weather, so irritating isn't it?  You should have seen our wedding day, it was the worst August weather in 120 years, just made my day of course:

A pic from the paper of somewhere on the coast, just to make you feel better!  laughing2.gif

hahaha but it doesn't matter, unfortunately it's the only thing you really can't control at all!  I'm sure E had a great time and didn't even notice!  What words is he saying now??  The molars look like they're gonna hurt!!

AFM - Hannah is walking everywhere now, crawling is for babies apparently.  It's so funny watching this tiny little person pottering around the house like a drunk old man hahaha.  I have my first trip away for work next week, but no way can be away from Hannah for that long so DH is coming up with me and playing house-husband for the week!  Yay!

Um, not much else, work is taking up a lot of my time.  Hannah loves her 2 days daycare though which is a relief, the other 2 days is with each Grandma.

I'm jealous that most of you have the 1st birthday parties over and done with!  I haven't organised anything, and I know this sounds insane, but after inviting the family, close friends and our mum's group, including babies, 100 freakin' people have been invited!!!!!  I couldn't believe it, thought it was around 50, but actually counted it the other day and it's 100!!!!  That's ridiculous isn't it?!

Ok have a great week!!

Luv Brooke

#8 Freyja

Posted 28 October 2010 - 11:29 AM

Maybe we're all busy chasing our toddlers or picking up after they pull everything from every cupboard possible?  laugh.gif My house is a disaster all the time!

Brooke - How is work going? Are you getting into a routine with the housework and cooking dinner? That's my biggest concern - keeping the house organised and the family fed healthily on minimal time. Goodness, 100 is a big party! Have fun planning it.

Jess - My DD who is 4 HATES the beach. She says its too noisy. I guess it is, when you think about it. Oh - bruises! Owen has a black bite mark on his arm which he gave to himself  sad.gif The pain! He bit down like he does on the leather lounge.

Jo - Enjoy your holiday - lucky you!

Kylie - Glad the party went well. E is looking so big and gorgeous in your FB pics  wub.gif Owen isn't saying very much - just 'bye' 'yum yum' and sometimes 'hello' but he IS signing for 'more' and 'finished' when eating. So cute. Oh - the zoo sounds great!

What's happening here? Owen is walking and being a general menace as any one-year-old boy should  wink.gif
We sold our car yesterday and getting our new 7 seater on Saturday  ddance.gif Kia Sorento sli. To us it's costing a fortune but I reckon will be worth every last cent to not have the nit-picking from the kids in the back because they're touching each other.

Rose had her kindy orientation yesterday  ffear.gif and I went into work to meet the new kindies as I'm teaching them next year  cclap.gif

Hmm, I that's the biggest news  grin.gif

Take care! Can anyone believe it's only 8 weeks or something until Chirstmas???!!!

#9 honeyfly

Posted 29 October 2010 - 01:58 PM

Kristy - work is going well, really busy though, was on my laptop til 11 last night which is not cool!!!  Trying to manage the cooking and cleaning, but it's hard!  I need to do some organisation today for Hannah's party, I'm starting to think I'll never get it done!  That's exciting about your new car.  And I know Christmas isn't far away at all, I'm waiting for Hannah's birthday to be done then I can focus on getting organised for Christmas!  Though I have been listening to Christmas music for nearly a month now  blush.gif

Well today is the anniversary of Hannah's due date!!!  Obviously I was still waiting, and didn't know I had another 9 days to go!  I was just reading what my posts were back the, and had a teary as I was telling a story about Busta knocking over my elderly neighbour!!  Still missing him so much, wish like crazy he was here  cry1.gif

Hannah had her swimming lesson today, she just loves it and goes crazy in the water!  I went and did some laps like a good girl first and she hung out in the creche.

Actually, I have lost over a kg since returning to work with having done less exercise, I think it's just not having that constant access to the fridge and pantry!

Might go jump in the pool for a bit, ciao for now!

Luv B

#10 jemsoli

Posted 29 October 2010 - 03:15 PM

brooke haha. i think my weight may have something to do with the access to the fridge and pantry.

still no luck TTC. i really thought that this was my month, but of course AF arriving completely ruined that for me. so next month is my month!!!

you are so lucky your DH is taking a holiday and bringing hannah up to you, it will make the transition to the away trips a bit easier.

kristy i cant believe owen bit himself. i thought they were aware enough to realise that arms are attached, though i guess he didnt realise that when he did it! i bet your lounge isnt in great shape if he is always munching on it!

