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#26 mummy2Ali*Lachie

Posted 01 December 2010 - 10:23 AM

wow katiebelle congrats!! we have a few prego mummies now!! I offered my lamb baby cradle swing to my sil but said it was a loan as I still think no. 3 is in me somewhere but as I said to her hubby needs convincing heheheh!!! However with Lachie being such the cute little spounge that he is I don't know how hard hubby will really make it heheheh!!

Merc what is the natropathic stuff you went on? I was told I may have needed to go on clomid but didn't need it in the end but had my friends left over tablets just in case!!!

#27 Mercurial

Posted 01 December 2010 - 01:11 PM

mummy2ali&lachie - did you mean Biene not me?  I was on vitex and about to start clomid (as in I have the script still!) when I conceived with Caitlin.  I had a luteal phase defect so only 7 days between ovulation and period starting.  Luckily Caitlin just hung on and didn't have to start clomid.  

biene - sounds like a lovely party.  We'll have about 20 adults and 15 children for Caitlin's party next week.  For us that's pretty standard party size.  Good luck with TTC in the new year, hopefully it's quick and painless for you.  

katiebelle - have you had a dating scan yet - how far along are you?  Did you suspect you were pregnant.  I haven't had my period back but still breastfeeding and on the mini pill so hoping that pregnancy isn't really possible!  

AFUS - another round of antibiotics for caitlin as the school sores have returned again.  Not as bad but still there.  Got it early this time and a different antibiotic.  Not quite as vile and can be taken with food so I'm hiding it in yoghurt and she's getting it that way.  Hopefully it clears it up this time.  

DS has been really good of late, behaviour is remarkedly improved.  We've appt with the paed tomorrow to discuss ongoing care for his bowels.  Mum is coming up to look after Caitlin while we do the trip into town.  

Caitlin is walking more than crawling now and is getting much steadier.  Adapted to shoes pretty quickly as well so that's good.  Will weigh her again after her birthday but she's definitely put on weight - even starting to get some rolls.  

Take care everyone.

#28 biene_maja

Posted 01 December 2010 - 01:21 PM

Merc what is the natropathic stuff you went on? I was told I may have needed to go on clomid but didn't need it in the end but had my friends left over tablets just in case!!!

Did you mean me?

I've had 5 pregnancies all up. I lost the first two, then did a lot of research and someone on EB recommended this naturopath who is pretty famous. They call her " the baby maker" and she's been on Current Affair etc. Anyway, it turned out she was retired but trained a few new ones according to her methods. So in 2006 I took the liquid formula they made up specifically for me and the baby stuck (Lucia). Then I stupidly thought in 2008 that my body did it once & could do it again so I didn't bother with the formula. I lost that one too. Then I contacted them again and got the formula and the result is Lexi. So this time I'm not taking any chances. I've already ordered the formula and will start taking it asap.
It's best if you take it 1-3 months before TTC. I think for me they put herbs in it to strengthen then lining of the uterus and move my ovulation day slightly back because I O too early and the lining is not ready yet to hold on to baby.
I also recommended them to another mum from my 2006 parent group. She had had 4 m/c's and ended up with 2 girls in the end.
I think whatever your health problems are it might be worth sending them an email and asking what they could do for you. They are in QLD but do email cosultations, skype, phone etc and then they mail you the bottles.

Hurry up convincing DH! Would be fun being pg together again.

Oh the website is Naturopath

#29 katiebelle

Posted 01 December 2010 - 02:56 PM

Hi Ladies

Thank you for the congrats original.gif

Biene - Have a great holiday and best of luck for TTC in the new year, good idea to start on your herbs and things early too original.gif

Merc - Well I am still breastfeeding DD2, haven't had AF back yet and suffered gastro during the middle of November. I have been dry retching since the gastro and the last time I did it this badly was when PG with Alyssa (i had it until 19 weeks with her) so I had some tests just sitting in the cupboard so I did it Saturday morning assuming it would be a BFN and the dry retching would be maybe left over from the gastro.
I have a dating scan tomorrow and I am freaking out a little that it may be too early so I doubt I will sleep much tonight. I called the midwife that works at my OB's office this morning and she was really great and reassuring (called to see if I could find out HCG levels but it seems that is the only test that the Dr didn't order)

mummy2a&l - how is your DD feeling? I know about lending things out, I am lending a bassinet to my cousin who is due in March, I might have to turn around and tell her it is a short term loan

