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October 09 Parents # 45

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#51 **Foxy82**

Posted 21 December 2010 - 05:28 PM

OMG excitement city in here at the moment!! Tounge1.gif
So many posts to read...so exciting!! tthumbs.gif

Hugest congrats to Lisa & Jess (Jess that is definitely a  BFP.gif ) so happy for both of you
cclap.gif bbighug.gif eexcite.gif bbighug.gif    

Lisa-H is a slow talker too,he says a few words but nothing like M did at this age.He definitely understands though because if you tell him to do something or get something he does.He main words are mum,dad,pa,nan,go go go,woo woo (for a dog) if you sit with him for long enough he will try and repeat what you say.
So exciting that you are coming back to Australia  ddance.gif

Kylie-Goodluck for Thursday hun  hhugs.gif ,I will be thinking of you and can't wait to hear that the little man is here tthumbs.gif

Shell-Try not to worry about the c-section to much-like Lisa I have had 2 and recovered really well from both of them,Will be thinking of you next Friday  hhugs.gif

- Do you mean ttc this year or next?  Not much time left for this year tongue.gif

Jess-Glad your job is going well  tthumbs.gif

AFM-Things are good with us at the moment! Thank you for all your sweet comments about my bad day on the anniversary of my last m/c.I'm actually really proud how I handled it and after I had my cry in the morning I got through the day pretty well!
H is pretty much running now and into everything...he is such a boy  wacko.gif He loves his cars and trucks and even makes engine noises when he plays..so cute!
I'm really looking forward to Xmas with the kids this year,especially because M understands and she is so excited...H is going to love ripping off the paper on his presents and making a huge mess  biggrin.gif

Aww you girls are making me so clucky  laugh.gif I have been thinking about it a fair bit lately but I'm not 100% either way as what I want to do.I was so sure that I wouldn't be having anymore and even sold a lot of my stuff on Ebay.I had so many probs having H and all the complications that I just don't know if I can go through that again but I'm slowly starting to think about it more and more.....I'm not going to make any decisions until I'm 100% sure that's what I want...maybe it's just a phase and the cluckiness will pass  laughing2.gif
I probably won't get back in before Xmas so Merry Christmas to you all,hope you and your families have a wonderful day and wishing everyone all the best for 2011!
It was so good to hear from the girls that haven't been in for a while  waves.gif though I do keep up with you all on FB!
Stay safe everyone,I will be looking out for baby news  ninja.gif
hheart.gif bbighug.gif   hheart.gif  tthumbs.gif
Jo xx

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#52 Here we go again

Posted 21 December 2010 - 06:22 PM

Congrats Lisa and Jess, thats fantatsic news xxx

Kylie ~ OMG will be pacing for your news xx

Shell ~ I have had 3 c/s and loved each and every one of them. Good luck xxx

Very exciting in here, lots of babies, gotta love that


#53 Jayniepoo

Posted 21 December 2010 - 09:30 PM

laugh.gif I meant the end of next yet. I have just booked in for Jan 11th to have a lap band put in and i have to wait a while after that. At least for my next bub i will be a lot healthier!!

#54 thetuckers

Posted 22 December 2010 - 09:17 AM

Hi everyone waves.gif

Hope you're all going well!  WOW ALL THESE BFP.gif That is so awesome!  Congratulations to Lisa, Jess and to anyone else I missed who is carrying a special bundle (Sorry) but wishing you uneventful and breezy pregnancies!!  eexcite.gif

Too all of you looking at TTC sending you bucket loads of baby dust!
  Mark & I were looking at going back to the FS and thawing an Embie but like with brooke the year has just rolled around too quickly for me and for us too Benny is such a handful so I need to keep my focus on him.  Seriously yesterday within me running to the Loo and back he fell off our dining room table and gave himself a black eye and I moved all the chairs away so he couldn't climb anymore (Mr Smarty moved a box and climbed that onto the table)  I was already heading to the GP anyway cause he has his 6th or 7th ear infection the GP said he was fine and that bubba's are built for knocks but seriously that is a bit much!!

Kyles - Sending you love and hugs for tomorrow, my goodness I am so excited for you hun!  That is the cutest thing that you will get to take v.02 home with you on Christmas Day!  That is the most awesome Christmas present ever!!

