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How soon did you do IVF
after having baby #1

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#1 MummyLinz

Posted 26 November 2010 - 11:03 PM

My DD is 3.5mths old. We were planning on starting the IVF journey again when she is about 10mths old, with the view of hopefully having a 2yr age gap. Lately though I have been feeling really clucky, like I want another one now. DD is a good baby and I don't think it would be a problem with another one, but I am worried about the IVF process, the drugs, the early morning blood and scans (45min drive to clinic for appointments before 8am)

So just wondering how long you waited? and how did you and your baby handle the process.


#2 emmsie78

Posted 28 November 2010 - 11:18 AM

We waited til DS was 10months old as I wanted to breastfeed til he was a year old & I knew the drugs could put him off my milk & cause him to self wean (my FS assured me the drugs would not cause my son harm if he continued to breastfeed). We then had 5 FETs with number 5 being successful (due in 3 weeks so gap of 2 years 1 month). Had to take DS to all BTs which was a bit exhausting (chasing him around & trying to make sure he didnt harass other people in there) & was a bit of a hassle to arrange babysitting when I had the actual transfers but otherwise not too bad. If you are not breastfeeding or happy to wean I would prob start earlier just in case it takes awhile & also as younger babies might be easier to have at appts compared to active toddlers (DS was an early walker). HTH

#3 MissSunshine82

Posted 29 November 2010 - 07:45 AM

MummyLinz - we're going to wait until AFTER DS's first birthday. He is almost 8 months now and I can't imagine being on fertility drugs (I was a mega b**ch) or being pregnant (and extra tired). DS is a really good baby but he is super active and was mobile at 5 and a half months (commando crawl), proper crawl at 7 months and is now furniture cruising. I'd hate not to be able to keep up with him and not enjoy watching him develop every day.

Even though DS was a great baby, I don't think I really started enjoying him that much until about 4 months. This is when his personality really began to take shape and I wasn't so exhausted with getting up in the middle of the night, feeding every few hours and then trying to keep on top of the housework.

I feel clucky too, especially when I see the really small babies in shopping centres, but I want to be able to concentrate of DS first, because sometimes I feel like I miss having sleep ins, or being able to read a book, or go shopping on my own, but I guess it's only going to get more chaotic with the next one and it might not be so easy to find someone to look after 2 babies!

Good luck, whatever you decide original.gif

#4 MummyLinz

Posted 29 November 2010 - 11:33 PM

Thanks for the replies.

Miss sunshine one of my biggest fears is that DD misses out on having my attention if I rush into things. I am just starting to really enjoy DD, I have found the last few months a bit stressful and exhausting.

I am not BF, so not an issue there.

I think the plan will be to go back when she is 6mths, I have issues with ovarian cysts that flare up with the drugs and need removing, and I'm scared thats going to happen again, so starting sooner rather than later is the way to go.

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#5 Guest_domestically~challenged_*

Posted 29 November 2010 - 11:48 PM

I think the call to go back sooner is stronger if you have frosties.

#6 ~Remy~

Posted 01 December 2010 - 09:00 PM

One of my biggest fears is that DD misses out on having my attention if I rush into things

This is my concern along with the BF though after lots of thinking and talking about it we have decided to start gradually weaning DD (who is 6 months) and then go from there. The weaning was going OK (dropping one BF feed a day for formula per week - we were down to two bottles a day) until her needles yesterday and now she won't take a bottle at all so we are back to fully BF but I am not going to rush things.

Good luck! it's such a hard decision to make though for us, my age (35 in Feb) is something that I am conscious of and we would like to keep going while I have age on my side (well sort of on my side though it's slipping away faster then I would like!)

ETA - because I forgot how old I was until I saw my sig!

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#7 MrsFurrypants

Posted 02 December 2010 - 02:45 PM

In hindsight I wish I had started much earlier than we did.  We waited until DD was 20 months and we are still trying after almost 18 months.  I am in the middle of cycle no. 10 (stim cycle no. 6) for number 2.

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#8 Glitterz

Posted 12 December 2010 - 04:39 PM

Hi Ladies,

MummyLinz, I feel exactly the same!  So I don't have an answer for you though original.gif  
DD is 4.5 months old and such a good little girl, she makes me so clucky to have another one strait away.  DH and I aren't using contraception and kinda seeing what happens IYKWIM... it would be a miracle though original.gif

I think we will get a bit more serious with our "trying" in Jan 2011, and if nothing happens by July we will defrost our little bubs in ice.. that would make DD 1 when we go back to try again.

Geez wouldn't it be nice to not have to go down that IVF road again...

I think OP, just go with what your guts telling you.. you will make it work whenever you decide the time is right for you.

Good luck with everything!

#9 wannabubby

Posted 12 December 2010 - 05:22 PM

I am struggling with this as well. My DS is 12 months tomorrow and i am still breastfeeding him. I am not really ready for number 2 just yet. DS has been an unsettled baby and just starting to have fun with him now.
But i am not sure if i should start trying soon as it may take a while.

My other thing that is troubling me is should we start trying "naturally" before trying IVF again. I have one emby and cant even fathom not using it. So am thinking about going back and trying a FET with that one before trying naturally. Then i will have to do a STIM if that doesnt work.