8 weeks till christmas! OMG! i want to be organised this year, try to buy everything by the end of november. i really dont think it will happen, but i can hope...

afm i just bought a new pram. i am so excited, it is a maclaren quest, nothing exciting but my first brand new pram (ok so i only have ever had one other pram) i just wanted something smaller and lighter. we have a phil and teds vibe, but it is really heavy and a bit hard to steer sometimes. DF was not happy that i wanted a new pram, so i told him that it was only $160 (it was $280) and he pretty much said, i dont think we need it, but do whatever you want. i dont hold grudges like some people (meaning me LMAO) and will get over it pretty quick.

i did think of another reason to justify it, and that is that emily doesnt need to be in the big pram (and having mentioned all the other issues with how heavy it is, hard to steer, wont fit through checkouts) and obviously emily is going to get at LEAST 9 months use out of it (before i have another bubba and we go back to the old pram with the toddler seat) and she will want to be more independant now, and do some walking around too. plus when i am pregnant it will be easier on me pushing the new pram (lighter and easier to steer) and it will be easier to get it in and out of the car. so i think ill be ok  biggrin.gif

nothing else exciting is happening though.

hope everyone is happy and healthy. xxx

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#11 koiles

Posted 30 October 2010 - 07:20 PM

Jo hope your holiday has been amazing, can't wait to hear about it when you get back.

Jess I definitely think he's getting better with teething - it looks like the molars have stopped moving now they're just sitting there, but with his previous teeth any movement would be disaster he was so bad. This time though he's been biting on his toys heaps and rubbing his gums and occasionally having a bit of a sook but no where near as bad as earlier on, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed that he's acting like a 'big boy' now lol. How is Emily's eye now? We took E to the zoo on Monday and sat him on a seal statue to take a pic and he kept looking down and wiggling his feet around, I finally twigged that it's the first time he'd felt sand between his toes, he was fascinated! We've got the Maclaren Quest stroller too and I wub.gif it. I take the big pram most places, but I love having the stroller handy for quick trips to the shops or markets where there's not much walkway space and of course for public transport too, it's been a fantastic stroller.

Brooke omg I can't believe that pic! It is absolutely bucketing down here at the moment, after being such lovely weather all week, poo! 100 people? OMG you're going to be flat out lol. We just had a simple BBQ lunch but I've already decided that for #2's first bday we're going to do the easy option and make it a 2-4pm afternoon tea. Muffins, cakes, finger foody type stuff, so easy. Mind you, number 2 won't have a mums group or anything like that so there probably won't be too many to invite apart from family the poor thing...but yay for me laughing2.gif. Good luck with your work trip this week, yay to DH playing Mr Mum, that's awesome.

Kristy lol I think you're spot on, that's how my time is spent these days, cleaning up after Cyclone Evan tears through, only to have all my work undone 5mins later. That's so cute Owen's doing the signing, did you do that with your girls too? E has been waving and saying bye for a while but just this week he's started adding dad on the end of it when DH goes to work...DH is the biggest dag, he's loving it so much that on Thursday he ended up leaving then coming back in 2mins later going 'oh I just forgot something' then pretended to look for something he didn't really need just so he could say 'bye Evan' again...so E waves and goes 'bye dad' lol. Oooo did you pick up your new car today? Have you stopped sniffing the new car smell yet? laughing2.gif

AFM had E's 1yr checkup with the MCHN on Tuesday, he is 50th %ile for height, weight and head circ, so he's doing perfectly! We're on day 2 of no daytime bottles at all and he just has his bedtime bottle...mummy is not ready to get rid of that yet! Our night routine works so perfectly the thought of getting rid of that bottle scares me a bit. I've ordered a new sippy cup for him, so once that arrives we'll go from bottle to sippy cup before bed and hopefully we'll then be 100% bottle free! He's on half cows milk half formula now, am easing him onto cows milk slowly due to his gut, but so far so good has not made a smidge of difference at all. And I really thought he'd crack the poos about not having a morning bottle but he hasn't batted an eyelid it's been sooo easy!

#12 Freyja

Posted 01 November 2010 - 07:56 AM

Kylie - good luck going bottle free  original.gif We're on cows milk here too. No more BF - I have my body back! No, I didn't sign with my girls. I thought I'd try this time, don't know why  shrug.gif Since my last post Owen has been saying more - both his sisters names and Mum and hello. I think O might be teething too the way he's biting everything.

