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October 09 Parents # 45

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#26 helenn82

Posted 02 December 2010 - 09:23 PM

Kylie, how scary.  I really hope things settle for the last of the pregnancy for you.

Hehehe...like your description of E! I'm very happy that Samara is still just managing to pull herself up.  I still have a while before she is walking original.gif

Ouch Foxy!  Hope you didn't get too bad carpet burn.

Just finished watching Mermaids original.gif  Wish hubby would come home so I can go to bed.


#27 **Foxy82**

Posted 04 December 2010 - 07:49 AM

Hi Girls,
I just need to have a little vent  blush.gif

It's 2 yrs today that I had my last M/C,it is easily the worst day of my whole life! Not only the memories of how traumatic that day was but to me it was the final straw of an incrediably hard year and the point where all the problems with the PND started  cry1.gif I'm trying so hard to look at the positives and i have been so good with the PND lately that my Dr even lowered my dose of AD!!
I know I just need to get through these few days and try not to dwell on the negatives! Think my kiddies will be getting some extra cuddles today  wub.gif
We are supposed to be going to Carols by Candlelight tonight but I don't think that's going to happen with the rain  unsure.gif

Kylie-How scary  bbighug.gif Hang in there hun,not long to go now!

Helen-I haven't seen Mermaids for years!!  laughing2.gif

H is walking everywhere now!So cute!! He is also a climber and I quite often find him sitting on top of the lounge ( where your head goes)  ffear.gif M let him outside the other day and I found him halfway up her slippery dip..I swear he is going to give me a heartattack!

Hope you are all well....thanks for reading my vent  blush.gif
Have a great weekend  waves.gif

#28 helenn82

Posted 04 December 2010 - 06:59 PM

hugs Foxy.  I've never had a miscarriage but know I never want to go through that.  You are still blessed to have some gorgeous kidlets.  Hope you were able to give your precious kids lots of cuddles as you think of your angels.


#29 koiles

Posted 06 December 2010 - 09:12 AM

*hugs* Jo, I hope you managed to get through the day without too much sadness. As Helen said, I've never had a miscarriage but I know I'd never want to have one either. huge hugs.

Well done on coming down on your dose of AD's, that's fantastic! I've got roughly 3 weeks left til bub arrives so they're going to start lowering my dose on Wednesday then I can go back up again after the birth. Am very nervous about it because I know I need that dose, the thought of being an anxious miserable wreck in the lead up to the birth isn't too nice to think about!

AFM ILs have E today, they're taking him 2 days a week for me for the forseeable future which is fantastic. I'm so so exhausted, I'm going out to pick up E's Christmas layby then coming straight home and going to bed! Am hoping the next sound I hear will be my alarm going off at 5.30pm before he gets dropped back home lol. Wishful thinking, I bet I'll get 30mins and then be too uncomfy and have to get up!

#30 jemsoli

Posted 08 December 2010 - 11:41 AM

kylie oh i am SO glad emily doesnt climb yet. all our furniture is too high. i have heard that boys are worse at being climbers than girls, so hopefully she never climbs on stuff, hha. yeah right LOL.

i cant believe you will have a newborn soon! i wish i could come and get newborn cuddles. its so exciting.

its great your ILs are so supportive of you and helping out with evan (even though there is enough of a bonus in it for them seeing their gorgeous grandson) im so glad that even though your family is on the other side of the country that your ILs are here and supportive of you.

jo hope you are feeling better now. i cant really comment on MC cos i really dont know what its like but i can imagine how terrible it would be. it is easy for people to say be grateful for the bubbas you have, but doesnt make the emptiness you feel from your angel babies any better. hope you are over your sinus infection, seriously, i think you have been sick enough this past year to make up for several years sickness free.

afm lots and not much has happened. christmas shopping done, emily not doing anything different, just getting more steady on her feet (and faster eep) she really loves playing outside, we have a huge undercover pergola out the back, and she is happy to play outside for hours picking up leaves, digging all the dirt out of my only pot plant (wont go on the grass though, haha. still hasnt gottenover how much she dislikes grass)

still not pregnant, had a positive OPK today, so hopefully we can catch it and have a christmas BFP. how awesome a present would that be?

