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October 08 Parents # 65

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#126 themelster

Posted 02 December 2010 - 04:12 PM

Man you ladies can chat!!!  I can't keep up!

Hi Amanda, I'm Mel - and Tom is my DS.  He was born 22nd October.  I can't remember which DIG I was in to be honest!  It's all kinda a blur! LOL.  Welcome aboard!

Bec - Tom crawled at 7 1/2 months.  Straight onto all 4's.  He never commando'd.  He walked at 10 months and started solids at 6 months but was never really very interested until about 15 months old!  It used to drive me barmy!  Now he eats well.

Sharna - yeah, the Tri is this Sunday.  Nervous!!  I swam today but that's it.  I'll give myself a break now until Sunday.  How is the C25k going?
I really like that maxi dress.  The bust area looks nice and supportive.

Ros - Tom loves those trolleys too.  And also wont' let me "steer" it.  I sneak behind and hold it and he occasionally looks up and says "no, mummy, no.  Tommy do it!".   rolleyes.gif

Mands - what's the progress on your house?

Nat - I am currently using both your pure Castille soap and your lavendar salt soap.  I see what you mean about the pure Castille being a bit "slimy".  I like it though - it feels a bit more moisturising.  And although it doesn't lather as much - it still cleans really well.  And surprise surprise - I'm really liking the lavendar one too!  Mint and Eucalyptus is still my fave though. biggrin.gif

AFM.  Pretty excited this morning - I've dropped down to below 59kg! 58.9 to be exact.  Only just, but still!  All this hard work is paying off and it's really motivating.

Off to a jewellery party tonight.  I don't really want to go - I'm not really into that kind of thing.  But it's my old bosses's wife's so I'd better make an appearance.  blah.

See ya later ladies.

#127 Fabulous

Posted 02 December 2010 - 04:43 PM

Mel- how cute is Tom.  original.gif  good luck for the tri, you must be mega fit. Good on you. I used to do competitive swimming when I was young so that bit wouldn't scare me too much but the others would.

Amanda- does prep finish early? We have 2 weeks left over here.

I think I've decided on Jack's chrissy presents. They will be roary the racing car and a tonka fire engine. I looked at getting him a semi trailer where you load cars onto the back of it but I haven't seen any around that I like. His big brother had one years ago and he loved putting the cars on and off. I have lay-byed the family doll house at the target toy sale for Chelsea. Miss kate who is 8 will be getting the harry potter lego castle. Sara who is 10 wants an ipod shuffle. My big boy hasn't decided what he wants yet but it will probably be 2 xbox games. We don't do adult pressies.

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#128 themelster

Posted 02 December 2010 - 05:17 PM

Hey Ros, no, not mega fit at all!  It's only a mini tri.
I've no idea what to get Tom for Chrissy.

#129 ~mumto2girls~

Posted 02 December 2010 - 05:22 PM

Mel - Wow a triathalon.... you go girl... im having heart palpatations just thinking of one lol..

Ros - Kira goes to a catholic school and they finish tomorrow.. The state school finishes next week.

Have a chicken cooking in the microwave - i know that must sound weird but has anyone had a microwave chicken from woolies.. I highly recommend them.. The best chicken I have ever eaten.. The skin crisps up and goes nice and brown and has a spicy flavour on the skin... The chicken is in 2 bags, you remove the outer one then leave the other one on.. Stick in the microwave for about 58 mins and walahhhh.. YUMMO!! Its smelling so good!!!

#130 Small Potatoes

Posted 03 December 2010 - 07:08 AM

Amanda Sounds delicious, but I have to do my own chicken as DS1 (Will) had coeliacs disease and they BBQ chickens have gluten on them.

Mel You go girl, any kind of triathalon (excpet a drink-a-ton) is great in my eyes.

Ros You pressies sound great.  Did you get your Chrissie nappies from storage?  Mine are in storage too but have absolutely no idea where.  I have one GF one that didn't make it there.  In storage I have two CGRs another GF and a Green Kids, so would like to get to them.