Jess - I'm sure he knew it was his arm - he just didn't realise it would hurt as he's never been bitten/pinched/anything before. The lounge is fine - it's a really good/durable one that holds it shape no matter what. We bought it with kiddy wear-and-tear in mind. I love my leather lounge original.gif and don't care if he bites it. All my kids did it, lol. How is the new pram going?

Brooke - Well, if you can do it means i can too - I'm starting to get nervous when I think of work. I hope I can cope with everything!  oomg2.gif Worrying now won't change anything though, wiil it? Haha, I love Bing Crosby christmas music! What do you listen to?

We got our car! Beautiful and lots of space original.gif I'm yet to park it - hope i manage with a bigger car, lol. Today will be a test at the swimming pool with their teeny tiny spaces. It has a reverse camera which should help.

I'm going to the races tomorrow! DH is taking a sickie so I can go  llove.gif and is even picking me up so I can have a champagne or two. I have my dress and accessories all worked out. I just have to decide how to wear my hair...

#13 jemsoli

Posted 02 November 2010 - 07:20 AM

kylie it really sounds like everything is going great with evan. from what i can gather it seems like his unsettledness has settled right down and is turning into an awesome bubba for you. how is he with his day sleeps? is he still having 2 hour naps?

kristy new pram is good, only used it 3 times though. the only drawback i can see so far is that i cant load it up with as much stuff. the under-basket in my P&T was massive, so could store HEAPS of stuff in it.

hope you have an awesome time at the races today (and you win some money too!)

afm not really much to report here. every day seems to be exactly the same. have to go out today and pay for my (non-legit) staff parking pass for the local westfield. its awesome, $10 for parking all year in secure parking! and have to get some documents certified by a JP for rolling over my super. i was SOOOO annoyed, cos i rolled over 2 super accounts into my main one and so filled out 2 lots of forms, and i had to provide ID (drivers license and centrelink statement) that were verified. it took me 2.5 frikkin hours to get the stupid docs verified cos no one is a JP and then i get a call a few days later that i need to send MORE cos i had 2 lots of forms so i need 2 lots of documents. i almost cried.

oooh, and VERY excited. my friend and i made an order with GAP (went together so we could split postage) so we should be getting that in the next week or so. but eep, i am down to my last $200 of savings, with no prospects of more money till next year tax time. i am almost fully dependant on DF now  sad.gif

#14 jemsoli

Posted 02 November 2010 - 12:49 PM

kylie can you let me know who it is that you do your mystery shopper thing through? as i am running out of money i thought it would be a good way to get some extra $ but there are so many and i was going to sign up for one and they asked me to put my bank details in, and so with alarm bells ringing i didnt proceed.

#15 koiles

Posted 02 November 2010 - 08:39 PM

Jess no probs I'll PM the details over FB. The one that I do pays by Paypal once a month so you don't share any of your bank details, just the email address you use for your Paypal account. TBH there's not a huge amount of 'work' but I usually get on average one a month and it's either a nice little bit of pocket money or a reimbursement assignment, like I've got one coming up next week for a jewellery store where I buy something and they reimburse me $40...so I get a new piece of jewellery for nothing! I don't mind those ones because I get a treat that I definitely wouldn't be buying myself under normal circumstances given our budget!

Yep you're spot on Evan has just been such a pleasure lately. Everyone told me to stop wishing away the first year of his life as I just couldn't wait for him to turn one and said I'd regret it, but seriously this Evan right now is perfect. I'm really thoroughly enjoying him for the first time since he was born. I still have days where he drives me nuts, but he's just a normal 1 year old...I think that's what I'm loving, he's finally 'normal' iykwim, no more reflux, no more doing physio with him 3 times a day for his arm, nothing except just what normal kids do.

Kristy we're now up to 120ml cows 90ml formula and it's the first time I've noticed him struggle slightly with it. He woke up about 2.30am this morning and I couldn't settle him so bought him back to bed with us and he just tossed and turned in his sleep all night and was really gassy. I've given him the same amount again tonight and will see how he goes but I might leave it a bit longer this time before upping again. We only have 3 more scoops of formula left to replace, exciting! Only now I need to remember to have milk in the house all the time which I always forget! Aww good on DH, how did the races go today, hope you had a wonderful time!

