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#26 Malli

Posted 26 October 2010 - 03:59 PM

Cant remember kicks that early. I just remember at about 16 weeks.

Nic - 5 or more. Im from  a family of 5 DH of 6 so he'd like 6 but I really need a break after this.

As for how Im feeling. Im nervous. ENjoy labours.. not really but something I have to go through right. As long as I have the gas Im a little  ohmy.gif  happier.

#27 manhattan

Posted 26 October 2010 - 06:45 PM

Pix, had them super early with L (almost never felt anything with M the entire pregnancy).

Malli, nearly there! I find I never feel "right" right before giving birth. It never feels like the right time, I never feel strong enough, well enough etc... etc... And then once things actually get going, it's all absolutely fine. I know what you mean about overhearing other women, though. I am LOUD during my deliveries and actually kind of enjoy myself but it's hard to remember that when I hear / see someone else giving birth -- much different when it's you doing it yourself, I think. Anyway, you will be great! Can't wait to hear your news. original.gif

Welcome back, Tanya! original.gif Very strange not to have numerous posts from you in our threads -- I miss your voice!

Kim, great timing! biggrin.gif

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#28 *Caro*

Posted 26 October 2010 - 08:04 PM

hey guys

thinking strong, positive thoughts for you, Malli!  It'm sure the labour will be fine.  I was nervous as hell before Hugo's birth, but it ended up being pretty good.  All worth it in the end, hey! biggrin.gif  Interesting that you are thinking of going for six.  I thought I might want another after Hugo, but I can finally say that I am done and dusted.  It helps that Hugo is a pretty needy baby, which completely puts me off Tounge1.gif

Kim, that is awesome!  Can't wait till our kids are big enough to enjoy things like Luna PArk - our girls are terrified of the pseudo rollercoaster in the shopping mall! rolleyes.gif

Man, I am tired.  Having my family here was FANTASTIC, but there was just no breathing space at all, and then leaving for Sydney the same day they all left was emotionally draining.  Sydney I find tiring at the best of times, but with the girls being (nervous, reluctant) flower girls, DH being MC at the recption, Angus being WIRED and destructive and Hugo feeding all night and then twice needing to be changed in the Crypt at St Mary's cathedral ( rolleyes.gif ) nearly did me in!! It was great fun, but boy it was tiring! And why does Sydney have so many steps?!?!  The train stations, the cathedral, the opera house - every where was difficult!!  I built up my muscles carrying prams and sleeping children laughing2.gif

Hugo needs a feed - see ya waves.gif

#29 dippinsniffer

Posted 26 October 2010 - 08:55 PM

Good to hear a bit about the wedding, CARO and that having your family here was FANTASTIC original.gif
And why does Sydney have so many steps?!?! The train stations, the cathedral, the opera house - every where was difficult!! I built up my muscles carrying prams and sleeping children
laughing2.gif . Well, the train-stations all have lifts and so does the O. House original.gif . I'm sure St Marys will have a disabled/pram access but actually, I don't know where that is.
How was it with 13 in the house? Did you feel particularly sad after they left wishing you'll lived closer (though you were super-busy) or relieved that everything was back to normal. Or a bit of both?
I am really looking forward to seeing some photos of the stay and wedding original.gif .

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#30 *Caro*

Posted 26 October 2010 - 09:08 PM

Well, the train-stations all have lifts and so does the O. House

True, most of the train stations have lifts - but to get out of St James station, we had to carry the pram up stairs.  And the Opera House does have some lifts, but also heaps of stairs! The carpark lifts open out to a landing and then you go up or down 5 steps to get to the cars wacko.gif And to get to the restaurant in the opera house, we had to carry the pram up 2 flights of stairs - there was no lift access at all.  We coped ok because we are fairly fit and strong, but I would hate to be disabled! Impossible to get  wheelchair around  huh.gif

bedtime for Hugo and me yyawn.gif  Hopefully get some photos up on FB tomorrow...

#31 dippinsniffer

Posted 26 October 2010 - 09:36 PM

Yeah, I'm trying to picture it all (in my tired state) and yes, you're right, I do remember those silly car-park stairs. I've cursed the stairs at St James too and have wondered the same thing: how do people alone in wheel-chairs get around these places?! I guess they have to do their research and make sure where they go is 'accessable'. You guys did very well yyes.gif .

Good night original.gif .

