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#26 Redneck Woman

Posted 06 December 2010 - 11:58 AM

bbighug.gif Veronica!!

I'm excited for you!!!

I hope you feel better soon!!!

bbighug.gif Again!!!

#27 asignatureofthings

Posted 06 December 2010 - 12:12 PM

Oh Veronica sad.gif I'm so sorry you are being treated like this, especially by your mum  aannoyed.gif  I really don't understand how someone can tell someone else, that they have enough kids, what business is it of theirs?? And to say the other things they have  blink.gif How bloody rude! I know if I had anything like that said to me I'd be going off my nut, and remembering to not mention to those people next time I'm pregnant till I'm halfway through a pregnancy, that'd serve them right  tongue.gif

I really hope you can start to enjoy this pregnancy, it is what you and your DH want, and no-one else to open their mouths and critisize you. Big hugs, Congratulations once again, I'm very happy for you!  ddance.gif  hhugs.gif

Beck, awesome news on Levi's walking, YAY! And the toileting, wow, what a clever boy indeed! How cute with the swimming, hehe!

#28 Maggie1975

Posted 06 December 2010 - 04:04 PM

Veronica, hhugs.gif i know how you feel, when we emailed my aunty to tell her we were expecting Xander she made it quite clear that we should have stopped at Levi... two kids with one income was more than enough in her words... but the thing is.. like Tess said "whos business is it anyway?"  No ones!  You could be like the Duggars lol
I've always noticed thou.. after two kids not as many people seem excited which is sad because it makes you feel like you're doing something wrong when really you're not doing anything wrong at all.
It would be wrong if you were having these babies and not providing for them, not raising them in a stable healthy environment etc.
You're boys are happy and healthy.  But once again, its no one elses business but your own.
You will be excited, once you start feeling a little better.. maybe you've got a little pink one hiding in there and thats the reason you're feeling different this time??!!

Anyway boohoo to those of you who arent happy for you or supportive.  You've got all us to goo and gaa over the whole journey lol

UPDATE from me.... took Xander back for his check up... he now needs grommets.   sad.gif   I know after it all he will be much better off but the thought of my baby needing surgery is upsetting.  His ear is literally dripping with gunk... all linked to his tonsil issues etc.
We faxed off the referral to the ENT surgeon last week and still hadnt heard back so Dr faxed off a new one today saying that he now needs grommets and told us to wait a few days then call them about an appointment.  So instead of waiting we phoned and got an appointment on Jan 6th.  But then when she saw about the grommets she tells us he needs a hearing test before the appointment!!!!!!!!!!!  WTF!  I know its all part of the deal but its THAT time of year... everything is fully booked!!!  So we call one number they gave us only to be told they dont deal with kids under 3!!!!!!  So we call the other number they gave us and what do you know... bloody answering machine!!
So now we wait and hopefully get an appointment to get his hearing checked by the time his appointment comes up!!!
Went and got his ear drops from the chemist.... $31.95 later for 10ml of flipping drops!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  this is killing us!  $31 for this, $30 for his asthma stuff, $30 something for hubbys tablets etc etc etc!!!!!!!!!!
He's lost nearly a kilo... was 10.9kgs and is now hovering on 10kgs!

Anyway... enough complaining... Nan from England is having a ball.  Loving the kids!!!  She informs me today she wants to stay for 12mths lol

oh oh oh biggest news... Ks father has signed the papers and sent them back!!!!!!!!!! :yay:  So we now have them in our hands!  I just need to sign my part and have it witnessed in front of a JP and then come up with the $200+ to do it and then our little miss will be a new person!!!

#29 NoReflection

Posted 09 December 2010 - 02:06 PM

Veronica: You have my congratulations and support!

Carmen: horrible news about Xander sad.gif And I know the drops you are talking about! I got a rude surprise when I had to buy them for Mara!
  Great news for Kaylan though!

AFM not much to report here!

#30 Becca1605

Posted 10 December 2010 - 09:15 AM

Carmen – Levi sounds like Hunter playing Ben 10 – Hunter is addicted.  bugger about all the missed calls, glad he was okay.  Oh poor Xander...

Bek – sounds like Levi is going great guns!  That’s awesome

Veronica – bbighug.gif  I agree with your DH - it’s the stress honey.   Just give it some time and I’m sure you will be excited.  I’m so sorry your Mum wasn’t supportive...

#31 Becca1605

Posted 16 December 2010 - 10:18 AM

Very quiet in here!!

#32 trying4no2

Posted 19 December 2010 - 06:47 AM

It has been very quiet in here.

