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#26 manhattan

Posted 05 November 2010 - 03:33 PM

Speaking of teeth, my bubba cut his first yesterday. original.gif It's on the bottom and the one just beside it should cut this week as well. I figured they were on their way as he woke hourly for 3 nights straight and didn't want to be out of my arms during the day either. I'm going to miss his little gummy grin. sad.gif

#27 pixiefish

Posted 05 November 2010 - 06:32 PM

Nic - awww the first tooth! I always hated that one *sigh* love the gummy smiles... can't believe he is nearly 6mths old!

Kim - wow, that is amazing! which one is it?

ss - i so know that overwhelmed feeling, will be good to chat on sunday if we can xx

Am hanging in there. Just. It has been an ordeal with dad - one minute having the op, now apparently he is not. etc. so stressful. I can feel utter rage building  rant.gif unreasonable and hormonal rage but rage none the less.

On a brighter note, we have booked a huge holiday in the USA  laughing2.gif for most of december so not long to go. We found some fabulous cheap tickets and just decided to go..... once this new one comes out, there won't be much chance of OS after that hah! We will be staying with bro there and having a white Christmas in the snow  ddance.gif I have had a few white Christmas years but DH hasn't nor have the kids so it will be amazing! Now begins the daunting task of what we are going to DO whilst we are there.... omg so much! I want to see besides a lot of LA, I want to see San Fran, Golden Gate, Alcatraz, San Diego (for zoo and seaworld), vegas and grand canyon and a real rodeo... and DH wants to visit LA Ink for his birthday  Tounge1.gif - i want to see the Lomo shop there and the Getty Centre in LA and all the cliches, Malibu, Venice Beach and of course Disneyland! Now thats not too much is it wink.gif we will have a car for the whole time so that makes it super easy.

Anyone who has been, please suggest some places to visit! My brother doesn't know yet as he is asleep - he knows we are close to booking but not that we have booked so WOOOT!

All this today and I am about ready to PASS OUT!

#28 dippinsniffer

Posted 05 November 2010 - 07:44 PM

Hi original.gif .

SS, hmm, hope your DH comes round ... sad.gif it's difficult going through ac at the best of times, let alone when you feel like the only one dedicated to doing it mellow.gif .

PIX, sorry to hear your dad is being difficult about it all. I'm gathering you want him to have the op here, and he's not, which is why you're so upset?
But WOW to going away NEXT MONTH biggrin.gif !!! That's SUPER!! I'm sooo excited and happy for you original.gif . And all those cool places! I've only ever been to Orlando (Disney World, I think) and Manhattan and NJ and Conneticut (?sp) back in 1984 so it's been yonks and I can't help with any suggestions but I am SO looking forward to going Yellowstone National Park, The Everglades, San Fran, Grand Canyon, the New Hampshire area .. I'm sure you'll have lots of fun planning and it'll take you mind off the stresses of the pending blood-test and your dad's on/off op original.gif .

And SS going to Hawaii, and Helen going to Qld and Zoe coming here and Ann off to Melb and Nev off to Melb, Kylie traipsing around Europe .. lots of fun travel stuff happening in this little group original.gif . Anyone else travelling soon?

KIM, lecturers, yes, I've said it before and I'll say it again, some don't know how to teach mellow.gif !
Thanks girls for all your recommendations.....am making a list....checking it twice........trying to find out...(oops that's Christmas)......you DO realise it's only 50 days away or thereabouts!
laughing2.gif .

NIC, lots of wakes over the past 3 nights! Tiring!!

OK, bye for now original.gif .

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#29 Snagglepussed

Posted 06 November 2010 - 09:53 AM

WOW good change Dip! It's great that you know what you want and go for it! Would you like the ICU wards better than the run of the mill had an appendix op wards????
I admire Nurses.....I seriously don't think I could do it!
You forgot we are off to QLD this Christmas too! Agnes Water and then Fraser Island on the way back down! Can't wait!

Pix - it is Sharon! Lovely girl! Small small world!
Hey WOW on the trip! I can't think of anything else in LA....Will you get a white Christmas in LA though? I was there in early Jan in 91 and was walking around with a t-shirt on most of the time!

I would recommened Tijuana as a great cultural visit! If you are in San Diego then why not jsut go through the gates? LOL Great purchasing!
Grrrr about your Dad's op! I get the rage! I found with my Dad that he was so old school and whatever the Dr said was gospel and whatever we suggested was wily "not professional" daughter emotions and thus not the right way to go!

