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October 08 Parents # 65

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#76 ~mumto2girls~

Posted 26 November 2010 - 06:27 PM

Hi girls
Nat - I jus wanted to send my love your way. You have Been through so much with P and wanted to send you a big hug. You know where I am if you need to get away for day. I'm always home. Sounds like you are having a great time with your soaps -sounds very interesting!!

I saw a message on the other forum from Sharna saying to pop in and say hi. So Hi lol

Anyway wanted to send nat my love and hope things work out like you want xx

#77 Fabulous

Posted 26 November 2010 - 07:14 PM

Nat- I hope it all goes well with P and he can make some changes. I haven't actually tried your soap but with other peoples soap I would say that lavender is one of my least favourite. Not sure what it is about it. On the topic of the Green Bums at the market, well I didn't buy anything. They kind of look like a magicall or bambooty style of nappy and for the last year or so I have only stuck to buying the pretties. They also only had applix/velcro nappies at the markets and I'm not a fan of that on older bubbas and toddlers although I did look on their website and they have snaps on that.

#78 meeskamouska

Posted 26 November 2010 - 08:41 PM

I'm the same Ros, I only really like snaps. I haven't tried any of the green bums nappies. Bambootys, I just don't really like the look of  them to tell u the truth. I'm not into printed PUL one bit. They look mass produced & mass produced nappies are a pet hate. It loses the whole concept of cloth/mcns IMO. In saying that I am guilty of itti bittis.

Hi Mumto2girls - good to see you!! Thanks for your support. I appreciate it. U should chat here more often.

Early one for me...off to bed.

#79 Alis Volat Propiis

Posted 26 November 2010 - 11:26 PM

Be still my beating heart... I just love you girls. It is so nice to log on and see so many posts and lots of lovely supportive chats. You are all just wonderful women. wub.gif

Ohhh EB Christmas smileys are back original.gif

Nat - sweetheart... geez. Your head must be spinning! I will just be honest with you with my comments. I am happy for you that P came home. It's great that you are talking things through. My only real suggestion would be for you to really encourage him to try some counselling. It would help wouldnt it? Did he apologise? I know that when Dan and I argue and after he has cooled down and things are ok again I feel quite elated... its like the relief of having him being 'nice' again gives me a hormone high. Sounds a little sad when I read it like that... I just know that I am the peacemaker in our house.

Nat's Soap - I will go against the grain here and say that of all the soaps you gave me I love the lavender the most. I dont think the colour or appearance of it makes it seem ordinary. I think you have a lovely touch when it comes to balance of fragrance and the lavender is beautifully mild. I really like the oatmeal/honey one for texture and feel, the mint/eucalyptus for smell *drool* and the lavender is my go to everyday soap in the shower. It got so thin that it snapped in half tonight... haha!

Off topic there is the weirdest doco on SBS tonight.. French women talking about orgasms, clitoris's and G-spot finding retreats. Strangely fascinating as I keep finding myself turning to read the subtitles...

We got to Wynnum/Manly today and the weather was gorgeous. I packed a lovely picnic for lunch and N played in the water park. Got some lovely pics of my cherubs that I will upload to FB later.

Mands - I dont know all the details of a GF diet but would imagine it is ok for Mr O to be on without diagnosis. Long-term though I imagine he himself would want to know definitively. I hope the GE paed Dr has some information for you. As much as I support a woman's right to birth as she chooses I personally dont believe that homebirth is a fully informed choice.  There is no way to know what may eventuate during labour and I myself could not risk either my life or that of my bub without having access to emergency services. I am only sharing this as my opinion and know that in our little group all views are respected. I would be interested in hearing your reasons for considering a HB.  Have you thought about a birthing centre also?

Mel - have fun camping. Dan and I are going to try to get away with the kids before he leaves for Europe. Any suggestions on somewhere kid friendly approx 1-2 hrs away that isnt too rough. What I mean by that is I like toilets and hot showers but dont need electricity at the site. Those premix goonbags sound great. Kristi and I are getting one of the smirnoff/cranberry ones for Christmas. Blood orange sounds interesting.. did you like it?

