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FIFO Buddy Group #4

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#1 ~A2~

Posted 02 November 2010 - 11:11 AM

Hi all

New thread time

Previous thread



#2 ironbutterfly

Posted 08 November 2010 - 06:42 PM

GOLD (even if it is quite a few days after a thread change! ohmy.gif )

How is everyone doing?
We're slowly plodding along, looks like DH will take a few days off so he can be home for xmas. Although we aren't big xmas people here I think he just wants to get off site because they will be on skeleton crew anyway.
DH is home tonight for shift change. The only good thing of him working so close and being DIDO.
Anyone here working on an 8/6 day roster? How does it go routine wise for you? It looks like they may change over to this roster come new year (current 2/1 week) and was wondering what people thought of it.


#3 Hypnic Jerk

Posted 12 November 2010 - 03:50 AM

Organisationally we are fine (is that even a word?) - in fact, life is pretty smooth.  But the lonlieness at night has begun

#4 tarnsv

Posted 13 November 2010 - 03:52 PM

Hi Everyone,
I havent been in here for awhile as I am in Hospital!! Was admitted 2 weeks ago with severe abdo pain worse than labour I swear!! It all happened as I was dropping of DH at airport to fly back to Perth to then fly to mine.  I wasnt sure what was going on and somehow managed to drive to the hospital with DD screaming cause I was in agony she was scared and DS was trying to calm her down bless him.

So long story short, I had a special scan to day on my Gallbladder after a sh*tload of other tests, now my Pancreas is showing to have problems as well so I have a MRI on Monday. Have had CT and Ultrasound and X-ray as well as Gastroscopy none of which have shown stones or anything but still in pain still not eating a lot and of course with the Pancreas deciding to join the party it will be  a few more days here!

DH flew home on Friday MIL was looking after the kids and I was hoping I would've been out ages ago but alas I am not and MIL had work to do so DH flew home early which is awesome cause it means not only is he home but I know have his internet stick!! WOO HOO

I finished up work and was looking forward to all the great things I could do but instead I have been stuck in here.. Oh well could be much worse.  - Well wait the clear diet I was on for 3 days was horrid now I am on Free Fluids which is much nicer....I dream of the day I can eat a big bowl of Ragu or some hot chips mmmmmmmm  until then soup ice cream and jelly it is..

Hope everyone is good. Hopefully I will be out before DH goes back!!

Will keep you updated


#5 mamagot5

Posted 25 November 2010 - 12:57 AM

Hi y'all,
I'm a forum virgin, and only started our FIFO lifestyle in july this year.
We have also only just relocated from Nth QLD to Perth this past week with our 5 children (1boy,11 and 4 girls 8,5,3,22mths) Hubby Mc Hubberson does a 4wk1wk shift at Cape Preston, but is hoping to get over to Barrow Is. ASAP.

We are also homeschoolers, so if anyone is in the nth Perth area (h'schooler's or not happy.gif )
I'd love to say hi waves.gif

Due to our naivity in costs getting here (i drove with the children) Our xmas in Melb is cancelled, but bonus is we have Daddy-O home for 3 full weeks over Chrissy!! wub.gif  ddance.gif  eexcite.gif  hhugs.gif  llove.gif  tthumbs.gif - you think we excited?? biggrin.gif

Glad I found you to remind me i'm not the only one living like this blink.gif

Bernadette and Crew

#6 ironbutterfly

Posted 20 December 2010 - 04:24 PM

Oh my it's quiet!

Well hope everyone is doing well, and looking forward to their christmas rolleyes.gif .

tarnsv- hope everything is ok now. Are you looking forward to the move?

hi mamagot5- nice to meet you how do you go with the 4/1? We did it once when DD1 was 3 months and said never again. I think he missed us the most.

Thought I'd share some sites/forums.
There is a www.fifofamilies.com.au set up by a Perth mum. There is also www.miningfm.com.au setup by a SA mum and a few others. Both a really new sites but have some great advice miningfm goes into tax and other stuff too which great when your tryign to get your head around those things. (and in no way am I affiliated with them, I do however use them biggrin.gif )

Well we are looking forward to chrissy, DH will be home on xmas eve morning provided the river doesn't swell. The area to the north and out the back of town has had heaps of rain so fingers crossed!!