Have to study this weekend but not motivated....have to prepare an essay. I already have the topic but not the question IYKWIM so I have to kind of second guess and stay broad so I can recreate something leggible in the exam! LOL

Going out now to get Bec a present to take to a Belly dancing party this afternoon! Cool idea eh? She wants a dingly skirt though and what not! Ahhhhhh pre-teen girls at 9 what IS the world coming too?

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#30 dippinsniffer

Posted 07 November 2010 - 06:03 AM

Ah yes, now I remember, Qld! Excellent original.gif .

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#31 *Caro*

Posted 07 November 2010 - 08:32 AM

How did the belly dancing party go, Kim? It sounds fun! original.gif

Work stuff sounds good, Dip.  Work is so much better with a bit of a challenge yyes.gif

Feeling pretty good today - just out of the blue, Hugo slept through the night! ddance.gif  This, after his sleep has been getting progressively worse to the point that he's been waking virtually hourly.  So I feel fantastic now!  And I also know why I've been feeling so lethargic and unproductive lately - exhaustion will do that.  Don't know why I didn't think of that ddoh.gif  Tounge1.gif

Nic, I can't believe your little guy has a tooth already.  These kids are growing up way too fast.  As you know, I'm not a huge fan of the baby stage, but I really have to force myself not to wish this stage away!  Last baby and all that biggrin.gif

Pix, I cannot believe you are going OS while pregnant! you are a tornado of energy, woman!!  Have a fab time!

Right, got to go hang my 3rd load of washing for the day, then we are taking the kids for a bike ride around the lake original.gif

#32 Snagglepussed

Posted 07 November 2010 - 01:49 PM

I wasn't privy to the belly dancing party but I saw many photos and they looked like they had a ball! Waiting to get some sent to me!
I think bec had very little sleep and lots of sugar! I have the birthday girl over here for a play today as the parents go car shopping (must be a local phenomenon around here).......and thankfully (for DH) it is sunny so he has had them down at the beach on scooters and ripstiks and is now going to take them to the local netball courts for more shenanigans! Bless his cottons!

I really need to do something special for him on Thursday (40th)....might organise a family dinner out! He really doesn't want a party and would hate for me to do a surprise but I want to do something for him and am lost for ideas! Any tips girls?

What does a 40 yo want (apart from a leggy almost illegal blonde)!


#33 Malli

Posted 07 November 2010 - 03:49 PM

bbaby.gif wink.gif

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#34 KylieB

Posted 07 November 2010 - 07:17 PM

Malli! So good to read your news original.gif And a beautiful name (like all you have for your children). What does the name mean?
Wow! And a very speedy birth. You sound really great. How is it? 5 kids. Would you ever have thought!? The kids are in awe of her, I am guessing original.gif Again, congratulations. Enjoy your big family  happy.gif Love to you all X

#35 Brat

Posted 07 November 2010 - 07:25 PM

Wonderful to hear your news Malli original.gif Congrats again! Scary stuff haemorraging! How is DD, I know you were worried about test results etc?  How are the other kids coping? Do you Skype DH? Thinking of you heaps, enjoy your darling baby xx

#36 dippinsniffer

Posted 08 November 2010 - 06:19 AM

Good morning original.gif .

Malli, great to hear your news original.gif . I love reading or listening to birth-stories ... Nic/Caro ... biggrin.gif . Interested in Kylie and Julie's q's too original.gif .

Caro, thanks original.gif . Yes, I'm happy with the choice.
Bike-ride around the lake sounded nice original.gif .

Edited to shorten the essay original.gif .

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#37 pixiefish

Posted 08 November 2010 - 11:38 AM

Hello everyone! Crazy family times still abound here with Dad leaving tomorrow no operation so things should settle after that  biggrin.gif

Kim - I admire you so much for all your studying! hope its going well... and as for the white USA christmas, we will be up in Big Bear Mountain at a ski resort over Christmas with my brother so it had better be bloody white there! wink.gif

Malli - so good to hear your news! That bleeding must've happened soon after I spoke to you?! scary hey - so glad to hear its all fine now. Has DH seen bubs yet? Can't believe she is already 10 days old! time just flies so fast when they are born, its unfair!

USA - well our trip planning is well underway - starting with disney, going to san diego seaworld (although I am in two minds about this leg?? thinking about swapping for san fran - anyone care to help with this??) and a week on Big Bear Mountain in the snow over xmas... and a week chilling with my bro in LA. Can't wait actually! Been too long since we have travelled..... i am much happier in a travelling state than a sitting at home state... makes me feel so alive and connected with the world, i do miss it! And I wish it wasn't so dang expensive!

Bon Jovi - I am selling my bon jovi ticket (don't ask why I even bought it lol) as I won't be here now... its Dec 17th in Sydney so please pass on to anyone that wants to go but can't get a ticket... its actually with a nice bunch of 4 girls.

