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#51 asignatureofthings

Posted 14 January 2011 - 04:59 PM

Those guinea pigs were soooo cute Carmen!! Hope the kids surgery goes well (whenever that may be original.gif ). That would of been really nice a few days without the IL, bliss!

That's good to hear Deb! What news? You have news?? Do share Tounge1.gif

I have nothing new to add, you've probably seen it all on FB. 2 weeks to go though, WOO!!

ETA, we have FINALLY narrowed down girls names! Took us about 8.5mo to get some ddoh.gif The PITA thing though, now we have no boys names as we are over our original pick, gaaah! But we'll see once baby is born, and see what name she/he brings with him/her wink.gif

Edited by Tess, 14 January 2011 - 05:01 PM.

#52 NoReflection

Posted 14 January 2011 - 05:25 PM

Tess: yes Melbourne

No huge news, am unwell, when I feel better I will give a general update lol

#53 asignatureofthings

Posted 15 January 2011 - 08:39 AM

That's no good Deb sad.gif Hope you feel much better soon then!

#54 CluckyDuck05

Posted 17 January 2011 - 08:26 AM

Hi Girls!

Tess – two weeks – how exciting! Got any photos of your belly for us? Has he/she turned?

Carmen – wow L is starting school this year. How exciting!

Sienna starts school NEXT year and I am already panicking. I know I will be in tears!... have to wait until she is in class before I turn on the waterworks tho.  rolleyes.gif

Deb – hope you are ok. sad.gif

Veronica – how many weeks are you now? How are you feeling?

Floods – Is everyone ok? They’re all over the place now. unsure.gif

Skye talks non stop. Her favourite word lately is ‘scary’. LOL. She completely stopped breastfeeding about 2 months ago. I still get quite teary when I think about it. Mostly because I know I won’t be having another baby and now my last baby is growing up! Can you believe our 'babies' are about to turn two??!

Sienna is such a good big sister. Her latest trick is to teach Skye how to brush her teeth and even does it for her sometimes.  wub.gif  I am planning to get them a lowline bunk for their room because it is getting so squashy in there now. It is only 97cm at its highest point so I hope it will be ok - they are so young but I feel like I don't have a choice. I think they will be very excited. Will wait until Skye is two tho. She is still happy in her cot.

AFM – life is soooo busy. Work all day, study each night ….. feels like I hardly get anything ‘normal’ done like spring cleaning or whatever. Oh well, I’m still enjoying it all so that’s the main thing I guess.


#55 Maggie1975

Posted 17 January 2011 - 09:48 AM

Lisa,  yep my big boy starts school in a couple of weeks  eexcite.gif ddance.gif cry1.gif sad.gif    Not sure how I really feel about it... 2yrs ago when he started preschool I was 36wks pregnant with Xander and bawled my eyes out for 3hrs roll2.gif

Tess, I really hope bub turns asap for you!  Stubborn little muffin!!  Have you two settled on names yet are still throwing ideas around? I saw you said you might be back to the drawing board on boys names?

We've all just had gastro!!!!!!!!!!  A friend of ours had K for the night but failed to tell us they'd all just been sick with gastro  ffear.gif  so next thing we know K is vomiting... from 5am ...all day.... poor thing... next morning Xander had it but only vomited twice.  I'd say thats thanks to the vaccine they get for it now  shrug.gif  anyway other than that he went off his food a little and had a couple of tummy cramps and loose bowels.  Then we had two days break and i got all excited thinking the rest of us had missed out because i'd done my best at keeping K & X away from L... and made sure we all washed hands and mopped the floor constantly, sprayed glen 20 around all the time etc etc etc... next thing i know Saturday night BANG I was throwing up followed by L all through his bed... after midnight hubby started getting cramps... he was lucky and never got the spews only the other end... i was in tears begging hubby to make it stop  cry1.gif It was horrible!!!  Hubby was up putting the sheets and towles through the wash... he was meant to work the next day.. he asked me what can he do and i said to him "just take the day off work, i cannot do this on my own"  and honestly.. dealing with myself vomitng every 30 - 60mins ALL night along with L doing the same but not as bad... i just couldnt do it.  Not only was i vomiting but it was coming from the other end (sorry tmi lol)  It was horrid.  Never in my life have i been that sick!!!  The only other time i've begged someone to "make it stop" was when they broke my waters when having Xander and the pain intensified!!!!

At 5 in the morning i heard him on the phone to his boss telling her he needs to take the day off and that hes on the verge of taking me to the hospital!  by 7am the vomiting had slowed down... so for 11hrs every 30-60mins i was vomiting.  I had at least 4 showers i was aching all over and now today i cant laugh or cough because it hurts!!!  I could barely walk and i slept all day yesterday!!!  Mil dropped a bag of ice over for us and between hubby, L and I we went through nearly the whole lot!!!!  Mil also took Xander back to her place.  There was just no way I could tend to him at all and even if hubby did the nappies and feeding etc he still wanted to climb up and be in my arms.. i just didnt have the energy!!  So she took him then brrought him back last night after she'd bathed him and fed him dinner.  BUT!!!!!!!!!!!!! she let him have a late sleep and woke him at 5:30pm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  So the little bugger didnt go back to sleep til nearly midnight last night... i ended up nodding off with him just laying in my arms watching tv in our bed!!!!