Merry Christmas to all cool.gif

#7 *~*Melinda*~*

Posted 20 December 2010 - 06:15 PM


We are talking about doing this, DP interviewed last week for a 2/1 roster, we currently live in CQ and would have to relocate to Perth or within 2hrs of the airport.

Are we crazy ??

What is something you wished you had of thought of before you decided to be a fifo family?

#8 mamagot5

Posted 21 December 2010 - 03:12 PM

we are only a few months into our fifo life (he started in july) but my thoughts are maybe only up to an hour from the airport?? DH flight out is at 05:30 so you don't really want to be up and driving 2 hrs at 3 in the morning blink.gif but than maybe it doesn't bother you ?? happy.gif his flights into perth are  at 19:30 so that could mean getting home at 22:30, with young ones it could get hard ??

ironbutterfly, we seem to managing well so far, as i said the children are homeschooled so we do a "4 week term" and 1 week "holiday" rather than 8-10 weeks and 2 weeks like mainstream school. this way when daddy is home he can spend all day with them rather than after schoo.l biggrin.gif before he started fifo, we never saw him at all as he would leave at 5am come home at 6pm see the children at their worst (witching hour) and go out in the shed with our business on the side.  plus we occasionally get to skype when the reception is good at his end huh.gif oh and thanks for the links will check them out now.

seeing as how he is home ATM i'd better spend some time with him biggrin.gif

hope your xmas is merry
Bernadette and crew

#9 ironbutterfly

Posted 21 December 2010 - 04:49 PM

Melinda- I agree with mamagot5. With in 1 hr of the airport would be better. Unless he flies out later, although most do leave 5 or earlier in the morning. If they do night shift he'll be home about mid morning (mostly the operators) If he's a tradie it will most likely be the evening they are home.
I'd also suggest staying over CQ for awhile because FIFO life is not for everyone. It would save you the emotional and financial costs of uprooting if you decide the lifestyle is not for you.
As far as being crazy, not at all lots of perfectly insane women do it all the time wink.gif !!!
For us we get to see more of DH and get more quality time with him. He's not tired or distracted by work.

mamagot5- I could never do 4/1 let alone with so many kids! 2/1 and my patience is breaking! For us it's only mobile contact. We would skype but my laptop got fried and I'm using his netbook. Lucky the phone reception is improving so now he can sit out side his room and talk to me!

#10 ~*Rainbow*~

Posted 08 January 2011 - 03:08 PM

Hi everyone, I've just heard about this group, and was wondering if I can join? I don't have kids (yet!!) but DP starting fifo in July and it would be great to be able to have people to talk to and ask questions who understand it all lol!!!

DP is on a 2/1 roster atm, changing to 9/5days in July as he is doing a grad program. We relocated to Perth so that he could take the job.

I was wondering if anybody's OH does fifo from Melbourne to WA?? We are really missing Melbourne, and DP wants to move back there, but the company has said they will not arrange the extra flights from Perth to Melbourne until after his grad program (another 1.5 years) which is fair enough, so he was thinking about arranging his flights himself. Does anybody do this?? Can anybody tell me what their experience with this was?

I cannot imagine how you all do it, I find fifo really hard and we don't have kids yet! You are all amazing!

#11 mamagot5

Posted 08 January 2011 - 04:43 PM

edited coz i'm a ditz biggrin.gif

Edited by mamagot5, 08 January 2011 - 04:54 PM.

#12 mamagot5

Posted 08 January 2011 - 04:51 PM

Hi ~*N*~

We used to live in Cairns Nth QLD, Hubby's jobsite would only fly him to perth, So at our cost, he flew from perth to cairns losing a day each way to get him on time for flights out.

We HATED it, mainly because of the kids, but you're ok with that for now biggrin.gif and flying to melbourne would be a lot easier than trying to get back to cairns.

Bonus is i'm pretty sure you can claim the flights on your tax.

Good luck with your decisions.


#13 ironbutterfly

Posted 08 January 2011 - 05:08 PM

Hi and welcome ~*N*~
There are a few around that do FIFO from other places (Adelaide/Sydney/etc) but generally it is at your own expense. I don't think you can claim it on tax however go have a check out of the links I've posted above there maybe someone in the know (or the Mining Families Matters may have an article). It does take some adaption to get used to it, some struggle but for me I wub.gif it and wouldn't have it any other way!

mamagot5 how are things going in Perth for you?

