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#51 Tombi

Posted 16 November 2010 - 07:05 AM

Thanks Kim & Pix!

Kim, all very good questions, but ones that I have not yet thought about!  I am a head over heels kind of girl and will cross each hurdle as I get to it.

I was hoping to pick units that doesn't require mandatory intensive schools?  They know I live o/s and didn't flag any issues with that...

Looks like I'll need to do 4 units per semester.   It still shows up as 2 semesters on my suggested course plan...  

Pix, UNE = University of New England.  They are in Armidale.  It's full time for 4 years.  I'm going to look at is as a job, iykwim?  I am currently going to the office 4 days per week from 9 to 5, so by the time I start next year in March, I should have the office well set up so I can just do an hour or so of delegating and then spend the rest of the day studying.

That's the idea anyway, but how do-able it is, I will find out soon enough. original.gif

I haven't studied since 1996, so I'm not sure how hard this is going to be for me. I'm a little anxious, but I've got an ok brain, so should be fine. original.gif

Dip - I've also changed my food habits for the better and am slowly but surely shedding the excess.  I'm about 2kg's from my pre-pregnancy weight (before E) and then I have another 8 to my ideal weight.  


#52 manhattan

Posted 16 November 2010 - 08:27 AM

Tombi, that's exciting news -- congrats! original.gif Like Kim, I'm also curious about your residential requirements. I occasionally toy with the idea of doing a distance MFA but would still need to be on campus (U.S.) 2 weeks / year and even that small amount isn't possible for us right now.

Well, my entire household is STILL sick. It's been a good week now. I didn't send the kids to school after last Tuesday but P is back now as he seems OK. Little ones and I are off to the doctor again in a while -- it takes some jigging to get 4 back-to-back appointments!

DH and I celebrated our 10th last Friday and then we all went away on a bush retreat this past weekend. It wasn't optimal with us all being so unwell but we managed to fit in a bit of swimming (pool, lake and ocean) and the kids did some biking so that was nice. We're really struggling financially ATM and kind of down in the dumps so didn't feel too much like celebrating TBH. shrug.gif

I have L literally hanging off my leg right now and J threatening to wipe snot on me if I don't give him something or other. wacko.gif Baby is in the guest room trying to fuss himself back to sleep as the poor thing is so snotty he keeps waking every 30 seconds.

On the plus side, I have been selling wraps left, right and center. original.gif I have never managed to understand why I get sales surges sometimes. Around Easter is always big, and then towards the end of the year, which might be for Christmas?  huh.gif In any event, I always get a little thrill when I take an order and think of another delicious baby somewhere in the world and some lucky mama or dad who's going to get all those snuggles. wub.gif

#53 ByzantineEmpress

Posted 16 November 2010 - 08:32 AM

Howdy Doody!!
Just catching up on everyones news!
Congrats Kim on finishing the year and a big congrats Tombi for starting xx

Everything all good here, Looking forward to our holiday in a few weeks time, we cancelled Sydney and are heading to the gold coast instead original.gif

Looking forward to the kids finishing school for the year too, we are planning loads of day trips for the holidays so that should be cool original.gif

For those that missed it, I put some before/after photos up in Facebook. I still have about 10kg or so to go, but have lost just a smidge over 40kg now. I love feeling like this, I don't get tired anymore, can run after the kids when we go to the park, I'm so looking forward to going to Dreamworld and going on all the rides, I couldn't before 'cause I was too big!  The kids think it's great and they and Dale are so proud of me original.gif I'm lucky to have such a supportive family biggrin.gif

Thats about all from me original.gif xxxx

#54 *Caro*

Posted 16 November 2010 - 08:45 AM

oh, posting frenzy! I like it!! biggrin.gif

Congratulations, Tombi, that is fab news. You'll love it. And if you can treat it like a job and do 9-5 everyday, you'll romp it in - that's way more time than I ever put into my degree! Tounge1.gif

Zoe, I've said it before and I'll say it again - I am so amazed and proud of what you have achieved.  It's fabulous!  biggrin.gif

It sounds like lots of us are grappling with healthy eating and weight, with varying levels of success.  I'm struggling to get any exercise in, which is a bit depressing and means my energy levels are a bit down, but I'm placating myself with the fact that I'm getting woken 4 times a night,so of course my energy levels are going to be a bit down!  I'm getting to yoga once a week, and DH has given me a few corker exercises that I can do when I have 5 minutes here and there - so I'm getting there.  I'm down to 70kg now, and have about another 6 or 7 to go- and then have to get myself TONED!