So today we're much better, i'm still feeling pretty drained but thats 100% to what i was!!!

I'm heading over to Katys place shortly to drop off her two baby guinea pigs!!!

Forgot to add.. RE: the floods : My grandma called saying that her sisters grandkids are missing (so that'd be my mums cousins family) her cousin passed away and his wife remarried... so the wife and kids are missing.  They were from the Murphys Creek area... My mums Aunt is in a nursing home and doesnt really understand whats going on and none of the family really keep in contact with the wife because she went her own way after mums cousin passed away... all i know if the kids surname was McGorvern, my grandma doesnt know the wifes new married name...
other family have been affected in some ways throughout Brisbane and family in Bundaberg are all ok... water logged but ok!

Edited by KaLeXa, 17 January 2011 - 10:16 AM.

#56 CluckyDuck05

Posted 17 January 2011 - 01:56 PM

Oh Carmen - you poor things! Glad things seem to be getting better now though. That sounds like an awful thing to go through.

Yeah I have quite a bit of family in QLD. Rocky, Ipswich etc but all ok now. So scary.

#57 Becca1605

Posted 18 January 2011 - 08:45 AM

Well I was so good at keeping up and now look what happened....argh....I’ve missed heaps...

Carmen – aww I hope they are found safely...
My sister and her family are all okay in Brissy and we are actually coming up on Friday for a holiday (booked ages ago).

Hunter starts school this year too – but not until term 4.  So another 3 terms of kindy...I’m looking forward to it as it will save $$ as childcare is so expensive (he will be doing 2 days kindy 2 days childcare until he starts school).

Savannah has started ballet – well done 1 class so far, another 2 trial classes then the term starts on 12 Feb for her.  She was so cute!!

#58 brizmum

Posted 20 January 2011 - 07:08 AM

Hi girls

Sorry I have been MIA the move has been taking place amongst the floods...noice.  We have thankfully escaped unscathed at both houses but it made the move exceptionally painful with everything just going wrong.  Anyway everything is at the new house now and we just need to unpack.

Tess - Hope that baby does a last minute turn....and you figure out a name!

Clucky/ Carmen - I am 11 weeks (i think lol) now and starting to feel ok.  Still have neausea but at the moment I think it is due to heat/stress of the move.  I never thought I could feel this flat or exhausted so I am a little worried about what is to come.

Carmen - sorry to hear you were sick.  We had the same thing on Christmas Day....so not nice.  Good luck with school and L.....Seth starts his new school on Monday - gotta finish doing the book shopping on Friday...nothing like leaving it to the last minute.

Bec - Hope your holiday goes well.

Anyway I must get a move on...the boys are still at daycare near the old place and thanks to flooding there is only one way in.....and at peak hour it is going to make the trip about an hour or so I suspect.

#59 Maggie1975

Posted 20 January 2011 - 11:53 AM

omg.... just got a date for Xanders surgery... March 1st  ffear.gif  so approx 5wks time!!!!

#60 NoReflection

Posted 24 January 2011 - 10:45 AM

Carmen: that's awesome and close!

Veronica: glad everything is ok, if hectic!

Bec: How does starting school in term 4 work? I've never heard of that.

Tess:  waves.gif

Clucky: am ok biggrin.gif Hi!

AFM: that was an odd illness that lasted about a month *shrug* sore throat that felt like I had burnt it, at night time it felt like a wound with stitches. Hard to describe any better than that.

Evelyn is progressing with her speech finally, she actually says things now, she is most chatty between 8 and 11pm, as in right at wind down time lol

We got a new car!!!! I now need a job, but it's worth it for a car that fits us all lol

#61 Maggie1975

Posted 25 January 2011 - 02:42 PM

CONGRATS TESS on the safe arrival of your new baby girl!!!!  She is utterly gorgeous!  Of course!  Wouldnt expect anything less from you guys Tounge1.gif

#62 Redneck Woman

Posted 25 January 2011 - 03:07 PM

Congatulations Tess

#63 CluckyDuck05

Posted 27 January 2011 - 07:57 AM

Woo hoo! Congratulations! ddance.gif

#64 asignatureofthings

Posted 27 January 2011 - 08:21 AM

Thanks! Mila is an absolute delight, perfect in every way and oh so very cute wub.gif she is doing so well too, already a boob addict, milk came in yesterday so she seems quite impressed with that  happy.gif We will go home tomorrow as it will be too darn hot at home for us if we go today. C-sect went well and I'm feeling really great!

Deb, sorry to hear you haven't been well sad.gif Oooh a new car, how exciting! Well done to Evelyn and her speech!

Bec, savannah sounds SO cute with doing ballet, adorable! How exciting with Hunter starting school in term 4.

Carmen, great news on Xander's surgery! Levi must be so excited about school! Not good about the gastro!

Lisa the girls sound so very cute! I'm really looking forward to watching Neve & Mila grow up together, she already adores her baby sister so very much wub.gif that's good news your family are all ok.