Nat Where did you get your potash from? The soaps sound delicious.  I should get my goodies from Aussie Soap Supply and Aussie Soap Supplies today or Monday.  I have frankincence and myrhh FO coming and red and green colours and red, green and white jojoba beads too.  I re bought myself some rubber gloves too and distilled water, so might attempt something on the weekend.  Just waiting for a wooden log loaf.  What is the deal with gelling, I guess you can't control it from what I have been reading (and watching).  I didn't wrap my goats milk soap when I did it and obviously it didn't gel, but I didn't get any soda ash on it either.

We have had some ste backs with the house. about 3 days before we were due to go to site they said "what is happening with the trees" we thought they were included in site works but turns out they weren't. They could organise someone but it would take 2 weeks longer than if we organsied someone so we have and the trees come down on monday and our 10 days to site starts again on the 7th so we are due to go to site on the 21st now, which means nothing will be done before Christmas. We are already running about 6 weeks behind schedule to what we had originally thought due to this and soil problems.

#131 bec8112

Posted 03 December 2010 - 07:22 AM

Mands - bummer on the house delay, hope after Xmas it gets going fast!!!

Amanda - that chicken sounds good, where do you find it on woolies? I am not sure how my microwave would hold up though as I think it's slowly dying :-( takes forever to cook things!

Mel - yeah on the weight and motivation! Send some my way please! Good luck with the Tri, you will do great! Oh and I saw a metal Tonka in Kmart last night and I thought of you!

Got a 2nd birthday this morning so will be good to get Ethan with the other kids :-)
I went and bought all my Xmas tree decorations yesterday at myers, spent $110 but got heaps :-)

a friends baby who is 3 days younger than Hannah is already up on all 4's and pretty much crawling, can get from all 4's to sitting! Hannah is just a little chubby lazy baby!

#132 Alis Volat Propiis

Posted 03 December 2010 - 07:55 AM

Bec - hope this reassures you... Aidan had his needles yesterday and he weighs 8.4kgs, 67cms long. Big boofa! He is only just rolling back to tummy and doesnt sit on his own or do anything much else. He is a lazy bubba too! Hannah will get there in her own time. It is so hard not to compare your children with others.

Mel - ohhhhh countdown to the Tri is on! Good luck. Kristi and I stalled on the C25K but are going to restart this weekend. We both had injuries. Here's hoping we can pick up the week we left off at. I dont want to go backwards again.

Amanda - I remember you being really organised last year with the christmas shopping.. you did most of it online didnt you? How did Kira go with prep this year? How is your business going? I have made those microwave chickens before and agree... so delicious! I am doing 2 microwave chooks for christmas as well as the pudding as my contribution to the family lunch.

Mands - how are you going chick? When is your 20 week scan? With house building I have realised it is 2 steps forward, 1 step back... hopefully this doesnt hold it up too much longer. Frustrating i am sure.

Nat - where are you chick? Hope all is well with you and the girls. When do you see Josh next?

Ros - I havent done much shopping for my kids yet. Aidan will probably just get a few stocking stuffers of clothes etc. For Nadia we are going to get a blackboard/easel type thing. She has so much otherwise. I have bought more gifts for my neices/nephews than my own kids original.gif PP had 25% off yesterday and it included that discount off already reduced items so I grabbed a few more things.

Home day today. Kristi and I usually do something with the kids like a picnic, or a walk to the park but the weather is threatening rain again. Nadia's daycare christmas party this arvo which should be fun.



#133 Alis Volat Propiis

Posted 03 December 2010 - 08:19 AM

Bec - i mean to say before ... good job on the Christmas decorations. We got a heap in the boxing day sale last year. Lights at less than half off etc. I got some nice things from Target. A baby's first christmas stocking etc.

