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December 09 Parents # 19

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#51 snoopytj

Posted 03 January 2011 - 08:34 PM

Hi Ladies,

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

We are plodding along nicely. Still yet to have our 12mth check up as our GP went away and isn't back until Tuesday, so no new stats. In other news, I have completely taken Indy off his reflux medication and he is going great guns now! Touch wood, but he hasn't been sick with any infections now since October and I am loving getting to sleep again. He is now sleeping 7-8ish and has a 2hr day sleep at the same time as Casper original.gif

The funniest thing happened today. We have been toliet training Casper for sometime now and Indy has been watching. Today, I had him in the bath and Casper was closeby on the potty and Indy started flapping his arms and motioning that he wanted a go. So I popped him on and he seemed pretty happy. Nothing happened and I took him downstairs while my mum popped Casper in the bath. Found the small cheap potty downsairs and popped Indy back on it. I started reading a book then heard a knock at the door, as I was opening it, Indy followed me and in the 30 seconds it took did a wee on the floor. I am thinking though that if I hadn't got up we might have had success. I have taken the little potty home and plan on sticking Indy on it when I pop Casper on the toliet. How funny would it be if Indy takes to it quicker than Casper lol?!

Also just quickly, biene can't wait to hear your test results when you take it!!!

#52 Sancti-claws

Posted 03 January 2011 - 09:02 PM

Good luck Biene with whatever happens - it is nice to have those sorts of sort it all out and find focus talks - we have been having a few (along with the "when we win lotto" talks).

Snoopy - go Indy!!!  Excellent news on medication and that he is deciding to self-potty.

Josette got DRILLED by mossies up here last night - she obviously taste much better than us - so our house currently smells like coils and tea-tree oil in an attempt to reduce the attacks - any suggestions?

#53 Petrichor

Posted 04 January 2011 - 08:57 PM

Hello everyone.  I don't know if you remember me but I was a part of this DIG (due 24/12/09) and had my third daughter on the 17th Dec.  I kind of lost touch with this group as DD3 was a pretty upset little one and was diagnosed with silent reflux.  It took a while to get the meds all sorted and it turns out she has quite a (sweet &) volatile nature regardless of the pain.  biggrin.gif  We also moved house a couple of weeks before we had the baby and then finished off renovations on our old house before selling.  It has been a pretty busy year with three kids at home under school age and doing minor renos on this house too but all is good.

Anyway, I just thought I'd pop in and say Happy Birthday to all the Dec 09 babies.  What a year it has been and all the best for a happy and healthy 2011.


#54 Mercurial

Posted 05 January 2011 - 09:18 AM

happyface - no good about the silent reflux but good to hear you think you're getting a handle on it.

suziej - no good about the mozzies - little bastards they are.  have you tried something like off or the spray on insect repellants?  How about a mozzie net over her cot?  

snoopytj - that would be funny wouldn't it.  So cute that he wants to try.  You use MCNs don't you?  I've heard that babies in MCNs toilet train heaps earlier.  

biene - ooh very exciting about a possible whoopsie.  I agree sometimes things just happen for a reason.  No good about the miserable weather and sicknesses.  My brother is moving to Switzerland in a few weeks and as nice as a white christmas sounds I think I'll be visiting in summer time.  Nice to have had some time for you guys to work through some things and get some clarity on some ideas and what you're doing with your life.  

checkingboxes - sounds like sebastion is doing really well.  No good about the daycare situation.  Maybe family daycare would be more comfortable?  

mummy2ali&lachie - good news about aleisha feeling better now.  Hopefully things keep improving.

AFUS - Can't believe how long it is since I've posted, things have been really busy.  DS was sick for 9 days all up and lost 2kg during that time.  Thankfully he's eating again now and definitely on the mend.  Caitlin has had a bit of the runs and a cold the last few days but seems to be coming out of it.  She's displayed that she loves a good tantrum, lies down on the floor face first and just screams.  I think we're slowly moving towards one day time sleep, but today she'll have two.  Eating lots and need to increase it again I think too.

#55 mummy2Ali*Lachie

Posted 07 January 2011 - 03:03 PM

Hey girls ! Quick pop in.... Lachie's stats at 13 months are drum roll please........ 9.3 kg's and 74 cm's a dinky little man!!

#56 ~Mo+Moosh~

Posted 07 January 2011 - 03:18 PM

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!!

Sorry this is a tad late, we have been away on holidays since Christmas eve and we have had a wonderful time away. Hamish started walking while we were away (was previously only doing a handful of steps) and it is so cute to see! It felt like he grew up so much while we were away, which makes me both very happy and very sad all at the same time. He also cut an amazing 6 teeth - four molars and the two bottom ones (next to the front two).