Nic, pleased to hear you are still selling wraps.  I refer people to your site every now and then, but I wasn't sure how much time/effort you had for the business anymore - but now I will refer with renewed vigour!

Speaking of wraps, Hugo is still not keen on babywearing sad.gif  Makes me sad.  I can get him into a wrap or my ergo for about 10 minutes before he cracks it.  But that is 10 minutes more than he could handle a few months ago original.gif

He has had 2 trips to the chiropractor, and we seem to have some improvement.  He is spewing less, screaming less and pooing more - so I think his digestion is working a bit better.  We have another appt tomorrow. I'm so pleased I took this step!

ok, have to organise presents for Em's birthday...

#55 Snagglepussed

Posted 16 November 2010 - 09:00 AM

Ooh Nic - send me your site.....my neighbour had a baby a few weeks back!!!!! Give your business some $$$$$!

Tombi -
I am a head over heels kind of girl and will cross each hurdle as I get to it.
I'm like that! Hubby tells me I am like a goat who barges into situations and then decides to lift my head and see where I am! LOL
There have been a few OS students at my res schools! One comes from Canada twice a year and there was a girl from London at my Sept one!!!!!! I also think when you nominate your exam centre (and be sure to do it early in the semester) you have to pay AUD200 or thereabouts to sit it over there! They get someone in to supervise yadda yadda yadda!

Zoe - so amazing! You really are an inspiration! I haven't been to the gym since before exams and am feeling very flat!

At work and have to prepare for a meeting soon so will sign off but I wanted to come in and say:

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY DARLING ALESSIA! 6! It only seems like yesterday that we were exchaning birthing stories!!!!!! original.gif
She has a Macca's party this afternoon with her whole class! Ugh!

Hubby became an Australian citizen yesterday too which was pretty special! We went out for dinner afterwards.....to an Italian restaurant of course! LOL
They were singing "We are One" and Alessia was singing along with the singer they had in for entertainment! Then they served lamingtons and sandwiches! Bless.......

Edited by Girolama, 16 November 2010 - 09:01 AM.

#56 manhattan

Posted 16 November 2010 - 09:04 AM

Zoe, that is astonishing -- seriously! How exciting that it's changed your life so much. No wonder your family is proud! original.gif

Caro, I don't have heaps of time for my business and TBH, I'd make more money with far less effort running a lemonade stand! I know people go, "But it's just a length of fabric..." but there's actually a ridiculous amount of work involved in turning that into a finished product packaged for sale. It really is a labor of love. Production aside, I also put a lot of time into managing my website. The actual maintenance aspect is fairly straightforward but customer service keeps me busy -- partly because I answer questions from non-customers and offer trouble-shooting tips and advice on using other wraps and so forth. DH questions why I bother sometimes but it's something I really believe in and genuinely want to help people with. shrug.gif As for Hugo, I think you'll find a lot of babywearers will argue that there's no such thing as a baby who doesn't like babywearing. The usual advice is to try a different carrier, or position, or time... But my personal view is that there are some kids who just don't take to it. I know P always liked a bit of personal space even though he liked to be right there in your face interacting, whereas J would still probably like to be carried around if I could manage it! Does H have excema like your others? Maybe he instinctively shies away from prolonged physical contact because it's going to irritate his skin or something?

Edited by manhattan, 16 November 2010 - 09:06 AM.

