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February 2009 Parents # 62

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#51 3'sacrowd

Posted 29 November 2010 - 09:41 PM

Congratulations Renee. biggrin.gif  biggrin.gif  bbaby.gif How exciting.
My ob was excellent, but he is at the Mater Mothers Private.My good friend had her two kids at Noth West private.I can get the name if you like?

I wouldn't agree with a C/S at 4 wks either.

#52 White-Lily

Posted 30 November 2010 - 12:06 PM

Congratulations Renee!! Fantastic News!!
I hope you find an OB who supports VBAC. I wouldnt be agreeing to a c/s at 4wks either!

Here is the front runner for the house design:

Any suggestions? Not sure we like bed 4 coz its so long and narrow

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#53 leita

Posted 30 November 2010 - 04:05 PM

Whitelily- Oooh, I like your plan- I love that the bedrooms are at the same end of the house- the Master is often so far away, and with little tackers I like to be close. Depends I guess what you're going to use Bed 4 for??

VBAC??- I have total respect for your choice Renee and I hope you find an OB to support you quickly, but I must say I'm going to be looking for an OB who WON'T make me try VBAC. I found the 27 hour labour ending in a C-Sec so distressing, and the recovery so long, it took me ages to come to terms with ever having to do it again. I don't mind labouring, and I don't mind CS, but don't ever want to do both again, and the only way to guarantee that is to go straight for the CS. Guess it depends on your previous experience. The public system in WA is very big on VBAC, lucky I guess DH is a doctor and I'm sure he can talk up my need for a CS a bit if they try and force it  cool.gif . He he he, no, not PG or even TTCing yet, but its been a big feature in my getting ready to try again. Anyone else think like this?  My GP looked at my summary and said there was no reason why I couldn't try VBAC, but basically no-one knows why Mali didn't come out!!

Uh=Oh, can hear someone awake!

#54 tinkster23

Posted 01 December 2010 - 06:45 PM

Super quick- all our data has been recovered from the dead hard drive ddance.gif ddance.gif ddance.gif ddance.gif    

SO relieved!

Costing us a fortune, but worth every cent

Be back later for more ddance.gif

#55 tinkster23

Posted 01 December 2010 - 11:41 PM

ok, back for personals..

renee- i wouldn't be agreeing to a vbac at 4 weeks.  I was aiming for one with jack, and had a really supportive ob which made a huge difference. I guess it depends what happened the first time around, why you ended up with a c/s.  for me, i got to a point, on my due date, where jack was measuring large (estimated 4.4kg) i was having heaps of contractions that fizzled out to nothing, cervix was high, closed and not soft. my ob was happy for me to wait another week, but the possibilites of something going wrong were too big, vbac success rates fall significantly over 4kg, i could hurt him, i could hurt me, i could end up with another ga..etc etc a repeat c/s was the right choice for me, but it depends on you, its a very personal thing and only you can decide where you are wanting to go

suzanne- looks great, and familiar, which builder is is?

leita-yes, labour AND a c/s sucks a*se, an elective is a whole nother world, you won't know yourself after the nextm one

have been finalising all the choices for the house, did our electrical selections today, another $5600. but, hey, its only money right?

ok, have to go now, am tired, and SO ****ing relieved about the drive, can't even begin to tell you! original.gif

#56 White-Lily

Posted 02 December 2010 - 11:29 AM

Tinks that is fantastic about the data being recovered!! Must be a huge relief!
The house is a content design, well i think its more like 2 houses that we smooshed together to get what were after

Leita bed 4 will be used as a bedroom eventually, more than likely for a kidlet. If we only have 2 kiddies i think Bed 2 will be a guest room

#57 July Baby

Posted 02 December 2010 - 09:28 PM

Suzanne - I really like the house plans  tthumbs.gif and like someone else said... I like that all the bedrooms are together.

Tinks - YAY YAY YAY to your puter getting fixed.  ddance.gif So it has enjoying getting some stamps on its passport and is now coming back with some lovely pictures as well! Excellent news and I'm sure well worth the money!

