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September 04 Parents # 106

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#26 bearboy01

Posted 17 November 2010 - 12:37 PM

bec xxxx well done xxx

#27 littlemumma

Posted 17 November 2010 - 12:40 PM

Congratulations Bec original.gif Quinn looks so gorgeous on facebook, adorable! Quick delivery, well done!! Great to hear his big brothers are being awesome.


Hi everyone.

xmas - K is getting a bike, clothes and bit and peices.
M - scooter I think and a few other toys and clothes.

gotta dash.

#28 RiverOfDreams

Posted 23 November 2010 - 06:49 AM

Bec - great to hear that Quinn is settling in with the family - I love your new sig pic.

Bridget - hope all is well with you. How is C going with a new baby in the house?

Sal - how's your little sleepwalker going?  

I have news... I think I'm pregnant .... well I took a test and it was BFP, but very early and no other symptoms so still in denial. I've told DH (obviously!) but no one else... so you guys are my outlet! I always wanted more children, but when we decided to try earlier in the year we both freaked out and realised how happy we were with our life now and what we could do.... I had talked myself out of it so much that now I'm in shock. How did it happen? Well ... eventually when we tell people (next year sometime) I might blame the antibiotics that I've been on recently - but tbh I just stuffed up in taking the pill regularly.

As I said, no other symptoms other than missed AF, so will wait another week before I go see the Dr. From experience he doesn't do anything other than remind me how many pregnancies end up as abortions (he doesn't say miscarriage) and give me a referral to my OB who probably won't want to see me until 10-11 weeks.

So there you have it! (writing the above was quite therapeutic...thanks!)

In other local news, we have an election in Vic this week - I can't say I know much about state politics and have no idea which way the election will go. Labor have been in for so long it won't surprise me if the state votes in the Liberals just for a change.

Hope you're having a great week!
Michelle x

#29 xaylmz

Posted 23 November 2010 - 10:43 AM

Wow Michelle, congratulations!!  Hope the pregnancy goes well for you.  I know what you mean about settled with 2kids, I was pretty much at that point before I found out I was pg with Quinn, but I always wanted 3kids so I was pretty happy original.gif

#30 bearboy01

Posted 23 November 2010 - 10:58 AM

woooohoooo michelle xxxxxx

#31 helly

Posted 23 November 2010 - 09:59 PM

Michelle eexcite.gif Congrats!  How totally fantastic.  ddance.gif  I’m totally loving the big age gap, both for quality time with the baby while A is at school and also cos it’s so much easier than I imagine 2 littlies would be.  Is DH excited?  When will you tell the girls?  We made the mistake of telling A once we saw the heartbeat and he promptly spread it round preschool way before I told family or hardly anyone else ohmy.gif

Bec and Bridget  Awwww, your photos are so gorgeous.  Glad that Quinn is so content, at least it’s not too cold now for the night get-ups (though we co-sleep so I managed to cheat myself out of those laughing2.gif)  

Less than 3 weeks till we go overseas and the days are just zipping by. School is already in the wind-up phase (it finishes in 2 weeks exactly)  and next week has swimming carnivals and special events already (and a thank you thing for the parent volunteers already at the end of this week)  A was off school most of last week with what the GP thought was roseola, and N chose then to pop his first tooth (of course)  Fun times wink.gif  How many of our 6 year olds have lost teeth?  A teethed really early but we still haven’t lost any here though he's just started complaining of a sore tooth (which he won't localise for us)

original.gif helly

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#32 bearboy01

Posted 24 November 2010 - 06:06 AM

Bec - Just been looking at the facebook pics - so lovely babe XXXXX

Im feeling pretty sh*tty TBH - Im feeling more & more excluded with the kindy mums - I talk with friends about it who ALL tell me that Im better off out of that "click" - i havent got a friend that tells me its a positive thing being included however I feel so lonely -
I text a kindy mum on MON night asking if her son wanted to come & have a playdate here - she hasnt even replied to me - although this is the kindy mum that DH had a crack at at Calebs party - then she kicked me in the guts BIG TIME when I spoke with her about it - she lives in a massive glass house though & threw a freaking rock at me !!!!!  anyway  thats not my fault & DEF not Calebs or her sons -
I emailed another little ones mum & she came back to me & they are cming here tomorrow for a playdate & a swim -
I dont know what to do - nothing I can do I guess sad.gif