Georgia - we saw Due Date. It was surprisingly funny and we both enjoyed it which is hard to do sometimes with such different tastes in movies. It was also really nice to have some time together without the distraction of both kids. When will you know if/when you are moving? I had a terrible cold a few weeks ago and had laryngitis too... Hope you feel better soon.

Gotta go to bed. A busy day tomorrow. I am doing Aunty duty in the morning and taking Vienna to Ballet concert rehearsals.. My BIL is taking Nadia with his other kids to soccer. Then we swap them all over again around lunch time. I have to be at the Bridge climb around 3ish. Still didnt manage to get Aidan to take a bottle but expressed twice more today so have a few fresh ones on standby for my sister to try. I did have a little more success with the Avent setup though and he was happier chewing on that one.


#80 meeskamouska

Posted 27 November 2010 - 05:28 AM

Sharna - You & your sister have such a good thing going on there , you'll never want to leave!! Love your wording "goon bag". Hilarious. Yes you're right on the nose, it is just such a relief for him to want to come home. I too am the peace maker, I just wish for Paul that he would find some peace in his life. Weather its with or without me. So exhausted by his ups & downs. Maybe he has bipolar or something. Its very hard to live with.
Who will u spend xmas with, Kristi?? I've had one or two yrs without P at xmas & whilst its bearable its tough also. There's a certain element missing thats hard not to notice.

We've got to have a serious go here in the TT dept. Tom & Ethan are champs & Charlee is ...well.... waaaaay behind. Mel, Tom will probably come back from camping fully day trained.

Sharna - I know where Mel is camping there is no hot water, or fresh drinking water for that matter but its a terrific spot. I'm not quiet ready for camping just yet...LOL.

Home day today. Doing a GF's hair. Full head of foils & a cut for $50, they really do get a good deal. Mine cost $170 the other day...ouch. Was hard to stay completely composed when she said that figure upon departure I can tell u!!  ohmy.gif

Bec - enjoy your wedding tonite. I love a good wedding. Food wine love & dancing....fun!!

#81 Small Potatoes

Posted 27 November 2010 - 06:27 AM

Nat I am glad P is back but like Sharna said something has got to change (sorry if I am being blunt).  I am just concerned for you, as I am sure you don't want to go through the last week again.  Even if he doesn't think he needs councelling say that you do and he needs to do it for you and he might end up finding that is useful for him too. How are you feeling having him back?  How are the kiddies going with all this.

On another note - I lurve my itti's too original.gif

Sharna I understand your point of view and I used to be ike that too, but these are some of the reasons I am seriously considering it.  I have done ALOT of research and don't beleive that I am uniformed.

No hospital on the gold coast will let me do a VBA2C as it is too high risk, but this is the stats, a woman in first time labour being induced has an 0.7% chance of uterine rupture, a VBAC has a 0.7% chance of uterine rupture, a VBA2+C (multi) has an 0.9% chance of uterine rupture.  In the VBAC and VBA2+C stats that includes women who have had the classical or t incision and I have the the LUCS, it includes women who have been induced or augmented (which I wouldn't do), it includes anything from a slight seperation to a full rupture.  Even if a full rupture occurs the risk of something happening to that baby is 0.1%.  We don't have any birthing centers on the gold coast except at GC hospital and I am too high risk due to the c/s.  My last birth at a private hospital - I was told Olly was in fetal distress, yet over two hours later he was born with an apgar of 9 and 10.  I was told I had to go first due to the nature of his distress, but I know the girl having the 2nd c/s and it was actually because she had eaten - she was plannned to go first.  I got my medical records and the "fetal distress" had happened an hour and a half before and had been resolved in about 30 seconds by getting me to move.  I was told when Oliver was born I was still only 6cm yet when I got my medical records it said that Olly had full capulting (so would be at least 9 - 10 cm) and he was at +1 station so actually in my birth canal (not just in the pelvis). Also since the second operation, my scar area has been very week and my muscles have even given out a few times when trying to carry Will so I have stopped.  One of the doctors at JF and the closest public hospital is under investigation due to mis-use of forceps which resulted in a death of a baby (though I don' really consider this a risk if I was allowed to try for VBA2C).  Also the midwife who I am looking at used to be a midwife at JF (and was mine for a good part of my labour with O) and I have full trust in her ability to judge a situation and know when everything is going wrong.  I am only 5 mins at the most from Robina Hospital and 15 from John Flynn and Pindara hospital.  The risks of the bub having fluid in his lungs from the amniotic fluid not being suctioned soon enough (which happened to Will and he had to go on oxygen and was seperated from me for the first 4 hours of his life) or being born prematurely due to miscalculation of dates is much greater than any risks asssociated with VBA2C.  There is also a greater risk of post op infection for me and damage to my uterus as this is my 3rd c/s and on the off chance that I had a 4th (which I am not) there is much greater risk of placenta acretia (?sp).