How are you all going? Not long now and Santa will be here cool.gif I still have so much to do and don't really have a lot of time to do it all. I am working all week, including Christmas Ever so today really is my last day to finish buying presents and getting all my layby's off. I still have 5 presents to buy. Had 19 all up so 5 isn't too bad, its just choosing what to buy is the problem.

Are your liitle ones still using a bottle? Levi has a bottle of milk in the morning and at night but because of his tummy issues and now back on a special formula it isn't cows milk it has been easier to organise it in a bottle. I am thinking of taking him off it and just trying him with a cup. he normally lays down with a bottle and falls asleep straight after so might be a bit more difficult to get him to sleep but I guess he will learn hey!! I guess I won't know until I try.

He has been walking himself to the toilet but but by the time he gets there he has already done a wee but it is a start. Hopefully he will start telling me and I can race him to the toilet. He still is a bit of a slow walker.

I hope you all have a fantasic holiday with your families. Have a wonderful New years.

Stay safe

#33 brizmum

Posted 19 December 2010 - 02:08 PM

Hi girls...

Just popping in to say hello...

Beck - Chase still has a bottle at night before bed....and occassionally throughout the night.  We were only discussing this morning that now is a good time to think about removing it as there are going to be a lot of changes when we move house.  Here's hoping we can break the habit quickly....I dare say there will be a few long sleepless nights to come.

afm:  not much to report really.  The sickness is easing off a little, which I am surprised about but definately happy.  Now it is not constant just here and there.  I have given up on the idea of the GD diet prior to Xmas....I like the food too much...lol.  Chase is doing ok...on the run now and giving the other boys as good as he gets.  He is definately the funest of the kids so far and it will be interesting to see what the next one is like.  He does frustrate me tho, and I have spent the last week and a half mashing potato with a fork because he took off with the masher ....found it while packing yesterday...lol.  He is not showing any signs of toileting but then he doesn't speak yet....at all pretty much.  He does get his own nappies when he wants a change if he knows where they are.  He also has started taking off the button up AIO's ....so guess we won't be using them any more.

Christmas:  We are pretty much done.  Justin is doing the boys trucks as I type.  We are having a low key christmas this year (i do need to buy the food tho) and while I do feel bad I know we really couldn't afford to go over the top and I think what they have is enough.  The boys are getting about six or so things each plus there stockings.  The little boys will have more in their stockings because we are not opening pressents until Seth gets home - do you think that is fair??  Seth was pretty upset that he wouldn't be with us for christmas morning and I promised him we wouldn't do anything special without him.

#34 Guest_holy_j_*

Posted 19 December 2010 - 02:59 PM

Hi everyone, I hope you don't mind me joining in! I am mum to 3,Kareem 7, Samira 5.5 and the youngest being Amir born 23/3/09. He's a little monkey and keeps my own toes that's for sure, always climbing and jumping off things, hís latest trick being climbing the fence to get out the front or into the neighbour's yard.

Beck, Amir still has a bottle and I am not in a hurry to get rid of it either...somehow I feel a little more relaxed when it comes to things like that this time around. I am nowhere near ready to toilet train either, I let him run around downstairs without his nappy on and thats about it for the moment.

#35 Redneck Woman

Posted 19 December 2010 - 05:21 PM

Hi there Holy!!

Eliza never had a bottle as she was breastfed until 17 months and then she went straight onto a sippy cup which she takes to bed with her (she likes to have little snacks during the night)!

AFM: Eliza has had Ross River Fever and is still not a 100%. While she had this she also had a dose of tonsilitis and then an ear infection. So the last couple of weeks has been a little hard! But she is much better!
Greg has also lost his job which is making things a bit difficult!
And just to top everything off the car window winder has sh*t itself!
Hopefully that is all that is going to happen! They say bad things usually come in threes!

On the upside though I got a job waitressing which is awesome and I work with some really lovely people.

I'm really looking forward to Christmas and so are the girls!

#36 brizmum

Posted 19 December 2010 - 07:39 PM


holly -  Welcome to the group!  It's been a bit quiet in here as we all chat on fb now but hopefully we will start to venture back in.  I am only taking Chase's bottle off him as he was completely off the bottle until he was hospitalised back in June and regressed.  I think six months is long enough...and I want it gone long before the new baby arrives.  The next feat will be his dummy...probably will take it away around his birthday.

Katy - rough trot of illness you have been having!  Carmen has had similar with Xander being sick quite a lot.  We have been lucky that most of our illness has cleared, although Chase still has his moment and I noticed tonight that the changing weather has resulted in yet another yukky nose.....apart from that and his huge reaction to mozzies he has been good...

