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February 2009 Parents # 62

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#1 Sandra

Posted 09 November 2010 - 09:57 PM

New thread time ladies


#2 tinkster23

Posted 09 November 2010 - 11:16 PM

Hahaha GOLD. First time ever I think!

Nothin new here, sometimes feel like I'm stuck in a mega hamster wheel, one day after another, same crap over and over.

And on that cheery note I should go

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#3 summerbub

Posted 10 November 2010 - 01:31 AM

Woo hoo silver !!!

Tink, I hear ya on the hamster wheel!

#4 LittleDCJ

Posted 10 November 2010 - 08:58 AM


All good here.  Packed up the cot on Sunday and now Jarvis is in a king single bed.  He loves it and goes straight to sleep.  Cot now for sale on Gumtree, can't wait to get rid of it.  I swear that his voice has changed and he doesn't have the 'baby' sound anymore.  Sometimes I need to think about who is talking to me as it doesn't sound like him.

Deakin has requested lasagne for dinner so need to head out for some supplies.

#5 leita

Posted 10 November 2010 - 03:17 PM

(*)(*) prize for me. He he he.

Damn rain. It never rains in Perth, so it's nice for the novelty value, but I swear I have one square metre of painting to go and I've finished this first coat, and as soon as Mali goes to sleep, it starts to rain!!! Oh well, think of the lovely flowers....


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#6 tinkster23

Posted 11 November 2010 - 01:25 PM

where did everyone go???

#7 leita

Posted 11 November 2010 - 03:15 PM


Gastro.... sad.gif  Mali not me. First time she's had it (not couting baby chucking), not a pleasant experience. But she's on the mend- said to me this morning "Mumma chop chop pea-bah (peanut butter) toast Mali an Teddy" so she's hungry again, and it seems to be staying down, so it's all good.

Summerbub- just read the last of the old thread- would love to catch up when you're in Perth. We can get to Subi easy enough, but would have Mali with me, so would need to be not lunchtime (naptime).

Tinks - everyone is busy on their hamster wheels  wink.gif

Gosh, I've been saying all year when everyone asks when we'll have another baby "maybe next year". It just occurred to me yesterday, that it is almost next year, and must be almost time to get some folate.... how exciting.  biggrin.gif

#8 summerbub

Posted 11 November 2010 - 05:52 PM

Leita - Oh wow that IS exciting! (not the gastro, the TTC!) poor Mali, I hope she has turned the corner now and is all better tomorrow

Tinkster - I keep coming in and checking for new posts... nuffin! Bloody slackos. I'm also v guilty. How are you going? What's happening in your life at the moment?

Perth girls - let's do 9am morning tea or coffee somewhere.. you guys know whre all the good places are - I'm not fussy, I'll just have Eden so she is pretty portable. Please let me know your preference for Wed am or Thurs am.

Renee, how are you going??? Are you lurking??

AFM, well I'm kicking back with a beer - Eden fed at 4pm so her next feed before bed is at 6.30pm and I'm trying to boost my supply for her to get a big enough feed at that time!! Noah had started waking up at 5.30 oomg.gif as the sun is coming up so early ddoh.gif so the previous two mornings I went into his room and told him it was still night time and told him to go back to sleep - left him in there till 6.30ish. Anyway, I'm hoping that worked because this morning he didn't call out till 6.20am when he heard Eden wake up. I can't do much more, any hint of light and he is awake - he has alfoil on the window that is on the sunny side, then timber blinds, then blackout curtains! On the other wall I have just blinds and blackout curtains.

And most of you would have seen on FB that the prawn is going away from Sunday till Thurs and I fly to Perth Friday AM for a week.... so am going to be absolutely stuffed by the end of the trip. He is not going to see Eden for 2 weeks straight which will be ultra suckful.

Time to get dinner on. Chicken Kiev and Salad tonight. mmmm

#9 July Baby

Posted 11 November 2010 - 09:22 PM

Robyn - sounds like a busy couple of weeks for you and the fam. Enjoy the trip to Perth!
I like your style telling Noah it's still night time....  cool.gif , fingers crossed it keeps working for you

Leita - Sorry you've been having a sh*tty time (pardon the pun) and it's good to hear that Mali is looking to be on the mend. We still haven't given Wil peanut butter, must pop it on the shopping list and get him into it.
Mali looks to have lots of words - doesn't it make you proud.