Rightly or wrongly I felt my last birth was "stolen" from me and had it not been a Sunday morning and another c/s planned I might not have to make this decision right now. And this may be an influence in my decision, but it is very small and not put over the safety of me or bub.

I truely appreciate your concern, but I walked out of my OB appointment thinking this is a huge mistake.  I can't pinpoint why, but it just feels wrong for me to book in. This isn't a decision made lightly.  I have read ALOT of information for and against both options and the risks associated with a repreat c/s are much greater than that associated with a HB.  I would love to hear why you think it isn't a good idea as being in the medical profession you might be able to access some info I can't.

My other options is going into labour and turning up at the hospital then refusing the c/s, but that all depends on me going into labour before the c/s date.  It is a very emotional decision to make and very stressful as I have to consider not just me and bub, but DH and the boys.

Ros I prefer snaps for older kiddies to but do like velcro for a child who can't pull their nappy off.  The ones I am making for bub will be velcro while still small.  I can never get a pretty - too slow  sad.gif .

#82 Fabulous

Posted 27 November 2010 - 04:12 PM

Mands- Good luck with your decision, it must be an incredibly tough one. Fiona Stanley, who is a reknowned child health researcher (we are even naming our big new mega hospital  after her  wwhistle.gif ) says that so long as things are in the right place there is no evidence to support the idea that home births are more dangerous. http://au.news.yahoo.com/thewest/a/-/wa/82...c/74021/#thread. Both of my SIL's had home births throught the govt. funded midwifery program here in WA and both of them are highly educated and did quite a bit of research beforehand. Sorry to hear that your birth was stolen from you. I think as soon as a person walk through the doors of a private hospital rather than a public one their chance of a c/s triples or more. The last buddy group that I was in actuallly broke up after a VBA2C debate.  ddown.gif

#83 meeskamouska

Posted 27 November 2010 - 07:27 PM

Thats a big decision to make Mands. I hope u get the birth experience u would like this time. If I had my time again I'd go for an elective csec all the way. I've had  3 vaginal deliveries that have left me with irrepairable damage to my vjj.  sad.gif  I'd love to b able to have my time again.

Sharna - I've been meaning to say thankyou again for helping me make the decision to push for a diagnosis with CR's feet. They have healed up so lovely. Other than some scarring. So easy for a Dr to overlook something. I just can't thank you enough.

Paul & Bella have gone for the night to do some cutting & branding in the morning. So quiet here. It really is lovely. Oh to b able to have only one child..... I could never choose though.... so 3 it is!!

#84 Twin Mum Runner

Posted 27 November 2010 - 09:19 PM

Mands - The Dr thinks I have a viral infection of my larynx, but he couldn't see any inflammation. It was going on the sound of my voice, and my description of symptoms. He did say the prednisolone could affect my immune system and  cause a bacterial infection, so I've got a script for ABs JIC. I'm so over the husky/no voice thing though. Your MW sounds promising, and it would help having someone you've met before and feel comfortable with.

Nat - I am really glad to hear Paul is making such an effort. From what you've said, counselling sounds like it might be a good option for him, if he is willing to go. I think you need to bump up your hair colour and cutting prices, $50 is a bargain! Enjoy your quite time tonight with just one kid.

ceres - The greenbums I have are snaps, and I definitely prefer snaps to applix as the kids have gotten older. Especially now that Mahalia likes to change her own nappy when she's meant to be having a sleep. She does call out to me once she has her nappy off: "Mummy change nappy now!"  laughing2.gif

Sharna - How did the bridge climb go? It sounds like you are starting to make some progress with Aiden and the bottle, hopefully it will be sorted by the time you go back to work.

