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#51 Becca1605

Posted 20 December 2010 - 11:14 AM

LWD - sounds like you have some exciting and busy times ahead!  I hope it all goes well for you.

Chen - The Total Learning book selling was just something I did on the side laughing2.gif.
I work in social research in the VET (vocational education and training) sector.  For an exciting read check out my year's work http://www.ncver.edu.au/publications/2315.html  laughing2.gif
(I have been here since 2003)

We had DH's work Christmas show last night.  It was good but late (for kids). Started at 7pm and was a family show.  They had a magician (who Hunter loved), tattoos for the kids (both kids loved) and Santa.  But Santa didn't come  until 9pm. Savannah was a cutie and kept going up to him (he was giving out choc Christmas stockings).  He ended up giving her one despite her pushing in as she was so cute laughing2.gif  The older kids thought it was great she wasn't scared of him.  She was so tired the poor thing, we had to wake her up this morning for childcare.  Hunter had a sleepover at Grandmas (as there is no kindy today and Mum is looking after him as she is on holidays) and they are coming into the city to have lunch with me today, which will be nice.

#52 ~*troops*~

Posted 25 December 2010 - 06:14 PM

hey hey merry xmas september mama and bubbas and siblings Tounge1.gif

well ive pretty much got the all clear. no further medical sh*t required but theyll keep an eye on it.. been of the hormone sh*t since i had my op my skin has gone to sh*t ive gone from 47 to 54kgs (thats a great thing) and am still generally a b**ch. happy days. there more to it but i cant be assed going in to it because
like right now and i have no one to tell..
im ****ed sad.gif

and oh jeebus keep it off facies!!!

#53 tintoela

Posted 25 December 2010 - 08:13 PM

OMG Troops!  What a christmas present.  How far along would you be?  Would the medication you were on affect a baby?

Great to hear the other medical problem is ok.

Hope everyone else had a very merry christmas and you all have a fantastic 2011

Well we had some bad news on the 23 december our very close friend (DH best mate) passed away.  It was not expected to happen so soon but he was on the lung transplant list.  We are still unsure of the actual cause of death.  So we are helping his japanese girlfriend with everything as she has no idea.

Jess had a fantastic xmas - loved all her presents and keeps asking for more......

Edited by tintoela, 25 December 2010 - 08:13 PM.

#54 ~Simply*Blue~

Posted 26 December 2010 - 02:20 PM

Wow Troops, I'm not sure whether to say congratulations or not?? It is fantastic news though that you've got the all clear! Do you know when you are due?

I have 37 DAYS to go! Been having a bit of panic that I had nothing done. So have tried to get it all done in the last week. I mean I had done nothing. I also have to get Talon ready to start school and Caden starting preschool in the same week that I'm having the baby. It's just crazy, I'm hoping I go into labour the week before so I don't miss their first week.

#55 LittleWhiteDove

Posted 26 December 2010 - 02:39 PM

Merry Christmas everyone!!

Troops - umm. Wow. How are you feeling about it?

Paula - hope you are doing ok, what a rough couple of weeks you've had.

Bec - not long now! How exciting!

Jodi - how far are you now?

waves.gif & wub.gif to everyone!

Had a lovely day yesterday, at least until Bear got sick. And now it seems Bubba Boy is going that way too. *sigh* Off to keep going with the boxing day clean-up while DH sands the windows ready for staining.


#56 terriw31

Posted 26 December 2010 - 06:45 PM

Troops: heebus jeebus honey! You can share with us original.gif We're here for you hhugs.gif

Jodi: So sorry to hear about your DH bestie. sad.gif I hope you draw strength from each other to get through the dark days.

LWD: When it rains it pours! I swear kids never get sick alone - they always take someone else down with them!

We had a great Xmas - indulged in too much food and cannot wait for the gym to re-open to pay penance! Kids got totally spoilt and most of what was on their wishlists.

Next job: New Years! tthumbs.gif

#57 tintoela

Posted 26 December 2010 - 06:55 PM

terri - thanks for your kind words.

LWD - i'm 29wks now - 11 wks to go - and i'm not nearly ready.  Still got to buy Jessica a new bed (she is still in the cot converted to a bed) and wash all the stuff i've been given and go through all jess's old clothes.  Hope the kids are feeling better.

rebecca - not long to go for you!!  Hope bubs stays in there and you have no more early contractions.