I gotta get some work done now... will bbl xx

#38 Snagglepussed

Posted 09 November 2010 - 04:59 PM

WOW! I'm FREE I'm FREE! I can't believe it! I have three months off! Do you ehar me girls! 3 months! YAYYYYYYYY! Off to pour a bubble (or 6)....

Malli - great news about the quick birth! Always the best...although often intense! Alessia was a missile baby and came out in 3 mins flat (much to the nurses chagrin) LOL....

Sigh! I am relaxing....spending tim on EB with NO GUILT! That is special! But I guess I should think about getting the kids something for dinner! Oops!

#39 SportySpice

Posted 09 November 2010 - 07:34 PM

Pix did a shoot for us on the w'end and I've put the link in on my wall thingy on fb if anyone wants to have a look.  brought tears to my eyes - she's done an amazing job as always and the music she put the slide show to is just perfect.  We love her, thank Pix so much for bringing our home so much more alive with your fantastic pictures (which are everywhere in our house!).  You have an amazing talent.  xx

#40 pixiefish

Posted 10 November 2010 - 08:28 AM

Thanks ss - was great to see everyone xx

Saw my ob yesterday - she has a scanner now so we saw bubs again. Def c/s again but I knew that and she would be keen to take bubs out a week earlier than may 11, although dh was a bit gutted about this as he liked 11.05.11 as a birthday Tounge1.gif - with gd babies they never let you go over your due date so there was a good chance o that birthday but I consoled him with the fact it could be 05.05.11 *rolls eyes* wink.gif I met another lady having her 4th too - boy boy girl and then a 4 year age gap just like me! It was uncanny and we both had same reasons for waiting for no.4 as 3 so close nearly did is in hehe! But after a bit of negative about it before was so nice to be around positiveness for large families original.gif even my ob had tears in her eyes and said she recently celebrated her 50 th birthday and said the only thing she regretted was not having no.4 so she is so happy for us too original.gif

Anyway typing on iphone is not fun and have to do lots of America things today. Will bbl xxx

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#41 Snagglepussed

Posted 10 November 2010 - 09:25 AM

Great stuff Pix.....good to have an understanding Ob!

At work so better pull my finger out! My brain has shut down and I am soooooo tired! Yawns!

#42 manhattan

Posted 10 November 2010 - 09:58 AM


I feel like I have a bag over my head. Wicked head cold, and the 3 little ones have it as well so I kept everybody home today but then remembered P has t-ball this after. Would skip but we give his friend a ride too so DH is going to take them, thankfully. I hate driving when I'm so foggy.

Decided to put L in undies today and he has peed on the floor 3 times so far. But he likes to use the toilet so I have my fingers crossed. Am over having a toddler in nappies and we are so ridiculously poor ATM that it will be good to cut that expense as soon as possible. I hate not having any money. It really, really sucks.

Hm, this wasn't meant to be a whinge. I'm actually in good spirits. DH and I finally watched Twilight last night, BTW. Boy, was that schlock!

Just read back over this post. I sound like I'm drunk! wacko.gif

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#43 *Caro*

Posted 10 November 2010 - 02:07 PM

ah, we always love a good drunk post in here, Nic! Tounge1.gif

Malli, so lovely to hear about your labour and your little bubba.  Gorgeous name.  How are things going now?  You must be so busy you can barely think!  I hope you are getting lots of help from your family.

Kim, great to hear the exams are over! I love that feeling! ddance.gif  What have your organised for hubby?

Things are ticking along here.  Angus is a walking, talking tornado.  Zahra is still on her attention seeking mission, and keeps trying to run into traffic wacko.gif  Em is lovely and is reading up a storm.  Hugo is starting to scare me - he seems to be following the same pattern as Zahra - relatively easy to get on with as a newborn, but getting increasingly fussy, vomiting lots, waking heaps. I took him to see a chiropractor today, and have booked in 2 more visits, so I'm hoping we might see some results from that.  DH and I are thinking of bidding on an auction on Saturday, so busy trying to get everything sorted for that - hard when you don't really have the headspace!  huh.gif

#44 Snagglepussed

Posted 12 November 2010 - 10:48 AM

Oooho how exciting Caro! WOW...can we see the link to the property or is it under wraps??? ...I soooo want to buy a place...I am even resorting to trawling the Italian property sites (which I might say are pretty crap (graphic wise) in relation to realestate.com.au).....
Which brings me to this......
I hate not having any money. It really, really sucks.
Nic I so hear ya' Lovey!