AFM starting to get my butt in gear for the baby arriving. Bought and wrote out all my Christmas cards yesterday, need to do presents in the next week. Washing baby clothes and packing the baby's hospital bag and my hospital bag this week. I wrote out a big list last night of things to start ticking off. 2 weeks to go until my market stall...have loads of sewing to do tomorrow on my baby-free day!

#16 jemsoli

Posted 07 November 2010 - 07:22 AM

our group is really dying off. its a bit sad really. i guess we are all super busy now though, but still sad.

kylie im so glad evan has turned into a dream bubba. YOU MADE IT! its great that you are so organised with christmas cards and presents, though i know you have to be, but its good you are getting in early. i was at the shops yesterday and it was HORRENDOUS. it took me half an hour to get a spot, and had to try so hard not to hurl abuse at the 30 something man that got out of his car with no kids after stealing my spot!!!

afm i have had an awesome weekend so far. DF is on call all weekend, and i was really dreading it cos emily has just been so painful lately, i feel like i have no patience left. then after taking AGES to get  a parking spot yesterday walked around the shops for 3 hours with my friend and emily was a little angel.

then went over to our neighbours house in the afternoon and had an awesome time. i have to say we have GREAT neighbours, and they just have a great atmosphere in their house. the couple is our parents age, but their eldest son is the same age as DF and they have a 2 year old, and it was SO cute cos their little boy kept giving emily cuddles it was SO SO SO cute, though emily got over it pretty quick and was trying to push him away haha.

going to see my mum and ILs (groan) today so at least i will be busy.

i think emily is getting more teeth, not that i can see anything but she has been chewing like mad on her sippy cup straws, and had a terrible acidy poo last night and her poor bum was red raw and she screamed when aaron tried to wash it in the shower. so got her in a disposable and caked the curash cream on last night. poor little chicken.

#17 helenn82

Posted 08 November 2010 - 05:30 PM

Hi girls,
Yes....I know.....lurker who just doesn't get a chance to get on EB these days is posting! Tounge1.gif

Kylie that is great news that you are having a market stall!  Your shop on madeit is great!

Jess....I have been keeping up with people mainly on facebook I think.  I hate shopping with the kidlets.  The worst thing for me is that to have decent shops I have to drive 2 hours to brissy and then go shopping by which time the kidlets are already sick of being out! lol  Hope the TTC happens soon for you.  I was and still am clucky but not doing anything about it.  I'm definitely not ready for three kidlets.....not sure if I ever will be.

Samara is still getting around on her hands and knees.  She had her 12mth appointment a couple of weeks ago and got told she was underweight which is rubbish.  Silly Dr.  She was 8.2kg, 72cm length.  

Stay well!!

#18 satiress

Posted 16 November 2010 - 01:08 PM

Hi all

Such a crap member of this group (I think I say it everytime I post) but it's just so easy to keep up to date on FB isn't it?

Kylie: congrats on the market stall and being so organised for bub n2, Audrey is on cows milk during the day (no bottles) and one formula bottle at night, we will start the mix for the bottle next month. She loves her milk.
Evan is such a spunky boy!

Jess: Good luck with the TTC, I have a feeling it won't be long for you.
I got a stroller too, love having it around for the quick trips and it's been a lifesaver when we fly around the countries hehe.. we got the Chicco liteway though, and I adore it.

Helen: Samara sounds a perfect weight to me, albeit she weighs less than Auds hehe

Freya: congrats on the car, we're looking at 7 seaters too as Josh is 10 and not fitting between the carseats anymore... does the Kia have lots of boot space with all seats up?

Brooke: 100 people...wowsers!! Looks like you have the work and baby thing down pat, well done original.gif

AFM: Not much to report, still in NZ, hoping to be back in Syd by Christmas, blah blah... it's a pain in the a*se. Audrey is going great, walking everywhere and such a pleasure to be around, she laughs at everything... mostly me, she laughs at me. I don't blame her, just wish she wouldn't when we're in a changing room together....

Hope to get back in here more often xxxx

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#19 koiles

Posted 19 November 2010 - 12:35 PM

I'm sure I've half written a post about 10 times this week and been interrupted every single time. E is having a nap now so I finally have time to sit down! Thank goodness for FB and smart phones.

Lisa thanks for the birthday wishes wub.gif I had a great day! Tomorrow the IL's are taking E overnight and DH is taking me to see Harry Potter (it must be true love for him to volunteer to watch it!) and out to dinner. VERY much looking forward to it. Your girls are just gorgeous I love seeing photos of them hheart.gif.