#31 honeyfly

Posted 14 December 2010 - 02:30 PM

Hello lovelies!!

Well old lazy bum here hasn't been in for a long time, but I see this thread is going super slow anyway!

Kylie - holy crap I cannot believe you are going to have another baby in a handful of days!!  I couldn't imagine it, Hannah like E climbs on everything, gets into everything, so tiring!  Best of luck with it all, look forwad to hearing the news!!!

Jo - sorry to hear that you had such an awful day, understandable of course, I too hope I never experience a mc, I know as soon as I found out I was pregnant with Hannah I was in love already!

Jess - fingers, toes, everything crossed for you and lots of baby dust!!!  That would be an amazing Christmas present!!  I am hoping to talk Sam in to ttc early in the new year.

AFM - well I really haven't been in here since before Hannah's bday party I don't think!  Her party had to be postponed because she was covered head to toe in a rash (prob just a viral rash though Dr wasn't sure), so take 2 the following weekend.  Was great fun though, and a beautiful day which was wonderful.  I will put some pics on FB one of these days haha.

Work is keeping me super busy, doing 4 days but it's just too much.  Only doing that until the next maternity leave that's for sure!!  Mostly ready for Christmas, though Hannah keeps smashing my glass decorations on the floor!!!  Might go shopping for some toddler safe ones after Christmas.

Hannah is great, practically running now cheeky little devil, it's funny though.  I was thinking of getting her a potty and starting to get her familiar with that, though have no idea really!!

Ok I've got to switch computers and spend hours on computer work, hooray.

Hope you're all well!!

Love Brooke  biggrin.gif

#32 satiress

Posted 16 December 2010 - 11:44 AM

Wow, this is one slow moving thread, I suppose we've all become so good at keeping up and communicating via facebook this is a lil' redundant hey.

Well, I can't announce on facebook because we're not telling people until 12 weeks on there and haven't told family yet (so SHHHHHH please), waiting for Christmas. But from my ticker above, you can all see I'm almost 9 weeks preggers original.gif

We are so thrilled, baby is due in July and will be the completion of our family... woohoo!

On top of that Hubby resigned yesterday from his job with Salmat and has a new job to start on the 31st Jan in SYDNEY!!! yay, we are moving home for good, no more travel between two countries, we will be in Sydney... we are just beside ourselves.

2011 is our year original.gif

Kylie and Michelle, not long to go for both of you now!!

Glad to read everyone is doing so well xxx

Jo, sorry you had a tough day, my heart goes out to you hon xx

#33 koiles

Posted 16 December 2010 - 03:33 PM

Lisa omg omg WOO-HOO CONGRATULATIONS!!! That is such exciting news, so happy for you all. And a double woo-hoo about moving back to Sydney, you must be so stoked. 2011 is definitely your year! So happy!

Brooke glad to hear Hannah had a great birthday party, can't wait to see the pics. E has started telling me 'pooey' before he does a poo so whenever I hear him say it I put him straight on the potty. He's yet to actually do anything on it except fart - he also says pooey whenever he farts or if he hears anyone else fart lol - but he's happy sitting on the potty and having me read a book to him so I figure it's getting him used to it anyway, can't hurt. Pretty much ever since he was born I've always said to him pooey stinky bum when changing a pooey nappy or pooey stinky pops when he farts, so he's just started saying it himself, but I'm stoked he actually associates it with doing a poo now.

Jess will be crossing my fingers for a lovely extra special Christmas present for you, DH and Emily this year. The climbing is bad, he climbed up on a box at the IL's yesterday and then used that to climb onto the bedside table and then used that to climb onto the double bed in their spare room! He has a little sofa bed thing he sleeps in on the floor at their place, so they went in to get him after his nap and he's standing up on the bed holding onto the bedhead banging on the wall, cheeky bugger! He just thinks he's so good though!

