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November 04 Parents # 693

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#1 Sandra

Posted 21 October 2010 - 08:34 AM

New thread time ladies


#2 dippinsniffer

Posted 21 October 2010 - 09:24 AM

Bride original.gif .

... night noodle markets tonight, busy day with work tomorrow - have a lunch on for the big fella, then the school disco tomorrow night (sgee will be knackered!), ballet Sat a.m., party p.m. Sunday nippers and then family arvo tea for her Sun arvo - with a gelato ice cream cake!
Busy but fun original.gif !

... that should do us for the w'end!
I'm not surprised original.gif !

#3 SportySpice

Posted 21 October 2010 - 09:55 AM

Silver! Second! Brides maid.....

Just thought I'd stick my last post in here, just in case anyone wants to come along on Saturday! xxx

Malli? Malli? Malli?

Hope you're feeling well Pix with all the family activities you have on this w'end - give peanut a huge kiss and cuddle from us for Sunday   (this is just in case i don't get back here and its getting busy....!)

Jodes - hope you're feeling better xx

Caro - fun with all the relo's eh? I do love a full house!

sgee's party on Sat arvo - all welcome as well - pm me or sms me for details - park up the road 2-5pm.  

night noodle markets tonight, busy day with work tomorrow - have a lunch on for the big fella, then the school disco tomorrow night (sgee will be knackered!), ballet Sat a.m., party p.m. Sunday nippers and then family arvo tea for her Sun arvo - with a gelato ice cream cake! I'm looking forward to that!  Cake base then strawb gelato, then vanilla gelato covered in cream and then a white chocolate outer layer (she won't know this as its white, but will take it off for her  ) .... that should do us for the w'end!

will be lurking for Malli!

love to all xxx

#4 Malli

Posted 21 October 2010 - 12:58 PM


#5 SportySpice

Posted 21 October 2010 - 01:11 PM

still waiting Malli...... you poor thing.... you're past your due date aren't you??? ohmy.gif  wacko.gif  wwhistle.gif

#6 SportySpice

Posted 22 October 2010 - 07:20 AM


I couldn't resist so I called Malli...... the sms I got back read (which I hope she doesn't mind putting in here)

"due on the 19th, Mon I go in for a check up.  If nothing happends I get induced that week.  Date to be decided on Mon."  

bubba's everywhere..... 6 in my TTC after m/c have had +ve's within the last 3 weeks..... fingers crossed that's its my turn SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOON!  bloody DH and his travel!

busy busy busy day and w'end ahead! original.gif

my little one will be 6 tomorrow, filled with excitement and saddness that she's growing up ....... biggrin.gif  sad.gif


love to all x

#7 Snagglepussed

Posted 22 October 2010 - 07:37 AM

It's scary that they are so big already isn't it SS!
Love I may not make Sat as I am in the exam lead up and have been very slack on the study front.....we are looking for a new car (my chariot's clutch is giving out) and have a friend staying Sat night visiting from Perth..........

BUT I would really love to meet up with any Sydney gals after the exams.......I finish on 9th Nov....... Just in time for the Nov b'days (Dh on 11th, Alessia on 16th and me on 17th) Phew!

Went to a school reunion last night....it was very weird seeing all these familiar faces (it was a general reunion not a specific year) and seeing people the same age......you remember them in uniforms and I think I haven't aged UNTIL I see my peers all grown up and adult like and it's a real slap in the face! LOL

Good night though! Was a friend's B'day too so we went out for dinner afterwards! Nice night!

Good luck for a labour-filled weekend to avoid any induction next week!

#8 dippinsniffer

Posted 22 October 2010 - 06:04 PM

Kim, I see Nov is a big B'day month for you too original.gif .
Yes, we must have a catch-up after your exams original.gif .

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#9 SportySpice

Posted 22 October 2010 - 08:10 PM

Dip - dad's b'day is 21 Nov - he'll be 90 original.gif  organising a little family do for that. wink.gif

#10 dippinsniffer

Posted 23 October 2010 - 06:07 AM

Yeah, I've been thinking about your dad's 90th, it's so exciting original.gif . HAPPY 6th BIRTHDAY TO SG!! I'm sure she will have great fun today original.gif .

Bye for now original.gif .

Tanya, Helen, Alicia ... hoping to see some news from you guys one of these days original.gif . It's been ages here and in F B ...

