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September 05 Parents #400

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#1 Sandra

Posted 31 October 2010 - 09:00 PM

New thread time ladies


#2 ~crackajac~

Posted 31 October 2010 - 09:46 PM

Happy 400th thread everyone. Haven't we been through a lot together in 400 threads. Love you all xxx

#3 ~crackajac~

Posted 31 October 2010 - 09:50 PM

Thinking of you Mardi. Big hugs to you xoxo

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#4 Kay1

Posted 01 November 2010 - 12:19 PM

What a nice round number!

Happy 400th everyone. bbighug.gif

#5 ~LisaJ~

Posted 02 November 2010 - 12:01 PM

Morning Ladies
Just popped in for my annual visit  rolleyes.gif

Mardi, thinking of you my sweet. She will forever be in your heart xxx

Hope all the mums and bubs are well now??

We are lucky to be illness free here atm (touch wood!!!), just so busy!
I have started selling my cards etc at markets and fairs and have 4 in 4 weeks so am SUPER busy. I have also been asked by a party planning company (do kids parties) to make special favours for their lolly bags. Phew, that in addition to work and 2 kids is exhausting!!

Only 6 weeks until I find out if I get into Uni. I am so over Banking, teaching sounds like a breath of fresh air!!

Renee, hope you are still positive and in a fighting spirit - you can do it xxx

Sending lots of love to everyone

PS - I should really update my signature, lol!

#6 ~~Lynny~~

Posted 04 November 2010 - 09:21 AM

not getting any email notifications aannoyed.gif  

Happy 400th everyone! original.gif

nothing new here.. blew up 2 pc's yesterday (am I good or what! Tounge1.gif ) so now I'm hunting for a new one that will last!  

BBL - thursday is my "lose the plot" day of the week..  both kids home from preschool ninja.gif  not too much fighting so far but I'm sure it'll change by this arvo..

wub.gif you all! waves.gif

#7 bellemae

Posted 04 November 2010 - 10:26 AM

Eeek, got a job interview - NOW - gotta go... ohmy.gif

#8 bellemae

Posted 04 November 2010 - 01:46 PM

Wasn't too bad, very relaxed interview, lovely people.

#9 ~~Lynny~~

Posted 05 November 2010 - 12:17 PM

Sounds like you did good Belle?  original.gif  tthumbs.gif when do you hear back?

#10 Kay1

Posted 05 November 2010 - 05:46 PM

Oh wow Belle! Hope you get the job. original.gif

#11 bellemae

Posted 05 November 2010 - 07:07 PM

Thanks guys biggrin.gif Was told they're deciding on Thursday night, so will know next Friday for a Monday week start! I don't expect to get the job, was so shocked that they called me at all. I put in the application thinking I probably didn't have as much experience as they were looking for...figured it's worth a try, I know I could get up to speed fairly quickly, but really didn't even expect a call back. Now I'm kinda nervous!

#12 Kay1

Posted 05 November 2010 - 07:46 PM

Fingers crossed Belle. You could do it in your sleep, you're such a smart chick. I know what you mean though, its daunting the thought of getting back into it!

#13 mhjemma

Posted 06 November 2010 - 09:25 PM

Ooooh, good luck Belle. I have everything crossed for you xoxox

#14 ~3boysmummy~

Posted 08 November 2010 - 09:27 PM

Howdy Partners.

Just thought I would pop in and say HI!! Happy 400th thread......

Well I know I am slack, sorry you are all so awesome I feel really bad for being so slack. But in my defense I am working 3 days a week with my cousin and still doing the nappies and have some markets and stuff coming up. Does that get me out of trouble???  wwhistle.gif lol

Goodluck Belle! Fingers crossed!!

Hey Lisa, I bet your cards are gorgeous. You are very creative.

Lynny, do not come near my computer. PMSL 2 in one day is a bit much. lol

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#15 Starbuck

Posted 11 November 2010 - 01:18 PM

Hi all.