AFM by the end of next week I'll have a newborn in my arms ohmy.gif I just cannot believe how fast this pregnancy has gone. The blackouts I've been having have been getting more frequent but they were finally able to tell me that they likely think that my body is just inefficient at handling the sudden blood flow and fluid level changes in pregnancy - my uterus at times compresses the large arteries at the top of my legs and once my heart doesn't receive enough blood the body's defense mechanism is to blackout to get me on the floor so that it's easier to get the blood circulating again. First time anyone has been able to give me an indication why it happens! Only way to stop it is for baby to be born obviously.

They've also found out that bubs growth has stalled, he's now measuring a few weeks behind and hasn't really grown much in the last couple of weeks, so even if I wasn't having these blackouts they'd be wanting to get baby out at 38 weeks anyway. I go back to the hospital on Wednesday next week and they'll book me in for first available induction, so it's likely going to be a Xmas Eve or Day baby...poor thing! In the meantime I'm stuck at home on bedrest, wrapping myself in cotton wool I'm so lucky to have not had a serious injury yet with these falls, can't drive anywhere and my ILs are picking E up each morning and dropping him off one DH gets home from work at night. They're amazing, have been so wonderful, ferrying me to the shops to get food, taking me to all my appts, having E full time on weekdays hheart.gif, honestly don't know what I'd do without them we can't afford for DH to take time off work and I can't be trusted with him home on my own - had a near miss on Tuesday night when I was bathing him (he still gets bathed on top of the washing machine) then DH got home and changed him and while he was doing that I blacked out...10mins earlier and I would have passed out with E in the bath up high...too scary to think about.

My new DIG buddy group has the details of this group to post the news in when little man arrives, but you'll no doubt read it on FB anyway original.gif

#34 honeyfly

Posted 17 December 2010 - 09:08 PM

Wow look at me, 2 posts in 1 week!!!

Lisa- wow congratulations gorgeous!!!  What wonderful news!  And to be moving back to Sydney, this will be a very happy Christmas for you all!!!

Kylie- hahaha love your potty story, crap, went to the shops today and completely forgot to get one!!!  Duhhhhhh.  Still amazed you will have a little newborn in a few days, it really feels not long ago that it was round one a year and a bit ago!  Hope you have a safe last few days of your pregnancy, and that you get the most cruisy little baby boy!  Poor you too having to spend Christmas in hospital!!  I will be stalking for news!! xoxo

Finished my Christmas shopping pretty much today, woohoo.  Still need to do a trip to the bottle shop to get some final pressies!

I always wanted to ttc by the end of this year, well it's here now and it's come too quickly!!  I want to be able to have some bubbles over Christmas / NYs, so maybe after that.  I don't even know if my cycle is normal, I have been temping to try and see what's happening but it doesn't seem to indicate any ovulation, so who knows!  Might possibly try in January, that would make for a Sep/Oct baby, really don't want them to have the same birthday month really.  Oh the planning drama!!!  And it happened first try with Hannah, but who knows this time??

Anyway, babbling Brooke, going to go and read Harry Potter hahaha

Love B

#35 helenn82

Posted 19 December 2010 - 07:14 PM

Oh yah!!! Congrats Lisa!  2011 is shaping up to be a brilliant year!!  A winter bub...lots of snuggles :wub

Kylie, these blackouts really don't sound good.  A bit scary to think of the 'what ifs' but they haven't happened so that is the main thing......and not long till bub and then they'll be gone original.gif

Exciting news on the TTC planning Brooke.  Yeah, the birthday thing is a dilemma.  See how things go in the new year I guess.

Not finished christmas shopping yet so pretty much dreading this week.  Shopping with two kiddies is a nightmare!