So tonight is night one without the bottle....he refused to have a drink of milk from a cup before bed so went without.  He spend about ten minutes having a whinge but then gave up and has gone to sleep.  He does tend to wake during the night and I want to eliminate the overnight waking so we are going to refrain from giving him drinks through the night as well.  Hoping to have him sleeping through the night regularly before the big move.

#37 monkeys mum

Posted 22 December 2010 - 02:24 AM


I haven't been here in ages as i lost my log in sad.gif

And still don't remember it or the email I used lol

How is everyone going?

We are going well so so at the moment. Bailey is growing so much, she's about to lose her second tooth which she is excited about! hartley well he's still a terror a lot better then what we went through with him in 2009 and the start of this year but is still a boys boy. I'm actually seeing a lot of traits in him that might get him a label when he starts seeing the psych through kindy next year sad.gif We only saw the psych once and stopped after they wanted to assess him as I was in the right state of mind for that. Hudson- well where to start with my baby <3 He's growing so much and is such a cheeky monkey, though getting a bit naughty at the moment with hitting Bai n Hartley. But healthwise he's going great, the asthma is under control most of the time, he only had one hospital admission this year which is awesome, it seems his excema flairs and so does his asthma so at least we get a warning and can get right onto it before it ends up in emergency with him. He's still a big big boy, I bet hes massive compared to Marley still Tess! At his 18month check up he was 14.8kg and a whooping 95cm tall!! Which was well above the 97%line by about 20%-30% lol He's starting to wear size 3 clothing lol

Other then that we are going well just stressed out with my Dad being quite sick which I have been asked not to speak about online which sucks as online is a great outlet but now i just get to deal with it- oh well!

Things mentally for me is better then it was, that was the main reason I needed a break, and my relationship is in a such better place then it was before thankfully!!

I have achieved a lot this year which I am proud of myself for doing, I started a program called Catalyst which is detailed to explain but its basically one Uni subject a semester for four semesters then entry to Uni with four subjects already done. The first subject was great and got me back into writing and the second subject was hard as the lecturer was more laid back and I found I needed the deadlines and strictness the first lecturer set. But I managed and surprised myself with a high Credit biggrin.gif I was happy to just pass as I literally had so much going on the workload got done over the course of a few nights happy.gif

Ok that was much longer then I expected, if i'm not back tomorrow someone give me a kick up the bum via fb if they notice me on there, though i have been distant on there too lol

It will be great to come back when its not so late and catch up with everyone!


#38 brizmum

Posted 22 December 2010 - 07:36 AM

Hi Kylie - glad to see you back in here!  Nice to hear that Huddy isn't doing too badly with his asthma now!  You are a champ...how did all your Christmas crafting go??  I can't wait until the boys see their capes - Seth spent last week saying to me, "what did you make Mum?  Don't tell me who it's for - just tell me what you made."  I think he will be stoked...hopeing for good afternoon weather so they can play outside!

AFM:  Well we just got through night 3.  Going to bed doesn't seem to be too much of a drama it is overnight.  Night 2 wasn't too bad with just one wake up at 2am.  Last night however, he refused to give in and screamed for a good hour before I gave in and let him sit with me for about 30 mins.  He went back to bed with no grief after that.  I think his teeth might be bothering him as he is chewing his dummy to pieces next to me atm.  I have so much yummy cooking to do today....can't wait - my waistline can though!

#39 trying4no2

Posted 26 December 2010 - 07:45 AM

MERRY CHRISTMAS!!  biggrin.gif  to you all and your families.

May the year be all that you wish

#40 CandysFamily

Posted 26 December 2010 - 05:04 PM

Merry Christmas Everyone!
How has everyone been, I haven't been able to log in here for a week or two - not sure why it just said no.  Computer said no.

Anyways, Kylie - yes long time no hear from, so what are you studying for at uni? Good on you for scoring credits!  Sorry to hear about your Dad, sucks you can't vent it out.

Now did I tell you all that I am moving to Goulburn? I think I did. So I am super ass busy - but you've probably all seen my facebook rants anyway wink.gif  Husband did his back at work today, so THAT sucks. Nothing ever goes well for us, what's the deal with that?

Charlie had a fun first Christmas, and he stood up for the first time yesterday too  happy.gif   We tried to have Santa deliver less this year because I have to pack this house up to move - but even now I can't see the house for toys - WTF happened?

Hello Tess, Kat, Holly, Beck & Bec, Carmen, Veronica and anyone I missed  cool.gif
Hope you are having a lovely holiday! Eat Pav and be merry  biggrin.gif

#41 asignatureofthings

Posted 31 December 2010 - 08:52 AM

Just popping in to say Happy New Year to you all! Hope you all have a great one!

#42 NoReflection

Posted 31 December 2010 - 10:09 AM

Happy New Year Everyone!