I have signed Caleb up for extra reading & writing classes - each wed after school for an hour - costing a BOMB OMG - he needs this though - esp as some of the kids are teasing him now as he isnt far along as they are - it breaks my heart so badly sad.gif

I still cant decide what to get Caleb for xmas - Im totally at a loss ...............

anyhoo enough of my moaning -
hope you all have a top day
much love XXXXXXXX

#33 RiverOfDreams

Posted 24 November 2010 - 07:18 AM

Oh Jayne, you sound so down.  Are the kindy mums all from kids in Caleb's class?... if that's the case, the bright side is next year there will be a whole lot of new mums you can get to know.   There must be other mums who aren't part of the 'cool gang' that would be up for a chat.  

Good on you for getting C into the extra reading and writing classes. It astounds me that kids at this age are teasing him.  I don't think Carli would even be aware if other kids in her class were behind. (perhaps I'm naive)

Thank-you for everyone's well wishes.  Helly that's brightened my day hearing your experience with the age gap because this was something playing on my mind.   Dh is excited, although he will be 45 next year, so I don't think he was expecting to have a newborn at 45!  We've decided we're not going to make any decisions or get down into details for a few weeks, we both need some time to comprehend.    However, we have both separately asked the girls what they think about sharing a bedroom, so Carli asked me flat out yesterday if we were talking about a new baby... she's more switched on than I give her credit for!!

As for teeth.  C hasn't lost any and is so desparate to!  She went through a stage where she'd say she had brusehd her teeth, but because she didn't like the toothpaste she only brushed with water, so I've been telling her it's because she hasn't brushed her teeth enough that they haven't fallen out yet!  (I'm turning into my own mother making up stories to suit myself!)

Helly, 3 weeks to holidays - what a great time you'll have!  Heck, it just reminds me of all the (work) things I need to do before the end of the year and the clock is ticking!  

Talk soon
MJ x

#34 sallan

Posted 24 November 2010 - 07:38 AM

Quick dash in and out, just to Congratulate Michelle, wow how exciting.
Im off now, as this pregnancy thing seems to be catching in our group - ahhhhh
Sal biggrin.gif

#35 xaylmz

Posted 24 November 2010 - 10:29 AM

The last few weeks of the school year are just going to fly by!!!

C hasn't lost any teeth yet either, keeps asking me when they are going to get wobbly as most of the kids in his class have lost at least one, some of them a lot more.

Helly I bet you are all getting excited for your holiday original.gif

Jayne what a shame about the kindy mums, sounds like a bit of drama really.  It's really tough when you try your hardest to make an effort and it's not reciprocated, particularly if you are trying to help C establish some friendships to make things easier at school.  If the mother's are like that just imagine how their kids will turn out. hugs to you.  Good on you for recognising C's needs and getting some tutoring for him, that's great despite the costs.

Michelle my uncle had his first baby at 45yo, he loves being a dad, his DS is now 2yo.

Bec original.gif

#36 littlemumma

Posted 24 November 2010 - 01:39 PM

WOW - Michelle I am SOOOOOOOOOOO Happy for you and your family...this is wonderful news and such a blessing, WELL DONE!!! So when would that make you due? Carli is such a clever sausage catching on so quickly, bless.

Helly - how exciting going overseas soon, you must be getting all organised to go. Hope N travels well on the plane.

teeth - K hasn't lost any teeth at all yet...think he got his first tooth when he was about 10 months old.

Jayne - How many kindies classes are there this year? I hope Caleb gets a totally new class next year with new mums for you to make friends with, sounds very stressful. Good idea on the reading etc.