#57 SportySpice

Posted 16 November 2010 - 12:51 PM


Kim - you make me laugh!  Happy b'day to Alessia!  mwah from us!

and to be honest my physique could use a going over..... I would ideally like to shift some kilo's but they are bassssssssssssstards - I'm only "training" 1hr a week... yes that's all and it's doing my head in.  However I walk everyday between 2 offices, which takes me about 15 mins each way so that's ok.  Training is just high intensity for 45mins.  Full on and I get spins and feel crap most of the time while doing it, but I have to shock the body!!!

oh well..... trying to shape up for wakiki!

lots to do
hello to everyone!
love to all

#58 Snagglepussed

Posted 16 November 2010 - 01:27 PM

Oooooh! What did I miss SS? Waikiki! When are you off there? I am so off with the pixies at the moment!
And do NOT laugh at me coveting your body woman! I am watching these Extreme Makeover shows at the moment thinking "Hmmmmm a few Leonardo procelain veneers and a chin implant and serious brow lift........tummy tuck & lipo........etc etc....OK I better stop here..... would be NOICE!

And I am 44 tomorrow so be NOICE to me girls ok? wink.gif

#59 SportySpice

Posted 16 November 2010 - 07:59 PM

44!  whatever Kim.... welcome to the "club"! wink.gif biggrin.gif   xxx and yes - off for 10days just after Xmas to Wakiki for my first o/s holiday since sgee was born.... yes 2004 was the last o/s trip for me with KHFHDH and 8 weeks utd!  how times change eh!

lots on with work, lots of year end functions to organise and its a little hectic!  but I love it  - and so many events going on at centennial hall, and Martin Place Xmas Concert on Thursday... not sure if I'll get in this year with sgee.... have to sort that one out!

pix - thinking of you luvee, take care tomorrow xx

and Kim again HAPPY BIRTHDAY YOU OLD THING!  Bar Italia awaits you! xx biggrin.gif  biggrin.gif  rolleyes.gif

#60 Snagglepussed

Posted 17 November 2010 - 07:32 AM

Grazie Bella!
Nice pair of diamond earring studs from hubby and kids! Mwwwaaahhhhhh! He rocks!

#61 dippinsniffer

Posted 17 November 2010 - 12:53 PM

Kim, yup, same here, eating healthy most of time but eating too much of it yyes.gif . I don't just want to stop at 1 or 2  ... I want morrrrre original.gif .
Congrats to your DH becoming a citizen original.gif .
Diamond studs! Cool original.gif .

Nic, good to hear the wrap business is going well original.gif .

Caro, was also happy to hear Hugo is "... spewing less, screaming less and pooing more ..." original.gif . Though pooing more = more nappy changes which is not what you need but screaming less and spewing less is a good thing yyes.gif .

Tombi/Kim, just reading about your takes on going into new ventures (head over heels and goats) .. I'm the complete opposite. Sometimes impulsive but most of the time weighing up all the options and looking faaaaaaaar (decades!) into the future, making plans, looking at pros and cons, etc. Fun original.gif !

SS, all the parties, functions and events .. busy but fun original.gif .

#62 mamabetty

Posted 17 November 2010 - 02:30 PM


Feel like I haven't been in here forever!  

Happy birthday KIM - sounds like you are getting spoiled which you so deserve big time.  I'm only 2 years behind ya. tongue.gif

TOMBI - yay!  I knew you'd get in!  Now I will live my legal career vicariously through you ok?   tongue.gif I'm quite at peace with myself about all that actually.  I'm not even going to do a Cert IV in Fin Services now like I planned as I just hate it.  Why do something I don't like?  I do like learning so I'll study something I'm sure.  I'm on the last subject of Cert III and then I'll just chill over Xmas and look at something in the new year.

CARO - oooh good luck at auction.  Don't get carried away ok?   wacko.gif

ZOE - you are a legend!  xxxxx

DIP - sounds like you need to cull some needy friends.  Your career path sounds really good.  There is nothing worse than being bored at work.  My last job before Max was like that - I couldn't wait to leave.  