Renee - Congrats again on your BFP! I am very interested in how your VBAC discussions go with the ob. As I had a dreadful induction/labour/ending in GA c-section... I am keen to try for a VBAC but only if my ob will guarantee no GA. It was so tragic as I (yes naive) had never heard or read about having a GA. I was of the impression they just gave a spinal block. So for me it's a VBAC or elective C-section. DH is not very supportive of my wishes (he says just book an elective C/S) and I can understand why he's like that but I want to try and see how I go! Am I mad? Just got to get my BFP yet!!! Anyway I hope you stick to your guns and get what you are hoping for.

I really have to start the Christmas Shopping this weekend. We are planning on doing the Santa photo too before it gets to busy at the shops too. We didn't have any issues last year so fingers crossed the lil fella is happy to high pie (high five) Santa  cool.gif

Oh I have so much love for my iphone... I am slowly learning how to use it and managed to download facebook too.

Can't believe Home and Away is already finished for the year. oomg.gif  It's my favourite trash tv show, now I don't know what to do with myself!

Ok off to bed for me. Need some sleep before my early start tomorrow
Catch ya  waves.gif

#58 July Baby

Posted 07 December 2010 - 11:37 AM

oh no..... It looks like I killed the thread!!????

Hello.... Anyone there? cool.gif

#59 White-Lily

Posted 07 December 2010 - 12:04 PM

Hello! Im here, well kinda original.gif battling the flu but getting better

Not much going on for me but i went to get my Mirena removed yesterday and the Dr couldnt find it... off for an ultrasound today to see where it is  huh.gif

Wilsmum i dont think you are mad attempting a VBAC when the time comes. I dont think i could just sign up for a c/s unless i had exhausted all other options, but that is just me. Your DH will come around.

#60 tashi2

Posted 07 December 2010 - 07:26 PM

just dropping in to say congrats to Renee

thats all ...

#61 leita

Posted 07 December 2010 - 07:44 PM


2 days in a row with no afternoon nap (for Amalia). Not happy Jan (me that is, Mali is fine).  mad.gif


#62 summerbub

Posted 07 December 2010 - 08:03 PM

Ho Ho Ho  cool.gif

How are we all?

Tashi are you okay? You sounded down in your post!

Suzanne - LOVE the house plans, congrats on that. How exciting getting the Mirena out in prep for TTC! I hope they find it... where on earth would it go? laughing2.gif

Wilsmum - I'm the same as you - haven't STARTED Christmas shopping yet! ddoh.gif I'm in denial. That's where I live I think. It's hot there cool.gif

Tinkster - yippeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee for your hard drive being recovered, that is priceless. I lost all of Noah's pics from newborn to 7 months of age when my sister dropped my laptop last year, so I only have the ones that I uploaded on facebook sad.gif so heartbreaking.

Leita - totally understand you wanting your scheduled CS too. Labour + emergency CS wouldn't be nice at all sad.gif How is zumba going? How many classes per week are you teaching?

Hello to everyone else!

AFUs well I'm sick today.... DH had the spewies and gave them to me. Not cool. Anyway I made him stay home from work while I laid down so that was a positive.
Noah is going well - but OMG he is starting to turn on the tantrums every now and then. Does anyone have a book (manual laughing2.gif ) that they would recommend for how to best deal with challenging behaviour that has actually worked . He isn't bad at all really, but I'd like to arm myself for when I am in the shops or something and he throws himself on the ground, which I am sure is to come in the near future!
He is still deliciously spunky and a gorgeous little thing in every which way - tonight he had his little knitted bear (Basil) and put him into bed and said "nigh nigh Basooll, sweet dream, sleep tigh(no t), wuv yoooo" and came out to declare that it was RAINING! Mumma it's waining! Cool! Oh yes "cool" is his newest word that he repeats all the time!!
Eden is still amazing. She never complains, just goes with the flow. A delight really. I'm so lucky, and I know it! She is rolling around heaps now and is pulling her knees up under her so before I know it she will be on the move (a couple of months away still but I'm in no hurry!) She'll be 4 months old on Friday! oomg.gif
I managed to have a day of pampering on Saturday - had my nails done in the morning then an hour long massage at the day spa which was SUPER! You really get what you pay for don't you.
Tomorrow night I'm off to U2, then on Sunday I'm going to A Day in the Green at Sirromet winery where Blondie, the Pretenders, and Little Red are playing. I'm acutally going with Lisa (mummabubba) and another friend so I'm so excited.