AFM I'm excited that DD1 is off to Kindy this year, leaves one at home for half the week. I'm now looking seriously at finishing some study off. Unfortunately DH is at work ATM and we've been sick and had nits aannoyed.gif .

There is a meet up in Perth in the next few weeks for FIFO Families, for more info check out their site!!

#14 Littlegreenfrog

Posted 10 January 2011 - 05:49 AM

Hi guys

May I join?
Our story is a little differnt. Dp doesn't work in the mining industry but he travels so much for work. We don't live together yet, but will sometime. Atm I've only been seeing him once a month to once every 5 weeks.

We spend alot of time on the phone and e-mails. His work isn't the best with giving him notice about travel which makes it hard when trying to catch up.



#15 Miss 50s

Posted 15 January 2011 - 01:24 PM

Another newbie here too! My DP had his medicals and D & A test done on Thursday and we are just waiting on the results. He will then be working 2/1 as a Driller's Offsider. We have a 4 month old son so it's going to be tough on DP not seeing him everyday but as it is he works as a plumber and sometimes gets home so late that Ethan is already in bed! One of the resons we are doing this ix so I don't have to go back to work F/T. DP still wants me to work a couple of days a week and put Ethan into daycare. He thinks he needs the socialisation but I have a Mum's Group I catch up with a few times a week so to me that is plenty of socialisation. Anyway I got a bit off topic! Hopefully on Monday we will get the all clear and our new FIFO life will begin!

#16 mamagot5

Posted 16 January 2011 - 05:56 PM

Hi jodieV
Hope you get good news tomorrow, ooh wish we still had a little one wub.gif
Sorry bit of a vent coming....
As a homeschooler we always have the dreaded "socialisation "issue shoved in our face
It's a load of PHOOEY!!! rant.gif  Socialisation is a part of life, smiling at strangers in his pram, having little old ladies coo over him, all SOCIALISATION!! Unless you were in the middle of nowhere and weren't even talking to your baby, then you might get socialisation issues. Bub is not a puppy, needing training, he is a unique, beautiful, intelligent little person, that needs the security of his mum and dad. Stick to your guns dev (6).gif

I apologize if i offended anyone, I have NOTHING against working parents or children in daycare. I have BIG offense to the word and 'concerns' over "socialisation" bah! phooey! to that word tongue.gif

Hi Jessica, wub.gif  wub.gif  wub.gif  wub.gif Perth!! am overwhelmed with all the resources available to us, so much so, that we are hermits at the moment laughing2.gif Hubby home monday night so a wonderfully short shift for us this time. oh i must admit i contemplate public school, just for a little 'me-time' LOL my "me-time" ATM is after lights out till ridiculous early hours of the morning, the dark circles under my eyes are proof of that roll2.gif

Trudie, That must be very hard for you hhugs.gif Not having a regular schedule to get used to. Welcome to the group i say!

Happy Days
Bernadette and Crew

#17 charliebean

Posted 17 January 2011 - 08:10 AM

Hi Everyone,

I have just come across this thread and was hoping I could join even though DH is only DIDO. He works away from Monday to Friday and is home every weekend and jodiev1980 he is a drillers offsider too, although has just become a trainee driller and is doing all his courses to become a Driller, which state is your DH going to be working in? DH worked in WA for a while but is now in the Hunter Valley NSW which is great as we are in Sydney.

A question for everyone, when your DH arrives home do they help out or are they on holiday and having a rest? I am struggling with this at the moment because DH gets home on the weekend and doesn't really help, I can tell he thinks that it is his 'off time' we had a big chat about it and he is helping a lot more now but it is still running through my head IYKWIM?

#18 ironbutterfly

Posted 17 January 2011 - 02:07 PM

I am so over being sick! We've had so much in the last 2 weeks! Hayfever, gastro, colds, nits/lice (Eeeww!) and DD2 ended up in hossy with a very high temp and turned out to be tonsilitis. rant.gif If this is any indication of this year, I'm over it!!

charliebean, I'm actually a DIDO wife ATM. We may eventually (a year or so) return to FIFO though. With DH I leave him for 1 or 2 days to get back into the 'family' mode. After that he has to pull his weight. Which in reality is looking after DDs as he's not domesticated at all. He used to try and wrangle out of it until I told him point blank, out there he doesn't cook, wash his dishes or clean (has to do his laundry though) and I do all that plus more and never get R&R. I know he works long hours but in reality he gets timeout from family life, I do not.