Tinks - I always read at work but a little hard to respond their so must make more of an effort when I get home and keep in touch.

Susanne - How's Shae doing? Did you get some help at the doc?

Jo - How did you go at the doc? I saw on FB you seem to be having a rough night..... So did I? Wil just wouldn't stop crying, I couldn't get him to drink, eat or stop crying. I tried picking him up, putting him in his chair, in with the toys and nothing would help. He cried so much he had snot hanging of his chin sick.gif Poor boy. Then he just stopped... Okay so it was about 40mins after and I did manage some panadol in him in that time. I'm not sure if he's got sore teeth/gums but he went to bed without any dinner but had some milk in the end. I hope tomorrow is a better day for you. Maybe a sip (or big gulps) of wine might make it all better! cool.gif

Wil's latest thing is lifting up peoples tops and saying boobies!!  blush.gif He does it to the kids and the carers at day care and they thought he was saying baby.... ha ha if only... The most embarrassing thing is I think that he thinks SKIN is called boobies. He pokes at DH belly button and says boobies. He slaps my bare legs and says boobies.... Oh my.. How to stop the boy before it gets really bad.
He's also taken to sleeping with Sam - Yep a Wiggles Figurine! I put him in his cot and he says Sum (sam) and if he can't find it he gets quite distraught so I quickly run around trying to find it.  wub.gif

What's on for the weekend?
We have birthday dinner with the inlaws. It should be good fun as we get along with them really well. Then I'm trying to convince DH to buy me a iphone 3 or 4 as my phone's screen keeps going blank hands.gif . I'm just trying to find the hidden costs with all the deals out there to choose from.

Right right, it's getting late so catch ya later  tongue.gif

#10 pink

Posted 12 November 2010 - 09:15 AM

Tinks - I do read everyday but am teetering on the edge of insanity so dont always find the time to post Tounge1.gif we all need to find a way to stop this damn hamster wheel for just a little while!

Robyn - I hope the time with DH away goes well. Hopefully you and the kidlets get in a routine and it will breeze by! if not then just think about Perth ALL the time!! haha

leita - poor Mali sad.gif I hope the gastro is all gone now

- I am wondering how you are going too, hope you are feeling better original.gif

Dannii - yeah we had a shocker yesterday! poor Hannah was just in so much pain sad.gif and Jack just seemed to get in to everything while we were busy!! (more on that later!!) I hope Wil has a better day today, its so hard when you have no idea whats wrong and nothing will settle them!

Last night was a shocker! Poor Cameron had a true meltdown over his lego getting broken apart! the poor thing just cannot cope with stuff like that. His Dad suffers from anxiety, panic attacks and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and Cameron will probably struggle with stuff like that too, he definitely has the anxiety already.

With everything so stressful last night I decided to have a beer, which was lovely until I put it down on the table to sort Hannah out again and Jack got it and took a swig  cry1.gif  worst mother in the world award goes to me this week. Luckily it really just ran down his shirt but oh man how bad did I feel! He then proceeded to spill 2 milo's as well so he was just being a royal pain in the butt! lol was very happy when they all went to sleep last night and VERY glad DP was home!

Hannah is now on Losec so fingers crossed in the next couple of days that will kick in and she will be much more settled. She is great so far today original.gif had her weighed and she is now 4.8kg at 10 weeks which is pretty good considering she is down to 4 bottles of 120mls! HCN did say this was not enough but then said not to worry when she saw she had put on enough weight. She is 56cms long! so obviously just going to be long and skinny. Oh and we also have to get her to practice turning her head to the left cos she holds it all the way over to the right ALL the time. She can turn it now but chooses not too so we will just keep coaxing her over.

I better get off here and get organized. Off to pick up the Christmas layby today and sort out what I do/dont need from it and then hopefully pick up a couple more things and I will be done! I refuse to go shopping with 2 babies in December!! its stressful enough now! Oh and my sister is coming to stay for a few days so I am very excited biggrin.gif I miss my family so much and this will give me a much needed boost.

enjoy the weekend everyone! and those in Melboure... stay dry!!! lol

#11 3'sacrowd

Posted 12 November 2010 - 10:29 AM

I just said about 10,000 swear words in my head. I just wrote a post and about to press reply and lost the whole thing.I have no idea where it went,but it ticks me off big time. I am not going to type it over again.Bugger, bugger, bugger.