I do read all of the time but as you know am better at keeping up with fb than eb!!

ETA - Leita just saw your post re: Mali - Uh Oh!!!!!!!!!! sad.gif

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#63 Skyjay

Posted 08 December 2010 - 10:24 AM

Hi Everyone  waves.gif

Robyn - 4 mths, how fast has that gone. Cant help with the trantrums, not that we don't get them, just don't have any answers! Hope your feeling better.

Leita - oh no, hope Mali has a sleep today. Sending you sleep vibes for her  ssleep.gif

Danni - your santa pic was cute, at least Wil wasn't crying. I put Indi on Santa's lap at HN but she was not having a bar of him, I'll keep trying but I can see another xmas photo with her screaming i guess.

Theresa - fantastic to have your hard drive fixed. cclap.gif

Suzanne - love your house plan.

Renee -  ddance.gif congrats, I wouldn't have thought it necessary to make any decisions so early. When I fell pregnant with DD1 I swore I wasn't having a c/s I was having the water birth with the relaxing music etc etc but I also wasn't keen on labour, somehow though this baby had to come out. Eventually it was via e/c due to pre eclampsia. Because of my quick recovery when Indi came along my only thought was for a c/s plus a few other medical reasons was the right choice for me. Anyway I would just sit back and enjoy your pregnancy. Your body your decision and you will make the right choice when your ready.

Jo - hope your well, how is Hannah with her meds?

AFU - got all my xmas shopping done  eexcite.gif (normally I'm a xmas eve shopper, last thru the checkout) as well as a lovely $60  mad.gif   fine for parking too long at the shopping centre. I didn't see any signs, didn't even think shopping centres had limits anyway when I looked around there were some signs in other areas just not in the isle of parking I was in. I will write a letter but I hear they don't really care.

Been so busy lately, kids have had so much on, we have our playgroup xmas break up today, reptile show. Im just looking forward to Saturday night when DH & I head off to the Bon Jovi concert. I think I might get the MIL to come over early so we can have dinner in the city too.

On the flip side my mums kinda partner (long story) fell in a trench he was making and got stuck over night, she didn't think anything of him not coming home as he stays up the farm alot without saying anything. Thankfully the neighbour found him early in the morning, although you have to love a small town, they rang mum before the ambulance. He has pneumonia and is still in hospital and they still aren't sure if he will recover or not, they are surprised that he made it thu the night for his age, but he is out of ICU now so thats promising.

Thats about it from me, another busy week ahead.

#64 crazy*cat*lady

Posted 08 December 2010 - 05:19 PM

Thanks for the congratulations ladies.

I think I have (mostly) moved past my guilt.  As a result of the negative HPT on the Saturday (day before AF due) I went to my work Christmas party and punished my body for failing again by drinking too much sad.gif  Felt like a right cow when the 2 lines appeared on the Monday.  I can't change it though and have to move forward.

Today every time I stood up I had to pee, so am really starting to believe this is real.  The DIG moves so quickly though, I feel I am likely to be a lurker.

So far have decided to go ahead with my OB appt just before Christmas and have a chat with the OB and see what she says.  I might go public if I don't get the answers I want and can't get in elsewhere.

Skyjay, I hope your Mum's partner recovers, that is so shocking!

Robyn, 4 months has gone so quick.  I haven't even met Eden, it has been too long since our last meet up!

leita,I think I'd cry if Claire dropped her nap, we still usually get 2-3 hours a day from her.  it is the only time I can really get "stuff" done.

tashi, I too hope that everything is ok for you original.gif

Suzanne, I hope the doctor found your Mirena and you are over the flu.  Is TTC on the cards for the new year?

wilsmum, I can completely understand your feelings about either/or with the VBAC or planned.  I think a GA would have really messed with my head.

I'd best go spend some time with Claire, the days go so quick these days.

I hope everyone is well.