Foxy - Big hugs for you on the anniversary of your MC, I am glad that your starting to heal after your loss. xx

Rach - I hope Harper is going well after he had his Grommets put in oh and that you get your tooth fixed OK too xxx

Shell - Next Friday!  How exciting!!  I had CS's with both mine and Emergency done under a GA for Harry and a sort elective one for Benny.  I am so excited for you and Kyles!!

Jayniepoo - That is exciting about your Lap band, good luck!  Soo proud of you! I joined a gym this year in April  and have finally lost all my weight (27 kg's) and am back to my prewedding body now (Happy Dance) so it is a great feeling you will be awesome and feel awesome for it.

Anyway I have to run as I have to get my but kicked by my trainer but will hopefully I'll get back on to finish off persies to all you gorgeous mumma's this afternoon!

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#55 jemsoli

Posted 22 December 2010 - 02:57 PM

i cant believe it. its like everyones come to check in before the end of the year.

jo glad everything seems to be going great for you at the moment.

jayne LOL. next year. LOVE the photo in your sig, your girls are GORGEOUS!

afm finally got to talk to DF last night, he is still reluctant to say that i am actually pregnant  rolleyes.gif  but said we should still wait til around 12 weeks before telling anyone, even our parents. so i will just wait until after christmas to get my bloods done.

not much else happening, just buggered from working. i mean, i have only done 4 hour shifts but i guess im just not used to haing to stand on my feet for 4 hours non stop, and talk to customers (and rude old people) non stop. my throat is so sore when i have come home. i must say, i really dont like this working thing, i dunno, it just feels wrong. maybe cos i stupidly went back at the BUSIEST time of the year i am just a bit overwhelmed.

anyway, need to go get emily up from her "nap" (which consisted of her playing in the cot for an hour) and have to go drop her off at ILs cos DF wont be home til late AGAIN.

#56 helenn82

Posted 23 December 2010 - 11:42 AM

Congrats Jess....went stalking too!  That looks like a BFP!!  Yah!  You've got plenty of tests to keep testing if you want!

Jess - Yep, I have been out twice this week at night time to buy things original.gif  It's actually been very quiet at the shops so quite nice and relaxing...surprise, surprise original.gif

Lisa the birth centre is all up and running.  Did you see the pics?  I think I posted a link to pics a while ago.  It's all finished for the year with a break in January hopefully.  We are still get to get topics organised for next year - any suggestions?! lol  We ask the girls what topics they would like and no one answers!  Hmmm.. original.gif

Not long Shell!  Good luck with it and the recovery.  More baby snuggles

Hehehe Jo....the cluckiness is infectious hey?!  It's making me clucky even though I don't know if I want another.....or can handle another.  I get sooo cranky with Micah as it is, then Samara is quite a mummy girl (so not much space) then to think of another is a bit scary original.gif

Jayne - Well done on the lap band idea.  I have been back on TF for the last 2 months and about to switch to WW's I think.  I really need to get this weight off.  I have also been looking at buying the 30 day Shed DVD as I've heard good things.   Just got to find the motivation to stick to things daily.  I've been very good with food for the last 9 wks or so.

Congrats Kylie again on the arrival of your gorgeous V2 Nash original.gif  Looking forward to hearing birth story.

Back to the kitchen for more cooking original.gif

Merry Christmas everyone.  It has been lovely to catch up with people in here again.  Yes Jayne,  I was a bit like you and got too overwhelmed with keeping up.  Thank goodness for FB!


#57 MrsGiggle

Posted 23 December 2010 - 12:12 PM

Hi Ladies :-) Kat here (Cherub11) changed by username.


Well I'll just jump on the bandwagon shall I???

Miss Annabelle and Mr Thomas are also getting a new brother or sister!!!! yahhhhh I'm in Lisa's due in group for next July :-) I'm 10 weeks today. We are very excited here and can't wait for our next scan. At our last one bubs had a great strong heartbeat and everything was looking fantastic.

We too are keeping it a secret on facebook till 12 weeks so shhhhhhh :-)

Good luck to everyone else TTC or thinking about it soonish.