We had a quite day here today. The kids painted a huge cardboard box, and now it's their aeroplane, which they had lots of fun with. Mahalia has been antagonising Dylan as usual. We're trialling a gluten and casein free diet at the moment after finding the FAILSAFE diet just too restrictive, but we've seen a fair of regression in Dylan, one issue is that the frequency of his tantrums are increasing, and the tiniest things are setting him off. Mahalia plays on it big time and will deliberately knock over his wooden block constructions, draw on his paper. Argh! Back to the dietitian next week to try and sort it out.

#85 bec8112

Posted 27 November 2010 - 11:38 PM

Quickie here : on our way home from wedding
, I had WAY too much to drink !!! Can't write anymore as it's too hard, ha ha ha.

#86 Small Potatoes

Posted 29 November 2010 - 06:21 AM

Well I didn't mean to bring the thread to a halt  ohmy.gif .

Nat Isn't funny how different things happen to different people to change the way they would do things.  I have had damage to my stomach muscles so I can't even pick up Will, so would prefer not to go through that again if I can avoid yet you have had the opposite.

Georgia While my voice isn't husky it still is deeper than before and if I get my crank on at the boys it goes husky again.  Olly stirs up Will too and it drives me insane, but Will doesn't through tantrums just starts crying.

Ros Thanks for the link.

AFM DH flew from London to Singapore last night.  I logged onto MSN this morning and it brings up the latest news article and there was a 747 and the headline "Qantas has another engine failure".  One of my worst fears is logging on and seeing "All dead in Qantas crash" so when I saw the other headline, whilst I knew there were no deaths, it still makes me nervous.  He gets into Sydney on Wednesday but too late to get a fight up here so is home Thursday morning.

Well we still don't have the trees cut down on our block, but hopefully this week (then another 2 weeks before going to site as the block is supposed to be fully prepped before the 10 days start).  the thing that p*sses me off is that it was in the contract for tree removal and they took it out without telling us, otherwise we would have done it sooner.

ETA Bec How was the hangover?

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#87 themelster

Posted 29 November 2010 - 08:12 AM

Hello ladies, I'm back from camping.

Mands - it's so lovely that we can have our own idea's and opinions but still support each other's opinions too.  It sounds like you have done a lot of thinking and research to come to your decision.  I can totally see why you want a VBA2C.  I got lucky with Tom that everything went mostly to plan.  Apart from the PPH - I most certainly didn't have that in my birth plan!   I often wonder if that would have happened with a C-section too???  I think it would have.  I had an episiotomy too, which wasn't in the plan eithr - but healed up perfectly.  
I think had I had to have a c-sec, and had we decided to have a second, then I'm fairly sure I would have wanted to try for a VBAC.
Home Birth I'm not so sure about.  I liked the fact that "should" anything go awry, that there were lots of machines that go bleep close by should I or the bubba need them.  I wonder what would have happened if I had of had the PPH at home?  Would the midwife had been able to control the bleeding in time?  Probably.  For me though, the perfect mix was having my Doula at home and labouring for as long as possible (I laboured at home until transition and got to the hospital at 9cm).  I now this isn't an option for you thought.  It's such a shame.

Dylman - nice to see you back posting.  How are things with Dylan?  Was he diagnosed with PDNOS or Autism?  I can't remember?  How is his speech?  It must be difficult trying to eliminate foods from his diet.   Especially dairy.  Tom would go troppo without yogurt I think.

Ros - What a shame that your group broke up after a heated discussion.  I'd like to think that no matter what the subject manner, that we would respect other peoples decisions.  

Nat - you definately need to up your prices!  Otherwise I'm driving to Toowoomba for my haircuts!  LOL.
TT - CR willl get there.  I'm a bit disappointed I took the in-laws advice and used lolly's to reward Tom.  Now he goes and sits on there and tries to squeeze something out just to get a lolly  rolleyes.gif
How are things going with Paul?