Better go, DH is home with the gastro bug at the moment, moaning from the couch that he is dying!!
I am sure I wasn't this much of a problem when I was sick

#30 katiebelle

Posted 02 December 2010 - 06:38 PM

Hi Ladies

Had my scan today and I am 5weeks 6 days, so my EDD is 29th July.
Little bean had a heartbeat of 126bpm biggrin.gif

Lady doing the scan commented that I ovulated from both ovaries so was lucky there weren't twins in there  ohmy.gif  She said I am chock full of hormones and my endometrium is very thick, so will have to wait and find out if that means anything (maybe just lots of bleeding post birth??)

Hope everyone is well

#31 *sj*

Posted 03 December 2010 - 06:41 PM

Hi Everyone,

I posted a few times early in the year. I was originally from the Dec 15th-30th DIG. I have had a hectic year mainly with DS2 who hasn’t been the easy baby that DS1 was. I don’t find much online time anymore but I do try and pop in here and catch up on the news whenever I can. I have gone to post a few times but then got distracted and never made it back to finish the post  blush.gif

DS2 is going great now, much happier now he is crawling and getting some decent sleep. He has been cruising everything for a while but hasn’t taken any steps yet. I’m not sure on his stats atm but I did do a quick weigh on our normal scales today and he was 11.3kg, I wanted to know if he was getting close to the 12kg mark so I can turn his car seat forward facing. He will have his immunisations on the 13th so will be measured properly then.

Here are a few personals, sorry to anyone I have missed,

Murcurial – We have just gone from 3 BF in 24hr to just 2. One at around 6.30am and the other about 9-10pm. I’m going to try and drop that 9-10pm one soon if I manage to get him onto full fat milk out of a cup. We have only just started it on cereal because of mine and DH allergies. Looks like you have a mini mountain goat living in your house  laugh.gif  she looks like she has the balancing worked out well.

Biene_maja – I am thinking about going back to work/study next year. Atm DS1 is at pre school 2 days a week and DS2 will go to childcare those 2 same days. I think I am also looking forward to the break from the kids  grin.gif  How very exciting deciding to TTC #3 in Feb, fingers crossed for you. I also learnt from DS1 1st Birthday party with 40+ adults and about the same number in kids. I still have some presents that are still boxed from his party, stuff that we got that we already had or got 2 of and I decided I would wrap them up and put them under one of those charity Xmas presents tree’s at Kmart, this isn’t entirely re-gifting  smile1.gif This time for DS2 we have invited 15 adults and about 15 kids/babies, much more relaxed for me  laughing2.gif

Firstontheway – sounds like you might need to change your nickname soon  biggrin.gif  Good luck with TTC #2.

Welcome Misschief, I haven’t been around much on these forums this year but I hope to join in more with this parents group.

Astrid – DS2 is also starting to have tantties all the time esp when DS1 takes things off him  rolleyes.gif  We aren’t sure what we are doing this year for Xmas. My parents are going overseas to see other relo’s so I only have the IL’s to contend with  huh.gif  Your boys are very cute. Do you often get asked if you want another just to try for a girl ? I’ve been getting this a lot lately and my response is “I haven’t gotten over having the 2nd one yet”  wink.gif

Kitty-N – I can kind of sympathise with not going through IVF again. DS2 took over 2 years and a fair amount of IVF to have me naturally conceive somehow after having a D&C My biological clock is ticking very fast but I don’t want any close age gaps so we have decided that we will try in about 2 years and if it doesn’t happen then we will just stick with the 2 boys  original.gif  

Katiebelle – Congratulations on the BFP. Glad to hear your scan went well.

Mummy2Ali*Lachie – I also don’t know what to do with my baby stuff, if I should keep it all or give some away, esp clothes. I think with all the 0000-00 stuff ill just cull it to the stuff I REALLY liked and give the rest to the Salvo’s.