Craxy times here at the moment between morning sickness and getting ready for xmas. I still have a million presents to wrap and stuff to do.


GOOD LUCK SHELL FOR NEXT WEEK.........oh and go check out facebook Koiles (Kylie) had her baby boy Nash this morning!!!! How exciting

Kat xoxoxox

#58 *Olraha*

Posted 23 December 2010 - 01:23 PM

Hi Girls

Another slack ass poster here.

Jess, Kat and Lisa - congratulations girls on your  BFP.gif That is awesome news for all of you... OMG making me so clucky now

Congratulations Kylie on the arrival on little Nash, I hope all your blackouts stop now and enjoy your newest little man and his big brother.

Good Luck for next week Shell. I hope everything goes well for you next week hun... And Miss Loh will be a big sister...

I am getting really clucky now there is so many pregnant again. We haven't ruled out #4 yet and I don't want a huge age gap between Hannah and another bubba. So hubby and I really to start talking about it. And I have finished BF about a week and a half ago, so I am waiting for AF to return.

Have to keep moving... I hope everyone else is well..



#59 satiress

Posted 23 December 2010 - 02:34 PM

Hi ladies

Congratulations Kat (again) hehe xx

Jo: Good luck TTC for number 4, how exciting!

Jess: I hope work is being easy on your this week with the Christmas rush, I bet it doesn't help with the early pregnancy fatigue! no wonder you're so tired at the end of the day.

SO happy for Kylie and the birth of Nash, what a cool name! Can't wait to hear more details original.gif

Shell, one week to go for you, very exciting!

Helen: the birth centre looks fantastic, you should be so proud of yourself.... as for topics, not sure.. I suppose every mum to be is mostly wanting to know about pregnancy care, labour and intervention and then what on earth to do with a newborn, oh and their body after baby.

Al: that fall from the table would've scared me witless!! Congrats on the weight loss.

Jayne: good luck for the lap band, I must be honest and say I don't really know what it is or how it works but I hope it's everything you want original.gif

AFM: Did the big Christmas grocery shop today with Audrey, she's the pied piper of old ladies... they follow my trolley around whilst she giggles and coos at them, very cute! Josh flies in tomorrow night so Craig is bouncing around like he's won the lottery, it's so sweet. and we've finished all the shopping.. such a relief, most is wrapped just have to fix a bit up today... I love Christmas with kids, it's the best original.gif

take care and Merry Christmas wonderful ladies xxxxxx

#60 harpsichord

Posted 23 December 2010 - 06:25 PM

ddance.gif  ddance.gif Congrats Kat!!!!!!! Woohooo

ph34r.gif  ph34r.gif  ph34r.gif  Pretending not to check this page every 5 minutes for Kylie's birth story roll2.gif , no pressure Kyles laughing2.gif  laughing2.gif

#61 mummyto3tobe

Posted 23 December 2010 - 10:42 PM

as far as i know kylie is doing really well! i had been texting her today just asking how she was feeling, she had a tear, 10 stitches in and 10 out. but i think shes doing well recovering! For those who havnt seen Nash's pics on fb he is soooo handsome! i cant believe how cute he is! adorable! im sure she will be in as soon as she can to tell her birth story, i think she said she was hopefully coming home tomorrow!! (christmas eve)

CONGRATS JESS!! i think thats a definate positive! how exciting!

AFM -  i am swealtering in this disgusting heat! its going to be 38 on sat! wtf that sucks! im still praying for bub to come early!! maybe after xmas!!
ooop gota go xxx

#62 jemsoli

Posted 24 December 2010 - 07:21 AM


lol chantal i thought you were going to say you were pregnant too haha.

thats all from me.

hope everyone has a awesome christmas. xxx

#63 Jayniepoo

Posted 24 December 2010 - 09:05 AM

Yay congrats Kat!! Hope you are feeling well and all is going great xo

#64 MnM

Posted 24 December 2010 - 02:23 PM

Hi waves.gif

*Quietly sneaks in and hopes no-one notices laughing2.gif *

Wow, good to see this group is as busy as ever still.

I know i've not been in for an eternity but just wanted to pop in and wish you all a very MERRY CHRISTMAS.  I hope Santa treats you all very well  biggrin.gif

I keep up with all you lovely ladies on FB anyway so you all know my news and vice versa.  

