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February 2009 Parents # 62

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#76 summerbub

Posted 19 December 2010 - 03:07 PM

Ho Ho Ho everyone!  cool.gif

Wow I cannot believe it is Christmas time. I had a baby in AUGUST.... that has gone so quickly! Noah will be two in 1.5 months... gah! oh no sad.gif that makes me sad. It also means that my 30th is 7 months away.... I have to figure out what we are going to do for that too. We are tossing up between NZ, Thailand, and Bali.

It looks like there are exciting times ahead for you guys, I'll be watching for baby news from you. Tinkster, I love how you are having another - did you have to fight hard to win that one???

LEGs - OMG I hear you with the "hair fear"! Eden's and my hair have both gone frizzy and curly in this weather. Of course Noah has beautiful straight non-frizzy hair.  rolleyes.gif Damned boys!

Leita - thinking of you and your family during this tough time of losing your Nan. sad.gif

Oops gotta go BBL

#77 3'sacrowd

Posted 19 December 2010 - 08:15 PM

6 more sleeps till I get to see the boys open their presents up.Am looking forward to Christmas, watching the boys on Christmas day is an amazing feeling and now that Aston is a little older it's going to be great.

I tell you my GHD is getting a damn good work out with this humidy. Even then it still goes frizzy rolleyes.gif Think I'm due for some hair to be thinned.

Leita-Did you manage to get the finishing touches done on the backyard? I just want to be able to mow and whipper snip before Christmas.The rain is now driving me nuts. I now have a pond in my front yard.
So sorry to hear about your nan. How is she going at the moment. That is so lovely to be married for 70 years.I hope your pop is ok.

Robyn-I agree the time has gone so fast since you had Eden.What are you getting the princess for her first xmas?

Tinks- Hope your tiles arrive on time. Jan/Feb seems so far away,but I'm sure it will come around pretty quick. Woohoo on TTC #3 next year.

Jen- How is Ethan? Hope he is feeling heaps better. Hope the move goes well.

- Well done on organising Shae's bday invites.I'm not that organised yet.I have no idea what I'm doing for the boys bday's .I have Cohen's on the 11 Jan and he is the big 3 then on the 11th Feb Aston turns TWO.So once xmas is over I will start thinking about it.

Dannii-Well done on passing your CPA subject.You must be so thrilled.
Cohen and Aston don't like Santa this year,especially Cohen.We managed to get a photo,but my sister and were also in it. I can't get over the price for Santa photo.

-How are you going?

Ali- Hope your feeling much better and I'm glad to hear that you are now out of hospital. I bet your happy to be home with your gorgeous family.Take it easy.

Jo- You poor thing.Hope your ok. Her loss.Hannah will have an awesome first christmas,she will have the people who love her around her .
I don't speak to my mother she will never meet her grandchildren.I don't think my boys miss out. They have my sister and she loves them to bits. As for Ryder's parents he had to have a few words with them and now they seem to be making some sort of effort which is nice. I think for me I try not to have expectations on them,cause I always get disappointed if I do.

I was so sick on Monday last wk. I woke up feeling sick .Thank god Ryder took the day off. I haven't been that sick since I was pregnant with Cohen. No one else go it.Phew.

We got out new air con installed yesterday and some of our friends came over for a BBQ today. Was a really good day. My sister also had a sleep over and she brought ALL the presents over,and we put them in the shed until xmas eve otherwise the boys WILL open them up.

Ok that's me.Might go to bed early tonight. Busy wk ahead

#78 crazy*cat*lady

Posted 20 December 2010 - 06:29 AM

First OB appointment/scan day today original.gif

Can't help but fear that things aren't right but have absolutely no reason for that fear.

I will update this evening (its a 4:30 appointment).

So much happening here including family dramas.  I don't think I will get to see my Dad on Christmas Day and he lives the next suburb over.  Step Mum has got exactly what she wanted, even if it took 15 years to get there, she gets Dad to herself as none of Dad's kids want anything to do with her.

I have this wk off work, but Claire is till going to day care so I can get stuff done.

Today is the day I have put aside to bake some Gluten Free shortbread for Claire's day care lady - nothing like leaving it to the last moment!

I will write some more tonight.


#79 3'sacrowd

Posted 20 December 2010 - 08:46 AM

Love the name that you called your bump Renee "Barry the bump" reminds me of Bee movie "Barry Benson" the bee laughing2.gif Yes ,yes I think I have watched that kids movie too many times.

