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#126 Brat

Posted 02 December 2010 - 02:30 PM

Oh and one more thing. I need book recommendations please. I hate not having something to read. I have recently finished the 7 book series 'Cross Stitch' (best series EVER!) and then the 3 book 'Millenium' (average) and need more please. I do prefer a long drawn out series, but enjoy quick reads too. Thanks.

#127 KylieB

Posted 02 December 2010 - 03:11 PM

The snow is fun. But it is now minus 8 outside. I have to get ready then spend a few minutes out to clear snow from the front. Legally required to keep 1 to 2 m clear from the front of your house. It actually is difficult to keep the kids warm! Sarah has "waldtag" today, which means they go into the woods for the morning. I hope they don't as it is too cold to be out for long periods of time. My kids have no body fat so feel the cold quite quickly unless they are skiiing or doing something active.
Must get cracking. Lunches etc.


P.S. Jules, I'm nearly finished the Sookie Stackhouse boxset? It is okay for a quick read. Book Depositary does it for a good price. I loved the MIllenium series!

#128 manhattan

Posted 02 December 2010 - 07:46 PM

Jules, great to hear from you! My L is getting a pink bike for Christmas, complete with granny basket on the front. He has been asking for one since he could speak. original.gif I don't get why you're changing schools -- is it just so you won't have to change later?  huh.gif

Kylie, I love all your photos too. They make me green with envy, although in saying that, I am finally getting used to this Aussie Christmas thing. We're going camping so will just take stockings for Santa to fill and plan to open all other presents on the Solstice while we're still home. I guess I like that we're making our own family traditions. original.gif Anyway, I don't envy you all that bundling up -- always hated that at home and didn't even have kids then!

Jodes, about your house dilemma, I think I'd do a knock-down and rebuild in your particular situation -- especially after you've done all that landscaping. But then I hate moving and shudder at the thought of it, even if it's to something better. So ask someone else! biggrin.gif

Tanya, was good to see you back in here for a tick too. I was up getting someone a drink at 5 the other morning and thought of you! biggrin.gif

Speaking of bed, I am going to try and tuck myself in before 9 if I can tonight! We have not had a great week here and I am so exhausted it's making me queasy. I can normally ride these things out and just get on with it but our financial strife is just getting worse and worse and the stress is really taking its toll on us. Of course the timing is terrible what with all the end-of-the-year festivities AKA expenses as well. I haven't felt so insecure about money since I was fresh out of uni.

P lost his 2nd tooth at dinner tonight. It was quite the event given he knocked out the first on the schoolyard and never did find it. The younger boys were crowding around him at the table with equal expressions of intrigue and horror. biggrin.gif

J is learning to read and can now do words like "helmet" so fingers crossed we'll have another bookworm by the end of summer and then my eldest 2 will be too absorbed in their reading to ever fight again! (I can dream, right?  wink.gif ) He has been good as gold lately and so unbelievably cooperative and helpful and just generally mature that I occasionally question whether or not we should have enrolled him in school next year instead of waiting, but after all the emotional drama we went through up to this point, I'm still 80% confident in our decision.

L has been a typical 2YO, so I won't tell you much about him! May it suffice to say he already broke 2 of the birthday presents P opened yesterday!  wacko.gif

And M is now commando-crawling like a champ and working his butt off to get up on all fours. I gave him a taste of rice today and he knew enough to open his mouth and wanted it but then spit it out. Unfortunately, he's interested enough that I guess I'm going to be serving up solids sooner rather than later. I hate feeding babies and had rather hoped he'd hold off as long as the last 2!

Anyhoo, have just eaten a brick of mud cake and am off to brush my teeth. Cheerio! waves.gif

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#129 Brat

Posted 02 December 2010 - 09:30 PM

Hey Nic, yes just changing schools now while everyone in the school is 'new' (it opens in January) I changed schools a lot as a child and hated being the new kid. Jas can make friends she will be going to middle school with. But yeh, I don't get why I'm doing it myself, it really IS stupid! Ideally they would stay where they are and go to the private school next door (with all their lovely friends sad.gif), but alas with 4 kids I cannot afford the fees (or maybe we could but I can't get my head around them in any case!).