#65 White-Lily

Posted 09 December 2010 - 04:53 PM

Leita i would be gutted if Shae dropped her daysleep! We still get anywhere between 1.5hrs (daycare) - 3 to 4.5 hrs (at home).

Robyn i cant believe Eden is 4 months already! Time flies! Hope eveyone is feeling better now.

Sue waves.gif

Skyjay i hope your mums partner is recovering.

Renee dont feel guilty! You didnt know. The month we concieved Shae were were o/s for a wedding and were drunk the whole time! Shae is fne original.gif
Yep TTC is penciled in for mid next year!

Mirena is still kinda where it is meant to be (hasnt perforated my uterus) which is good news if is just stuck (which is bad news). Cant get back in to see my Dr for 2 weeks but if she cant get it out when i go back and see her i will be off to have day surgery to get it taken out.  mellow.gif  im just glad that we are trying to get it out now and not in 6 months time

We are over the worst of the flu i just wish i could get rid of the cough that came with it.

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#66 3'sacrowd

Posted 11 December 2010 - 09:58 AM

Thank god it's much cooler today. What was I thinking of whipper snipping our yard yesterday.At least it looks good happy.gif

Robyn-Wow. Eden is 4 months.That has gone so fast. How did you like U2?
I have ordered 1,2,3 Magic online some parenting book that I'm going to read. I haven't had the tantrum at the shops yet from either of the boys,if they did the "drop to the ground screaming  and kicking their legs thing" I would kindly pick them up and head for the car....running laughing2.gif

Renee- Don't feel guitly. I'm sure bubs will be fine original.gif Do you have any morning sickness at all?

Leita- I also would be devastated if Aston dropped his day sleep. Cohen has dropped his I think sad.gif

Suzanne- That's great that the Merina is where it's meant to be.Hopefully it won't hurt when it get's taken out. Glad that you are all feeling better.

My little man can now got to the potty himself  biggrin.gif He is so proud of himself when he goes,he claps his hands once he has finished. I haven't really done anything, I think he has been watching Cohen.Now they fight over who sits on the potty first. My baby is growing up he is nearly the big TWO  sad.gif

Made my plum pudding for xmas yesterday and today I'm making a smaller one to take to the inlaws tomorrow. Fun,fun,fun.

Have a good wknd  everyone

#67 pink

Posted 11 December 2010 - 03:04 PM

wilsmum - did you get your Christmas shopping started? I am so glad to be almost finished mine. I get no joy from shopping anymore lol

White-Lily - glad the Mirena hasnt caused any damage but bugger about it being stuck. Hopefully the Dr can get it out!

Sue - hope things are ok with you. I saw the photo of Spencer on facebook today, wow he has the longest legs!!! Jacks still kind of stick straight out a bit from his seat LOL

leita - I hope Miss Mali has realised how good a sleep is for her mummy!!

Robyn - how cute Noah saying cool! Jack loves the rain and has to tell everyone when its 'waining' too original.gif wow Eden sure isnt going to stay still for long is she?! I hope the gastro bug left your house fairly quickly.

Skyjay - ouch to the parking fine sad.gif and I hope your mums partner is ok, that sounds awfully scary.

Renee - I had a bit too much to drink with more than one of my children before I found out I was pregnant  huh.gif  but have read that it wont do any harm until after 6 weeks anyway as the fetus hasnt developed enough or something (wow if I didnt have baby brain x 4 I might actually have retained a bit more of that information lol)

Sandra - what a clever boy Aston is!!! must be nice to have 2 so close together when they copy each other. Although that would only work for the good things they copy  tongue.gif  Yum plum pudding! I am hoping to make some Christmas goodies this week but will stick to shortbread and gingerbread I think

me - well we went away last weekend (thurs to sun) and had the weekend from hell  cry1.gif  Hannah was so very unsettled and screamed all day for the 4 days, luckily she then slept all night so gave us a rest. The inlaws were so stressed about stuff and DP and I clashed with them badly all weekend. By the time I got home I was so stressed and tired that I had a panic attack and after I was asleep that night DP sent his parents an email about what had been going on. He was a bit too harsh and knows now that he shouldnt send things when he is upset. But his mum pretty much just blamed me and my 2 big kids for everything sad.gif I am heartbroken. Its always so hard for me staying at peoples places, especially when they are very different to me like the inlaws are and now I wont feel like staying there again. Thats if they speak to us again!!! all I can think of is poor Jack and Hannah  cry1.gif  my big kids have almost nothing to do with their dads side of the family and that breaks my heart. I really dont want that to happen again.

