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#51 ToodlePopsMum

Posted 25 November 2010 - 04:52 PM

hi girls,

thanks for asking about my dad  wub.gif .  he is doing great.  just making the necessary life changes and he still has moments when he thinks he can do everything but he is learning.  its a hard process to have to learn after being so "up and at 'em" for the past 65 years.

my boys.....you're very sweet Rach original.gif  it was a cute video though.  such ratbags though.  J is a bit sick at the moment with a really heavy cold (not that you would have known that from the way he was dancing round!) so is of course, dying original.gif  he came home from day care yesterday, jumped in the shower to wash off a face full of glitter (yeah, i dont know either.  didn't ask), ate dinner and then asked for kiss and cuddles so he could go to bed.  he slept for 11 hours, came into DH and I at 5.30am and then slept for another hour.  Aley is a turdburger original.gif  so full of attitude and spunk.  he decided to take his t-shirt off (soccer style - you know, pull the bottom up over your head so just your shoulders have the shirt on?) whilst we were shopping today and he was cacking himself so hard he went red!  the number of times I said "keep your clothes on", "stop taking your t-shirt off" and the number of laughs I got from other parents, grandmothers and general passers by was countless.  such a delight original.gif

present ideas:  hmmmmmmm hard one Lisa original.gif  I have already bought my person their present and actually went through their facebook page to see what they liked original.gif hope i have got it right though.  just remember, its the thought that counts so whatever someone receives they will know it was chosen with the kindest of hearts and thoughts.  We are all tired mummies so anything along the lines of something to relax with or to would be great I think.  Oh, if someone has me and is thinking along those lines......i do not like baths so no bath bombs or bath salts if that helps.  

rach:  good job on going to the gym!  i really should start doing something.  actually i tell a lie.  i did do something the other night - i went and did some laps at our local pool, woke up with conjuncitivitis the next morning. am convinced some invisible poo from the water must have gotten in my eye the one time i took my goggles off  roll2.gif .  How are the adventures of Miss Bells going lately.  God she cracks me up with her antics!

winelover:  sounds like you have a very full on christmas and a long drive ahead of you!  hope your mum recovers quickly and your DH can join you.  Poo to your brother - you should have called him a grinch!

Our Christmas:  well we are having the big family dinner at our place this year as it is just too much for mum and dad plus the kids will have more fun here playing with toys and running around the back garden.  I have just finished planning our present list - I have bought about 80% of them and just have one voucher to buy (my brother wants an iTunes voucher according to his wife so that's easy) and then we are having a photo shoot for the boys (and maybe dh and i if the camera doesn't break when trying to focus on my ugly mug) on the 18th, and I will just get some big prints made up for the grandparents and have them framed.  The HP centre at our local K-Mart said they can print poster size things within an hour so that's good.  Oh and I just have to go and buy some things on amazon from a wish list my SIL set up - they live in the US so it's easier this way original.gif.

We are going away on boxing day up to the beach house and had planned to stay there until the 3rd but my cousin announced she was getting married on the 31st of december back in perth and is having a family party at her mums place on the 3rd so we will have to come home a day earlier now.  They are very non-traditional, very trendy type of people who actually live in Melbourne but are coming home for the wedding, which is very low key, in a park, all organised by the husband to be.  he just orgnanised it all and told her the plans when he proposed.

think that's just about all from me for now original.gif  hope my novel of a post makes up for my lack of posting lately.

#52 Guest_kalita_*

Posted 25 November 2010 - 05:15 PM

Rach: E is getting a mish-mash of stuff really, not one big present. We bought a fold-out couch, a blackboard/whiteboard easel, a fold-out magnet board with pirate (or space? can't remember) magnets, a bunch of Little Miss books, more pencils and a pencil tub. She'll also get some cheap bling necklaces and bracelets from Chickenfeed, and a tiny noodle box of chocolates. So much stuff! ILs bought her a GIANT dollhouse, it is taller than she is! They got it 2/3 off the RRP, such a good deal!

Lisa: I like funky little quirky things, pirates and ninjas original.gif And stationery! A quick wander through Officeworks is all anyone needs to do for me wink.gif Can't stand those gift packaged lotions, I'm allergic to the artificial fragrance. Although I have to admit, I bought my SS person something I wanted for me, so I hope she likes it too Tounge1.gif

You are very organised about Christmas! We just took our vouchers to K-Mart and hoped we'd find things that suited Tounge1.gif

WL: My mum is coming to visit us for Christmas and putting on the works, which is awesome because then I don't have to wink.gif

I bought E knickers ages ago and she still isn't trained, she loves to wear them but soon enough I hear "Oh no, wee on the floor!" rolleyes.gif Even if she can tell me she needs to go she's not on the loo for 5 seconds before she is bored and wants to hop off. It will happen it it's own time I guess.