I am so amazed at your kids reading!!! I am such a book worm and Jas and Sarah finished the reading levels at school well before any of their friends but both HATE reading and just wont. full stop. (except at school of course!). Kasey struggles, but is top of her year, but compared to your kids and others I know outside of school, she is behind! I'm not fussed about that but would love to have kids that wanted to read when bored.

SO cute you are buying L a pink bike original.gif. Ash fav colour is red original.gif

Yes Kylie all that rugging up sounds horrid! BRRRR. My kids freeze when we go shopping lol... I have heard lots of great reviews on the Sooky books, I think I would like them as I hated 'watching' the character on TV,  I found her so annoying!! I also need to read some 'no brainers' as I get too caught up in books and it affects my day to day moods....

J and S finished their last Circus for the year, concert on Sunday (they are doing a trapeze routine together original.gif ).

I'm catching up with Helen for shopping/dinner Wednesday night original.gif Should be fun!!!

DH finally home (barely seen him all week being on call day and night with storms etc) so going to spend some time with him.

Night original.gif

#130 dippinsniffer

Posted 03 December 2010 - 06:28 AM

Good Morning! The sun is shining! Lets see how long it lasts laughing2.gif ! If I knew it wasn't gonna rain yesterday for most of the day, I'd've put the clothes out rolleyes.gif !

SS, ahhh, Premier's and SHFA, right.

maybe she'll do are 'WE ARE ALL GOING OT NEW YORK" reciprocal thing for us Aussies! LOL
Kim, sleep deprivation as torture, that's what I said too, in FB smile1.gif !
Enjoy your day off today - doing anything or just relaxing?

Caro, yeah, covering pictures all in black is more freak-worthy laughing2.gif !
My BIL was in Zurish the other night
laughing2.gif laughing as sounds like a drunken word!

Julie, vegetarian Christmas! You along with 100 million+ over in India. Just so you don't feel so alone smile1.gif .
Ah yes, I remember the sunglasses place - still think of you when I see people with expensive sunnies which give zero protection original.gif . Same hours with more money (just) and more flexibility? What's to think about? Goferit!
You're great doing all that exercise, well done original.gif .
He tells everyone he is part girl, has begged for a Princess cake next year, then in the next breath picks up a weapon and 'kills' everyone
DS here is similar and so are Nic's boy's, from memory original.gif . I will never forget Nic saying that one of her boys takes his MLP and makes it 'vroom' around like a car original.gif . And DS here will run around in a pink ballerina outfit, make 'vroooming' noises all over the house using one of DD's pink, 'Littlest Pet Shop' vehicles while insisting "Pink's not my favourite colour" smile1.gif . Which is true, his faves are red, orange, blue and yellow. A bright-coloured boy like his mummy wub.gif .
Ken Follett writes 'series' books, I think? Fantasy-genre like Cross-stitch and Twilight. So does James Clavell and Raymond E Feist, I think.
Same here, both my kids like being read to for hours but prefer not to do the reading themselves. They would both much rather play computer games/puzzles, draw, write, paint, play, do activity books or craft any day and DD pretty much only reads as she has to for home-work (similar to Jasmine and Sarah). But yet DH, my dad, both my inlaws, my sisters and I read during our spare time shrug.gif . My mum doesn't read (she reads lots at work) so maybe they have her genes original.gif .

He has been good as gold lately and so unbelievably cooperative and helpful and just generally mature ...
these boys are still so similar, Nic ... we and others we know have noticed big changes in DS the past few months. And we live with him and notice the change for the better original.gif . He's now only cranky when tired which is massive improvement instead of on and off during the day, much less clingy and much more helpful and willing to do things original.gif .

Gosh, at this rate, I'll have an essay for all my news in the new thread rolleyes.gif . Don't say I haven't warned you all original.gif .