Bec - loving the pics on FB, keep em coming!!! You manging with the 3 boys ok?

All is well here, just trying to sort out the xmas going ons with the family, nothing is ever easy!!!!

#37 bySteuer

Posted 24 November 2010 - 05:34 PM

Hi Everyone,
thank you all for your congratulations and well wishes! I'm sorry I haven't had time to come in here and post, we are slowly getting into a routine here, going from 3 hrly feeds to 4 hrly and I am hoping for a let up soon so I'll have more time to do things!

We are all going well, Nat's a little gobbleguts (I've never seen a baby so hungry, it really is a sight to see!) she is growing SO fast!  We had an appt. at the MCHN on Monday and she's now 4010gms and 51.3cm long and 37.5cm head circumference!  I think it was half a kilo gain in a week LOL.  original.gif CJ absolutely loves being a big sister, the change in her confidence the last 2-3 mths has been absolutely amazing, everyone especially her teachers are just astonished, and it's beautiful for me as I can see all our hard work coming out in her.  I'm going pretty well, having a few sleepless nights but in general bouncing back!  It's nice to have energy again!

As for Natalie's birth:  I went into labour about 8am as we were getting ready for the school run, at first I thought it might be the false labours again but as it stayed regular and felt more intense, I turned around just as we were getting CJ to school I just knew it was "it" so I called Mike back from the train and got my brother to come over, and we all went to the hospital (including CJ) to get checked out at about 11am, and I was only 1cm dilated but regular... At 2.30 the midwife sent me home, she said it was regular but not intense enough and to come back if it intensified - even though I kept saying as soon as I stand up it got worse 3 fold over and they kept me sitting on the bed tied up to the machines for hours...  Anyway at about 6pm at home it was much worse so I knew I had to go back (left CJ at home because we knew it would be late by this stage), I was about 5cms then.  10pm my OB came to check on me (he had another patient birthing in the room next to me, LOL she was screaming the place down and was hours behind me!)  and he broke my waters and said it would be half an hour, he stayed with me and rubbed my back (what an OB he was so gentle!) and left me after midnight, he was absolutely fantastic.  I had some gas only and no stitches again!  Natalie had an apgar of 9 straight away, absolutely amazing, meanwhile the girl next door was still going and about to get a epi LOL... Finally about 2.30am we got to our room and into bed, I was so knackered!  LOL   And we brought CJ in the morning to come and meet Natalie by herself before the visitors arrived, and we went home the next day.  Loved the hospital and the midwives were great, but I just wanted to get home.

Bec - congratulations once again, I love your pics of the boys they are so cute, and you are looking well, how are you feeling?  Thank you for posting Natalie's arrival in here for me.  original.gif  And such wonderful news that Khodi won't need surgery after all, yay!

Jayne - I feel for you honey, to be honest if those women can push you out like that and treat you that way, you don't need friends like that and neither does Caleb, and I'm sure he gets plenty of socialisation at school and from your other friends who care for you and you're better off without them.  Big hugs to you, you are SO much better than they are, and they are the ones missing out on your friendship!  And good on you for the extra classes for Caleb, I wish I had something like that for CJ as you know I worry about her too, and she is still behind.  I can't believe those kids are teasing him at their age! ohmy.gif  I'm sure there are areas where Caleb is ahead of his peers, literacy may not be his strong suit right now but I bet you he is taking it all in, and when he is ready he'll be right up there with the other kids!

Sal - how's school going you sound tired love...  hang in there it's almost holidays!  And I couldn't help laughing at your comment about pgs being contagious in here lately!  LOL!!

MJ - Aww Congratulations!!  Let us know what happens!  Carli is adorable and so bright, how cute!  LOL    I always wanted more brothers and sisters when I was about 5 plus... I used to ask mum all the time when and how I could have a sister or brother which was most embarrassing for mum!  LOL  original.gif  My dad was about 45 too when he had his second child/second marriage and he definitely enjoyed it more the second time around than I think he did when it was my turn (he was 21 then).