He also seemed to spend the entire time eating, which became a bit of a running joke in our family because it would always seem like he had just finished a meal and he would be looking for more food.

It is nearly my DS1's 4th birthday, it just blows me away that I am soon to be the mother of a 4 year old! He is such a beautiful, amazing and smart little boy. He was so well behaved while we were away even though he was often late to bed and woke early when his dad and Pop left to go fishing not to mention the days were completely on the go with swimming and walks etc. We are having a pirate themed party for him so we have spent the last week searching for anything pirate related, which I must confess has been a lot of fun.

Anyway hopefully I can pop back in soon and do some personals.

Hope everyone is well

#57 biene_maja

Posted 09 January 2011 - 06:26 AM

Only about 5 more days here in Germany for us and we're really ready for sunny Australia.
I've got heaps of pregnancy symptoms and I'd be surprised if I wasn't pg so I kind of have my hopes up. I caved & tested today but it's only 8-9DPO so I knew I'd get a BFN. Now I'll try to wait until Tues/Wed. I'm just so impatient.

#58 mummy2Ali*Lachie

Posted 09 January 2011 - 09:47 AM

Oh wow Biene!!! I know one other mummy eb friend who is preg...can't say but wow talk about making me clucky!!!

I had a big cry the other night...Lachie and Ali were playing in the pool and she looked so big, so grown up with her lovely little figure and how she was playing with Lachie!! He is now running and climbing all the furniture and prefers to walk and omg is getting too grown up for mummy!!!

If any of you guys are ever in Adelaide..look me up..I am starting a little photography biz!!! While I am unqualified I am charging $50 per hour on location with all (I take heaps) pics on disc...minor fine tuning and editing on request (learning how to edit heheh)!!!

#59 biene_maja

Posted 10 January 2011 - 09:08 PM

Just quickly wanted to tell you the news...

Tested again this morning (still very early at 11DPO) and the result of our little accident is a  BFP.gif
Very faint but visible.
I'm cautiously excited and just hope it's a sticky one and DH is in shock I think. LOL

Edited by biene_maja, 10 January 2011 - 09:08 PM.

#60 Mercurial

Posted 11 January 2011 - 06:13 AM

Congratulations Biene!  Fingers crossed it's a sticky one for you.

#61 katiebelle

Posted 11 January 2011 - 02:11 PM

Congratulations Biene, dingers crossed it's nice and sticky and an uneventful 8 or so months ahead original.gif

#62 mummy2Ali*Lachie

Posted 11 January 2011 - 03:43 PM

Wow Maren Yay!! Congrats!! So excited for you all!!

#63 ~Mo+Moosh~

Posted 11 January 2011 - 09:10 PM

Congrats Maren! I hope you have a wonderful pregnancy! And what a wonderful thing fate is  original.gif

#64 Mercurial

Posted 16 January 2011 - 03:37 PM

Just had to pop on and share.  I'm still BF Caitlin and she has four feeds a day.  This morning she was cuddled in my lap and she wiggled and squirmed until I put her down.  She goes and gets the pillow I use when I'm feeding her and hands it to me.  I put it on my lap and she puts her arms up to be picked up and she then snuggled ready for a feed.  She did the same this afternoon.  She's never shown any indication of when she's ready for a feed or sleep and was so cute today to see her getting the things we use when feeding.

#65 mummy2Ali*Lachie

Posted 16 January 2011 - 08:08 PM

awww that is so sweet!! aren't they amazing atm!!

The other morning Lachie and I had our first convo!! we got up and he was standing by his little chair with the tv remote. I said "do you want to watch tv". he said "yeah". I said "do you want me to turn the tv on?" He said "yeah". So I said "bring me the remote and I will turn it on." Lachlan walked over and handed it to me and clapped when I turned the tv on!! Now if we say come on come with me he follows!! He grabbed a pen and drew in tim's diary today which was so cute!!

We are starting to try a little ec!! so far no good!! I bought a cute turtle potty/stool and sat him on it last night and tonight before his bath and he cried!! The second time I did the special hold, held his back up against my chest and held his legs and said sssssss nup don't like it...now I am a tad worried he will get freaked out about it all if I persist too much!!

what do you girls think?

#66 biene_maja

Posted 17 January 2011 - 05:37 AM

Very cute Wendy!

I tried EC a little with Lucia. No luck either. In the end she was 3 before she was TTed.

#67 Caitlin Happymeal

Posted 18 January 2011 - 02:35 PM

Hey gals its been a while! My crazy life has all the sudden quietened down which is nice but kinda boring LOL.

Just popped in to see what you are all up to, only to see Maren's FAAAAABULOUS news!! Congrats to you!!!