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#53 kgbird34

Posted 25 November 2010 - 07:18 PM

yay my heart is soaring with all the news!  To whoever has me for the SS; I'm not telling you what I like  tongue.gif .  I'm gonna like whatever I get, unless it's a jar full of dog poo.  
KALITA I'm doing much the same for Bells as your young Madame is scoring from Santa now that her 'penthouse' is out of the question!  Bells has a dolls house in her room that used to be G's and all she uses it for is to push it over to try to open her door.  Here's hoping little Miss E loves hers more!  No advances on TT here either  glare.gif .
TPM I"d love to come to your place for Xmas I reckon you would cook up a treat!!  And the family bit would be great too  laugh.gif .  Hope your eyes recover from the invisible poo!!!  You cute thing.
Hello Lisa!  No suggestions from me whahahahahaaaaaaa.  Whoever has you and Kalita and TPM are lucky though aren't they!!
Well that's me again, I'm off to watch the beauty and the geek final!  Icould really eat a whole cheescake tonight, shame I haven't got one  cry1.gif .  Can't even make DH go and buy me one cause he's at a school council meeting.  Pig. xxx.

#54 Guest_kalita_*

Posted 26 November 2010 - 08:49 AM

My SS gift is on it's way to cheer someone up next week happy.gif

#55 KnightsofNi

Posted 27 November 2010 - 05:38 AM

Hi all!

First of all, huge apologies to Kath. It seems I missed her off the secret santa. I knew I couildn't do it without screwing it up!  So again Kath, huuuuugggggeeeee apologies. I just feel awful.

Toodles - Glad your dad is doing well.

Rach - Good for you going to the gym. I am going this morning followed by the local christmas pageant with the kids.

Christmas presents - The kids are getting a swing set. DD is getting a tag junior to and they both are getting assorted smaller crap to. I have a funny feeling DS won't really care what he gets.  tongue.gif

DD slept through the night last night, in her own bed! And she only cried for a few minutes before going to sleep. Perhaps she is getting the point. Long may it last. But DS had an absolute appalling night, so I didn't even get the benifit of DD sleeping well.

I got AF back the other day. Not happy. I don't need to be fertile any more, so I wish it would go away. My DD saw a tampon and she said it was a poo poo lipstick.  laugh.gif

Got to go and hunt down some coffee.

#56 winelover

Posted 27 November 2010 - 07:13 PM

QUOTE (hopeforthefuture @ 27/11/2010, 06:38 AM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
saw a tampon and she said it was a poo poo lipstick.  laugh.gif

haahhaha PMSL ROFL LMFAO hahahhaha

BBL xx

#57 ToodlePopsMum

Posted 29 November 2010 - 11:14 AM

Oh Hope!  that is hilarious about the poo poo lipstick!  i told DH and he found it hilarious too!

I have my SS present here to post, just have to pull my finger out and do it! I will have it posted in time though I promise!

Well I think I can officially, touch wood, say that Aley is toilet trained.  He just stripped off his clothes and nappy, put his nappy in the bin and has been running to the toilet, climbing up and doing his wee.  Oh he is also announcing to me, as he runs away to the toilet "I dont need you mummy.  You're not coming.  I come back to you when minished (finished)". YAY!  Still not brave enough to try a long trip out or anything like that but at home he is all good.  I may try taking him nappy free to J's gym class today as I can pop out to the loo with him whilst J is gyming away.

Oh, other rather exciting news on the toileting front, J had a dry night.  In jocks.  No pull up.  This is a huge thing in our house as we were starting to get a bit concerned that he was nearly 5 and not night trained.  He asked last night if he could sleep with no pull up and just his jocks.  DH took him to the toilet at 10pm and again at midnight and then he woke up at 6am completely dry.  So proud of him.  Of course, it may have been a one off but it shows us that he can do it.

J's birthday is coming up soon.  He is having a kindy friends party at a playcentre this year and I have been slack and ordered his cake BUT I am making all the confectionary to go in the lolly boxes so I am not totally slack original.gif  Just trying to work out what to make.  Am thinking lolly pops, mini choc chip cookies, choc drizzled honeycomb, rocky road and marshmallows.  Going to be one busy chicken making all that for 20+ kids (he has 13 coming but most of them come with siblings and as it is straight after school I can not give them a lolly bag if they come too (Im not paying for the siblings though at the fun centre)).