Congrats to all the pregnant ladies too - wow so many!!

And i know i said it on Facebook already but while im in here, another congrats to koiles on the birth of your littlest man - what an awesome Christmas pressie - can't top that!  eexcite.gif  bbabyflip.gif

I will no doubt pop back in next Christmas laughing2.gif

*Quietly sneaks off again*

waves.gif  hheart.gif

#65 koiles

Posted 24 December 2010 - 10:12 PM

Hi lovely ladies, thank you so much for your well wishes on Nash's arrival wub.gif. It has been such a pleasure sharing this experience with you all (again!), thank you so much for your support, you're the best bunch of ladies I know. So many new arrivals on the way too, I honestly can't wait to hear all about them.

I had some time tonight to sit and write a bit of a birth story of sorts...I'm not good at condensing stuff (as you all know by now biggrin.gif) so it's a bit long, feel free to skip through it if you like (I know you won't Rach, enjoy Tounge1.gif haha)

MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!! Hope you all have a fantastic day whatever you're planning on doing. I don't think Santa's visiting me tonight, I got my pressie early happy.gif

Much love
Kylie xx

I was due to be induced at 12pm on Thursday 23rd. I went to bed on Wednesday night and was just in that dozy half sleep state when I was woken up by my waters breaking. I got up and went and put a pad on to see how much was leaking - the bed was soaked and I went through a few pad changes pretty quickly. I called the hospital to let them know and they wanted me to come straight in so they could confirm if it was actually my membranes rupturing or another smaller leak. I started having contractions in the car, 10mins apart and really mild, pretty much just like Braxton Hicks not really painful at all. My IL’s met us at the hospital and took Evan home with them and we went upstairs to be checked out. By the time I’d waddled up there I had waters leaking all down my leggings and they didn’t even bother doing a swab, was definitely the membranes ruptured! I was hooked up to the CTG machine to monitor bub for about an hour. Contractions increased to 5mins apart, but again not really painful so they asked me if I was happy to go home, which I was, so off we went. By the time I’d walked to the carpark they were getting very ouchie. DH kept saying, let’s just go back upstairs and tell them we’re staying, but I figured my waters had not broken that long ago I still had a way to go.

We live 15min from the hospital at that time of night – but by the time we pulled into the driveway I was moaning through each contraction. Called the hospital as we walked through the door and they suggested getting in the shower and wanted us to time how long the contractions were lasting for as well as how often. The only comfy position I could find that eased things even a little was on all fours in the shower and I was really having to breathe through each contraction. They were 3mins apart and lasting just under a minute each. Stayed in the shower for 4 contractions, rang the hospital back and they asked what I’d prefer whether I wanted to stay at home or come in, I chose to go back in...I wanted my epidural, thank you very much.

Got back in the car and I don’t really remember the trip back there I kind of zoned out trying to breathe through each one. When I stood up the contractions were coming one on top of the other with no break so DH ran into emergency and they came out with a wheelchair to take me back up to the birth suite. I was introduced to my midwife and told her I wanted an epidural...my ‘birth plan’ was to be induced and have an epidural and that’s what was written on my chart and agreed to by the obstetricians from the moment I found out I was pregnant - after Evan’s horror birth, the epi was God in my eyes! I had not considered any other option. The midwife looked at me and said ‘no you can’t have one now, you’re not far enough into labour’, then felt my tummy during a contraction and said ‘I don’t even think you’re in established labour yet you’ve got a long way to go’. I went into a mild panic, I still have a lot of issues about not being listened to during Evan’s labour and birth which led to me suffering PND, so I yelled at her that she wasn’t listening to me, I want an epidural. She sighed and said she’d need to go find the doctor to examine me.

The doctor came in and was lovely, one of the ones I’d seen the previous day in fetal monitoring. She examined me and said I was 6cm dilated, I could have an epidural, explained the risks and said she’d need to fit a scalp monitor to the baby’s head first so they could keep a constant eye on him and then she’d go get the anaesthetist. huge sigh of relief. She went to insert the monitor and I had another contraction while she was trying to do it. She then started to whisper to the midwife but I had no idea what about and didn’t really care, I was getting my epi! I then had another contraction and she asked me if I felt like I needed to push. The politically incorrect voice in my head wanted to respond ‘are you retarded, I’m 6cm’ but instead I replied with a very loud ‘NO’.