We are all home sick today.  I have a headache, Zac and Max have head colds.  rolleyes.gif Actually Zac has developed a rash on his arms and legs or he would have gone to school as he's fine otherwise.  I hope that clears quickly.  He's been off since Thursday (went yesterday but got the call to pick him up again at 11:15).   sad.gif

Other than that we are all well.  Weather is finally warming up - yay!  The pool is in pristine condition and getting used by the kids.  DH is flat out on the Xmas run.  I think all 3 of our machines are going today so we're earning $350 an hour!  Love it!   biggrin.gif

DH's diet not going so well.  I put him on Slim Right shakes and he gave it a good go but didn't lose barely a thing, so now he has one before he goes to work (quick and easy) then he has a nice healthy lunch and dinner.  He's given up the beer during the week also so now all I have to do is get him on the treadmill.  rolleyes.gif

I have stopped going to yoga!   ohmy.gif  Shock, horror, after all these years.  The class was getting very repetitive and being a gemini, I soon got bored with that so I have about 10 yoga apps on my iphone and Podcasts downloaded on itunes and I do it myself at home.  I do at least 20 minutes each day and a longer session a couple of times a week.  It is much more beneficial for me to do it daily than once a week anyhow.  I know practically all the poses and how to do them by now so I'm enjoying it.   I also downloaded an app that promises to have me running 5ks in 9 weeks - funny really but we'll see how I go.   laugh.gif  I'm only in week 1.

Max is playing Futsal and loving it.  We have it this arvo actually and even though he's been sick he wants to go as they only have one reserve and if he doesn't go they will have to play a whole game with no rests and man it's a quick game and they get pretty buggered.  

Well that is my news.  I haven't been coming in here much TBH as I just tend to go on FB once a day these days but I check in about once a week or so.  

Love to you all xxxxxx

#63 dippinsniffer

Posted 17 November 2010 - 03:28 PM

Yes, how did that auction go on Saturday?

Jodie, good to hear all your news original.gif .

#64 *Caro*

Posted 17 November 2010 - 08:35 PM

The auction didn't go ahead.  They got nervous, and called all the interested parties and said they wanted 'pre-auction' bids wacko.gif  DH and I were suss on this, and had some other concerns about the property, so we didn't bid.  We were pretty disappointed to have missed out (it was a huge block and had so much potential) but on reflection, we think we may have dodged a bullet.  It had some issues,and may have been more hassle than it was worth.  So the search continues... Tounge1.gif

Nic, I have thought the same thing, that there is no baby who doesn't like babywearing, but he doesn't like being held either rolleyes.gif  He is the only one of my babies who has no eczema whatsoever, so it's not that, but he does seem to like his own space.  Last week when I took him to that disastrous ABA meeting, I was feeding and cuddling him for an hour while he screamed.  Eventually I went to the car, got the capsule, strapped him in and put the capsule down in the middle of the meeting - and he was as happy as larry! Sat there watching everyone for another hour - so it wasn't as if he was tired, he just didn't want to be held!

#65 Tombi

Posted 17 November 2010 - 10:02 PM

Wow Caro, E is totally the opposite, he just loves being held and will sleep for 24 hours when in the BB.  Great that he doesn't have eczema.

Jodes - I was thinking of you when I got the news and was really relieved as I knew sooner or later you'd ask original.gif

Kim, great gift you lucky girl!  What exactly are you studying?  I know you have Italian, Criminology and some Psych subject...

Dip - I've become less impulsive with age, but I still love throwing myself into stuff, which is probably why I do stuff like going on a 6 week holiday to Costa Rica whilst 6 months pregnant and with an 8 month old baby in tow.  Normal people just don't do that sort of stuff, right?  Mostly it works in my favour, but I have to say I have burned my fingers at times.  However, if it wasn't for my impulse, we wouldn't be right her where we are now.