#58 ~*troops*~

Posted 26 December 2010 - 11:00 PM

i dont know with regards to meds ive been on. ive got conficting google info but ive got a specialist appt on wednesday so hopefully they can shed some light. afs not due for 2 days i only tested coz i was weeing constantly and kinda had a feeling something wasnt right. was not expecting that though. i dont know if the meds can give false positives either but ive been off them for a good few weeks. im stunned like gob smacked. Ws obviously. just cant keep away despite his aholeness.. although he hasnt been aholey since my op.. **** this is so not going to go down well when or if i tell him. gee can you imagine how that convos going to happen. hey W member that night we decided to got it on even though we dont really want to be together just the sex is good. well you knocked me up. oh bye! :S

#59 tintoela

Posted 27 December 2010 - 08:05 AM

Oh troops - this is really not what you need to be dealing with right now you poor thing.  I hope the specialist can give you some info re the medication effects.  Big hugs for you honey - your head must be spinning.......  When do you think you will tell W?

#60 Pinkbug

Posted 27 December 2010 - 09:42 AM

Wow Troops, a bfp on Christmas! It's great news that your health has been better, that's great! Goodness you found out about the pregnancy early if af is still not due. So do you still see W regularly (apart from obviously a couple of weeks ago  biggrin.gif ) or would you have to arrange to meet up especially in order to tell him? Have you got lots of support irl atm from friends etc. Here's hoping the meds were long gone out of your system. Hope you're feeling alright, what a shock for you! xx

Not long now Rebecca!!! Woohoo!

Jodi - so sorry to hear about your friend.  sad.gif xx

Hope everyone had a great Christmas! I've been stiff and sore around the hips from doing too much this week so was a bit of an invalid on Christmas Day!  biggrin.gif Yesterday I felt good but then, after jumping on the trampoline with Gabriel and having a water gun fight with the family, I was back to being an invalid. *sigh* I need to go and get an abdominal support band, obstetrician's orders. I got a positive result on my glucose test too so am currently on the three-day high carb diet before doing the long glucose test with regular blood checks. Fingers crossed I don't have GD but I'm pretty fat atm so maybe I do! The boys and I need to head over to a nearby town to see some relatives and give out some Christmas presents today so I'd better run off. Hope you're all well! NY's is just around the corner, always been my favourite time of year.  original.gif  xx

#61 ~*troops*~

Posted 27 December 2010 - 01:59 PM

chen ive been at Ws since the kids got picked up xmas eve ninja.gif i went home to test when he went to his sisters house to drop pressies off in the afternoon. all my bfps have been before AF is due. dont ask me why i have random pregnancy tests floating around the house tho  huh.gif so in short no i dont have to arrange times to see him lol and yes i see him regularly. stupid men and their stupid penises.

jodi sorry to hear about your friend sad.gif so sad. and ive decided not to tell him anything til i speak to the specialist have bloods confirm etc.

donsy that digital test is cool as! cheers for the heads up on that one.

#62 Dons

Posted 28 December 2010 - 08:31 PM

Hi Girls

Merry Belated xmas original.gif

Paula - am so sorry for your loss sad.gif I selfishly get wrapped up in my own crapola on fb and saw your status but didn't reply hope you are going as best as you can.

Jodi - I am sorry to hear about your loss very sad when you are unsure how it occurred sad.gif

Now Stormy - you didn't text me back luv from yesterday (understandably!) have you told W? I saw those preg tests in the supermarket and wished they were around when I fell preg with the girls! I tested 5 days b 4 Af with Jas and they were +ve,
stupid men and their stupid penises
cheeky girl you Tounge1.gif

Rebecca the count down is on!