on a brighter note, Hannah went to the osteopath again on Weds and she has been the most awesome baby since biggrin.gif she even slept for 4 hours yesterday!! Its so nice to see her happy. She now likes pants off time and a bit of tummy time. Today during pants off time she was on her mat on the floor beside Cameron and he called out to us cos he turned back to look at her and she had rolled over  blink.gif  and we all missed it!! lol. She is such a scrawny little thing, 5.1kg at 3months, but she isnt going to stay still for long. When on her tummy she digs her little head in to the floor and gets her knees up under herself already biggrin.gif clever little chicken is also learning to blow raspberries!  tongue.gif

looks like my time is up, Jack is standing here saying..... "pancake?" sad.gif "paaaaaaancaaaaaaaake"  cry1.gif
I think my little man wants his afternoon tea lol

#68 leita

Posted 13 December 2010 - 02:39 PM


Miss Amalia went to sleep without a BF first last night, for the first time ever!!  ddance.gif  ddown.gif  shrug.gif I'm not as excited as I thought I'd be!! He he he. She is standing up in her cot atm though, crying that she "Need more milk!", so it will be a while before I can drop the daytime one still I think. Or you never know, she might suddenly get over it.... I just have the funny feeling she'll get over her daytime nap at the same time.  oomg.gif

Robyn, I've been meaning to put together my old daycare discipline tips for two year olds for my playgroup- some how we used to manage fifteen of the little darlings between the three of us- so there might be something useful- not sure how applicable they'll be to home life, but some of the techniques are good and easy.... I'll get onto it and post it soon.

Pink- Ah, families. Only with us it's my family not the inlaws. But as DH says, if they were'nt so dramatic, we'd have far less to talk about!! Hope everything calms down for you soon.

Little Miss has gone quiet... but still chatting, which usually means no sleep= better go unpack the groceries while I can.  wwhistle.gif

#69 leita

Posted 15 December 2010 - 03:35 PM

Killed the thread.

Hope everyone is busy Christmas shopping!

On a sad note my Nan has been in hospital for the last week, and they've started her on palliative care last night, so she most likely won't survive the week. This is sad, though she is 90 so it's no surprise, and she's being very well taken care of- just sad. My pop who is also 90, fortunately seems to not understand what is going on, which I think might be a blessing in disguise- they've been married for almost 70 years, it's just amazing.

But as she would always say to us, she's had a good innings, a lot of happiness, and always family around here, so I think she will go in peace.

On a brighter note, we just had a really lovely playgroup christmas party, the kids decorated christmas biscuits, and did a little secret santa- it was great. Lots of dancing and lots of noise!!

How are everyone's Christmas preparations going??

#70 pink

Posted 15 December 2010 - 05:22 PM

Leita I'm so sorry to hear about your Nan. Wow married for 70 years! thats so wonderful. I hope you are ok and your Pop is ok too  bbighug.gif

well I only have 2 Wii games to buy (when I get my butt to the store tomorrow to trade in some old ones first, I am being a bit stingy this Christmas Tounge1.gif) and then the shopping is done. Well except I need to get wrapping paper!!! better not forget that

we are off to my Mums on friday after school for almost a week. Will be home just in time for Christmas. DP works Christmas Day so we are having a quiet one with my niece and her mate. Looking forward to it

oh news on the MIL front.... after I emailed her back and apologised, she emailed me back again and it was still all about how we had hurt her sad.gif DP deleted her off our facebook as she was really getting to me and he was worried (I was having panic attacks I was so distressed about it) so yesterday she sent an email and said she hoped DP got what he wanted and he doesnt have to protect his family from her anymore, goodbye