Helly - I love your boys pics on FB they are so cute, congratulations again!!  CJ's lost all her front teeth, the first one in Sept. 09 and she's lost one every few months since then, at one time she had 5 gaps at once she looked so funny!  LOL  At the dental van at school they said her adult molars are coming in!

Xmas presents - I'm so slack I have NOTHING organised!!  I don't know what to get either or what we are going to do!  LOL  CJ says she wants a doll house and a big pink unicorn teddy which neither DH or I want to get for her... is it just me or is it getting harder every year!  

Lots of love to all of you xox

#38 bearboy01

Posted 25 November 2010 - 05:17 AM

Hi guys - Im feeling alot better - i went to the gym & strutted my big butt around there & felt so much better -
Caleb had a shocker when I left him at school yest - he was sobbing  - i havent seen him like that in years - i didnt leave him - walked him up to his classroom - his teacher looked worried - it was all I could do guys to not cry myself - it was horrible - bring on the holidays I say ! I could king hit some sh*ts in that class I tell ya - original.gif

he was happy as when I picked him up - I took him to the outside class yest & to be honest with you guys I think the teacher was floored at how behind he is sad.gif i thought she had tears in her eyes!! HONEST !
Anyway he is doing private lessons for 2 times a week for the next 3 weeks & then holiday lessons too - and home work - Im not gonna hammer the little guy though - we shall see how we go -
As for the kindy mums - yes its a DRAMA - and who needs it?
Im only worried for Caleb - there are sme REALLY nice mums there that I do know & like & sit with - its the b**chyness that gets me so down - i dont understand that to be honest -
i was having a bad day yest so Im sorry for the moan however as always Im so grateful for the replies XXXXXX
Bridg thanks angel for the words of support as always - and I know you guys are right - its just when U are in that space in your head its hard work and I find it all so tiring - and confusing - TBH Caleb seems just so happy to be with his family at the moment - he loves swimming with Amy & there are some nice kids in these units that we live in & they all rides their bikes etc & play cricket together - he seems secure in this world - school is doing his head in - i loathe it - sad.gif

Michelle one of my close mates - her mum had her brother - then five years later her sister then five years later my mate came along - now my friend has a 5 year old that starts at calebs school next year & my mate is pregnant again - due in April - all planned - they love the age gap - they wanted it that way - we are not old yet babe !
However, we have both separately asked the girls what they think about sharing a bedroom, so Carli asked me flat out yesterday if we were talking about a new baby... she's more switched on than I give her credit for!!

thats a kack - smart little cookie there original.gif
the girls will love sharing I think - Caleb spends quite a bit of time playing musical beds at night to be honest but hey - as long as we all get some sleep then I dont care original.gif
i think the girls will love it to be honest they will feel like little mommies themselves original.gif

have a top day all - thank you again for the support XX
much love to the little bubbies XX

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#39 helly

Posted 25 November 2010 - 10:22 AM

Will be back later for more personals, just wanted to  bbighug.gif  Jayne. Poor you and poor Caleb sad.gif
One thing I can't recommend enough is Reading Eggs - I think it made such a difference to A's reading. He was so into it last year/start of this and it sounds like it might be something that would be really helpful for Caleb (especially if he likes computers - it's fun for the kids and they can do it without the sense they're being corrected and at their own pace)  At first he didn't transfer what he was doing on screen to paper books but then it all just clicked and he raced off with his reading... You can often get free trials too so that you can see if it's for you.

Bridget Your birth story's great, well done. So glad that CJ is loving being a big sister, it's so lovely watching it grow and develop. A gets the longest hardest laughs out of N that anyone can, and it's just magic watching the bond get stronger every day (though poor N never gets to sleep properly when A is around, no matter how many times we tell him not to, he is deliberately loud and bouncy cos he just wants N to be awake ohmy.gif)  

Lord and master is whinging so I better go - he's at that stage where he wants to be held to stand continually - and is making attempts to get on hands and knees with doses of frustration that he can't do what he wants to!