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#32 SportySpice

Posted 27 October 2010 - 08:18 AM

Caro (and Dip)
I will bring the "stair" issue to the attention of Clrs and LM wink.gif

#33 *Caro*

Posted 27 October 2010 - 08:34 AM

nice to have friends in high places! wink.gif

back to the grind here.  Just did school drop off, and Miss Z, who has been car and road safety conscious for years now, did the bolt wacko.gif  Just wandered off towards the road, all the cars slowed down and an elderly woman was short of shepherding her for me, as I scrambled to catch her.  She is on a mission at the moment to get as much attention as humanly possible - screeching at the dinner table, wacking Angus, doing exactly what we tell her not to do, just generally being a PITA.  It's funny though, I can see right through it and can deal with it calmly.  When Em does something similar, it sets me on edge like nothing else - and I do feel bad about that, I know its bad to react differently, even if only on the inside, but I can't help it blush.gif  Bad mum award for me, hey!

#34 pixiefish

Posted 27 October 2010 - 12:36 PM

Caro - similar situ here with patience levels varying between children.... sometimes I think its because we are so similar, other times I think its because we are opposites! who knows but it drives me crazy *sigh* glad to hear the wedding went well original.gif

tanya! great to hear from you - boo to vomiting bug in bali though sad.gif especially on the plane! ultimate nightmare really isn't it?

Malli - thinking and waiting for your news original.gif thanks for updating so often! how is DH going back in Jordan?

NT scan tomorrow - Dad is also leaving tomorrow at the same time so that will be interesting trying to juggle all that. I also have a new clothesline being put in an hour after that so more fun!

Cars: those with 4+ babies, what cars are you using? caro, I forget what you have? julie, you had the avensis right? is that ok or too small?

#35 SportySpice

Posted 27 October 2010 - 01:43 PM

Caro - copy of email I sent to my boss!  (Sorry if I got any specifics wrong....)


This is a comment from a friend of mine who lives in Canberra (she is a public servant) and came to Sydney last w'end for a wedding - with her 4 children..... eldest 6, youngest 4 months...

"And why does Sydney have so many steps?!?! The train stations, the cathedral, the opera house - every where was difficult!!

Is the City trying to address this?

will follow up for you!

#36 SportySpice

Posted 27 October 2010 - 02:00 PM


Its hilly. Unlike borebera.
But will talk to you about it!

will get onto this for your next visit! xx

#37 *Caro*

Posted 27 October 2010 - 02:25 PM

roll2.gif  Your boss is funny!!  But seriously, we have (some) hills and some buildings are actually built more than one story - but we fix that by INSTALLING LIFTS!  thanks for raising it, you are v sweet xx

Pix, we have the Kia GC - didn't you have one of those before?  I used to think it was as ugly as sin, but it's grown on me. And it is SO practical!

#38 KylieB

Posted 27 October 2010 - 02:28 PM

Hey. Just quickly.

Malli - Thinking of you and waiting for your news  happy.gif I am curious. Your mum will look after your kids. Who is your birthing partner? Will you have one?

Caro - The same with the cities over here. I've resorted, for a long time now, to not taking the pram.

Got to run. Morning session about to begin though been awake for a while.

#39 KylieB

Posted 27 October 2010 - 02:30 PM

P.S. I thought the "Its hilly. Unlike borebera." was funny  tongue.gif

#40 dippinsniffer

Posted 27 October 2010 - 03:29 PM

Hey MALLI, maybe I should ask all those q's in here as I don't want to bother you with a phone-call smile1.gif ? I was wondering about birthing partner too, Kylie original.gif . And when/if you'll all plan on going back and will you'll decide on somewhere permanently one day or just live between two countries? And how does spending forever living between two countries work with houses, jobs and schools?

And CARO/PIX, how did having all the rels in your homes work out? After they left, did you'll find yourselves pining for living closer or do you'll get along better with some distance between you'll biggrin.gif ?

NIC, everything went ok when your husband's parents were here, with the kids, you ....?

I hope I'm not bothering any of you guys with these q's, there have just been so many interesting things happening in your lives original.gif .

Edited by dippinsniffer, 27 October 2010 - 03:44 PM.

#41 manhattan

Posted 27 October 2010 - 04:16 PM

Pix, we have the Kia GC - didn't you have one of those before?

Yeah, and now we have it. biggrin.gif I think Pix didn't like / trust it anymore but we're very happy. original.gif

Re: personality conflicts, I clash with my eldest. I have no idea why as he's very much a golden boy but sometimes we just don't click. shrug.gif He is so kind and generous and charitable towards everyone and I admire him so much but don't always "get" him IYKWIM? J, in contrast, can be a dramatic little brat, so I understand him much better! tongue.gif And L comes at me so fast I don't get to think one way or another and just have to react as quick as I can!  laugh.gif

SS, funny response from your boss! biggrin.gif (When my brother and his now-DW came to visit however many years back they went to spend the weekend in Canberra -- and left after 4 hours!  ph34r.gif laughing2.gif )

Go, Malli, go!!! ddance.gif xx

#42 dippinsniffer

Posted 27 October 2010 - 05:14 PM

NIC/CARO, I am also looking forward to hearing a bit more about the birth of your last babies, one day, if you'll have the chance original.gif .