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#131 pixiefish

Posted 03 December 2010 - 11:00 AM

Got a vomiting girl here sad.gif I was thinking during the week that I really hope none of the kids get sick before we leave on Sunday and ARRGHHHHGHGHGHGH I jinxed myself... it hasn't been just one vomit either... she is going when there is nothing left (hope no one is eating their lunch biggrin.gif ) anyway she is asleep now and I am hoping that is the end of it.

Been packing and racing around like a lunatic all week - I have reserved Saturday for cleaning and packing - and then we are flying off on Sunday.

Not sure I get can on here again for awhile as I plan very little internet access whilst I am away. So I wanted to wish you all a Happy Holiday and much love to everyone....

Look forward to chatting in the new year xxx

#132 Brat

Posted 03 December 2010 - 12:14 PM

Quick Proud Mummy post!

Well I was shocked this morning at the end of year ceremony. Sarah won the academic award for her year and Kasey received the Chief Minister's Literacy award for early childhood original.gif I was blown away with pride!

A fantastic wrap up for 2010 original.gif

Hope Pinky is better soon! Have an amazing holiday Pix and of course Christmas and New Years. Looking forward to seeing all your photos and hearing all the news. xxxx

#133 dippinsniffer

Posted 03 December 2010 - 01:23 PM

Pix, better to be sick before than during original.gif ! I'm so excited for you guys. And Julie, what brilliant news! Kasey won the literacy award though she "struggles" original.gif ! Obviously her good efforts and hard work have paid off original.gif .

#134 pixiefish

Posted 03 December 2010 - 06:53 PM

Julie that is so fantastic! I would be stoked my goodness.... i can just imagine their little faces original.gif

Vomiting stopped around mid afternoon and now she is running wild so fingers crossed its gone and didn't get far original.gif

#135 *Caro*

Posted 03 December 2010 - 08:08 PM

Pix, phew that the vomiting has stopped!

Jules, that is awesome.  You must be so proud!   No chance of anything like that happening here.  DH took Em to school one morning and asked her why all the other kids had heaps of stars next to their names and she had hardly any - and her response? "Oh, I don't care about stars.  I don't bother trying to get any!"  laughing2.gif  Good to see she is so motivated about school! rolleyes.gif  Say 'hi' to Helen when you see her!

Nic, sorry to hear you are feeling a rundown and stressed.  Can I ask what has happened to bring so much financial stress?  What has changed for you guys? (apart from 4 kids of course - they're not cheap, hey!)

The PILs are here.  But on the bright side, they brought Lindt chocolate Tounge1.gif

#136 Snagglepussed

Posted 03 December 2010 - 08:21 PM

Julie - that is amazing! What a proud Mummy you must be right now!

Pix - Poor Pinky! At least that will be over with for the trip! Have a great time and relax woman!

Had a nice day off DIP.......Had coffee with my sister, then drove into the City to pick up my docs for Italian Citizenship (all done now - just waiting for the appointment email) and then to KMart/Target and Myer and EBGames and everything else in between for Christmas Shopping! (He took a "Mental Health Day") original.gif
I received my results......4 x High Distinctions! Woo Hoo! Am very chuffed with myself! All that slogging paid off! Woo Hoo!
Am a tad "tanked" with French bubbles and homemade pizzas!

Ciao for now!

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#137 pixiefish

Posted 03 December 2010 - 08:29 PM

aww nic sorry to hear that you're stressed lately - would've been great to see you sad.gif

I just realised that J is starting school without pinky - wow school for him! is he excited?! don't know how I missed that one. Can I ask what the main reasons were for that? i am always interested why some May/June/July babies get sent and others don't as its always an interesting topic in this house with a June and July baby (and I have done it again now with a May baby next year  biggrin.gif ) Pinky has another boy cousin born in late May that is going too so I think we are the outsiders next year for holding back.

I can't wait for Sunday - getting so excited now! Just crossing my fingers that there is no midnight vomiting here  ohmy.gif ohmy.gif

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