Helen grr they can never make their minds up with the whole weight business. Some follow the charts to a T then others just LOOK at the child...which is much more accurate IMO!

Jess that's seriously the feeling I've been having lol 'yay we made it!!'. How's Emily's teething going, anymore come through yet?

am at that big fat frumpy pregnant stage now, all the aches and pains have set in, belly is huge, but it's still so easssssyyyyy compared to last time biggrin.gif. I did have my first almost passing out moment last week, fingers crossed it was a one off - towards the end of E's pregnancy I would have blackouts and wake up on the floor not knowing how long I'd been out for. The thought of doing it now scares the crap out of me, what if I'm holding Evan, what if I fall on him, I'm also out in the car HEAPS more than I was last time so there's that thought of oh sh*t what if I'm driving. So I think we might be spending a LOT more time at home as the weeks get nearer.

E has bulging bottom molars at the moment, he's been waking up the last 2 or 3 nights screaming out in pain but going back to sleep without us going in there...what a bloody difference to the last teeth coming through!! He's been really whingy today so I'm hoping that means they might be very close to cutting. He's also saying a new word every day at the moment and I'm really surprised how clear most of them are too. Still no closer to walking, stands and cruises with the utmost confidence but no desire to stand on his own yet, still think he's a way off. Bugger, was hoping he'd be walking before v2.0 came along!

#20 jemsoli

Posted 19 November 2010 - 03:25 PM

helen great to hear from you! are you still really busy with the birth centre stuff, or has it died down a bit now?

lisa hahaha. you said the same thing 6 months ago. hasnt happened yet LOL. how close to christmas do you expect to be back. i vaguely remember the same thing happening last year, that you flew in to sydney (or auckland) on christmas eve. hope its not that close this year and you have time to get settled before christmas.

kylie dont know what happened to emilys teeth. she had all the teething signs.....but no teeth. she is more settled now anyway, so i hope they dont cause more grief when they decide to really come through.

evan will be walking before you know it. i bet he starts walking within weeks of new bubs arrival, cos mum wont be there to get him stuff all the time so he'll have to do it himself!

afm i have had a really bad week this week. if i didnt know any better i would swear i have PND, though i know i am just feeling like this cos i havent had a proper break from emily for quite awhile. it has been fine in the morning, and i am full of love for her, but by the end of the day i dont want her anywhere near me. i spent an hour crying in bed after she went to sleep last night cos i just feel so terrible about what a sh*tty job i am doing as a mum. so i made sure i went out today, just to get out of the house and change the setting a bit and feel HEAPS better today. i spent 5 hours at westfield and did pretty much all my christmas shopping so also have a great feeling of accomplishment.

DF saw how down i was last night, and has told me i should go out on the weekend for the whole day. its great in theory but i have hardly any non-mum friends and the few i do have will be spending time with their boyfriends/partners and i cant just go shopping with my mum cos i have no money. i literally have no money left.

so i went into my old work today and told the new manager that if she needs me to do some shifts i am available on weekends and thursdays. i dont really want to work too much, and dont want to be indebted to my mum for babysitting but a few hours a week would be fine and i can imagine they would need the extra staff coming up to christmas. when i told DF i asked for some work he was really happy too, cos he thinks it will be great for me getting away from emily for a bit (and good on the money side of things too!) i dont think i will get anything for a few weeks though.

#21 koiles

Posted 19 November 2010 - 10:26 PM

Yep totally hear you, my 'me time' is so so important. My FIL takes E every Wednesday for me and then on the weekend DH will put time aside to spend just with E so I'm on my own and it's just that time I need to recharge my batteries and clear my head. Since I've been doing my sewing too I've found having something like that to focus on has really helped - for me I think it's being able to sit down and start and finish something in one go...usually all my jobs around the house are stop start and I never feel like I get anything 'done'. And now as soon as I find myself starting to get down in the afternoons if the weather is ok I'll stick E in the pram and go for a walk or if it's crappy weather I'll take him up to the shopping centre and just wander around for a while. We both tend to find it quite hard to spend the entire day at home together lol.

Glad your time 'off' today really helped, and I'll keep my fingers crossed something comes up work wise soon too!

#22 **Foxy82**

Posted 21 November 2010 - 07:11 AM

Hello lovely ladies!!!
I hadn't subscribed to the new post and I couldn't work out where everyone was  ddoh.gif

Hope you are all well!!
Our holiday was amazing! We had the best time and the kids loved it! It was so great to get out of everyday life for a while!
H has started to toddle around a lot more this week...so cute to see him walk by  wub.gif

I'm really looking forward to Xmas  this year with the 2 kids and M is just sooooo excited by it all!