mamagot5 I'm glad your enjoying Perth. It can be alot of fun. (just ignore the wait awhile whingers) I bet you'll be glad to have DH home, mine is due home Tues morning. Woo Hoo! Looking forward to sleeping in biggrin.gif .

jodiev1980 don't worry about the 'socialisation'. You've got Mother's Group and you could look at going to playgroup too. My 2 only really saw family and friends up until this year (we started playgroup). Part of the reason for DH doing FIFO/DIDO is he earns same amount but we have a much better lifestyle. Before he would work 6am til 6pm losing 1hr travel either way so 5am til 7pm. If a project started falling behind it would mean 7 days a week. The FIFO was hard on the kids to begin with but they have taken it on and adapted really well (3years on and off). They know daddy has to go to work and they relish in the fact that when he's home he's all theirs (and mine sometimes!).

littlegreenfrog you're more than welcome. What sort of travel/away periods do you face? And is it fairly regular (like for us 2/1) or random all over the place? Do you use skype at all? It's good having the face to face connection.

AFM I'm hoping we all get better soon!

This was done in a few threads back, thought I'd do it again.

DH:Excavator Operator 33
DDs: E-3.5yo M-2.5yo
LIVE: Geraldton WA

#19 Littlegreenfrog

Posted 19 January 2011 - 08:09 PM

Hello girls

Thanks for the warm welcome. original.gif
My dp works as a consultant and pretty much can't plan anything. GRRR
Lets say I hate the banks. lol

I'll be back tomorrow as I'm so tired and will do personals.


#20 Miss 50s

Posted 20 January 2011 - 09:52 AM

Thanks ladies I look forward to becoming a regular in here original.gif We had a bit of a muck around with the medical results but should get the all clear today so DP will resign from his current job.

Charliebean we are in WA and DP will be working up North here. We live about 2 1/2 hours south of Perth but he will FIFO of Perth airport so not sure whether I will be taking him or he will drive up himself. Parking is very expensive I hear...

ironbutterfly I hope everyone is better in your household now!

I went into work yesterday with DS and once I was there I felt really excited being there and getting into everything again! I am working tomorrow for a few hours as my parents are visiting and mum can look after DS. Grrr I am in a dilemma about what to do re work.....!

#21 Littlegreenfrog

Posted 26 January 2011 - 03:03 PM

Hello peoples

Sorry that I haven't replied for a while.. I've been pretty sick and in and out of hospital with a kidney infection. I'm pretty much getting over it now.
I'm a mum to 4 kiddies, 1 is my neice who ive have since she was 3days old. I left my ex husband 16months ago and in that time got a divorce and parenting order in place. We were together for 10years.

I've been with my dp for 7months. I met him on the internet. At the time he was living in Sydney and I live in Newcastle. I really wasn't keen to meet him but my girlfriend pretty much told me that I will be going out for dinner.

Having a long distance relationship has been hard, oh very hard. Dp is always on the go, flying around the capital cities here in Oz or flying to different countries at a moments notice.
I was looking forward to seeing him next week but his gone to NZ for 3 weeks with work. sad.gif oh well

It will be nice to get to know you all as all of my friends don't never had a long distance relationship and they don't fully understand when your partner has to go away for long periods of time.

jodiev1980 - How did your dp go?? Oh your little bub is still so little, I'm still very clucky. hehehe

Bernadette - Thanks for the welcome. Wow you home school, man I take my hat off to you. Can I be selfish and say I need my time away from the kids.. lol How old are you 5? This year dd2 starts school and the other 2 will be in daycare while I start Tafe. I can't wait to have another bub. Dp thinks its very cute seeing me all clucky. lol

charliebean - Ahh you not far from me. I'm in Newcastle. Which mine is your dh at here in the Hunter? Would you move closer to be with him?

ironbutterfly - Oh no about all you guys being sick. It's so hard dealing with sick kids and or yourself being sick too trying to look after the kids. I hope you all are getting better.