Helen original.gif

#36 koiles

Posted 19 December 2010 - 08:30 PM

Bub is arriving on the 23rd biggrin.gif I had another blackout on Saturday and spent 5hrs at the hospital. Bub is head down and fixed, cervix 'very favourable' and already about 3cm dilated so it all looks good to go. Just have to keep myself safe and avoid blackouts for the next few days! So will be leaving hospital Christmas morning with our new bundle original.gif

#37 jemsoli

Posted 20 December 2010 - 09:18 AM

brooke hope you can talk your DH into TTC soon! i guess you could look up your due date so you can have an idea of whether they will both be around the same date, or several weeks difference. emilys birthday is smack bang in the middle of the sept/oct madness. growing up my stepdads bday was on 3/10 mine was 4/10 and brother and nan were on 8/10. parents make each kids bday special so if it were me, having close birthdays wouldnt matter a whole lot.


hows your pregnancy going? any morning sickness?

awesome news that your DH got a new job, i cant believe they stuffed him around so much in his old job. i guess they will be the ones regretting it now.

kylie would you believe the day after i posted about being relieved about emily not climbing she climbed onto the lounge? she has only climbed up twice when i was not on the lounge too, so thats a positive sign for now. she has already slipped once and hit her head on the coffee table.

sucks that you are stuck at home on bedrest, must be SOOOO boring. if i dont get in before the 23rd wishing you a fast and problem free induction and birth.

helen can you go out after kiddies in bed and leave DH at home with them? most shopping centres have extended trading hours this week. i know ours is open til 9pm tonight, 10pm tues, and midnight wed and thurs. AND it is usually quieter at night (unless it is one of those mad shopping centres that is open 24 hours) i know cos i used to work all the late shifts (heaps easier than in the day) good luck anyway.

afm well girls, i have come in to say...

i *think* i might be pregnant. i am currently 10/11DPO and have had faint lines on my pregnancy test since 9DPO (saturday) i have been telling myself not to get my hopes up yet (mainly cos of chemical preg in august) but as i was walking around woollies doing my food shopping i realised i have used about 20 of the same brand of IC HPTs and there has never been a hint of an evap line even after they dried, so to have 4 faint BFPs is an awesomely positive sign.

i am hoping that the line gets darker and i can get a blood test on thurs and results friday so i have them in time for christmas. aaron is still not convinced that i am pregnant but i think he is pretty excited too! so theoretically my due date would be 3/09/11.

if you check out my post in the TTC while breastfeeding section i posted some pics yesterday of my tests (also on my blog too)

i guess i dont need to mention not to say anything on FB? its pretty standard i guess?

i also have my first shift back at work tonight, and after worrying that i would be working with the manager that doesnt like me, turns out i wont see her at all for any of my three shifts! awesome! i am really nervous though, cos it will prob sound like i have a big head but i was awesome at my job before, which was mainly cos i was there so much so i knew all the stock that had come in, and where we put stuff but now i will know nothing, i dont even know what all the popular new release books are. eeep.

#38 satiress

Posted 20 December 2010 - 11:10 AM

Hi ladies

Thanks for the congratulations girls, seriously, you lovely ladies are the only people who know hahaha... we decided this morning that we are going to keep it a secret until 12 weeks scan, we never have been able before so we thought, well it's the last, so why not... still don't think we'll last wink.gif
I had a scan last week and saw a heartbeat... so all looking good so far, morning sickness is easing now, I don't feel carsick all the time and I'm starting to get my appetite back... bloated as all hell though!

Jess: I just went and lurked over at your TTC post... on honey, that is so a BFP!!! congratulations!!! Have you tried a first response yet? your tests look just like the faints ones I had at 11 DPO this time original.gif How exciting, I'm so so so happy for you, we'll have to have a catch up when I'm back in Sydney x

Brooke: good luck for the TTC in the new year, don't worry too much (unless it's a real issue) about EDD and birthdays close together. Audrey was born the day before my birthday hahaha... it all happens for a reason, the most important thing is that you are ready original.gif And looking at Hannah, how can you not want another NOW!!

Kylie: oh you poor thing, those blackouts are just too scary, so lucky (as you said) they haven't happened in a situation to put Evan or yourself in danger. but.... WOOHOO for an induction date.. 3 sleeps to go until newborn cuddles, so exciting. Wishing you an easy induction and labour xx

Helen: I second Jess' idea of late night shopping, love it! Christmas shopping is a pain in the butt... How is the birth centre going?