TTC #3 as I said above we won’t even think about it for a few years. I don’t think I could handle another baby any time soon and I would like to do some study next year.

We are well into the silly season now, I can’t believe I also have to organise a 1st Birthday party right in the middle of it.

Better go, DS1 wants to go look at some Xmas lights tonight. I hope to catch up a little more often now things are settling down for us.

Have a good weekend everyone  biggrin.gif

#32 Mercurial

Posted 06 December 2010 - 09:44 AM

SJ - welcome back!  Sounds like things are going well for you all.

katiebelle - so exciting for you.  How are you feeling now - morning sickness settled down at all?  Wow about there having been a twin possibility.  

Biene - not long until you start TTC too.  Hearing all you ladies talking about TTC another one makes me feel a little bad sad that we won't be taking that journey again, but a part of me is also very glad!  

AFUS - Been plodding along okay here.  Been fairly busy doing modelling of figures for caitlin's birthday cake.  Baked both cakes now and they're in the freezer (love that mud cake freezes so well!).  Just trying to get things done while I don't have any work.  

Caitlin has been pretty grumpy the last few days, running a bit of a temp too.  She's cutting a back molar so not sure if that is the cause or it's something else so just keeping an eye on her.

DS has been in the wars and has a grazed knee, black eye, cut finger - all from different accidents.  He needs to learn to SLOW DOWN.  He's been going well though so that's all good.  

Take care.

#33 katiebelle

Posted 10 December 2010 - 11:32 PM

So so quiet..

Merc - happy birthday to Caitlin for tomorrow

We are having Alyssa's party tomorrow and then off to a Christmas party on Sunday. Feeling very sick with the gagging and dry retching.

Have a great weekend everyone

#34 snoopytj

Posted 11 December 2010 - 09:35 PM

Everyone is turning one on facebook, so I thought I had better pop back in here and post. Happy 1st Birthday to Caitlin for today and a belated happy birthday to little ones that have already celebrated their milestone.

Katiebelle: Congrats on your pregnancy! Thank you for sharing the photos. It is so exciting to think people in our group are onto their next baby.

Biene: Good luck with TTC #3. I love the photos of Lexi from her party. SHe is just adorable.

Mercurial: Happy Birthday Caitlin! What a cakemaker you are?!? The cake looked sensational! Caitlin looked so gorgeous in the pics and looks like she had a wonderful day.

Wendy: Congrats on Lachie walking! He is still such a small little packet original.gif I hope Ali is on the mend too.

SJ: Thanks for the update. Sound like your little one is doing well.

Firstonthe way: Good luck with TTC #2. We need to have a Brisbane catch up soon now that our little ones are all walking and can play together!

Astrid: Lovely pic of the three of you. Glad to hear Adam had a lovely party today. I hope he has a good birthday on Thursday.

AFU: Indy will be 1 on Friday and we are having a Thomas the Tank themed party for him on the Saturday. I am so excited and have been buying bits and pieces for months now lol.

Healthwise he is going a lot better. We saw the head of Metabolic Medicine at the Mater last week and he was happy with his treatment plan and progress. He ordered more bloods and we are just waiting on those results, but expect that his Zinc levels are stable as he looks exceptional! It was interesting though because he said that all the infections Indy has been having could be not related to his disease, but a adverse effect of his reflux medication. Apparently, the active ingrediant in it depleats the body of Copper and a huge decrease in copper can lower the immune system. Thought that might be interesting for others still using reflux medications.

I will have him weighed at his 1yr vaccs, but at 11mths he was 9.7kg, 76cm. Since he started walking he has gone long and skinny. Dropped from 75% in weight (boys scale) to 40%!

Indy has been walking for about 6wks and is quite confident now. He looks so cute toddling around. I think he started so early to escape Casper pushing him over when he was cruising around on furniture.

As for me, I have started weaning him off the breast. He now only has a bf first thing in the morning otherwise he is having about 3 feeds of cow's milk throughout the day. I really want him completely weaned by 12mths. Time to get my breasts back and fit back into my clothes lol.