Chen - Hope the blood count comes back down for you luv good luck with the high carb diet

AFM: Managed to lose 7 kilos before xmas and have put on prob 2 since xmas so not happy with myself at all! Back to the gym tomorrow and am on a low carb diet went straight back on it Boxing Day - but somehow the endless array of choccies and champers I got from work isn't helping. I don't see my dietician for another week so better get my a** into gear and lose what I put on. She's going to put me on detox for a few days!
DH and I have 2 weeks off although I may need to work a day and abit next week which I am annoyed about - my work is in the process of being relocated and this has been due to happen last March and being a council building they aren't organised (we are being built into a hub so our centre will merge with another kinder and be 144 place complex in 2012)
So we have boxed up everything and now have to move it to the portables ready for when we reopen on Tue 11th pity they told us on our last day that my co worker and I have to move it all and set it up ready for relicensing.
I Am such a sook I get 2.5 weeks off and winge for 1 day but I am 'on call' for next week which mucks up me going down the beach with the girls. (I am on call meaning that there are some works that need to be finalised and so I may be need Tue/Wed or Thur/Fri or we may not be needed at all.)
I told work tho that I won't be working anymore than 2 days and the days I work I will be taking them Australia Day week as make up for the stuff around! I have been the manager there for nearly 7 years so it was sad to pack up so many memories of children - thankfully one of our parents did a dvd of the centre for the staff and a beautiful tribute to Darcey. I would love a job that gets school holidays off!

Anyway glad everyone has survived the festive season

be back very soon fb isn't the same as chatting here


#63 Pinkbug

Posted 29 December 2010 - 04:13 PM

chen ive been at Ws since the kids got picked up xmas eve   ph34r.gif
  laugh.gif Well I don't know how you'll have the strength not to tell him! When do you have your bloods etc. Would he be very very shocked? Does he have any kiddies from before you?

Dons - Thanks for the well wishes for the GD test diet...I had to do the test this morning. Bleugh, I feel like I'm 5kg heavier after my 3 days of high-carbs!  I'd better have GD after all that! laugh.gif Good work with all your weight loss! It's a tricky time of year for it so well done. Best of luck for the work relocation or, better yet, you CAN find a school job so you get proper school holidays! Are you qualified for infants/primary teaching or just early childhood, preschool?

Having a nice relaxing afternoon here. The boys are behaving themselves, both playing on their leapsters (or lobsters as they're sometimes called!) and I'm trying to sort through some paperwork. My next job for the night is to go through a mountain of baby clothes and try to get some yellowing out of all the cute white newborn things. I guess I'll try a napisan type of soaker before I resort to bleach. Does anyone have any good suggestions for getting the yellowing out of white clothes?

Ok, best keep moving,

#64 RosieTea

Posted 29 December 2010 - 05:21 PM

Just a quick wave in and out

Troops - here if you need me ... Pray its a sticky healthy pregnancy for you and W won't be a prick about it...

#65 *No~eye~deer*

Posted 29 December 2010 - 06:24 PM

Just ducking in to say hi waves.gif

Jodie- Sorry to hear about your DH's bestie. sad.gif

Troops- Ekk! Hope everything works out for you. How did you appt go today?

Paula- How are you going?

I am having a complete mind blank at the moment... oh yeah

Dons- Bugger about getting messed around with your hols. Enjoy what you can! Goodluck with your weightloss. I need to jump on the bandwagon again!

Rebecca- WOW 37 days not long now. Have you had anymore contractions?

Chen- How much longer for you?

I weaned myself of one of my meds as they made me gain a crazy amount of weight (that I didn't need to gain!) and things are going okay, now just to wean myself of the other two. But my hair has started to fall out... they think it is my thyroid but want to make sure it is not the meds messing with my thyriod before they medicate me for that.

argh, B needs help with the kids.


#66 tintoela

Posted 05 January 2011 - 06:43 AM

Hi everyone,

Just thought i'd pop in and say Happy New Year!!!

Troops  - how you doing?  Have you told W yet?  Any test results?

AFM - we had a very quiet NYE.  Stayed home and was in bed by 10pm.  We had our friends funeral yesterday.  I think it is only hitting DH now that he is actually gone.  Poor DH had to go back to work today - he really didn't get a holiday and he has only 2 wks leave up his sleeve for when bubs is born so not like he can take more time off now....

Anyway only 10 wks until bubs is due now.....

rebecca - not long to go for you now.  Cannot wait to see some baby pics!

Big Hello to everyone else! waves.gif  waves.gif

#67 ~Simply*Blue~

Posted 05 January 2011 - 07:27 AM


Good luck weaning off the meds, I hope it goes well for you.

Hi Jodi! Wow not long for you either!