SS - I have been off training for about a month now, for one after the other reason.  Had a bad knee for a while (connected to tense muscles in my hamstrings, which were really connected to stiff back muscles from crap office chair, I think), then a cold and now I'm ready to get back on.  You have a hot bod though, so you can afford some down time.  Sounds like you're really busy atm.

Pix - is your dad back in Stgo?  Is he going to have the surgery here?  I was quite surprised that he even considered doing it over there as it is so much cheaper here (does he have Isapre?) and the doctors here are fantastic in the top clinicas (Alemana and Las Condes).  Please let me know if there's anything we can do from here to help.  Even if you just needs someone to go kick his a*se for you!  How's things with your mom?

My mom is arriving tonight for 8 weeks.  Eeeek!  As previously mentioned, we have a fabulous phone relationship, but a bit strained face to face.  I love her, but...  You know?  She is so judgemental, opinionated and easy to critisise.

Taken the day off to have pedi and facial and get the house ready.


#66 dippinsniffer

Posted 18 November 2010 - 06:26 AM

Tombi, hey, that's quite an in-depth post from you which is good to see original.gif .
Yes, 'normal' people don't do that but it's great that some do original.gif . I understand where you're coming from re the travel as 'normal' people don't go traipsing through rugged, hot, Australia with littlies either original.gif . I am also reminded of Ann, who went on an African safari with a baby original.gif .
Yup, DS here was often carried for hours and hours as putting him down for - literally- 10 seconds would lead to screaming wacko.gif !
Yes, fingers can get burnt when making spur-of-the-moment decisions but you know, when I make my decisions where I think I've thought of all the possibilities, I've also had them back-fire in ways I had not thought of huh.gif ! So like everything, 'it just depends on the situation', doesn't it. Being impulsive has it's positives and negatives and being tentative/cautious also has it's positives and negatives original.gif .
I wrote an essay yesterday on how my previously 'good but slightly challenging' relationship with my mum is now 'great' but I've had to delete is as this thread has passed 70 posts, will be locked at anytime and I don't like personal stuff in it when it's locked blush.gif . I've saved it though and will pm you original.gif .
Enjoy your mani and pedi original.gif .

DH and I decided to watch 'Modern Family' and 'Raising Hope' last night. Didn't really do much for us shrug.gif . There were lots of sweet moments in RH - did any of you guys watch it? I got teary at the bit where the grand-mother of the baby sang to her - but there were also moments we didn't like so I don't think we'd be watching them again. But we gave them a go original.gif .

Edited to shorten this post rolleyes.gif .

Edited by dippinsniffer, 24 November 2010 - 06:11 AM.

#67 Snagglepussed

Posted 18 November 2010 - 07:30 AM

Oh Dip don't edit to SHORTEN woman......you cut short my therapy sessions! LOL

Tombi - I am doing the Bach Psych - the crim and italian were electives....I have to do 2 subjects from 2 BA majors and Italian is one and Sociology is the other (ugh - don't enjoy that one too much)........

Better fly as I have to get Bec to school a bit early as she is surprising her teacher with the class by hiding in the computer room and jumping out at her (it's her birthday - possibly her last at this rate)... original.gif

#68 dippinsniffer

Posted 18 November 2010 - 08:04 AM

Kim laughing2.gif therapy sessions ... the above post of mine is half the size it was and I'm still trying to shorten it but now I have to take the kids to school ..... rolleyes.gif .

#69 Snagglepussed

Posted 18 November 2010 - 09:10 AM

You have a smiley addiction like I have a !!!!!!! addiction! LOL

At work.....wery wery wery tirreeeddddd! Too many bubbles last night! Sigh!

Edited by Girolama, 18 November 2010 - 09:10 AM.