I am currently doing Summer Sem at uni. After a hectic year with Indy's health problems (we ended up having 60 specialist appointments since May!!!) I decided to split my Science/Laws degree and just graduate with Science for the time being. Long story cut short, the uni made a mistake with working out how many units I had left based on credit transfer and I fell #1 short to graduate next week sad.gif So I am doing a single course over summer and will graduate in July. Matt is finally on his prac year from Feb, so I am just waiting on finding out where the placements will be before I commit to going back to law next year.

Well, that's about all from us. If I knew how to make photos small enough to post I would post some recent pics.

#35 Mercurial

Posted 12 December 2010 - 09:31 AM

Hello all!

SnoopyJ - that is such great news that Indy is doing well.  Interesting about the reflux medication and being unwell.  My bestie's kids have always been on reflux medication and they get sick constantly - might mention it to her.  I agree a Brisbane catch up would be great.  Maybe after the silly season has settled.

katiebelle - oh you poor thing, I don't miss that part about pregnancy.  Especially when you're so busy with other things.  Hope your party went really well yesterday and you enjoy your christmas party today.  

AFUS - Well our beautiful girl Caitlin turned 1 yesterday and we had a big party.  Was a lovely day though so busy.  Thankfully many hands make light work and we've got a circle of friends that everyone just pitches in.  I had a shocker of a day on Friday so rather than spend Friday evening getting ready for the party I went drinking with my neighbours.  Not so good for party preparations, was nice for me to chill though.  

Here is a picture of my little girl in her party dress:

And the cake:

Been very busy with work and DS is back to number 2s in his undies 20 odd times a day so that is causing some stress and tension.  Not sure how to manage it from here, will maybe try and speak to the paediatrician on tomorrow.

#36 Sundayj

Posted 12 December 2010 - 08:56 PM

Congratulations Katiebelle!! Wow. I still feel like a new mum, this year has flown so quickly.
Mercurial: I can't believe that photo! Caitlin is amazing, certainly a daredevil. Banjo isn't even crawling, bud did his first little cruise just this weekend. I also feel a little sad that we probably won't be having any more children (four is plenty) and all the excitement that pregnancy brings. But I thank God for Banjo, Benny, Gabe and Imogen every day.
snoopytj: glad Indy's health is better and the Thomas themed party sounds fantastic. We are having family and friends over for Banjo's first birthday/Christmas drinks. I hope it won't be too overwhelming for him. He does like lots of people around though.
Happy Birthdays to all of the buba's.
I still can't believe that they are all turning one!
Anyone want to explain quickly how to add a photo? I would like to put up one of Banjo now.
We are going for his 12 month check up next Wednesday, and he turns one on Thursday. I think I will mention his not crawling, even though he seems just fine, strong, pincer grip and saying some words etc.
Still breast feeding throughout the day and night. Banjo wants to be in bed with us and doesn't sleep too well in his cot.
Gotta go now to put away some groceries. I want to post a bit more often too.   biggrin.gif

#37 Dirtsa

Posted 13 December 2010 - 09:05 AM

Happy birthday to all the little babies who are now not so little and are turning one!! We had Adam's party on Saturday (his birthday isn't until this thurs though). It was great. It started at 2, and around 1:30  he started showing the signs of needing a nap (quite early for him). I thought he may sleep through some of his party, but just before I went to put him down, some guests arrived a little early and then he was off, happy as larry to socialise and be the centre of attention for a few hours. It was lovely. My camera was being a bit naughty so I have to wait for pics from mum, bil and sil's cameras, but here are a couple.

Hope you all have a great week.

eta : *sj* - thanks! I do get asked when am I gonna have another one, and will I try for a girl and the ansewer is basically no. DH and I are happy with our 2 boys. I wont say never though, because who knows what the future holds:)

Edited by 45TR1D, 13 December 2010 - 09:10 AM.

#38 Sundayj

Posted 16 December 2010 - 04:18 PM

Happy Birthday Banjo!!! XXX. What a year and what a gorgeous boy you are. I love you. ddance.gif

Edited by Sundayj, 16 December 2010 - 04:19 PM.