How exciting that you get to see bubs today.I bet you can't wait till 4:30.
That's not very nice of your step mum to alienate his own family. Can't blame the family if they don't want nothing to do with her.
Enjoy your wk off work.

#80 White-Lily

Posted 20 December 2010 - 11:38 AM

Renee i also love the NN for bub #2, very cute! I bet you cant wait until 4.30pm. Hope today goes super quick! Enjoy your week off work original.gif
Stupid Stepmother

LEGs hope the moving is going well

Tinks we are planning on starting to TTC in June so i will join you and leita original.gif

#81 crazy*cat*lady

Posted 20 December 2010 - 08:25 PM

Hi all just a quick update,

Big day today, first OB appointment and had a scan.  Measuring at 7w exactly, which puts due date at 8/8/11.  Very happy that she will let me go for VBAC and will let me go up to a week over EDD.  Much better than the receptionist's spiel.

DH had a funny turn and had his boss drive him to hospital to be checked.  He has been told he should not drive, and was referred for an urgent MRI which saw him get an appointment today (tonight).  We went straight from the OB appointment to his MRI and have just got home at about 8pm(with Miss Squid in tow) ...  Big day.

Now I'm ready for bed.

#82 summerbub

Posted 20 December 2010 - 08:35 PM

Renee great news re: your scan & Barry laughing2.gif Eden was 10/8/10 so she will be almost a year old when you have yours!  ohmy.gif

Sorry to hear your DH isn't well. When do you get some results? Thinking of you guys. That must be scary for you.

Night all, my eyeballs are falling out!

#83 leita

Posted 21 December 2010 - 02:08 PM

My eyeballs are falling out now- Miss A rolled over and bumped her head on her cot at 4.08am, and of course woke up crying, and I couldn't get her back to sleep. yyawn.gif 's been a long morning

CCL- yay for your scan, and good that your ob is supportive of your VBAC, your a brave lady. Hope all is well with your DH- when do you find out results of the MRI?? Hopefully it's soon, waiting for results is more stressful than anything else.

Must be a week for family dramas. Now the family (my mum and her brother and sister) are having huge drama's over Nan's funeral. My uncle always promised Nan he would take care of it, but now that she's actually gone, he's saying he won't, because my Aunt didn't call him straight away when Nan died, and mum and my Aunt can't afford it- so it looks like we the grandkids might have to take care of it. Not that we mind of course, just sad, cos Nan was always so adamant about having the money saved for her funeral, but she spent it on a wheelchair for Pop last year because my uncle told her to, and that he'd take care of the funerals when needed. This was exactly the kind of situation she was so committed to avoiding.  sad.gif Grown ups huh? Why do I always feel like there are none in our family. Sorry, vent over.

My little cherub is doing soooo well, I've put heaps of wrapped presents under the Christmas tree, and she's not opened a single one yet. I think the suspense it getting to me much more than her, I am totally itching to let her open one, she's going to be sooo excited. We got her a trike, and a giant teddy, and a shape sorter ball.

5 sleeps to go. Ho ho ho

#84 July Baby

Posted 21 December 2010 - 07:54 PM

Hey ladies....

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas.... Pity the weather is like a London Christmas wink.gif

We've had our heater on because it's been so cold and we've had so much rain it's crazy! Fingers crossed the man/lady up there doesn't forget we are going camping after Christmas so they make the sun shine for us. hands.gif  cry1.gif

Yay Renee on your scan.. That's excellent news. Sorry to hear your DH has been unwell. I hope you get it sorted and he's 100% before Christmas. Woohooo on you VBAC!  eexcite.gif cclap.gif  So pleased for you on that outcome. Do you know what happens if you go over the week allowed? Will it be a C-Section?

Leita - You must have got a huge fright waking to that.  ffear.gif I'm sure you'll sleep well tonight.
How terrible about you nan and the funeral. So what you DON'T need during an already difficult time.
Wil has had a little go at unwrapping a present and not one of his... Oh well the temptation must be huge with all the big bright coloured presents under the tree!

Tinks - I've joined the Elevit club and have spent a couple of cycles TTC with no luck so we'll probably still be going with you and Suzanne next year. wwhistle.gif  Let's hope 2011 brings better outcomes re your titles for the land. How frustrating!!