So  waves.gif to everyone

Bugger ,bugger,bugger mad.gif

#12 tinkster23

Posted 13 November 2010 - 09:39 PM

janbabyboy- I HATE when that happens, I'm often sitting here and Jack manages to push something and closes all my windows, annoys the crap outta me!

pink- You and robyn and ineke get free passes for a while, I can't imagine having a newborn atm, so I applaud you getting upright, let alone posting! The losec should start to work soon, hopefully you'll have a brand new baby girl. Who, might I add, at 10 weeks has just hit jacks birthweight wink.gif

wilsmum- I hope wil's bad night was a one off anf that you managed to get some sleep. Its so hard when they can't tell you whats wrong! Jack's got a thing for tummies, so often lifts tops up too, lovely! Get the iphone4, I love mine, I got it thru virgin and its onlt $44 a month. learn from robyn tho, and keep it outta reach!

robyn- would love to catch up, wednesday morning would be better for me. Where are you staying (I thought i'd read that but obivoulsy not) I'm hoping mum can babysit so I can just cuddle eden original.gif

leita- gastro is never EVER good, but does improve once they get old enough to say "bucket" :spew: I've started taking my multivitamins more regularly as well, aiming to start ttc about april-may

tina- can't believe your baby is in a bed!

Anyway- things here are ok, was having a crappy week, which hasn't as yet improved, but next weeks gotta be better right?
Hoping our titles come through next week, they are due "early november", so if they don't show soon I'm gonna get cranky!
Waiting for costings on things we added to the house at prestart and then it'll just be titles that hold us up
Can't believe how close xmas is getting, way too close for comfort, tho, in good news, I've got it off, for the first time in 7 years since I started at my job (not counting the one before Jack was born, when i was medically unfit to work!) It was a nice surprise when I saw the roster.
umm...nope, thats all i got

Hope you are all having a lovely weekend, I'm going to find some dinner!

#13 Skyjay

Posted 15 November 2010 - 08:57 AM

Hi All

Well I will claim the Slacko award. Since being back from holiday’s I have been reading but  never get the chance to post. So here goes (sorry could be a long one)

Theresa – Great news to have xmas off, being in employment where we close down between xmas and new year I have always been very lucky.

Sandra – bummer about the post, hope the boys are well.

Jo – Hope everything is going well for you, hope the losec is working. SJ had reflux as a baby and we were prescribed Zantac. When I finally decided I really needed to use it, I was amazed how quickly it worked.

Dannii – top lifting here too, although she mainly lifts hers and flashes her boobies!!! A little boy came up to us to ask us what the noise was so Indi just lifted her top at him. Have you convinced DH about the iphone. Technology is way past me now, I still have my optus $5 a month plan and I can ring my mum for free after 8 or my cousins in perth, Weekend calls to mobiles for 20cents. Sounds like something from ancient times doesn't it, guess it is!!!!

Robyn – you need daylight savings!!! My kids were waking up early in Perth cause the sun was up but back home they are back to their usual time (after 8am). Hope everything is going well while the hubby is away. Sometimes I find it better without DH but that of course is only when the girls are good.

Leita – New years baby news would be great to hear. Hope Mali is over her gastro, poor girl. Did you get the rest of your painting done? Perth certainly needs the rain, I couldn’t believe how dry it was.

Tina – Might have to try Indi in a bed & get rid of her cot, since being back from holidays she wont go to sleep of a night time, although my luck that wouldn’t work.

Suzanne – hows Shae?

Our holiday – we had a great time time in Perth. I wish I was more organized I could have had a catch up with you all. We spent 5 days in Margaret River then the rest of the time at my aunties doing day trips, although everything was only 20 mins drive. We went swimming in Rockingham, thankfully didn’t get eaten by any sharks, day at the Zoo, day at Carousel (the really hot day) day at Freo, Mandurah, Hillarys Boat Harbour. Then it was back on the plane to cooler weather. Kids traveled well, a few little cries but Indi slept all the way to Perth & 2 hours on the way home so it was good.