#40 bearboy01

Posted 28 November 2010 - 08:05 AM

ladies xx quick Q - can someone explain me to about nintendo DS ?
and what would be good for Caleb ? Hubby has just advised in CODE that this is what the little guy wants & I have NO Idea at all what they even are XXXXXX

#41 sallan

Posted 28 November 2010 - 09:16 AM

Hi Girls,
Phew I made it! Ive been reading and catching up with all your news but just havent had the time or energy to come on here.
Work is going ok but stressful. Its just as hard as before with the autistic boy but finally he has a position at a specialised Autism school.
He begins next year. It will be just the best thing for him. He doesnt want to go of course, but hopefully after a week there he will realise that its a great place.
I would love to go and see how he goes, and to see how the teachers there get him to do anything that he is supposed to do, without it resulting in a violent episode.
It has taken our Principal 6 months to get him into this school so I really hope he sticks at it.
Sooo only 3 weeks to go until the end of school- yipppee!!!
It has been a great experience for me, career wise, working alongside another aide in the classroom. That is pretty unheard of, having 2 aides in one classroom, so I was fortunate enough to be able to work with a more experienced aide for all of that time.
I have learnt so much from her.
I am hopeful that I will be there again next year. There are at least 3 more funded children coming into the school , so there should be enough work for all of us.

Liam is going better at night now, thank goodness. Last night he actually slept through, which was a complete blessing as DH and I are exhausted.
He has got to the stage, though where I can just lead him back to his bed and he goes back to sleep, without any terrors happening, which makes it so much easier. When he had terrors we could be awake for half an hour at least calming him down and trying to get him back to sleep.
One thing we have done to try to help him more is move Owen into his room. It hasnt really helped much with his sleeping,but they love being together.
So yesterday we made it a permenant arrangement. They LOVE it. We had to shift a few things around but Owens bed is in there now and his room has become the playroom, which they both think is just great!

Owen had his eyes checked again last week and it seems he has to wear them all the time for the next 12 months. They had improved from last time but not enough. I can see him wearing them all the time forever like his Uncle. Dad wears them for reading. All of DHs family wear glasses so i gues I shouldnt be surprised.
We are still having Michael Jackson daily LOL. He is sooo excited that a new album is coming out for Xmas.
Hes so funny. He is getting so good at doing all the moves.
He hasnt lost any teeth yet.

Helly- we have Reading eggs at our school. Isnt it fantastic? the boys love it and are learning so much.
You used to be able to have a free trial, but Im not sure they are doing that anymore.

Michelle- how are you feeling? come round to the idea of having another? Youll be fine. The third one just seems to fit.

Jayne- sorry to hear about Caleb, it will all work out.
DS, sorry no, we dont have one.

Bridget- You sound so relaxed with the littlie, well done, youre doing a great job. Hows CJ going with her?

Well gotta dash as usual. Hope the rest of you guys are ok

#42 xaylmz

Posted 28 November 2010 - 01:36 PM

Jayne no nintendo DS here either, but what I do know about them - there are 3 different ones:  
DS Lite - doesn't have an inbuilt camera but the other ones do I think.
DS i - slightly bigger size and screen size than the DS Lite.
DS XL - larger in size than the other two, and as such has a larger screen.
You have to buy individual games for them which means cartridge based games.  I think I read somewhere that you can get them chipped?
I would consider a PSP or even an itouch as alternatives as well, have a look around at them all in stores and then decide.  Consider prices for extra games, how easy the device would break if not cared for (especially having a younger child), would you buy a protective case for it and how much extra would it cost etc etc.
What I dislike about the DS's is having cartridges laying around, they would get lost/misplaced here.  Whereas with the itouch you would purchase all the games through itunes app store, so no cartridges and you can get a lot of games for free.