Hubby's birthday was good! Although I ranted at him at about 11pm the night before in a vomitous spiel of Italian (did quite well really) about how SICK and TIRED I was of his misplaced loyalities to work......coming home at 7.30/8.00 or later and for WHAT????? (See my adherance to Nic's post above).... Grrrrrr....
So yesterday morning was a tad strained to say the least.....
I ended up getting him a Casio BOYS watch! LOL He wanted one of those G-Shocks and I found one at a good price......He was happy with that!
He wanted no parties or big hoo haaaa - SOOOO not like his wife! original.gif
When I got home yesterday after school pick up my sister had dropped in one of those little single Michel's Patisserie Birthday mud cakes for him! Bless!!!!! No doubt we'll catch up with them on the weekend.
The girls and I ran around getting shopping done so we could make him our family standard Hazlenut and chocolate cake and ....... he came home at 6.30am!!!! My ranting worked! WOW!
Was going to make a nice dinner for him (Bucatini all'Amatriciana) but we decided to get THAI takeaway instead......had a lovely video call with his parents and drank too much wine and now I am at work feeling tired and less than average! OOPS!
So quite sedate really ........

I HAVE to lose weight! Am feeling very bleagh about where I am at physically and mentally for that matter......I am 44 next week (YIKES) and really need to get my groove happening!
SS - I need your physique ok??? Can you lend it to me????? wink.gif

Anyway.......off to scoff my lunch......speaking of weight loss..... but it is salad and smoked salmon.....so all good really.....just need to stay off the grog. Oops.

#45 dippinsniffer

Posted 12 November 2010 - 11:09 AM

Hey original.gif .

Reading multiple times a day, trying not to post everyday anymore, trying not to post one-liners after each persons post like I normally do and look, it's been 4 days since last post for me ohmy.gif smile1.gif ! A record!

makes me feel so alive and connected with the world, i do miss it! And I wish it wasn't so dang expensive!
yyes.gif . And I'm glad to hear baby is ok original.gif .

WOW! I'm FREE I'm FREE! I can't believe it! I have three months off! Do you hear me girls! 3 months! YAYYYYYYYY!
tthumbs.gif . And yeah, what did you end up doing for your husband's 40th?

Nic, I read your post 4 times and you didn't sound drunk to me original.gif . Hope you guys are all better in a few days original.gif .

Caro, hope the chiro helps. I'm not familiar with what they do except something like a physio and have heard they can help settle some babies ...
GOOD LUCK with the auction tomorrow original.gif .

Us, all good here, very much holiday mode original.gif .BYE!

Edited by dippinsniffer, 24 November 2010 - 06:07 AM.

#46 Snagglepussed

Posted 12 November 2010 - 11:11 AM

And once again Dip you totally calm me down! Sigh!

Can I call you Vali-Dip????

Edited by Girolama, 12 November 2010 - 11:12 AM.

#47 Tombi

Posted 13 November 2010 - 05:23 AM

Just quickly, as I'm knackered!

Got to bed at 4am after the Black Eyed Peas concert and after party.  What an awesome night!

I was offered a place yesterday through UNE to study law, phew, I was getting nervous after the Uni of London turned me down.  So excited, can't wait to get my teeth into it!

#48 dippinsniffer

Posted 13 November 2010 - 05:37 AM

Ah Kim, your post slipped in while I was typing, yes, your DH's birthday sounded nice original.gif . I would've liked to have been a fly on the wall when you were going off at him in Italian biggrin.gif . And thanks, I am happy to calm you down original.gif .

I was offered a place yesterday through UNE to study law
Exciting news, Tombi!!! Congratulations and all the best for the study ahead original.gif . How long do you plan on doing your course over? F/t or p/t?

Edited by dippinsniffer, 24 November 2010 - 06:08 AM.

#49 Snagglepussed

Posted 15 November 2010 - 09:41 AM

stopping when full (the hardest for me)
Oh I hear you Dip! I eat healthy food just TOO MUCH of it! Oops!

Tombi - FANTASTIC news......another UNE-er! How will you cope with Residential Schools when (and if) they come around? We may even have same time ones......Woot!
I am enrolling tonight for next year! Not able to until after midday!
You do realise that it is 90% cert that they will move to a 3 semester year in 2012? Good so we can fast track our degrees ... BAD in that we won't get the downtime at Christmas and June like before! Oh well!
How many units will you do each semester? Congratulations! Well done you!

#50 pixiefish

Posted 15 November 2010 - 06:26 PM

Fab news tombi - that is so exciting! now good luck studying with 3 kids at home yeowwwsers - how lucky you have home help at hand.

How long will it take you to complete? is it part time? and excuse my ignorance but where is UNE?

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