I am like this...  rant.gif   oomg.gif   cry1.gif  its all so damn stupid!! my babies deserve better than someone who would not want to see their own grandkids over one stressful weekend!! I am really sad for the kids. Altho she did make the comment to me that they are happy to be going away for Christmas this year (we wouldnt have seen them anyway) because next year their daughter is having a baby and they wouldnt want to be away for its first Christmas  blink.gif  what is Hannah? chopped liver?!!!

oh I have to laugh lol or I'd cry and never stop! Dont you just love families at Christmas  wink.gif

#71 July Baby

Posted 15 December 2010 - 08:58 PM


Leita, so sorry to hear about your nan. 90 is a fabulous innings but that doesn't make it any easier to say goodbye.  sad.gif
The Kinder Party sounds like a lovely event and lifted your spirits for a while. It's great that the kids got to decorate biscuits and no doubt eat them after they'd finished!!  biggrin.gif

Jo - Oh families...  rant.gif wacko.gif cry1.gif   I can't say much to make you feel any better but at least you are being mature about the whole thing and not like the MIL who just sounds nasty... I have a particular member of my family that I have disowned and my mum can't accept it... For years I keep telling her... If a friend treated me this poorly I wouldn't be friends with it so why should I have to put up with it just because it's family. She still doesn't get it (or doesn't want to).  I know you are hurting now and the kids miss out but it sounds like she's not so nice so in the long run maybe it's for the best. Let the kids be around people who love and care for them... Have a lovely time with your mum and drive carefully! bbighug.gif

I've just got one Christmas present to go. We did almost all of it in one day (with a list that I had been preparing for weeks) and got some stuff online too.  cclap.gif ddance.gif  

Wil hates Santa this year, but he also now hates the bath (or the noise it makes when you take the plug out), the vac, sausages cooking, the blender, the toilet flushing... Nancy boy.... I'm wondering if he's got an issue with his ears. When we walk into daycare he also says "noise"! Go figure!  ddoh.gif
He thinks the Christmas tree is "pretty" which is so lovely.  wub.gif He passed all the decorations to me when we were putting the tree up.

Oh... I passed my first CPA Subject...  ddance.gif The one I thought for sure I was going to fail.. I couldn't believe it. I'm so pleased, as now I can enjoy my holidays and weekends with my boys and not study until end of Feb!

Renee - How are you feeling? I'm not having much luck with my quest but will keep trying... ddown.gif

Suzanne - WOW about the missing Mirena.  oomg.gif Does that mean that you might not have been protected IFKWIM?

Right right it's getting late so I might head to bed. wwhistle.gif
Speak soon

eta - to prove to myself I can spell

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#72 White-Lily

Posted 16 December 2010 - 11:26 AM

Leita so sorry to hear about your nan. My thoughts are with you and your family bbighug.gif
Way to go Miss Amalia on going to bed without a BF.

Jo bbighug.gif families just suck  sad.gif  maybe it is for the best in the long run as she does sound like she is being very childish over the whole thing. Your kids deserve to be surrounded by people that love and support them and their parents and if MIL doesnt understand that then it is her loss.
Enjoy you week at your mums place
What Wii games are you getting? We just got Donkey Kong which is pretty good

Wilsmum Yay for getting almost all you chrissy shopping done! We are almost finished, 2 to go i think! And congrats on passing your first subject!!
The mirena is still there it is just stuck (slid up futher than it should have, i guess) so we have been protected the whole time.
Shae is great with the concept of Santa - talks about him, points to christmas things and says santa - but would not have a bar of him when we went for the photo.
Hope Wils ears are ok and he just likes peace and quiet. Shae is the opposite, i sound like a broken record when i tell her to use her 'inside voice'

janbabyboy way to go Aston on the potty training. It must be good when they copy each other for productive means!
Great work on making the puddings. All i have managed this year is a batch of gingerbread men (and they wont make it to christmas  ph34r.gif )

AFU nothing happening here. So busy at work (which is odd for us at this time of year) so im really looking forward to having a few days off.

Going to start to plan Shae's birthday 'gathering' (not a party!). Want to give the invites out at chistmas as we will be seeing everyone so had better get a move on with them... i have done nothing yet   blink.gif

Anyone else planning the second birthday?