BBL when Ive had a bit of a read over what youre all up to.

#68 Dirtsa

Posted 18 January 2011 - 09:47 PM

Hi everyone. I hope you all had a fabulous Christmas and New Year
Congratulations to Maren on the pregnancy! this is very happy news  tthumbs.gif  

Well we are going along well. A new year has ticked over and my boys are growing!

Adam's stats
Weight - 10.7kg
Height - 77.5
HC - 47.5
Teeth - 5 - the latest on just broke through yesterday
Latest tricks - Waving goodbye, playing peekaboo behind curtains, wearing shoes, drawing on chalkboard, giving me the most gorgeous cheeky grin when he's caught doing something he's not supposed to be doing, like climbing a chair or trying to climb the dishwasher
Eating - a little on the fussy side - still bf'ing like crazy...
Sleep - two naps most days usually not more than one sleep cycle. Broken sleep through the night but on a good night (Like when not teething) he'll go down about 8:30 - midnight, BF, sleep til dawn, BF, then another BF around 7. He's still in our room. We were going to move him to his own room last weekend but never got around to it. Maybe this weekend. I hope by the end of 2011 I'm not still saying he wakes for night feeds and is in our room. lol

Ok I'm gonna attempt some serious personals (as in serious effort not serious topic!)

Kitty-N - enjoy the quiet times I say! it could all go crazy again any moment hehe

mummy2Ali*Lachie - your little conversation with Lachie sounds so cute! Adam babbles a lot and sometime we think we hear a real word in there but it's just a fluke I think. I know what you mean about tearing up when you think about how your little babies aren't so little anymore!

Mercurial - very cute with Caitlin's BF body language. Adam just assumes the position no matter what. Hope the kids are both 100% now after their illnesses.

biene_maja -  again, congratulations on the BFP!!

~Mo+Moosh~ - wow I'm amazed Hamish has cut molars already! Hope you're DS1 had a lovely birthday party

happyface - sounds like you have had a really busy year! your poor dd3 with the silent reflux - what a bugger that is. We moved and did renos too this year. Having little kids when doing renos is hard. We had a temporary kitchen for about 2 or 3 weeks and I didn't really enjoy that at all.

suziej - argh mozzies! What about a mozzie net over the cot?

snoopyjt -  hope all is going well with you atm  original.gif

checkingboxes - are you heading back to work next month? Hope it all goes smoothly.

OK that's it for me, I'm off to bed to catch some zzzz's before Adam wakes for his midnight snack. Take care all

#69 biene_maja

Posted 19 January 2011 - 12:13 AM

Thanks Trudie & Astrid!

I saw my old OB (who delivered Lexi) yesterday and she thinks my hcg levels are looking great so far. Same as with any of my pregnancies I'm a little worried about another m/c but I'm taking my naturopathic juice & my low dose aspirin every day and I'm getting more BTs done over the next few days to see if things are doubling fine.

I'm going public this time which is a bit sad because I loved my OB but with the changes in medicare refunds we'd be handing over most of the baby bonus if we went private and we could really use it to buy a new car.

The German doctors who are treating my sister have told us that we should probably get tested for the cancer genes so I'll be getting breast u/s done soon and I'm going to Peter Mac for genetic councelling. All a bit scary. I'm just hoping things are still ok now so I can have this baby and then do something about it afterwards.

My mum got bad news last week. Her cancer has spread and she'll start chemo next week but things are not looking really good.

Lexi is having trouble adjusting to the time difference so she's been up a few times a night (like right now) but I'm sure it'll only be a few more days.

#70 Caitlin Happymeal

Posted 21 January 2011 - 08:09 PM

Oh Maren that sucks about your mum. I dont know what the deal is but I know so many people battling cancer at the moment, its very scary! I hope her treatment isnt too horrid, I know its not really pleasant as we have seen plenty of family and friends go through it.

A5TRID, sounds like Adam is going great, lovely to hear his stats! I dont think Id cope if the girls were still feeding that often, how do you do it?

mummy2Ali*Lachie, I would love to start TT/EC with the girls but every time we run their bath and put the pottys there for them, they freak out!! We only did it because they whizz on the bathroom floor every time! But I guess they just arent ready. We have the turtle potty too wink.gif  Im just going to wait until they can actually communicate that they want to use it. Hope its not tooooooo much longer (ie by the end of this year would be nice...)

Mercurial, how cute, its so funny when they start doing things for themselves. Very very cute!