Girls night out - when is that happening? My mum and dad will be here from the 24th for a few weeks so i have babysitters!!! I am free any day really just have to coordinate with my parents as they usually visit a few people while they are down here tripping up and down between the two coasts. Can you tell i am a little bit excited about going out original.gif


#134 Small Potatoes

Posted 03 December 2010 - 08:26 AM

Danny is on leave from the 22nd for 4 weeks so I have a sitter too (yes I know he is their father)  biggrin.gif .  What happened to the Christmas smilies, probably some PC thing about not everyone celebrating Christmas

#135 ~mumto2girls~

Posted 03 December 2010 - 08:50 AM

Morning girls

Bec - You find the chickens in the meat section near the uncooked chickens.. They are in plastic bags.. Cant miss them

Sharna - Yes I do most of my chrissy shopping online.. Living out in the country restricts the choice of presents... Its just so much easier sitting in front of the computer shopping lol. Kira did really well at prep. She is top of her class.. her teacher wants to keep all the kids again next year as they are the best kids she has ever had. In saying that though the grade 1 teacher cant wait to have them next year.

Taking Indy to the docs this morning. When we were away on holidays last week we went to underwater world and we went on the conveyer belt thing under the sharks and hubby put her down for 1 second and she got her little finger stuck in the belt. Man its wasnt good.. Its all healed up now except the nail has totally lifted off and is just stuck on by one corner. So taking her to doctors to see what is best to do. Then pick kira up at lunch time and take her and some friends down to the bowling alley for a play on the kids equipment.

Anyway better get organised for the day

#136 meeskamouska

Posted 03 December 2010 - 09:42 AM

Mands - I got my potash (for liquid soap...yes????? KOH) from Aussie Soap Supply at morayfield. Liquid soap is its own beast & I'm not ready to tackle any new ones just yet. Cold process is still a huge learning curve for me ATM. To gel or not to gel....now that is the question. With M&P it doesn't matter I don't think as it doesn't heat up. Only a concern for cold process soap (as u probably realise & I'm getting too technical). For me, I'm a gel girl & encourage it with insulation. I've tried & tried to get no gel. Done the fridge thing... the freezer thing... partial gel is the ultimate worst for me & this is what I get if I try to stop gel in any way or form so now I just go with it, stopped fighting it & encourage it alllll the way. Its purely a visual thing though. I'm too fussy for my own good sometimes. I do however like to get a full gel as I believe it helps with the cure. I've no patience & test/try out my soaps after 3 days. As long as they don't zap me when I do a zap test. Then put the rest away to dry/cure.
Woooh... big soaping chat there...you know you'll unleash the soap monster in me if u ask too many questions....LMAO!!!!! Seriously...feel free I'm more than happy to share. I love chatting soap.

Sharna - I'm here. Was a bit quiet, like Mel, the thread was so busy I couldn't keep up. Funny how it goes in waves like that. There's been times where no ones posted for 2 or 3 days then all of a sudden we fill 9 pages!!!!!

Mel - good luck for Sunday. You're an amazing woman for motivating yourself to go do that. Hows Tom's head healing up??

Amanda - your chicken in the mike sounds yummy. I could almost smell it.

Girls night. Yes yes!! Lets! So hard to co ordinate everyone isn't it.

Better go or I'll chat up a storm. LOL.

#137 Small Potatoes

Posted 03 December 2010 - 10:27 AM

Nat I did my first batch of CP soap I think in about August, so it was probbably cool enough for it not to gel.  I also did goats milk that was super cool and the lye barely heated it up when added, so maybe that is why it didn't gel.  No parcels today so am only making an olive oil soap with a bit of lavender.  I will put in my blog once done.  I also found a way to make clear glycerine soap but haven't tried it yet, might just be easier to buy MP soap and once set add those bits to my CP soap.  Love experimenting except for the associated mess and all the time it takes to set up.

#138 meeskamouska

Posted 03 December 2010 - 02:40 PM

Wouldn't mind making translucent soap myself. Another thing to add to the list.
I made this soap yesterday
Its lemongrass EO with home grown calendula botanticals.
It truly smells good!!
I'll risk the allergy..... laugh. Hoping now its moist & in soap there will b no reaction. One can hope hey??