Jen - Happy moving. I hope everything goes really smoothly for you and you get settled and we can turn on some lovely Melbourne sunshine so you can go and enjoy the magnificent surrounds near your place! tthumbs.gif

I need help with something.  hands.gif
Wil has developed an instant phobia of the bath... cry1.gif  So much so that he won't stand near it (looking in fully clothed), in it and heaven help me if I try to make him sit down in it. I have tried with bubbles, no bubbles, and even no water and he just screams so loud the whole neighbourhood would hear. Any suggestions or do we just head for the shower which to date he's not been impressed with either???

Got to go.. Need to bake for work morning tea and haven't started yet.

#85 White-Lily

Posted 22 December 2010 - 11:19 AM

Renee fantastic news about being able to go fr VBAC and yay for getting to see bub measuring spot on original.gif
Hope your DH is well and its nothing serious. When do you get the results of his MRI?

Leita what an awful situation your uncle is putting everyone in and especially when your nan did all she could to avoid it. I hope things get worked out. Thinking of you and your family bbighug.gif

wilsmum Shae is sometimes funny with the bath, she mainly stands up the whole time now  rolleyes.gif and we 'hose' her with the hand help spray thing.
Will he play with water outside or in the sink? Try reintroducing Wil to water again. few cups of water to play with, then a bucket, then a trough. then playing with water in the bath but have Will on the outside of the bath, then eventually move him into the bath. Long process but i ahve heard it works.
Maybe even a little food colouring to change it up a bit? Shae has had a few showers and it is a pain more than anything becasue she doesnt like the water on her face (and then ALL her toys HAVE to shower with her  rolleyes.gif
Good luck!

Presents we have few under the tree but Shae doesnt seem to care about them at all. She hasnt even looked at them, not even when i was shaking them  ph34r.gif

My Mirena is well and truely stuck glare.gif  DR tried to get it out again yesterday but still couldnt find/see it. Been referred for surgery to get it out. Sometime before Feb hopefully, sooner the better really

Signing up for the house tomorrow morning original.gif

Thats it for me, need to make another coffee, so so tired

#86 summerbub

Posted 23 December 2010 - 07:43 PM

Hi Everyone! biggrin.gif

Yay I'm nearly all packed!!! We're off to Hamilton Island in the morning.... and they are expecting 500mm of rain! That's 20 INCHES! holy cow. Anyway, we've packed pictionary, trivial pursuit, scrabble, and some kids toys. I think Baby Einstein is going to be my best friend original.gif

Wilsmum - hurray for TTC as well! It's so very exciting to be the spectator this time! I have no idea about the bath situation sorry....

Leita - damned families! Not the time to be going through this sort of thing, is it.

Christmas celebrations - well we had our celebrations last night as we cannot take all of the pressies with us. We had a ball! Lots of gorgeous food with my famous ginger, lime, chilli, and macadamia glazed ham, and my famous Potato and Avocado salad (to die for!!), amongst other things! MMMMMM

Noah got a trampoline that is easily inflatable / deflatable so I don't need to keep it in the backyard! It's really good actually, got it for $49 from deals direct. He also got a humpty dumpty which he loves and a zillion other things like trucks, books, etc. So lucky!

Eden got some lovely swimmers, a "say please" tea set which is fabulous - she loves it, Emma loves it, and Noah loves it so it is packed for us to take to Hamo!

Well I'll sign off here- not sure how much I'll be able to get on the net on Hamo so MERRY CHRISTMAS everyone!  I hope you all share special times with your families wub.gif


#87 leita

Posted 23 December 2010 - 10:04 PM

Oooh, have a fab time summerbub!!

2 more sleeps!! I'm so excited. Such a Christmas nerd, and I love having a toddler to share it with, she's so easily entertained. Today we made a christmas wreath for the door of her cubby house, which she calls her "Christmas O", ha ha ha. biggrin.gif

Ho Ho Ho!!


#88 White-Lily

Posted 24 December 2010 - 11:30 AM

Just popping in to wish everyone a Merry Christmas for tomorrow!!

Robyn have a fantastic time!

Leita im a christmas nerd too! Love it, love it, love it!!

Shae got to open a few prezzies last night as my sister is working tomorrow and Shae loved it. Really ripped into the wrapping which was fun to see  biggrin.gif
She got a magna doodle and a Sesame Street book which is personalised. She is a mad 'elmy' fan

I cant wait for tomorrow morning!!  biggrin.gif

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