Sharna - Nat is right, where we camped there are no showers.  We take a little camp shower.  It is lovely but no good for you as it would probably be over 3 hours drive away from Logan.  I think somewhere down the south coast would be nice, but I don't really know that side of town.
The Smirnoff Blood Orange is pretty tasty.  

Camping was so much fun.  Tom loved it and I was so proud of him.  I was a bit nervous about how he went but he was great.  Slept all night (no day sleep) and didn't run off away from camp.  It helped that there were a couple of other kids there.  We'll definately do it again.  I think we might try the Cotton Tree caravan park next time because it's just that bit closer to home.  Inskip it a bit too far.

Ok, that's it for me.  Better get off and go for a run.  I really don' feel like it but I've done nothing for the last 3 days and I've got that bloody triathalon on Sunday  ohmy.gif

#88 bec8112

Posted 29 November 2010 - 08:51 AM

Hangover was fine, I was surprised at how good I felt :-)

just got to drop Ethan at daycare and I will pop in to write more. I have toys r us delivering the swing/slide set today and their delivery time is between 9-5pm!!!! Grrrr how annoying. But I can leave a note with a signature saying they can leave it but I don't trust them not letting the dog out.

#89 Small Potatoes

Posted 29 November 2010 - 08:57 AM

I hate wide windows for deliver etc.  Just rude.  You can't tell me they don't work out their delivery schedule the day before.  They can then call and maybe give a window of 2 hours or so.

#90 Twin Mum Runner

Posted 29 November 2010 - 09:09 AM

Bec - Sounds like you had a great weekend. Glad there was no hangover for you. How frustrating with the delivery time! Too bad if you had anything planned for the day. Last time we lived in Darwin, we lived on a base, and I was having furniture delivered one day. I told the company (I think it was Hardly Normal) that they would need to ring 30 minutes before they arrived to I could let security at the front gate know to let them in. I popped out to the shops, and halfway there, the front gate rang me to tell me there was a delivery truck waiting for me, and why hadn't I let them know. Grr.

Mel - Glad you had a great time camping, you're braver than me camping with kids. I love the thought of camping, but we never did much as a kid, so in reality, I don't do so well. Especially if there is the potential to meet a spider or two. Dylan was diagnosed PDD-NOS, but he has been referred for a more in-depth assessment by the children's mental health team to see whether he does in fact meet the criteria for a diagnosis of autism. He was meant to have the assessment done the week we went to Sydney when dad had his suspected heart attack, and his case worker has been on sick leave since we have been back, and is due to go on mat leave in January. She is the only one who is qualified to do the assessment Dylan has been referred for. We get govt funding though, and are getting the therapies we feel Dylan needs at the moment (speech and ABA), so I'm not fussed if his 'label' changes.

Mands - That must be pretty scary for you with all the Qantas incidents of late. Hopefully there are no more dramas before DH gets home (or after). Qantas still has an excellent record though, so hopefully there are no more hiccups, and things will be back on track soon. I asked DH if my husky voice sounded sexy the other day, and he just said "no, you sound sick" . laughing2.gif he should have said sexy, lol.

My voice is starting to come back, and my throat isn't as sore, but I'm still coughing my guts up at night. I'm staring to get congested again, but I've finished my course of predisolone, so hopefully the congestion will clear up pretty quickly.

Still waiting for Mahalia to wake up (which is very unusual), Dylan is up watching the garbage truck go around the street, and is also drawing me a garbage truck (he draws many a day). No chance of having breakfast while the garbage truck is doing its rounds, but it means that for once, I've had a coffee in peace and have managed to turn on the computer. I hope the reason Mahalia is still asleep isn't because she has caught my germs. Might have to go and check on her.

#91 Fabulous

Posted 29 November 2010 - 09:30 AM

Bec- how annoying with the delivery time. I would ask for something more specific. Usually when I have stuff delivered they give a 2-3 hour time range at the very worst. When I worked at the local school I used to get the delivery man to call me on my mobile and then I would just pop home when they called. I had to get another teacher to mind my class though which was very difficult to organise.