AFU – spent the weekend in the garden, weeding, re doing part of our grass (although the rain washed away the seeds this morning I think). I am so sore, I really hate gardening but I love having a big backyard. We are having Indi’s birthday a week earlier this year as MIL & FIL are going on a cruise the day of Indi’s birthday. MIL didn’t want to go as she missed Indi’s 1st birthday due the the chemo, but I really think she needs a holiday after what she went thru this year plus it’s no big deal putting the party a week before we would have had it. Xmas is at our house this year, mum goes all out with food, we have every meat and enough food for a week after!!! I’ve got Indi a pink couzy coupe car for xmas, she loves the one at playgroup. Really want to get the kids a dog (miss not having one) but because I will only get them from the lost dogs homes I think we might wait until after xmas when everyone dumps their pets and these dogs really need a home.

It’s our 7 year anniversary today, how quickly time goes. We have a baby sitter for tonight, just not sure where to go for dinner. Hoping the rain stops. 7 years ago it was 40 degrees, today its just 19 and raining.

Have a good week and I’ll try not to be so slack!!! (although I left out emoticons, I'd never post if I tried inserting them)

#14 White-Lily

Posted 15 November 2010 - 01:06 PM

Woo hoo, some action in here! (dont let me kill the thread  hands.gif )

Skyjay Glad to hear the girls travelled well and that you had a great time in Perth. Great work on the garden. Im looking forward to having a big garden in our new house but not all the work that goes with it!
Happy Anniversary! Enjoy dinner tonight.

Tinks Yay for getting xmas off this year!! I havent had it off ever... i dont think, but at my work xmas is so cruisy its like a  holiday at work original.gif
Yay for TTC April/May next year!! We are thinking June next year original.gif
We got our titles last week (Wed), just need to finalise a house design. Where did you buy your block?

Sandra oh no!! i hate it when that happens! grr..

Jo hope the Losec is working and Hannah is feeling settled and comfy, and everyone else is as well! Shae has had much worse that beer... she like to help my dad drink his scotch (with coke) and is always asking for the ice blocks from his drink.
I dont blame you for not wanting to go shopping in Dec with 2 babies. I dont want to go with one, or by myself actually!! Mum and i went on the weekend and it was packed so i know its only going to get worse and i have to go and do the shopping for the IL's

Dannii that is so cute of Will  wub.gif Shae is obsessed with 'belly buttons' she just goes up to people (family really) and starts lifting tops up to find them, then she pokes them with force - ouch!
How did you go convincing your DH about the iphone?

Robyn 5.30am hurts!! so glad Noah believed you when you said it was still night time!! Maybe look into roller shutters? We have one and its great!! Must have for the new house asap, will forgo everything else if i have to!  laughing2.gif
We were up at 5.30 yesterday (after a 4.30 cuddle) but it was nice to not have to share her with anyone. We went to Maccas for breaky and a play  wub.gif coz i didnt want to cook and she was being so noisy!!

Leita poor Mali, hope she is better today. Gastro is awful! I have been saying 'maybe next year' too when asked about #2. It certainly has crept up quickly! Im pretty excited too!!

Perth meet either day is fine with me original.gif looking forward to seeing everyone and getting bubba cuddles. Still yet to ask the boss but doubt there will be a problem original.gif to have a half day or a whole day off is the question...  tongue.gif

AFU all is good here. Shae is on an asthma preventor (flixotide - sp?) daily and she has a review next  week. Still couching and full of mucous - TMI - but otherwise fine. And she is a pro at taking her puffer with the spacer which is very helpful.

Busy weekend, it was my sisters engagement party on Sat night so was a late one followed by an early morning with Shae (much earlier than normal) but it was nice to have 'alone' time with her and no interuptions  ph34r.gif

Looking forward to this weekend as we have NO PLANS!! yay, first weekend in ages!!

#15 tinkster23

Posted 15 November 2010 - 01:42 PM

skyjay-Happy anniversary, hope you have a lovely night! Daylight savings never helped Hannah sleep any later, both of mine are early risers (6-6:30) which sucks but never mind!

Suzanne- hopefully the flixotide does the trick and she at least avoids another hospital admission for a while. Our block is in Southern River, and today officially marks the end of the "Early november" we were promised titles would be here. I hate waiting, I'm so NOT good at it! Where is your block and what builders are you looking at??