I have my uni exam fast approaching on Monday afternoon. I have been doing a lot of study but I still don't feel ready. It is the first time I have done an exam since I was in Year 10, which was a loooong time ago. I know with time I can write a good essay, but it usual takes a lot of DH talking me down from being stressed and not being able to write. Please, please have all fingers and toes crossed for me.
I am not even aiming for a great mark, just that I don't freak out and write nothing!  unsure.gif

On other freaking out matter, A  has started going through puberty. PUBERTY for christ sake!!! She has JUST turned 8, she has only got 1 adult tooth, and her first (on it's own, rather than the dentist) tooth is about to fall out!!!! I recently noticed that her chest area looked like it was developing and then I have been able to have some good (sneaky so I didn't make it a thing for her) looks and they have definitely begun, and not just a little teensy bit.
Apparently it is not abnormal, they are starting younger and younger, and the whole hormones in chickens thing wouldn't apply cause we generally eat free range/organic. (Not that I necessarily believe that, but I am just saying...)

So, I called the community health centre and talked to a women's (not child!!) health person who is going to send me some age appropriate stuff. And then the Women's Health centre holds these Mother/Daughter sessions about puberty that we will go to next year. She is already so sensitive and has issues, and early developers get issues, like teasing etc. I am FREAKING out. She doesn't know ANYTHING really about puberty, BECAUSE SHE IS IN YEAR 2!!!!!! blink.gif blink.gif blink.gif  

Sorry about the shouting  wink.gif

Because I have the Mirena in and don't get periods the girls haven't really had anything to prompt questions about periods.
I really didn't think I would have to talk to the girls about puberty for a couple of years. I might have a quiet chat with her 2 besties Mum's, I am very friendly with them, at some point so that the other girls are a bit aware once they start noticing.

Anyway, sooooo sorry about the dump and run. I haven't been able to talk to any friends about it and my Mum is less than helpful and DH is a male. A very wonderful male, but still...

I'll pop in and let you know how my exam goes (and probably before cool.gif as procrastination.)

Belle Any news on the job??

#16 ~~Lynny~~

Posted 11 November 2010 - 01:36 PM

Kirsten - holy cow 8!!!!!!????  ffear.gif  My worst experience so far has been Damian getting a stiffy in the shower a week or so ago - he wanted to know what his weewee was doing and I freaked out.. I tried to ignore him and just told him to hurry up and get out of the shower  blush.gif blush.gif  

sorry can't post more - kids are killing each other - is it bed time yet!!?? wacko.gif

#17 bellemae

Posted 11 November 2010 - 07:22 PM

Oh gosh Kirsten, it all just happens so early these days doesn't it!!! I swear Tien is behaving more and more like a teenager, the attitude, the mood swings - didn't cross my mind it could be hormonal because he's only 8!! But now that you mention it...may have to do some reading myself *sob* *sob* You are a seriously superb mum! You don't just notice these things and move on, you research, call people, plan classes, do everything you can to minimise any possible difficulties she may come across - YOU'RE FABULOUS biggrin.gif

No job news, apparently they're getting together this eve to decide so I'll get a call tomorrow letting me know either way.

#18 Kay1

Posted 11 November 2010 - 08:56 PM

Belle - Good luck for the job!!

Karen - Lovely to see you honey!! biggrin.gif

Kirsten - I will have everything crossed for your exam. OMG about A! ohmy.gif I was an early developer (way back then) at 11, but 8 is just INSANE! Its kind of scary isn't it? sad.gif I believe its all those BPA type chemicals which are in EVERYTHING. shrug.gif I agree with Belle though, you are an awesome mum!!!!

Lynny - LMAO. Ages ago I walked in and Nate was standing in the lounge with his pants down and a stiffy. I told him to put it away and he said "But look its gone all big". I said "Yes, that's what happens when you play with it but put it away.". Anyway so the first week at his new preschool they are learning about skeletons and he says "But where's the penis bone?" and the teacher says "Well there isn't one". Nate pipes up "But then how does it stand up?" laughing2.gif Apparently one of the mum who was on duty that day is a nurse and she smoothly said "Well its like a tongue, its soft and squishy but it does what it needs to do when you need it to". laughing2.gif Great answer I thought.