Mands- is your new block semi-rural? I remember seeing your old one online and it looked big. Qantas are having a shocking run. I think all of theses problems would have damaged their reputation quite a bit.

Mel- lol about the lollies. I tried bribing Chelsea with treats last year when she was TT but she didn't care less. You get pretty desperate when your 3yo won't sit on the potty, lol.

Georgia- how cute is Mahalia calling out to get her nappy changed. Not much change of that happening here since Jack can't say sentences or phrases yet.

Us- another hot day here. We took the kids down to the boat harbour for a swim on the weeked. They love it because it's really calm like a pool, they hate the big crashing waves at the normal beach. It's always quite crowded though because others have the same idea and there is also a boardwalk with heaps of shops and restaurants as well as an amusement park. We are one suburb inland so it's not too far to go which is nice.

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#92 bec8112

Posted 29 November 2010 - 11:28 AM

Delivery has just happened so no waiting around anymore  biggrin.gif  We are going to put it up on the weekend so that will be exciting.

I have missed so much and I have so much to reply to you ladies.

Mands - speaking from my experience having a VBAC, I do not think I would have done it as a HB as I liked having the midwifes/medical support there for it something went wrong. I know the stats are pretty small for something going wrong but you just never know. Just my opinion though.  We are having no more kids but I would do it the same as with Hannah if it were to happen. I felt like I got what I wanted which was the main thing.  So I think you should do what you want to do and what is going to make this birth experience a happy one for you and Danny.

Mel - yeah on the camping, I bet Tom loved it!  Cotton Tree would be a great spot too.  We go out bush camping a fair bit too which is nice for a change. I think we might do a Fraser Island trip in the new year.

nat - how are things with Paul?

Georgia - ha ha ha on the non-sexy voice! That sounds like something Dave would say!

Ros - your weekend sounds like it would have been so much fun.  

I know I am forgetting some people but I have to get ready to go out now I am free! ha ha ha

#93 meeskamouska

Posted 29 November 2010 - 12:37 PM

Mel - Cotton Tree looks fabulous. We go there a bit. P & I said next time we'll stay in the caravan park there. I like the walk around the beach there.
Mands - u didn't bring the thread to a holt Hon. It was just a quiet one in here is all.
Bec - have fun putting that play set together...hehehehe.

BBLater on when I've got a minnie to post better.

#94 themelster

Posted 29 November 2010 - 07:28 PM

Maybe we could organise a DIG group camping trip!! LOL  biggrin.gif

#95 bec8112

Posted 29 November 2010 - 08:24 PM

Mel - that would be so fun! Maybe sometime next year.

#96 Alis Volat Propiis

Posted 29 November 2010 - 09:20 PM

We would be up for a group camping trip.. definately. Perhaps one of the dams so Dan could go fishing? I dont know any real well but went camping once with my uncle's family at Somerset Dam.

Mel - your camping pics look great. You looked so relaxed!

Bec - did you survive the flat pack torture? How does it look?

Georgia - Nadia calls out at her midday nap time telling me to change her nappy ... 'new nappy mum, i did a poo/wee' Very cute.

Nat - Dan was using the mint/eucalyptus soap this evening and he said it was very nice. LOL he never comments on anything like that normally so that is a good thing original.gif

Mands - delays on the build must be so frustrating. Will the house be ready before bub is here? You certainly dont need any added stress. I thought and rethought about what reply to make about homebirth but figure that we will just have too many differences of opinion. I am biased because of my medical training and like Mel felt reassured knowing that the specialty backup was there if needed. I am so lucky that I had 2 relatively straightforward births and I would only wish for you to have a birthing experience that is positive with a good outcome for you and bub.

We had a few car dramas over the weekend and i had to take the Subi into the service centre. Long story short - all fixed simply by rebooting the computer and they didnt charge me anything! When is the last time a car company did anything for FREE!!

Gotta head off to bed. I have been reading but just no time or energy to contribute lately...

Thinking of you all.


#97 bec8112

Posted 29 November 2010 - 09:35 PM

Sharna - we are not putting up the swing/slide until the weekend as my parents are coming to help Dave do it or watch the kids while Dave and I do it.  The instructions say 2-3 hours assembly time with 2 people  ohmy.gif   Yeah on the car getting fixed for free! That is a rare occurrence now days, wow that makes me sound old!