Better get a move on. We have a gym class for J at 11.15am but it is going to be 36 degrees here today so I am contemplating not going as it is probably going to be too hot in the gym (it's on basketball courts, inside, but from memory the a/c isn't that great as it is a huge area) and I know J is very suseptible (sp?) to heat migraines which will then affect his schooling as it is expected to be 36 for the next four or so days.

Hmmmm Aley has just requested "PAPER" from the toilet.  Better go.

#58 winelover

Posted 29 November 2010 - 06:56 PM

One of santa's little helpers this year has helped out by swapping their SS with me, so I am now in SS... thankyou santa  biggrin.gif

now I have another excuse to go shopping  tongue.gif

#59 Cantankerous

Posted 30 November 2010 - 05:04 AM

Morning girls just need to whinge.

The new horse I brought about 4 weeks ago is a dud got more problems than you could poke a stick at got completely ripped off too. So his being given away.

Thinking more I told DP I'd like to buy a very young horse a baby to start with a clean slate he said ok went to look at one last night he was very nice and I told DP I think I might buy but I'm going to sit on it a few days to make sure.

He then goes on to say basically its selfish of me to have both go-karts and horses and I have to choose one. What I spent on dud horses could of gone towards getting debt down which is not fair we have spent more paying off his motorbike thats sitting in the shed!

So I have the ultimatum or Karts Or horses and I dont know what to do. sad.gif

I gotta go to work just needed to vent

#60 winelover

Posted 30 November 2010 - 08:08 PM

LAM - hope everything went OK witht he tonsil op

Lisa - tough one.  If you are earning your own $ why can't you have both?  I remember how in love with horses you were before DP.

Yay santa has been shopping!!! Very proud of santas efforts actually.... I came in 4 cents under budget  cool.gif so secret santa will be on it's way to someone soon ph34r.gif  (how bizarre does this emoticon look?)

#61 winelover

Posted 01 December 2010 - 09:31 PM

hello  waves.gif

#62 kgbird34

Posted 02 December 2010 - 04:37 PM

Hello girlies!  Sent my SS gift today.  WOOOOO.  
LAM your poor DD, what timing to BECOME A WOMAN!!!  Poor little darling, Bells suffered after having her tonsils out but after about 10 days she was a new girlie.  Hope the recovery goes relatively painless.  Hope your Xmas turns into the best one ever!!! How are things with your partner going?
KATH Hello to you!  You're cute.
LISA have you chosen?  I don't think you could go past horses my sweet.  Good luck.
TPM I can't believe how hot it is in Perth!  It's like winter here, I love it!  Aley is soooo clever with the TT, Bells is a gimp and comes and tells me when she's done poo -- "Bewwa done poo.  Poo stinks."  and my it does too!  One day  rolleyes.gif .  Still waiting for the warm weather to come!!
HOPE how's the sleeping going?  Glad DD loved the wiggles!
I'd best be off I can hear the bloody dog running around inside and have to finish cooking tea.  Ah what a life of excitement! xxxx me.

#63 blessedwithblueandpink

Posted 02 December 2010 - 05:01 PM

Hi All
Sooooooooooooooooooo sorry been MIA for so long. Been online here and there but run out of time to post all the time.
Extension is pretty much finished. We are all in our new rooms and Rian is now out of our room for the last week(cant believe he is nearly 10 months!!). The girls are sharing and ds1 is on his own. Poor aisling had 3 changes in the one hit, new room , sharing with sis and a big bed!!! She has done quiet well really, a few coming out of bed here and there but no major dramas thankfully! Nice to do the girls room up all girly as dd1 and ds1 had been sharing so never did any theme or anything.Aisling has been TT for about 3 to 4 months now, but still has a fair few wee accidents out of sheer laziness - bag!!! She has been dry at night on and off too but not consistent.

My darling neice Kate is 4 months old on Sunday and we are all so thrilled with how she is going. She is putting on weight and my SIL just said that she gave her my EBM yesterday for the first time, so I was quiet emotional about that. She was christened last sat and they asked me to be god mother - I was sooo delighted, cant beleive I have such a special special neice that is my goddaughter too!!!!

Rian is now crawling and standing walking around the furniture, he is cute as a button!