Nate is swinging between being the sweetest thing on two legs and the devil incarnate. Tonight I sent him to bed without dinner (I relented in the end) and he was up there screaming the place down. When he'd calmed down and apologised he said "Mummy I said I wanted to get a gun and shoot you but I don't any more" . Sigh, the joys of 5 year olds.

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#19 MaryfromtheDairy

Posted 14 November 2010 - 07:47 AM

Hey all!

coming in to check up on you all (I feel like I already do that on a different social networking site wink.gif ) but this is different.

Gotta go and check out my strawberries with Cait, but will be back later for more....  Looks like I'll have more time on my hands over the next 8 months or so!  Especially now that I don't have to research all about diagnosis and treatments LOL!

Wil says hi to everyone and likes bbaby.gif this smilie.


#20 ~~Lynny~~

Posted 14 November 2010 - 08:04 AM

waves.gif LilWil2 original.gif  Hope you're keeping well - always thinking about you and yr gorgeous kiddies..  How are you growing yr strawberries btw? Ive got some out the back but think I might have to protect them better - getting way too much sun and as soon as they touch the ground they either rot or get eaten by snails rant.gif Maybe I should get an upside down planter hmm

Kay - PSML penis bone.. thats hilarious! biggrin.gif

I hear you all on the tantrum front - Damian and I have been fighting so much it's not funny.  Simply wont listen when I talk to him - just keeps doing whatever it is I dont want him to do.. The only way I can get through to him is by putting him in the laundry for 5 mins (no other rooms with doors downstairs).  But then you (and the neighbours) have to put up with the screaming, door kicking etc wacko.gif

I hate our relationship atm and feel like such a miserable failure as a mother but I honestly dont know how to get him to listen!  It's almost easier to let him do what he wants because I can't stand his hissy fits or screaming.. ninja.gif

Really hope this is just a phase and that I dont go through all of this again with Emily and the bubs cry1.gif

gotta run - kids are half quiet and I desperately need a shower blush.gif horrible sydney weather!

#21 bellemae

Posted 15 November 2010 - 12:16 PM

Was under the assumption that I didn't get the job as was expecting to hear from them Friday, but nothing. Convinced myself that it was probably for the best, more time for the kids etc...then I just received a call saying they're sorry about the delay in making the decision and they're waiting on the boss to get back, which will be this eve, and they'll let me know then what the decision is...but I'm definitely on the short list - I suddenly feel nervous again! I think my "it's all for the best" attitude was just to deal with the rejection. Hmmm.....

#22 bellemae

Posted 15 November 2010 - 12:31 PM

Kai was taken to the male public toilets with Matt on the weekend, OMG the things it said in there...too much writing for Matt to hide it all, he eventually just said "It's ok, you can read it, just read it in your head". Kai came out of the toilets and said to me with VERY wide eyes "I'll tell you what it said in there mum, but whatever you do DON'T spoonerise this!" (the boys are very into spoonerisms). "It said 'suck my finger' " ...the thing is, it actually said suck my xxx(matt covered the end), so Kai made up finger as an ending, which in itself would have been fine - so why oh why did he choose to see what the spoonerism would be of his made up graffiti??!!

#23 Kay1

Posted 15 November 2010 - 01:11 PM

LOL Belle. He's a bit smart working out that spoonerism LOL. Good luck for the job!!

Lynny - I am hearing you! wacko.gif

Lilwil!! - Nice to have you back on EB! biggrin.gif What do you mean you don't have to spend time researching treatments? Because you have done it all?  unsure.gif

#24 bellemae

Posted 15 November 2010 - 06:06 PM

Holy Cr@p, I just got a job!!! ohmy.gif  ffear.gif ddance.gif  

Strangely, now I feel even more nervous!!

#25 Kay1

Posted 15 November 2010 - 06:26 PM


Well done Belle!! (Not that I ever doubted it - you're awesome!!).


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