Ok, must keep moving, decided it'd be much easier to do personals 2-3 at a time!

#16 leita

Posted 15 November 2010 - 03:29 PM

Hiya!  waves.gif

Just keeping the thread moving!!

Nothing very exciting here. Bubby is all better, had a few slow days with lots of cuddles which was actually really nice, but she seems to have hit her stride again today!

Christmas shopping/present making for the inlaws overseas all done, and packages ready to be sent tomorrow- woo hoo!! Now for the local ones wacko.gif . All wrapped in very cute hand printed paper, thanks to miss Mali! biggrin.gif

Tinkster Fingers crossed those papers come through today.  cool.gif  We'd love to build our next house, but don't know if I'm patient enough!

Whitelily- glad Shae is doing well with her preventer- gosh that would be tricky if she didn't want to take it!

SkyJay= what a busy holiday! Glad you had a good time. I think Xmas will be at our house this year too, so still a thousand things we want to do with our big disaster zone/backyard!  tongue.gif

Pink How is Miss Hannah going on her new meds?

waves.gif  Hi to everyone reading along- hope you're all having fab weeks!

#17 White-Lily

Posted 15 November 2010 - 04:50 PM

Tinks ours is in Lakelands and we are trying to decide between Content and Commodore. Leaning towards Content tho. Who are you building with? We were told late October and they only just got done early November. Im not so great with the waiting either! Dont know how im going to go waiting another year or so while the house actually gets built... but i cant wait to go shopping to buy things for it  ph34r.gif

Leita glad to hear Miss Mali is better. Way to go at getting all the handmade gift ready to be posted. Im no where near that stage yet but thankfully i only have to post throughout Australia. Should really get onto that! Thanks for the reminder original.gif

#18 LEGs-R-US

Posted 15 November 2010 - 07:57 PM

Tina - how much did you sell your cot for.  I have a Kingparrot one and went to sell it for $300 but my sister said she would like it (they are about to go down the fostering/adoption path) and I figure one could deed deserves another BUT that is $300 I'm now missing out on. lol.

White-Lily - their is no way that I could wait one year to build a house... the excitement would be way too much! Off to have a look at the plans you are considering.

Leita - I am know where near your standard with the Christmas shopping... particularly with hand making things.  I just saw the Harvey Normans have cheap photo processing this week so am madly trying to get the Christmas cards organized.  I wish I was at your pace though... Christmas is just going to creep up with this move.

Skyjay - Holiday sounds fab.. is it an understatement to say I am jealous?  Hope you had a lovely anniversary with hubby.

Robyn - I hate QLD summers.. the sun always seems to get up at the butt crack of dawn.  Luckily when I am home dad also gets up the butt crack of dawn.  If i lived their I'd be investing in some sort of window-less room for the kids.

Well I haven't been around much but the house is slowly getting ready for the move.  We have like three weeks until they start packing up.  I've already done three trailers to the tip... one to my sisters and have a couple more cupboards to go.  Just waiting on work to get back to me to see how many moving days they are going to give me.  My leave is looking like I am in dire straights because I am trying to take off until Feb 7th because that is when school goes back in Melbourne. I am taking leave at half pay.. purchased leave... flex leave.. (etc) and can now make it just need to wait for my boss to sign off on it.  Liams hypospadius operation should be in two weeks... I was meant to receive the notification today but it didn't arrive so I hope we haven't be bumped.. fingers crossed we can sneak it in before we leave for Christmas & Melbourne.

Night All.


#19 LEGs-R-US

Posted 16 November 2010 - 06:25 PM

Having a sh*tty day.

Work bosses are annoying... so over the lack of direction... i seriously think some days they just expect me to remove technical journals all day (yawn).

Then got home to find out that Liam's surgery is November 29th only to listen to the next message to see they have canceled it because the surgeon is going on holidays and wont be able to do the post-operative care. I am completely fuming... I feel like I've been seeing specialists since birth and now am so close to the finish line that they can't do it until FEBRUARY... when we are no longer in the ACT. If I want it done in VIC I'm now going to have to join their waiting lists... needless to say I still have smoke coming out of my ears!!!! Mum reckons we should just go private but I still have to pay for things like anesthetists (not covered) and have waited this long that i nearly feel like I'm due (if that makes sense).