Question: how many words are your (now) toddlers saying? Audrey is a reluctant talker I think, Bella wouldn't shut up from about 11 months onwards, she is an exceptional talker but Audrey doesn't seem phased at all. Esp. if we say "Say Mum, mum, mum" she just looks at us like we are idiots.. then usually says Dad. She says Hello, Hi, Ta, Dad, Ella and Mum (on occasion) but just wondering where everyone is at?

Starting to organise everything for our move back, no furniture this time but have to find a house pretty much as soon as we land as we're going to stay with friends and don't want to do that for long (they don't have kids). But hubba and I are just so excited.. yay.. sydney!


#39 jemsoli

Posted 20 December 2010 - 11:47 AM

i have one FR dip test and one FR instream test - and about 25 ICs  wwhistle.gif  i was going to save the FRs for a few days so i have a better chance of not wasting as the ICs are 10miu tests and im pretty sure FR is 25miu.

and thanks! i am SO excited, i am getting more and more excited as every minute passes!

#40 satiress

Posted 20 December 2010 - 12:32 PM

For what it's worth, I got my faint positive (like yours) on a FR dip test and a negative on the in stream at 11/12 DPO, it wasn't until 14DPO that I got a very strong positive on the FR instream... so maybe do the dip with FMU tomorrow!

so exciting! xx

#41 harpsichord

Posted 20 December 2010 - 12:58 PM

ph34r.gif  ph34r.gif  ddance.gif  bbighug.gif  bbighug.gif  ddance.gif

huge Congrats to Lisa and Jess, such fab news!!!!! original.gif

Glad to hear that you won't be between 2 countries anymore either Lisa xx

#42 satiress

Posted 20 December 2010 - 01:16 PM

Thanks Rach, we'll have to organise another syd catch up when I'm back original.gif x

#43 GardeningGirl

Posted 20 December 2010 - 06:04 PM

Oh my Lisa massive congratulations darls - fantastic news about the move back to Sydney as well, you must be so over the to-ing and fro-ing.

Lisa Nina doesnt talk much either, i mean she talks constantly but doesnt say anything you can really make out - she says dad a lot and Jake (my nephew) Carla (the dog next door) and our dogs and a few odd words here and there like giraffe - and by 'say' I mean I know what she means but probably nobody else does - BUT she almost never says mum.  I think its cos I talk to her all the time and say 'what's daddy doing', 'look at that doggy' etc and dont say 'mum' to her much.

Apart from that she is walking and dancing and being gorgeous - she loves Twinkle Twinkle and Heads, Shoulders songs and walks around doing the actions all the time ie points to her head and toes and tries to do the diamond in the shy thing.

Congrats too Jess - fingers crossed.

Merry Christmas to all  biggrin.gif

#44 mummyto3tobe

Posted 20 December 2010 - 06:20 PM

such awesome news! so thrilled for you.
Our bubby is arriving next friday original.gif were having a c/s due to the complications i had with lohs birth, but were very excited!
will really try and get in more often
love shell xx

#45 koiles

Posted 20 December 2010 - 09:34 PM

This is the most action this threads had in MONTHS! biggrin.gif

Jess yyyyyyyyaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyy I stalked you and yes it looks like a BFP to me! Will be keeping my fingers and toes crossed for you lovely, you deserve it so much! How did you go at work today?

Lisa I guess the positive of being in NZ is you won't have to try and hide an expanding belly from all of your family, that's got to be a plus hehe! Evan's a big parrot, he's saying loads last time I counted we were up to 21 clear words and another 12 that I can understand but no one else would and he's stringing 2 words together as well. BUT...I spend all day long at home with him talking to him constantly, he's really into books too so he'll grab a book and bring it over to me and we read heaps during the day. I don't think bubba number 2 is going to get the same kind of quality one on one time, so I doubt he's going to be talking as much as Evan is at this age. Plus, personality wise, Evan is just full on, he needs words lol! And with Bella around, Audrey probably can't get a word in edgeways anyway happy.gif.