#43 nev

Posted 27 October 2010 - 05:24 PM

thought I'd pop my head and say Hi original.gif

I tend to be on FB more than anything, I think my brain copes with quick words rather than posts.

I do still read at least once a week to try and catch up with all that has been going on

I don't think I have said congrats to Pix on no4! and best of luck to the impending birth Malli original.gif

Glad to read all what is going on in your lives, I still think about you all daily original.gif xx

#44 dippinsniffer

Posted 27 October 2010 - 05:51 PM

Wow Nev, you're in here original.gif !!

#45 nev

Posted 27 October 2010 - 06:45 PM

I know eh! don't let your jaw drop for too long!!

#46 SportySpice

Posted 27 October 2010 - 07:31 PM


Caro, Nic etc, yes Shayne is very funny and I love working with him at Council!  And we will follow this up!  Keep a watch out for Barangaroo too .....

Kylie - unfortunately, we can't help out with your City... and its planning issues! wink.gif  

DH being an absolute schmuck and it's been rough for a while with his work, travel and just him being a typical selfish male.... sad.gif  wacko.gif  unsure.gif I have my FS appt on Monday and we have one together with the nurse on Wed to work out when to start this next journey...

He's away atm so sgee in bed with me, she's just so gorgeous.  We're heading to melb this w'end - off to see Hairspray and Mary Poppins, part of her b'day pressie - and I completely forgot about Cup Carnival in Melb, so we were really lucky to get our "usual" hotel in the middle of the city... rolleyes.gif  ohmy.gif  She'll have 1/2 of school on Friday and we fly down mid arvo - we'll meet DH there as he's in SA atm.....


hope everyone is well

love to all xx

#47 Malli

Posted 27 October 2010 - 07:45 PM

Hey Pix - We've got a Kia Carens and happy with it. My only problem is I have to learn how to drive a manual! Wow your dad is already going back. I hope their stay was a good one.

SS - It took me a while to figure out borebera original.gif But I laughed when I finally got it

Dip - I tell ya a phone call is easier or a visit after Ive had the baby.

Thanks for all your well wishes. Im really really emotional at the moment which is to be expected I guess. Ive cried more tonight then I have during this whole year.

As for my birthing partner... DH is not here, my sister leaves for o/s on friday, mum has the kids, 3 SILs have work, the other has 3 young children. Im going in tomorrow night instead of the morning to be induced with a foleys catheter. The dr has said nothing normally happens overnight till the next day. So basically I drive myself to the hospital. Mum will keep the kids at home on Friday and when the midwife calls her to come in she'll drop my children off to my SIL with the 3 children if she doesnt have anything on. Otherwise Ill be labouring on my own  huh.gif All in all this whole pregnancy Ive known that might happen and Ive psyched myself up, but now that Im nearing crunch time, Ive become all teary but pray that Ill be strong enough to get through on my own.

#48 SportySpice

Posted 27 October 2010 - 07:54 PM

oh Malli - we're all with you xxx  hope things move smoothly for you over the coming days xxx

#49 *Caro*

Posted 27 October 2010 - 07:58 PM

Malli, it was always in the back of my mind in my last pregnancy that I may need to do that too.  I know you have the strength to get through it, but I hope you get some help at the last minute.  You know, it wouldn't be too late to find a doula who could be there with you.  At least she would be an expert in helping, even if you haven't had a lot of time to build a relationship with her.  Wishing you all the strength in the world!!

#50 KylieB

Posted 27 October 2010 - 08:51 PM

Oh Malli sad.gif Sorry, that must be making you feel a little anxious. I *wish* I was around as I'd help. Either as your birthing partner or help with the kids so your mum could be there with you. I was a birthing partner for my bestfriend years ago. But, either way, you will get through it. I admire your strength and fortitude so I can visualise everything going fine original.gif Can you rely on a good friend to be up at the "mind" end of it? Just to hold your hand?

SS - Sounds like your DH needs a kick up the ass  glare.gif It isn't something I have to put up with as my DH is usually thoughtful. I don't get flowers or dinners but he is a thinker. I can only imagine.

Pix - Well, I probably wouldn't have bought one in Aus but we have the 7 seater Volvo. If you can get one second hand, may work? Except that wouldn't work as you have to have tethered seats there, don't you? No tethered carseats here  blink.gif But I do have a seat for Kirsty that I could still have 5 point harness but used with a seatbelt shrug.gif

I'm pretty happy with myself. I'm down to about 62 kilos which I haven't been since after Sarah. I'd like to get rid of another 2 and then I should be pretty happy. That is still about 6 kilos over my fighting weight, would you believe!


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