#98 Small Potatoes

Posted 30 November 2010 - 06:17 AM

Mel Camping sounds fun.  Love the photos.  Poor Tracy has had some dramas with her business. I won't post on the thread but let me know if you want any info as I don't know if she will be selling much for the time being.

Sharna I still haven't actually decided what I am going to do with respect to the home birth yet.  Am meeting the midwife today.  Another option I am considering is just waiting until I go into labour and seeing how long I can go at home and then turning up to the hospital hopefully 8-9cm dilated and just refusing the c/s.  Or even just waiting until I go into labour and having the c/s.  With the back-up,  If I was to labour the at private hospital and something went really wrong in the middle of the night, they would actually transfer me to Tweed or air lift to Mater and the trip from JF to Tweed (or Marter) is further than from here to Robina Hospital where they have a massive emergency department and my friends husband is head of Emergency Medicine there.  The surgeons, anethetist and OR staff are on call and not actually at the hospital, as there aren't emergency facilities there. I just don't really trust the machines after they were used to lie to me with Oliver.  They can be very unreliable and give false readings either way.  I definitely agree that background does change your view of a situation.  I also trust this midwife with being able to make a judgement call in respect to transfering me if necessary.  Even though my births werem't straight forward, they was never actually any time that there were major issues that required emergency response except when medical intervention happened when they put the epi in with Will, (which wouldn't happen in a home birth) and when they didn't get Will out fast enough during the c/s and he swallowed fluid. (not trying to convince - just showing the background)

I have been giving some freebies in my orders  biggrin.gif .  Yay on the car not costing too much.

Thehouse won't be finsihed to the end of the June, around the 24th is expected completion date with this delay.  Decided that it would be better to have bub and me not be 38 weeks PG when moving anyways as I can put bub in a swing or stroller and actually do something.  If I end up with a c/s it should give me enough time to heal.

Nat I am thinking of doing a batch of soap next week, do you use colours.  I have some natural food  colours (made from beetroot, spinach etc) which I thought I might use to do a Christmas soap and give out to family and friends.  Do you do swirls in your soap or is that too tricky for little ol me?

Well it is starting to get kind of muggy here now, can tell summer is on the way.

#99 meeskamouska

Posted 30 November 2010 - 06:49 AM

Mands - swirls are hard!! I don't do them. I've not seen terrible swirls yet though in saying that (photowise). So maybe just have a go. U can definitely use natural colourants. With some colourants the lye eats up the colour  sad.gif  is the only problem. Maybe google it... there's nothing in soaping that hasn't been done before...LOL. I was thinking of doing somesort of xmas soap myself. Was thinking some sort of gingerbread, spice type soap. Will have to think about how I'll get the smell. U can get ginger EO. They have it at escentials of noosaville. Perhaps mixed with cinnamon ???? We'll see. Oh, also u can use pop mica powder for good red xmassy colours. They use mica in make up. Not sure if thats an option as its made synthetically these  day. Fun. I'm here for any Q's if u have them.

Camping - yes!! I'd do that. Somerset is a definite option for us. If P is home he'll come if not the girls & I will still come. I've camped at Inskip without him before so I'm  not bothered one bit.

Getting new tyres on the car today...ouch!!

Sharna - how tricky is Nadia callig out like that with the nappy thing!!

Been so thrilled with my vege garden. I'm getting something from there nearly everyday now. So surprised to b getting zuchinis after just 4weeks from planting...thats quick. Qld weather is so good for growing food. I've got bok choy nearly ready...yummy stirfry. Even my tomatoes are starting to fruit already.

Stirring from the bedrooms.... better head. CR slept thru the night last night...awesome!! I actually got some sleep.

#100 bec8112

Posted 30 November 2010 - 07:16 AM

Mel - just saw the photos of camping, it is making me want to go even more now!

Nat - yeah on the veggies  biggrin.gif I wish I was motivated to do that but I do not really have space to do it.  Yeah on CR sleeping, I bet you feel amazing!

Oh kiddies awake so better go.

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