Hello everyone else!  waves.gif

Ive been busy but I dont really know what with TBH - its all a blur. We went on holidays in November to the gold coast, and since then, weve just been on the go. It was the girls birthday straight after we got back, then I was writing business plans etc trying to start a new business (Which has fallen through and Im quite relieved about to be honest) then I got my old job back, then we had all the crazy lead up to Christmas, then we pretty much went straight to Melbourne a couple of days later, (which was a NIGHTMARE for the girls sleeping/routine)... Then we had all this flood drama, which thankfully we are not in a flood zone (well we are if it flash floods but that wasnt really this issue) but my new boss (The business got bought - hooray! NO MORE CRAZY BOSS!!) house got completely flooded which SUCKED, and my sister still hasnt been able to return to her house, which even though it stayed dry, lots of people on her street lost everything, and the power still isnt back on!! And one of my twin mum friends also had their house go under sad.gif Also another close friend has had her investment property (which we very nearly rented off her a couple of years ago...) completely flooded too, so we've been busy trying to help them all out a bit. So its been a bit of a stressful time, but we are all fine.

The girls now are 14mths old, and have given me a bit of a break this last week! They got back into their routine and have been sleeping through again a few weeks ago, and are having a good 2 day naps most days. They are eating well - we give them finger foods pretty much completely now, except for weetbix if thats for brekky, since I prefer to still spoon feed that. Im not keen to let them loose with a spoon yet. A fork, they can manage. But a spoon, they just flick everything everywhere.. Jules has been walking since 11 mths, but Annika has started walking this last week. You can see how proud she is of herself now that she is starting to toddle around. Minimal behavior issues - mostly to do with pushing and shoving, and toy stealing LOL. They joys of twins.

Im going to do a few more hours at work this year, and am looking at getting the kids into a daycare on the corner near our place in a few months. They say they should have availibility in april so thats looking good. Not sure if I will use the day to have a "mummy's day off" or have an extra day of work. Both are good options LOL.

Anyway, nothing much else to report. Hope you are all well!!!


#71 Sundayj

Posted 23 January 2011 - 11:45 PM

Congratulations Katiebelle and Biene. Enjoy your pregnancies.

#72 Mercurial

Posted 24 January 2011 - 07:39 PM

mummy2ali&lachie - So cute about the conversation.  Caitlin will say yeah now and shakes her head if she doesn't want to do something.  I've never really considered trying EC/TT.  DS we started at just over 2 years and it was all done in a week so that's prob what I'll do with Caitlin too.

45TRID - I love that cheeky smile they give when they're up to no good.  Caitlin has that one on a lot.  Most recently when she unrolled a whole roll of toilet paper through the house!  Kids are both back to 100% now thankfully.  So hard when they're sick, hate seeing them unwell.  I hope for your sake you're not still feeding overnight in 11 months time!

biene - sorry to hear about your mum, that's really sad.  It's such a hideous disease.  Sounds like it's worthwhile to get all the females in the family tested.  Great news about HCG levels progressing well.  Fingers crossed for you that it all progresses really well.  How are you feeling?  

Kitty-N - We weren't personally affected by the floods either but it still seems to impact so much on everday life, be it on the news, helping people, lack of goods in supermarkets, businesses going under etc.  And years they think before it's all back on track.  Sounds like your girls are doing really well.  They must be so cute to watch together.  We've got toy stealing here too.  Caitlin just doesn't understand and DS forgets to share.  

Hello to everyone else.  

AFUS - We're back from 4 days in sydney.  Stayed with my cousin and her family which was nice.  DH worked the thurs and fri down there but we had the weekend too.  Their boys are a year either side of DS so they got along really well.  Except for bedtimes when it took 1.5 hours to get them all to sleep due to over excitement.  Caitlin had one shocker night and screamed for 4 hours straight.  I couldn't believe it.  She was teething and we're in the same room and she just wouldn't settle.  She went to do it again the next night but I quickly fed her and just snuggled her in bed with us and she fell asleep.  Slept from 11pm to 5am like that - first time I've ever slept with either of my kids in bed.  We usually put them back in their own beds after they're asleep but we didn't want to risk keeping the house up for another night.  All in all though it was a lovely break for a few days and we enjoyed it.  Caitlin was good sleeping in the car when we needed and enjoyed the sydney aquarium.  

Caitlin is still having two sleeps a day.  Usually between 1.5 - 2 hours each.  I started to weaning her off her day time feeds.  She was having one at 9 and one at 2, just before she went down for a sleep.  So today just gave her a snack instead and she went off no problems so pleased about that.  I did feed her in the middle of the day for my comfort.  She's got tooth number 11 breaking it's way through.  Eating plenty of stuff and definitely having much more of what we're eating.  Loves her food.  

It's getting so much quieter in here now.  People back at work, more babies on the way and just busy with lives.  Take care everyone.

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