27 days now. It's crawling and flying at the same time.  Crawling because every day I'm in pain and getting lots of bh and I'm always wondering if today is the day. Flying because I'm not ready and we still don't have a name!

I'm also stressed about Talon starting school and Caden starting preschool in that same week.

#68 ~*troops*~

Posted 15 January 2011 - 01:29 PM

hey just checking in making sure everyones ok with australia under water or fire or anything else we're having thrown at us :S

pottering along had a scan last week have another one on tuesday roughly due 6th sept but ill get a better date on tuesday. W knows hasnt really said much but wasnt overly stoked and havent talked about it since his work does all the floods so hes rather busy and ive been in nsw etc.

hope everyones ok no matter what part of aus your in. we have 2 cyclones now EXCITEMENT :/

#69 LittleWhiteDove

Posted 15 January 2011 - 01:33 PM

Hello all!

Hope all you Qld/NthnNSW girls are ok.

Troops - are you home? How'd W take the news? Hope you are feeling ok about everything.

Bec - not long now! Good luck with everything.

Jodi - your big day is coming up quickly too!

waves.gif & wub.gif to all!

All good here, just busy busy busy! Slowly updating blog/twitter etc, plus I have most of you on FB anyway. (Hey Troops - what was with the account switcheroo?).


#70 tintoela

Posted 16 January 2011 - 08:12 AM

Hi everyone,

We are all fine here in brissy.  We are in a very high part so no flooding in my area.  Some of you saw on facebook my dad in toowoomba got a foot of water through his house - just what he needs.  But at least he still has a house and he and my brother are ok.

8 weeks to go now until bubs due date!

troops - glad you are doing ok.  A september bub - lucky you!  Hope you and W can get it sorted in some way you both agree on things.

rebecca - could be anytime now for you!  Can't wait to see some baby pics.

We have been really busy this weekend so i'm going to try and have some rest today.  My work was closed due to the floods for tue-today but reopens tomorrow on reduced hours. Am only working 3 days this week -yahoo!  And its another sunny day today - yeah!

Catch up soon Hope everyone else around the country is doing ok and not caught up in any of the things nature is throwing at us!

#71 Becca1605

Posted 18 January 2011 - 09:12 AM

Look what I’ve missed again...man I suck at keeping up!

Paula – I’m not sure if I commented – bbighug.gif for your loss.  I’m so sorry to hear that.

Troops – Wow that’s exciting news....another Sept bubs...how awesome!  Hope your scan goes well.  Glad you were all safe during the floods.

Bec – ohhh not long now....I bet it’s getting exciting. Hope it doesn’t happen the day preschool and school starts!

Jodi – Glad you were okay during the floods too – 8 weeks will fly by!

Dons –  Enjoy your holidays....

LWD – I think I need to start following your blog...ohh just checked it out – Little Butterfly is adorable!!  Hmm I cant’ work out how to follow – can you let me know?

Amy - waves.gif

Chen – oh I hate that yellowing of white clothes – I didn’t even try to get it out and just chucked them out laughing2.gif

#72 ~*troops*~

Posted 18 January 2011 - 10:01 PM

scan went fine EDD is 4th sep so knowing me late august which is cool.. W is away doing flood work. we are so not both on the same page. not sure what to do. B knows that wasnt pleasant but meh..

#73 Becca1605

Posted 19 January 2011 - 10:39 AM

Glad the scan went well Stormy....4th Sept is my sister's b'day!
I hope you and W can get on the same page....good luck!

#74 ~Simply*Blue~

Posted 19 January 2011 - 10:45 AM

Great news stormy that your scan went well original.gif

I'm in hospital and may have my baby tomorrow.

Make that today in 3-4 hours, sh*tting myself.

Edited by ~Simply*Blue~, 19 January 2011 - 11:28 AM.

#75 LittleWhiteDove

Posted 19 January 2011 - 12:57 PM

Holy crap Bec - good luck! Can't wait to hear.

Troops - good luck sorting everything out!

Becca - I blog on wordpress, so the only way to "follow"
is via a blog reader like bloglines or google reader sad.gif but my photography one feeds straight through to FB, so should show up in your news feed.

Jodi - I hope all is well as baby's arrival approaches.

K, off to have some lunch before children wake up!


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