Shell as if you're going to have time to get in here more once number 2 arrives next week Tounge1.gif hahaha

BABIES BABIES EVERYWHERE bbabyflip.gif bbabyflip.gif bbabyflip.gif With all this baby dust flying around, anyone thinking about having another should probably get onto it Tounge1.gif hehe

AFM nothing to report. Might go to bed now so that when I wake up I can say 2 sleeps! I still can't quite believe the turnaround - thinking back to how utterly devastated I was when I found out I was pregnant and now I'm counting down the days and am so over the moon excited!

#46 Jayniepoo

Posted 20 December 2010 - 10:51 PM

*creeps in slowly* Hi! Remember me?  unsure.gif  tongue.gif I know i havent been in for aaages, it all just got a bit too much for me blush.gif i do of course keep up with everyone on facebook though!!

But ooooh such exciting news! I had to come in and post!!

Lisa - huge congrats to you! How very exciting!! ddance.gif Such great news you will be moving back to Sydney permenantly too!! Yay!!

Jess - all signs are pointing to a huge congrats to you too honey!! Very exciting!! eexcite.gif

Its going to be a baby boom around here soon!! So very cool hehe We are going to start trying for a third toward the end of the year i think. I still havent gotten my period back - Phoebe is still having one or two feeds a day. At this point we are in no rush to wean, so hopefully my period stays away till we do - thats what happened when i weaned Amy anyway!

I hope everyone is going well. Things have been busy for me with the girls, and also Smiley Tots, so its always go go! But all is going well, and i'm enjoying myself!  biggrin.gif

Anyway, i will try and pop in again more often now!! Hope everyone is all set for Christmas  wink.gif xoxo

#47 mummyto3tobe

Posted 21 December 2010 - 11:15 AM

Jess im sorry i didnt see your post but CONGRATULATIONS!! im so excied for all you guys having babies! feels like forever ago that we were all first in here lol.
im getting so excited for christmas! no so much for baby coz i dont want a c/s but still maybe a little excited lol.

kylie i dont like my chances either! LOL...

Merry Christmas Everyone

#48 satiress

Posted 21 December 2010 - 11:42 AM

Hey hey

Shell: I had a c-section with both my girls (emergency first, elective second) and I actually really enjoyed the experience. It was surreal with Audrey just turning up the hospital all calm, getting booked in and ready to go to theatre without contractions. But my recovery was great and I was up the next day, breastfed her first feed, held her within a few minutes of birth. All good. I recommend taking ALL the drugs!!!! Good luck, so exciting original.gif

Kylie: how are you feeling? 2 sleeps... I'm so happy for you to see you so happy (wow, group hug anyone?)

Jayne: welcome back hehe.. I love checking out your photos on FB. I guess we are all so good at keeping in touch on there moreso than here these days. Good luck for TTC when the time comes, I can't believe you don't have your period, lucky you!

Jaynie: thanks for the info on Ninas speech, she sounds quite similar to Audrey and considering my DH still mistakens photos of Nina for Audrey, I shouldn't be surprised... haha

Jess: how'd you go today hon, did you test?

Feeling blah today, just no energy, got to finish making these cupcakes with bella before she whinges my head right off my body...

Merry Christmas lovely ladies xxxx

Edited by satiress, 21 December 2010 - 12:26 PM.

#49 jemsoli

Posted 21 December 2010 - 12:25 PM

lisa didnt really answer your Q about talking yesterday. emily doesnt say proper words as much, but makes lots of talking noises, but none which are proper words (or that i can understand yet) she does this babble heaps, and its not just mama dada baba etc its proper talking noises but not ones that are real words if that makes sense?

kylie work was ok. i felt completely out of place for the first hour, as well as everything changing i also came back as a casual and not the boss, so was a bit wierd, but i liked it cos it was heaps easy and the girl that was my boss lady felt wierd about bossing me around, so she didnt. when i finished i was pretty exhausted, and my throat was really sore from talking all night, not used to talking to adults for so long. and my legs and back were sore, but all in all it went really well. now just cant wait till i get paid!