#43 RiverOfDreams

Posted 29 November 2010 - 08:28 AM

Good morning

Jayne - as for DS's - you can pick up a DSi with a game for about $200 (on special).  As Bec said the DSi's have a camera.  I'm still looking at a DS lite recycled at EB games for $108, however I heard they have gone up to $125, which makes me think I'd be better going a new one... I'm too indecisive!   .. and you can get chips which hold multiple games for about $30-40.

I don't even know what an I-Touch is, but this sounds like a good option too, just not sure of the price.

DH is now in the anger stage... and I'm in the crying stage.  Thinking about the $$ side of things is very disheartening.   Surely these times will pass and the acceptance/excitiement stage will follow soon.     LM, you're response def cheered me up and made me realise I need to look at this differently.

Will pop back later to add comments to the other posts.


#44 bearboy01

Posted 29 November 2010 - 11:05 AM

DH is now in the anger stage... and I'm in the crying stage. Thinking about the $$ side of things is very disheartening. Surely these times will pass and the acceptance/excitiement stage will follow soon. LM, you're response def cheered me up and made me realise I need to look at this differently.
  oh hun thats tough sad.gif

very very tough - hugs to you - money worries are so horrible - i know - this is more important & money will come somehow - you will make it work Im sure that u will -  oh babes - much love to you XXXXXXXXX

#45 bearboy01

Posted 29 November 2010 - 11:10 AM

Qick note from me - I went into Calebs classroom this morn & advised his teacher that on Tues I will be taking him out at 2.15pm for his special classes - " oh dear - out of school?? well I guess at this time of year its ok however NO normally NO this wouldnt be ok" then she said to me " i told you that next year he will be in special reading classes - i told you that he will be with children of some ability" I asked her that two weeks ago & replied that she didnt know & wouldnt know til next year !!!!
Then she says to me " will you stop showing him your anxiety ??" I replied and Said that I DONT - WE DONT - then I just started to cry OMG sad.gif
standing in the classroom crying OMG
I was so MAD !!!!!
Anyway got it together - got caleb into his lines & went to the gym I was swearing to myself on the exercise bike I* was so ****ing angry - not the reaction that I was expecting friends - oh well

hey michelle - thinking of u babe - your post made me well up - its an emotional time for all of u at the moment - its just such a top thing though - its so clever & amazing - things have a way of sorting themselves out - love to u X

#46 RiverOfDreams

Posted 29 November 2010 - 11:19 AM

Oh Jayne, you poor thing.  What did the teacher do then?    From what I read, you're doing what you can to support Caleb.  Of course you're anxious about his development - that's normal! How the heck is telling the teacher he's doing extra classes showing that?   It doesn't make sense to me.   Doesn't sound like they are very good at communicating and prefer to brush you off.    .... only 3 weeks left.... you can make it!

.. and through all this you're thinking of me.  Thanks x You're so right, about it being an amazing time, it's just all a bit hazy right now.

Talk soon
MJ x

#47 xaylmz

Posted 29 November 2010 - 11:26 AM

OMG Jayne, I hope the teacher didn't say that stuff in front of Caleb or any of the other kids because that would be so wrong if she did!  Sounds like she doesn't communicate to you very well either and it's your choice as to what extra support you put in place for him now, not hers, and you certainly don't need to wait till next year till the school puts extra assistance in place - you could be waiting forever.  Early intervention is a much better option!

Michelle you and DH will get past the anger/crying stages, for us 3 will make a big difference to our finances.  We were considering private secondary school for our kids but I honestly now don't know if that will be an option with 3 unless we are both working full time. NOt to mention our plans for investing in a bigger house for ourselves and a couple of investment properties, we can keep dreaming for now lol! Can't predict the future though, so just have to play it as it goes, make the decisions you think are right at the time, put some financial plans/goals in place but keep them flexible as life often changes (as we all know wink.gif )