#70 pixiefish

Posted 18 November 2010 - 11:50 AM

Tombi - I didn't know you were working 4 days a week - study transition should be easy then! we def have the same mom - fab in medium doses hey wink.gif we are still v.strained and I just don't have the energy to pull her out of her silliness tbh - she is not capable of just having a chat and *never* gets over stuff, so exhausting and complicated! Her mum was the same, more complicated and slightly ridiculous as she got older so it seems to be heading that way *sigh* we get together for the kids but there is no small talk - she was so weird when dad was here for wedding - one minute embracing him with open arms saying let bygones be bygones (first time in 18YEARS that she has said this mind you) then next demanding how he could be operated on here etc... Serious headspins for everyone! She seems to alienate all her kids by being hypercritical etc so i guess she just wants to be alone? I really can't work it out.... Anyway sorry for vent.

The reason dad wanted his operation here is that the original doctor who did his first by pass is still operating and his methods are famous now across the world. In chile, dad's case was used as an example for doctors to see this surgeons work. And this surgeon is now only working in public hospitals as he wishes to give back some of his time - so it would've been free for dad here. Dad said the doctors are very good in chile but nothing like having the original doctor to continue his work.... and Australia are doing a few small things that haven't reached chile yet so there are slight differences but not major. But in saying all of that will probably get it done there now as i can't really see him coming back here again any time soon for it.

Dip - i love your attitude to your mum-I need it to rub off on me!!! I caught up with our mutual doc friends again as our kids had their concert together original.gif so cute!!

Helen - where are you? Haven't heard for ages, hope you and the fam are well xx

Jodes - no yoga!? WT!? But you are so disciplined that your apps will work great - totally understand the gemini thing too original.gif

Work - I have been asked to head up a Photographers retreat which is very exciting for me original.gif can't say too much yet but it is a great honour and i am tickled pink original.gif people have been asking me to workshops etc for ages but i have never had any Interest in organizing the whole thing - but i can def turn up and speak and inspire! So that will be great for me and something to look forward to when i get back.

Now best news of all - baby results are in and everything is apparently fine! So i am very happy right now - the amnio was crap and very emotional and exhausting and i am still recovering but all seems to be ok - big fat phew! Full report still to come as it takes a couple of weeks but the main 4 trisonomy issues have been ruled out.

So i am still resting but very happy and we found out the sex too original.gif any guesses??

#71 Snagglepussed

Posted 18 November 2010 - 11:58 AM

GIRL!!!  babygirl.gif
Good for Z to coo over a little mini her!
Great news about the amnio results! I hated waited for my CVS results with Alessia but the relief that pours over you when they tell you is immense.........
Her first "photo" was a print out of all her chromosomes in military order! LOL

Great news on the photo workshop too! Where, when and can we come and heckle? original.gif

Looking forward to my first day off tomorrow without study......but I do have to do the Italian citizenship shuffle in the city for documents and apostilles etc etc ....$$$$$$$ and Yawn factor no doubt!
SS - will try to catch up if I get out of there in time!

Cheers for Pixie! wink.gif

#72 SportySpice

Posted 18 November 2010 - 12:34 PM

yeah pix cclap.gif  cclap.gif  cclap.gif  did i miss that it is a girl somewhere in your post? ohmy.gif  wacko.gif

Kim - I had to get apostille done for Litho Citizenship - DFAT (near Central) is a 3 min walk to Brith Deaths & Marriages if you needed any other doco's.  Took me about 1 hour to get it all done which included waiting in line!

buzz if you need any directions or anything else

gotta go
lots on
dad's 90th on sunday too!

#73 Brat

Posted 18 November 2010 - 01:13 PM

YAY! Was coming in to check on you Pix! original.gif original.gif original.gif SOOOOOO Happy matey xxxx Relax and enjoy now wink.gif

#74 ByzantineEmpress

Posted 18 November 2010 - 01:26 PM

Excellentay Pix, great great news! xxxxxxxxx

#75 *Caro*

Posted 18 November 2010 - 01:52 PM

I'm thrilled for you, Pix!  Have been thinking about you.  I have a friend who is due with her first on 11 May, so I'm keeping tabs on both of you biggrin.gif

I'm all out of Super Mum here today. I think Pathetic Mum may have moved in instead blush.gif  Tears have been shed, mostly mine.  ABC2 and chocolate have ridden in on their trusty steeds to save the day...

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