We hosted Christmas, we're having a BBQ tonight and Sephie's 4th birthday party is Sunday.... We have no money left lol too many parties!

#43 trying4no2

Posted 01 January 2011 - 08:04 AM

HAPPY NEW YEARS!!!  bbighug.gif

So I am thinking Levi needs a brother or sister to play with. I have been on holidays this week and he hasn't been this clingy for such a long time. I can't even do the washing up or even go to the loo without him under my feet. He has been so absolutely adorable though and I love being home with him all the time.

I am off to the Gold Cost with DP today for 3 days!! Going to Summafieldayz and I can't wait, really need some us time I think.

Have a wonderful 2011 ladies

#44 NoReflection

Posted 01 January 2011 - 09:07 AM

A sibling for Levi? New Years resolution? lol
Good luck!

#45 asignatureofthings

Posted 01 January 2011 - 03:56 PM

Go for it Beck, you won't regret it wink.gif

Candy, Charlie is getting too big too fast! I can't even begin to think I'll have one that big by this time next year...

#46 asignatureofthings

Posted 13 January 2011 - 10:09 PM


How's everyone doing??

#47 NoReflection

Posted 13 January 2011 - 11:34 PM

Hey Tess original.gif we are good original.gif news tomorrow!

#48 Maggie1975

Posted 14 January 2011 - 04:34 PM

Hi all....

Happy New Year to everyone  original.gif

What a year we're starting off with... Xander straight into see the ENT surgeon.  He's now officially on the urgent waiting list to have his tonsils and adnoids out and grommets put in.  K is still on the list too and the surgeon said he'll try and bump her up her list and have them done on the same day  huh.gif  Not sure how I feel about this, i spose it'll be good because they'll both be done and it'll all be over with rather than having one done then having the other done and having to go through days/weeks of discomfort etc....
K is really getting nervous.  Thankfully Xander doesnt understand any of it!
The urgent list is the 3mth waiting list which means he can be called up any time in the next 90 days  huh.gif and apparently we wont have much notice either.  A week at the most.

So our Xmas was great.  Dad hit a roo on the way down did a fair amount of damage but car was still drivable and thankfully they were ok.  Our little get away for 4 nights was perfect.  We hired out a whole holiday house and it was gorgeous!  The weather was perfect and so on.  Just what i'd wished and hoped for!  And best thing.. NO INLAWS!  They came over there on Xmas Eve to give the kids their presents and stayed for dinner and drinks and thats the last we heard from them!!

K is going into yr 5 this year... 2 more yrs of primary school then shes a high schooler!!!!!!! OMG i soooooo dont want to be a mother of a high schooler.. i think i might take an extended holiday some where laughing2.gif
L is starting school this year... he's not looking forward to it at all.  I keep telling him hes going to have a great time and telling him about all the stuff he will get to do and that its not like preschool etc.  He says to me in the car the other day "mum do i really have to go to big school if i dont want to" HAHAHAHA umm yes son you do!
Xander... still as beautiful as always!  Hubby and I were laying in bed the other night and I said to him if we knew we'd end up with another child just like Pandy then I'd love to have another baby...he still doesnt talk much but the ENT surgeon said thats possibly go a lot to do with the fact he needs grommets and that he's hearing everything but its a bit muffled due to the pressure build up behind his ears.  He said it'll all change once grommets are in.  He's dropped his milk feeds right bacl to one a day.  He has also gone back to wanting one during the night.  Ever since he was really sick back at the end of November....ah well he'll drop it again soon i guess!

At the moment we've also got SIX baby guinea pigs, i'm sure you would have all seen the pics on my FB.  The three girls we go for the kids back in October all ended up being pregnant.  One week they were good next week they looked huge the next week we had 6 babies...  blink.gif We saw 3 out of the 6 being born!  Ws great for the kids to see that part too because it'll be something they can remember later on... anyway all 6 are gorgeous... we're hand feeding one with a bottle because he went missing while we were away over Xmas.  K later found him two days after we got home!  His mother rejected him but hes now caught up to the others weights so we must be doing something right!  His formula is only $6 from the vet... wish human formula was only that much lol

Katy is getting two of the babies off us!  I'm dropping them to her place on Monday!  Will be good to see her again!!  We've been slack!  Will have to do something for Xanders bday and invite them lol

anyway... time to start dinner...

Veronica.. hows things going with the pregnancy so far?

#49 NoReflection

Posted 14 January 2011 - 04:40 PM

biggrin.gif I have been stalking you on FB Carmen, so glad Xander will be having his surgery soon!

#50 Maggie1975

Posted 14 January 2011 - 04:52 PM

Deb, you're in Melb arent you?

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