#139 Alis Volat Propiis

Posted 03 December 2010 - 04:01 PM

Ohh Nat - that looks good enough to eat original.gif You are truly talented. Did the reaction settle down?

Hi Mel - i see you there waves.gif

I got my crossroads order in the mail today... super quick postage. The dress is lovely and I think I will wear it on our girls night out.

BBL gotta get kids sorted for the daycare christmas party this arvo.


#140 ~mumto2girls~

Posted 03 December 2010 - 04:20 PM


Nat - Love the look of your soap.. you are very talanted.. bet it smells as good as it looks!

Sharna - Yay on getting the dress!

Im buggered... ready for bed already. Took Indy to docs this morning and they removed her nail up to where it is still attached. Should take 3 months for a new one to grow back. Then picked kira up at lunch and took them to the bowling alley for the afternoon.. So tired now. My brother just rung asking us to go to dinner with him and his girlfriend but Indy hasnt had a sleep today and she is going to be feral lol...

#141 Small Potatoes

Posted 03 December 2010 - 04:59 PM

Nat Soap looks awesome.  With the translucent you make the cold pressed soap with 500g copha, 70g caustic soda and 200ml water as per usual and let it rest for two days (should still wear gloves). Grate soap and put in a pyrex jug in boiling water until melted but not boiling.  Add 118g sugar and 145g 80 proof vodka and stir gently make sure it doesn't lather.  Allow to simmer for approx 10 mins, some scum may appear on the top but just remove with a spoon.  Test soap by putting a tbsp of soap in a glass and then into the freezer to cool completely and remove soap from heat if the soap from the freezer isn't transparent then return the big pot to the heat and repeat.  I got this from Carolyn Stubbins Do it yourself Pure Plant Skin Care book.

Sharna Can't wait to see the dress

Amanda i Hear you am exhausted too

My computer has just crashed  ohmy.gif   . I am sooooo lucky though as I backed up all my card templates to the external hard drive yesterday and I save all my stuff to the D drive and it looks like the C drive has crashed so DH has plugged it into his computer and I can still run my business. All my fonts are missing though so have to find them all for the cards very time consuming.  Have super geek coming in the morning.

#142 themelster

Posted 03 December 2010 - 08:10 PM

Mands -lucky!!!!

Nat - that soap looks awesome.

Amanda - I can't quite get my head around Roast chook in a microwave....

Sharna - so long as you get back up on the horse!  I'm keeping you to your GC tri idea for next year!

Girls night out. I'm in!!!!  Mark is back at work so it will depend on his roster. How's about we throw some date suggestions out there and see how we go?

Question - when do we start worming our kids?  Now tom's doing poo's in the potty, I've noticed little white things in there and wonder if they are worms????

#143 ~mumto2girls~

Posted 03 December 2010 - 08:50 PM

Amanda - I can't quite get my head around Roast chook in a microwave....

Seriously Mel - Its wonderful.. You need to try it.... you wont regret it hehehe  biggrin.gif

#144 bec8112

Posted 03 December 2010 - 09:47 PM

Mel - I am not sure on the worms thing but I probably will not do my kids until I notice them.  I think if that is what it is in T's poo you would see them moving??????  I could be wrong though.

Night Out - depends on dates as I am going back to work on the 24th Jan and it is my birthday on the 12th Jan ( but I am trying to avoid it as it is my 30th and do not want a party as it would make me depressed ).

Nat - that soap looks so good! I am going to start using yours very soon. We are on our last soap bricks one now.

Amanda - how was Indy tonight with her lack of day sleep?

Mands - bummer on your computer! Grrrr sometimes I hate technology!

Sharna - cannot wait to see your dress. I got a PP order in the mail yesterday for Hannah, I bought a skirt, top, shoes and headband when they had free postage and 30% off or something so was only $29 for it all  biggrin.gif

Mel - keep forgetting to ask you, how is Tom going in the bed????

#145 themelster

Posted 04 December 2010 - 06:48 AM

Bec - he's fallen out twice but that's it. He's been sleeping really well except for last night when I had to go into home twice. Grrrr. I'm so tired today.

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