#73 LEGs-R-US

Posted 16 December 2010 - 07:57 PM

OMG... how long has it been since I've been in here  ohmy.gif

As you've probably seen on Facebook life is a little hectic.  Just when I thought that the stress would stop had Ethan with a mega-temp this afternoon.  Thankfully it has all come down and he is sleeping off what must be some sort of viral infection. Tomorrow is my last day in Canberra.  It has been hard sad.gif.  We packed up, moved and cleaned all this past week.  Been in the motel for the past week but that hasn't been too bad.  I think I am just over the constant moving and trying to keep the kids entertained.  Thankfully I haven't had to work (well did duck in today) but that is one stress I haven't had.  Diet has pretty much gone up the creek because of all the moving and now paranoid that I'm undoing all my hard work.  I've held it together most of the week but tomorrow is my last day at the gym.  The kids are going to miss the gym ladies sad.gif.  On the road Saturday to Toowoomba and mum does have Internet but it is snails pace.. how am I going to cope!

JO - certainly sounds like a horrible situation to be in.  I'd be doing exactly what is going to make you and the kids happy! Maybe a quiet Christmas at home is just what is needed and then lots of gloating about how magical Hannah's first Christmas was... some people have no clue!

WHITE-LILY - wow you are planning this birthday party early.  I'm clearly not as organised as you.  I'm actually not having anything for Liam this year (wont know anyone in Melbourne) but am going to have something for Ethan (a 28th Jan baby) in Feb so he can meet some new friends.

LEITA - sounds like she lived a wonderful life to a wonderful age.  Hope you have some lovely memories of her and some great stories to tell the kids.

SUZANNE - I think the missing mirena is my DH's worst nightmare (lol).

RENEE - hope everything is going well and you are feeling OK.

ROBYN - Looks like you've had a couple more storms tonight.  Is it sad that the first thing I thought of when I heard about the bad whether was how crap my hair is going to be.

OK>.. will check in from Toowoomba.

#74 tinkster23

Posted 18 December 2010 - 09:47 AM


I know weekends tend to be tumbleweed city around here but I thought I'd come and post anyway..

legs- don't know how you're coping atm, I hate moving! Tho, having said that, can't wait to move into the new house!

suzanne- i briefly gave his birthday a thought the other day, and then it was pushed out by xmas, work, the usual stuff. I'll have to sit down and work it out later. Jack won't have a bar of santa either, screams if you take him near one original.gif

wilsmum- congrats on passing that subject!

pink- thats so sucky. another story that makes me glad my inlaws are in another state!

leita- I hope your nan is at peace soon

am nearly done with xmas shopping, few bits and bobs I need to get yet, am planning to do it this afternoon, CHILD free!
Got a letter from our developer last week, basically blah blah "blame someone else: blah blah "more excuses" and that our titles should be ready jan/early feb rolleyes.gif  which sh*ts me, but theres nothing I can do. Still trying to finalise a few things anyway but slowly getting there

I can't believe our babies are nearly 2, its gotta be time to start thinking about another! Am planning to ttc about april/may, so will be focussing on losing some weight for a few months and starting prenatal vitamins etc anyone else joining me?

ok, must go, planning trip to post office bright and early

#75 leita

Posted 18 December 2010 - 05:08 PM


'Lo everyone!

Tinkster- I'll be with you- just thinking this morning I need to grab some folate. Don't think I'll be able to fend DH off until April though, I promised him "next year" so he's rearing to go come Jan 1st!!! Give me a yell if you want your butt kicked with the weight loss- put those good old PT skills of mine into practice!

LEGS I feel your pain- gosh I hate moving. Having said that, hope it all goes smoothly for you, you sound super organised so I'm sure it'll be fine.

WhiteLily Gosh, the second birthday - yikes!! Think we'll just invite her playgroup mates for a good old lot's of two year olds and two much sugar chaos event! He he he. But no,  haven't started planning per se yet, will wait and see what DH's roster is like

Well, putting a few finishing touches on the backyard today... or DH is anyway while i supervise, trying to get everything ready for next weekend and the big Christmas party. Of course it will probably be 39 degrees, and everyone will be inside in the one airconditioned room, but good incentive to get a few things done anyway.


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