The next contraction came accompanied by a very primal scream from me and I asked how long until I could have the epidural. She then replied it was too late, the baby’s head had crowned. What? Umm no, I think I’d know if it had. I replied ‘no it hasn’t, it can’t because I haven’t had the epidural yet’ (got to love my labour logic!) to which DH responded to me ‘if you want one after the baby’s born you can have it, but I can see his head now!’ The midwife told me to listen to her very carefully and not to push with the next contraction...I think I’d gone into slight shock, I hadn’t even pushed with the last one! The next one came and I didn’t push but out the head came anyway. I felt a tear but it didn’t even register on the pain scale. Bub’s head, shoulders and body came out in the one ‘non-push’, my uterus literally expelled him.

Nash Lenny was born at 38 weeks at 3.38am on Thursday 23 December, 8.5hrs before his scheduled induction. He weighed 2.8kg, 50cm long and had a head circumference of 32cm.

I was still in complete shock as they lay him on my chest, I still hadn’t really processed that I’d already dilated to 6cm in my short labour and yet only 4 contractions later and he was in my arms. His temperature was quite low so DH cut the cord and then they went and got a heat crib and lay him under the heater while I was delivering the placenta and being stitched. I had a second degree tear requiring 10 internal and 10 external stitches. Already they feel a million times better than my mediolateral episiotomy with Evan. As soon as the stitching had finished I was able to get up and walk to the shower, get dressed into my fresh PJ’s and then stood staring over the crib at my new little boy. I had a fantastic epidural experience with Evan, but nothing beats being up and moving immediately! I apologised to the midwife for yelling at her, and bit my tongue to keep the ‘not in established labour yet huh?’ comment from escaping grin.gif.

For the first 24hrs Nash had a lot of trouble maintaining his temperature and kept having dips, they classed him as hypothermic so we spent loads of time having skin to skin contact with hot towels over us – mama was working up a sweat while the little one was still cold. Because he was cold he also didn’t feed very well and just slept constantly. Once the 24hr mark hit though he did a complete turnaround, temp stabilised and he started feeding like a champ. I was in a four bed ward which was incredibly noisy so I opted to be discharged a day early and we were walking out the door on our way home 32hrs after he arrived.

My official time in established labour according to my discharge papers was 2hrs. He was born 4hrs after my waters broke. I can’t begin to tell you after wafting through pages of info on my discharge papers with Evan, how surreal it was to look at that piece of paper and see under ‘Delivery’ the word ‘Normal’ circled with not much other info needed!

All in all a totally different and much more pleasant experience to Evan’s birth...but the same result in the end, a gorgeous little boy who we are all totally in love with already.

#66 GardeningGirl

Posted 24 December 2010 - 10:59 PM

awww Kylie that is such a great story - can't believe how quickly he popped out and how your body pretty much knew what it was doing to even if nobody else did.  

Merry Christmas everyone - hope you all have a lovely safe holiday season.    biggrin.gif
J x x

#67 barx_twins+1

Posted 25 December 2010 - 08:32 AM

As I quietly sneak in. cool.gif I just want to wish everyone a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS and may it be a very special day with the ones you love.

A huge congrats to Lisa, Jess & Kat on your pregnancies.  ddance.gif

And last but not least Kylie on the birth of gorgeous Nash.  Your birth story bought a tear to my eye.  So happy for you. biggrin.gif

Will be off now to spend some more time with the kids and watch them open some more presents.

Will be sure to pop in again soon.

Mel xx

#68 satiress

Posted 26 December 2010 - 05:17 AM

Congratulations again Kylie, your birth story brought a tear to my eye... stupid midwife wink.gif So happy you got to take your gorgeous little man home for Christmas, how wonderful.

Merry Christmas to everyone and hope your toddlers (and other kidlets) had a wonderful day.