Veronica, hope the m/s eases for you soon! What fun the move must of been for you, especially during the floods.

I'll keep this short as I'm trying to get through my brekky, and I've found if I spend more than 10mins on here my eyes start to drop  yyawn.gif  oh and there goes Mila's nappy, better get that changed.

#65 Maggie1975

Posted 29 January 2011 - 07:55 AM

Love your sig Tess.... bah nearly makes me nag hubby for a 4th child roll2.gif

I'm getting nervous about Xanders surgery.  I know its only tonsils etc and its a common op but still.  He's my baby, he's not even two yet and already having to go under the knife.  Having said that thou we all know how often he gets sick and the ENT surgeon is more concerned about him and how he stops breathing in his sleep.

Ls not looking forward to school at all.  I went there yesterday to pay for their book packs.  This school does up book packs instead of school fees... anyway.. L pulls on my arm to tell me something so i bend down and he whispers to me "you're not leaving me here are you" sad.gif poor lil dude!!

I'm really struggling at the moment to get these kids in bed and asleep by 10pm!  They are both going to crash and burn come the end of next week!  Xander too, he's taken to having a 2-3hr afternoon sleep and wakes up after 4:30pm which means he too is up til gosh knows what time!!

Anyway, must make a mad dash to the loo before i get noticed laughing2.gif

ps... well done again Tess... Mila is utterly gorgeous and she's very much like Neve & Marley!

#66 2sweetgirls

Posted 01 February 2011 - 02:48 PM

It has been soooooooooooo long between posts!!

Congrats Tess on gorgeous Mila...........she is just PERFECT!!  Cluck Cluck, but no more from me.

Carmen - Good luck with Xander's surgery.

I just feel that I see most of you on FB so very rarely come in here anymore......PM me if you want me to add you.

Girls are great, can't believe in just over a month Alana will be 2!!!  She is doing really well, we gave up the breastfeeding about 2 months ago too.  I am so glad we got to do it for so long.  I think that because we did do it for so long I still think of her as a baby.  Alana is saying lots, her latest word is BUM!!  I love it when she says orange and porridge, sounds so cute.  

Better go girls are yelling at eachother sad.gif

#67 Becca1605

Posted 02 February 2011 - 09:50 PM

Okay I'm replying from where i was up to laughing2.gif

Carmen - not long until the surgery now!  How did Levi go at school?

Deb - in SA they currently have 4 intakes of school per year, so the child starts the term after they turn 5.  It is changing in 2014 though to save the govt. money.  So as Hunter starts in term 4 he will do 1 term of reception this year, then another full year next year - so 5 terms. You can do between 3-6 terms depending on when  you start.  Our March babies would have started term 2 and only done 3 terms (but the change will be in effect by then so Savannah will be able to start in the Jan when she is 4 years 9 months).  Some people hold their kids back until term 1, but I think it will be great for Hunter to have that extra term under his belt.

Tess - Congratulations on Mila!!! She is one adorable girl!!

Emma - aww Alana is too cute!  Savannah is saying lots now too!

#68 Maggie1975

Posted 03 February 2011 - 05:53 AM

Bec, Levi starts today... i've prepared myself for the worst hahaha he's in denial.  Doesnt want to even talk about school  mellow.gif   Will let you know how he goes... will post some pics of him later on in his uniform etc!

My thoughts are going out to everyone in Tully at the moment.  Thats where I grew up.  My FB is full of comments right up until the cyclone hit... and from then... nothing from anyone there except for one chic i went to school with saying their power has gone as has their roof  ohmy.gif

I feel helpless but i'm glad we did move away from there and arent still living there.  I've been through cyclones before but t his one had everyone scared.

#69 NoReflection

Posted 03 February 2011 - 10:31 AM

Bec: thanks for the information original.gif

AFM my thoughts are consumed by what's happening in QLD currently sad.gif

#70 Becca1605

Posted 08 February 2011 - 10:37 AM

How did it go Carmen?

#71 Maggie1975

Posted 08 February 2011 - 10:58 AM

Bec, it went reallllllllly well.  We've had no issues with L starting school at all.  I'm shocked to say the least!  Hes got some nerves but hes holding onto them and kisses us good bye and off he goes into his class room.
Hes going to be in the local paper sometime in the next week.

Deb I too have been glued to the tv... I grew up in Tully so i know a hell of a lot of people who have been affected by Cyclone Yasi.  Cardwell is where we used to go for swimming carnivals and sports days.  I started school in Tully but then moved to Lower Tully which is 15kms and right near the beach.  My friends homes at Tully Heads and Hull Heads are destroyed.  All the houses and shops in Tully & Mission Beach i can sit and say i've been to most of those.  We used to go camping at Mission Beach and skiing at Dunk Island sad.gif It breaks my heart seeing it all and being so far away and not being able to help with the clean up.  So many memories.  And my heart still lays with Tully even thou I dont live there any more.

21 days til Xanders surgery sad.gif  I'm worried but i spose thats normal....

I've broken out in this horrid allergy all down my arms.  I was in tears last night because i just cant deal with it any more.  Its sore, its itchy and its driving me nuts!!!!

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