jaynie do you mean the end of this year? not much of it left! you are SOOO lucky to not have AF back yet, it was ages to come back with amy too wasnt it?

shell im sure your C/S will be fine. i would be nervous too, but there isnt really any other option for you is there? at least you know this way you will be doing WAAAAYYY less damage to your body. hope it all goes well if you dont get back in here!

afm yes, i tested again today (seriously, as if i wouldnt LOL) and the line is way darker today, definately a positive on my blog if you wanna see blog i cant be bothered uploading the photo to photobucket so i can post it here. had some bleeding just before, but nothing too bad, and i bled the same kinda blood for the first 4-5 weeks with emily anyway. my body just loves expelling blood (sorry TMI)

i just feel like i am going to have no time to myself at the moment. i had to go see my friend this morning before christmas, have to drop emily off at my parents house (half an hour away) this afternoon before i start work at 6pm, then tomorrow fingers crossed i have nothing on other than work again at 6pm, thursday i have to see aarons nan and some other rello that is staying with her, but it may not be til friday. christmas eve DF has organised a street party, then we have all the driving around on xmas day, another big family thing down the coast for my fam on boxing day then the 2 days after boxing day aaron is on call, so very likely i will be stuck on my own with emily. so really i wont get any peace for at least a week. most likely i want to try and get some bloods done before christmas, but dont know what we are going to do yet. we could announce to the family at christmas, but dont know if aaron wants to or not cos we havent seen each other enough to discuss it.

emily is being a pain feeding, and i dont think it is PG related. cos i am working at night, i have needed to express milk for bottles for her and i have big probs expressing now, and cannot express unless emily is feeding off the other side (i just cant get letdown otherwise) and even when that happens i still only get 50-60ml for the 1st feed or 20-30 for afternoon feed (dont do night cos i dont want to distract her) but what is happening is she has been seeing the pump and playing with it and kicking it and then when she is finished the 1st boob she refuses to have any of the freshly pumped boob (and i know she will take it cos she has previously) but i have been a bit stressed trying to get enough milk for her while i am working (it takes about 3-4 days to make enough for 1 bottle. PLUS i am missing out on the night feed when i am working so i am worried my milk is going to dry up cos she is not feeding properly and cos i am missing 3 night feeds. aaaarrrrrggggghhhhh. i can deal with it if it does happen, cos i guess it has to eventually but i dont think i am mentally ready to stop (and it is a selfish thing too, i want to do it for me and not just for emily)

anyway, i have babbled on enough. hope everyone is going great and has a great christmas if i dont get back in here! (but i prop will cos of my insane obsessive testing)

Edited by jess869, 21 December 2010 - 12:28 PM.

#50 satiress

Posted 21 December 2010 - 12:33 PM

oh Jess.... that is definitely a positive, no doubt about it! woohoo, congratulations, I bet you can't wait for a moment with DF to chat and then to get in for some bloods.. good luck babe. Glad the job is going well.
Sorry about the feeding though, I hope you find a solution for both of you xx

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Essential Baby and Essential Kids is the place to find parenting information and parenting support relating to conception, pregnancy, birth, babies, toddlers, kids, maternity, family budgeting, family travel, nutrition and wellbeing, family entertainment, kids entertainment, tips for the family home, child-friendly recipes and parenting. Try our pregnancy due date calculator to determine your due date, or our ovulation calculator to predict ovulation and your fertile period. Our pregnancy week by week guide shows your baby's stages of development. Access our very active mum's discussion groups in the Essential Baby forums or the Essential Kids forums to talk to mums about conception, pregnancy, birth, babies, toddlers, kids and parenting lifestyle. Essential Baby also offers a baby names database of more than 22,000 baby names, popular baby names, boys' names, girls' names and baby names advice in our baby names forum. Essential Kids features a range of free printable worksheets for kids from preschool years through to primary school years. For the latest baby clothes, maternity clothes, maternity accessories, toddler products, kids toys and kids clothing, breastfeeding and other parenting resources, check out Essential Baby and Essential Kids.