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#11 SportySpice

Posted 23 October 2010 - 10:57 AM

Happy birthday to my precious little one xxx

#12 *Caro*

Posted 24 October 2010 - 07:38 PM

just checking for Malli news  ph34r.gif

Happy birthday to SG!

Back from Sydney now after the wedding extravaganza.  We are all absolutely shattered - DH reckons yesterday was the hardest day of his life!  The girls did brilliantly as flower girls and I was so proud of my little family wub.gif  Off to have a bit of choccy and a cup of tea and vague out in front of Offspring now yyawn.gif

#13 pixiefish

Posted 25 October 2010 - 07:34 AM

We are back from similar wedding extravaganza and totally wiped out! kids haven't been in bed before 10pm for the last 4 nights and sat night was midnight wink.gif

will be back later to update more as i need to get them off to school but just popped in to say  waves.gif and yyawn.gif

#14 pixiefish

Posted 25 October 2010 - 07:36 AM

ps: can't believe how freezing it is! and i have my 12 week scan this thurs yay!

#15 manhattan

Posted 25 October 2010 - 08:51 AM

Malli news???

How are you feeling about the impending birth, Malli? Excited? Daunted? Do you enjoy your births or no? Do you think this will be it for you guys, or is that still open? I'd love to hear what's going through your head ATM. original.gif

Love to everyone else and BBL. xx

#16 RockPaperScissors

Posted 25 October 2010 - 12:32 PM

hello!  still alive just BUSY!  thanks for messages on FB, which have shamed into a brief posting!  i haven't even been reading, but if it makes a difference, i do feel bad about not posting?! tongue.gif

bali was awesome (mostly) aside from the flight to denpasar.  cleo vomited in the check-in line (a big one, requiring a change of clothes) and that set the scene for the flight... ugh.  she vomited so many times, i lost count... poor little girl!  we arrived at denpasar with cleo in a nappy only (her clothes had to be thrown out!), aaron and i stinking (no changes of clothes for us...) and max gagging every time he smelt vomit rolleyes.gif the vomit bug moved onto max for the next 24 hours, then me for the following 24 hours... and then, we were all healthy for the rest of the trip! phew!  explored some new areas on the island, swam daily, massages nightly, ate gorgeous food, shopped til i very nearly dropped... bought some really lovely items from boutiques in seminyak, for myself and cleo.  max and aaron had to make do with billabong tees and shorts, lol.  will write more about bali on my blog, when i get around to uploading photos... just wanted to give a bit of a newsy post, and get back in the loop!

love to you all, and will of course read back on missed threads when i have some free time... ha ha ha, what's free time?!!  aaron was off work for a month (week before bali, 2 weeks in bali, week after bali) so we've been VERY busy with holiday planning, holidaying, and catching up post-holiday!  max has started teeball (won player of the week this week, obviously encouragement based!), we've nearly finalised the purchase of an investment property, i've caught up on paperwork at home, and even spotted the bottom of the laundry basket this weekend ohmy.gif i took the kids to the beach yesterday morning; spied a fat seal very close to shore!  cleo is now mostly sleeping through, but has taken to waking at 430am for feed (yes, 'still' breast feeding biggrin.gif ) which is of course exhausting.  she usually nods back off, but i don't manage it... and then max is awake by 530am at the latest rolleyes.gif max now receives a lot more 'home' work, so that's a struggle to fit into the day... we are yet to find out groove with that!  

phew this post is all over the place, but at least i've posted, right?!


#17 dippinsniffer

Posted 25 October 2010 - 12:49 PM

Good to hear your news, Tanya original.gif . 'See' you soon, when things have settled original.gif .

Looking forward to all the wedding, family news (Caro and Pix) and about Malli's impending (or maybe even completed by now) birth original.gif .

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#18 RockPaperScissors

Posted 25 October 2010 - 02:10 PM

oh!  and in big news: i am on day five of 'no more brownes iced coffee chill 600ml with a straw'... it has been tough!  i truly was addicted, gulp!

SS, happiest belated birthday to SGee!  Can't believe our babies are now SIX!
Crap & bugger re AF... xxx

Pix, happiest belated birthday to your newest six year old!  So pleased that the spotting didn't amount to anything serious xxx

Caro, I liked what Kylie said to you, in the previous thread, re coping w/ four.  Hang in there!

Julie, great weight loss, girl!  i am back on WW - holidays are OVER, it's time to get serious tanya!