Talk soon


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#22 ironbutterfly

Posted 30 January 2011 - 12:37 AM

Hi all, we're finally getting better (touch wood hands.gif ). But I swear this house is full of dramas ATM. DH wants out of the site he is on huh.gif . So that leaves it to me for applying for jobs etc etc. I'm over it. Lucky Rio is after FIFO where we are but for any others I don't really want to move back to Perth (I'm a small town girl always have been always will be). I'm loving being where we are too!! The other thought is for us to return to where we used to live. Friends of ours up there are on very good money. We also know getting a job up there won't be hard the only difficult thing is accommodation. Oh and the cost of living (and no more fresh milk cry1.gif ) but it is a place we both love and miss dearly. Mostly because our friends and his mum is still there (I don't really miss his mum though dev (6).gif )
Our other drama was today, we got hit by a summer storm. It normally happens this time of year but this one is the worst I've ever seen. Lots of dust, very windy and a tiny bit of rain. Lucky we are living with my parents so took us a few mintues to turn the trampoline and outside table over, clean up all the other bits and peices before any real damage. People we know have lost sheds, fences and a roof here and there.

Littlegreenfrog It does take a bit of getting used to. The whole FIFO/DIDO thing. It's hard too explaining to people and I often find myself justifying it (and we've been doing this for quite awhile now!)

Yes jodiev1980 How did things get on for you?? I'm not sure if it's you (same UN on the FIFO site) but mine is mehjjchan on those.

Well hope everyone else is going good!!

#23 mrs_bubbles

Posted 03 February 2011 - 08:22 AM

Hi ladies.

Can I please join?

DH has just gotten a job in the mines, I mean hasn't even started yet but is all signed up ready to go. Passed his computer test and has his medical tomorrow (which I'm sure will be fine - he is fit and healthy with no existing medical problems).

Then he gets his dates and hes off to the above ground mine in Mt Isa. He has six weeks of full time training (haul truck driver) and then he starts his four days on and four days off.

I am 22 and DH is 23. We are coming up to our first year wedding anniversary and have been TTC for a few months now. Was really hoping to fall PG before he goes away, but if not, then thats OK.

Have been really up and down with my emotions over the last couple of weeks. Feeling super happy and excited as he has wanted to do this for a long time now and it will be amazing for us financially. We will be able to pay off our debt in a few months and then save for a really good house deposit. Just wanting a good head start for ourselves and a bit of financial security.

I will be staying here as I don't want to give my government job up. If I wasn't working for the government, I would have packed up and left with him. But I really love and enjoy my job and eventually we will be in Brisbane full time, so I will want my job here. My boss has been very supportive knowing that DH will be living in Mt Isa. I am a shift worker which will make it easy to fly up to him for visits as often after a lot of night shift I usually get four to five days off so I won't have to take any extra leave.

Anyways starting to babble on. Can't wait to chat with you all. It's nice knowing that we are not alone and there are plenty of people out there doing this, especially with children.


#24 Guest_Spunkrat_*

Posted 04 February 2011 - 10:32 PM


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#25 mamagot5

Posted 06 February 2011 - 02:26 AM

Hi trudie

My 5 are
DS - 11
DD1- 9
DD2 - 6
DD3 - 4
DD4 - 2

Nah it's not selfish, i do occasionally get jealous of the 'freedom', especially with DH 4/1 week shift.
We have started our homeschool year (as has everyone else biggrin.gif ) so i am 'teaching' yr 6 yr4 yr 1 and kindy age, thankfully we manage most of it while the baby is sleeping doubly thankful she sleeps for 3+ hours still!
Sadly we will only have 5 as i stoo-pidly agreed to DH getting the 'snip', but i guess he needs to have a say in it also laughing2.gif

Spunkrat, i'm sorry to hear your first week has gone not so well, bbighug.gif  hhugs.gif
i know my first few were a little crazy. you learn to deal with it........ eventually, but it doesn't take too long, we've only been doing this since july last year original.gif

I asked this on the fifo familiies forum (try saying that 3 times fast laughing2.gif ) but nobody had replied last time i checked.

How do you all manage 'contact' time with Daddy when he is home when they are at school all day? like in our case we have 5:30am and 7:30pm flights on week days, and if they were at public school, they would only see him a few hours before and after school, while in a mad rush??? and having to catch up on 4 weeks worth in 7ish days? I can't fathom it blink.gif  wacko.gif  oomg.gif

I am trying to get to one of the gatherings organised by www.fifofamilies.com.au but have yet to manage, maybe one day will see some of you there ?

This little bunny,
over and out original.gif

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