Bella and Audrey were very spoilt, they got lots of toys I now have to lug back to Sydney. Bella seriously thought it was better that Josh was here than Santa! So sweet. Craig cooked up a storm and we just spent the day at home chilling and watching the kids play.. bliss.

much love to all xxx

#69 mummyto3tobe

Posted 26 December 2010 - 01:09 PM

hello ladies!
hope everyone had a lovely christmas and it wasnt too busy!

Kylie i had to giggle at ur birth story....especially at the "no hes not coming now i havnt had my epi" LOL i told ryan and he thought it was funny too! i cant believe my baby will be here in 5 days! hope you guys are all settling in well with Nash! i think u wrote this in the other mums group thread so sorry if you did, but with the maternity clothes, ill still be wearing mine after this bub is born, i know u want to look nice, but being comfortable (especially while ur feeding) is so much more important! i hope i did find something that made u look glamourous on christmas though original.gif

i think i lost about 5 kgs yesterday from sweating so much. we had the best time at my mums in the morning with my family, its so casual and laid back and we just swim pretty much, and loh just sat in her floaty thing in the pool with us for about 2 hrs, then went to bed, she was so well behaved. we had to go to ryans auntys for lunch and there was no breeze, no air con no pool...i died! i felt sick and disgusting but, thankfully we only stayed for a couple of hours then headed back to mums, loh went for a quick swim then slept for 3 hrs, and we just sat in the pool with my fam for that time before tea, was such a lovely afternoon! exactly what i wanted to do! i really felt my heaviness though when i got out of the pool after just floating for a few hours! lol i almost fell over i felt so heavy haha.

Loh got absolutly spoilt! we didnt buy her too much, just some clothes and a couple of toys things, mum parents absolutly spoilt her rotten! she got so much stuff we couldnt even fit it in the car! was so bad! and it was her birthday just over a month ago, i just told ryan we need to move to a house with a bigger play room...he suggested that maybe i put some of the toys away and swap them around every month or so....pfffttt BORING such a dad thing to say LOL.

ryan has (obviously) tomorrow and tuesday off work, he then works wed and thurs and then bubby arrives on Friday! i just realised how much stuff i have to do! i want to keep on top of all the washing and cleaning ect so i think ill find myself doing it everyday, i dont really want to take it easy as i dont mind going in to labour before Friday. i have to make up some meals for loh to freeze. she usually eats whatever we eat now, but i dont know what time we will be eating tea once bub gets home, ryans really good though and i guess if all else fails she can have a can of baked beans LOL. i had some mild contractions the other night, was a bit worried as they were very painful and i remembered slightly what labour was like...do i really want to do this all over again! after last time with loh im sh*t scared of whats going to happen if i do end up having a natural delivery! in saying that i am finally excited for this baby to arrive, i really was a bit of a downer with it the poor kid, i felt like i was letting Loh down, having a baby so close to her, and im really going to miss spending all my time just me and her, but i guess thats the way it goes  unsure.gif

anyway, sooo hot with the laptop on my lap, 38 degrees again here today, 40 tomorrow...oh JOY!! back to mums i think!!

enjoy your break ladies
love shell xxoxox

#70 Here we go again

Posted 26 December 2010 - 09:43 PM

Yay Kat congrats xxxx

Kylie great read thanks, he is so bloody cute. Enjoy your family of 4 original.gif

Shell good luck on Friday I will be stalking you for news x

#71 helenn82

Posted 27 December 2010 - 07:10 PM

Great to hear your birth story Kylie.  Thrilled that it was better than last time and ended up a normal birth with not as many problems.  You have a mean baby birthing body dilating from 6-10cm so quickly and obviously a nice strong uterus.....doing the pushing for you!   Well done!

Enjoy your snuggles original.gif

#72 harpsichord

Posted 28 December 2010 - 05:39 AM

Kylie - I've finally got back to the computer! What a great birth story! I'm secretly glad you didn't get your epidural biggrin.gif . That's so fab that you are mobile and going so well already. How is breastfeeding going for you this time around?

#73 satiress

Posted 28 December 2010 - 06:41 AM

4 days left in the year... where did that go??

Good luck for Friday Shell!! Hope the heat doesn't hurt you too much this week.

Kylie, I was going to ask the same question as Rach, how is breastfeeding going? I couldn't do it with Bella but had none of the same issues with Audrey and it worked a treat!!