Bec original.gif

#48 bearboy01

Posted 29 November 2010 - 11:48 AM

guys - I just spoke with my mate who knows all about this situation with Caleb & she also went through very similar situation with her eldest son -
she advised me to contact the head of kindy ( I dont think there is one - Im not sure though ) or go to the principal & explain what is going on & that I need a guarantee that Caleb is going to get into special reading class for next year - im not sure what to do about that side of it - dont want to be seen as the moan parent - however my friend did that & its worked wonders for her son -or tell them that i will remove caleb from the school -
i dont know what to do however I know that a smaller school would have been so much better for him - shame that we couldnt get him into one sad.gif

michelle remember too hun that hormones are CRANKING right now for you & tiredness also - its very very normal to be upset & emotional - DH will calm down too - its a big change - such a wonderful one though - and in the long term - worth it original.gif
try & have a rest babe XXX

Edited by bearboy01, 29 November 2010 - 11:49 AM.

#49 helly

Posted 29 November 2010 - 09:40 PM

A lost his first tooth tonight!! (Ironically, the same one that N got just last week, lol)   Bummer though, DP and he were having watermelon for dessert and there was a “pip” and it got chucked into the rubbish, it was quite a bit after that A realised he lost it rolleyes.gif  cry1.gif  We got him to write a letter to the tooth fairy, who has left $5 wink.gif but I’m sad that we didn’t find it (yup, I looked!)

Jayne We got a DS Lite for A for Xmas, I’ve heard the Lite is better for this age group and he doesn’t need the camera or Net connectivity. We got ours off Ebay, rrom Hong Kong – you don’t get the Aussie warranty but I checked the feedback and seller carefully and am happy with it, a really big chunk cheaper than any deal I could find locally (there seem to be good bundle deals come up for the DSi and XL but not Lite)
Sorry you had such a horrible time this morning, maybe the staff have been having meetings about next year in the last week or 2, and so she couldn’t tell you 2 weeks ago for certain but not it’s been sorted out?  

Sal It sounds like you’ve gained some great experience there original.gif  I’ve been lucky workwise too, in often falling into situations where I could learn from others and it certainly makes the learning curve so much better.   So sweet that the boys are sharing – A is agitating already to have the baby in with him (wonder if he’ll say that in a few years!)  

MJ I think what you’re feeling is totally normal. Despite being so very very very wanted, I spent a big chunk of my pg thinking “oh no. what the hell have we done”  and flip-flopping between happiness and thinking it was all a huge mistake.  After the birth all of the ambivalence just went and the little guy is just such a blessing.  As for the finances, who knows what the future will hold (for any of us)  I’ve been doing some studying while off and am going to head in bit of a different direction (primarily so that I can hopefully cut my hours down/work from home while the baby is still little)     and it can be a bit exciting that things are panning out different than planned…

Bec  How’s Quinn going??

original.gif helly

#50 bearboy01

Posted 30 November 2010 - 05:46 AM

bridg i just read your birth story - sorry for the delay sad.gif
Its a GREAT story - wow what a top obs!!!
you are so strong lady - JEEEZUS!!
thats awesome babe XX
so happy for you XXX i dont know how us chicks do it !!clever !!!!!!!!

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Essential Baby and Essential Kids is the place to find parenting information and parenting support relating to conception, pregnancy, birth, babies, toddlers, kids, maternity, family budgeting, family travel, nutrition and wellbeing, family entertainment, kids entertainment, tips for the family home, child-friendly recipes and parenting. Try our pregnancy due date calculator to determine your due date, or our ovulation calculator to predict ovulation and your fertile period. Our pregnancy week by week guide shows your baby's stages of development. Access our very active mum's discussion groups in the Essential Baby forums or the Essential Kids forums to talk to mums about conception, pregnancy, birth, babies, toddlers, kids and parenting lifestyle. Essential Baby also offers a baby names database of more than 22,000 baby names, popular baby names, boys' names, girls' names and baby names advice in our baby names forum. Essential Kids features a range of free printable worksheets for kids from preschool years through to primary school years. For the latest baby clothes, maternity clothes, maternity accessories, toddler products, kids toys and kids clothing, breastfeeding and other parenting resources, check out Essential Baby and Essential Kids.