#39 mummy2Ali*Lachie

Posted 18 December 2010 - 08:36 AM

Just popping in to say Hi and Happy birthday to all the birthday babies!!! Wow what a year!! We have gone from babies to toddlers its just amazing how fast it goes!! I hope all the little onesies got spoilt and had a blast for their very first birthday of many!! hugs to all!!

#40 katiebelle

Posted 23 December 2010 - 01:18 PM

Hope all the birthdays are continuing to go well

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to everyone. I hope you all have a safe and happy holiday season!!

#41 Sancti-claws

Posted 23 December 2010 - 09:13 PM

My goodness, we are all very quiet, aren't we - but then again, how busy is life!!!

J turned 1 yesterday.  She has at least 8 teeth (although there is movement on more) and is misstress of the tantrum.

Not going to do updates - as that is what is stalling me from posting this (I have been taken away from the computer every time I attempt to do any more on this - it is now 2 days since I started) but Merry Christmas to everyone - and congratulations to Katiebelle.

#42 Dirtsa

Posted 23 December 2010 - 10:55 PM

Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. We've made it through our babies first year! Go team! lol (very motivational for 11:53pm)
I hope you all enjoy the festivities and wish everyone all the best for a fabulous 2011
biggrin.gif  bbighug.gif

#43 Mercurial

Posted 24 December 2010 - 10:22 AM

Hello ladies - how is everyone going?  Hope everyone is all organised and ready for christmas.  All is pretty good here (though DH has thrown a suprise oh we need to make dessert for tonight on me at the last minute).  

Caitlin's stats at 12 monnths are:

Height: 78cm
Weight: 9.1kg (has been for 3 months now)
Teeth: 9
Walking: everyone and loving it.  Good at walking in her shoes now too.  
Eating: everything whether it's edible or not.  4 BFs a day still.  
Sleeping: about 11 hours overnight and another 3 - 3.5 during the day over two sleeps.  
Words:  muma and dad though heaps of babble.
Personality:  she has loads of it.  Cheeky little monkey and in to everything all the time.  Screws her nose up and laughs at us when we tell her no.  Shakes her head no at us when she doesn't want to do something.  Loves her brother and dotes on him so much

Wishing you all a very merry christmas and a happy new year!

#44 mummy2Ali*Lachie

Posted 24 December 2010 - 09:38 PM

Hey Ladies merry Christmas!!! Lachlan and I survived our first year together and he is such I gorgeous boy now...all the screaming is long forgotten!!!

Merc loving the stats must get Lachie to the dr's to his now he's ....omg 13 months!!!

Lachie is walking...trying to run!!!

Says Mum, dad, daddy, bub, cat, gog, yeah and Hi. He babbles all the time and his new fav word (his fav word (whinge word as I called it) was mum, mum, mum. usually said when crying or wanting something) but now it is dad...he says it all the time.

Lachie loves his bath he gets so excited he jumps up and down while waiting for it to fill. You say on your towel and he will go lay down on his towel to nude up!!! He screams a blue fit when we get him out!!!!

Thankfully reflux is pretty much a thing of the past. he still has 5mg's a day (when I remember) and is happy enough with that!!!

Lachlan has 6 teeth but based on his dribble and chewing I am sure more are on their way!!!

Heheh He hates Santa...like most babies!! At our mum's group we had a friend dress as Santa...Lachlan screamed when the poor guy walked in heheheh!!!

Aleisha is doing well...even went to Torquay for a few days with my mum for my niece's first birthday!!! She has the odd day of feeling tired and run down and will sleep a lot but hey as long as that is all it is I am one happy lady!!! We will continue blood tests 2 monthly to keep an eye on her levels!!! Jan 17th is the day for that to all start so lets hope everything is totally normal!!!

Well enough of my crap ...off to bed as Santa is on his way...night night!! Have a very, very wonderful Christmas and an even better 2011!!

Edited by mummy2Ali*Lachie, 26 December 2010 - 09:36 PM.