Jess-Sorry you've had a bad week hun  bbighug.gif Hopefully you will be able to pick up a few shifts at your work!

Kylie-Not long for you now....yay so exciting!! That's scary about passing out,is that from blood pressure?H's molars popped up when we were away  wacko.gif They look huge in his little mouth!

Hi Lisa waves.gif Fingers crossed you will be back for Xmas! Lol at to giggle at Audrey lauging in the change room...I was in one with M the other day and she annouced at the top of her voice that my undies were falling down and she could see my bum  blush.gif I could have died!

Hi Helen waves.gif Good to hear from you!

AFM-I was playing with the kids the other day and they both jumped on my back at the same time and I lost my balance and face planted straight onto my face and I now have the hugest carpet burn down my face and my eyebrow is sooooo swollen!! Not fun at all.
I'm also heading to the Dr this week to get my PND meds taken back down to the lower dose  tthumbs.gif I have been feeling really good the last couple of months so I think it's time too!!

OK well best be off,
Take care everyone  biggrin.gif

#23 Here we go again

Posted 27 November 2010 - 02:47 PM

Just checking in. I seem to catch up with everyones news on facebook so I dont check in here much.

Not much to report all good. Levi is gorgeous as always not walking tho the little sod but he will get there LOL

Ok have to run, hehe wasnt even worth me posting LOL

#24 helenn82

Posted 01 December 2010 - 03:36 PM

Jess, yes still busy (but not as busy) with the birth centre.  We had the official opening a few weeks ago.  Just trying to get organised for the new year now.
There are some pics here original.gif

Hope you are feeling better from your last post Jess. I think work can be a good change just to get out of the house.  I often feel the same with the kidlets and some days just don't want to be a mum anymore.  It isn't an easy job..can be extremely frustrating.  You give a lot as a mum and don't get a lot back.  I guess

Kylie, I just saw...35wks!  Eek...not long to go.  Hope everything goes well for the next few weeks and the birth goes well.  Will be stalking.  

Hi everyone......someone's at the door..gotta go.

#25 koiles

Posted 01 December 2010 - 10:19 PM

Ugh I'm at that dreaded stage now where I'm totally exhausted but I can't get comfortable in bed to have a decent night's sleep, it's killing me. I had a blackout yesterday, one minute I was doing the dishes the next thing I know I'm waking up on the floor. I'm just so so so glad it happened when I wasn't holding E and he wasn't near me. Frightens the sh*t out of me thinking of what may have happened. I had blackouts towards the end of E's pregnancy too, but it was so easy to rest then, how can I do it now with Cyclone Evan around?

I had my usual hosp appt today, told the ob about my blackout episode. He took my BP and it was sky high, tested my urine and there was protein - this has never happened before, I've had trace protein before but not anything more than that. So they're thinking it may be pre-eclampsia. I had to go have a million litres of blood taken, do another urine sample, then had to head up to fetal monitoring to get a blood pressure profile and have the baby monitored on the CTG. They gave me some meds and after about 1.5hrs it finally came down to a high reading instead of very high. Have to wait a day or 2 for my urine and blood test results but they'll call once they're in. So for the meantime I'm on as much rest as possible, which won't be much with E in the house with me! I can't see bub coming any time soon though...well as in not before my scheduled 38 weeks anyway, which is only 3 weeks away!!!!! If anything at least it kicked my butt into gear and I have now packed mine and the baby's hospital bag!

Hmm what else is happening. E is a mountain goat crossed with a parrot. He's started to climb on everything and has worked out if he pushes his Elmo couch over to the tv cabinet he can reach everything that we've put in the out of bounds section mellow.gif so round 3 of babyproofing needs to happen now! He's just started in the last day or so letting go of whatever he's holding and standing on his own for really short periods. Still don't think he's anywhere near walking. He repeats so much of what we say now. MIL was telling him 'go away' the other day when he was pulling tea towels out of her drawers so now he picks the most inopportune moments to say it to people! He's cut 3 molars this week without so much of a complaint omg shock horror! But the 4th is giving him a little trouble, he's had some Bonjela and Nurofen tonight but went off to sleep pretty well.

Bugger got to go. Hope everyone is well!! xxx

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