Tantrums - Aisling is the queen of them and definately my most strong willed stubborn child! Hard work she is compared to the other 3, but a total comedian so I am deciding to focus on her qualities rather than flaws(mainly to keep myself sane!!!lol)

TPM : So sorry to hear about your dads heart attack and thank God he got the right treatment and is on the mend -  A huge shock and wake up call though as you said!

Big hello to everyone else
So sorryabout the lack of personals but I will get back on track I promise!


#64 Cantankerous

Posted 02 December 2010 - 07:22 PM

I picked horses. But since I am buying a baby the real time consuming stuff wont happen for 2-3 years so I'll continue karting until then. Once he is broken in and training starts we should have land of our own too which will be a big help.

I still haven't done SS I will get to it this weekend. Will post on Monday!

#65 KnightsofNi

Posted 03 December 2010 - 03:29 PM

Well I got my secret Santa package in the mail! Very exciting.

I received a family organiser calander. Yay! I think someone knows that I am an anal, busy woman.

I posted my secret santa present today, so someone should receive my gift next week. I hope you like it!

On the subject of being busy.... Can someone tell me how on earth a SAHM with no other committments has barely enough time to scratch herself? I just can't get anything done. My kids seem to take ALL my time, just in the normal day to day activities. It is driving me a bit batty.

Blessed - So glad to her about your god daughters   biggrin.gif  progress.

We went to the Wiggles yesterday. Annabelle had a great time. But me and two children on my lap (Annabelle was scared - she kept saying 'I'm a bit scared, hold my hand mummy'. So sweet. We were three rows from the front and she was a bit overwhelmed I think.

We have Annabelle's childcare Christmas party today. It is a picnic at the park and the kids will sing some songs (Annabelle is singing Dingle Dangle Scarecrow and Jingle Bells - so cute!)

Anyway. I better finish cleaning the playroom in preparation for the Christmas tree going up tonight.

#66 winelover

Posted 03 December 2010 - 09:11 PM

LAM - I know it's probably hard, but people shouldn't think of gifts in terms of money value... it's supposed to be the thought.  Life with 2 kids is CRAZY at times. I do wish hubby helped more.

Rach - I love you too  tongue.gif would you believe I ate the other half of the jar of nutella yesterday? Read down about why I was stressed

Blessed - that is lovely of you to share your milk. Whenever I have to hand express for comforts sake I always think..."some poor bubba good have enjoyed that"

Lisa - Yay for picking horses

I just can't get anything done. My kids seem to take ALL my time, just in the normal day to day activities. It is driving me a bit batty.
this is me on a normal day as well.  I think having bub on solids does make the day a little bit more time consuming.

Us - Jacinta had her 6 month needles and check yesterday - A fortnight early cause we are leaving Monday to head to Grafton to look after my Mum who is having a knee op.  Anyway, there was concern about her poor weight gain..... and her tongue tie! Which I hadn't noticed, probably cause I'm too busy being distracted by T when J feeds. So, community health suggested I see a Dr.  Well, the Dr was going to cut it then and there in his surgery... He even brought in a pair of scissors!! I was kind of freaking out a bit... I thought I had done OK to get through the needles with her in the morning.  But arghhh!!! Luckily the Dr called in another Dr to have a look, he brought an intern with him.  So 3 men were poking around in her mouth with a torch and a paddle pop stick. J loved it, I was a basket case. The 2nd Dr convinced 1st Dr not to snip it, to just wait and see.  He also suggested a urine test.  So my Dr told me he wanted two urine samples collected in jars..... DO YOU KNOW HOW HARD THAT WAS???? I did tell the Dr she was a girl.  So I spent the afternoon with J on a towel on the lawn nappy free... specimen jar in hand waiting to catch pee!! I got a bit of the first one (Tayla distracted me by peeing on the lawn and her skirt), the 2nd wee I totally missed (again Tayla!!!... this time pronounced she was going to do a poo on the lawn).....3rd wee Jacinta was up on all 4 and it was a trick to catch! What a fun way to spend an afternoon  blink.gif

#67 kgbird34

Posted 03 December 2010 - 10:15 PM

Bloody hell Kath!!!  They do have these sticky on wee bag things you can get from pathology that you could have caught the wee in, and the doctor should have got some for you!  That's disgusting.  I hope you're not too worried about little J, obviously she is doing okay or you would have noticed.  If she's bright and reaching her milestones and gaining weight at all bugger them!! xxxx

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