#45 Sancti-claws

Posted 25 December 2010 - 01:03 PM

Merry Christmas to all from here also - Josie scored well (as did her sister and her parents) and now we are all too stuffed from our neighbour's morning tea to do anything but rest the turkey and nap!!!

#46 Sundayj

Posted 26 December 2010 - 03:57 PM

Hope you all had a lovely Christmas. We did and are still all eating the leftovers as we put away our spoils. I have loved popping in to EB for an update and a read and support and information when I have needed it. I can't believe one year has passed and we now officially have toddlers not babies anymore. Happy New year to you all and I hope 2011 is the best ever for us all and our families.
Suzyj: Happy Birthday to J, hope the celebrations went well.
Pop in again soon. laugh.gif

#47 Sundayj

Posted 01 January 2011 - 02:40 PM

Happy New Year to all my EB mates. Joy, blessings and health for 2011! roll2.gif

#48 checkingboxes

Posted 01 January 2011 - 07:19 PM

Happy new year!
Stats for Sebastian
Walking with confidence since 11 months
Feeding: eats what we do. Breastfed morning and night and 1 bottle of cows/rice milk in the afternoon.
Sleep:aaaaaagh! 12hours overnight and ONE DAY SLEEP OF 1 HOUR! can't believe he dropped to one sleep somewhere between 11 and 12 months. That's fine, but an hour? I really thought/hoped/expected it would be somewhere between two and three hours.

I'm probably going to return to work for a day or two this year, as my paid leave runs out at the end of January. I still have some long-service up my sleeve but will save that for another baby. I've been on half-pay since Oct 09, which has been incredible. Not yet sure what I'll do with Sebastian, I can't bear the thought of leaving him. I'm going to have to seriously look into options for care soon. :-(

Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas.

#49 Sancti-claws

Posted 01 January 2011 - 09:08 PM

Aaargh - obvious now that I am not receiving the emails from this thread...

Happy New Year all!!  I am hoping 2011 is best. year. ever. - or at least better than 2010 (which will be easy - except for watching kids grow its been a bit of a fizzer here).

We don't have stats for J yet (even though she is way older than 1 now!!) - she will get her shots next week, so maybe we will get some info then - or not - local GP doesn't have great equipment for such.

8 teeth, eating most stuff - has her meal then our meal generally.  She will have 1-2 hours in 1 nap in the day but that is it, and sleeps about 10 hours overnight with 1-3 wakes...  I don't think that is quite a pass yet.

No walking or standing alone, but she is starting to cruise and get quite cocky with her standing with assistance.

#50 biene_maja

Posted 03 January 2011 - 04:42 AM

Hi girls,

Hope you all started the new year alright!

We've been in Germany for over 2 weeks now and apart from seeing my family we sooo regret coming here. It's still freezing, it snows almost every day which was great for the first few days but now it's just a pain, it's too dangerous to drive much so we're stuck at home most of the time, the kids were sick with coughs & fevers for the first week & I felt so guilty for putting them through the long flight. Lexi hates being squeezed into so many jumpers, jackets, hats, gloves etc and gets cranky after 15 min outside.

And then we can't see my little sister much because she can't have contact with anyone who is sick at the moment (and now DH & my dad are sick). Did I mention my sister got diagnosed with breast cancer 3 weeks ago so she is doing chemo and has to be really careful. This week she's expecting to have to cut her hair off since it has started to fall out.

And we've decided we won't see my other sister who lives 6 hours away at all because it's just too dangerous to drive on the icy roads & trains would be too much for the kids.

I sooo regret coming in Winter.

The good thing.. we're been able to have some long talks about our life and have made several decisions about things we had been unsure of for a few years. We'll definitely stay in Australia/VIC, we'll start renovating our house & buy new furniture, DH will start his own drafting business in 9-12 months etc.
It feels good to have clarity on so many things.

The funny thing... one of the things we decided about 10 days ago was to delay TTC for 12 months and to then see if we still wanted to do it at all. Well, one thing led to another a few days ago and we had a "sort of" accident and it happened to be right on O time so we'll have to see if we might have #3 sooner than expected after all. I'll be testing a day or so before we leave here.
But no matter what it's all good.

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