Kylie, enjoy your time away from the kids / husband, and sauna or no sauna, enjoy the break - you deserve it!

Zoe, you'd deleted your post before i could read, but gather you've also lost loads now??!

Jodes, read on FB about your sick doggy sad.gif big loves, mwah!

Nic, hi!  thanks for asking after me in the last thread original.gif shoe shopping with four young kids - bet you raised some looks?!

Tombi, my mirena was inserted during a LAP so can't comment on pain levels there, as i was out of it!  i have expereinced a little spotting with mirena, but no pain, so that's a bonus... typically, i bled in bali, on our bloody honeymoon!  an issue for aaron, not me.. ah well, our room was not especially big so 'honeymooning' was not frequent wacko.gif there were literally five cms between our bed and max's ohmy.gif we lowered the mosquito net for a sense of privacy, lol, but as you can imagine, not very effective!  family room for us, next time! i guess we've done well to persevere with a single room until now...

malli, so excited for you!  can't wait to hear your news...due 19th, you must be so ready!!!

julia, where are your holiday photos? will need to seek out on FB?

dip, my sister mentioned that her fiance is just back from auckland, and LOVED it, so much so that they're talking about a move there!  i can't remember if auckland was somewhere you visited on your recent holiday to NZ?

kim, good luck with upcoming uni assessments!

i have missed someone, i know it, i know it... this is why personals are such a bad idea!

i'm hungry, byeeee xxx

#19 *Caro*

Posted 25 October 2010 - 02:48 PM

wow, I haven't seen a post with so many personals for yonks!! laughing2.gif

fantastic to hear all your news, tanya!  Bali sounds wonderful, although the vomiting and lack of space doesn't sound so good!  great work on giving up your iced coffee - addiction is hard to break.  A while back, I went a whole day without chocolate - man it was hard! laughing2.gif

#20 dippinsniffer

Posted 25 October 2010 - 03:34 PM

...i have missed someone, i know it, i know it.
Helen who went holidaying and thankfully finished jury duty and Alicia who .. well, I posted on her 'wall' asking how she was last month but have not heard anything as I guess she's been super-busy with work but I am hoping she's ok and feeling good in herself original.gif . There is Nev but she only only goes to F B now original.gif .

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#21 Malli

Posted 25 October 2010 - 09:59 PM

Still here. Tired.

Was in for monitoring today. They did a S&S gosh I hate those things!!!

If Im not done by Thursday Im to go in at 7.30am!

Its the first time Ive really thought about the pain. SO am worried esp after they sent me to the birting unit to be monitored. Big mistake!!! I was in tears hearing another woman labour!!

best get some sleep  oomg.gif and think happy thoughts!

#22 dippinsniffer

Posted 26 October 2010 - 06:18 AM

Aw Malli hhugs.gif . Can be quite a scary time for some women, me included happy.gif . Take care, yes, happy thoughts and rest original.gif .

#23 Snagglepussed

Posted 26 October 2010 - 09:19 AM

Oh Malli that is awful hearing other women labour isn't it! When I had Bec I was in a labour ward with 7 other labouring women! Funny in retrospect! One lady was screaming the house down and the midwives were so BLUNT with her (I was soooo nervous thinking - sheesh that'll be me in a while).....then I realised she was actually a midwife from the unit and was having her first baby! I laughed then......they were telling her to suck it up and behave etc etc as she was upsetting the other women! LOL it all fell into place!

Good luck for Thursday (or before if Jnr decides to grace you with his/her presence)........

Told the girls that I would take them both to Luna Park for being such troopers while they had Chicken Pox (they were seriously amazing).........have come to work today and work is hosting a family day at Luna Park in a few weeks so SCORE......don't have to pay and they get their Luna Park fix! Cool! original.gif

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#24 pixiefish

Posted 26 October 2010 - 11:14 AM

Quick post: Those with 4 babies, how soon did you feel the kicks of the 4th? I swear I have been feeling them from like 10/11 weeks! Is that even possible?

Edited by pixiefish, 26 October 2010 - 11:15 AM.

#25 dippinsniffer

Posted 26 October 2010 - 11:48 AM

I don't have 4 but biggrin.gif ... baby is about 6-10cms long so maybe something? Or it could be stretching of the uterus. Or, maybe it's what I feel most days (exactly like baby movement) even though I'm not pg smile1.gif .

Kim, cool! How fortuitous original.gif .

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