Hope everyone is enjoying the festive season xxx

#74 jemsoli

Posted 28 December 2010 - 07:04 AM

kylie so glad your birth experience was ten million times better than your first one. i cant believe he came so quick - look out if you ever decide to go for #3!

shell good luck on friday if i dont get to say it closer to the date. hope the heat doesnt make you melt to death.

afm we had a great christmas. nothing like a long awaited BFP to make your day. i was also completely shocked cos DF bought me an ipad for christmas. i havent had a suprise chistmas present for years, and he HATES apple, so to him, he completely degraded himself buying it, but when he gave it to me he said he bought it cos he wants me to know how much he appreciates me  wub.gif

emily of course got far too many presents, i have no idea what to do with them all. i am going to have to bite the bullet and get a toy rotation system happening.

other than that, going to get bloods done tomorrow, so hopefully i should have the results by fri.

#75 koiles

Posted 28 December 2010 - 12:44 PM

Shell after a massive hormone-induced teary meltdown I chucked my mat jeans and a top on and went to lunch...I think it was just because I was feeling a million bucks, it was Christmas Day and everytime I looked in the mirror I wasn't seeing the 5'9 55kg supermodel that I felt like in my head after carrying around that gut for 9 months roll2.gif. I shouldn't whinge too much, I'm back in my pre-preg clothes and weigh less than I did pre-preg but now I'm back to being fat rather than being able to say I'm pregnant haha. I've been out walking though (had stitches again this time but I can't even feel them...considering I couldn't walk for 2 weeks after Evan it's the best feeling EVER!!!) and BFing is a massive incentive not to eat crap - not to mention the fact I'll have 2 boys running rings around me before too long and I don't want to be the fat mum in the park who's huffing and puffing trying to keep up.

I've found it easy enough so far to juggle the 2 boys, but emotionally it's been really quite hard for me. I do feel really sorry for Evan. His whole world has changed, he's really affectionate and now he can't just come and give me a cuddle and sit on my lap whenever he wants when I'm feeding Nash and he just ends up having a total meltdown, but it's this really sad 'why won't you cuddle me mum' type cry and it just kills me. He's just not old enough to have things explained to him so I just try and make sure I make up that time with him after feeding Nash. BUT...we're day 6 today and he's already coming along really well and starting to get used to it, less whining and meltdowns so I don't think it's going to take very long for him to adjust and once he has he is never going to remember not having Nash around and Loh will be the same with her new little brother or sister, both of them will only ever know having the other one around wub.gif.

Rach so weird this time - with Evan I don't think any endorphins were released at all, I never got a high after he was born and could remember the pain in all its glory...still can when I think of his birth. This time though I was on cloud nine afterwards and I honestly struggle to remember what it felt like, it's like my brain has just moved past it. I'm finding all the differences very interesting if nothing else!

Feeding...let's just say if Nash was my first and Evan came second, I would have picked up ALL of his problems straight away, the feeding, the silent reflux, the arm, the works in a matter of days rather than months. Having Nash attach properly and watching the difference in his jaw movements as he sucks makes me tell myself off for ever feeling guilty about not being able to feed Evan, he just could not do it. The old nipples are a little bit damaged at the moment due to me being lazy and tired with 2 of his night feeds the other night and just letting him go rather than taking the time to reattach him properly, but I've learnt my lesson with that one!

Jess number 3 roll2.gif haha. I was in hosp for 32hrs and already got the doctor to write me a script for the Mirena and have an appt in 6 weeks to have it fitted bahaha. After having a better experience this time the thought of a 3rd doesn't send me shaking to the loony bin like it did thinking about another after Evan and I could do it and think I would actually like another one, but I honestly wouldn't want to put my body through it again, it just doesn't cope with pregnancy very well and puts too much strain on me. I am just so so so so so happy for you, a BFP for Christmas hheart.gif. Is DF convinced yet? Good luck with the BT today!

AFM E is so close to walking, he practically runs around the furniture rather than 'cruising' now and will stand for a little while on his own before dropping down. Will make my life so much easier when he does, my tummy muscles have separated and I'm not supposed to pick him up for the next 6 weeks - impossible.

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