My other is should i just go back and do the STIM cycle straight away and attempt to get some more embies incase the one i have doesnt thaw and i go through all that for nothing as i have nothinh to transfer. I dont produce many eggs (3 in two stim cycles) and i dont like our chances naturally. (although every person in my life appears to be an expert and says that miracles do happen.

We waited too long to start trying for no 1 and i regret that now. But hindsight is a great thing. Go back and try when you think you ready.

Hopefully having No 1 will make the time go faster and the stress not as bad. I am thinking that being busy with a toddler should take my mind off it a little.

Not sure i helped at all with the question. Sorry OP.

#10 missmurfy

Posted 03 January 2011 - 08:04 PM

Hi.  I had a FET when DS1 was 5 1/2 months old, it was successful and they are a little over 13 months apart. After 4 years TTC and 3 IVF cycles to TTC our first son, we didnt know whether a FET would work so wanted to start sooner rather than later, if that makes sense? Anyways it did work! Good luck with what ever you decide.  MM.

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#11 MrsSmith247

Posted 03 January 2011 - 08:15 PM

We are yet to conceive our first, but I am already thinking about this.

For me, I'd rather have my children super close, than have a large age gap.  We will start trying again between 6-9 months.

Obviously, this is pre-child me speaking, and I am very aware this lovely plan could fly out the window when we are finally blessed.

#12 nicknick

Posted 03 January 2011 - 08:21 PM

Goodluck MrsSmith247 I really hope your little one comes along very soon.

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#13 Mummytogirls

Posted 03 January 2011 - 08:31 PM

We haven't used any contraception since finding out about MFI before doing IVF for #1 and I always had in the back of my head that it would be great to conceive "naturally" and I wouldn't mind if they were close. But we didn't have any luck naturally, but IVF for #2 worked first time  ohmy.gif  We were both totally shocked but very thankful. We will have 2.5 years difference and I must say it's great to be able to spend the one on one time with DD#1 now as the toddler years are so much fun and they learn so much every day. I am so glad that we didn't rush into IVF any earlier.

Good luck with what ever you decide.

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#14 Lokum

Posted 03 January 2011 - 11:35 PM

OP - I guess hindisght's wonderful. If you go early, thinking it will take ages, you might get a surprise and have them close together. If you wait, it could take much longer than expected and you might regret it... no-one can ever know how long it will take, but us AC-ers understand that more acutely than most people.

QUOTE (emmsie78 @ 28/11/2010, 12:18 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
We waited til DS was 10months old as I wanted to breastfeed til he was a year old & I knew the drugs could put him off my milk & cause him to self wean (my FS assured me the drugs would not cause my son harm if he continued to breastfeed).

OT, but just wondered. in relation to this post... had your periods returned by 10 months? Would that be a factor?

We had unexplained infertility, and I had pretty normal cycles before. DS is fully BF and not eating much solid food, 6 months old and I have not had a period yet.

We sort of agreed that we would not use contraception for a year, and then return to IVF if necessary... but we didn't agree on whether this 12 months would only start after AF returned.

I have two frosties, and the call is getting quite strong.

I also wouldn't want to mess with BF, and hope to go until DS is 12 months, but if AF hadn't returned by then, even after weaning, could I just go back to IVF and start a stim, or a medicated FET anyway?

Could they 'kick start' me? Is this the one advantage AC has over natural TTC?

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#15 emmsie78

Posted 04 January 2011 - 10:20 PM

Yep, this is one advantage of IVF - yay! I also hadn't had AF return so my FS put me on CLomid to bring on AF & ensure I had a regular cycle for optimum IVF success. Not sure if that's something your FS would do or not though if you have previously had fairly normal cycles.

Best of luck!

#16 Lokum

Posted 05 January 2011 - 09:10 AM

Thanks Emmsie!

#17 Angel1977

Posted 01 March 2011 - 08:18 PM

I realise I am late to this thread, but I wanted to answer anyway. We definitely waited too long as we are still TTC #2 and are now on a break for a few months while I get myself mentally and physically ready again. I always thought I'd have a two year age gap and let myself get talked into the notion that pregnancy can sometimes cure IF. Not so much!

We are on hold til May/June when we will do our first round of IVF, having had multiple IUI cycles recently (we conceived DS on first Injects+IUI round after too many clomids). We will now have a three year minimum age gap between our kids and that makes so upset. Not because I think 3 years is a bad thing, but because it is all so out of my control.

#18 Elizabethandfriend

Posted 05 March 2011 - 07:32 PM

Angel1977 - just wanted to say that my two children are 3 years 2 months apart and its a wonderful age gap!

To the OP, with both of my children I have felt clucky around the 3 month mark.  Its when they change from being newborns into babies and I felt a little bit of grief at them growing up.  But good babies can turn into horror sleepers later on, so there are no guarantees.

As for me, we had DD naturally after 2 years of TTC and then after 18 months TTC we tried IVF and were lucky enough to get DS first round.  We would like one more but I prefer larger age gaps (I just know I need some time to myself and that's impossible with two little ones) so we will wait until DS is about 2.5 before trying again.

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