Tinkster and other medically inclined superstars in here... what do you think my chances of in getting bumped up the Vic waiting list OR what about getting another doctor to do the post-op-care ?

Tired, sad, frustrated!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

#20 tinkster23

Posted 16 November 2010 - 07:44 PM

I doubt they'll bump you up the list

But I'd ring and speak to the surgeon about someone else covering the post op care, its a hypospadius repair yes?  Its not that complicated afterwards, so I'm not sure what they are on about for post op care, tho, I seem to recall Liam's willy being a complicated job...

And yes, thats sh*tty, really. Bloody redtape!

#21 Skyjay

Posted 17 November 2010 - 07:59 AM

Hi All  waves.gif

Theresa - your block isn't round the corner from Nicholson Rd is it, my cousins live on Nicholson Rd but on the other side of Armadale rd. They are on 20 acres but gee in the last 3 years the houses are creeping closer. Actually I was amazed how much housing was going up from Perth to Margaret River.  But Im sure if I get out around here it would be the same. Good Idea about trying to post so often.

Jen - sorry to hear the op been postponed. Hope it gets sorted soon. Wow, not long til the move, you sound very organised.

Ok, time to get the kids dressed, going for a picnic in the park before playgroup today.

#22 tinkster23

Posted 17 November 2010 - 10:05 AM

Its not far from there, we're about 500m from nicholoson road atm, and moving about 5 mins away original.gif  biggrin.gif
I sent a cranky email to the developer yesterday, which has been ignored, want my titles NOW

#23 White-Lily

Posted 17 November 2010 - 12:32 PM

Tinks i keep calling people to trying to find what is actually happening and all i get is voicemail and no one returns my calls or emails either. Know how you feel!

Jen i would be fuming too! Is there a cancellation list you can be put or something? Can you join the VIC waiting list and still be booked for Feb in the ACT? Does it even work like that? Hope you get it sorted out soon bbighug.gif

Edited by White-Lily, 18 November 2010 - 10:31 AM.

#24 pink

Posted 17 November 2010 - 08:52 PM

just  quick one from me tonight. I have had my sister here for a few days and had a lovely time. It was sad to find out that she is separating from her husband tho sad.gif they have been together for 17 years, since she was 16 and I know they have had tough times but I didnt expect this. The poor thing is doing it really tough at the moment even tho its her decision to end it (well she is ending it but I think she would have liked him to fight for her a long time ago)

Anyway an update on Hannah....

The Losec is working wonderfully original.gif finally I have a happy baby. She is now drinking 180mls in each bottle, finishing most of them. This is up from 120mls last week. She is also sleeping really well at night and going down at about 7-8pm and last night slept thru till 7am. She is also starting to use her tiny little muscles a bit cos we can finally put her on the floor, shes even turning her head to the left which she wouldnt do until now. She still looks so tiny and floppy for 2.5months but at least she is working on muscle tone now original.gif Just have to hope her head shape sorts itself out now cos its sort of flat on the right hand side, so when you cup her head, the roundest bit is behind her left ear not at the back. When she can control her head a bit better it should be ok cos she will stop laying on the right all the time

ok all is quiet here so I am off to bed. Hope my little princess sleeps thru again tonight, I am starting to feel much more relaxed and in control again original.gif

#25 summerbub

Posted 18 November 2010 - 08:17 PM

Hi Everyone!! Love to you all. Two second post from me tonight, I'm packing ddoh.gif

PERTH GIRLS - I'll check my facebook regularly if someone can decide on where to meet - let's do 9.30 or 9 or 10 or something on the Wednesday - whenever suits you guys but the Wednesday would be less busy for me too! I'm staying in Wembley (near Subicao) but can drive anywhere.

Legs - awww bugger sad.gif That is soooooooo effed up. Sorry that you are dealing with this again. Stupid idiots!

Pink - hurray for Losec! Isn't it fabulous!?! Are you giving her the suspension or are you crushing the tablet? How much is she on? So many q's! So freaking glad for you that it is working. Yay for Hannah getting floor time. It's the best.

Alrighty sorry for the sh*tty personals, especially to all of you who have been posting regularly lately - it's been so nice to see activity in here.


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